Three Finger Cove: The Twins ~ Book Four

Chapter Thirty~Two

"Momma ... you wanted to see me?" asked Mr. Ken.

"Yeses sirs, Ies wants tos knows ifis Miesters Dans and Miesters Russell weres stayings fors dinners," got out Momma Maria.

"I hope they will, but let me go ask them," replied Mr. Ken, who then went back to the Study to talk to Dan Fischer and Stewart Russell.

"Dan, Stew, Momma wants to know if you're staying for dinner," said Mr. Ken

"Stay!  Please?" piped up Kyle.

"I guess I'll stay," said Dan, as he smiled at Kyle who had a big smile on his face, when he heard Mr. Dan was staying.

"I'm sorry, I'll have to take a rain check, Mr. Ken.  I already have plans for the evening," replied Stewart Russell.  Mr. Ken then walked the lawyer out of the Study to the Foyer door.  The two shook hands and Stewart was soon gone.

Mr. Ken and the boys, along with Mr. Dan, remained in the Study and talked more about the developments concerning Julian Hankers.  Dan didn't have much more to tell them other than how he arrived at the school and waited for the Cavalry to arrive.  Dan told the other three how they had to let Vince go, as he had no priors and even Julian, himself, said the man didn't know he was going to try to take the boys any way he could.

Robert and Charles arrived home from school and instead of looking for their after-school snack, they went looking for their 'dad'.

"'Dad', 'dad'" called out both boys in unison.

"I'm where I usually am at this time of day," called out 'dad' Ken.

Robert and Charles entered the Study and were happy to see the twins there as well as Mr. Dan.  But, Robert noticed that Kevin didn't look like he was very happy.

"Kevin ... are you still thinking through ... about your dream?" asked Robert.

Kevin looked at Robert, first, and then looked at 'Dad Ken'.  He didn't know what he should say. Mr. Ken saw the indecision in the older twins' face, so he asked the lad to come over to him behind his desk.

Mr. Ken whispered to Kevin, "Kevin ... you can either tell him, and Charles, if you want, everything about what happened during your talk with the Sheriff's detectives, or not.  Both Robert and Charles told you why they are living with me, and I bet you're going to tell them, sometime, what happened today.

"If you tell them now, it will be out of your system, and you won't be worried about them asking you when you're not ready.  Yes, it will be embarrassing, but ... how do you think Robert felt when he told you what those men did to him, or Charles, when he told his story?  And remember ... you also have me, Mr. Dan and Kyle here to help you answer any questions they may have.  What do you say?  After this you can begin to move forward," counseled 'Dad Ken'.

While still standing next to 'Dad Ken', Kevin looked over to his twin, Kyle, and the two began to talk in their 'twin way' they have done a few times since they began living at The Cove.  Mr. Ken watched the twins as they 'talked' and wondered how they did what they were doing.

After a few minutes, Kevin whispered into 'Dad Ken's' ear and told the man he was going to tell his older 'brothers' all about Julian and his dad.  Ken patted the lad on his back and then told him to tell Robert what he was going to do.

Kevin walked from behind the desk and looked at Robert and said, "Robert, Charles ... my ... my dad ... he did ... he did what Robert's dad made him do, although ... I did it because ... I liked doing it, but ... but I didn't know ... I didn't begin to realize what he was doing until ... that was until I heard Robert's story and it matched a lot of what I'd been doing with my dad"

Robert immediately ran to Kevin and held him.  Kevin broke down and cried.  Charles walked over to the two 'brothers' and hugged them, too.  Kyle wasn't to be left out and joined the group hug.  Mr. Ken and Mr. Dan sat back and watched what the boys did to help Kevin begin to heal.

When the lads broke up their group hug, Momma Maria was standing at the Study door.  She had an expression on her face that told Mr. Ken she knew something was up, but had no idea what.  Mr. Ken got the boys attention and pointed to where Momma Maria was standing.

