SS Sooloo ~ Explorer Class Ship Specs

Master Systems Display

 Type:  Explorer Class


 Commissioned:  August 2121
 Ship Complement:  25-30 Officers
 45-50 Enlisted
 1 HMH
 Emergency Capacity: 200
 Warp Capacity:

 Normal Cruise: FTL 1
 Max Safe Cruise: FTL 8
 Emergency Cruise Speed: FTL 9.8

 Hull Life  150 Years

 Length: 130 m (426 ft. 6 in)
 Beam: 90 m (295 ft 3.3 in)
 Height: 25.5 m (83 ft 8 in)
 Decks: 5

 Shuttle Complement

 2 - 4 Maintenance Shuttles
 4 Type-A Short Range Shuttles
 2 Type-B Long Range Shuttles
 2 Type-C Cargo Shuttle (Bubba)


 2 Forward Plasma Cannons
 1 Aft Plasma Cannon
 3 Forward Torpedo Launchers
 2 Aft Torpedo Launchers
        Torbernite Torpedoes


Shuttle Crafts

The ship is incapable of landing on planets due to its size. With no other means of getting down to the planet, shuttle crafts were incorporated into the ship's design. There are four different types of shuttles. 

Maintenance Shuttle

Maintenance ShuttleThe Maintenance Shuttle is used for repairing the outside of the ship. Claws come out of the protrusions at the front of the shuttle to be used like hands. They are controlled by a pair of gloves worn by the pilot.

This shuttle only carries the pilot; therefore, all Engineering Personnel are required to learn how to fly this type.

The Explorer Class carries two Maintenance Shuttles but can house up to eight. They are easily created and broken down as the need arises.

Shuttle Number

Shuttle Name





 Type A – Short Range Shuttles

Type AThe Type A – Short range Shuttle has many uses. Should a team require to don EVA suits and work on the hull, they could use a Type A Shuttle. This shuttle is also used for transport from one ship to another, or for transporting down to planet surfaces.

This shuttle can carry six crew members, including the pilot.

The Explorer Class carries four Type A – Short Range Shuttles.









 Type B – Long Range Shuttles

Type BThe Type B – Long Range Shuttle is mainly used for long distances, but can be used like the Type A, if necessary. There are bunks for two personnel to be able to sleep, should the need arise. It also has food storage for the distant trips.

While the Type B is 2m (6.56 in) longer than the Type A, it still only carries six crew members, including the pilot.

The Explorer Class carries two Type B – Long Range Shuttles.





 Type C Cargo Shuttle (Bubba)

BubbaThe fourth type of shuttle is the Cargo Shuttle, nicknamed Bubba. This is the biggest shuttle carried by the Explorer Class Ship. Bubbas are big enough to carry just over half the crew each, but not in comfort. With no cargo, seating for forty is capable, but not recommended… except in an emergency.

The Explorer Class carries two Type C – Cargo Shuttles.


Big Bubba


Bubba Loo


Faster Than Light Chart Faster Than Light Graph

 Torbenite Torpedo

Hand Lasers


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