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July 4, 2020: Happy 244th Birthday United States of America
Posted by The Story Lover

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Today we celebrate the 244th Birthday of the United States of America, and as you celebrate with your families please stay safe and healthy. Please don't let toddlers handle Fireworks including Sparklers! We don't want any burned fingers. 

Also as you celebrate please don't forget the people of the First Nations or as you may know them Native Americans, for it is their land as well!

The Flag & Statue of Liberty PNGThe Liberty Bell PNGFireworks PNG

The Capitol Building PNGThe Melting Pot PNG

The following words from The Declaration of Independence must always be kept in our thoughts and on our lips: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ---" 

Please stay safe and healthy, don't forget your masks and social distances the lives you will save may just be your own.

Happy reading,


June 26, 2020: Thunderstorms and Internet Outages Oh My!
Posted by The Story Lover

Happy Birthday Cake PNG

The New Site turned Three Years old on May 17, 2020, and is still going strong, and still growing! A few days ago we hit another milestone we surpassed Nine Million Total Views, this is where the site stands today: 

Nine Million PNG

I want to thank Jeff P. for letting everyone know about my Internet Difugulties, while I was Internetless. I think that during May and June of this year we have had more Thunderstorms and power issues than all of last year.

I sent a Newsletter out yesterday that was the last one on the existing subscriber database. For reasons beyond my control, I had to delete the existing database and create a new one. So, if you would like to continue receiving the Site Newsletter and its Sneak Peeks, please Click Here and sign up again. If you aren't receiving the Site Newsletter and would like to please Click Here to sign up.

I also want to thank all you wonderful folks that have donated to the site to keep it up and running. The External Backup System is up and running so now we have backups of backups. All of your help is greatly appreciated.

I also want to thank all of you that have taken the time to write to me and the other authors on the site. To say thanks to the authors just click on their email address on their Author Page or their email address in the Copyright/Disclaimer Notice at the top of every chapter page.

If you have written to me and I haven't replied, please give me a day or two as I am still behind on my emails. If you don't hear from me by Sunday please email 'Goos' and he will bug me.

I hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy, please wear a mask whenever you leave your residence and wash your hands with soap and water often. Since I am still practicing Self~Isolation, I painted this self portrait The Hermit PNG it is an amazing likeness if I say so myself.

Happy reading,



May 31, 2020: Story Lover Internet Issues
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi Everyone!

Unfortunately, I'm bringing some bad news. (Well, unless you are the mice that will play while the cat is away. Yeah, we'll be watching you guys!)

Due to some severe storms in The Story Lover's neck of the woods, he could potentially be offline until somewhere around Tuesday, June 02 as power to his ISP's service has been badly damaged. (Well, that entire area actually.) So until that is taken care of, or until we are able to force him to move to a place that has post 1990's internet service, he will be unable to do any major work to the site. The rest of the Fort Family's administrators will keep an eye on the site in the event anything needs to be addressed on the server. As for stories, you all do amazing work keeping this party hopping, just keep doing that. LOL!

Let's all wish TSL the best and hope for a quick response from his overtaxed utility service personnel. 

May 26, 2020: 2 Chapters of a Brand New Story
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi Again!

It looks like we survived the server torture test so we won't be needing the disaster survival kit I put together yesterday. (I just may keep the tin-foil hat though because... alien mind probes!)

The reason I am once again invading your news feed is to let you know I just assisted Black Paper in the posting of a brand new story entitled Rotten Apples of which he has posted 2 chapters for you all to check out. Please remember to let him know what you think, it really does help Black Paper and all of our hard-working authors know how they are doing. Besides, there is no better paycheck than the knowledge that someone likes your work, seriously.

Enjoy the new read!

May 25, 2020: Scheduled Server Maintenance Notice!
Posted by JeffsFort

Between 2am EST and 6am EST on May 26, the wizards who provide our hosting will be casting a new integrity spell on the rack-mounted totem that contains all of our characters. This is done to ensure not too many of them escape or cause too much havoc on our realm. It may be difficult to reach the sites with your computer as they perform this ritual but if you are able to peer into ethereal realms, you shouldn’t have a problem. If not, I'd suggest you use your own wizardry and save a few chapters locally to get you through.

This ritual should take about 30 minutes for most of our sites. Maybe about a DAY for The Story Lover's Home as Dragons are much more difficult to contain and really do like messing with the wizards. <snicker> 

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, both in lost reading time and should you become overrun with the group who plans out this time of year to escape normally. Our hopes and gratitude go out to the wizards tasked with this responsibility!

May 15, 2020: Just Checking In
Posted by The Story Lover

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Things are going okay for me, self-isolation has let me get caught up with a lot of Spring Cleaning and some minor repairs around the place. Okay, one of them was a major repair, my front porch, and stairs collapsed due to faulty construction causing a 5.5-inch gap in front of my door. It took a while to get the old one demolished, and the new one a much smaller one installed. Of course, being me I had to take the trash out one night before it I got the new one and step straight down. Now let me tell you that made my whole right side very unhappy.

I have been working on bits and pieces here and there, added some new quotes to the Quotes Page including a new one of mine, "To read is to dream, and to dream is to live". So please keep on dreaming!

