The Puget Posse

Chapter 56-Winding Down

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 CHAPTER 56    

<Monday, May 27>

Memorial Day Monday was not a good day for Jeremiah. He wished he could be in school instead of home, except school would be an even worse place. His Orioles baseball team had been knocked out of a double elimination tournament in two games, and his father was taking it out on him. He chewed out Jeremiah during dinner, making the boy so tense he couldn’t eat.
“First you get the hat trick against whatever fucking twin pitched against us,” his father scolded, referring to Matthew striking Jeremiah out three times in their league game. “Then, you manage to go hitless in six at-bats in the tournament.”
“Honey…,” Jeremiah’s mother, Amanda, interrupted, trying to calm her husband down, but he kept right on.
“And what the fuck is the story with the school election? How could you not even finish in the top two? Didn’t you listen to anything I told you about running for that office?”
“I don’t want to go back to that school,” Jeremiah snarled, not directly answering the question. “You can’t make me go back. I’m going to a different school next year!”
“Why, because you lost your election? Have you become a damned quitter on me? Quit because you did a crappy job of campaigning?”
“I did what I was supposed to do. Those fucking twins got everybody to hate me.”
“Don’t cuss when you talk to me, son.”
“Why the fuck not? You do it when you talk to me!”
“I will not let you quit. I will not let you change schools. Tomorrow you will start thinking what you will need to do to win again in a year.”
“Fuck you, I’m not going.”
“This is not open for discussion, so shut up and eat your dinner.”
Jeremiah jumped up from his chair, pushing it back so hard it fell on its back. He picked up his dinner plate and flipped it over, his meal dropping onto the tablecloth. “I can’t eat with you yelling at me, so I might as well dump this shit on the table.”
He walked away, not slowing down as his father commanded him to stop. He finally turned around after stomping through the opening to the living room. “I hate you, I hate that school, I hate baseball, I had that dinner, I hate everything!” he screamed. “I’m never going back to that fucking school again and they can flunk me, cuz I don’t care.”
Spinning on his right foot he dashed out of sight. His parents heard him clamber up the stairs, followed by a house-shaking slamming of his bedroom door.
“What got into you, treating Jeremiah like that?” Amanda asked harshly.
“He deserved it. He’s been in a total snit for the last two weeks. He needed some sense knocked back into him,” Brandon Hunt sneered.
“Cussing him out isn’t going to solve the problem.”
“This isn’t the first time he’s said he wants to change schools. It won’t happen. I will not let him quit because things didn’t go his way.”
“What if it isn’t really quitting?” Amanda asked calmly.
“What are you talking about? Of course it’s quitting. Just like he quit on the field in baseball.”
“That is nonsense, and you know it. The boy has been upset and that has affected his playing. This is what I’m talking about. Work it out with him so that nobody sees it as quitting. It’s like a baseball player becoming a free agent.” Amanda was the biggest baseball fan of the three and followed the game closely. “He goes to a new school where the pay is better…”
“Yes, his pay is not having to deal with those nasty twins. Like a free agent he gets a fresh start, new teammates, and a better environment. He’s not quitting, he’s making a climb to something better.”
The two continued their discussion, with Amanda telling her husband that if he can’t handle Jeremiah’s moods with him at the cusp of puberty, then he was going to find things getting even worse over the next few years. “Talk to him, honey. I’ve found out it works way better than yelling at him.”
Brandon went to Jeremiah’s room. Their conversation started out guarded, but by the time it finished, Jeremiah apologized for dumping his dinner and for the things he’d said and Brandon apologized as well.
“I still hate that school, though,” Jeremiah whined.
Brandon then went into salesman mode instead of aggravated father mode and told Jeremiah the free agent idea, presenting it as if it was his own instead of Amanda’s. “You only have a couple more weeks to go,” Brandon told his son. “Just stay out of the way of the twins and stick with your buddies.”
Jeremiah didn’t want to tell his father he didn’t have any buddies outside of Tony, and he wasn’t sure about Tony. “Maybe I can kick the crap out of one of them and get kicked out of school,” he mused.
“Jeremiah,” his dad said a bit more harshly than he’d intended.
“Yeah, okay, I’ll be good unless they start something.”
“If they do, you tell me. I’ll handle it with the school. Get through the next couple of weeks. Next year you’ll be a free agent and the top dog at a new school.”
Jeremiah thought that for now doing things his father’s way sounded like an okay idea. Maybe waiting to be a free agent would end up being worth it. But, it would be nice to get the final word with the twins before he left.


On Tuesday morning, Mark and Matthew barged into Patrick’s house in their usual fashion. Grannana received her much appreciated hugs and then the twins turned their attention to Patrick, who was eating breakfast at the dining room table.
“Hey, Wombat the Veep,” Mark greeted. “Nice to see you eating in the nude.”
“Yeah, that way you can’t spill any food on your clothes,” Matthew added.
“Today is the day we press the flesh, as my dad says.”