"Mi el ninos ... ares youes wants toos eats Momma's snacks?  Nos?" said Momma Maria

The older lads knew from being around Momma Maria that when she used Spanish words in her sentences she was either mad or surprised.  Robert told Kevin and Kyle they should go eat their snacks and then come back here to talk.

'Dad Ken' heard what Robert said, and he nixed that idea telling the boys they needed to get their homework finished before they had dinner.  He then told the twins not to bother their 'brothers' while they did their school assignments.  The boys all said they understood and slowly filed out the door and headed to the Kitchen Nook.

It was then The Cove's phone rang.

"Three Finger Cove, how can I direct your call?" was how Mr. Ken answered the phone.

"Oh, yes sir, he's here.  Do you want to talk to him or have me pass on a message?" was what Dan heard.

  ...  ...  ...

"Yes, I can do that," Mr. Ken said into the phone.  Then to Dan he mouthed to him that his boss was on the line and wanted to talk to him.

"Yes, Sheriff," said Dan, as she took the receiver from his friend Ken.

Mr. Ken only caught snippets of the one side of the conversation which was going on in his Study.  Dan would listen, make a comment and listen some more.  Then Dan would explain something, and Mr. Ken figured Sheriff Barnes was now doing what Dan had done to him.  After a few minutes, Dan hung up the phone.

Dan sat down and rubbed his face with both hands.  He then took a deep breath and released it.  Ken just watched and waited.  He figured Dan would tell him  what the call was all about, after Dan figured how he was going to phrase it.

Dan looked over to his friend, Ken, and said, "That was Sheriff Barnes, as you already know.  He essentially told me what we all figured.  But, there is always a 'but' isn't there?  Sheriff Barnes told me after they charged Julian for sexual indecency with a minor and a number of other crimes; they took his cell phone and got the call history.  It appears," and Dan stopped and took a big breath and continued, "It appears Judge Terryman's phone number for his chambers ... was called from that cell phone.  They looked further into the cell phone and they found a number of phone numbers they feel are probably to the other men Kevin named and described.

"Ken ... this investigation ... it is probably going to get nasty, real nasty if you ask me.  I just hope these people's names do not get out into the press before we can determine why Julian had their phone numbers in his cell phone.  Brandt had been named the lead investigator on that portion and Barnes told him to drop everything.  Barnes wants those men charged, or exonerated, ASAP.

"Ken ... Barnes also said he is probably going to talk to Frank Harrison and see what he knows about Julian and maybe the different bank account numbers.  Barnes is hopeful Frank will give him more information about the men who he contacted to take his son with them, charge them very large amounts of money, and allow them to sexually assault Robert.  Also, if you look at what you gave us from Parker Parchsons home, there appears to be a lot of money involved here.  Barnes said the FBI is going to be involved in looking at potential wire fraud and money laundering angles.

"Ken ... I hope, for Kevin's sake, we can identify the men Kevin and his dad were with on many of those Sundays.  The sooner we can identify these men, and the boys, the sooner Kevin and his twin will be able to move on with their lives.  I hope you can keep the boy grounded and not let what happened to him rule his life."

"Hmmm, yes, I have to agree with your last statement.  I think I will be able to keep Kevin grounded, in his day-to-day life and let him do the things kids his age are prone to do, as long as ... as long as the Sheriff's office doesn't keep bothering him...  about identifying these men and boys day after day," smirked Ken Thomas.

"Touché," said Dan, and then he smiled knowing what Ken meant by his point on words.

The two men laughed and before long it became a rolling laugh as they both understood where they each stood when it came to Kevin.  Dan was on the side of those who are known to regularly interfere with a person's life until they find the bad guys.  Ken, on the other hand, was on the side of protecting and supporting his boys and giving them the love, they undoubtedly are missing from the ones they once loved.

