Ayden's Eyes: Book Two

Chapter 69

Chapter 69

 Two big cakes were bought out, one for Rita and one for Cyn and Abs, we all sang happy birthday again and I took her for a spin around the dance floor. She was presented with a present from the king and queen. Arras placed the big diamond pendant around her neck then whispered something in her ear. She slapped him on his very fine ass. One can only guess what was said.

For Abs and Cyn they had bought them an electric kettle. Abs couldn’t stop laughing at Cynthia’s face she was in shock when she opened it. Aisha kissed her and presented her with a pair of drop dead gorgeous emerald and diamond earrings. They talked back and forth about the wedding dress, it wasn’t Aisha’s she had it created especially from her dressmaker for Cynthia, and she looked like a fairy princess in it too. Rita's dress was a big hit I could see the queen taking it all in already, Cody's going to be busy me thinks.

 I danced with my son then I danced with my man, it was everybody on the dance floor before dinner. Susan and Patrick danced close and kissed a lot they were spectacular too. I had a few dances with Susan and she was glad to get the invite it's been awhile since she and Pat partied. Abs told me later he didn’t want a traditional Bedouin wedding, he was in Australia now, and he also was sick and tired of religion. It was the best wedding I have ever been to. Birdy was running back and forth to Jay and Hulk then us, the ladies made sure he danced with them all as he was passing through. He really didn’t know where he fit in he was so excited. I grabbed him and sat him on my knee.

"Now you did a beautiful job tonight, where do you want to sit for your dinner baby?"

"Jay and Ayden and Hulk and you poppa Den and mommy Aisha, I cant decision."

"Okay how about you forget Ayden and me and mummy Aisha and go sit with daddy Jay, he looks like he could use some company. You might even ask him to dance with you" He looked around but was still undecided until Hulk came by and threw him over his shoulder then dumped him between him and Jay. Birdy’s face was happy again, no more tough decides.

I saw Donk and Kate dance by, she looked awesome and so did he, I also noticed he was a good dancer.

 Mike danced with his gran then his mum, he rolled his eyes when they passed by, then it was Jacks turn to have a go. Horse sided up to me and asked me to dance, what an opportunity my face lit up, Evan wasn’t amused as Horse dipped me then looked into my eyes. He stared at us both but Tony had it all in hand when he tapped me on the shoulder and whisked Horse around the floor. I looked at Evan he was laughing his head off.

 Ayden was still chasing the butterflies when I sent Evan to get him, guests were lining up at the smorgasbord table to get some food, there was a good selection. I walked over and grabbed something for bub to chew on but Rita slapped my hand and said she had it done. I put the chicken legs back I hope no one noticed.

 Lasagne is fine for him, he even had it spotted on his nice crisp white shirt. I will dampen a cloth and wipe it soon, oh no I wont, Rita will do it. She's already got the wet ones out to do his face and shirt. He sat on his knees and played with her sparkly dress for a long time while she cleaned him up. Arras asked her to dance and the boys, she didn’t sit down for the most of the evening, they all took turns of dancing with Mel Susan Aisha Rita and Kate. Evan towed me around the floor to another slow dance, he dipped me and looked into my eyes, I felt loved. Ali and Spud caught up with us and we congratulated them again on a job well done.

 Towards the end of the night, after Abs and Cyn had said their goodnights a helicopter suddenly appeared out of nowhere and hovered overhead, a harness was dropped into the yard. Abs took Cynthia in his powerful arms then put his foot in a knot and they were hauled up into the sky, she was screaming her head off. Abs was shouting goodnight laughing in between Cyns protests. They would be dropped in Cyn's back yard seven hundred meters down the road. Tony was rolling around laughing his ass off. He had a good night. I knew this because he was all over Horse, it was embarrassing to watch, so I tried it with Evan.

 "Stop it Den, people are watching."

