A Way Out: Book One

Chapter Eight: Carson's Birthday

I left work early at 3 pm then I hurried home showered got dressed gathered everything I would need including my overnight bag and left for my drive south.  A long three-hour drive was how long it would be before I made it to the University Carson was attending. I finally decided not to tell him I was coming, I wanted to surprise him.  I booked a hotel room for the night for us to stay in.

I knew he got busy but if all he was going to do was study he can be with me in the room while he does. As long as we were together that's what mattered most. All the way down there I had doubts about not telling him I was coming but I really wanted to surprise him.  I hadn't been down there at all since school started nor had I ever been to that school's campus before. I looked forward to seeing where Carson was going to school and where he lived.

For some reason the closer I got the more nervous I got. That didn't make sense but maybe it was because I was just excited to see him again. I followed the GPS to the hotel which was not far from the school campus. 

I pulled into the parking lot and found a parking space.  Inside I checked in got my key card then took the elevator up to my room. I was tired from the long drive, so I flopped on the king size bed and relaxed. 

I text Carson LOVE YOU   I love you too ugh I'm so swamped. got homework huh?   yeah more like buried in it. And I have study group tonight too he texted back

Oh hell, I didn't need that. I figured he was just going to study.   I grabbed my keys and headed to my car.  where you now?    my dorm room, I am so tired I could sleep for a weekwhat time is ur study group?   not till like 730     good you have time to eat least

Yeah maybe.   I wasn't far from the building where I knew where his dorm was.

you all alone?   Yeah, my roommate is out somewhere who knows

I asked after I parked and headed to his building so what room number u in any way u never told me?  27 2nd floor room 7 I found my way up to the second-floor room seven then knocked.  

"Hang on just a sec."  came a sweet voice from the other side.   When the door opened there stood Matt?  I shook my head why the hell was I seeing Matt?  "Kirk, what are you doing here?"  At that moment my head cleared no not Matt but Carson.  My damn head is playing tricks on me.

"I came to surprise you for your birthday."  I smiled at him

"But my birthday's not until tomorrow." 

"I know but I wanted to come early spend the night with you then head back tomorrow." 

"Spend the night where?"  I saw panic in his eyes 

"The hotel Carson, relax."  

"Oh, I wish you would have told me this isn't the best time," my heart sunk

"That would defeat the surprise if I told you."  

"Yeah I guess it would" he smiled that smile that always gets to me.

"Well come in no reason for you to be out there."   I walked into the room and he closed the door. A second later he had his arms around me and his tongue was trying to find mine. He didn't want to stop nor did I but we had to release for air. 

"Fuck I needed that," he said out of breath.

"So did I, been much too long," I said looking into his sparkling eyes.  

"Still a bad time?  I'll go if it's best."  

"Don't you dare," he pulled me closer and stuck his tongue back in my mouth.

When we finally released he let me go.  He waved an arm over the room and said, "Well this is it, our dungeon, Ethan's bed is here and mine is over there." he pointed to the far wall for his bed. He pulled me to his bed and sat.

"Sit with me." I obeyed. We sat looking at each other.

"God I can't believe you're here, oh I missed you so much."  He leaned over and pulled me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around him.   I could smell his scents. They drove me crazy yet relaxed me at the same time.  "Mm you smell so good," he muttered. I don't think he really realized he even said it but when he did he inhaled deeply. I could feel him suddenly relax. We sat like that until we heard

"The hell Carson?" 

We jumped do to the unexpected voice in the room.  I jumped a little, but Carson would have hit the ceiling if I hadn't a hold on him. He tried to get up, so I let him go. He looked panicked. He looked from me to the newcomer. 

"E, Ethan I didn't expect you back yet." 

"You didn't expect me to be gone all night, did you?" 

"N, N, No."    The young man stepped toward me with his hand out. 

"You must be the boyfriend. Carson has told me so much about you."   I stood up in a daze and shook his hand.  "You're older than I expected though but hey love is love right?"  I was shocked, to say the least. I knew Carson hadn't told anyone but how did he know?  Carson looked confused and scared. 

"H, how did you know?"  Carson finally got out. 

