Tearing Me Apart

Chapter Fifteen

"HHRRRNNNNGGGGG!" Devon screamed and writhed on the floor. "What- What's happening!?"

Panicked and wide-eyed, Alaeh asked, "Wha- where did- where did the crystal come from?"

"I- I don't- HAAWWW!"

To Devon it felt like the blood coursing through his veins were getting colder than cold. His bones continued to move millimetres but to Devon it was more painful than an entire pistol clip being emptied into his body. His torso took the brunt of it as it was his spine and ribs that moved the most.

Alaeh hurriedly placed both its open palms on Devon's body. It tried to push regenerative cells onto and into Devon, but the cells rebounded back into Alaeh. Alaeh was confused for half a second. It then tried to remove any negative cells from Devon's body. It was no use. Devon continued to writhe on the floor and groan in utter pain.

"Devon!?" Lisa's worried voice cried from the top of the staircase and descended. "S'that you!? What's'a matter?"

Beyond fearful, Alaeh reached through the nemlai bond and sought out Pir. The female nemlai was sitting on a stone bench in a courtyard surrounded by a group of children, teaching them proper manners.

A second later, Pir appeared. It promptly tied its long blonde hair in a bun and crouched down on the floor. Pir planted its hands on Devon also, but found it couldn't help Devon either.

"Reub i tul la fo dit?" Pir asked Alaeh.
(Are you certain it was a crystal?)

"Tul la fo dig yeup," Alaeh answered. "Col in kut ig iyap ta ul wa gul li."
(It was a crystal. I sensed unknown tavki and my mate grabbed it.)

After a loud groan, Devon pleaded, "Please- please help me. Alaeh, please."

With tears in its eyes blue eyes, Alaeh responded, "I- I- I am sorry, Dev. There is nothing that- that Pir nor I can do to stop this."

"Aaarrrrhhhh!" Devon screamed. "What is happening!?"

But Alaeh needn't have replied. Two points, sharper than a dart, began to poke out from each of Devon's shoulder blades. That pain had been doubly worse than anything else. Devon screamed. And he screamed.

Silently crying, Alaeh said to Pir, "Hii la a brashi kagu con no git duk hut."
(Get the brashi out of here to safety.)

Pir instantly replied, "Sa kii du nik lak piak mi yok una gunak."
(I will then investigate who could have done this.)

Devon could do nothing but squirm in immense and scream his lungs out as Pir teleported itself and his family out of the house. The two points in Devon's shoulder blades were bones. They pierced out of Devon's upper back, and grew outward by the centimetre.

"Alaeh! Stop this! Help me!"

Alaeh cried silently as it responded, "I am trying, Dev. I truly am. I- I cannot help you."

Angry, scared, and in white-hot pain, Devon screamed and repeatedly arched his back. The bones also continued to grow and extend out from his shoulder blades. Inside three minutes, the bones painted red with blood each measured roughly nine feet long. Devon breathed heavily when the pain subsided enough to stop the prickly hot tears.

"I-" Devon swallowed. "I've wings now. Don't I? They're wings, right?"

"Yes," Alaeh answered sympathetically. "Are you still experiencing pain?"

"Yeah, but- but s'not that bad anymore. I'm- I'm becoming one of you? A- a nemlai? How's that possible?"

"It is feasible to alter brashi genetic structure," Alaeh answered as it watched skin and tendons grow from Devon's wing bones. "Not all nemlai were created by the Divine. Some were brashi mates of nemlai who accepted the Gift."

Slightly angry, Devon asked, "You made me into a nemlai?"

Alaeh shook its head and replied, "No. Had I performed the transformation, it would have been much different. I would have transferred a portion of my tavki into your body. Whomever left the crystal you grabbed intended for you to become a nemlai."

"Who- mmm! Who would've done it?"

"Neither I nor Pir know. She is investigating now using tavki samples from your body. Those should tell us who created the crystal and left it."

"What- arg! What's happening with the wings now? They're- they're burning a bit."

"Feathers have begun to grow, Dev. If you would open your eyes, you would see how beautiful your wings are."

Instead, Devon sniffled in his silent tears, and said, "Why was this choice taken from me? Who did this to me? Aaagh. My blood feels like it's getting hot now."

Devon once again began to writhe and scream. Alaeh felt terrible and helpless because it knew that had Devon been given its Gift of tavki, they wouldn't have hurt him as much due to their mate bond.