“There’s some flesh I’d really like to press on a few guys,” Matthew said.
“That might work,” Patrick said dryly. “Grab a guy’s wiener and tell him if he votes for you you’ll jerk him off.”
“I bet ninety percent of the guys in fifth grade don’t know shit about jerking off,” Mark scoffed.
“I bet everybody in the eighth grade does, though,” Matthew mused.
Just as they believed that there was a curtain of silence between the front and back seats of a car, the boys believed one existed between the dining room and the kitchen. As much as Maxine wanted to chide Mark for his using the word “shit”, she didn’t want the boys to know she could listen in on their conversation. Their morning chatter was a great source of information and amusement for the old woman. This morning she was enjoying the sexual naivety of the three boys.
When Patrick finished eating and cleaning up, they went to his room. The twins watched as Patrick dressed, giving the younger boy’s boner a few gropes along the way.
“Hey, Wombat, speaking of boners,” Matthew said, the fingers of his right hand wrapped around Patrick’s almost three inch erection, “me and Mark are gonna have a Posse party at our house right after school on the last day.” The last day of school was a half-day.
“Yep,” Mark agreed. “Gonna be swimming, snacks, barbeque, and all the pop you can drink. We’re still working on being able to skinny dip, but I think we’ll talk the parent dudes into it.”
“Especially since Michelle and Megan want to see Misha naked.”
“We’ll have to tell them that Misha is Patrick’s boyfriend,” Mark giggled, not realizing how true that was.
“Posse members and deputies only,” Matthew added. “Put it on your calendar.”
“I will,” Patrick said as he pulled on his polo shirt. “But now you have to let go of my boner so I can get my undies and my pants on.”
“Admit it, you so want me to make you orgasm,” Matthew smirked as he started going from stroking to serious stroking.
“We have to be ready to catch our bus,” Patrick protested.
“Oh, well, I guess you’ll just have to spend the whole day being horny.” Matthew reluctantly let go of Patrick’s boy tool.
The three were giggling as they left Patrick’s room. “Hey, Grannana,” Matthew said.
“Yes, Matthew?”
“How did you know it was me and not Mark?”
“Because I remember any little rear end I’ve broomed.”
“But, I was naked when you broomed me.”
“Never argue with an old woman.”
Matthew grinned. “Okay, but I can tell them jokes. Why are bananas good at gymnastics?” he asked.
“Because they do great banana splits,” Maxine told him with a straight face.
“That’s not fair, you knew it.”
“You not only never argue with an old woman, you never underestimate them either. Now, it’s a nice morning, so you boys go wait outside for your bus.”
“Hey, Wombat, why did the math book look sad?” Mark asked as the boys headed to the front door.
“Because it had too many problems,” Patrick answered. “Bye, Grannana,” he yelled as the laughing trio skipped out the door.
“Good bye, boys, don’t go knocking that old building down.”  She loved the mornings before school; Patrick, Matthew, and Mark were the formula for keeping her young.
The boys waited less than five minutes for the bus. “Good morning, Mrs. Deaver,” Matthew chirped as the trio boarded. “Why are bananas great gymnasts?”
“Probably because they do great banana splits.” Mrs. Deaver answered.
“Dang, nobody is any fun today,” Matthew groused.
“Maybe you need to tell a different joke,” Mark offered.
After Will boarded the bus, Mark invited him to the Posse party as an official deputy. Will was more than happy to accept, pending parental approval. He was in a good mood since he’d had a great three-day weekend. He and Gary, his older brother, had the house to themselves the day before. Two of Gary’s friends were allowed to spend the day. The fourteen-year-olds were extremely horny, as boys their age can be, and Will was right in the middle of their sexual exploits, a position he loved with abandon.
“Is Paul going to be invited?” Will asked.
“Yep,” Mark replied, “because we did make him an official deputy, even if he is an eighth grader.”
“You should invite Curt, too, so Paul won’t just be with us little kids.”
“Nothing little about us,” Matthew boasted, grabbing his cock through his pants.
“You know what I mean.”
“I think it’s a good idea,” Patrick said. “We can deputize him first if you want.”
“Great idea, Wombat,” Mark agreed. “He is added to the list.”
Will grinned, wondering if he’d have a chance to have some sexual fun with the two older boys at the party. Will was fascinated by the sexuality of older boys, especially teenagers.
When Jeremiah and Tony boarded the bus, Jeremiah sneered at the four Posse members. He wanted to tell them about his impending free agency and to let them know what a bunch of losers they were, but he was afraid the twins would find a way to turn that information against him. He looked at little Patrick and, not for the first time, wished there was a way he could kick the crap out of him and bloody his much too cute face and body.
“I hate those assholes over there,” Jeremiah whispered to Tony, pointing to the four boys across the aisle. “I’m gonna spread any lie I can think of about Mark so he loses, and you can help me.”
