Chapter Ten


I woke up first so I decided to tickle the boys' feet to wake them up as they have done to me each morning. I decided to wake Billy up first because he would enjoy waking up Davey. Billy's cute feet twitched and he giggled as he was waking up.

"Good Morning, Son" I whispered into Billy's ear.

"Good Morning, Daddy," he whispered back.

"Do you want to tickle Davey's feet to wake him up while I put breakfast on the table?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Ya," he whispered into my ear.

I heard Davey laughing and giggling so I knew he was awake. I walked upstairs with a cold glass of water. I set it on the nightstand. I pinned Davey down on my lap.

"Billy, do you remember what Davey did to you with his glass of water last night?"

"Yes," He began to giggle.

"Well, I think it's your turn to do that to Davey."

"No" Davey was laughing as Billy brought the cold glass over to the side of the bed. When he touched Davey's bare belly with the cold glass, Davey immediately burst into laughter. Billy giggled himself silly.

"Billy, put the glass down and warm your little hands up right here." I pointed to Davey's armpits.

Davey roared with laughter as Billy's cold hands touched his pits.

I pulled Davey up onto my lap and gave him a big warm hug. "Good Morning, Davey." I chuckled and ruffled his hair.

"Good Morning, Daddy."

"Okay, I really need BOTH of my sons to help me out today in a big way."

"We will do everything you ask us, Daddy" Billy jumped on the bed and hugged me around the neck.

"Ya Daddy, you can count on both your sons to help out all day."

"Okay, we are having cereal, and juice for breakfast. After breakfast, we get dressed fast and then we are heading to pick up our new suits."

"We can do that."

"When we get back, I need us to take our showers really fast. Now I enjoy listening to you to do your tickle washes in the shower but I really need both of you to rush your tickle wash today."

"We will Daddy," Billy said then both boys giggled as they thought about their tickle showers.

"Next, the man at the suit store will show us how to put on our suits. I really need you boys to pay attention. I need each of you to pay close attention when the man shows you how to put your suit on. Then, Billy, I need you to watch how Davey and I put our suits on. Davey, you watch how Billy and I put our suits on and I will watch how my sons put their suits on. That way, we will be able to help each other look our best for the wedding."

"You can count on us, Daddy," Davey said.

"We will walk down to the garden all dressed up. Billy you will go into the lodge to help Mommy. Davey, you can help me. Okay, I need a big group hug from my two Best Sons and then down to breakfast"

After we ate and dressed, we all piled into the camper around 9:30 am and headed for Jasper. We were finished our suit fitting by 11:30 am. We grabbed take-out lunch at the diner and ate it in the camper on the way back to the resort. We arrived at the cabin at 1pm

"Boys, Thank you so much for making this morning go so smoothly and quickly." I gave them each a warm hug.

"Your welcome Daddy, we had fun."

"Now what's the next thing we have to do?"

"TICKLE WASH!" Billy giggled.

"A fast tickle wash," Davey added.

"Right, because I need the shower as soon as you boys are done. While I am in the shower, I will need you boys to help each other get your suits on. When I'm done my shower, I need you to help me make sure I put on my suit exactly like we were shown in the store."

"Will you still give us our tickle inspection after our shower, Daddy," Billy asked

"I promise that I will always make time for your tickle inspections," I hugged Billy.

"Thanks, Daddy,"

"Okay, shower time, I'll lay your suits out on the bed upstairs."

I went upstairs, made the bed and laid the boys suits and accessories out. I came downstairs to do the breakfast dishes. The boys came out of the bathroom by the time I finished the dishes. As promised, I gave the boys their tickle inspections. I jumped into the shower. The boys had their suits on perfectly and my suit laid out for me when I came out of the shower. They each took turns handing me each piece of my suit to put on in the correct order.

We arrived in the garden at 3:00 pm. Billy went to help his mommy. Dave set up the camcorder and put the remote in his pocket. He then checked to make sure he still had the rings in his vest pocket. Davey picked up his camera and started taking pictures of the garden. I went around and introduced Davey and myself to the guests as he took their picture.

Betty and John came out of the lodge. John took his place at the front of the garden and Betty sat at the organ. Davey and I stood to one side of John as Betty started the music. He started the camcorder.

Billy escorted Diane down the aisle. He was smiling ear to ear. Diane looked like an angel coming down from Heaven. Davey took a picture of them coming down. Billy handed me Diane's hand and took his place beside Davey. We stepped up in front of John.

John started the traditional vows then asked me if I wanted to say something.

"Diane, I've almost given up on finding true love until you came into my life.

You have made my life more complete than I ever dreamed possible.

