Ayden's Eyes: Book Two

Chapter 74

Chapter 74

 He was tired and irritable again when he came back and crawled onto his bean bag so I might get Tiny to have a look at him. He should be bursting with energy, he's a kid, they can go full throttle all day. His eyelids were flittering and I deemed he was talking to his mates. I wondered if that was the reason he looked tired, they are keeping him awake mentally all night and would explain his lack of energy. I talked to Horse when he returned and he said maybe I was right, if his eyelids are flickering he's dreaming. He said if he dreams all night then he doesn’t feel well in the morning either.

"What dreams Horse?"

He was staring at me.

"I sometimes dream of the fairy folk, Ayden and Louise's death. Mainly Blue gets into my head and I dream a lot about him. I am yet to have dreams of Tony, I thought maybe that’s because he's right next to me."

"I understand my friend, I dream a lot about Ayden and Evan but with him the dreams are a little full on if you know what I mean." I laughed.

All this talk about dreams is making me tired so I will try and have a nap this afternoon if I can.

 No such luck, we got busy, another day of cars pulling up, customers looking and trying on stuff. Evan’s register was crammed with notes by two, I had taken a wad out earlier and put it in my pocket for safe keeping. Blues friend Brian was hired for Spud’s shop and he will start tomorrow. Today Ali will take him through the process, it's not a hard job.

 We shut the shop at two thirty and Evan couldn’t wait to get down to the beach, he collected our son and they all screamed as they ran towards the crashing surf. The day was full on and my painting was on show for everyone to see. I had offers but nothing like the kind of money I would get on the open market. I took it inside by four and hung it in Ayden's room. I am running out of space so I looked around and started taking paintings down. It looked much better when I had finished and when Evan and bubs came up he ran to see what nanny had in her fridge for afternoon tea. Evan pulled me into the bedroom where he literally served up a stunning round of raw male to male sex. My ass was kissed and my nipples and dick were throbbing by the time he came back to earth so I am thinking he must have seen a real spunk down the beach today.

 "Did he turn you on bub?"


"The guy on the beach, the one that got you all hot and bothered."

"What the fuck are you talking about Den?"

"Nothing bub, just a thought."

"If you must know Horse was talking to me about you, and my mind wandered for a minute. I was thinking about how hot you are and I couldn’t wait to see you again, that's all."

"Oh thanks."

"Dickhead," he muttered so I lifted my hips and said,

"Speaking of dickheads, it needs another polishing bub."


 I had heard something during the night and while I was pulling on my shorts I could hear Ayden giggling. He was sound asleep but laughing at something, I thought he was okay after I kissed him and crept back to bed. About an hour later I heard him again so I went back into the bedroom and sure enough he was laughing in his sleep again, I looked at his king’s painting and said,

"Please let him sleep for his sake."

My dreams began after that, I was watching the fairy folk and Ayden having a party in a land I had seen before with my father. He looked awesome as he almost flew across the landscape with his fairy mates. My dreams were vivid and I felt a great loss when I woke up in the morning.

After I had done my ablutions I went to see if he was okay. He was still asleep but woke up when Evan came in looking for me.

"Where were you last night son, what were you dreaming about?" I thought I would ask him, I already knew the answer and I didn't like it one little bit.

  I was scared of his answer but held his gaze, then I got an image of him with huge wings flying across the beach with his mates; a little like the painting.

He giggled again and I saw another image, he was playing with his folk in their land, he wasn’t a human, he was one of the fairy folk.

  I stared at him trying to send him a message but it doesn’t work with me so I resorted to controlling my inner urge to chastise him. I couldn't do that to my son as much as I wanted to, he's only a baby and doesn't understand. I walked up to the kitchen and got myself a coffee, I have to calm down before I attempt to even make him try to understand that when he goes to bed he's to sleep.

 "I have a very confused son in there Den, he's wanting his good morning kisses from you, what's going on?"

"He's been travelling during the night to the fairyland."

"He's been what?"

"He's been travelling mentally to their land in his dreams. I saw it last night in my dreams and when I checked in on him a few times, he was giggling in his sleep." He sat with me and poured himself a coffee.