The only reason Tony got on the bus with Jeremiah was because of the arrangement made for him to catch the bus at Jeremiah’s house. While Tony wasn’t the brightest kid in the fifth grade, relatively speaking, he was getting tired of being Jeremiah’s foil. Tony had enough of a mean streak in him to want to be a part of Jeremiah’s quest for power, but lately he’d realized that Jeremiah acted like his friend only because he wanted things from him. Besides, Jeremiah was no longer at the top of the fifth-grade ladder.
“I’ll think about it,” Tony mumbled.
“Don’t be an asshole like them,” Jeremiah whispered in Tony’s ear. “Just do it.” Jeremiah then went back to staring across the aisle at the boys he loved to hate.
“Did you see how Jeremiah was looking at us?” Will said after the bus arrived at school.
“Fuck, Jeremiah,” Mark said, making sure no staff member was within listening distance. “He’s done here and he knows it.”
“Which is a good reason for him to spend the day dissing you so Vic will get even more votes.”
“I don’t care if Vic wins—Vic is cool.” Mark almost believed that. Will, Patrick, and especially Matthew knew how badly Mark wanted to win after what had happened in the January election.
The Posse members and deputies spent morning break and lunch break talking to the boys from outside of their class about what a great president Mark would make. Mark simply said to each boy he talked to that he’d be happy if they voted for him. He knew Vic was doing the same thing and he also learned the Jeremiah was saying bad things about him. The good news was that apparently nobody was listening to Jeremiah.
he next morning the fifth grade had a run-off election for president for the second time that year. It involved two different boys than the first run-off had, pitting Vic versus Mark instead of Jeremiah against Caleb.
As the students in Ms. McCann’s class prepared for class to start, Jeremiah sidled over to Tony. “Thanks for nothing, yesterday.”
“Sorry. I didn’t have a chance to help you.” Tony had stalled long enough earlier in the morning that his mother had to give him a ride to school since they would not make it to Jeremiah’s house in time to catch the bus. His mother was not happy about it, but Tony felt that he would rather face his mother’s anger that morning than deal with Jeremiah. He wasn’t sure what he would do for the rest of the school year, or in future years for that matter. He didn’t know about Jeremiah’s impending free agency.
“You can help me by voting for Vic. I don’t want Mark winning,” Jeremiah said as if what was important to him was also important to Tony. Tony simply grunted, leaving Jeremiah to return to his seat, fuming.
When the ballots were passed out, Tony didn’t even need to think about who he was voting for. He placed a careful ‘X’ in the box next to Mark’s name. He was tired of being led around by Jeremiah, whom he now labeled as a total loser.
For a number of reasons, the vote ended up being as close as everybody anticipated, although only Mr. Vargas and the two eighth grade counters would know how close the vote actually was. It was a credit to the integrity of the boys in student government that none of the counters ever revealed the final vote before their vow of silence ended four years after an election.
The winner of the run-off election was announced just before lunch by Dean Cutler. “I am pleased to announce that the sixth grade student council president for next year will be Mark Kirkwood.” Even Vic joined in on the cheering. Vic wanted to be president. He knew he would have made a good one. But he considered Mark to be a friend and was happy to see his friend bounce back from his humiliation in the January election.
“What are you going to do now that you’re not the going-to-be president?” Will asked Vic as the students left the classroom on the way to lunch.
“I am going to meet with my committee and continue our planning for the fifth grade party,” Vic said smiling. He also planned to run for the student senate in the fall, knowing that Mark would keep him busy and involved in government, but that was his business, not Will’s.
During lunch Mark and Matthew invited Misha, Neville, and Ellis to their end-of-the-year party. Misha and Neville said they were sure they could come, but would have to clear it with their parents first. They each seemed excited about the prospect of a Posse party to end the year.
Ellis’s response surprised them. He almost squeaked with delight. “You guys want me to come to your house for a Posse party?” he asked.
“Well, you are our friend, and you are a deputy, so of course we want you,” Mark said reassuringly.
“Yeah, it wouldn’t be a good party without you.”
Ellis grinned and said he’d check with his parents. But, as far as he was concerned, he’d find a way to go there even if his mom or dad said no.
Mark was surprised to get a request to go to the office after the start of fifth period. He left the classroom with the usual, under the breath, “Ohh, what did you do this time?” comments from his classmates. As far as he knew, he hadn’t done anything. When he got to the office he was told that Mr. Vargas wanted to see him in his classroom. Mark shrugged, wondering why Mr. Vargas couldn’t have made the request himself. But, the world of adults, and teachers in particular, had its mysterious ways that were often beyond his comprehension. For the most part he didn’t bother wasting time and energy trying to figure out their other-dimensional world.
“Congratulations, Mark,” Mr. Vargas told him when he entered the teacher’s room. “You were a very deserving winner, not that Vic wouldn’t have been. Both of you were very active as senators this school year and managed to get a great deal accomplished.” Mark didn’t bother to tell Mr. Vargas that Vic’s proposal for eighth grade greeters on the first day of school was his idea and made at his request. Instead, Mark modestly thanked the student body advisor.