"How did I know what?  How this guy was your boyfriend?"  Carson nodded slowly "Well for starters you talk about him all the time and when you do you have this in love look about you. Besides who else would you be cuddling with the day before your birthday?" 

"It's nice to meet you." I said to break the awkwardness "Yeah me too, I'm Ethan in case you didn't know already.  Anyway, I just came to grab my books and get Carson. I take it you're not coming tonight?" 

Carson looked at me then at Ethan "Uh no, I don't think I will be going."   he said nervously

"Okay then have fun you two, I'm off."  He winked when he said fun.

When he was gone Carson turned to me with a blank stare.  "What the fuck just happened?"  

"Well, I would say your boyfriend and roommate just met." 

"Yeah, I'd say so. But how did he know?" 

"Carson sweetie I told you people know about us. Besides I thought you were ready to come out why didn't you tell him?"  

"Uh it didn't come up?"  he gave me a dumb look. 

"Don't matter really, he already knew."  

"Yeah he did" trailing off he then said, "who else knows?" 

"More then you may realize babe. Anyway, pack some stuff you're coming with me." 

"What should I take?"  Damn this must have thrown him off he would never ask something like that.

"Clothes, toothbrush you know whatever you take when spending a night away from home."

"Oh yeah huh." I sure love this boy, but he sure can be a ditz


Once he got things gathered including his schoolwork he headed out.  In the car, he blurted out "OH SHIT!"  

"What did you forget something?"  

"Ethan, what if he tells the group about me?"  

"So, what if he does? Does it really matter, and do you think he would? I have my doubts about that."  

"I guess you're right.  He wouldn't do that he's not that kind of guy." 

"Besides they may already know."   

"How would they know?"

"If you talked about me and got that in love look at the same time."  I grinned at him. He, in turn, punched me in the arm lightly. "Ouch, that hurt." I teased rubbing where he hit.

"It did not, you liar."  

"You're right it didn't but I need a kiss to make it better."   he gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Better?"  he smirked

"Yes much. Thank you." 

"Here have another for good measure." He kissed me again but longer this time.

We went to find something to eat.  I let him decide because he knows what is where.  He a chose fried chicken place that was really good. Then we headed to the hotel.  Once we got settled he stepped to the window "Wow what a great view, what floor are we on again?" 

"UH, fifth floor," I answered

"This place is way fancier than I expected. How much was this room?"  

"That I am not gonna tell you because you don't want to know."   

"Pretty pricey then huh?" he said looking out the window. 


"You didn't have to get such an expensive room for me. I would have been fine in a cheap motel."   

"I thought I'd treat you to something special. Also, this is the kind of place I usually get when I travel which isn't often. I live on so little I splurge once in a while."  

"If you say so."  he didn't seem convinced

"I do say so." I smiled and winked at him

I was lying in bed watching something with the volume low while Carson lay against me studying. With one hand he held a highlighter and with the other, he held my hand while he read. I guess he didn't want to let me go. 

He turned to me and asked "Are you sure it's okay I study? I feel I am ignoring you."

"Yes, I am sure. I just wanted to be with you. If all you do is study, that's fine, I expected this." 

He kissed my hand "Okay good. Long as you don't feel left out or nothing" 

"Oh don't worry I don't."

Sometimes I forgot about what was on TV and just watched him. I couldn't help it. I loved him so much and missed him greatly, I wanted to keep my eye on him.  He moved positions a lot but no matter what he kept hold of my hand.

At 10 I pulled my hand way to get his attention. He just pulled it back.  I pulled harder this time and made him he let go.  "Hey, I was holding that" 

"I know, it needs a rest and so do you. What time is your first class in the morning?" 

"I'm not sure."  He checked his phone.  "Uh, 10 to 12 then another at 1 the last is at 4."  

"Ugh, I don't miss those long classes," I said rolling my eyes

"Yeah they do suck." he nodded in agreement

"How much more studying do you have?"  

"Too much."  

"Strip boy you need a break."  

"I can't I have to keep studying."  

"S T R I P now.  Come on trust me you will love it."

"Fine" he replied and started stripping "Happy?" He as standing in his boxer-briefs 

"Nope don't stop."  I got up and moved his books and put them next to the TV then grabbed some towels for him to lay on.  Then I grabbed some oil from my bag.  "Lay down on your belly."  

