Through the Rain

Chapter Thirteen: The Sweetheart

Dustin and I were there and after the arguing so were Austin and Josh. Austin looked at me with his shiny eyes and I didn't waste any time.

"Josh, would you like joining us for lunch?" I asked immediately.

I was looking at his features since the moment I saw him coming with Austin... of cooourse, hehe. As I said before he was smaller than Austin, but not much, I assume he's 5'7". He looked like thin to me, but not really much, what made him even cuter, with his brownish hair which shone like copper in the morning light and the bluest eyes I've ever seen, although behind glasses, which in my opinion, only made him look like smarter. He was wearing a loose shirt and old jeans... it seems he wasn't really worried about his appearance, but I repeat, he was extremely cute to me, with that smooth pale neck showing in front of my eyes... and well, you got the picture before I get too carried away.

"Why?" he asked referring to my invitation. It wasn't an expected answer by me at all. It seems he wasn't really used to invitations.

"Well, why not?!" I asked and with this got a poke in the rib from Dustin. I realized that it was a rude reply, but it was kinda automatic, I mean, I sincerely didn't see any reason for him not to join us.

Austin got closer to him, even too close I'd say, looking into his eyes with shiny big eyes.

"Join us, this way you can tell us what happened." he said smoothly "Please?" he continued. With an invitation made this way, `I' would go for about anything... hehe.

"If that's what you really want," Josh said and shrugged.

As we were heading outside, Dustin and I were babbling about the classes we had already had and I noticed Austin wasn't talking at all. With this, while I talking to Dustin, I realized Austin was staring at Josh when he thought we weren't paying attention and Josh wasn't talking at all, only looking at the floor, really.

We sat under the tree and started eating our lunches. Josh still didn't dare to look at us, he kept looking at the grass. It seems he was really uncomfortable being with us and I wasn't getting it.

"Are you really okay, d..." Austin started asking and it made Dustin and I completely stop eating and turned our heads to him. I wasn't wrong, he was calling Josh `dear', gosh, he was spending too much time with us. ", Josh?" he continued.

Dustin and I sighed at the same time in relief. Buuut Austin wasn't paying any attention to us, actually. Josh only nodded at the question, looking at his sandwich.

"Could you tell us what happened, share it with us?" Austin tried again. There was a little silence with three gazes at Josh.

"Mmm... well, ok," he said after some hesitance.

"This guy, who was bullying me... his girlfriend got a few doubts in math's class and came asking me, as many people do, and I don't mind helping. I helped her and..." Josh stopped "Oh, never mind, I guess you won't believe me... he didn't..." he continued and shrugged looking at the ground.

"I am not him!" Austin said and raised his tone. I completely googled at him. This was going to be a different lunch, I was assuming. Josh looked at Austin with a puzzled expression, like not knowing what to say.

"Oh, sorry." Austin said and averted his gaze in embarrassment, "I didn't want to be rude, but you know, I'm not like him, I believe you, really... don't you believe me?"

"So, I'm sorry for not believing you. I guess you guys may believe me..." Josh said. He took a deep breath and continued "Ok, so I was teaching her and after it she kissed me on the cheek to thank me." he continued. `Even I would' I thought to myself... "And when I was heading outside he got in my way to bully me, I guess because of that, and maybe because he wanted to bully me anyway." Josh finished saying.

"Hey, it's ok now," Austin said with a smile and put an arm on Josh's shoulder across his back and squeezed. He got a smile from a blushing Josh.

"Yeah," Josh said with a smile along with his shining eyes.

"Hey guys, won't you eat today?" Austin asked Dustin and me, as we weren't really eating, only paying attention to them.

"Alllright, we aren't even here, ya know," I said and shrugged, keeping my mouth shut and eating... well, if it's possible, mmm.. you got it, k?!

"Hey, you don't have to feel like that." Dustin said putting one arm on my shoulder across my back "Shane here, always helps me with the school stuff, and I know you may do the same."

"Yeah, right. Which subjects do you like the most?" I asked. Josh started talking about things with really interesting points of view. Although being modest about everything he couldn't help showing he knew a lot, and it led me to only one conclusion, that he was a way accomplished little guy.