Mr. Vargas told him he was proud of how he had recovered from his defeat to Jeremiah in January. He didn’t bring up the business with the bullfrog. Secretly, he was happy to see Jeremiah’s bubble burst, especially by somebody with the leadership qualities of Mark. He also reminded Mark of what his responsibilities to the school and to the student body were.
“I am not picking on you, here,” he said. “I give this little talk to all of the new presidents. I expect you to remind your council of the same things I am telling you the first time you meet with them.” He didn’t bother to mention that when he sat with Jeremiah earlier in the year, he could tell he was not speaking to a receptive audience. He received the opposite impression from Mark—the boy looked eager to lead and to do the right thing.
Mark told Mr. Vargas he understood and would do the best job that he could. He then sat silently, waiting for Mr. Vargas to dismiss him.
“I have all the confidence in the world in you, Mark,” Mr. Vargas finished. “I expect great things from you. Any questions?”
“Yeah, why are bananas great gymnasts?”
“I should have known better than to ask the question I asked.” Mr. Vargas mused. “But, as we all know, it is because they make great bananas splits.” The teacher roared with laughter as Mark slinked out of the room, promising himself he would never try to tell that joke again.
Mr. Vargas grinned as he shook his head. He felt that once Jeremiah was eliminated whoever became president would be fine with him. Both Mark and Vic were sharp, savvy boys with obvious leadership qualities. But, he secretly was pleased that Mark won, not only because it showed his determination in coming back from his election humiliation in January, but because he would keep things much more interesting. Vic’s quiet, steady demeanor, might be what that class’s’ student government needed, but Mark’s creative mind and outgoing manner were what was going to get things done. The two would probably never know that Mark won by a single vote: 35-34.


Tuesday was the day of the all-school talent show. The boys from all four grades would be packing the auditorium after lunch.
Patrick and Neville were the only members of the Posse to take the stage. The twins had listened to Patrick practice for the last couple of weeks and thought he “rocked.” Of course, that was what they thought of Patrick under all circumstances.
Patrick went on-stage with his acoustic guitar and sang an Irish folk song. His skill on the guitar along with his clear soprano brought down the house. It didn’t hurt that many of the boys thought Patrick was the cutest boy at the Puget Academy.
All of Mr. Jackson’s class except for Misha were surprised when Neville joined Patrick for a second song. Patrick spent a lot of time convincing Neville to sing with him, saying they could leave their soloist rivalry in chorus and sing as friends. Neville agreed as long as nobody would know he was going to perform until the day of the program. They agreed that Ellis and Misha could be told the secret and then met twice in the evening to practice. They picked a humorous song, added some body language to provide some comedy, and brought about another huge ovation.
“You guys were the best in the whole program,” Mark bragged as the students headed back to their classrooms after the conclusion of the talent show.
“I can’t believe you guys kept the whole thing a secret,” Matthew added.
“I can’t believe you guys even sang together. I mean when it comes to you two and singing you usually want to strangle each other.”
“Being friends is what the Posse is all about,” Neville said, which was a huge indication of how much the boy had changed.
<Wednesday, June 5>
The twins came bounding into Patrick’s house from the mudroom. They gave Maxine a simultaneous hug, telling her that they loved her.
“I love you two boys as well,” she said, gasping for air, “but it would be much easier if you didn’t insist on crushing an old woman’s ribs.”
They let go, but didn’t lose either of their smiles. “Sorry, Grannana, I guess we got carried away,” Mark apologized.
“If I was twenty years younger, I’d really carry you away right to where I could pull your pants down and broom your hides.”
The boys could see the twinkle in her eyes. “If you were twenty years younger, we wouldn’t even be born yet,” Matthew giggled.
“Hey, Grannana, how did the baby get fed before it was born?” Mark asked.
“I truly hate to say I don’t know, so I will say through the umbilical cord.”
“Nope. Womb service.”
The twins squealed and dashed the short distance to the dining room where Patrick was finishing up his French Toast. “That joke was so lame,” he told the laughing twins.
“Well, at least Grannana didn’t know the joke this time,” Mark replied.
“And you’re mad because you didn’t know it either,” Matthew said. Patrick nodded as he took his last bite of French Toast. 
Mark looked Patrick over. “Nothing but socks on,” he informed Matthew.
“He must be practicing for after school,” Matthew smirked.
“Did you get permission to stay late?” Mark asked.
Patrick nodded.
“Good. I know Misha already did.”
“What about Neville?” Patrick asked.
“Who knows about Neville?” Mark rolled his eyes.
“Yeah, even Neville doesn’t know about Neville,” Mark added.
Patrick cleared his dishes and the three friends went to his bedroom. Today would be the last fifth grade council meeting, so, as student officers, he and Matthew had to wear their formal uniforms. That meant donning a tie.
“Did you bring some grubs?” Patrick asked.
Matthew pointed to his gym bag. “T-shirt and shorts, right here.”
“Mine are already in my bag.”
As Patrick started to dress, Matthew got on his knees in front of his twin, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and pulled them and his Seahawk boxers down.  Mark was sporting a nice boy erection.
