The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 3

A Secret Admirer

When we got home from work on Saturday, we ate lunch with the boys.  Once we finished, we asked if they wanted to go to the cinema complex to watch a movie.  They immediately agreed and said they wanted to see Black Panther, which had just been released.  I knew it was rated PG-13 and wasn’t sure if we should take the two youngest boys to see it, so I asked Dad for his opinion. 

“What do you think?  Should we take Wyatt and Tristan to see Black Panther, or should we take them to see something else?” 

“I’m sure they’ve seen worse while watching some of the movies and shows on TV, so I don’t think it will be a problem.” 

“So you don’t think Dion and Trey will get upset if we take Wyatt with us?” 

“No, they trust your judgment.  Besides, Wyatt is already upset that he couldn’t go with his daddy and poppy, and his mood will only get worse if he isn’t allowed to see the movie with the other boys.” 

“You’re probably right about that, so we’ll take him too.  Would you and Pop like to join us?” 

“No, I think we’ll take advantage of some quiet time alone.”  He winked at me after he said this. 

“Then I guess we’ll all get what we want.” 

After urging the boys to hurry up and get ready, we loaded everyone into the SUV and set out for the cinema complex.  After purchasing the tickets and buying everyone a drink, we found an area of the theater with a sufficient number of open seats for all of us.  The boys sat on the edge of their chairs as we watched the previews and waited for the movie to begin.  Even after the movie started, they remained sitting the same way because they were totally absorbed in what was happening on the screen.  

The movie turned out to be very well done, with plenty of action, amazing visual effects, a terrific cast, and an interesting storyline.  The boys were thrilled that we’d taken them to see it, and Wyatt even temporarily forgot about being upset that he didn’t get to go with his fathers. 

When we returned to the house, the boys immediately began telling Grandpa Josh and Grandpa Jake about the movie, and they even tried to act out some of the more thrilling scenes.  Dad and Pop got a kick out of the boys’ antics, and their reaction merely encouraged the younger group to continue their exaggerated and animated actions.  Eventually, the boys couldn’t think of anything else to share with their grandfathers, so they headed toward the family room to play video games. 

Brandon and Dad fixed dinner that evening, something Trey generally did with Brandon, and after we ate we decided to spend some quality time with the boys.  Dad knew exactly what we could do and dug out some of the old board games he still had from when we were kids.  He and Pop taught the older boys how to play The Game of Life and Clue, while Brandon and I played Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land with Wyatt and Tristan. 

We spent a couple of hours doing that with the boys, and then we sent them up to take their showers and get ready for bed.  We would be waking them up for church in the morning and didn’t want anyone to be tired and possibly fall asleep during Sunday school or the church service.  When Brandon and I went up to tuck them in, Wyatt had something he wanted to tell us. 

“Thanks for doin’ that stuff with us today.  The movie was really good and I had fun playin’ the games with you.” 

“Yeah, I had fun doing that too,” Tristan agreed, since Wyatt was sleeping with him again. 

“You’re both very welcome and we’re glad you enjoyed doing those things with us,” Brandon agreed. 

“Sweet dreams and we’ll see you in the morning,” I added before we left the room. 

Brandon and I then went to say goodnight to the other boys, and then we decided to turn in early as well.  It had been a long and busy day, and tomorrow would be another busy one as well. 

When we went to wake up the boys the following morning, we hustled them through their preparations before heading to church.  Many of the other congregants asked where Dion and Trey were and we told them that they’d gone away for the weekend to celebrate Trey’s birthday.  They seemed to think that was a wonderful idea, and they complimented us for taking care of Wyatt and Joshie while they were away. 

Once the church service concluded, we went out for brunch like we normally did, and then we headed back to the house.  Brandon and I had chores to do, so we told the boys they were on their own for the rest of the day, but I reminded them to finish their homework, if they had any left to do.   Each of us then went about our business until dinnertime, and while we were taking our seats at the table, Joshie asked a question. 

“Aren’t you gonna wait for our dads to get home before we eat?” 

“No, because I’m not sure what time they’re going to return and it might be quite late,” Dad responded.  “We’ll eat now and I’ll fix them something later if they haven’t eaten.”  That seemed to be sufficient for Joshie, so we dug in and enjoyed a wonderful meal together.

Dion and Trey didn’t actually show up until nearly 9:00, and we greeted them as they came through the door.  “Welcome home,” we all screamed. 