 "He's been to the other side in spirit and I guess this isn't the first time. I have to calm down enough to talk to him about it, but for now I'm pissed off with my father for putting him in that sort of danger."

 "Bloody hell Den, we can't have that happening, he could get stuck, he might not wake up," Evan was trying to be helpful, he was only saying what I was thinking though.

"Exactly Evan, my mum couldn’t go there, I can't go there, but bub's spirit can. I think probably because he's so young, but when he grows older he won’t be able to; like me. What if that time arrives and he's there, his spirit could be killed or imprisoned there for the rest of his life."

"We have to talk to him Den, maybe the king doesn't realise the danger he has been putting him in."

"Maybe bub, but if I have to burn every painting in the house to stop it, I will."

"Shit Den, you had better try and have a talk to your father tonight if you can."

 "I will, you can bet on that. Ayden talks to them through his paintings and god knows how much sleep he gets during the night. No wonder he's always tired during the day, he's even starting to look tired all the time."
"What will we do?"

"Let me talk to him, I can be the bad father."

"No, we can do that together Den, just calm down a bit, shouting at him isn't going to fix it. Please leave it until you have the whole story."

 With that I had another drink and watched Ayden move through the shop door, he headed for my lap and slapped his hands on my bare legs


 My heart melted again, I looked down at him and said,

"I'm sorry bubs, Dah had something to do, now where's my good morning kisses?" When I picked him up, his face lit up and he started with his gentle kissing. It's really not his fault, I can't scream at him; he wouldn’t understand at his age. But I will be having a good scream at his folk, you can bet your favourite bottle of lube on that.

 He wanted a drink then another ten minutes so I sighed at the thought he's maybe not getting his full, deep sleep at night. I placed him in his bean bag and then went to read the king and his mates the riot act.

I told his painting that when he goes to bed he's there to sleep not to party all night. The human kind need their sleep otherwise they will not have any energy to play during the day. I also said I would burn every painting in the house if it doesn’t stop immediately, and I made doubly sure they knew it too.

 I was sitting on his bed not expecting an answer but my mind was running wild, what if Ayden was having his ten minute naps to talk to his mates during the day? He's not getting any sleep at all, he's chatting. I walked back to the porch and his eyes were flickering. I lay down next to him and put my arm across his chest, he stopped dreaming and I could hear his light snores. Evan had been watching me and I of course went off for a short nap too.

 "He's even talking to them when he naps Evan, he's not getting a full good nights sleep or a short nap recharge." I was worried again.

He was confused but sort of understood as Horse and Nuts joined us for breakfast. Ayden's ten minutes turned into nearly an hour and he was much more refreshed when he woke up. Maybe they listened to me this time, maybe all it takes is for me to hold him?

 That night my father appeared in my dreams, I was ready for him. He bowed to me and apologised, he had forgotten that humans needed their rest. He reminded me they all loved Ayden so much and wouldn’t put him in any mortal danger deliberately. He said they would make him sleep when he's put to bed. It wasn’t them that keeps playing with him, it was Ayden that was instigating it all. He wouldn’t shut down at night when he's supposed to. He said Ayden does sleep but his mind is still active so he will try and blanket it at bedtime. Again, he apologised for any trouble they had caused, he sounded genuine.

 I wanted to know something else that Evan thought important, and asked him. He said Ayden will grow out of it when his brain becomes so full of human words and experiences. They will still be able to communicate and play in his dreams, but he would never be allowed to travel into their world or through the paintings, not ever, it would kill him. It's not that they don't want him and me there with them, it’s impossible even for a half human, it reassured me to no end, I was very happy about that.

 But he did say something else that put me on notice. He said with Ayden's powers he might discover how to travel into the fairy world by himself. In all the fairy history no one has ever been able to travel except my father, and he needed his father’s help to do that. He always thought his father had a bigger plan in mind when that took place, but he didn’t know what it was.

