Ayden's Eyes Book Four

Chapter 114

Chapter 114

 It was bedtime and I picked my tired son up and took him into his bedroom. He forgot he hadn't gone through his purchases but I whispered to him he could do it in the morning. He was so tired but he waited for his pa to kiss him goodnight, then he was fast asleep.

"What did he buy Den?"

"Fairy dresses and god only knows what’s in the other dozen bags." I stifled a laugh as I took his hand and led him to our bedroom.

"Where’s our stuff?"

"In the wardrobe do you want to go through it?"

"Yes please." I went and got the bags and plopped them on the bed. He started playing with the delicate sets of underwear, then he had me try some of it on. Not wanting to be alone I made him give me a show too. It was on for young and old after he put the string like bikini an and we made love for the next few hours, I had him in just about everything, and he changed me quite a few times too.

 We were exhausted again and I took him in my arms and listened until he was deeply sleeping. I wasn’t really trying to do anything, but I did place my hand on his chest and said.

 "You are released from your bonds to me my love."

Nothing happened and he slept on unaware of what I had done. If it worked maybe now he might feel more alive, more inclined to maybe make love to me instead of me taking whatever I want when I want, I felt a quiver in my bum.

I saw a sudden flash of light in the room and Trident was instantly by the bed.

 "Sire, can we talk for a minute?"

"Of course my friend." He moved us onto the beach and I felt a sense of dread as he made me hold his handle.

"Sire there are two things you must not do and I need to tell you what they are before your colors are fully restored."


"One is that you can never go back to your origins, you must stay here with your people, they will fade away if you're not with them, they need you to survive, to live in the human world."

"Done, and two?" I nodded.

"Never release your knight from his bonding’s to you. He endured immeasurable suffering at the hands of the black king, he and his soul were tortured relentlessly by him, because he wouldn’t submit to his filthy demands of total control of his soul.

 Before you found him and bonded he was about ready to give up and bow down to him. You released him from his earthly bonds and if you release him from yours he will forever be in agony because he will remember everything. Reliving those torturous moments, much like when he fell in love with you in this lifetime and you rejected him for just a moment. What you do now is important and I'm sorry I have to put you through this, hold me tight." He ordered. My hand grasped his handle and the downloading began.

 I saw Evan, my beautiful Evan and I fell in love with him instantly. He was my creation, he was an Archangel one of eight, the creator had made seven. I had made Evangeliss, he was my absolute knight and my link to the fairy lands. I had fallen in love with him but had to send him to the lands to oversee my fairy folk. He took my breath away, and I also saw his absolute agony.

 The black king had ensnared him when he arrived in the lands and he was relentlessly being used by the king's army. They had him tied up with some sort of magic rope, he was dangling from the cavernous ceiling and his legs were open. The two dozen or so soldiers were fucking him violently, they were taking it in turns and weren’t being very gentle about it. His screams were heartbreaking, and I almost annihilated the lot of them on the spot. I watched as blood seeped between his legs and when each one had finished the black king waved his hands and said.


Evangeliss's face relaxed but his heavily terrified breathing stayed, I could feel his soul screaming in agony and felt his suffering.

 "Submit to only me Archangel, submit and I will release you.
"Go to hell you fucking filthy pig." I shuddered my stomach churned again.

Then it started again and he was relentlessly and violently raped by more soldiers, I knew the king was letting it happen, then he was healing him, then the onslaught would start all over again. There was a black shadow lurking behind the king, and I couldn’t make out what it was. I knew my Evangeliss, my Archangel was a virgin every time it restarted.

 I watched myself destroy all the soldiers they no longer existed in any world, then I turned on the black king as he cringed away from my blinding light. I tried to destroy him but I wasn’t quick enough, he suddenly disappeared into a stinking screaming void. I knew that was when he gathered his army and fled to the human world. I should have left him there and not followed, but I needed to exact my own revenge. After a long war, I eventually had captured him in that painting and I let him live his existence in his own agony for the rest of time. The shadow had disappeared long before I destroyed the king.

 I had knelt beside my light and whispered.

 "Heal my love, bond to only me and I promise you will never feel pain ever again, you will not remember what has happened to you." His broken body healed right in front of me and his eyes turned bright azure blue like my little angel, and he regained some of his composure. I loosened his ropes and he stood in front of me, I took him in my arms and we danced for the first time, he was stunning as a man but breathtaking as an Archangel. I had made him, he was mine to love and cherish, like our son.

 "Stay with me my king, forever love me and care for me, my heart breaks with my love for you."