“Thank you,” Dion responded.  “We had a fantastic time.” 

“I’m sure you did, but before you tell us all about it, I need to know if you two are hungry and want to eat,” Dad stated.  

“Yes.  We haven’t had anything since lunch, but we didn’t stop on the way back because we wanted to get home before our sons went to bed.  We haven’t seen them all weekend and wanted to spend time with them before they fell asleep.” 

“We missed you too,” Wyatt countered as he made his way over to give each of them a hug. 

“Yeah, we missed you,” Joshie agreed, “but Uncle Danny and Uncle Brandon kept us pretty busy.” 

“I’m glad to hear that,” Dion stated. 

“Ok, why don’t you two go into the dinning room and get comfortable while I heat up something for you to eat,” Dad told them. 

“You mean there are leftovers?” Trey asked amazed.  With so many growing boys in the house there usually wasn’t anything remaining by the time the vultures left the table. 

“Yes, I held some of the food back for you guys, because I suspected you might be famished,” Dad announced.  “And I doubt any of the boys left the table hungry because I did that.” 

There were a few chuckles from the adults and a few disgusted looks from the boys as Dad headed out to the kitchen to whip up a couple plates of food for Dion and Trey.  While he was doing that, the rest of us joined them in the dining room so we could find out about their trip.

“Ok, tell us all about it,” Brandon urged. 

“Our suite was incredible, the meals delicious, and the entertainment outstanding,” Dion answered. 

“Oh, come on.  We need details,” Brandon complained. 

“Ok, if you want to listen to a long winded account of everything we did,” Dion agreed.  “The drive wasn’t bad and we went directly to the hotel to check in.  As soon as we were given our key cards, we took our suitcases up to the room and checked it out.  The suite was huge and it had a king-size bed, and there was a separate area that was filled with comfortable furniture and a television so we could sit and relax.  After catching our breath, we decided to go to one of the restaurants and have lunch.”

“And all the meals were outstanding,” Trey chipped in.  “I even got a few ideas for some new dishes I can prepare here.” 

“I can’t wait to try them,” I agreed. 

“As soon as we finished eating, we went back to the room and, ummm, we took a short break,” Dion continued, although somewhat uncomfortably.  I’m certain that most of us suspected he was trying to avoid telling us something in front of the boys, and this unspoken information pertained to him and Trey having sex during that time.  “After we were done, uhhh I mean after we woke up, we changed into our suits and headed out for the evening.  We drove over to the restaurant where Pop made the reservation for us and had dinner, and the place was amazing.” 

“Yes, it was,” Trey agreed.  “They’d transformed an elegant old mansion built in the early 1900s into a large dining area, and the surroundings were gorgeous.  Not only that, but the food was to die for, the ambiance incredible, and the waitstaff was extremely efficient and courteous.  We definitely enjoyed our time there and were nearly late getting to the Symphony.”

“Oh, it wasn’t even close and we got to our seats in plenty of time,” Dion countered, “and I thoroughly enjoyed that experience as well.  We were treated to a fantastic program that was quite unique because of the combination of pieces they’d selected.  It started off with the orchestra playing the Mysterious Mountain Symphony by Alan Hovhaness, and they followed it up by playing Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland.  The finale was Richard Strauss’ Alpine Symphony, and all three pieces were brilliantly done and the concert was absolutely breathtaking.” 

“The words of a true music lover,” Brandon quipped. 

“After we left the concert hall, we went back to the hotel and shared a couple of drinks at the bar first, before heading up to our room,” Trey offered next. 

“And the next morning we went down to enjoy the complimentary breakfast,” Dion offered, cutting Trey off before he could say anything else.  It was obvious to most of us that he’d done this so Trey wouldn’t discuss their sexual escapades in front of their sons.  “After we returned to our room, we changed into our swimsuits and donned the complimentary robes so we could take advantage of the heated pool.  We swam for a while and then relaxed poolside on the chaise lounges until it was time to get dressed for lunch.”

“After another incredible meal,” Trey resumed, “we drove over to the Hershey Harrisburg Theater.  It was built during the Great Depression using money provided by Milton Hershey, the candy entrepreneur and philanthropist.   The construction of the theater provided critical jobs to many local people in need of work during those dark times, and the finished product is a testament to their skill.   The architecture is absolutely gorgeous and the details in the workmanship are absolutely stunning.  There are magnificent arched ceilings, polished marble floors, and a bas-relief ceiling that is filled with many wonderful and amazing images.”

