A Weekend Away

A Weekend Away

I was amazed – I’d actually managed to qualify as an Eagle Scout at the grand old age of 14 years, 9 months and 3 days. Now I knew that didn’t make me the youngest ever as some kid had qualified a few years back when he was just over 12 which I found freaking amazing. I had to give up on a lot of things to achieve it at my age, but to do it a whole two plus years earlier – gee the kid couldn’t have had any life apart from scouting!

Still, now I’d made it perhaps I could relax a bit and get involved in some other activities at school. I was already in the track team and the swim team, but perhaps I could fit in the Debate club and maybe even the Chess club?

For now though something else was coming. Dad had told me, when the news came through, that he’d take me away for a weekend as a reward and so we could celebrate together. I’ve got a sister who is a couple of years younger than me, but this was intended to be a ‘boys' weekend’. He’d said I could choose anywhere I wanted; we could go down to Disneyworld or up to New York or even go and see the Grand Canyon. I think he was really surprised when after thinking about it I told him that I wanted to go and visit the Civil War Museum in Richmond – there’s actually two museums there as well as the Confederacy White House.

We’re studying the Civil War in our US History class this year and this semester we are looking at things from the Confederate side. I’m a bit of a history nerd so I’ve really got into this and I reckoned a weekend there would be great as there had to be so much to see.

And there was one other reason. Dad had just taken delivery of a brand new car – a BMW M4 convertible in a great shade of blue. It would be simply awesome to go with him on his first real trip in the car. As we live in Baltimore it would take about three hours on I-95 which meant we could leave early on the Saturday morning and have most of Saturday and Sunday in Richmond before coming home. It would also give Dad a chance to test the car out a bit.

That Saturday morning the weather was great so we did the trip with the top down and the wind blowing through our hair – mine’s brown and fairly long by the way. Dad was really enjoying himself with his new toy - although I knew he wasn’t quite as sold on seeing the museum as I was – he’d definitely have preferred a trip to Disneyworld, big kid that he is!

I’d decided to wear this pair of shorts that I really love even if Dad thinks they’re over the top. They’re white with red and blue stripes of varying thickness and some of them are vertical, some horizontal and some diagonal. When I just describe them like that I know it sounds awful, but they look really great on. I’d teamed that with a sleeved t-shirt that had a pattern of white and pale grey diamonds about two inches in size and black edging on the sleeves and bottom. On my feet I was wearing a pair of blue and red vans that sorta matched the shorts, with white ankle socks. Yeah, I thought I looked pretty good and while Dad was dressed more conventionally he didn’t look bad and I was quite happy to be seen out and about with him.

We made good time getting down to Richmond and after checking in at our hotel, the first stop was the White House and Civil War Museum on East Clay Street. I guess we must have been there for about three hours and still I wasn’t able to take everything in. There were uniforms, flags, guns, rifles, swords – all sorts of artifacts from back then. After that we sat down and we both had a sandwich and a coke, after which it was on to Tredegar which is down by the river and was an old iron works I learned. That was good as they had films and actors performing narratives.

By then though I was pretty much ‘museumed out’ so we went for a stroll along the Riverside Canal walk. While we were doing that I saw an ad for a karting place, so I persuaded Dad to go there. I even got him into a go kart which was fun as I beat him easy, but he claimed that was only because he weighed a lot more than me! Ha! Ha! I thought, but I didn’t argue because I’d decided I wanted to eat Tex-Mex so wasn’t going to upset him.

We went to this great place for our meal. Well, it wasn’t perhaps that great to look at from the outside and I think Dad was a bit dubious, but the desk clerk at the hotel had recommended it so we went in. Thefood was really good and I ended mine with the best sopapilla I’ve ever had. Indeed the food was so good that I managed to persuade Dadt o come back the next morning for a breakfast burrito, which got our Sunday off to a great start.

The food wasn’t the only good thing about the restaurant. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been so wrapped up with getting to Eagle Scout, but I just haven’t been able to start any relationships with girls. To be honest, I don’t really look at girls much but I do find myself checking boys out, so maybe I’m gay. But as I’ve never had any relationships with boys either I’m just not sure which way I swing. When I see a boy with a nice face though I always have to check him out below the waistline while trying not to be too obvious about it. I just daren’t risk giving myself away at school, even though there are a few gay couples there and they don’t seem to get much hassle apart from a few of the jocks.

So the guy who was our server at this restaurant was, I guess, a couple of years older than me. He had dark hair done in a buzz cut, but not too short and blue/gray eyes and an attractive face without any zits. Like all the servers he was wearing a white shirt and black pants and those pants hugged his butt like a second skin. And what a butt it was – I could hardly keep my eyes off it when he walked away from our table and whenever he was walking round the room. It was a real bubble butt, and I’m sure there was a line visible under his pants so I reckoned he was wearing a jock to enhance his appearance.

Well, I won’t lie to you it was his butt, only without the pants , that I jerked off to while having a shower when we got back to the hotel – fortunately Dad had sprung for separate rooms for both of us. And, naturally, that guy was a good part of the reason why I wanted a burrito for breakfast. Well I was disappointed, not in the burrito which was both vegetarian and great, but bubble butt wasn’t on duty.

After we’d checked out of the hotel the original plan was to go and visit the other museum at Appomattox, but as it was till early Dad suggested we take a city tour. We did that and I have to say Richmond was an impressive place. Then it was on to Appomattox which I decided was a case of saving the best to last as there was not only General Lee’s uniform, but also his sword and scabbard. Man, seeing that was something else!

And the place had one big surprise exhibit in store for me. I’d left Dad sitting at a table where we’d sat down for a snack after finishing going round the museum and before we set off home, to go to the john. As I get near the door I spot this great bubble butt just in front of me  in a pair of blue jeans, sagging a bit so the waistband of his CKs, and a bit more is showing. He goes where I’m going and we stand next to each other. I risk a sideways glance and can’t believe what I’m seeing – it’s our server from last night. We finish at about the same time and go to wash our hands; I just have to say something:

Hey, fancy seeing you again.”

He turns his head to look at me and slowly a look of recognition crosses his attractive face and a smile breaks out.

Hey, to you too! Took me a minute, but I served you and I guess you Pa last night – right?”


Um, he left me a good tip, so say thanks to him for me. Never thought I’d see you again, but now I have you can tell me something. I loved those shorts you had on yesterday, never seen anything like those but I’d love to get me a pair, What brand are they and where did you get them?”

We can’t stand here talking or folks’ll be talking about us. My Pa’s outside at a table, come and join us and you can thank him yourself – or are you with someone?”

Turned out he was on his own, so he did and we talked for a while. Got on really well and when we moved on to schools it turned out he’s starting at a university in Baltimore after the summer vacation! So we’ve exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and promised to keep in touch. I know Lee’s a lot older than me (yeah that really is his name!), but when he moves to Baltimore he won’t know anyone so maybe we can get together some time. He’s got an open invitation from me and Dad to come and visit with us.

I enjoyed the whole weekend and I sure learned a lot about the CivilWar - somehow seemed to bring it more alive and personal than from just reading books and watching films.

But I enjoyed meeting Lee almost as much. Dad asked me if I was feeling okay just before we arrived home as I’d been so quiet on the trip back, but that was because I was thinking of Lee and wondering. He hadn’t surrendered to me at Appomattox, but it could have been the opening skirmish in a campaign………