"They can't join in big boy, because tonight’s our night." I grinned he groaned then suggested we take Ayden home to bed. He was looking a little tired, his butterflies were still hanging around him and after we said our goodnights to everyone which took ages they followed us up to our shack. It looks like they want to sleep in his room tonight. He was fast asleep when we gently took his little suit off and put him to bed, the hundred or so Butterflies congregated on the kings painting, I think they are getting instructions. Then I saw them disappear.

 "Did you see that bubs?"

"What Den?"

"The butterflies that followed us home just disappeared into the painting."

"What butterflies Den?"

"Millions of them they flew out of the swans back you saw them."

"I didn’t see any butterflies Den, are you drunk?" I looked back at the painting then I heard giggles.

"You little buggers."

"What Den?"

"Nothing bub, lets go to bed." I shook my head.

 Evan was all over me, he whispered that I was the best dressed guy there tonight and he lapped at my suit pants forever. When he took them down he ran his tongue all over my legs and crotch, I was trying to do the same to him. An hour later Evan decided we had made love to every part of our bodies and he wanted to sleep. The noise next door had stopped and we heard Rita and the boys come home.

I looked in on Ayden, he was smiling his butterflies were back and resting on his bed cover. I threw my arms in the air and said. "I give up."

I got back into bed and asked Evan to pass the lube, I wasn’t quite fulfilled yet.

 It had been a big night and I think everyone had just about slept in. I felt around for my man and found a little boy next to me so I cuddled up to him instead. I hadn’t heard Evan leave but I know why, the crashing waves were telling me that the surfs up today.

I gently got out of bed and went to the porch, Alex was around and bought coffee down to me.

"Is Rita still asleep?"

"Yes Den, she had a big night, what a great party it was. I think   she will be on a high this morning." I felt Ayden lean on my leg and when I looked down I said.

"Ten minutes more bubs."


"Still asleep."

 He waddled down to the cafe and disappeared.

Alex laughed.

"He wont disturb her, he will just slip in beside her and go back to sleep."

"Yeah I figured that, he didn’t stop running around last night, it was as if he was chasing something" he giggled then went to make toast for us.

"Is Blue surfing?"

"Yes Horse and Evan woke him early the waves are huge today there's a gale blowing down on the beach."

"It's a shame Riley and the kids weren’t there last night."

"Yeah, but mum insisted he take them into town, he does work a lot of shifts so its good for the kids when he has the whole weekend off." Some people came by for an early breakfast so he had to leave taking his coffee with him. The foreshore had at least ten campers on it at any one time so it's not unusual to get some early starters. I suppose they didn't get much sleep last night, although they party did end early, we didn’t want to disturb the campers too much.

 I started looking through my photos and an image appeared so I began drawing it. I know these faces off by heart. My boys all in their Tux's butterfly’s fairies and Ayden. I put him in his signature red shorts with a white shirt and bow tie around his neck.

Ayesha was walking up to us looking like she just left a day spa. Her dress swayed in the breeze and her hair flew out behind her.

"It's a bit windy today Den, but nice up here." She smiled as she twisted her long hair up and tied it with a clip.

I signalled Alex who had been joined by Tush for more coffee.

"You looked absolutely stunning last night honey."

"Not as good as Rita and who was that red headed lady, I was introduced to her but didn’t quite know where she fit in."

"That's Donks wife Kate, they have been apart for a while, she used to own Susan and Patricks tea rooms."

"Oh, I had heard, but hadn’t met her she's a gorgeous looking woman."

"Well she would make a great friend for you, she's opening a chemist shop next to Jacks. Did you get all that business out of the way in Indonesia?"

"Yes finally, it's a pain in the butt but Arras had to do it, he won't disturb the bay again. Do you know if Spud and Ali are moving back to the house?"

"I don't know, Spud missed Rita and he seems to be happier living here with her."

"Okay I will talk to Ali when I get time, I noticed last time his paintings were still in the house."

