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July 15, 2018: Two Million Total Views!!
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

As of 12:52  PM PDT this afternoon we hit the Two Million Total View Mark 2,000,000 Total View Count

We accomplished that amazing feat after only One Year, Two Months, and One Day. Thank you very much to everyone that has visited the site and contributed stories and or poems to the site. Without your contributions, this awesome day would not have been possible!

Now on to Three Million!

Happy Reading,



July 14, 2018: Story Recap
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,
Thank you to TSL for covering for me this past week.  We have a few new chapters, 2 completed stories, some reference posts, and a special short story.

Zarek Dragon posts some reference material for Another Chance IV: Still Another Chance as well as Chapter 3: "New Help" from TBD.

Jeff P. deals with child abuse and its lasting effects in his short story Just Me.

Sean E. delivers Chapter 11: "What Real Families Are Made Of (Part I)" from When Shadows Pass.

Garret D.M. brings us Chapter 2: "What Now" from Boise ID.

Wayne Gray wraps up Camp Refuge with the final chapter as well as some reference material.

Maxieplus continues Ayden's Eyes II with Chapter 76.

Shadow Assassin gives us Chapter 6: "In the Shadow of Betrayal" from The First Shadow Assassin.

Snowblind completes Jared the Paramedic II: The Family Gathers with the Epilogue: "The Wedding".

Lindon Weztser returns with Chapter 21: "Gabriel" from Lincoln: The Family I Never Expected.

And DouglasDD brings us Chapter 40: "A Common Purpose" from The Puget Posse.

Please remember to email the authors, it is the only payment they receive and encourages them to write more.   Until next time...

July 12, 2018: Refugee - review
Posted by William King


Refugee by William King.

A poignant, gritty adventure detailing the harrowing escape of a pair of teens from their war torn home, seeking safety and freedom from bombs and rubble, and from predators preying on innocence. Along the way a colorful cast of characters contributes love, hope, and assistance at timely moments as heroes and heroines appear and disappear. Decisions made have consequences, sometimes dire, as the odyssey unfolds across several countries. Often uncomfortable, more often inspiring, this well written tale twists and turns amidst ever stronger bonds of friendship and love. Well done Mr. King. Thank you for your efforts to see this one through.


Mahouser,  May 2018


You can read the book here on the story lover... 》》》》

July 11, 2018: Jared the Paramedic II: The Family Gathers is complete
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,

I have just posted the epilogue of Snowblind's "Jared the Paramedic II: The Family Gathers".  The story is now complete.  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed editing it.


July 9, 2018: NEW CHAPTER
Posted by Garret D. M.

Hello World,

Long time no see, I have some amazing news. After many months of real life I have finally finished the second chapter to Boise ID which is now ready to be viewed by all of you.

Dont worry chapter 3 wont be as long aof a wait as I'm already in the work

As always I love to hear from all of you and cant wait to see all the feedback!

July 9, 2018: Still Another Chance's Reference Images
Posted by Zarek Dragon

I have modified parts of the page and added a new image to the Reference Images of Still Another Chance.

Zarek Dragon

July 8, 2018: Two New Stories and a Warning! ;)
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

Beldro Mercier has brought Chapter One of his brand new story We All Wear Masks, and it is a bit different style than Golden Bridge Chronicle so start reading.

Boudreaux has brought us Chapter Thirty~Two of Dear Diary and I feel that it is only fair to our readers to post the following words from the author: "Yes, Dear Diary has been updated.  This is a humdinger of a chapter though, so be forewarned.  There are lines of dialogue from all of the wildest, craziest characters in my division.  I'm not sure if our esteemed Clan Archivist (aka my editor) will recover.  He seemed to indicate in the negative when he sent the chapter back to me for posting, so in case I need a new editor the position now requires a prescription for valium.  If I don't need a new editor, he may need donations to help pay for his valium.  Anyway, you have been warned.  Read at your own risk." 

Boudreaux also brings us Chapter One of his new story Lagniappe.

Also please don't forget that the only pay that the authors receive for their hard work of writing your favourite stories is your emails saying thank you. So drop off an email to your favourite author today.

Happy Reading,



July 7, 2018: The long, long awaited Long Story Recap
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

SInce Aquenon is AFK and has been for a bit (University studies), I am going to see if I remember how to post a story recap. I am begging forgiveness beforehand, just in case I forget anybody.

Snowblind has brought us Chapters Thirty~Two through Thirty~Five of Jared the Paramedic II ~ The Family Gathers.

Sean E. brings us Chapter Nine and Ten of When Shadows Pass.

Wayne Grey continues Camp Refuge with Chapters Thirty and Thirty~One.

William King has brought us Chapter Six of Neon.

Sequoyah Pendor brings us Chapters Six through Ten of Arkdelphia Plantation.

The Story Lover has brought us Two Short Stories from The Summer Short Story Event and a Poem, What Is A Name? from Societal Commentaries. The Short Stories are Major Family Parody based on Art West's Major Family Stories and TSL's Fill In The Blanks.

Art West also has an entry from The Summer Short Story Event titled Fill In The Blanks Family Secret.

ColumbusGuy returns with Fragment Seven from Tales of Three Worlds.

Maxieplus continues Ayden's Eyes Book Two with Chapter Seventy~Five

Ivor Slipper has also returned with A Weekend Away.

DouglasDD brings us Chapter Thirty~Nine of The Puget Posse.