“Mark told me he was too horny to get through the day,” Matthew explained to Patrick. “He said he’s too excited about after school.”
Matthew placed his lips around Mark’s three-and-a-half plus of hard preteen flesh and started performing an expert blow job. Patrick had known the twins long enough to not be surprised by the sudden outburst of sex. But he was wondering if he would make it through the school day as his cocklet quickly became rock hard.
“In case you’re wondering, I jerked Mattie off in the shower—damn he was horny,” Mark told Patrick.
By the time Patrick was dressed, Mark was thinking only of his impending orgasm. He grunted, starting fucking his brother’s mouth. “I’m gonna cum,” he choked out. Then, to Matthew’s surprise, Mark pulled his cock out of Matthew’s mouth and shot his watery cum onto his face, into his hair, two clear drops dripping onto his uniform dress shirt.
“Shit, why’d you do that? I was ready to swallow it and you go making a fucking mess,” Matthew said furiously.
“I dunno, I just felt like it,” Mark giggled. As hard as he tried not to, Patrick broke into laughter as he looked at Mark’s emission on Matthew’s face and hair.
Matthew got up and headed for the door. “Now I have to clean all of this shit off. You’re gonna pay for this, bro.”
“I know, but it was worth it,” Mark laughed.
Mark and Patrick went to the living room to watch for the bus. Matthew soon joined him, his face clean, his hair damp, the cum on his shirt gone, a splotch of water taking its place. “If you’d gotten it on my tie you would have died.”
“You haven’t even put your tie on yet,” Mark pointed out.
“Which is why you’re still alive,” Matthew retorted.
Deli, Patrick’s dog, embedded his snout into Mark’s crotch. Mark pushed him away. “You can smell my junk,” Mark told Patrick, “but not your dog.”
“He’s just being a dog,” Patrick pointed out.
“He’s just being a sex pervert,” Mark grumbled.
Matthew yanked his pre-tied necktie out of his bag and pulled it over his head. He tightened it, the knot and part of the tie sitting over his right collar with the bottom of the tie tilted in the other direction. His look contrasted with the almost professional look of Patrick’s uniform.
Maxine came into the room after knocking and shook her head. “Boy, you look like something the cat drug in.” She quickly straightened out Matthew’s shirt and tie and ran a comb though his damp hair. “What did you do, fall into the toilet?” she asked.
“No, I just got it too wet trying to comb it,” Matthew explained, his face red with embarrassment. By the time she finished straightening Matthew out he looked quite presentable. She knew the twins well and was certain his dapper look wouldn’t make it through the next hour of the day. She turned and straightened Patrick’s tie a bit, knowing that, unlike most boys, he’d keep his look for most of the day.
“You’re lucky you don’t have to dress up today,” Patrick told Mark.
“Yeah, but I’ll have to next year.”
The phone rang and Maxine answered. “It’s for you,” she said, handing it to Patrick.
“Hi, Uncle Roy,” Patrick grinned once he learned who the caller was.
Patrick listened, then said, “What do you mean you can’t stay overnight this weekend? You promised like months ago you’d spend the night with me in my room and you never do it.” Patrick knew he was whining, the twins knew he was whining, his Grannana knew he was wining, and he didn’t care. Roy was making him mad.
“Okay,” he finally said. “After your graduation. And you double promise, right?”  Another pause and he said, “If you don’t I’ll kick you in the balls.” He ended the call.
“Patrick, that was not a nice thing to say to your uncle,” Maxine told him.
“I can’t help it Grannana, he keeps making me mad.”
“That is no excuse.”
“Yes, ma’am,” he mumbled.
The day ended up going better after that. The fifth grade council met at lunch time. Their only business was Vic’s report on the progress of the fifth grade party. Things were going well since he’d picked a hard-working group of boys who had their collective acts together. The only boy picked from the Posse was also the only boy was Misha. Vic also picked Luke from his team, two boys from Mr. Nash’s class, and one from Ms. McCann’s class who had not been a part of Jeremiah’s cadre.
The entire council approved of his plans except for Jeremiah. Vic could have promised the presence of Drop Kick Murphys and a room full of naked girls and Jeremiah still wouldn't have approved. The other student council members and Vic ignored Jeremiah’s complaints.
When Jeremiah adjourned the meeting, Mr. Vargas had cookies and ice cream brought in for the members to enjoy. Patrick invited Vic to stay, with only Jeremiah mumbling about it. Mr. Vargas privately thanked Vic for the great work his committee was doing on the party. He publicly thanked the student council members for their work.
“This council has accomplished more than any fifth grade council since I’ve been at this school,” Mr. Vargas said. “It hasn’t even been close.”
“Maybe you should have said that before the election,” Jeremiah said with a hint of bitterness. “Then everybody might have known that it all happened with me as president.” Patrick so wanted to sing “Joy to the World” right then, but held back.