"He's stopped getting up in the middle of the night to stare at them, he knows where they are, safe and sound on the walls. I think he's turned the corner, Spud had a lot to do with that."

"I know we have much to thank Spud for, but he doesn’t want for anything it's hard to know what to do for him."

 "Do nothing honey, he doesn’t expect anything anyway he loves Ali to bits that’s enough for him." I smiled as Tush bought more coffee down, he bowed to his queen then served her.

"You and Bubble did an amazing job last night everything was perfect." he blushed then swiped his hand away saying.

"It was our pleasure to serve everybody, did you have a good time?"

"We certainly did I think you wore Rita out she's still sleeping."

"I heard bubs giggling I think she's now awake." He smiled again and his bum worked overtime as he walked back to serve more customers, I think he's got the most cheerful ass in the bay this morning.

 I watched a small bus come up the street and turn into our car park, it was full of Japanese tourists doing a tour of the Lakes. As all twenty or so of them had found seats, I saw Bubble run towards the cafe and Spud and Ali made an appearance. I didn’t see Rita but was told she and Ayden were having fun opening her presents in her lounge room. The boys have got this, it's Rita's day to be pampered.

"Come on Den lets go see what she got." Aisha stood up twenty phone cameras went off as she walked elegantly into Rita's.

"They were taking photos of you Den, they know who you are that's why they are here, It's the fairy folk again" Alex smiled.

"Should I go put my tux on then?"

He laughed as he picked up some sort of noodle dish, I guess Tush and Bubble can make Japanese food too.

 Ayden was rolling around on the floor he had snaffled Rita's sequinned dress again and was having a good talk to it. She was sitting on the floor opening presents and making a list of what's what and given by whom. She smiled as she saw us and said.

"Good morning have you come to watch nanny get all excited?" She giggled.

 Ali bought more coffee and toast he bowed to Aisha, it was something he and the boys did automatically. He kissed her cheeks euro style then Rita. Spud called him and he dashed off to the kitchen to deliver another big dish of something.

"Seafood Den, I was expecting them for lunch but they have arrived early, they are very pleased we have their favourite food on the menu." Rita grinned.

"When did you find out about it?"

"The tour company rang last week I get fifty-five dollars a head, the boys have been brushing up on their Japanese cuisine all week." She opened another present.

She was still wearing Arras and Aisha's present around her neck. I held it for a moment, it was so beautiful and in the deco style to match her fabulous bracelet Evan and I had bought her for our first Christmas down here.

 "It's beautiful Aisha thank you but you shouldn’t have spent your money on it."

"It's our pleasure Spuds mum, we paid Cynthia's building account with Horses company too. That is a present from my side of the family, that pendant is from myself Arras and the princes, it was once owned by the princess Margaret." Rita gasped then touched her beautiful jewel.

 "Cynthia's earrings were stunning too." Rita said.

"They are gorgeous, so elegant and suited her to a tee." I said.

"They were part of the Elizabeth Taylor collection Rita. I was fortunate enough to be in the area of Christies when the auction was on. They were given to her by Richard Burton the emeralds are stunning" I nearly choked on my toast, then I handed it to Ayden to have a go at. He wasn’t interested he had Rita's sparkly dress over his head and was still talking to it.

 "Elizabeth Taylor my god, I know those earrings I saw the catalogue in the doctor's office one day." I spat out as I tried to clean my teeth with my tongue.

"I kept the Krupp diamond for myself." She giggled as she held her left hand out to show us.

"Almost thirty-four carat's Den." she wiggled her finger. Rita by now was salivating to try it on. Aisha passed it over and she had fun showing it off in various poses.

"Jesus don't tell Cynthia she might auction it off." I laughed.

"I will go by this morning and tell her, and give her all the paperwork, she wont auction it off but if she does good luck to her, we love her so much. Abs will see she wants for nothing Den, he's very wealthy you know."

"What?" I am in shock now.

"Yes Den, he owns his own oil field in Saudi all our father's children do, mine is the biggest of course." She smiled.

