Picture Perfect

Chapter Six

We let them know why we wouldn't be in school on Monday when Will and Jason left about an hour after viewing the home gym, and they said they had thought as much when we were talking to Ken just before dinner and he was congratulating us. They too congratulated us and then asked if they might use our gym occasionally, and we told them that any time we were home was good for us, but if they wanted company to make sure they were there just after 9 PM when the boys would all be in bed.

The rest of our weekend was spent taking care of the house and enjoying the pool with the boys. We didn't say anything to any of the boys about the adoption hearing until after breakfast Monday. Since it was a weekday it was cereal and toast on offer and when the boys all went up to change for school we told Sean and Darin to dress nice and then since I was already in my suit I took Bill and Bob to school and returned for the other three. I had to tell Billy and Bob what was going on and they both wished us luck and I told them we'd probably see them after school and we'd all go out to dinner to celebrate.

I made it back the short distance even before the others were back downstairs. The two boys asked where Bob and Bill were, and I told them then that I had already dropped them off at school, but today was an important day for Sean and Darin, today we were going to get them adopted into our family, forever.

We made it through security, Sean had more questions for them than they had for us! We made it to the hearing room early and sat on a bench outside the room and explained to the boys what to expect and just as we told them the judge might ask to speak with them privately Becca came out of another doorway on the hall and came over to us all smiles and whispered to Jeff and me that all was going to be alright.

The judge did ask the boys to go with her to her office for a chat and they went with her and Becca filled us in. She told us the judge had gotten a file from DCFS that morning by fax concerning our adoptions of Sean and Darin and that was why no one from the agency was here this morning. The report from the agency gave their whole-hearted support of the adoptions, they would not contest it, in fact, their report said the boys could be irreparably harmed if we were not allowed to make them a permanent part of our family. She told us the report was signed by Helen herself. Eventually, the boys and their judge returned with the judge giving each boy a hug before they came to sit with us at the table. The judge asked if Jeff and I agreed to the name change, to Porter-Morris and we agreed, since that was what Bob and Bill had opted for also. She told her assistant to make sure that was done and then she proclaimed the adoptions granted and the boys rushed her and again hugs were exchanged before they rushed to us and took turns hugging the both if us. They were so happy that they had us tearing up right along with them.

We only had to wait about 15 minutes for the new birth certificates and the all-important final copies of the adoption decrees. We knew that copies of these would be needed at the school and we wanted Becca to have copies at her office, just as she had for Billy and Bobby's decrees and all of our other important papers, so we let her take them to a small office in the building and she ran off what she needed for our file in her office and returned the originals to us. We all thanked her for her assistance and then we headed out for home.

The boys were beyond happy and they stuck to Jeff and me the rest of the morning, but when it came time for lunch they became a bit more subdued and I asked what was going on and Darin told us that it was neat and everything, but it would be even better if they could tell all their friends at school about getting adopted. Jeff and I looked at each other and we decided that we would have a cafeteria lunch for the boy's adoption celebration, so we all bundled up again and we went to the elementary school first and presented Sean's copies of his new birth certificate and his adoption decree and informed the staff there that he would be returning to his class after lunch period.

We then all went to the middle school and presented copies of Darin's new paperwork to that office, explaining that he also would be returning to class after the lunch period, but the new dads were not(since the subs covering for us were going to be paid for the whole day). We four went to the cafeteria where we proceeded through the line and we paid for our lunches and then took over an empty table, waiting for Bill to arrive with Bob and of course they all celebrated our successful morning and our happiness spread to the others in the room and we had a bunch of students and teachers coming to our table to congratulate us all.

The boys stayed in school for their afternoon classes which we heard were filled with their take on how their adoption went and Jeff and I went home to celebrate a child-free afternoon in first the gym and then our bedroom.

We had a great dinner out at our favorite Italian restaurant where they presented a good-sized cake after our meal, that had "Welcome to the Family Sean and Darin". Jeff and I both took pictures of the boys with the cake before we cut into it and what we didn't eat there was boxed up for us to take home.