At around 5:30, the doorbell rang.  Momma Maria answered it knowing her employer and Mr. Dan were talking in the Study.  She welcomed the visitor and walked him over to the Study.  Ken Thomas was surprised by the sudden appearance of Doug Jennings.  The man stood up to greet the doctor and showed him to a chair.

"Oh, Doctor Doug, I completely forgot you were coming tonight to talk to the twins.  I did, I honestly forgot you were coming.  There has been so much going on with the twins today that it probably is good you are here tonight.  Let me fill you in with what transpired in the past fifteen hours," revealed Mr. Ken.

Mr. Ken told Doctor Doug everything that transpired with Kevin since 2:30 that morning.  Dan filled in a few tidbits Ken had forgotten, but Doug Jennings got a good overview of what Kevin had told Mr. Ken and the Sheriff's detectives.  It was then Doug told the men that Kyle had sort of mentioned some stuff he had done with his dad in the shower.  He then looked at Dan and told him he had intended to use tonight's meeting to clarify what he was told the previous week by Kyle.

Doug told the men he wanted to use tonight to make sure that Kyle's story didn't change and if it hadn't, he would then contact the authorities.  The doctor told the two men that one revelation by a patient is usually not enough for him to notify the Sheriff's office of a reported indecent contact.  He said with a chuckle he wouldn't have to do that now.

Before long it was time for dinner.  Momma Maria came to the Study to tell Mr. Ken, Mr. Dan and Doctor Doug that dinner would soon be served.  The three men went out to wash up and they saw the lads coming down the stairs talking and laughing amongst themselves.  Ken nodded to Dan to look at the boys and the two smiled hoping the meant something good.

"Doctor Doug, I totally forgot you were coming tonight.  We've been so busy talking to people today that I ... well, I just forgot," said Kyle.

"Hi, Doctor Doug, I'm going to let Kyle go first tonight.  OK?" spoke up Kevin.  "I might need a little more time to talk to you."

"Sure, Kevin, we can do that.  Maybe Kyle can give up part of his time, so we can have enough time to cover what you want to talk to me about," agreed Doug Jennings.

After dinner, Kyle and Doctor Doug went to Mr. Ken's Study and began their session.  Kyle reaffirmed his story from last week and he then told Doctor Doug about what he learned from his twin.  The doctor told Kyle he only wanted to talk to him about his troubles, but he thanked the twin for getting him on track for Kevin.  After twenty minutes, the two walked out of the Study.

Trying to be funny, Doug Jennings called out, "Next!"

Kevin walked slowly to where Doctor Jennings was waiting at the Study door.  Kevin didn't look very happy about having to tell Doctor Jennings everything he'd been telling the other adults all day.  He reluctantly entered the study followed by the doctor who closed the door.

Doctor Doug began the session by asking Kevin to give him a simple recap of what his nightmare was all about and then go from there.  Kevin began telling about his nightmare and as he did Doctor Jennings asked him some questions and then he added some tales about his bogeymen from dreams of his early youth, and before Kevin knew it he was making his dream into a fun thing instead of a dreaded thing.

Kevin got animated with what he was telling Doctor Doug and he began to feel better about himself.  Doctor Jennings made the session all about the men who took advantage of his being young and impressionable.  Kevin began to see that he was the victim and that began to empower him as he told Doug Jennings more and more about what he'd been doing with his dad and his friends.

An hour and a half later, Kevin and his Child Psychologist came out of the Study laughing.  Kevin then hugged the man and thanked him for helping him feel much better about what happened.  Mr. Ken, Mr. Dan and the other Cover lads saw and heard the exchange and were happy for the twin.

Mr. Ken and Doctor Doug stepped aside to talk.  Mr. Ken wanted to know if what he saw was a genuine reaction or was Kevin just faking it.  Doug Jennings told the boy's guardian that Kevin was actually happy, but he suggested that Ken keep an eye on the lad for regression in the form of acting out, being sad, irritable, being tired, not wanting to participate with the family, those types of things.