"With pleasure."  he doesn't just lay down but does it seductively. 

"Much better. Now head down and ass up."   He looks at me funny then does as he is told.   "Sweetie I was kidding lay flat."  he shakes his head at me and lays flat. I flip the top of the bottle and squeeze some oil on my hands and rub em. I start on his shoulders, he moans in response. I work on his neck and shoulders slowly working my way down. Adding kisses along the way. I avoid his ass because I will just get lost in it, so I went straight to his legs.

 When I'm done I flip him over to do the front. I start with his legs working up avoid the rock-hard shaft leaking gallons of precum good thing he was laying on towels, but I bet he soaked through anyway. Every time he reached for his pole I swatted his hand away. 

I got up to his chest and neck I kissed every part of his face and nibbled on his ears. He squirmed in protest, but I knew he loved it.  What I did to him the rest of the night is secret, but he was grinning in his sleep as I held him in my arms while he laced his fingers through mine. I felt him kiss my hand many times that night and I kissed his neck very softly.

When I woke up Carson was facing me, but he was still asleep he had one of my hands again like he did when he was studying. I just lay there watching him. He looked so peaceful so relaxed not like he did last night when he opened the door to his room. He was so worn out like he had barely been sleeping. 

I had to go pee so bad, but I didn't want to move and wake him. But my bladder won that battle. I slowly removed my hand from his and slid out of bed. I hurried into the bathroom before I exploded.  Since I was up I brushed my teeth. Before I was done a drowsy naked cutie came in to relieve himself as well.

"Hey, I'm not done in here yet."   I teased but he just mumbled and groaned at me. Guess it was too early to tease.  Just as I rinsed he was done.  He pretty much stumbled his way to me. Then he wrapped his arms around me and lay his head against mine.  I held him to me and kissed his cheek. 

"Shower with me?"  He slowly nodded his head, he was so out of it. I turned on the water and got it to the right temp we both like while he brushed his teeth. I pulled him into the shower with me, we stood under the hot water, me behind him holding close.

"Feel better now?"   I asked

He nodded and said "Yes thank you. This is just what I needed."  He turned around to face me. I leaned placing my forehead to his looking into his eyes. 

"Happy birthday Carson" I softly kissed his lips. 

"Thank you."  he kissed me softly then slipped his tongue in to find mine. He was pressed close to me, I could feel him growing as was I.  When parted he put his mouth to my ear pulling me closer and whispered: "Fuck me please, I need you inside again."

I held him against the wall as he grabbed the rail handles to support himself from falling. I grabbed some lotion on the counter. I covered his hole and poked my fingers in to make sure he was lubed up then I did my cock that was dripping ready for his tight love chute. 

"Hurry, please. Don't go slow, fuck me hard." He gasped as I put my head against his rosebud.  "Come on now please."   He shivered as the head pop in past his muscles. I pushed in hard unlike I ever do. I am always tender and slow with him.  Once my pubes were against his ass in one swift motion he wrapped his legs around my waist keeping a steady grasp with them and the handles attached to the wall. 

I pounded his hole relentlessly and it was amazing. He moaned with pleasure while begging for me to go faster.  I did and pounded harder but only as much as safety would allow. As I was nearing climax I leaned in closer to him and he let go of rails and wrapped his arms around my neck.  I didn't let up and with one last hard thrust, I emptied my seed into him. He screamed, and he came all over both of us. I had to grab the rails this time to keep from falling as my knees weakened.  But I kept one hand around him. He let go of my waist and put his feet down. Once my head cleared I looked into those now glazed over eyes. 

"Happy birthday my gorgeous boy."  he was still dazed but replied. 

"Thank you so much I needed that more than you know and thank you for last night I really needed that too." I kissed him softly

"You're very welcome and it was my pleasure."  

"I love you so much, I love you more and more every day." I held his face close to mine I could see he was crying even with the water pouring on us. 

"I love you very much too baby." I just got lost in his eyes which were less glazed over from climax. 

"Why don't we actually shower now?"  He just nodded his head in agreement.  We showered cleaning each other and then dried each other. 