Think Before You Speak PNG

Stay safe and healthy everyone,


May 1, 2020: Chapter 4: Rules of the House!
Posted by Garret D. M.

After many months from the story that I started over a year ago I have finally gotten around to post the 4th chapter to the Boise ID book! I have been super busy lately woth the army that I have not had any time to post this chapter and im so happy to finally say that its here! I hope you all enjoy this long awaited chapter! I would love to get your feedback on the chapter and your input as to what happnes next in the chapter 5. 

Love you all! - Garret D. M.

April 28, 2020: Updates
Posted by Garret D. M.

Good Afternoon everyone!

So with this current situation that the world is in with the self isolation and with it even afecting my current work enviroment, I have decided to pick up a good working laptop and continue writing Boise ID! Now to kick it off I have made a Spotify Account with my penname and I will be making playlists on there for each chapter and character so you can get a feel for the tone of the book. The chapter ones will have songs both new and old while the charater ones will corrispond with the time perion in the story which is 2012 and onward.

I love you all and happy reading and I almost forgot to post this but happy Autism Awarness month!

Chapter 1: True Family

April 24, 2020: Welcome to The Story Lover's Home Myke D!
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi everyone!

Wanted to take a moment to introduce you all to a brand new author on the site. Myke D. Is an established author who was recently featured on The Shack's own Imagine Magazine with his story "The Legends of Blood" and a full interview, you really should check it out! Well, at the moment Myke is in the process of claiming his spot in our community and I'm excited to invite you all to check out his hard work. He is still moving in so keep an eye out as more of his work becomes available and as always; please be sure to drop him a line and let him know how he's doing. It really is the only paycheck any hosted author on any site gets and it does mean an awful lot.

- JeffsFort


April 18, 2020: The Bodyguard errors
Posted by Aquenon

Ahem, yours truly somehow edited an old copy of the story I just posted yesterday for Snowblind.  That copy was almost word for word the same, except for four entire scenes that weren't included yesterday.

I apologize for the error.  I'm still trying to figure out where the correct copy went.  At any rate, Snowblind sent it to me again, and I have now inserted all missing scenes.

For the convenience of those readers who have already read 'The Bodyguard', all four new scenes are in green text so that you might quickly scroll through to find them.  There were a couple of tiny changes to the text that was already there and that is in green as well.  In a few weeks' time, I will change the green text back to normal, but in the meantime, it will serve as a quick way to find the additional scenes.

My apologies to both you as readers and Snowblind.


April 17, 2020: Short story from the author of Jared the Paramedic
Posted by Aquenon

Greetings Readers,

It is with great pleasure I announce the publication of a short story, The Bodyguard, from Snowblind, the author of Jared the Paramedic.

Alas, this would have been out much earlier were it not for yours truly being so slow to get to editing.  But it is out now, and I hope you all get as much enjoyment out of reading it as I did.

Back to the quarantine!


April 15, 2020: The Galleries Are Down For Maintenance
Posted by The Story Lover

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Attention All Site Users,

All of the Galleries are now down for Maintenance, however, don't worry they will be back better than before. They should only be down for a day or two; Murphy willing.

Happy reading,


April 11, 2020: A Quick Update
Posted by The Story Lover

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Dear Readers and Authors,

I experiencing intermittent Internet issues, so this will be short and sweet. I am working on New Galleries, editing, and I hope to get back to writing shortly. I have also been busy doing laundry, taking down storm windows and chasing my cats. I am almost out of Dark Chocolate and that is worrying. I am also going broke buying hand cream to soothe my chapped hands from washing them so much. All of you are washing your hand a lot right?

I will be back posting chapters as soon as my Internet connection stabilizes, that is if thee high winds we are experiencing and will be experiencing through late Saturday night don't wreak havoc with the Internet.

I have updated the Quotes Page again so check it out.

Stay safe and healthy,



April 7, 2020: Please Continue to Stay Safe and Healthy & A New Author Cole Parker!
Posted by The Story Lover


Hello Again Everyone,

It has been a bit since my last News Post and I do have a few new things to share with everyone. First of all, I would like to officially welcome our newest author Cole Park and his story The Busboy. The reason for the delay in announcing Cole was because I was working on a project related to his story that project, The Dream is now live.

I am also very happy to announce our brand spanking awesome new Galleries called Gallery One has been launched , it is actually a single page with multiple Galleries on it. I will be converting the existing Spacescapes and the Cats Galleries to the new format which is much easier and faster to post.

I am still in Self-Isolation and other than walks around our RV Park and walking to the Office to get Mail, I haven't left my RV in over a week now. So please continue to abide by the CDC Recommendations and stay safe and healthy.

I also want to thank all of the authors that have been busily posting new things for you to read.

Happy reading,


March 18, 2020: Stay Safe & Healthy
Posted by The Story Lover

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I hope that all of our readers and authors are staying safe and healthy. Please follow the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or your Local Health Department. 

My Sinus Infection returned and hit me over the head with a sledgehammer, I am new meds and have been referred to an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor aka Otolaryngologist and a CT Scan.

When I have clear-headed days I will attempt more posting and edits, until then my apologies to those that are waiting on me.

Happy reading,


P.S. A Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day

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