Ayden can see their world only because he has a little fairy in him and he's unspoiled. I could see it because the king was showing me mental images of his land, not the actual place. He also told me that although Ayden was still a quarter fairy, he had exceptional skills which he gets from me, him and his father, the greatest king of all the fairies. They had been testing him on the surfboard, he mostly does it all himself now. I only have a sense of it because I have become more human, and when I was a baby my mother made sure my brain was crammed full of human thoughts. They didn't dare show themselves to me, he had too much respect for my dear mother.

 "It showed up in your paintings son, each and every one of your paintings has some of your magic in it, especially Ayden's Eyes. You captured that exact moment in time we were allowed to come into his world fully, as you know we party a lot and every kingdom celebrates his existence. Before that it was just a few of us looking out for him, like we did for you. When your wife fell I called every fairy in the kingdom to help save her, but all we could do was save your son, my grandson and for that I am deeply sorry son, but grateful our boy lived." I felt the pain of losing Carol again, but a little better after our talk. But something grey still hovered in the back of my brain.

"Does Ayden really look like that in your world, like in the   painting?"

"Yes son, he's even more magnificent than in the painting, you are yet to see him in all his glorious colours but can do so much more in your works. Your power in that area is unlimited son. I won’t give you any spoilers, you must find the pathway to greatness and learn from your son." I felt a gentle breeze on my cheek and he faded back to his land.

 I was startled when I woke up, Evan’s breath was on my neck and his big powerful guns had enveloped me.  I reluctantly moved his arm and gently squeezed myself out of bed to go check on our son. He was sleeping soundly with no flickering of his eyelids, just his awesome smile. I said thank you to his painting, then bowed.

 Arms went around my waist and Evan kissed my neck as I stood there.

"Did you talk to him?" he whispered, he was wanting to know if I dreamt of my father.

"Yes bub, he assured me that there won't be any more trouble." I looked at the fairy painting with him running on the beach, his wings were fucking magnificent and there is no way I can top this one. But I think I'm speaking too soon.

 "He looks even better than that in their land bub, my father said he was a lot better looking, more beautiful, and I was a much better artist than I am now. I had to learn from Ayden and find the right path."

"I wonder what he meant Den?"

"I don't know bub but I guess I'll stumble onto it sooner or later." I sort of giggled.

It was four thirty in the morning so we decided to have a coffee before Horse walked up to collect Evan for their dawn surf. I put the kettle on in our kitchen but I should get Jack to install a better one. I immediately lost that thought, he doesn’t need the work, and I certainly don't need a new kitchen.

 I sat looking out at the foreshore while sitting on Evan’s knees as his arms held me close to his chest, his breath beating a tune in my ear as he whisper kissed me. Fishermen were heading for the best spots and I could smell bacon and eggs being cooked. The lights in the vans and tents were slowly illuminating some areas and the morning sun started peeking through the trees. Horse had looked in our window and thought we were either in Ayden's room or sitting on the veranda. He walked up the stairs and I went to make him coffee while Evan went off to slip into his wet suit.

 "He surfs on his own you know."


"Ayden, they are not helping him as much now, he does it all on his own. My father said Ayden was more powerful than any of them, I think he's using his own magic to stay on the board."

"Have you been talking to the king Den?"

"Yes Horse, I had to make him understand our boy needs his sleep. He had forgotten some of our human ways and will comply with our wishes."

"Good, maybe now he will have more energy, he sure does nap a lot."

"Well they are going to put a stop to it and he said he was the one doing it not them, he's full of fairy magic."

"God Den I hope he uses it for good and not evil." He chuckled.

Horse’s famous last words, they were about to come true in the most glorious way.

Evan came back and kissed me then the two of them scooted down the stairs and around the back to the beach. They will move along the shore soon because the campers are nearly all here. I went into my little kitchen and made more coffee then sat to contemplate what my father has said.

 I have to do some Christmas shopping and already know what I'm going to buy our son, he is easy this year and we might go back to that antique shop and see if we can get Rita some more jewels. She already had Arras's welcome ring, and his pendant matched with the bracelet we had bought her; she was getting a rather good collection together. I was still making a list when Evan came back to open the shop, he sat for a minute and approved most of it.

"What do you want Den?"