“And the show was good too,” Dion interjected so Trey didn’t continue rambling on. 

“Yes, it was, and I really enjoyed seeing Rent.  The cast was fantastic and they did a marvelous job.  The entire weekend was incredible and we can’t thank you enough for doing this for us.” 

“And I second that,” Dion added. 

I believe we all felt good knowing they’d had such a wonderful time, and I could tell this was especially true for their sons.  Even though Wyatt had been upset at first about being left behind, we had done enough special activities with him that he eventually forgot about his disappointment.  At the moment he was beaming, since he realized he had played a small role in helping to provide his fathers with this memorable weekend. 

“So what did you boys do while we were gone?” Dion continued as he looked at his sons. 

“I slept with Tristan both nights, and we went to see a movie.  Oh, and I played games with Uncle Danny and Uncle Brandon too.” 

“What games did you play?”

“We played Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders with Wyatt and Tristan,” Brandon offered after he noticed Wyatt was having trouble remembering the names of the games they’d played. 

“And I played The Game of Life and Clue with Grandpa Josh and Grandpa Jake,” Joshie added. 

“Oh, that sounds like fun.  And what movie did you see?”

Black Panther.  It was really good,” Joshie replied. 

“It sounds like you didn’t miss us at all,” Trey teased. 

“We did, but we did a lot of other things too.” 

At that point we sent the boys upstairs to take their showers and get ready for bed because it was getting late and they had school in the morning.  No one complained and they did it quickly, and then the four of us went upstairs to tuck them in and say goodnight. 

Tristan spent the following week trying to figure out who his secret admirer was, and then he would come home each evening more and more frustrated that he hadn’t been able to figure it out.  When Friday night rolled around, we finally sat him down for a little chat. 

“Tristan, you have to stop worrying about who your secret admirer is,” Brandon told him as reassuringly as he could.  “You’ll find out who sent you the card in due time, and if you don’t figure it out for yourself then I’m sure your secret admirer will reveal that he or she is the one who gave the card to you.” 

“Then why haven’t they told me already?” 

“He or she might be watching how you’re reacting, or maybe he or she wants to give you a little more time to figure it out.” 

“But it’s driving me crazy not knowing who it is.” 

“Then don’t think about it,” I offered.  “You’re only making it harder on yourself and worrying about it isn’t going to change a thing.  You’ll find out who it is eventually, and worrying about it won’t make it happen any sooner.” 

“K, I’ll try not to think about it then.” 

In order to help him do this, Brandon encouraged Wyatt to ask Tristan if he could shower and sleep with him again.  That perked up Tristan slightly, but more importantly it gave Brandon and me a chance to figure out how we were going to keep him busy over the weekend, so he wouldn’t have time to dwell on it. 

We also asked Joshie and Benny to help out until bedtime and keep Tristan occupied, so they challenged him to play games in the rec room, as well as playing video games afterward.  That kept Tristan busy until it was time to shower and get ready for bed, and then we tucked Wyatt and Tristan in bed together.  Once we closed the bedroom door, Brandon and I prepared a game plan for the next couple of days as well. 

After having breakfast with the boys the following morning, I checked with each of them first to see if they had homework.  I asked them to get it done, and then I secretly met with Benny and Joshie to ask a favor. 

“While we’re at work, do you think one of you could suck Tristan off so he won’t be thinking about his secret admirer?” 

“Yeah, we were gonna do that anyway,” Benny responded. 

“Great, and then we’ll do something special for all of you after lunch, and hopefully that will keep his mind off of it for the rest of the day.”

Brandon and I then got ready quickly and left for work.  We were both quite busy over the next four hours and didn’t have time to worry about how Tristan was doing.  When we met up again later, we drove home and got ready to put our plan into effect.  After having lunch with the boys first, we asked a question. 

“So how would you like to go see another movie?”

“Yeah, that would be great!” they all agreed. 

“Ok, go get ready and we’ll decide which movie we’ll go to after we see what’s playing.” 

We asked Dion, Trey, Dad, and Pop to join us, but Dad and Pop said they’d just spend some time with each other while we were gone.  Dion and Trey, on the other hand, agreed to go with us.  After going into the lobby of the cinema complex and looking at the board listing what was playing, we had a slight problem.  The four youngest boys wanted to see Early Man, while Ryan and Noah wanted to go to Game Night.