Austin wasn't having a part at the conversation actually. He was only staring almost shamelessly at Josh, while Josh was getting carried away with our conversation, and with this the bell rang.

As we were getting back to the classes, I noticed when we took our separate ways, Austin remained with Josh.

Last class was physics and well, I can't say I love physics, ya know. To my surprise, I saw Josh coming in right after me.

"Hey, so do you have physics with me?" I asked with a smile.

"Mmm... well, yes," he replied with a puzzled expression.

"How come I didn't notice it?" I asked puzzled as well.

"Well, maybe it's because I sit over there." he said pointing to a desk far in the back of the class "...and maybe `cause I don't talk really much during classes." `So, he hasn't been talking at all.' I thought to myself.

"Oh, no. Today you sit here, beside me." I said as we reached my desk.

The teacher made sure of only getting inside and giving us a huge list of exercises from the book.

"Oh, it sucks." I sighed.

"Hey, it's all cool, it depends on the way you look at it," Josh said and smiled. I couldn't help a smile with a so `different' point of view. "It's better doing it than standing many other things." he finished kinda sure of that in his tone. I thought about what was implied, the exercises should be better than the bullying, being left aside...

"So, why do you like physics?" I asked.

"You know, it's not a question of liking it or not, it's our goals. If I have to do all these exercises and understand it all, I'm just gonna do it. If you think about your goals, it doesn't matter what you're doing, it's all good." he said and winked at me. Ok, I admit he melted me. He even made me feeling guilty for complaining, as he was being bullied, taken advantage of by the other people who only asked him things and didn't care about him and he still thought it was all good.

"Right. When I gotta manage the classes I'll try to think about what you said, ok?" I asked with a smile and big eyes at him.

"K. By the way, I had last class with Austin," he said.

"Really?" I asked, curiously at all. I understood why Austin got along with him after lunch.

"Yeah, I had history class with him." he replied "He wasn't really understanding about the civil war and I was explaining to him, ya know he looks like so accomplished when we're helping him. I think he's so smart, but only needs some help to get it, ya know?"

"Yeah, I think so," I answered.

"He was paying attention, like really interested. And he was so kind with me, ya know. He didn't only ask about his doubt and left. He also asked about my day, and stuff about me. Actually, I guess I told him more about me than about history..." he said kinda averting his gaze. I imagined why Austin was being so kind, but didn't dare to assume it, ya know, he is a kind guy anyway.

We kept talking and by the time the class finished I knew about Josh's day and tastes. We didn't finish the exercises, buuut, you know... well, you know!

Josh and I reached outside as we were talking. The guys were already waiting for us.

"Mmm... Josh, would you like coming over to play some video games I told ya about?" Austin asked and was turning red and I was noticing it.

"Er... I don't know, are you sure?" Josh asked.

"Yes! Of course, I'm sure. Let's go." And with this, they were going to Austin's house.

"Er... what's it all about?" Dustin asked with a confused expression.

"Oh, you won't believe!" I started saying.

"Then, why are you gonna bother telling me?" he said pretending being puzzled. He got a punch in the arm with this.

"Ouch, ok ok, tell me," he said.

"So,... Austin had class with Josh after the break and I had the last class with him, where he told me he had history class with Austin and the way he was being so kind to him." I told him and we kept talking during the way home as I filled him in about things Josh told me and even shared with him some of Josh's opinions.

"Ya know, about the accomplishment, I admit it's so right, but I guess it's hard, don't you think so?" Dustin was saying.

"Mmm... good it's getting hard, we're reaching home," I said and giggled. With this, I pushed him inside as I opened the door and embraced him. I got my face close to his and felt his exhaling touching our noses...

"Shane?" I heard mom yelling. I almost jumped in surprise.

"Oh, hey, that's you." mom said "Hiii Dustin," she said as she saw him.

"Do you want a juice, a snack?" mom asked.

"Oh, no, thanks," Dustin said and looked at me.

"We're going upstairs," I told mom.