The boys were both proud of their new names and had been practicing them with Bob and Bill and proudly showed us their practice papers where they had written out their new full names. We had a sitting with Todd, and Carl was his assistant for our sitting, and a week later we had photo proof of our new enlarged family. We removed the older family portrait from the mantle of the family room and replaced it with one of the new ones. We did the same with the smaller one in the living room and the one in the front hall, right opposite the front door.

The boys all were really wonderful and pitched in as much as they could around the house. There were still those dreaded Saturday mornings and afternoons where we all had to pitch in and do a thorough cleaning of the house, but there just didn't seem to be a practical way around this until we heard from Mr. Carstairs that a young man, Tyler, from our town, was looking for work to help pay for his college expenses. He had been accepted at a college in Springfield and wanted to become a sports coach or trainer. He had applied, been accepted, but didn't get any of the scholarships he had applied for. Unfortunately, his parents had a horrible financial history and had actually abandoned him as soon as he had turned 17. They had taken off for parts unknown leaving Tyler alone and their creditors a mountain of debt, and since he was working for Mr. Carstairs part-time for the Summer and the Fall harvesting, he had taken Tyler in and given him a roof over his head. He didn't have the funds to help him with anything else though and now Tyler was looking for a job that could help him earn enough to get enrolled in the Spring semester which would start in January.

We had seen Tyler out working in the fields and even when he was visiting Carl. He had come with Carl and Todd a few times to our house for cookouts and was very good with the boys and very polite to Jeff and me. We discussed this situation and decided to get Todd and Carl's take on it so we asked them what they knew of Tyler's situation. They told us it was sad; the guy wasn't a great brain plus his parents' credit history was the major cause of his not receiving any scholarships. He had a good goal for his future studies, as he had been quite sports oriented all through high school, just not the kind of guy that was the star of any team he played on. They said they had hoped to be able to hire him as a photographer's assistant, but the new hires they had all brought the assistant they wanted with them.

I asked if he was a clean person and they told me he was, in fact, he was fastidious and that he often cooked to occupy his time, as he wasn't a real party boy or anything, like his last boyfriend, who had dumped him when he found someone who would take him out and spend money on him. We told them what we were thinking, about having someone to help do the cooking and cleaning around the house. Someone who would take care of the laundry and the grocery shopping and cleaning the pool. If that person could drive, they could help with shuttling the boys to activities and picking them up from the after-school sessions at the riding center and swim center. They thought Tyler would jump at the chance to work for us and Carl offered to call him right then and there to set up a meeting between us.

He did, and we met with Tyler that night, the whole family did. He was a strapping young man and the boys all liked him. When it was time to discuss his pay, we asked the boys to give us a little while to discuss things privately with Tyler, so they went to the upstairs to finish their game. We took Tyler to the bedroom and bath off the hallway behind the kitchen and we told him he could live there for free as long as he worked for us. He asked if he'd be able to use the pool and we assured him that if he worked for us we would treat him like one of our own boys, and the pool and the gym in the basement were his to use. He had a big grin on his face as he told us he would love to work for us, when could he start?

Since it was Saturday, late in the afternoon, we told him that if he wanted to move in Sunday he could and then start working Monday morning. He was so excited, it was like watching a puppy waiting for a treat. We then told him that we would cover his first semester of college expenses for him. He hugged us both, almost sobbing as he did. After he had left, to begin packing his meager possessions, Jeff asked if I thought he'd fit in well and then assured me he wasn't having second thoughts, he just wanted me to be comfortable having a younger" brother" around. I told him it might be a bit awkward at times, but I thought we were doing the right thing for us as a family and for Tyler, to help him get started in college.

Tyler fit right in. He even sat with the family on Sunday afternoon after getting settled in, and took note about our food likes and dislikes. He then noted down where all the hampers were, so he didn't forget one when he was doing the laundry. He was making his lists and he was going to check them, so he didn't forget anything important. He went swimming with us that afternoon and he handled himself very well in the pool and he was another mountain for the boys to climb on and be thrown off.