"So ... you mean I should watch for signs of depression, Doug?" directly asked Mr. Ken.

"Yes, Ken. Yes, you should.  He will probably have highs and lows until he accepts that what happened was not his fault ... but his dad's.  And that might be the rub, here, his dad.  He really loves his dad and this ... this thing he did with his dad was a happy time in his life, but now it is turning into being one of the lowest times he's ever had in his eleven years.  He may even blame himself for his dad going to jail.  Ken ... watch him, keep him busy and from thinking too much about what's happened," advised Doctor Jennings.

"Do you want to see him sooner than next week?" asked a concerned Mr. Ken.

"Yes.  I'll check my schedule and if I have an opening I'll have my secretary call you.  Will you bring him in if there is a daytime opening?" asked Doug Jennings.

"Yes, let's catch this before he gets too deep into any type of depression," replied Mr. Ken.

Mr. Ken walked the doctor to the Foyer door where Doctor Doug told everyone to have a good night and then he left.  The group was sitting in the MRS Room, so Mr. Ken walked over there and took a seat.  It was then Kevin told him he felt really good about talking to Doctor Doug and was looking forward to talking to him again.

After everyone was settled, Kevin started his story.  He began telling Robert and Charles about his nightmare and what Julian was doing to him when he woke Chief and Kyle up.  He told his 'brothers' that he and Kyle came down to the Study, after they got dressed, and how he told 'Dad Ken' about Julian and his dad.  Kevin finished telling Robert and Charles how the Sheriff's detectives came by and he had to tell them everything he'd already told 'Dad Ken'.

When Kevin took a break from telling his story, he remembered 'Dad Ken' telling him it was his decision as to whether or not to tell his older 'brothers'.  And, now that he had, he felt good about it.  He was no longer afraid they'd find out about what he did.  It was while he was thinking his mind began to 'see' some things at the places he and his dad went.

"Mr. Dan ... I think ... I think I just remembered something ... about the places we went.  ...  Yeah, the places we went were always houses.  Yeah, they were always houses.  We'd go by lots of businesses and then turn into where there were lots of homes," revealed Kevin.

"Kevin ... do you think you could remember where you turned, or which businesses you went past?  It would give the investigators a place to start.  ...  Kevin, I have another question for you.  Were you always ... at the same house, or did you go to different homes every time?" asked Dan Fischer.

"Oh, another thing, Mr. Dan ...the houses we went to ... they didn't have any clothes' in the closets.  I remember ... one of the other boys ... he said he looked into the closet this one time and there were no clothes.  Well, one time I looked to see if he was right.  He was.  I didn't look in all the houses we went to, but the ones where I did look there wasn't any clothes in any of them.  Does that help you, Mr. Dan?" asked a smiling Kevin.

"Yes, Kevin, that is a big help.  So, the houses you were in did ... do you know if they had food in the refrigerators?" asked Mr. Dan.

"You know ... I bet they didn't.  If we wanted something to drink, we went to a cooler to get it and we also had plastic cups.  There were also shopping bags full of snacks.  We never had real food like burgers, or pizza, or even sandwiches," replied Kevin.

"Kevin ... the houses you went into ... do you remember if there were For Sale signs out in the lawn, or some other kind of sign?" Mr. Dan wanted to know.

By now Robert had an idea that the houses were all vacant and For Sale and that was why they changed where they went because they wanted a place that the people who lived there wouldn't be coming home.  The teen whispered his thoughts to Charles who looked back at his older 'brother' and said "Yeah" a bit louder than he wanted.

A smiling Mr. Dan looked at the two older lads and asked them if they had something to add.  Charles looked at Robert who told the man his thoughts about the houses were probably all For Sale and that a real estate agent had to be involved.  Mr. Dan said that was what he was thinking, too.  The man and teen smiled at one another.

