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May 24, 2019: Official Deadlines Approaching For The Spring Short Story Events
Posted by The Story Lover

Originally Posted by Fred DeElve

Attention Readers and Authors,

The Official Deadline for the Spring Short Story Mashup Event is Midnight Pacific Daylight Time, (Both of Mickey's hand are pointing straight up) So don't forget to get your submissions in.

The Official Deadline for our Second Spring Short Story Event ~ Pride Day ~ Good Bad Or Indifferent is now Midnight PDT Memorial Day May 27, 2019. Yup, you have an extra three hours to pen your masterpiece(s)

Our Production Team is ready and waiting, so send those submissions in to Subject the appropriate Spring Short Story Event.

Happy writing,


May 18, 2019: If you aren't sitting down...
Posted by JeffsFort

Yeah, it may be a good idea to have a seat for this one. I've been keeping a secret from you all! Muahahaha!!!

Tonight, we launch a brand new story that I really am proud to launch and share with you all. What is it?

To start with, let's show you where we have been setting the stage to launch this new work. Some time ago, you all were introduced to Lindon Weztser and his story "Lincoln, The Family I Never Expected". Well, he had an idea for a collaboration that none of us would have come up with on our own. Live tonight under the name of "unBroken Authors" is a brand new story that is a three-way collaboration between Lindon Weztser, ACFan and myself titled unBroken.  We all hope you enjoy this tale but be warned, it will touch on some sensitive subjects and focus on an abusive and toxic household where three young boys are trying to survive. Just writing it had us running the gambit of emotions and they hope it will have a meaningful impact when it has all been said and done.

As always, be sure to let us know what you think by sending an email to the unBroken Authors. It's the only paycheck we receive as online authors. Yes, this means we are all demanding a raise. LOL!

Until the next update!


May 15, 2019: Official Announcement Regarding The Dragon Earl Universe
Posted by 'Goos'


Due to my prodding, TSL has started writing Dragon Earl Book Two with an Interlude, Book Two will start with Just' and Joth's new life together. Although he is starting on Book Two, Book One is still under development. The story arc revolving around Joth, Just', Jonah and family is finished as far as Book One is concerned. He has begun revising Book One and will be rolling Horus and Tana, Potters Village, and Feathers and Stones into the main storyline. The revised Book One will begin with Draconis The Beginning, and then move into the Horus and Tana Chapters, He is also working on finishing up Chapter Two of that story. By rolling these stories into the main storyline it will make continuity and reading easier. It will be a few months more before he has accomplished this task, as he is also editing all the chapters again.

I just want to say thank you to all of my wonderful readers that have stuck with my story so long. Especially since TSL has been so slow writing about glorious me! Keep sending TSL emails bugging him to write more about me and my best friend Jonah. You can always write to me and tell me how wonderful I am at Gustavo Cristofero.

You can also write my best friend Jonah at Jonah Timoty Campbell-Forte he loves to get emails as well.

'Til We Fly Again,


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May 15, 2019: Second Anniversary Of Our New Look!
Posted by The Story Lover


Two years ago today we launched the remodeled site based on Oraculum Engineerings SAM or Story Management Software. It was the best site decision I ever made. 

Thanks to Akeentia for the software, ACFan for twisting my arm, Jeff's Fort for his behind the scenes support. I also have to thank in no apparent order, Akeentia, True Fan, Zarek Dragon for helping transfer over five thousand files before we went live. Thanks to everyone's help we are having another banner year. We have already surpassed One Point Five Million Total Views this year!

So thanks to all of those that work on the site in the background, and for all of the authors and readers.\, without you..... I don't want to think about that.

I will resume Chapter and Story Postings tomorrow.

Happy reading,



May 14, 2019: Updates May 10th-14th
Posted by D Barber

Since TSL seems to be falling behind on updates I have been invited to help out. For updates, we have Chapter 1-2 of Nemesis 2 by Thorn Wilde, Chapter 12 of Missing by Stannie, and Ch 4 of A Boy Named Cloud by Cosmo. Maxieplus Brings us Ch 108 of Ayden's Eyes Book Four. We also have Ch 6 of The Legacy by UKWriter, Ch 4 of Heart Strings by Juju, and Ch 16 from Dante My Inferno by BillyYes. To finish off the updates Bill W brings us Eureka from Book 3 of his Castaway Hotel Series, Ronyx brings us Ch 7 of Other Sinful Things, and finally, we have Ch 12 of Bluegrass Symphony by Wayne Grey. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and I will see you guys later.

May 11, 2019: Update on Snowblind
Posted by Aquenon

I am very happy to say that Snowblind is feeling better.   He is now home and resting, and probably getting loved on by his pets.   He definitely appreciated the messages, and I thank you as well.  I haven’t read them of course, but sometimes a kind word goes a long, long way.   Thank you for helping my friend.



May 8, 2019: Announcement and Apology
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

First the apology, it seems that during the initial transfer of over 5,000 files we inadvertently missed Chapters One Hundred and Thirty~One and One Hundred and Thirty~Two, of The Doctor Gets A Visitor by E. Walk. Those two chapters are now available for your reading pleasure.

Now for good news; thanks to our authors and you wonderful readers the site hit another milestone earlier today we have exceeded 5 Million Total Views, 500,008,861 Total Views since May 14, 2017! Thank You All.

Now for the bad news; I am experiencing extremely slow Internet connection speeds, and this is making posting anything very difficult and time consuming.It has taken me over 30 minutes just to post this News Post!

I will resume my postings as soon as I can.

Happy reading,


May 5, 2019: Update on Snowblind
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,

I just talked to Snowblind again tonight, and he's ok with me sharing more information with what is going on with him.  The conversation was too short last night, so I only felt comfortable asking TSL to give a generic overview.

He is currently locked in a mental health ward which is why he only gets to use his phone for a few minutes per day.   He wanted me to post this because "Maybe someone would benefit" from hearing it.

This had a trigger, but is not because of any one event.  He has PTSD, depression, and anxiety due to his past careers as a police officer and a paramedic.  Many of you aren't aware, but many of the paramedic/accident scenes in Jared are something he actually lived through.  That scene where Colt held the kid as he died in his arms?  That was based on a real event in Snowblind's life.  Events such as those are why he has PTSD, depression and anxiety.

This current situation happened at his job as a safety OSHA manager.  His job is to make sure the company's employees and managers are following correct safety regulations.  There is one manager who gives him a lot of grief though.  Two days ago, Snowblind's boss came to talk to him, and due to him and this manager not getting along, they are letting his contract go.  That was the trigger for this hospital stay.

But the roots go way back.  As he put it to me tonight, "It is officially PTSD and depression and anxiety from police work and paramedic.  I'm locked in a mental health ward because I didn't deal with it."

So, if any of you out there have things in your past that were traumatic, please go get help.  These things don't just go away and if you don't deal with it now, it could have a profound impact on your life later on.  This is why he wanted me to share this with you, in the hopes that it might help someone else.

For me, he has been my good friend for years now.  Please say prayers for him.  Also, please email him if you would like with well wishes.  But please keep in mind that he only has access to his phone a few minutes a day, so he will probably not be able to respond while he's in there.


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