"Your big dick in my mouth bub."

"I can accommodate that one gladly, but what do you really want?"

"The same as I said before, but I want it now." I smiled.

He took me to our bedroom, my list was all forgotten and the shop was shut again.

 Ayden had been in Rita's giving orders as usual, he screamed at Alex then ran up to me while looking to see if he was chasing him. He did this three times then Rita chased him up the porch and his giggling was beautiful. I picked him up and he snuggled in, trying to hide from her. She tickled him and told him he couldn’t have a big burger for breakfast, it was too much for him. He laughed again then he said,

"Again." He struggled down and started running up to the cafe. She chased him and when she caught up she tickled him again.


"No time bubs, ask Alex."

"Again unca Alex."

Alex chased him this time and I don’t know who was having more fun, my son or me watching him. He got a little tuckered out and Rita brought him a small hamburger. He was unusually hungry today and scoffed it down then went looking for something else. He came back with a chocolate iced doughnut.

 Rita walked down again and told me he had stolen it behind her back so I said I would pay for it, but she slapped my head and laughed.

"It won’t hurt him Den, a treat or two isn't going to make him go troppo."

I doubted if my son would ever be overweight in his lifetime; it was just a feeling, I never had any trouble with overeating. I never worked out either, I just have that kind of body shape. My muscles come from swimming occasionally and lifting bubs up and down. I know, I'm not a gym junkie and the muscles are probably the magic at work.

Evan took to being a real pervert when he came back from England, he measured my whole body and wrote it down somewhere, me thinks he just wanted to touch me all over. I must ask him to do it again.

 "So how's the blood pressure baby?"

"Good Den, the pills are doing a wonderful job, I feel like I have more energy."

"That's good my love, what are we doing for Christmas?"

"Same as last year Den, and the year before, traditional lunch. I think we will have a lot more friends this year."

"We had better start buying some food, and we need to make a list of who is coming." At least I offered some advice.

She lifted her eyebrows and said,

"You keep thinking about it Den and let me know." She laughed.

It was good to see she was as happy as a puppy that's just been adopted, oh no, lose that thought, the last thing we need is a puppy, but it would be nice for Ayden.

 Everything had settled down, the shop had a constant trickle of customers and Rita's tables were always mostly full. Evan was clearing out the register every time I looked at him and best of all Ayden had more energy to terrorise his uncles, and his nanny.

  Evan was putting a bundle of cash in his safe then took out a large envelope before placing it on the bed.

"What's that bub?" I asked.

"Money for Tiny Den, he will be here soon."

"And?" I was curious.

"We bought a few houses off him the other day, this is all cash in hand Den." He grinned.

"How many did we buy?'

"Several Den."

"Don't dick with me Evan, I'm not in the mood."

"I could get you in the mood Den, dicking with you is my forte."

 He grinned again and his eyes shot me a wonderful stare. My legs opened and I ran my hands over my lightly haired chest, squeezing a nipple on the way.

"How many bub?"

"Five Den, all in a row in the backstreet behind the shops."

"Oh that's nice, is this my Christmas present?"

'No, but if you want them to be they are then, but I had a very different present in mind for you this year."


"No Den, I don't think you need that anymore." His hands slipped up my torso as his lips sucked on my nipples, his hair flopped in my face and I fought it to find his eyes and lips.

 He was rubbing his crotch against mine and we still had our shorts on but it felt sensational. The harder he rubbed the more I wanted, he was exceptional at this form of lovemaking, then I erupted, a quiet came over him and then he cleaned me up with his mouth. I used my mouth to help him out and I also had stretched his legs apart so I could benefit from seeing the whole package.

 "They are just an investment Den, in our three names of course. I haven’t said anything to anyone about it but I will get them renovated to a higher standard and rent them out. If Tony can get five grand a month for his apartments, we can get six."

"Really, that much?"

"Well add it up Den, they will sleep six to ten holiday makers so it only works out less than two hundred dollars each. They will have new kitchens and bathrooms, maybe a big family room on the back with extra bedrooms and bathrooms, those houses overlook the hills and there's an awesome view. I think I will get Tony to design the alterations and Horse can do them, Jack of course will be doing the kitchens."

 He didn't have to ask me about buying them, he knows I will agree with anything he does so I wasn't miffed he had gone ahead with it.

"So did you get another bargain?"

"Not really Den, Tine’s a wake up to it all. His prices with these houses reflect the market down here, but I did get a big discount for cash."

He laughed again, something about that laugh made my heart melt, and as I slipped my shorts off completely I asked him to pass the lube, I wasn’t quite finished yet.

 Ayden's run was perfect and Blue even let go of his vest for a time. It didn't throw him off balance, he actually walked up and down the board slightly. His smiles drove me crazy when he sat with me under the tree. I have learnt to give him his food first so I rummaged around for his small parcels then handed them to him. He waited until his mates were all with us before he tucked in to his meal. No hamburger today, just a chicken schnitzel sandwich and a couple of his special biscuits. As he chewed his meal he smiled at Blue and nodded. Blue gave him the thumbs up and Nuts slapped him on the back, and that was when the choking started and he coughed a lot but got it all cleared. He began giggling after that and Nuts told him he was very sorry so Ayden gave him the thumbs up. I think he's well and truly one of the boy's now.

 As we walked back to the shack he was talking his head off, he has found more words and is driving me crazy with questions.

I agreed, nodded and said yes or no when required, he also wanted to shower alone. I think he was getting shy or he wanted to play with the shampoo bottle. The last time I let him do that he had shampoo everywhere and wanted to see the bubbles. Well that was his excuse.

 Evan drove us into Warragul to do some shopping, there won’t be any big presents this year because we all decided to cut down a bit, my famous last words I think. Just about everyone was coming so my list was big. The first thing was to put Ayden in his ride, he's easier to handle in that. The fairy shop was visited and the lady behind the counter was pleased to see us as we paid for six more colourful fairy skirts.

"He's not over it yet?" She smiled at Evan who was paying.

"Not quite yet, but they are being used less and less now, he's surfing," he replied.

"Oh he surfs; on his own?"

"No, he shares his board with an adult, don’t worry he's got a lifejacket and wet suit." She smiled back again. All this smiling is getting to me, if she wants to fuck Evan why doesn’t she just ask him?

 "Before you say it Den, I was teasing her to get you jealous."

"Well you did, but I'm not really the jealous type so stop teaching me bad habits will ya?"

 He laughed as he pushed Ayden into the antique shop. This is the one shop we have to hold his hand tightly; you break; you pay sort of shop. We were looking at the jewellery and couldn’t decide between the awesome emerald brooch said to have been owned by a famous person, or the strand of perfectly matched natural pearls, so rare they have a hefty price on them.

 Ayden's hand slipped out of mine and in an instant he was face up against a display cabinet at the back of the store, laughing his head off. His spit was all over it by the time I got to him.

"What have you seen bub, something you would like for Christmas?" His head nodded at fifty miles an hour.

"Well show dad."

 He pointed to the tiny fairy at the back, she was fucking dazzling, her wings were spread and so magnificent yet so delicate, her poise was suggesting she was about to fly and her flaming red hair flowed gently over her shoulders. She was a beauty to behold. The wings looked like something I would paint, so intricate and fragile.

"Do you like her bub?"

"Yes dah, me’s want."

That was the word I dreaded because she wasn’t going to be cheap I think.

 I asked the well dressed attendant if we could have a look at it and he obliged by finding the key to the cabinet. He then took the little ornament out and Ayden went crazy and started talking to her non-stop.

"He talks fairy." I blushed at the guy who giggled.

"He's got good taste, this is a very rare item, I think Irish but no one knows for sure how old she is. There are no markings either but she's bloody beautiful don't you think?" He looked at Evan.

 Again Evan put that smile on his gorgeous face, he was going to try and charm the now very girly shop assistant.

"Stop it," I whispered.

"We might get a big discount."