"I will my angel, and you will be my forever knight, my champion. Rest my love and I will heal thy soul to return it to your perfect being." I whispered in his ear. My eyes snapped open, and I started to panic.

 My stomach churned once again and I wanted to be with my Evan. I wanted to tell him everything will be okay with him and I wanted to hold him, my love surged through my veins.

 "My god, that was hideous."

"Well remember my words my king, I can't stress enough about those two rules."

"So I have been with Evan forever like my son, I made him to look out for the fairy."

"Yes my king, when you came to the fairyland and saw the torture your love was enduring, you alone started the war to wipe the black king and his vile army off the face of the lands."

I felt a panic I have never felt before, it was urgent I had to get back to my Evan, but Trident went on.

 "When he appeared from that painting you had trapped him in he couldn’t get to Evangeliss or your minds, he was after the golden prince, his memories were not clouded by your spells. You made Evan your forever knight and nobody is to touch him except you. You have kept him safe and secure by doing that to him, and he gladly submits to your love. Many have tried to entice him away from you but his love is more than anyone could imagine. If you release him he will be in so much agony, and I don’t think you would want to put him through that again."

I was in shock because I loved Evan more than anything in the world he is my forever Angel.

"He must be tied to you always; he must not be released, he is too beautiful to be tortured again."

He was telling me something, something very important.

 I willed myself to calm down and then I willed myself to be back in Evans' arms. I found him screaming in his sleep, he was tearing at his throat and his legs were kicking at something I couldn't see. I threw myself onto the bed and tried to calm him down. Ayden was at the door, he started screaming.

 "Donts dah, donts release pa."

Tears flooded down his cheeks. My general and his man crashed through the back door and Rita appeared at the ready, completely outshining everybody in her gold and green haze. My Evan, how could I do such a terrible thing to him. His pain was so severe and his screaming was so loud it ripped through my heart and the bay, I also felt its screams. I gathered my colors while I held him and whispered.

 "Bond with me my true love, never leave me never stray from my side, heal your heart and bond with only me. I will keep you safe and I will love you forever." I hoped that was enough.

 He screamed once more then the sobbing started, something I have never seen him do in our long life together. His beautiful blue eyes opened and they were begging me to hold him tight.

"Hold me, never leave me, my love, my heart." He whispered.

 "Den, what can we do what's happening?" Horse yelled as Rita enclosed a crying Ayden in her colors.

"Nothing just stay calm; he's slowly coming back then everything will be all right. Sleep my dear friend forget tonight and have sweet dreams my eternal love, my beautiful Archangel."

 When I looked again Evan was smiling at me then he turned to snuggle into my safe embrace, within seconds I could hear his light snoring. Ayden struggled down and ran to the bed climbing up to be with his pa, Rita and the others started becoming human again. Ayden got under the covers and his arm went across his pa.

"Dah, I stays, you tells to Hoth and nannies."

"Will he be okay my son?"

"Yep dah, just haves fright wonts remembers, you fix."

I kissed my son then indicated to my friends we should go and talk for a minute.

"Does anyone want coffee?"

"No my lovely friend this won't take too long. I have to be with Evan"

 I looked at their faces and started explaining.

"I accidentally released him from his bonding's to me." Ra gasped and his tears started flowing down his face. I stared at him and said.

"I said accidentally because I didn't think anything would happen, but it did and he felt the destruction of our bonding, he was in pain. He's okay now because I bonded him again, I tried to wipe his memory of it and Ayden said it worked."

I wasn’t looking for sympathy.

 "With great respect my king, why the fuck would you even try that?" Ra said through his teeth.

"I didn't know what would happen, I just thought it might make him less inclined to be a servant to me that's all."

"But why? that's what he wanted, the instant he saw you he wanted you, he is part of you, you were his savior his love at first sight, and all that mumbo jumbo. You released him from his living hell." Ra wasn’t going to let me off easily.

 "I didn’t know; I still don’t know what really happened back then, but I have fixed it and it will never happen again." I didn’t want to tell them Trident had restored that part of my memory, not just yet.

"Make sure it bloody well doesn’t." Ra turned and walked down the stairs to go around the back to bed, he wasn’t happy with me, I felt his disgust. But as he passed me he stopped with tears in his eyes he said.

 "I will not tell anyone, my king, the folk will be devastated you even thought about releasing your knight, they will understand for sure, but it will greatly injure them and the bay." He walked on.

 I felt so guilty and so low, Rita took me in her arms and I wept with terror running through my veins saying over an over.

"I didn’t know I just didn’t know, I'm a selfish pig for wanting that to happen."