And then Devon passed out with white-hot pain.

Three hours later, Devon laid on his and Alaeh's bed as the being had teleported him there when he went unconscious. Alaeh sat on the bed holding Devon's hand and stroking its thumb over its mate's knuckles.

Suddenly, multiple things occurred simultaneously. One bedside table levitated, the lamp atop disintegrated, the television turned on and channels flicked, Devon's cell phone rang without the screen turning on, and the lights turn on and brightened until the bulbs shattered.

And then Devon's whiskey-coloured eyes shot open. His eyes remained trained on one spot on the ceiling. Alaeh knew that Devon's vision had enhanced to the point that he could zoom in until he could see the grains in the ocean blue paint.

Alaeh was about quietly say its mate's name, but Devon suddenly said, "I can hear your blood pumping in your veins."

Devon finally turned his head toward Alaeh and sat upright. His face bore a look of sympathy and understanding. He touched the palm of his hand to Alaeh's jaw, and went in for a sweet peck on the lips.

"I can feel you trying to suppress the fear and sadness of my transformation. You're trying to hide it from me. Why can I still feel it?"

"I... I do not know, Dev. All nemlai can hide their emotions from the others."

"I can feel everything," Devon said softly, almost anxious. "Every single oxygen cell. The microscopic current against my skin created by your pulse. How- how do I stop it?"

"It is an impossible feat to suppress nemlai cellular sensitivity. Being created like this, it is just a part of my genetic structure. Brashi-born nemlai, as you have guessed, struggle with adjusting to it. But you will adjust, Dev. I promise."

"I- I'm scared, Ala--"

Devon was cut off by one of the two bedroom windows shattering. Devon gasped in surprise, which increased his fear. Which, in turn, caused two of the walls to crack.

Alaeh stroked Devon neck in a comforting manner and told him, "Devon, you must calm your emotions. I know that is a task that seems impossible, but I promise that it is not. Focus on my voice. Breathe. Inhale and count to four. One, two, three, four. Exhale, one, two, three, four."

The breathing exercise worked wonderfully. Devon focused, and the energy changed to peaceful. The bedside table dropped down to the floor, the wall stopped cracking, and the particles in the air stilled.

Alaeh said, "Good. Better. For a few days you will have to remain calm, and meditate your breathing to focus when your mind becomes weary again. In a few days, maintaining a calm state of mind will become second nature to you."

"Where are Lisa, Nate, and Olivia?"

"Pir teleported them to Rio de Janeiro per my recommendation. Would you like me to teleport them back here?"

"I- umm... yes, but in the living room. And- and warn them that I'm nemlai now."

"Connect with my mind to learn how teleporting is completed," Alaeh requested. "To connect with my mind, feel the molecules in the air. Can you feel them?"

Devon moved his eyes and head, gazing at trillions of somethings that weren't there. But he could feel them. Against his skin, licking his flesh, bouncing off, flying through the air.

"Yes," Devon said in wonderment.

"Now feel for something much different. They will feel hot and cold and temperate all at the same time, and fuzzy and smooth, and pulsing and still. Feel that?"

"That- that's you."

"That is my tavki, yes. They feel like a chain connected to me, yes? Follow that chain. But slowly. If you rush into my mind, you will become overwhelmed. And that could destroy this city. Steadily, Dev."

So Devon followed the chain of molecules oh so slowly. It felt like millions of steps up a ladder, but skipping thousands at a time leading to Alaeh's head.

"Pause," Alaeh said softly. "Just for a moment. I can feel you are close to entering my mind. I would like to warn you to observe my mind only. Doing otherwise would most definitely cause your family harm. Observe as if you are in the cinema; still and learning."

Hesitantly, Devon continued to 'tread' through the molecular beings through Alaeh's flesh and skull into its brain. Within two seconds, Devon's vision was changed from looking through his own eyes to looking through Alaeh's.

'Good,' Alaeh said happily through the bond. 'How do you feel?'

Before Devon knew what he was doing, he encompassed a few hundred tavki with his own, which caused Alaeh to activate the ability to turn the room temperature to frigid cold. Alaeh immediately shoved Devon's tavki out of its head.

Devon blinked when his vision turned back to his own, and immediately said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You okay?"

Alaeh chuckled as it shook its head to adjust, and answered, "I am fine. I promise. Do not feel bad, Dev. You are a new nemlai with a new body and new abilities. Reenter my mind, but take care not to blanket my own tavki."