"Does Cyn know?"

"I don’t think so Rita because she offered to pay some of the wedding accounts, Arras just waved her hand away and said he had it covered. Then he invited her to join his imaginary harem." We laughed so loud Ali poked his head in the door to see if everything was all right.

 "It's okay son I just showed them the gift I received off your father for my birthday." she wiggled that diamond again.

"Oh did you show them the rest of them?"

"Shush son, one ring at a time." She smiled.

"Arras bought me several pieces for my birthday, some he wasn’t even aware he had paid for them." Her giggles got Ayden’s attention, and by now Rita's pile of gifts were forgotten.

 My son had a sudden thought, he ran out to the deck and into his room. When he came back after posing for more photos he had his tired tattered fairy dress on. Rita took it off him and found a new one, it matched her sparkly dress.

We cleared up leaving unopened presents for later, Aisha also told us Cynthia was now a bona fide princess, in her land.

"My god don’t tell Tony he thinks he's the only princess in the bay." We laughed as we walked down to the table again. My son followed and more photos were taken. I opened the shop then and the diners converged on it. Aisha said she was going to Cynthia’s place, so I stood behind the counter. Ayden had caused a crowd to surround him so I picked him up and placed him on the counter stool where many more photos were taken, if I didn’t know better my son looked like he was posing.

 They bought up big, my fingers struggled to keep up with the sales, and of course they took more bloody photos, I had a wad of cash in my pocket for Evan and a smile on my face, because my other son was on board.

I hugged him and we waved as the tourist bus drive away, Ayden was waving at his fans too the fairy dress had been discarded for one of Evans new surf t-shirts. I tried to get it off him but he wanted that one, so I clipped the tag off and will ring it up later. It didn’t fit him at all, but it did look so cute.

 I ordered more toast for Birdy and a drink he sat on my knee and received his morning hugs, we talked about how handsome he looked last night. He said he didn't go to sleep until late because he was excited about the party. I told him he looked beautiful and he's to try and get forty winks in today sometime. He shook his head yes. Donk came looking for the boys, but he could hear their yells from the beach so after telling me they had a great time he left to go surfing. He did say Kate was walking on air this morning.

 Trucks turned up and carted stuff away and a huge bunch of lilies were placed on a spare table at the cafe, they suited the place and looked good there. Ayden wanted to talk to them too.

Birdy spotted a couple of school mates riding their bikes up the road. He jumped up to greet them and then took Ayden's hand to take them all into the games parlour, he looked back at me. I said for him to go have some fun with his mates, I'll see him later. He smiled then ran off with them.

 I took out my pad again and finished the drawing, then I missed Evan. I told Rita where to find me and she handed me the food basket. I could smell seafood all the way down to the beach. she had put meals into take away containers for the boys today. When I sat by the tree they all converged on me. I got a good deep kiss from Evan and told him about the tourist bus, and I owed him for a t-shirt Ayden took.

"Do you think he likes women’s clothes Den, he's awfully taken with Rita's dress."

"No baby, he likes the sparkles, they remind him of his fairy folk and the tulle too, they wear that type of stuff a lot. He's just being a kid finding new things to occupy his day."

"Where is he now?"

"In the games parlour with Birdie and his friends."

"Good he can get in some more practice." He knew his son so well. The surfing machine was the only one he liked using. They all talked about last night and what a great time they had. Nut's said he fell asleep in his car. I reminded him he should have taken one of the rooms. He blushed because he knows better than to do what he did, he might wake up with a crook back or something.

 They ate their seafood noodles and drank their drinks then started moving back to the water, Evan stayed behind and I was telling him about Arras and Aisha’s presents, then I told him about Abs and princess Cynthia. He said my father was right when he told me the bay was a mirror image of his world, everyone was far better off now days, in our bay.