"I believe you Den, and whatever went on I will always have your back, I know there is no way you would ever harm our beautiful Angel." She soothed my aching heart with her sweet words, I don’t think she was aware she was doing it but it made me feel better.

 "I have to go, I have to be with him."

"I understand Den. I’ll see you in the morning." She kissed me then walked me back to my bedroom. I slipped in and looked at them both Ayden had fallen asleep and was holding his pa close. I stripped and moved into the bed.

"I love you so much Evan Spicer, it kills me to think I nearly destroyed you."

"Den, go to sleep, no lube tonight bubbies here." I heard him giggle.

I afforded myself a small chuckle then I kissed his lips, you know the ones I adore.

 We slept well and in the morning Horse was banging on the door, he was up for an early surf and Evan was up for it too. I placed my fingers to my lips indicating Horse not to say anything, he looked at me all strangely.

My man kissed me good morning as he slipped his boardies on, his cock got stuck and I helped him release it. You have a filthy mind Den Curtis and he really needs to go surfing.

 "I will be back later Den, I want you leaning over the bed in that suspender belt when I arrive home." He whispered to me. I felt guilty as I watched his sweet ass walk out our door I wondered if I could make Evan want to be a top sometimes, maybe I will think on it some more, scratch that maybe I just won't ever think again.

 I slipped back to sleep holding my baby, he hadn’t woken up yet and I wanted to cuddle with him. My head was everywhere and I immediately started chastising myself from within.

I will never release Evan and I knew I will always remember the torture he went through because I bloody well deserved to be included in that memory. I also thought when Tridents secrets are mine I couldn’t change them, they were forever. The black shadow nagged at my memory as I drifted off to sleep.

 As my morning progressed I felt a little better and again wondered if Evan was with his dad surfing. Trident appeared just as I was plying another painting with my new bright paint.

 "He has been blocked my king, he can't know what's in your head it will be too much for him. I'm not talking about last night I'm talking about your history no one can ever know except me and the prince."

"Did you block him from reading my mind?"

"No sire the little prince did, he saw it coming and moved swiftly to delete that portion of his mind that does it. He did it on the way home from the city."

"I will thank him when he gets home that’s if he’s talking to me or not."

"He adores you, and he understands more than you know, you forget he's been with you always and he followed you into the Folks world because you’re his father, and his first love." I nodded my understanding and my next question was.

 "Will the folk ever forgive me?"

"They will never know, I have taken the liberty of erasing Rita Horse and Ra's minds, it never happened. This is between us three and it has to be kept that way. If I could I would do you and the prince too, but I don’t have that sort of power, only you do."

"I thought you were more powerful than us?"

"I am sometimes sire, but not when it comes to getting into your heads. I refrain from that because I don’t want to damage any connecting magic you have created. And I can’t change anything the forever golden king has done any way, he rules absolute over his fairy folk."

"I see, thank you, my friend, I wondered why Rita and Horse were their old selves this morning"

"When you are ready we can join again, we are nearly finished but I warn you the next part will also be again heartbreaking, it starts with you living in the human world and I apologize in advance. You have lived many lives and had much human heartbreak."

I nodded again and although I didn't want to go through it, but I must for my people's sake, then I had a thought.

 "Who is Ayden?" A question I had pondered for ages but still didn't know the answer.

"The little prince is love, Cupid in earthly terms and he is very very powerful sire."

"Is this my last human life?"

"Yes my sire, you will become yourself again soon and your dying days are over." I understood and nodded.

"Give me a few days will you?"

"Of course my lord a few days it is then."

 He disappeared and I was left standing there with a paintbrush in hand.

"Are you going to place the paint on the canvas or not?" I heard Rita say.

"Oh, of course, I am." I giggled.

"Where were you?"

"Talking to Trident."

"Did he explain some more things to you Den?"

"Yes, my love he's nearly finished bringing my memory back fully."

"Good and I'm glad he deleted last night's fiasco. It's okay my love I won't be talking about it to anyone."

"What? he said he wiped your memory."

"I am from the Earth fairy my love, made by the creator, no one can control me, we were made differently, or did you forget that little important fact?"  She smiled, I hugged her because she was mother nature and I figured I wouldn’t have any hold over her, in fact, I knew they had deliberately been made differently.

My old painting flashed in my head, the queen the king and the prince, it made sense now.

 "Thank you, my heavenly beauty, I forget sometimes how beautiful you really are." She hugged me in a motherly way then shooed me off so I could paint some more, she said she liked my paintings too and had her eye on the one I was doing. I chuckled as she half danced down the porch.