Devon did so. He ventured into Alaeh's mind a little quicker due to the experience. What he saw was himself sitting comfortably on their bed. His tank was hanging awkwardly off his shoulders as it had torn from the formation of his wings.


He'd forgotten about them. He thought he looked alien. The same, but completely different at the same time. He lifted his arm, and saw it through Alaeh's eyes like he was staring at his reflection.

Amused, Alaeh reprimanded through the link, 'Attention! Eyes at the front of the class, Dev.'

Amused himself, Devon apologized, 'Sorry, love.'

'Just experience this. I am now sending three tavki to Belmond Copacabana Palace.'

'The hotel?'

'Pir knows that you resided there during your vacation. Now pay attention.'

It happened so quickly that Devon was certain it would have looked like a flash of white to his human eyes. To nemlai eyes, however, it was three tavki flying south of Canada, past the United States, all the way down to Brazil in milliseconds. The tavki stopped in a hotel room where Olivia watched cartoons on the television while Lisa leaned into Nate's arms at the giant window.

And then the tavki landed on the tops of their heads.

'Now that my tavki are attached to each of them, I am going to pull them toward me. This will teleport them.'

Again, it happened in a fraction of a millisecond, but Devon witnessed it as if it was slow motion. The tavki on Lisa, Nate, and Olivia encompassed all three in a film over the skin and clothing that was invisible to them but to Devon it glowed a faint baby blue.

'Maintain the telepathic connection while I go downstairs.'

Alaeh stroked its palm on Devon's forearm in comfort. Devon smiled softly as he leaned in for a kiss. It was just a peck on the lips, but both felt the deep meaning and affection.

'You will have to change your shirt so as not to frighten your family further. Pick a shirt. To adjust the garment for your wings, remember how it fit. Think of the back, where your wings would fit through. Discern the spots, and separate molecules and fibres.'

Devon opened his drawer of shirts and picked out a random red vee-neck. He examined the garment closely, imagining where the slits would be for his wings.

When he got a clear image, Devon urged the fibres to split. And, with the sound of meat sizzling, the shirt split all the way from the neck down to the hem.

Through the bond, Alaeh told Devon, 'That is fine. Urge the fibres to reattach. You can try again.'

When Devon got the shirt to fit perfectly, there was a knock at their bedroom door. It startled Devon because he hadn't heard anyone and focused solely on the garment. The four walls cracked multiple times, the other window shattered, the television and computer exploded, and lamps shattered.

Lisa screamed in her own startlement from behind the door and called, "Devon!?"

"Uncle Dev!?" little Olivia's voice called also.

Devon turned to his mate and asked, "I thought they were in the living room?"

Confused at Devon's frustration, Alaeh responded, "They came upstairs."

Devon rolled his eyes before called to the girls, "Yeah! Mind waiting down in the living room?"

Lisa asked, "Sure you're alright, Dev?"

"Yeah! Fine, fine! Just wait down in the living room, please?"

Devon still heard the worry in Lisa's voice when she called, "Okay. F'you're sure."

When Devon heard Lisa's and Olivia's footsteps walk down the hall and feel the microscopic waves from their heart beats disappear, Devon walked to Alaeh. They slid their arms around each other, and enjoyed the warmth physically and emotionally. Alaeh then bent forward and touched their lips together in a sweet kiss.

Devon watched through Alaeh's eyes as the being walked downstairs. Doing so, he realized that his wings were twitching with muscles that were new to him. So he relaxed the muscles that held his wings up. And he stumbled backward from the weight of his lax wings.

"What's going on?" Lisa immediately asked when Alaeh reached the living room. "S'Devon alright?"

"Devon is perfectly okay," Alaeh told the family. "He is now a nemlai."

'Fucking hell, man,' Devon cursed. 'Do not soften the blow, I guess.'

"What!?" Lisa demanded in shock.

"Someone or something left a crystal filled with tavki for Devon to find," Alaeh explained. "The crystal dissolved in Devon's hand and transformed him into a nemlai. The reason for his screaming this morning was caused by the pain of the transformation."

Olivia asked, "Uncle Devon is like you, Alaeh?"

Lisa demanded, "I want to see him. Right now."

"He is coming down as we speak."

Devon hadn't even left their bedroom yet. But he quickly did. He slowly, nervously, descended the staircase as his heart raced and stopped.