Adam with help from Editor Dave has brought us the final four chapters and a Character List from The Cornfield Quartet: Book One ~ The Cornfield Fraternity, Book Two The Cornfield Conspiracy will be arriving soon.

Don't forget to see all of the Lates News and all of the Latest Chapters from ALL of the Fort Family Sites check out the Fort Family Community Site.

Also please don't forget that the only pay that the authors receive for their hard work of writing your favourite stories is your emails saying thank you. So drop off an email to your favourite author today.

Happy Reading,



July 5, 2018: One Door Closes.......
Posted by The Story Lover

Hey all!

Just a small update; besides the events announcement below, there are a couple of other things happening today!

First is that the Fort Family Community ( ) is officially live.

Also, Timmy's Treehouse has been overhauled, ( ), check it out!

As those who have been following our two forums know, there have been some major issues due to not being able to update the software. To resolve this, we decided to take the main forum and make it the central hub of all of the Fort Family Sites that are able to be linked into it. As such, all posting announcements and news posts from the sites that are able, as well as posts of news made there directly, are available in one central location. Thanks to Akeentia for the awesome job!

On the Treehouse side, the software was in really bad shape. What we finally decided to do is dedicate the Treehouse to the most unique feature of the Fort Family - interacting with the characters of stories. Any author who wishes to participate can register themselves and whatever characters they want, and it is an open forum for authors, readers, and characters to interact with each other. We have fun doing it, and it sometimes gives us ideas!

Happy 4th!


This post courtesy of the Corner Café

'Goos', Jonah and A'lexii have joined. Someone even said that the dreaded Cliffhanger Police are there and they even have their own Police Station?? What's up with that, is there nowhere safe for a hard working dedicated author?

A Bemused and slightly concerned TSL

July 4, 2018: The Summer Short Story Event Submissions Are Here!
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

Happy Fourth of July to the Yanks.

In the Summer Short Story Parody Event, we have Major Family Parody by The Story Lover, and Sir Garret and Lincoln by True Fan.

For the Summer Short Story Fill In The Blank Event, we have TSL's Fill In The Blank by The Story Lover,  Brynmor - Fill In The Blanks by Brynmor, and Fill In The Blanks Family Secret by Art West.

Don't Forget to let the authors know what you think of their hard work.

Happy reading,









July 2, 2018: Story Recap
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,
First, my apologies... I did say I was going to try to keep from waiting until there was a wall of text again.   However, I had a dental appointment early Friday morning to pull a wisdom tooth, and being terrified of dentists (to put it mildly), the only way that was happening was IV sedation.  I kept saying I was going to get one out, but I still only have flashes of memory for that entire day.  And then yesterday just chaotic.  Anyway, on with the updates!

Sean E. continues When Shadows Pass with Chapter 8: "Picking Up Pieces".

Luiz updated two of his stories... Chapter 14: "The Tryouts" from Peter in High School and Chapter 15: "Sync" from I Want a Friend.

Owen Hudson brought us Chapter 46 of Dreams Don't Grow on Trees.

JMH gifted us with 5 chapters of his story The Centurion Cycle IV: The Road to the Future named "30: Offspring", "31: The Conflicts of War", "32: Acceptance", "33: Fate of the Damned", and "34: Proposals".

Wayne Gray presented Chapter 29 of Camp Refuge.

DouglasDD gave us Chapter 37: "The New Year" and Chapter 38: "Dirty Tricks" of The Puget Posse.

Pyro updated three of his stories with new chapters of In Time, then Pyro, and finally 3 chapters of a new story That's Life.

Chowhound posted Chapter 31 of Three Finger Cove IV: The Twins.

Ruwen Rouhs updated two of his German stories: Kapitel 19: "Tarit's Tamimt" from KeYNamM ~ König ohne Namen and Kapitel 3: "Anders und die Sage vom Räuberschatz" from Madz ~ Schulzeit.  He also gave us Chapter 2 of Sun Quest II: Down the Bredd-ström.

Snowblind continues Jared the Paramedic II: The Family Gathers with Chapter 31: "Rescue" and Chapter 32: "Spirit Quest".

Bill W. gave us 5 chapters of A Tragic Love, called "The Inferno", "A Home Without Love", We'll Have These Moments to Remember", "From Independence Day to Memorial Day", and "Justice Really Is Blind".

Maxieplus brought us Chapter 74 of Ayden's Eyes II.

Okami presented Camp Discovery Chapter 6.

The Eggman posted Chapter 19: By HQ from Baysville.

Tyler Christopher updated Tearing Me Apart with Chapter 15.

And finally, Multimapper continues Parvenu III: Otherland in his Brynnhollow Universe with Chapter 8.

Thank you all for being faithful readers... 'til next time...

July 1, 2018: Summer Short Story Events Deadline Near
Posted by The Story Lover

Don't forget that the deadline for submitting your short stories for the Summer Short Story Event is tonight at MIDNITE Pacific Daylight Time for you East Coaster that would be Three AM EDT.

So get your stories written and your requests for Fill In The Blanks in NOW.

All submissions and requests should be mailed to Summer Short Story Parody Event, or Summer Short Story Fill In The Blank Event

All Stories will be posted on July 4, 2018, not July 1 as previously stated!

Happy writing,


P.S. As usual the deadline isn't carved in stone, however, stories will be posted on the morning of July 4th, 2018


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