 My mind drifted off again and I wondered that if I made Ayden as my son, why couldn’t I make another son for us to hold and cherish. I lost that thought because I would stuff it up completely I know I would. When I made Ayden I used the great ones guiding hand and between him and myself, we made the little prince of love as perfect as one of his Angel's.

 Then I got a shocking memory back, Evan was an Angel no he was an Archangel to be precise. He has been with me forever I remembered him as my champion a liaison between the worlds. I knew I had loved him right from the start, he had ventured into my fairy world to look after it when he was trapped by the black king and that shadow. It was me that wanted to go to find him, it was me that created the black king while experimenting, and it was me that caused Evans pain.

 I remembered the great one he was all-encompassing everything that was; was him. I wanted to know more and I wanted to know about the fairy on earth, why were they so different, who made them and then I recalled. The great one had made them I made the folk in their own lands which was in a different dimension. I brought them all here because there was very little to distinguish the tribes from each other, and I had to destroy the black king. Rita was Earth fairy she has been around here a lot longer than us, she was created when the dust created the Earth. Tony and Joe were Earth folk and so was Jay and Birdy, and some of our mates. Most of the folk and the army were from that other fairy dimension, there were many tribes and two folklands. My memory was educating me and all I had to do was ask and the answer was placed in my head.

 Trident the little prince myself and the Archangels were the only ones from the ancient times, and together we gathered up the folk I had created and intermixed them with the Earth fairy. After the war I didn’t place them in the golden book, Ayden did, the little prince never lost his magic, he had my power and some of our creator’s magic, maybe because my baby is still small he hasn’t yet redeemed all of his powers yet.

 When all was done and dusted everything worked out perfectly and in the back of my head, I could feel my creator was pleased with the results. I felt there was more, when an image popped into my head. Horse, Nut's, Donk, Tiny, Trip, Abs, and one other I couldn’t quite remember, seven true friends seven Archangels, Archangels that were sent by the creator to look after his earthly realm and to fight for me and the prince. Seven angels that also had forgotten who they were, or am I imagining it. I blew my breath out and closed my thoughts down for the day.

 "Come on do me, do me bubs lube me up and make love to me." I had been waiting for my knight and was laying face down on the bed in those suspenders and a snappy G-string when he poked his head in. He closed the door and sat next to me, stroking my bum as he talked.

 "It's impossible my king, I could never harm you and doing that is painful, I am not allowed to hurt you in any way."

"Try I don't mind, in fact, I would love it, go on, stick it in me." He stared at me then grabbed the lube.

 "Okay, but remember you begged for it, can you help me out for a bit?"

He worked on my ass I worked on him for a long time and it felt awesome, and when he popped the head of his dick inside, I felt a surge of pain, so much so I screamed in agony and nearly leaped off the bed trying to get away from him.

 "I told you I couldn’t hurt you." He looked down at his dick it was almost flaccid.

"Of all the fucking stupid ideas I've ever had this is probably the dumbest, fuck that hurt." I rubbed my bum while he laughed his head off.

"You won't ask again will you?"

"No flipping way never again, not ever, that bloody hurt."

"Well my lord it does, and as I said I'm not capable of hurting you."

"Then why do you do it? it must hurt you like hell?"

"No Den, you could never harm me you are too gentle and it's not in your DNA to hurt anyone you love."

"But when did you lose your virginity, and don't tell me it was your mates in the bushes on Brighton beach or your college mate giving you fifty bucks?"

"Den, I don't remember when I started doing it that way. I know I've always known it wouldn’t hurt and I can only remember ever being with you, maybe our dancing made me different." This was so confusing and there was no answer coming from my memory, perhaps Evan and I are the only ones that can bond, perhaps I made it that way.

 "Den, I remember being somewhere wonderful with all my brothers, and I remember a young king that I absolutely adored. I also remember going to the folk's lands to distance myself from that king. He came and found me and from there on we have never been separated." I thought about it for a second then said.

 "How do you know?"

"My father has been telling me stuff, but a lot of those sort of memories just kind of appear randomly when I surf." Maybe I was bringing him back.

"So the same thing happened to you here when you fled to London?"

"I didn’t flee Den I just needed a break."

"You fled like a virgin bride." I kissed him then whispered in his ear.

"Did you say you had brothers, how old are they?" I knew the seven Arcangles were his brothers in a round about way and they were magnificent, a bit like our boys actually.

 He couldn’t stop laughing and the moment was lost again. When he finished laughing we changed and my colours and his appeared and I made love to an Angel in all his glorious white and gold colour, me with black flowing hair.