When we were dressed and had everything gathered up I sat on the bed and asked him to join me.  He sat next to me

"One last thing before we go"  

"You don't have to give anymore I had a great night and this is a great birthday so far."

"Yes but" I turned grabbed his gifts from my bag. 

"You still have presents. Open this one first." I handed him the bigger gift.

"What is it," he asked with excitement

"The teddy I told you about of course."  He rolled his eyes at me  

"Just open it and find out."   He ripped off the bow, opened the box and unfolded the tissue paper in one quick motion.

"Oh my god I love it, thank you!"  he hugged me tight and gave me a quick kiss. Since he is a huge Tim Burton fan I got him a T-shirt with a bunch characters from his movies.  I then handed him the smaller gift.  

"Last one I promise."  he grinned in excitement. This time he carefully took off the bow unwrapped the paper then slowly opened the box.  He gasped then tears started forming in his beautiful eyes.

"Don't you like it?" He nodded but all he did was hug me again longer this time.  "Want me to put it on you?"  he sat back nodding.  I took the box from him carefully took the necklace out and slowly put it on him. 

"Thank you! I love it so much." 

"You are very welcome sweetie. I saw that and just had to get it for you.  Even if they had a Topaz one for your birthstone I still would have gotten this one for you. It sparkles just like your eyes."   He just leaned over wrapped his arms and around me while his lips met mine. Another mind-blowing kiss then we had to breathe again. 

"You have made this the best birthday ever. Thank you so much." 

"It was my pleasure. I wish I could spend more time with you though." 

"Me too but I have my classes. Are you leaving now?" 

"No, I gotta check out but I'm staying all day and will leave after we have dinner." 

"What will you do while I am in class?" 

"I'm not sure yet I'll find something.  But come on let's go we need to eat." 

"Great I'm starving."

I checked out of the hotel and went to find some breakfast.  He chose Denny's which was fine with me. We enjoyed our morning together talking about whatever came to mind. It was so good to be with him even if it was just for a short time. It was definitely worth taking the day off to go down to surprise him.

I was really looking forward to the holidays, but I would have plans with my family and him with his.  Without others knowing about us it would be hard for us to spend time with each other's family. Well, he could come spend time with mine, but I don't think I am ready for the barrage of questions yet. I had enough from Mom, but I know she will see things differently once she meets Carson and sees us together.

"What are you thinking about over there? You look lost."  he sounded concerned

"Oh, I was thinking about us."  

"What about us?"  

"The holidays are coming up and you will be home. But I can't help but think we won't be able to see each other."  

"Why do you think we won't see each other?" 

"You will be busy with your family. I will be with mine."  

"Oh, I didn't think about that.  I know I will be with them for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, but I didn't plan on being with them the whole time.  In fact, I had been thinking of staying at your apartment. Well if it will be okay." 

"Yes of course it is, I really wanted to ask if you would, but I felt it wasn't right for me to do that." 

"Kirk you know this whole thing is new to me, in fact, I am still learning. But I want to be with you as much as I can. I want to stay with my boyfriend like anyone else would. We are just lucky to have our families in the same area so there is no worry about what family we will be with." 

"You are right about that. I guess I was worried to ask you to stay with me because I didn't want you to feel obligated to stay with me, things like that."   

"Well there is nothing to worry about then is there? I'm staying with you that's that. We will decide on the actual days and who goes where later."   He smiled knowing things were worked out.

"Yeah. You know there is something I haven't told you yet."   

"What?"   he had a worried look

"I don't know how to say this without it sounding bad."  

"Just say it. Get it out." 

"I don't know if I am ready for you to meet my family. I know how that sounds its just people get carried away with questions and say shit that should never be said."  he was to quiet.  

"You're saying that because I am younger than you and that we meet while you were dealing with losing James people will talk?"  

"Yes. I want you to meet my family slowly not everyone at once."  

"I understand, I have been worried about that too and you meeting mine all at once."

"I only told Mom about us, how we met and I'm sure she told Dad by now. But our gatherings can get huge at times so all those people asking questions for hours would make things hard." 

"You are right about that. Come on let's go back to the dorm I don't have much time till my first class."