"Oh, Shane, I'm gonna buy some groceries and I'll be back in a while. Treat your friend nice." Mom said and Dustin smiled cheekily at me.

As I closed my room's door I pushed Dustin against it and started kissing him hungrily. I threw my bag on the floor, pulled his from his shoulder throwing it as well. He was resting his hands lightly on my waist.

"Mmm... mm... babe, stop." he said and our eyes met "You heard your mom, you gotta treat me nice!" he said with a shiny grin.

"I got it." I said with a grin of my own "Mmm" I was moaning while kissing and licking his smooth neck. I took his t-shirt off. I was running my palms on his bare chest and he took my t-shirt off.

"Do you wanna be treated nice?" I asked huskily in his ear and bent down to take his pants off.

"Mm.. yeah," he said smiling as he unfastened my pants taking them off and grabbed me by the waist. Our cocks were rubbing through our briefs.

"I missed this, you know?" I said in his ear as we were rubbing together. "I know it's kinda silly, but it's different when it's only us."

"Yeah, I know, me too. I want you so bad," he said with his face buried in my neck. I took my briefs off so did he in a hurry. I pushed him onto the bed.

I knelt with him lying under me. He was smiling even through his shiny eyes. I put his hands behind his head for him to recline. I bent down to kiss him caressing his sides. He was with his hands on my butt... he really liked it, hehe. We shared a long wet kiss as I ran my hands to his tummy and then to his hips and he started moaning.

I made my way to his shaft and grabbed his balls. He raised his butt and lay again. I exhaled in his cock's head, kissed the shaft, exhaled again and looked up at his face. He bent his head forward to look at me and I smiled.

"Oooh, please Shane," he said with his throbbing cock in front of my mouth. I took it in my mouth and started licking its head with the shaft buried inside my mouth.

I licked all the shaft and got it into my mouth again. He jerked and shot cum in my mouth.

I lay with my chin on his raising chest and looked at his flushed face with big gray eyes staring at him. He bent his head forward and smiled dreamily at me.

I knelt on the bed and so did he. We traded positions, so that I was lying under him while he was kneeling. He started kissing my tummy, he did it several times, and I was smiling `cause it felt so good and `cause it was tickling a little too. He put his chin on my tummy and looked at me, I bent my head forward and he was giggling on my tummy.

He put his hands on my chest and made his way up. He was kissing my neck, he licked it then made his way down... maybe too down, he skipped the target and started kissing my legs making his way up to my thighs.

He was caressing my inner thighs and started kissing my lower ab again.

"Ahhhhh, go for it, please," I said bending my head forward

"You made me wait!" he said with a smile and exhaled in my cock's head.

I just laid my head once more and inhaled hard. He took all my shaft in his mouth and licked it inside his mouth. He licked the head and then sucked it.

"Oooh, oohhhh, I'm cummin'" was all I said before shotting my warm load in his throat.

Dustin made his way up lying on me, with our bare torsos touching and our blissful relief feelings being shared. Our eyes met.

"I love you more than everything," Dustin said in a whisper with his green eyes staring at my gray eyes.

"Maybe... I love you more." I replied.

"Ya know, it's not better or worse when it's only the two of us, it's only different," Dustin said burying his face in my neck.

"Yeah, just different." I said, "Talking about other people, what do you think about Austin and Josh?"

"I hope Austin isn't expecting more than he can get," Dustin said looking at me directly on the eyes.

"They must be at Austin's house now, what do you think they're doing?" I said.

"Mmmm, I don't know," he said pushing his hips against mine. He kissed me on the cheek and exhaled in my ear. I giggled.

Acknowledgments and Apologies:

Love can have many forms, and there are people out there who just don't have it. I hope we all can be good enough to wish them all the best and maybe help and share this good feeling with those who need it.  We gotta achieve our goals, sometimes when there's nothing left we need to. But we can't forget about loving and friendhship.

Thank you Baruch, Bobby, 'grey cat', Lee, Mike, Stephanie and Wil for everything.  I especially thank Dave once more, who's been always there helping me with the grammar and great comments.

Thank you, Jon, a lot. You can't be better than you are... and you can! ; )

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