Mr. Dan continued to ask Kevin about the houses and if he remembered any of the businesses he may have past.  He also asked him if he remembered the directions they went or came from.  Kevin was feeling good that he was remembering small things about what he and his dad and the other men did and where.  Kevin continued to rack his brain, but he came up short.

As the group talked, Mr. Ken heard the phone ring at his desk.  Mr. Ken went to his desk with everyone following.  He took the call in his Study and learning it was Judy Turner.   The man asked everyone not to bother him because he needed to talk to Ms. Judy and it needed to be in private.  Dan got up to leave but Ken told him he could stay.  Dan said he had to work the next day and with the new developments he wanted to tell Brandt about them.  The two shook hands and Dan closed the Study door as he left.

"I'm sorry, Judy, the boys were in the Study, along with Dan, and I wanted them to leave.  So, I take it you want to talk about Kevin and what happened.  Right?" figured Mr. Ken.

"Ken, I want you to tell me everything and don't leave anything out.  I waited all day to find out what Kevin's dream was all about and what became of what he told you," said Judy Turner.

While Ken told Judy about his talk with the twins after the nightmare and what was revealed when the Sheriff's detectives stopped by, Mr. Dan talked to the Cover lads.  Of course, Kyle was clingy so they all sat in the chairs in MRS Room.  Dan told them Mr. Ken mentioned he was looking to take them to SeaWorld and he wanted to know more about the Howl-O-Scream.  That question got the boys all animated.

Kyle spoke right up and told Mr. Dan he'd never been to SeaWorld and hoped 'Dad Ken' could make it happen.  Even Kevin agreed that it would be real fun to do something like that.  He added that he doesn't even remember going to an amusement park.  Robert told Mr. Dan that all he knew about the Howl-O-Scream was what he saw on the billboard when they were at SeaWorld back in late August.  The teenager said he thought it would be fun to be there with all the ghosts, ghouls, and goblins walking all around the park.

The small group talked about SeaWorld and the older lads told the twins what they did the time Mr. Dan took them and Todd and David.  Charles told Kevin and Kyle how David had never ridden a roller coaster and had gotten on the Steel Eel because he didn't want to be called a chicken.  Charles laughed as he told them how David, when the coaster stopped at the station, ran to find a bathroom after they got off.  The twins didn't think that was funny at all and told him so.  Robert and Mr. Dan laughed at how the twins reacted to Charles' story.

The twins said they thought riding a roller coaster would be kinda fun, even though they never rode one before.  The younger boys said they would also like to see the animals as they never saw a whale, or dolphins or any other sea creatures in person. 

Mr. Dan told them he volunteered to go with them, if he could get the day off.  Charles asked Mr. Dan if he knew when their 'dad' was going to take them, but Mr. Dan said he only heard about it yesterday and their 'dad' was going to work out the details with Mr. Chris.  Charles said he had hoped to know soon so he could plan, but Robert reminded him that their 'dad' told them not to talk to their friends until everything was worked out.

Judy quietly listened to what Ken told her and she was appalled at what Ken had to say about Parker Parchsons and how he manipulated Kevin into playing with his adult friends.  Ken told her everything, including what Kevin mentioned that night as he was telling Robert and Charles his story about what he and his dad were doing on Sundays. 

Judy Turner had some questions that Ken fielded but there was a few he told her she would have to talk to Lieutenant Matthias as he was leading the investigation for now.  Mr. Ken also told her Doctor Doug was going to try to slip Kevin into an earlier slot if one opened up.  He told her that Doug said it would be good to keep the conversations going between them to keep Kevin from getting depressed.  Judy agreed with that decision.

To change the subject, Ken asked Judy if she had decided to go to SeaWorld with him and the boys.  Ken heard her laugh over the phone, and before she could answer, Ken told her that Dan had volunteered if he could get the day off.  Judy laughed at that revelation then something about Dan always volunteering to do the fun things the residents of The Cove get to do.

"Judy, when was the last time you volunteered to help me with one of my boys?" teased Ken.