You have filled a deep hole in my heart.

When I look into your eyes, I know I have found my one true sole-mate.

I promise to love you with all my heart.

I promise to take care of all your needs and hopefully all of your desires.

I promise to love your son, Billy as much as I love my own son, Davey.

Thank you for accepting me just as I am; even my quirky sense of humour."

"Diane, would you like to say something?" John asked.

"Doug, I first want to thank you for being the special man that you are; the man that rescued my little boy, keeping him safe and bringing him back into my life.

Thank you for loving and accepting my little boy as your son.

Thank you for welcoming us into your heart with open arms.

Thank you for your quirky sense of humour that makes me smile, giggle and laugh when I am feeling sad.

I too felt like I would never find true love in my life until you and your son Davey came into our lives.

I promise to love Davey as much as I love Billy.

Most importantly, I promise to love you will all my heart."

After wiping away a tear, John continued:

"Doug, do you take Diane to be your wife?"

"I do"

"Diane, do you take Doug to be your husband?"

"I do"

"Davey, give your Daddy the rings," John said.

"Diane with this ring, I thee wed"

"Doug, with this ring, I thee wed"

"By the power invested in me by God and The Provence, I now pronounce you husband and wife; you may kiss the bride."

We kissed, turned and walked down the aisle together. Billy and Davey followed behind. We went directly into the lodge for the dinner.

After we sat down, Davey gave the first speech as the best man. He told the whole story how he came into my life and how we ended up at this resort.

During dinner, Davey tapped his glass with his knife and asked Billy to say a few words. Billy said how happy he was to see his Mommy smile all day long and how glad he was that she married me. He said how happy he was to be my son. He then turned to Davey and said how happy he was to have a big brother.

After dinner, Davey tapped his glass again to give his final speech. He told about the romantic dinner that he and Billy planned with the help of John and Betty. He also said how surprised he was when he found out his Daddy proposed after that dinner. Davey said how glad he was to have me for a Daddy. He thanked Diane for loving him as much as she loves Billy. Finally, he said how glad he was to have Billy for a little brother.

John stood up. He said he has performed many weddings in all the years he was a minister. He said that he has never seen a more deserving couple that was meant to be together than us; except of course for him and his wife Betty. He said some marriages do not last but he knows with all his heart that this marriage will last long into eternity.

Diane and I took our wedding dance in the center of the room. Davey and Betty joined us as the best man and maid of honour dance.

Billy looked a little left out until Officer Judy ask him to dance with her. When he looked up at her, his mouth dropped. He did not recognize her in her dress.

"Wow, Officer Judy, you look like a princess," Billy said with all his sweetness.

"Thank you so much Billy" Judy blushed from ear to ear and gave him a hug then joined us on the dance floor.

As the reception was winding down, Diane, the boys and I stood up and went to the main door to thank everyone for coming. We went into the lounge as a family and sat down. I turned to 'my sons' and thanked them for making this a very special wedding for us.

John and Betty came over.

"Shouldn't you two be heading to the Honeymoon Cabin?" John said.

Diane stood up, hugged Betty and thanked her and John for all they did. She asked Betty to help her change out of her wedding dress.

Diane came back in a very lovely dress. We each hugged the boys and told them to behave for John tonight. Davey whispered something into Billy's ear.

"Daddy, you behave for Mommy tonight." Billy giggled.

I grabbed him in a bear hug and tickled him around the waist. After I let him go, I pointed to Davey that was now hiding behind John.

"Billy, remind me to tickle Davey tomorrow for getting you to say that."

When Diane and I got to the cabin, I unlocked the door and carried her into the cabin.

I sat down on the couch with her on my lap. We kissed and started to undress each other. We stood up and finished undressing each other.

Diane went to fill the heart-shaped the whirlpool while I opened the bottle of Champaign. I poured two glasses and carried the tray over to the side of the whirlpool. We stepped into the tub and I handed her a glass. I took a strawberry and put it to her lips. She did the same for me. We each bit our strawberry and then took a sip from the glass. We sank into the water and I held her in my arms. We made love right in the whirlpool then I carried her to the bed. I caressed and stroked her until we fell asleep in each other's arms.

The Great Discovery



In the morning, we were awakened by the boys tickling both our feet. They did not climb under the covers as they had done to me in the past. The boys had pulled the covers up at the end of the bed. Diane's feet were a lot more ticklish than mine were. When she woke, she pulled her feet under the covers.

The boys came along each side of the bed with a breakfast tray. Billy brought me my breakfast and Davey brought Diane's tray.

