The Ed Waller Stories: Book One - Algeria Here I Come

Chapter Forty: Don't Leave the Ship

Everyone was at breakfast the next morning except Mr. Yates. Allie noticed and looked at Khalid, "Uncle Khalid, where is Mr. Yates?  Is something happening that we don't know about?"

Khalid shrugged his shoulders but he didn't have a chance to say anything because the public address system was activated.  "This is Captain Brower.  We have docked in Hamilton, Bermuda and as soon as customs officials have given us the clearance, passengers will be able to disembark on deck three.  The Waller/Safi party is to remain onboard until further notice."

Kim asked, "What's happening?  Does that mean all of us?"

Officer Del Rio was standing there listening, "Yes, that means all of you.  It's nothing to be alarmed about.  Please wait until such time as you are called to the debarkation point."

"In the meantime, I suggest that you get your swimming clothes and beach apparel and be ready to rumble.  It shouldn't be too long before the authorities have had time to check Allie out."

Allie frowned, "Why are the authorities checking me out?  What have I done?"

Officer Del Rio put up his hands, "Don't ask me.  I was told to mind my own business.  Captain Brower is handling the matter personally."

Brahim looked at me and he looked as confused as I was.  I started to ask something but Officer Del Rio just walked away before I could ask.

Allie looked at Scott and Angela Summers, "Do you two know what's happening?"

Scott nodded, "Yes, but we can't tell you anything about it at this time."

It dawned on me what might be happening.  I hadn't mentioned to anyone about Yates family joining us in Bermuda.  That would explain why Cal wasn't with us.

I stood, "Let's go get our things so we can be ready to disembark as soon as we are cleared to do so.  Why don't we meet in the central atrium waiting area just outside the dining room?"

Our entire party was congregated and visiting, except for Mr. Yates. We had been waiting for approximately ten minutes when the public address system came on, "Will the Safi/Waller party please proceed to the debarkation point?"

The exodus of the masses had taken place earlier, so we were just about the only people in the debarkation area except for the security people.  For some reason, the security person who was giving the guys their slingshots was talking to them so that everyone else was waiting on the dock when the five young guys came down the gangplank. 

Two young guys grabbed Allie as he stepped off the gangplank.  One of them muttered, "Alexander Graham Bell Safi Waller we're going to beat you up."

Allie was struggling, "Why are you going to beat me up when I don't even know you?"

The second guy answered, "Because our Dad says we should act like you, instead of only thinking of ourselves."

Allie started to laugh, "Mr. and Mr. Yates, if you will put me down, we can discuss this matter.  So which of you is Romulus and who is Remus?"

One of the boys laughed, "That's close Mr. Waller, but no cigar for you.  I'm Ricardo and he's Roberto.  You can call us Ricky and Robby for short, since you probably can't remember our real names.  Let's get on the bus so we can go swimming."

After everyone was situated on the bus, Cal took the microphone, "Sorry, for the charade this morning, but I wanted to have my wife and sons be able to accompany us today.  You have already met my two terrible ten year old sons Ricky and Robby.  I'd like to introduce my lovely wife, Yvonne.  Von, please stand so people can see you."

Grandpa Darryl looked at the lady, "Mrs. Yates, you look very familiar.  Have you ever made any movies?"

She shook her head no, "That's close.  I was a news anchor on one of the major television networks at one time before I got married and had children.  Now I devote my time to being a mom and a housewife."

Mr. Yates announced, "Our driver for the next two days will be Albert.  Arrangements have been made for us to use the private beaches at two hotels while we are here for the two days.  We'll finish the introductions after we get under way."

When we arrived at an upscale hotel, I thought to myself, 'How did they arrange for us to use this hotel's beach?'

A person from the hotel boarded the bus, "It's good to see you again, Mr. Khalid and Mr. Amir.  I heard that you would be arriving today with the Safi/Waller party.  I have some passes here for your party.  Albert, please take the people to entrance to the beach at the side of the hotel.  Mr. Khalid, would you like to order lunch or let everyone fend for themselves?"

"Charles, I think it would be best to let everyone take care of themselves.  Thanks for asking, though.  We had a big breakfast on the ship."

Albert dropped us at the gate and announced, "I'll meet you here at four this afternoon.  I'm sure you will be sufficiently fried by then."

When we were greeted at the gate by the attendant, he informed us, "There are some cabanas on the left where you can get suitably attired for beach activities.  I suggest, you keep your valuables in your sight at all times, to keep them safe."

All of us were confused by that comment, Allie asked, "Excuse me sir, what does that mean?  Does that mean someone is going to try to rob us?"