"Well, if I remember right ... it was last Friday," laughed Judy.

"Ok, you got me there, but you did it more for Robert than you did for me.  I would have made him go and just sit out in the waiting room.  But, I'm sure those two lads had a great time hanging with you," laughed back Ken.

"Ok, what are we going to do about the twins?" asked Judy.

"Judy ... we're going to let them live their lives as best they can here at The Cove.  They are settled here and I think they like being here although according to Parker Parchsons he says he can't compete with my money.  Yeah right!  If his clandestine bank accounts are any indication of the money he has squirreled away, well ... if he'd just spend some of his ill-gotten monies on his kids he wouldn't think he would have to compete with me.  Anyway, he won't be around to have to worry about matching me dollar for dollar," finished a somber Ken Thomas.

Judy heard the hurt in her friend, Ken's, voice.  She knew Kevin's revelation hurt him just as much as it has his charge.  Now, Ken Thomas is responsible for three lads who were sexually assaulted, and the jury was still out on Kyle, but she figured he would ultimately be classified that way, too.

"Ken ... who else do you have as chaperones for this SeaWorld trip beside Dan and me?" asked Judy.

"Well ... I was thinking of asking some of the parents to go along with us.  I was going to play on their embarrassment for unabashedly allowing their kids to spend all summer at this 5-Star Summer Camp and not once have I asked them for anything.  Until now," laughed Ken.

"Do you think many will volunteer?" seriously asked Judy.

"Oh, yeah, I think I can count at least one woman.  Need I mention HER name?" loudly laughed Ken Thomas.

"Oh, Ken ... you know the only reason she'll want to go along is to try to be with you the whole time," replied Judy Turner.

"Yes, I know, but ... I am going to tell the parents ... they will be responsible for a number of kids to keep them from getting too close to the animals, but to also allow them to have fun.  I plan for us to meet at least once to eat and then to do the haunted houses or forests or whatever they have there," explained Ken.

"Have you decided on a day yet?" Judy wanted to know.

"Yes, I told Chris to look at that 3-Day weekend in October.  I figure that Saturday ... it would be a good time to go, but if it rains we can still go on that Sunday.  Plus, it still gives the kids two more days of the Holiday weekend to still have fun," clarified Ken.

"Yes, two more days to hang out at that 5-Star Fall Camp," chuckled Judy.

"You're such a cynic," Ken chastised Judy.

"Ken, are you going to invite any of your other adult friends?  I'm thinking people like Mary Taylor and Dan Chassen and Wayne Mitchell who the kids really like.  And, what about Chris and his family, and maybe Frank Longger and his kids?" asked Judy, while making suggestion to the man.

"Sheesh, Judy ... you made some interesting suggestions.  ...  Hmmm, I did ask Chris to get information on a motor coach to hold 40 to 50 people.  I already figured on 30 kids, or so, and I would like to have 8 to 10 adults go along with me.  Yeah, that is overkill on the adults, but I figured two adults per group and if you're there, ahhh, I can use you as my chaperone partner, so Joyce has to team up with someone else.  Ohhh ... I just thought who she'll want to team up with if she can't have me," chuckled Ken.

"Who?" quickly asked Judy.

"Dan!" laughed Ken.

"Oh, you wouldn't?  ...  Yes ... I think you would!  Oh, Ken that is so not fair!" now chastised Judy.

"Well, I'm not going to pick the chaperone teams.  I'm going to let them pick their partner and if they can't do it I'll pick names out of a hat," Ken chuckled back.

"Hey, Judy, I better get out and check up on the boys," spoke up Ken.  "I'll call you with any new updates ... if I get any.  Dan goes back on second shift tomorrow, so ... I might not get anything from him until late at night.  I will call you if it isn't past 9 PM, otherwise I will wait until the morning.  There won't be anything either of us can do even if we know the play-by-play."