Lisa's and Nate's eyes widened comically at the sight of Devon. Mainly at his wings, but also the new glow. His skin was flawless, unmarred by any blemish or scar. Even his whiskey-coloured eyes looked to be a shade or two brighter.

Lisa breathed, "Devon."

Olivia excitedly ran to her uncle crying, "Uncle Devon! You're an angel now!"

Little Olivia ran into Devon and wrapped her arms around his hips. With a soft smile, Devon pried the little girl's arms from him and crouched down. He hugged her, and listened to her heart beating and her blood pumping.

Olivia, when the hug ceased, unabashedly touched Devon's wings. Her fingers stroked feather after feather. Her ministrations caused the cells in each feather she touched to reverberate happily, which caused Devon's wing to twitch.

As Olivia giggled, and Lisa asked, "Do you have idea who or what did this?"

Alaeh answered, "Not at the moment. Pir has scoured the minds of most nemlai. All but Volen. He has been disconnected from us for millions of years, so Pir has not been able to read his mind."

Devon stood as Lisa tentatively approached him. There was some mist in her green eyes, but she embraced him warmly.

Four hours later found Devon and Alaeh sitting cross-legged on their bed. Devon had been practicing performing tricks and tasks such as changing the temperature, repairing the walls and such, changing an oxygen cell to one of hydrogen, teleporting objects to and fro, transfiguring a mouse to a cat and back, and banishing that mouse to nonexistence.

Devon wiped his eyes and said, "Can we stop now? I'm tired as all hell."

Alaeh offered Devon a smile of affection as it replied, "Sure. We have one more lesson before we surrender to the night. How to sleep. For nemlai, the task is no easy feat due to our sensitivity to molecular pulses."

"You've got to be fucking kidding me," Devon whispered his lament.

"Sit completely still," Alaeh instructed. "Allow every muscle to relax and unwind. Allow all thought to escape your mind. Acknowledge the microscopic oscillations but pay them no attention."

Devon's amber eyes flitted down to Alaeh's chest and he said, "Your heart rate picked up a bit. You smell aroused. Why?"

"I apologize, my love. I- you... you look twenty times more beautiful than one of the two suns setting over the ice mountains of Dromwi."

With a smirk, Devon asked, "Now that I'm one of you? A nemlai?"

Alaeh stroked its forefinger along one of Devon's wings as it answered, "You were already the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. But now your beauty overwhelms me."

Devon preened at the attention. His wing twitched softly as his mate continued to glide its finger along the pure white feathers.

Devon closed his eyes, tilted his head in pleasure, and told Alaeh, "I can hear words from your mind as if you're speaking them."

Alaeh brought its lips to the corner of Devon's jaw as it replied, "As I can no longer hear yours. How does that make you feel?"

Devon found it difficult to think, let alone answer, due to Alaeh's perfect lips smacking wonderfully against his jaw and neck.

"Devon?" Alaeh prompted. "How does it make you feel?"

"It- it feels right scary," Devon answered softly, almost whimpering in pleasure. "And empowering. And- and like I want you. I do. I- I want you."

Devon grabbed the front of his shirt and ripped it off his body. He leaned into Alaeh much too quickly, as their lips smashed together harshly. But Devon didn't care. He kissed Alaeh with such fervour, and emotion. Their tongues duelled expertly, and their hands glided over hot flesh.

Devon used his newfound strength and ripped his shorts off his legs. Alaeh, the more experienced, teleported its wrap from its waist, presenting its rigid and throbbing uncut cock. Devon grinned mid kiss, and leaned backward, taking Alaeh down with him so the being was lying on top of him.

Devon revelled in the intense emotions, his mixed with Alaeh's. He could also feel Alaeh's strong heart pounding away in its chest, and blood flowing so fast. It drove him wild, quickening his own heart. He smiled in the kiss again because he remembered his new appendages. He felt nucleons deep in each feather, the muscles along the bones flexing slightly. He wrapped his wings around Alaeh's hips, and flexed so the tips kneaded Alaeh's calves.

Alaeh pressed its forehead to Devon's and moaned, "Ohhh, I love you."

Devon turned his head slightly and spit a huge wad of saliva into his palm. He reached down and smeared it all over Alaeh's throbbing uncut prick.

Alaeh reattached their lips in a lusty haze. Their warm breaths licked at their lips, and Alaeh pressed the pink head of its dick to Devon's waiting hole.

Devon had no trouble sleeping that night.

To Be Continued...

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