I took him to his dorm waited until he had everything then I walked him to his class. Well to the building his class was at. He kissed me on the cheek and was on his way.  I was shocked he did that. I didn't mind of course but I just didn't expect that from him. 

I decided to walk around campus for a while get to know the place.  I even stopped in at the bookstore he worked at. I got a sweatshirt while I was there.

After an hour I decided I would go check out the mall here.  As I walked toward Carson's dorm building heading to my car I heard


I didn't bother turning around as it was some kid calling out to who knows who.  "Hey, Kirk wait up." This time I had to turn around I heard my name.  When I slowed and turned I saw Ethan running up to me.  I stopped and waited for him.  I didn't pay much attention to him last night but now I saw a hunk running right to me.  Dirty blonde long hair, muscles everywhere and he had to be 6'2 at least. 

All this time my Carson was living with this guy?  I was suddenly panic-stricken. But that didn't last long once he got to me. 

"Hey what are you doing here?"  

"Right now, I am going to my car. I walked around campus for a while checking it out but I'm going to the mall while I wait for Carson to get out of class. 

"Why don't you come to our room instead?  We can talk and get to know each other." 

"I don't know if I should, besides I'm sure there are things you gotta do." 

"Nay I don't, class ain't til one anyway. I'd like to talk with you. Carson talks about you all the time, but he doesn't actually tell me much about you."  Hmm, he wants to talk to me huh. Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt getting to know him. He is a big part of Carson's life.

"Sure, why not?"

 In the dorm, I sat on Carson's bed while Ethan sat on his own. "When did you figure us out?"  I asked him to get our conversation going.

"Hmm a few weeks ago actually. When he took off in the middle of the night. He talked about you all the time, but it wasn't until he came back I figured it out."  I nodded and kept listening. 

"Looking back, it was clear he was in love, but he never said who ya know?" I nodded in agreement.  "When he came back two days later he was different.  I can't explain it, but he seemed less strung out happier too. I realized about then he was happier and smiled a lot when he talked about you."  

"I know the feeling." I blushed knowing I am happier when thinking about Carson as well.  

"Anyway, last night I was shocked to see you there sitting on his bed.  Sorry about scaring you too like I did. What the hell just slipped out. I realize now I kinda screamed it."  

"It's okay.  It will be a great memory for us to look back at and laugh.  If I didn't have hold of him he would have hit the ceiling. I think he was more shocked that you, well caught us." 

"Yeah, I got that, guess that is why I had the urge to introduce myself like I did. I could have told you who I was, then asked who you were but I knew without a doubt who you were." 

"You surprised me by calling me the boyfriend but no more than Carson.  Oh, I wish he was here right now. I think he would get a kick out of this." 

"Yeah I think would too. So how did you two meet anyway?"  

"Ethan that is a very long story. You can ask Carson but be warned he may be hesitant at first.  But I will tell you this, it was an instant bond." 

"Oh, I didn't mean to be nosy I was just wondering."  

"It's okay I just don't like talking about some of it. Confusing I know but you will understand. So, you dating too?"   I asked to change the topic off of me.

"Not right now my girlfriend broke up with me over the summer,"   he said.

"I'm sorry to hear that."  

"Don't be it wasn't going well anyway."   he went quiet, made me think it hit him harder than he is willing to admit. 

"Anyway, you sure are lucky to be with Carson.  He is so fun to be around and is so caring.  He's always willing to help me whenever I have a hard time in class or with homework.  Did you ever notice how his eyes sparkle?"  he stopped abruptly. He was bright red and looked like he was about to crawl under the bed.  "I, I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything he is your boyfriend." 

"Yes, I have noticed how his eyes sparkle. Them along with his smile get to every time I see him. You know he is very understanding and a great listener as well." 

"Yeah, I know we talk all the time."   I waited for him to continue but he didn't  

"Ethan, can I ask you something?"   I asked softly

"Sure, ask anything you want." 

"Do you love Carson?"   He slouched like he had a huge weight on his shoulders.  

"Yeah, I do. But it's not what you think I swear," he said that last part with a panic

"Tell me what it is then."  Silence then he breathed out a heavy breath.