Judy said she'd make some notes in the twin's folders when she got to work in the morning.  She wished Ken 'Good Luck' and then hung up.

'Dad Ken' walked out of his Study with a smile on his face looking for his boys.  He found them still sitting in the MRS Room, right off the Foyer and before the Formal Dining Room.  He looked at his watch and saw it was 9 PM.

"Boys ... shouldn't you be up in your rooms getting ready for bed?" teased 'Dad Ken'.

It was Kevin who spoke up and told 'Dad Ken' that his bed was still laying on the floor in his room and asked if he was going to help him make it up.  Mr. Ken said he thought he would have him sleep in Robert's extra bed that night and have Kyle sleep in Charles extra bed.

"NO!" abruptly said Kevin, then he realized he said it more forceful than he wanted, so he said, "I mean, No, sir.  I want to sleep in my own bed tonight.  Please.  I have to do this, or I may never go back into that room."

'Dad Ken' thought about what Kevin said for a few moments and he knew the boy was right.  He'd remembered the saying "If you fall of a horse you get right back on and ride it again or you'll be afraid forever", or something like that.  Ken then told Kevin he'd go up to his room and help him make the bed.

Mr. Ken stopped at the large linen closet and took out a clean mattress pad, and a sheet set for a double bed.  When he and the twins entered the room, he asked them to help pull the bed away from the wall.  'Dad Ken' told the boys how to put the mattress pad on the bed and then he showed them how to make the bed.  He told them they'll need to know that when they go off to college.

When they finished, 'Dad Ken' thanked the boys for helping by telling them so and giving them a big hug.  He then told the boys to get ready for bed while he checked on Robert and Charles.

"Robert, you have a few moments, 'son'?" asked 'dad Ken, as he entered the open door to Robert's bedroom.

Robert was just standing there just in his boxer briefs when 'dad' Ken entered his room.  He wasn't embarrassed at all to be seen that way.  Many more men than his 'dad' had seen him totally naked and this was nothing to be ashamed of.

"Yes, 'dad'?" replied Robert.

"Can I ask you to leave your door slightly open tonight?  I'm going to tell the twins to leave their bedroom door slightly open as well.  That way ... if you hear anything, or Kyle needs you he can come get you without having to use the Three Knock Rule.  I'm sure Chief will come get me right away as she did last night," requested 'dad' Ken, and explained why.

Robert agreed to the request and then headed to the bathroom.  Along the way he caught up with his younger 'brother' Charles as he was entering the bathroom.  The two talked about what 'dad' Ken asked Robert to do.  In the end, Charles said he'd leave his door slightly open, too.

"Boys, you ready for bed?" lively asked a smiling 'Dad Ken', when he went back into the twins' bedroom.

"Yes, 'Dad Ken', we're ready," replied Kyle.

"OK, your older 'brothers' are in the bathroom now, and I think you two should use the facility, too, and then hit the sack.  You've both had a very long day and I wouldn't be surprised if you don't fall right to sleep when your head hits the pillow.  And, if it doesn't ... I don't want you two talking until all hours of the night.  Do you two hear me?" finished 'Dad Ken'.

Kyle looked to Kevin and within seconds Kyle said, "We understand, 'Dad Ken'"

The twins went to use the bathroom and when they returned 'Dad Ken' tucked them into bed.  He gave them a quick hug through their covers and then kissed them on their foreheads.  Both boys smiled up at the man when he did that.

As Mr. Ken walked out of the twin's bedroom, he stopped and scratched behind Chief's ears and told her to take care of 'her boys'.  She licked him, went to the bottom of Kevin's bed, walked in a circle a few times and lay down.

'Dad' Ken did the same thing to his other two boys, which was something he didn't do in the past.  He wanted them to know he truly loved them and that he was going to do whatever he needed to do to protect their younger 'brothers'.  When he was finished he went down to the kitchen and got a cold drink of water and then headed off to his own bed.

The Cove was totally quiet inside by 10 PM that night.

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