"Oh by all means go for it then." Evan had running shorts and tank top on today and as he negotiated with the very interested shop assistant he lifted the hem and scratched his balls. We got our discount. He also found a glass dome to place over the statue to keep the dust out, we got that for nothing because when the guy was trying to find the price tag, Evan squeezed his nipple through his top and then had a good rub of his beautiful pecks.

 We spent more than we meant to, Rita's beautiful strand of pearls with the diamond clasp was boxed and wrapped in Christmas paper and Ayden's statue was placed in a paper carry bag. He was too excited to get interested in anything else and when we entered the paint supply shop, he was still talking to the paper bag. I had to get Spud’s list and some stuff for me and the lady behind the counter didn't recognise me again. I wasn’t disappointed, but when she swished one of Evan’s dresses she had on I had a good chuckle to myself.

 We had only got halfway through the shopping and decided we’d had enough, so headed for Susan's cafe in Longford. Patrick made us feel so welcome and the two guys in front of the grill waved then came out to talk to us. I think Harry was being a little shy, I know he fancies me like crazy so I rubbed my six pack slowly.

"Den, stop it." Poor Evan, he gets so jealous.

"Den, Evan, bubs welcome, it feels like ages since I’ve seen you all," Susan beamed at us as she walked out of the house behind the shop.

She ordered coffee for us and a plate of sandwiches. I looked at her and she hasn't changed, still beautiful in her own individual way. Ayden gave her hello kisses then went back to talking to his fairy. She did ask to see it but he wasn’t in a sharing mood today.

 "How's business?" I asked.

"Look around, it’s like this all the time now, but at least we have settled down and learnt to take it as it comes."

"Good, I thought you may not be able to tutor bubs next year."

"Always got time for bubby Den, I'm really looking forward to it."

That distracted Ayden and he started drawing something on the menu with Susan's pen.

"What's he doing Den?"

"Showing you his handwriting I think." I looked closer and he was writing something.

He pushed it over to her and she gasped.

"What does it say?" I grinned.

"It says, 'thank you'. She looked at Ayden and took him in her arms to kiss him. What a lovely thing to do for her.

"It's the magic Sue."

"I know, but it’s so sweet, can I keep this bubs?" He nodded his okay.

"Shit Den, he's very advanced so I might just have a time finding new things to teach him."

"Well the boys and Rita have been teaching him letters and numbers, I didn't know they were up to writing yet."

"Well by the looks of it he's grade three material, I must have a look at my old books again." She chuckled, I get a warm feeling when she does that, it makes me remember the old times with her.

 We arrived at the porch two hours later and it was nearly time for Evan’s shop to be opened. Ayden's fairy was placed in front of him and everyone had a good look at her. Mostly he was congratulated on his good taste, but something else was happening here as I watched him. He was talking to her but in a language I didn't recognise, but have accepted as fairy talk.

 He was deep in conversation and just for a nano second I saw a blaze of light emanate from her wings. I wasn’t too sure I had seen it but Ayden laughed his head off and said,


 It made me feel so warm. My butterflies started to go crazy again, something’s happening.

"Gone dah." He was looking at me.

"Who baby?"

"Butters gone, make friend happy again."

"Oh your friend’s not happy?" He shook his head violently from side to side indicating I was right.

"Why isn't she happy bubs?" He closed down and wouldn't answer me. Five minutes later he sent me an image.

 His fairy was standing on the beach surrounded by butterflies and folk, she was weeping, which saddened me because I got the feeling she had lost all hope. I felt so sad after that.

"Butters help Ayden's," I heard.

"Oh they are helping you, good, I hope she feels happy soon."

"She wills dah," he said, like I was stupid or something.

 He went back to his talking and didn't let up until the sun went down, then surprise, surprise he insisted she sleep by his bed. I was talking to Evan and Horse about it and couldn’t explain the unhappiness I felt when I saw Ayden’s image. There were no words.

"Do you think she might have been trapped in our world Den?"

Horse is onto it. I didn’t think about that, maybe she is trapped.

"She was very distressed Horse, whatever happened to her she was very sad."

"It's so weird but yet so natural Den, anything could have happened to her." Evan was on board at last. I think he believes in fairy folk now, he bloody should, he's been involved with them right from the start.