"I have feelings for him, but I don't know what kind though. I do love him as a friend of course but more too.  It's hard to explain." 

"Do the best you can. I think you really need to figure this out." 

"Why do you say that?"   

"You already know the answer to that, but you aren't willing to admit it."  

He stayed quiet for some time.  "You mean that I might like guys?"   I nodded my head.  "I can't be gay I just can't." He got up and he was passing.

"Would it really be a bad thing if you were?"  

"I don't know me, I am straight I know I am." 

"Ethan, you are attracted to Carson too, aren't you?" He nodded yes. 

"Are you attracted to other guys or just him?"  no answer "Are you attracted to other guys as well?" Again, he nodded yes.

"Say it"   I urged

"I can't damn it, I just can't!"  he yelled.  

"Fine don't say it. Be in denial forever.  That feeling you have right now will be there every time you look at Carson or any other guy you're attracted to until you admit it" I paused "We know how hard this is. We really do but you have to accept this on your own terms. But we will be here to help you when you need us."  he sat hard on his bed I held him to me rubbing his back.

"You're right I guess. Not saying it doesn't keep it from being true."   he sounded defeated

"Admitting to oneself about being attracted to guys is the hardest part."  I got a text jst got out of class, where u now?  ur dorm see u in min   uh ok see u 

"That was Carson he is heading back now.  I won't say anything about this, I'll let you do it on your own time."   

"Okay, thanks." 

"You're welcome. You can do this and if you have to talk, Carson will be there for you." 


The door opened, and Carson walked in.  "Why are you here? I figured you would have gone to do some shopping."  

"I would have but this lug invited me to hang out here."  

"Oh really? What did you talk about without me?"  He pretended to be jealous

"You of course. Kirk was telling me about your smile and your sparkling eyes and how they just drive him crazy"   I couldn't help but blush at the truth. 

"Oh I know that he tells me all the time but I can't see it." 

"You don't? Huh, I do."   It was Ethan's turn to blush, but Carson didn't catch what he said because Carson was putting his stuff away.  I looked at Ethan as he glanced at me he was so embarrassed. I smiled to let him know it was okay. 

"Oh, I'm so stupid I almost forgot," Ethan said getting up and opening his nightstand drawer. He pulled out a gift. "Here, Happy Birthday," he said handing it to Carson

"Thank you, I didn't expect you to get me anything." 

"Well you're my friend so I wanted to get you something."   

"You didn't have to but thank you anyway."  

"You're welcome,"   he said shyly.   Carson ripped the wrapping off, it was a couple of DVDs

"OMG, I love these movies thank you much Ethan."  Carson hugged him, and he hugged Carson back. 

"Look Tim Burton movies." He said showing them to me.

"He knows you well."  I smiled at Ethan

"I just noticed he liked Tim Burton and got some movies hoping he didn't have yet."  

"Well, I don't have these two thank you so much."  

"You're welcome." he was beaming he pleased his friend.

"I hate to run off but I have a lunch date," Carson said grabbing my hand and pulling me along.

I turned to Ethan "Talk to you later."  

"Uh yeah you too. Thanks for the talk."  

"Anytime."  We left the room and walked to my car.

We had lunch at a local diner, the food was good and very filling. When we were done we just talked letting our tummies settle. 

"What did you two really talk about?"  

"You, me and him."  I then told him everything that was said except when it came to Ethan I didn't give details on that.

"If you want, you can tell Ethan about how we met. I just didn't want to go over it again and have my dark feelings return."  I told him

"Are you sure that's okay?"  

"Yes it's fine and I know you will only tell him what I told Debbie. And Carson I think he needs a good friend to talk to. A friend like you, let him know you're there to talk to when he needs to talk." 

"Why do you think he needs someone to talk to?" 

"I could tell. Just let him come to you. Okay?" he looked at me weird. 

"Okay, I will be there for him. Do you want to tell me what this is about?"  

"No. Just trust me."  

"I do trust you. I'll do my best to help him any way I can."

"Good now, why didn't you tell me your roommate was such a hunk?" 

"I don't know didn't seem like it mattered.  I have you any way that is what matters.  Come on let's go I got class in 5 minutes."

Author's Notes:

A big thank you to Max and Mason.


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