The young man was laughing, "I don't think anyone is going to rob you.  We've been advised that you are a lethal shot with the slingshot.  The nude beach that you requested is just the other side of that sand dune there.  I understand that you wanted to go to a nude beach."

Allie looked at us, "Does the entire world need to know everything about us?"

Ricky jumped into the conversation, "Come on, guys.  I've always wanted to see naked guys and women.  Let's get changed and go check it out."

The seven ten year olds ran toward the changing cabana.  They reappeared in their swim suits before the rest of us were settled.  They dropped their backpacks where we had arranged five beach umbrellas and chairs so we could visit.   Allie announced, "We'll be back as soon as we check out the scenery at the nude beach."

The seven young guys took off running toward where the nude beach was.  They were back almost before the adults had the opportunity to get suitably attired for the beach.  Allie announced, "That was boring, people were strutting around trying to draw attention to their bodies.  Come on, guys, let's test the water."

The seven young guys were playing in the water while the adults were visiting.  It was nearly an hour later when Allie came to me dripping wet, "Dad, we're getting hungry.  Can I have some money to get us something to eat at the snack bar?"

"Allie, I don't have any Bermuda money.  Let's go see if they will honor my debit card." 

They honored my debit card and the guys were sitting, eating their food when the others in our party arrived.

We were sitting on the patio eating when the seven guys took off again.  They stopped at a volleyball net with a volleyball that no one was using.  They started messing around and it wasn't long before they were joined by seven tall handsome young men.  Khalid and I went to see what they were discussing.

One of the young men was asking the guys, "Who gave you permission to use our equipment?"

Allie stood his ground, "Excuse me, sir.  There are no signs saying this is private property or equipment."

The leader handed Allie the ball, "This says it's our property."

Allie looked at the ball, "Dad, what does USOVBT stand for?  Are they people who are going to be entertaining the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan or what?"

One of the young men answered, "It stands for the United Stated Olympic Volleyball Team."

Allie put his hands on his hips, "So, what is that supposed to mean to me?  This is not the United States and I'm not a citizen of the United States."

An older gentlemen stepped forward, "Young man, we came here to participate in a tournament and are staying at this hotel.  We have a game time tonight and thought we would get in some practice this afternoon.  Why don't we work with the seven of you so we can practice our setting skills?  We are going to be playing the Brazilian team tonight at the Civic Arena."

A crowd assembled as the team and the seven guys were divided into teams after the Olympic Team explained the techniques of setting the ball and serving to the guys.

The two teams were evenly matched except that Allie turned out to be the wringer.  He refused to let a ball that was anywhere near him hit the ground.  He dug out more balls than the other thirteen guys.  Not only that, he had a serve that threw everyone off stride because he had a slice on his serve. 

When the match was over, the coach approached me, "You really need to get Allie into an organized volleyball league.  He would terrorize the competition."

It was almost four o'clock and I announced, "We need to be going if we're going to catch our ride to the ship or we're going to be walking."

Allie was the last to arrive at the departure point.  "Okay guys, we'll try to come to your game tonight.  I can't promise because our friends will probably be too tired.  Thanks for the lessons."

As we were finishing dinner, Allie asked, "Dad, can we please go watch the volleyball team play tonight?"

Khalid answered, "We'll take you if you're Dad is too tired.  How many people want to go watch the game?"

The seven young guys, Khalid, Amir, Brahim and I were the only people who wanted to go to the match.  We checked and we could walk to the arena.  When we arrived, the United States Team was also arriving.  The coach handed us tickets, "Here you go, guys, you may be our only supporters tonight.  The Brazilian team is a heavy favorite."

We had tremendous front row seats. It didn't take long before it became apparent that the Brazilian team was the better team.  The American team looked disorganized.  That changed when Allie got down on his knees and started to yell at the U. S. team.  They started to play like a team and eventually won a very tightly contested match.

The team came over to us and thanked us for coming.  The captain said, "This is the first time we have ever beaten this Brazilian team.  What are you guys doing tomorrow?"

The seven young guys looked at Khalid who answered, "We're scheduled to go snorkeling, water skiing and perhaps parasailing, if the weather is favorable." 

When we arrived back at the ship, the sofa bed had already been made and the desserts were waiting for the seven guys. 

When I woke up the next morning, I went to see who was sleeping where.  It was an interesting sight.  Tran, Roberto and Jim were asleep on the sofa bed and the other four guys were asleep on Allie's bed.  I was taking my shower when Allie came into the bathroom, "Dad, Ricky and Robby don't understand what's happening.  They don't understand how two men can love each other."

I had to think before I answered, "Allie that is something that their parents need to talk them about.  It is not our prerogative to talk about such things with them.  Let's just be the best friends for them that we can be."