"Thank you so much, boys. This is so sweet of you." Diane said

"We wanted to surprise both of you," Davey said.

"We thought you would be awake when we got here. Davey had the idea of tickling both your feet to wake you up." Billy giggle.

"Oh he did, did he?" I grinned at Davey and wiggled my figures in the air. He giggled and moved beside Diane. She put her arm around him.

"I don't think she will 'protect' you, Buddy, since you were the one tickling her feet." I chuckled.

"I loved the way he woke me up," Diane said then gently squeezed his side. Davey giggled.

"I loved it when he woke me up that way too but I would return the favour by tickling his feet which he enjoyed." I winked at him.

"Oh really?" Diane said. She pulled him tight to her and tickle poked his belly a few times.

We finished our breakfast and the boys took the trays back to the lodge. Diane and I cuddled in bed for a few minutes and then went to the shower together. I playfully showed her Davey's famous tickle wash as we washed each other. She giggled and laughed a lot but never told me to stop. As we rinsed off, we kissed, hugged and caressed each other under the water.

We dressed and walked outside arm in arm. It was a perfect summer day. The sky was clear. There was a gentle breeze swaying the leaves and tree branches. The birds were singing. We were not walking to any place in particular. We were just walking and enjoying being with each other. The boys came up behind us. Billy placed my arm on his shoulder and Davey put his arm around Diane's waist. She put her arm around his shoulder. As we all walked together, it truly was the perfect family moment.

We met Diane's friends from Prince Rupert. They all said Diane was just 'glowing.' They took us back to their cabin where the wedding gifts were. One gift was a gift certificate for Diane. The women told Diane that they booked a 'day at the spa' for her and them up at the hot springs this afternoon. She looked at me and I said for her to go for it. The boys gave me a bachelor party on Saturday for you deserve sort of a bachelorette party at the spa. The boys and I will move all our things into our cabin next door while you are gone. The women took Diane upstairs to change and pack for her day at the spa.

The boys and I went back to the Honeymoon cabin to pack and straighten things up. We met the women on the lane on their way to the shuttle van. Diane grabbed me, gave me a long hug and kiss. She thanked me for being so sweet and special. They piled into the van and headed for the spa. The boys and I headed for the cabin to drop off the things. We went next door to pack up the rest of Billy's clothes and toys and moved them into the other cabin.

"So, what do my two favourite sons what to do on the first day of our new family?" I asked as I sat on the couch.

"Speedboat Tag," Billy said.

"Exploration Hike," Davey said.

"Okay, how about we pack a lunch, go for a hike and then do Speedboat Tag when we get back?"

"Sounds great, Daddy."

We changed into some hiking clothes, bought some food and water bottles and headed in a new direction. Davey wanted to climb a steep hill because it would give him some great pictures of the resort from the top. It took 30 minutes of slow climbing to reach the top. Davey made it first and took pictures of Billy and me climbing up. After a short break and many pictures, we decided to look around.

We found a very old rundown log cabin. It was bigger than the cabin we had been staying at the resort. All the windows were broken and it was very weather-beaten. There were animals nested in every corner. I was very surprised to see the main structure was still in very good shape. It looked like it was built in the late 1800's or early 1900's because there were no power lines leading up to the cabin and there were no power outlets inside. The main floor had a large kitchen with an old wood stove. A formal dining room still had the chairs and table in the center. The library/study had bookshelves built into the wall. The huge living room had a giant fireplace in the center. It had three large bedrooms on the second floor. Each bedroom had a private veranda and one bedroom had a small fireplace. A master bedroom on the third level loft had a fireplace and a breath-taking 360-degree view from a wrap-around deck. As we explored outside, we discovered a stone hot spring less than 50 feet from the cabin. It was dirty and full of leaves and pine needles. The water was still warm and stream was rising from it. On the other side of the hill, was a trail dug into the mountain wide enough for a vehicle to travel. It was very overgrown. There was enough room to widen the road further into the side of the mountain.Overalll, the property looked like it was abandoned for at least 75 years.

The boys enjoyed exploring every inch of the cabin and grounds. They said it was like Indian Jones exploring a lost village. They said they were looking for 'lost treasures.'

"It would have been so cool to live here when this place was new, Daddy," Davey said.

"Ya, I already know which bedroom I would have slept in." Billy giggled.

"Which one did you like Billy?" I asked.

"The one with the pine tree next to the veranda. I could sneak up to the master bedroom or down to the hot spring by climbing the tree."

"I like the bedroom with the fireplace," Davey said.

The more the boys talked, the more I thought about how great it would be to bring this cabin back to life. It would take a lot of work and cost a lot but it still would be cheaper than building one from scratch.

The boys and I decided to hike down the overgrown trail to see where it came out. It would itself down the mountain to the private road leading to the resort. We walked back up the road to the main lodge. I told the boys to go to the cabin, grab a quick shower to wash the sweat off and then head to the pool for Speedboat Tag. I went into the lodge to talk with John about the cabin we found.

"Hi Doug, Were you on another hike with the boys?"

"Ya, another great workout for me and hopefully the boys will sleep well tonight?" I chuckled.

"Did you find anything new on your hike?"

"As a matter of fact, we did find something new. We found a very old cabin up on the east hill. Did you know it was up there, John?"

"Actually, I did know about the cabin. When we bought the resort we bought the adjacent lot with that cabin on it too. I had this dream of making that the honeymoon cabin. Betty thought I was crazy and she was right. It was only a few thousand more for the lot so I thought it would be a good investment. I hiked up there just after we bought the resort. I did not realize the cabin was in that bad of shape. I never told Betty; I just said it was a future project." John laughed.

"Well, the boys and I did a thorough exploration of the site. Would you be interested in selling me the cabin and lot?"

"You are kidding, right Doug? It would cost you a small fortune to restore it."

"I know it would." I chuckled.

"You are serious, aren't you, Doug?" John was shocked.

"John, you should know by now that I'm a very impulsive guy." I laughed.

"Yes, you are, Doug," John chuckled.

"So, would you consider selling it to me? I'm willing to pay fair market value for the property."

"You really are crazy, Doug." John chuckled. "I'll be honest with you I could use the extra capital for the resort."

"So it will be a 'Win/Win' for both of us." I grinned.

"Okay, the cabin needs major renovations and it is basically a write off right now. I will talk it over with Betty. If she agrees, I will sell you the land at market value and throw in the cabin for nothing."

"That sounds like a fair deal," I stuck out my hand and John shook it.

"I just wish I was as young and impulsive as you, Doug." John laughed.

"Impulsive yes, but young, ask me after I soak my weary bones in the pool." I laughed.

"Doug, what do you think your new WIFE is going to say when she sees your new purchase?" John chuckled.

"Well, I'm hoping that she and Betty are so close that she wouldn't want to leave the area. That will make the news easier." I laughed.

"You are very lucky there. Betty and Diane have become very close, just like mother and daughter. Betty cares a great deal for Diane and your boys. We never had a daughter so Betty is very fond of Diane."

"And me?" I asked.

"Well… we did raise 2 boys of our own. She cares about you, Doug. You are like her 'prodigal son.' She says she is just waiting for you to grow up. Don't worry; she says the same thing about our own boys too." We both laughed.

Just then, the boys walked in carrying in my bathing suit and towel.

"Hi Daddy, Hi Grandpa John," Billy said.

"Grandpa John?" I asked.

"Grandpa John told us, last night, that a lot of boys and girls call him Grandpa and he said that we can also call his wife Grandma Betty."

"You and Betty have already adopted my family, John?" We both chuckled.

"I guess so but don't call Betty, 'Mommy' just yet," John said and the boys laughed.

"So, you will talk to Grandma Betty, about what we discussed?" I asked.

"Yes, but she will think you are crazy like I do." John chuckled.

The boys asked me what John and I were talking about. All I told them was that I was working on a new 'family' surprise with John. They kept pestering me, trying to guess what the surprise was but I did not say any more. I changed in the lodge washroom and headed to the pool with the boys to play 'Speedboat tag.'

"Do you 3 boys want to come out and have dinner with me?" Diane asked

"MOMMY!" Billy yelled and ran to give her a big hug.

"Did you have a great time at the hot springs?" Davey asked as he hugged her.

"I had a great time but I missed both of my sons." She said as she hugged Davey.

"Did you miss me?" I teased.

"I'm not sure, have you behaved yourself?" Diane giggled

"That depends if you ask your sons or you ask Grandpa John." I chuckled.

"He behaved, Mommy," Billy said.

"Ya, we found an old cabin on the mountain today. He was too tired to pick on us." Davey added giggling.

"Oh really? I'll look forward to you telling me all about your adventure over dinner."

I got out of the pool and gave Diane a warm hug and a long passionate kiss.

"Ewww!" the boys giggled.

"Get used to it," I chuckled.

We went up to the cabin, to get changed out of our swimsuits, for dinner.

Diane's friends joined us for dinner in the main lodge. The boys spent the entire dinner telling all about their adventure exploring the cabin we found today. Davey showed the group all the pictures he took from his camera. Diane did not look impressed when she saw the pictures of the cabin. Then again, she was never a boy exploring a new discovery like Indiana Jones.

Diane's girlfriends left after dinner and said they would meet her back at their cabin to finish their 'bachelorette party.' John and Betty came over to sit with us.

"I'm assuming Doug has not told you what the 'new' idea he has come up with while you were at the spa," Betty said to Diane and I sunk in my seat.

"No?" Diane giggle but a bit confused.

"Did they tell you about the cabin they found?" Betty asked.

"Yes," Diane said cautiously.

"Doug, do you want to tell her?" Betty said like a mother to a son that has just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Thanks, Betty for that comfortable lead-in to my surprise." I chuckled.

"Doug?" Diane asked. The boys were eager to hear about my surprise earlier than I planned.

"Well…John and I talked, after the boys and I came back down from the cabin. I asked him if he would sell me the cabin and property."

"The cabin that's on Davey's camera?" Diane asked in a very shocked voice.

"Well, that's the only cabin we found today," I said humbly.

"You don't want us to move into that when we leave here?" Diane asked.

"No of course not, I was thinking that the boys and I could fix it up this summer and we would have it ready by winter," I said like a boy asking his mother's permission.

"Where would we live in the meantime?" Diane asked

"Well…I would rent out the cabin we are in now for you and the boys and I would build a dog house for me around the back of the cabin."

Diane chuckled and could no longer try to be upset with me after that comment. John and the boys laughed and even Betty chuckled after she elbowed John for laughing.

After Betty composed herself enough to sound like the stern grandmother, she did admit that I had a good idea in principle. She said that she has never seen the cabin. She told Diane it was one of John's 'hair-brained ideas' when they bought the resort. I laughed when I saw John squirming at Betty's story. Betty said it was a good investment property but was not sure about the cabin.

Diane looked into my eyes. I looked into her eyes and just nodded. She knew I was not one to take an unnecessary risk on a bad investment. She loved me and trusted me. Then she looked at Betty.

"Well, I guess I should at least look at this new cabin of ours tomorrow." She said trying to sound as stern as Betty.

"Does this mean we are going to fix up the cabin to live in Daddy?" Davey asked me. Billy was still trying to put everything together.

"Well you boys already picked out your own bedrooms," I said. That is when Billy caught onto what we were talking about and became excited.

"You will love it, Mommy," Billy said with enthusiasm

"I hope it is better than the pictures" Diane sighed and leaned on Betty's shoulder. We all chuckled.

I leaned over and gave Diane a hug and kiss to say 'thank you.'

"Don't you have a post-bachelorette party to get too?" I said as I hugged her.

We all got up from the table. I walked up to Betty and gave her a big hug. The boys each gave her a hug and thanked her for the cabin. We walked back to the cabin, arms in arms. I told Diane to enjoy a wonderful evening with her girlfriends and I will see her in the morning. We hugged and kissed. The boys hugged her and she went into the cabin with her close friends.

I went into the other cabin with two boys that were too excited to sleep anytime soon. They asked me tonnes of questions about the cabin and had tonnes of their own ideas for the cabin. I told them the first thing we needed to do was get a tractor and cutting tools to clear the road up to the cabin so we could drive the camper up to the cabin. That way we could eat and sleep in the camper when we needed to.

Davey uploaded all the pictures of the cabin to his laptop so we could make plans for the cabin. The boys planned every square inch of the cabin that was in Davey's pictures. Davey regretted not taking more while we were up there. He planned to take lots more tomorrow.

Billy was just as excited and told us all his ideas. He giggled as he said he was going to try climbing the tree outside his new bedroom veranda tomorrow.

The boys started to yawn and that was a sign to go to bed. They undressed and washed up. I turned off all the lights downstairs and I brought them up each a glass of milk. We climbed into bed and fell asleep together.



Editor's Notes:

Very nice chapter. As honeymoons go the happy couple missed out on together time but they had enough on the wedding night. Something tells me they better get the cabin done quickly so the boys have their own rooms and the adults can lock their door and have some PRIVATE together time.

It sounds like the cabin was very well built. The biggest problem is going to be getting electricity and water into the house. I wonder if the outhouse is still functional. It is a good plan to get the camper there, especially for Diane and Betty.

Well, the next chapter will have a surprise or two so hold on and fasten your seat belts.


Host's Notes:

Thank you Silas111 for another warm and fuzzy chapter without a Cliffhanger. Your Evil Editor is slipping.

I like the idea of renovating the cabin but I am still worried about how Billy and Davey are going to handle it when Diane's illness takes her away from them.

I really like Betty and John and the way they interact with their guests; especially their favourite ones.