 I told him he was better off too, the tourists dropped three grand in his shop this morning. He smiled then kissed me. I wanted him to stay with me by our tree, but he wanted to surf. I rubbed his goods he groaned then left. There’s something about a rubber type suit that gets him going because he was bulging when he turned to wave at me.

 I packed up and walked back to the shack, I emptied the rubbish into the bin and took the basket back to Rita's. On my way I had another idea for a painting but again put it aside, it was another one of Evan.

 A kiss on the head later on got him a good deep throated one from me, then he swaggered up to order lunch before the guys come up.

"Do you want a pie Den?"

"Yes please bub, a chunky beef if I can."

 I was retouching the drawing I had started this morning, the folk had bottles of champagne, and were partying of course. I didn’t know wether I could visit their world, but knowing what I know about mum I don’t suppose humans are allowed. I was thinking about the butterflies I suppose they were at the party to make everybody feel happy, its a shame only Ayden and I could see them.

 Evan placed the plates on the table with the packets of tomato sauce, I handed him a chunk of money he grinned.

"The stock will be here next week Den."

"Oh good, I can get Jack onto it then."

"I have decided to put the container over behind the garage so I have to get that area cleared for it." He took a great big bite of the pie. I wanted so much to take a bite of him.

"Is there much stock coming bub?"

"I over ordered I think Den, there’s no way of knowing how popular its going to be but the initial interest is great. I have to do Cody's order first then sort out the rest." He was absolutely in tune with what he's going to do.

 "What are you going to charge him bub?"

"Wholesale plus delivery at first then we can go from there. They don't cost that much. I think a t-shirt is only six dollars. I will sell it for ninety." Again I almost choked on my meat pie.

"That much?"

"Yes Den, I had a good talk to Cody when we were there he gave me some benchmark prices to work off."

Well he knows what he's doing I suppose that's a good price for a t-shirt.

We munched away at the delicious pies then he stacked our plates and took my hand.

"Just walk with me into the house Den for a moment."

"Why?" I didn’t get an answer because as soon as we hit the bedroom his shorts were down around his ankles.

"You have no idea how much you turned me on last night Den."

"Oh I think I do bubs, or should I say I think I can see how much." His rod was hard and poking into my tummy as I lapped down his mighty fine chest to reach it.

 "Dad, ise home." Ayden sang out as he ran through the lounge room. thankfully we had finished satisfying our apatite’s. 

"In here bub." I sang out as Evan threw the now sticky towel into the wash basket.

"Did you have a good time?" I asked as he jumped up on the bed.

"Yeth Dah, it good." He jumped up and down.

"Want some lunch now?"

"A burga dads." Oh the burgers back again.

"Okay let's see what nanny’s got for you today."

 He jumped down then raced towards the porch. I grabbed Evan and gave him a deep smacker and said a thank you, then he followed me out.

I heard him giving Alex his lunch order, he was pretending to write it down.

"Yes bub, with lettuce and tomato and a dash of barbeque sauce, how would you like your bun, toasted or natural?"

"Toasted pease uncle Alex, where Blue?" His eyes darted from side to side.

"Blues having the day off bubby, he's not feeling too good."

"Oh he gets the flu."

"Oh did he?"

 Bubs wasn’t interested in Blue after that, but Alex went and looked in the medicine cupboard, he looked at Rita as he passed by she shrugged and said.

"Doctor bubby has spoken; flu tablets it is." She laughed.

  I will tap on Blues window later to see if he's okay. I don’t want to get too near him because I don’t want to pass the flu around. Rita had words with the boy then started on his small burger. She winked at me then played with her pendant. Its really not the sort of thing to wear in a kitchen but she was loving it so much.

He came to sit with us as Evan opened his shop. He had some fishermen today they had already bought the bait from Rita and wanted rods. He talked to them at length about the best fishing spots and I wondered when he's finished, I could get another short session in with him.

 Birdy and his two mates had sat at a cafe table and ordered shakes, he was talking away like he had known them all his short life, occasionally he giggled.  They were mates because one of them was slapping Birdy on the back just like a best mate would do.