After talking it over, Brandon and Trey agreed to go with the younger boys, while Dion and I went with Ryan and Noah.  After purchasing our tickets and buying everyone a drink, we headed to the designated theaters.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Game Night was a witty and clever movie about four friends who chose to investigate an actual murder during one of their game night sessions.  I was in a very good mood by the time the movie ended and we headed out to meet up with the others.  I hoped Brandon and Trey had made out as well as we had. 

“So how was your movie?” I asked when I saw Brandon. 

“It was really cute and the boys loved it.” 

“We all did,” Trey quickly added.  “It was a zany animated film about cavemen and it made us all laugh.” 

“Yeah, it was really funny,” Wyatt chimed in with the other three boys nodding in agreement. 

“Well I’m glad everyone enjoyed the movie,” I responded. 

“How was your movie?” Brandon countered. 

“It was really good too.  I was expecting it to be an action film or a thriller, but it turned out to be more of a comedy and we all enjoyed it.”

“Then it seems that the boys chose wisely,” Trey observed.

When we got home, I asked Dad if we could borrow the games again and he willingly got them for me.  Dion and Trey then sat down to play Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land with Wyatt and Tristan, while Brandon and I played The Game of Life and Clue with the older group.  We’d asked Dad and Pop if they wanted to do this with the older boys again, but they chose to spend the time fixing dinner for all of us.   

We continued playing the games with the boys until we had to clear off the table for dinner, and then we sat down to enjoy the wonderful meal Dad and Pop had prepared. 

“So what did you do today?” Dad asked the boys while we were eating.

“Our dads took us to see a movie and then we played games with them when we got home,” Benny answered. 

“What movie did you see?” Pop asked next. 

“Me, Wyatt, Joshie, and Benny saw Early Man and it was really good,” Tristan told him. 

“Yeah, it was funny,” Wyatt chipped in. 

“Me and Noah went to see Game Night,” Ryan followed.  “And it was really good too.”

“Then it sounds as if you all had a great day.” 

“Yeah, we did,” Wyatt agreed. 

“Yep, I had a lot of fun,” Tristan chimed in.  The other boys merely nodded in support. 

When the conversation ended, some of the boys headed to the family room to play video games while the rest of us relaxed in the living room and watched a couple of shows on TV.  When we finished doing those things, Wyatt showered and slept with Tristan again, which made Tristan happy.  After tucking them in and saying goodnight, Brandon and I breathed a sigh of relief because we’d made it through another day without Tristan obsessing about his secret admirer. 

The next morning we all got ready for church, and after attending Sunday school classes and sitting through the church service, we went out for brunch.  When we returned home later, Brandon and I set about doing our chores, while Dion and Trey entertained Wyatt.  I noticed Tristan, Benny, and Joshie heading upstairs, so I felt the later pair were about to take care of Tristan’s sexual needs again, so he would be preoccupied for a while. 

When they came downstairs again later, they played air hockey in the rec room first, and then they went to the family room to play video games.  That kept Tristan busy for the rest of the afternoon, and we didn’t see any of them again until we sat down for dinner. 

After we finished eating, I checked the boys’ homework, and then we all went to the family room to see what was on TV.  After watching a couple of shows, we sent the boys upstairs to get ready for bed, and then we went up to tuck them in about a half hour later. 

“Thanks for doin’ all that stuff with us this weekend,” Tristan said as we were tucking him in.  He was sleeping alone tonight, since the boys had school the next day. 

“You’re welcome, and we’re glad you enjoyed it.” 

When we got to Benny and Joshie’s room, they had something to tell us as well.  “We did what you asked both yesterday and today, and Tristan sucked me off too, just not all the way,” Benny offered. 

“He jerked me off again, and he did something else too,” Joshie followed.  “He stuck his finger in my cum afterward and then put it in his mouth.” 

“Yeah, he did that with mine too,” Benny concurred.

“Why do you think he did that?” Brandon asked. 

“I think he wanted to see what it tasted like so he’d know whether he was gonna let me shoot in his mouth the next time,” Benny answered. 

“And I think he might try doing it with me too,” Joshie added. 

“Well I appreciate your doing that with him, because it kept him from worrying about who his secret admirer is.” 

“Yeah, we know,” Benny concurred, “and we hope he finds out soon.” 

“I think we all do,” I agreed.  “Sweet dreams.”