That night he shyly came to Jeff and me after the boys were all upstairs in bed and asked if we were going to work out in the gym tonight and we assured him that most nights after the boys were tucked in we did, and I asked if he would like to join us and he said he didn't know much about it all, but he would like to try, with us. Jeff told me that he was pretty sure Tyler had been talking about both male on male sex and working out. We worked out for about a half hour, showing Tyler the correct way to use some of the equipment and answering his questions, but Jeff and I were really getting turned on by the way his lanky body moved and the fact that he had on his old high school gym clothes. There were worn places and the tank top must have been many years old and was showing off Tyler's tight but really built chest off perfectly. He was practically drooling as I spotted for Jeff as he did his workout with the barbell on the weight bench and I squatted down with my crotch right in his face. One thing led to another and Jeff soon had my full jock pouch out of my shorts leg and was munching on it. I turned to see Tyler's reaction and he was now sporting a huge erection in his old gym shorts and his eyes were just about bulging out of their sockets. I quietly told him that it sometimes got even raunchier in here and if it made him uncomfortable we would stop, but he was welcome to stick around and watch, or join in if he felt like it. By now Jeff had one of my balls out of the pouch and was working it in and out of his mouth with a bit of suction. Tyler was standing there watching, his right hand openly caressing his cock through the material of his shorts as his left hand was kneading his pecs

He just nodded his head, I think unable to form coherent words. I peeled off my own tank top and stepped back from the bench long enough to drop not only my shorts, but the now damp jock on the floor. Jeff had slid his garments off and his now rampant cock was laying on his stomach, waiting for my mouth. I raised the barbell up to the highest level and crouched down under it and fed my dick into Jeff's waiting mouth as I took his in mine. I sensed movement to my right and saw Tyler enter my field of vision and he had pushed his top over his head, exposing his chest and he had pulled out his cock and balls and they were exposed now over the elastic top of his shorts, his right hand furiously pumping the rampant rod, it's leaking head supplying Tyler with all the lube he needed for his jacking.

Jeff was playing with my balls as he sucked me down his throat and I was furiously gobbling his big meat down and toying with his asshole as I did. I felt Tyler's hand on the small of my back and his little finger of that hand was in the cleft of my ass as I shot repeatedly down Jeff's throat. I heard Tyler and Jeff start grunting and soon I was rewarded with Jeff's load in my mouth and Tyler's load spraying both Jeff and me down. After we all caught our breath we stumbled into the big shower down the hall and we encouraged Tyler to let us wash him as he tentatively washed us. We all exchanged kisses under the water and Tyler asked if it was always like that and we told him no, sometimes we exchanged some anal action and sometimes we invited others to join in, but basically, we were exhibitionists and we liked to be watched. We didn't invite anyone into our bed and our lovemaking was for ourselves, but there was always room for a little fun with a select few others.

Somehow Jeff and I became exclusive to only Tyler and as the next 4 years passed we became his emotional support as he met others and dated in college, but nothing ever worked out for him in the relationship department, so at least three or four times a week he was with us down in the gym. Todd and Carl still showed up about three evenings a week and about once a month the two couples had a viewing gallery of one, Tyler. During his senior year we got him signed up as an assistant coach intern, or volunteer, at the high school where he worked with the various teams as part of his class requirements, and two weeks before his graduation he had a contract with our school district for the following school year as the new assistant coach at the high school.

Our two oldest, Darrin and Bill were high school seniors two years before Tyler graduated from college and they had both been accepted to Amherst College where they, too decided on Education majors and both went on to get their masters. After spending three years as lecturers in American History and two published books together they both received tenure. They were a committed couple and had been since high school and we paid for and threw them a wedding for the final graduation present.

Bob and Sean are in high school now and say they aren't ready to declare their sexuality yet, but they are young, and I've seen them sneaking into each other's bedroom at night, and I have the pictures to prove it.


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