The two blokes in the shop dropped more money into Evans pocket and then he came and sat with us. Bubs hamburger came down and he began trying to eat it, it was big and he couldn’t put it in his gob, so I offered to cut it up for him. He found that sour face again then he went for broke and shoved it in his mouth, the filling falling onto his plate, I suppose he will eat that later.

 The eyes were drooping, must have been the carbs again, and he slowly moved over to his bean bag where he fell asleep. I cleaned up his mess and put it in the trash bin. Evan checked his emails, there was one from his agent in Melbourne saying the container was expected in a week’s time. He shot one back and closed it up.

"Want to fool around for awhile bub?"

"No Den, I have a shop to run." He grinned because he knew what was on my mind as usual, it's always on my mind when he's around.

 Arras and Aisha walked back from Cyn and Abs place hand in hand. They ordered some salads for lunch and sat with us.

Birdy spied them and ducked his head. I knew he didn't want his mates to know his mum and dad were royalty. He was doing a little kids idea of hiding from them.

"Yes I can see him, and I understand Den. I'm so happy for him I could burst. Tony was saying he's settled down on his carvings and only turning out one every now and then which is good to hear."

"How did Cynthia take the news about being a princess?"

"Abs was going to tell her when we left, I thought I heard her screaming as we were walking up the road. I hope Tony's going to be okay about it." She smiled.

"Me too but if I know him he will have her making the coffees anyway, just to get to her."

"If she ever comes to my families compound she will be treated like a real princess, not a half one." She looked at Arras.

"Okay I got the point, I've always got the point. I will abdicate then we wont have this conversation again. We can move into Ali's house now it looks like it's going to be empty. I can surf and hang with the men and you can clean and cook."

"That I would gladly do my love, I can clean it's not hard, you should try it sometime it's fun."

"I know you can do those thing's, I'm joking of course but the pull of the bay is so strong for me."

"Then come here and live." Evan said.

"It's hard to just walk away." Arras replied.

"Whose looking after the family billions while your here?"

"My eldest again, the crown prince."

"Ring him and tell him you’re not coming home again, and could he possibly polish the state crown and pop it on his head."

"Yes in your world its an easy task to do, but not in mine."

"I think you are making it hard for yourself Arras, nothings that hard to do."

"My wife will miss her wardrobe."

"Your wife will adapt like we all have to do."

"What about her jewellery collection we can't leave that behind?" Aisha grinned. I think she was dying to laugh.

"Ship it over."

"My cars?"

"Buy new ones, but here all you need is an old bomb, the sea air rusts everything out." I don't know if Evan simplified it for them but he certainly made an impression.

"Oh and while we are on the subject, no more building in the bay and no loud parties, be content living in Ali's house."

 I understood once again, but Arras also has loads of paintings on his walls, maybe he will open a museum down here to show them all off. Maybe not, I don’t think we could cope with the crowds.

 "My father and mother have instructed us to stay at Rita's for the time being." Ali was telling Evan the next day.

"Have they made a decision Ali?"

"I made it for them, I told them to stop dicking around and to just do it." He grinned at Spud.

"It's a big thing to do Ali, they have acquired a lot of personal items over the years."

"I told Arras to loan his paintings to an art museum like the Louvre so they will be seen by the public. Aisha will certainly bring her jewellery here and Ali's brothers will love their new cars. As for the queen’s wardrobe she should pack it all up and ship it here. Rita and the girls will have fun playing dress ups with them." Spud had it all worked out, and Ali was staring at him lustfully.

 "It's time my long legged ship of the desert." Ali sighed.

"Time for what my demanding prince of the night?"

"You know." Ali grinned.

Spud looked at his watch then took Ali's hand and they ran off, assuming to their bedroom. It must be that time of the day again as I looked at my man, he was plumped up and ready to fire again, so I did the same with him, hang the shop.