The afternoon dragged except for Patrick’s time in chorus. Their spring concert was the next day, with an afternoon performance for the students and an evening performance for the parents. He and Neville were picked to sing together in one piece, with most of it being their trading solos. But there was also a duet they would be singing together. While the two considered themselves rivals in chorus, they were secretly happy to be able to sing as a team in this concert rather than competing against each other for a solo part.
What had Patrick unsettled was what was going to happen after school. It was time for him to pay off the bet he made with the twins on their soccer tournament. He was both excited and frightened. The act of mooning a passing passenger train didn’t frighten him; it was the possibility of being caught that did. Nevertheless, a bet was a bet, and he was going to pay it off.
When the school day finally ended, he headed for the boy’s bathroom in the basement, accompanied by Matthew, Mark, Misha, Neville, and Ellis. The original thought was for the entire Posse to moon the train, but in the end it was decided that Patrick lost the bet, so Patrick should be the one doing the mooning. But, to keep him from being too freaked out by it all, Matthew and Mark flipped a coin to see who would be Patrick’s co-mooner. Matthew won the flip and elected to moon.
Matthew and Patrick took off their formal uniforms and were soon standing in the bathroom wearing just their underpants. Misha was amused to watch Matthew stuff his uniform into his gym bag, rumpling it even worse than it had been. Patrick, on the other hand, carefully folded his and placed it neatly into his bag. The two mooners were soon dressed in t-shirts, shorts, and white tennis shoes. They were each wearing a baseball cap, as if the presence of a hat would somehow disguise them when the train rushed by.
When the two finished changing, the six boys went back up to the first floor and out the front door. They walked across the playfield as if they belonged there, figuring correctly that nobody would be paying much attention to them. Just in case somebody asked, Misha had his camera with him so they could say they were going to take some pictures from the cliff side path.
They went single file through the “forbidden” gate, walked carefully down the dozen “forbidden” steps, and traversed the “forbidden” path down the cliff. The path had an easy gradient and was almost wide enough for two of them to walk side-by-side, but they elected to stay in single file. The path was a switchback, and they found themselves slowly wending their way down to the tracks and the beach on the other side.
There was no hurry as the Sounder commuter train wasn’t due for about another 30 minutes. Still, they had to pick out a spot that was visible but wouldn’t require them to cross the tracks. Patrick and Misha, the train buffs, were both adamant about being totally safe.
From what Patrick and Misha had been able to observe while watching trains from the top of the cliff, there were some open areas on the land side of the tracks. The problem was they didn’t know exactly where the path ended.
When they got to the bottom, the boys could see an opening a couple of hundred feet to the north, but getting there would be tough unless they walked on the tracks.
“That just isn’t going to happen,” Patrick insisted.
“We can see trains coming from a long way,” Mark argued. “I mean they’re going along the water and we can see where they’re coming from both directions.”
“Yeah, we can even cross them because there’s lots of room on the water side,” Matthew added.
“Or we can walk through the bushes and not trespass on the tracks,” Patrick declared with finality.
“What a wuss,” Mark told him. “You can see for like a couple of miles.”
“I’m not a wuss,” Patrick shot back, “you’re the wuss.” He knew that was not a very creative comeback, but his father had taught him how to be safe around train tracks since he was a toddler. Even being off to the side like this probably constituted trespassing.
“Follow me,” Misha commanded. He’d done some exploring while Patrick argued with the twins and noticed a narrow opening through the brush. The five other boys weaved their way through the bushes and came to an open area that was well off of the tracks. Patrick could see that anyone on the train wouldn’t be able to see Matthew and him until the train was actually passing them; there would be no warning of their presence.
“How long until the train comes?” Matthew asked.
“Fifteen minutes or so,” Misha answered.
“That gives me enough time to jerk off,” Mark said. “I can sit right here on the tracks and whack my pud.” Patrick glared at him. “I was joking, Wombat,” Mark laughed.
“Yeah, he was joking about sitting on the tracks, not about jerking off,” Matthew said laughing.
“Exactly. I’ll tell you this, I ain’t pulling my pants down. I’ll sit on the grass and take out my dick and do it. No way I have a bunch of bugs and leaves and crap going into my ass.”
He did as he said. He sat on the dry grass, unzipped and unbuttoned his pants, and pulled his cock out of the slit in his boxers. He was surprised when Ellis sat next to him and did the same thing.
“You are one cool dude, Ellis. You have been since way back when we did the boner size challenge at the start of school and you got naked. Your purple fingernails look kind of cool wrapped around your dick, too.”
Ellis grinned and the two boys started the ritual of masturbation. Neville and Misha thought about joining them, but wordlessly agreed somebody needed to be vigilant. While the two boys jerked off, Matthew and Patrick paced around the small clearing, both of them horny and nervous about dropping their pants while a train loaded with a couple hundred people went by.
“You guys should sit down and jerk off,” Mark suggested. “It makes the time go by faster.”
“I’m cumming,” Ellis cried out, his small hand flying over his two-and-a-half inch tool. He squealed loudly, not worried about who heard him, and quivered with his dry cum. Mark followed close  behind, squirting three drops of clear boy cum, two of them landing on the front of his pants.
“See, bro, it don’t matter if you get cum on your clothes,” he said to Matthew.
“Shut up.”
“I see a light,” Neville declared. “Right over there.”
The boys looked to the south and saw the triangular shape the three lights on the front of a train made. The Sounder was rounding the point and had come into view.
“Okay, Wombat, I guess it’s time to drop them.”
“Gotcha, Bobcat two.”
The train was still a couple of minutes away, but the two preteens dropped their pants to their ankles and then turned their backs to the tracks. Three of the other four boys ducked behind some brush, while Misha found a spot to get some pictures of the train as evidence they had gone down the hill for train watching. The other boys were able to see Matthew and Patrick as well as the tracks from their vantage point.  Mark and Ellis hadn’t bothered to zip up or put their little hairless peckers away. Matthew and Patrick were poised and ready to stick out their bare white asses.
Scott Kirkwood stared out of the window of the Sounder. When his schedule permitted he liked taking the Sounder to work and avoiding the traffic on I-5. He rarely caught the first of the four northbound trains, but today he had no late afternoon appointments and had finished his rounds early. He caught the first train minutes before its scheduled departure and had to sit on the land side. Normally he was early enough when he caught a later train to get a seat on the scenic water side.
As the train glided around a curve, Scott looked up from his book just in time to look down on a pair of smooth white asses flashing by. They appeared to belong to two young boys. He knew that the Puget Academy was at the top of the cliff next to the tracks and as the train sped on a sudden thought struck him as he heard some chuckling from those passengers who happened to have seen the display. Scott shook the thought out of his head—Mark and Matthew could be wild, but even they weren’t wild enough to moon a passing train, were they?
As soon as the train raced by, Matthew and Patrick yanked up their shorts and undies and ran around the bushes to where Mark, Ellis, Neville, and Misha had been hiding. All four had their cocks out of their pants, with all of them sporting boners. Matthew and Patrick weren’t surprised to see the display, except maybe from Neville, who had slowly become more demonstrative sexually since he’d started hanging out with Ellis.
“Our penises are our applause for your bravery,” Misha said with his trademark shy grin.
“Let’s keep out dicks out until we get to the top of the path,” Ellis said. Ellis taking the lead was surprise number two.
“Sounds like a plan to me,” Mark said, as he unzipped his pants and pulled them and his briefs off, his erection leading the way. No one else was willing to go quite as far as Mari, but Patrick did pull his hard little cock out of his zipper.
The boys made their way back up the path, then climbed the dozen steps to the gate. While the boys were maybe a bit horny and crazy at the moment, they weren’t stupid. Mark put his briefs and shorts on and the other quickly tucked their boy junk into their pants and went through the gate and on to the playfield.
Mark whipped out his phone and called his mother to pick them up as they’d arranged earlier. “Did you have fun?” Kristy asked as they six of them piled into the SUV.
“Yep, we did,” Mark replied.
“Misha even took some pictures,” Matthew added.
“But, I think Patrick and Misha can go back to train spotting without us,” Neville said. “I do not see me doing it again.”
“At least they had the sense to bring a change of clothes,” Kristy sighed. “The rest of you seem to have gotten your uniforms quite dusty.” She paused and then went on. “Especially you, Mark.”
“Oh, Bobcat One got snagged,” Patrick sang out.
“I guess I’ll have to throw the uniform in the wash then,” Mark said. “Good thing I have a spare.”
“You boys have spares because I knew you wouldn’t survive without them. The rest of you boys can deal with your own mothers—except Patrick.” She quickly realized her error when the other boys gasped. “I meant because he had play clothes on, not because he doesn’t have a mother at home,” Kristy quickly explained.
She dropped Misha, Patrick, Ellis, and Neville off at their homes. When she and the twins arrived at their house she saw that Scott had gotten home early. “Your dad must have had time to catch the first train,” Kristy said.
Mark looked at Matthew, whose eyes got big. The first train was the one Matthew and Patrick had mooned.
It wasn’t until dinner that Scott brought up the subject of the boys’ afternoon. “Your mom says you boys went train watching after school. Is that correct?” he asked them with a sly grin.
“Yeah, we told you yesterday we were going to do that,” Matthew said, forgetting that he and Mark had intended on telling their father, but somehow never got around to it.
“Oh. Well, I don’t recall hearing anything about it. Where did you do your watching?”
“Somewhere Patrick and Misha knew about,” Mark said as he started to sweat some. Michelle and Megan watched their brothers closely. The girls knew them well enough to deduce that the boys were worried.
“Someplace safe, I hope.”
“Oh, yes,” Mark replied. “It was very safe. Patrick and Misha are huge when it comes to being safe around train tracks.”
“And Misha took pictures if you want to see them,” Matthew quickly added. As soon as he saw Mark’s glare he knew he’d screwed up. The only train pictures Misha took were of the train he and Patrick had mooned, which was the train their father had been on.
“I bet he took some very nice pictures. I just hope the extra light didn’t mess up his exposure.”
“Oh, there was no extra light,” Mark said. “There was only the sun.”
 “I think he means the light from the front of the train,” Matthew submitted.
“I was thinking more along the lines of some extra moonlight,” Scott smirked.
The deep red of the boys’ faces told him all that he needed to know. “I would strongly suggest you stay away from the tracks. I also believe that it is against the school rules to use the path down the hillside, so you might want to avoid that as well. And I’m sure the engineer and the passengers would probably prefer not to have to deal with the extra lunar glow at the side of the tracks.”
“Yes, sir,” the twins humbly uttered in unison.
“The two of you are restricted for the next three weeks just to make sure you remember.”
“But, dad, we already invited everybody to our party,” Mark protested.
“Which, I believe, is scheduled at the end of the last day of school.”
“Yes it is,” Matthew eagerly responded.
“I will make an exception for that.”
“Thank you,” Mark said while heaving a sigh of relief. Then he added with conviction, “We’ll never do that again.”
“Yeah, never,” Matthew added, pleased the Mark hadn’t said anything about how it was Patrick and not himself who gave the second moon shot. They did wonder how their dad missed the fact that the two mooning asses weren’t identical, then decided it was because the train had moved by too quick.
“What did they do so wrong this time?” Michelle asked. She’d lost the entire flow of the conversation, as had Megan and Kristy.
“There are some things you are better off not knowing. As for the other boys, I am going to assume they didn’t know what kind of nonsense the two of you planned to perpetrate and I won’t be talking to any of their parents. This entire affair is on you and is now closed.”
Later, when Scott told Kristy what Mark and Matthew had done, she just shook her head and said, “Why us?” Scott never did suspect that the two mooners were Matthew and Patrick and not Matthew and Mark. It had all happened too quickly for him to discern the difference in the rear ends.


<Thursday, June 6>

The next morning, Mark and Matthew told Patrick about their dad catching them mooning the train. “But don’t worry,” Mark told him. “Dad thinks it was me and Matthew and the rest of you guys don’t know anything about it. So it’s just us who got in trouble.”
“Yeah, but we’re used to being in trouble,” Matthew crowed.
“Thanks for not saying it was me,” Patrick said.
“No worries,” Mark reassured his friend. “Like Mattie said, we’re used to being in trouble, and that means being in trouble together.”
“Besides, we still get to have our last day of school party…”
“…and sleepover,” Matthew added.
After the twins told the other three boys about their father being on the train they mooned, the whole group spent the day giggling and laughing over it. Neville was the only one really nervous about it all, but it was a credit to how much he’d changed during the year that he was able to laugh with the rest of them.
The area middle-school chess tournament took place after school on Thursday. The competition was fierce, but the boys from the Puget Academy held their own. They were the winning school based on points, thanks in part to the high finishes of Misha and Cole. Misha was the youngest boy in the tournament, but still managed a fourth place finish. Cole played for the championship against Tanner, a seventh grader at Alki Day School.
“I’m going to miss playing you, Misha,” Cole said as the boys rode back to the Puget Academy.
“We could meet at the community center,” Misha suggested.
“Here’s my phone number and my email, so maybe we can get together on our own.”
Misha grinned. “Yes, that would be very fun.” He pulled out his phone and entered Cole’s information. He apologized to Cole for not giving out his own information, telling him that he needed his parents’ permission to do so. “I am very sure they will say yes,” he told Cole. “I will send it as soon as they say yes.”
The thirteen-year-old graduating eighth grader and the eleven-year-old soon to be sixth grader and had become good friends at school thanks to their mutual love of chess.

<Thursday, June 13>

The fifth grade party took up the entire afternoon. There were no girls because the girls at the Annie Fuller School had their own off-campus party. The fifth graders were the only grade at the Puget Academy required to have their end-of-the-year party on the campus. They all saw that as one more slight on the fifth graders, but Vic’s committee had done such a great job of getting food, games, music, colorful decorations, and other forms of fun, that it didn’t seem like a big deal once the party started. Because it was such a beautiful sunny day, the party was held outdoors on the athletic and play fields.
Almost every boy agreed that it was the best party of the year. Some of the boys in early puberty missed not having girls. Alden and some of his cohorts, who were former followers of Jeremiah, thought the party sucked simply because they weren’t the ones who planned it. Jeremiah spent the party sulking by himself. He had become an outcast. Even his former followers and Alden didn’t acknowledge him.
School would be out at 11:30 on Friday. The school year would be over. The Posse wondered if that was going to be the last day for the Posse as well. They were certain that next year they would be split up into different classes and there would be no need for them to be The Puget Posse. If that was going to be the case, they planned on making the party at the twins’ the best party ever.
“You know it’s going to be better that his one, because you can’t get naked at a school party,” Mark told them.
The Posse boys was ready for Friday and an afternoon and night of fun.
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