 We were both exhausted and that suspender belt was completely destroyed when he ripped it off me, I thought after that we didn’t really need any toys to make our lovemaking better it was already so wonderfully perfect. Of course, that was when I pulled out a blue g string and made him try them on. The human lovemaking started at his bottom and ended up on his lips.

 We both fell asleep, Evan was clutching his stone and I was again holding Tridents handle. I saw in Tridents markings the answer I sought. I had taken all of the angel’s pain and that’s why he can’t make love to me, I would feel his pain whenever it was tried, that was the personal punishment I had placed on myself for being so ignorant of his love in the first place. I will never try to release that magic spell because I wanted to feel like shit for letting it happen in the first place.

 After we woke and showered I was hungry, no starving. After dressing I went to Rita's and she passed me a couple of large sandwich’s before I even asked for one and I grabbed a bottle of water for us both. Ayden was sitting on Horses knees and when I kissed him he wanted me then. I sat him face to face with me and kissed him many times. He was an angel a perfect little Cupid. If Ayden was Cupid then he was doing his job pretty well. 

 I stroked my baby's back and I felt something tingling through my hands, I was transferring magic to my beautiful son. He has looked after us for such a long time and I wanted to firstly return the gift he gave to us all. He not only cared for us he cared for the human fairy too and the first thing I can do is return it to him tenfold, then secure my people so they will never see that sort of war again.

I slipped up by coming into their world without making plans first it was my fault the war started then Ayden had to create the golden book to secure our people, the Archangels were sent to help us and they destroyed the evil plague.


"Yes, son?"

"You thinks too much, Ayden's okays he gets plenty of magic and you worries too much settles down."

"Okay, son but you will let me know if you need some won't you?"

"Yes dah, I love you dah and thank you for coming back wif me."

"Well we are here now but I don't know what I'm supposed to do yet."

"You does dah, just live and be happies likes Ayden's, paints, love my pa and make sure your peoples are safe."

"That's all? gosh, I had better find a project to do."

"You paints, or did you forgets that." he giggled into my chest.

"Of course I do son, is there anything else?"

"No dahs all is nerlies most finished."

 While I had slept in Evans arms, Trident had taken it upon himself to finish my education. I had lived through watching my folk being slaughtered in a long drawn out war, and my son was sharing his magic around so at least we had some defenses. My pursuit of the black king was relentless until one day I cornered him alone, no shadow. I froze him then did a mental painting and placed him in it, he would suffer in agony for the rest of his days. His army was so depleted, the ones that were left gave up and after some time they returned to the fairy lands and once again became one with us.

I have always known Evan, and with every life I had, I was reunited with him and my son, mothers, and wives bought them back into my life and each time Ayden tried to work on my memory but it was a hopeless task, every time I would regain some sense of the fairy my human body would die. But over eons that small amount of magic I retained built up and we came to this time where, simple human medicine in the guise of shock treatments restarted all my powers that are now returning.

 The heartbreaking moments were awful, I watched many of my loved ones die but not my angel or son they just faded away to be reborn when I was ready.

 My mother earth and her people always had power they drew it from the soil, only she and her people lived on when the forever king and his son and friends didn’t. It was her doing her constant evolvement that took us on that human journey otherwise we would have been doomed right from the start. We were injured and depleted of any magic so she and the earth fairy made us secure and safe along with my son for every life we lived, they were there waiting for our return.

 The great one didn’t help because this was my doing and as Trident said, I set up some pretty intricate magic when I created my folk, no one could interfere for fear of destroying the whole pattern. I felt him but never saw him again, I guess he's too busy looking out for all his other creations to bother with a whim of mine because the folk was a whim but a beautiful whim none the less.  I also remembered that there were many gods and great ones. I was a lesser king but a much loved king by my creator.

 Tridents job was done and my mind was playing catch up at a rapid pace. He told me it was better to get it all out of the way and then I could process it all at my leisure knowing I had dreamt the best and the worst of our lives.


"Yes, son?"

"Stop thinkings."

"Okays son." I laughed.

"You drives me crazy, too noisy." He banged his head with his hands.

I shut up and change to good thoughts, like when he was a baby. His smiles were precious and as he drifted off to sleep I saw him in all his glorious colours they were much the same as mine but with a good dose of snow white and gold too.

 He doesn’t want me to be consumed in guilt he just wants happy loving people around him. I kissed him once more and moved him to his bean bag. His mates who had been waiting for him to drop off cuddled next to him, their smiles told me they were very happy with their little magic prince.