Albert was waiting for us when we disembarked the ship.  He took us to a different area of the island.  Albert informed us, "I think you're going to like this resort, especially you young guys, because this is more of a family resort than the hotel you visited yesterday.  There are a lot more activities for you guys to participate in."

Albert was right.  There were a large number of young people, so the guys should certainly be able to find some friends if they chose to do so.  Khalid and Amir made arrangements for us to go out on a boat so we could snorkel. I was surprised when everybody including the elder Hobbs and Mrs. Dawkins even went snorkeling.  It was beautiful and there were all sorts of fish in the water. 

Allie was having a ball and was the last person to be ready to leave the area.  When he finally climbed into the boat he sat down beside Darryl, "Grandpa Darryl, I hope you're having a good time.  Have you ever snorkeled before?"

Darryl shook his head no, "We don't have too many places to snorkel in Illinois.  I never thought I would be able to say that I had gone snorkeling."

Allie asked, "Are you and Uncle Tom going to try to water-ski?"

Uncle Tom answered, "We'll leave the waterskiing up to you young people.  We're so old that we would probably break a leg or something."

When the boat docked at the pier, the young host announced, "We'll meet you back here at 1:30.  We'll have two motorboats ready to take you waterskiing.  There will be a nice shaded area where you can sit and enjoy the sights.  In the meantime, the hotel is expecting you for the lunch buffet on the veranda.  It has already been paid for.  Enjoy your lunch."

The food on the buffet offered selections to appease young and old.  Allie was sitting beside Mrs Dawkins and she was explaining something.  I heard Allie say, "Mrs. Dawkins, that's a super idea."

I thought to myself, 'What's a super idea.  I'll need to ask Allie about that later.'

After lunch, we walked back to the pier area where we were met by our host from the morning.  He directed us to a nice beach area where there were chairs and umbrellas.  He announced, "We have two motor boats, so we will be able to take two people at a time.  You need to wear life vests.  There will be two people in the boat.  One of us will be steering the boat and the other will be watching whoever is on skis.  Now, who wants to go first?"

Amir stood, "Come on roommate, let's show everyone how it's done."

Allie scowled, "Uncle Amir, I've never done it before."

Amir laughed, "Well, I haven't either."

Like everything that Allie does, he was like a pro on water-skis.  He looked so graceful.  Most of the older people chose not to participate.  But the seven young guys had a blast. 

When it came time to try parasailing, the escort asked, "Has anyone ever tried to do this before?"

Everyone indicated no and the young escort looked at Allie, "Allie, why don't you go first, since you seem to be so good at this kind of thing?"

Allie looked at me and I nodded yes.

The young man showed Allie what to do and gave him some instructions and before we knew what was happening, Allie was airborne.  We watched as he circled the area.  When he returned to the area, he yelled, "Wow that was awesome.  Everyone should try it.  Dad, you're next."

Allie was right, it was an exhilarating experience.  It was nearly four o'clock when everyone who wanted to go parasailing had done so.  I went to pay the young escort; he informed me, "Sir, we have already been very handsomely paid.  It was a pleasure to be able to be of assistance today."

When we were on the bus, headed to the ship, I turned to Khalid, "Who paid for the excursions yesterday and today?"

Khalid answered, "I'm guessing the cruise line did, because of the shows the guys have been doing."

When we arrived at the ship, Albert refused to take any money as well.  I stopped Allie as we were getting ready to board the ship, "You need to thank Alan, Captain Brower and Mr. Michaels for providing us two fun filled days.  I suggest that everyone go take a shower and I'll ask Albert and David to bring some snacks to keep you until dinnertime."

When Brahim and I got to the suite, the guys were taking showers.  I watched as they walked through the sitting area between bedrooms and some of them were looking a little red.  I thought to myself, 'I need to go to the ship boutiques and buy some lotion when they open tonight, after we sail.  I wonder if they sell condoms?'

Editor's Notes:

I must admit that I have been snorkeling, or at least I have had a snorkel on, That was way back in the 'olden days', when I was about 12 years old. With my memory being so off kilter, lately, I can't remember where I went snorkeling, but I am pretty sure it was a lot of fun.

I was very pleased to notice that no one was shot at and no one got hurt, unless you count the possibility or some of them getting sunburned.  It's a good thing that I spent most of my time under a nice big umbrella. Being albino, I don't get along too well in the sun for any prolonged length of time. I do have a couple of bottles of number 60 SPF sun screen, which does help keep me from looking like a boiled lobster. I used to be a pretty good swimmer too, when I was young.  I'm so out of practice now, that I can barely swim the length of the pool.  I have been meaning to buy whatever pass you need, to swim at the YMCA pool, here in town, but there always seems to be something else that comes up.  Of course I am ready for the next chapter.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher