I Want a Friend

Chapter Fifteen: Sync

As I was walking to school, the upcoming summer was already giving its signs on the shiny green shade of the trees, the first flowers falling on the ground and the wind that brushed the leaves, along with the shiny sunlight and the heat.

Due to that, I could choose only a red t-shirt and blue shorts to go to school, and as I walked I thought of people who didn't have that special someone to warm their hearts, as the summer warmed the land, and the way they would have to wake up every day to achieve their lives as I did.

As I arrived early at school, I decided enjoying the slight breeze along with the rising sun, so that, I put my binder aside and was sitting on the grass in front of school and as I looked at the sunlight I couldn't help thinking of Ryan, and the way he brought light to my very existence as in the smile spreading on my face, which only grew huge as the view of the sun in front of me was replaced by a standing Ryan.

"Hey, good morning," he said showing his great disposition and a shining smile on his face.

He looked especially beautiful that morning wearing a thin white t-shirt along with the beige pants and his bag on the side, as the sunlight reached us and pictured that great view.

"Hi, one sun replacing the other in front of my eyes," I commented to a brief embarrassment of his.

"So, what are you gonna have today at school?" I asked.

"Oh, I have three tests... but at least it's almost over." he was saying.

"So, mm... we should get in, right?" he asked.

"Right," I replied with a smile and got up with a breath.

Lit class was fine, as it always seems to be. Then there was a history test and that's how my day was going on.

By lunchtime, as I headed outdoors, I found Ryan sitting on a bench, apparently looking at the trees, with his lunch beside him. He looked at me with a small smile.

"Hey," he said.

"Hi," I said sitting by his side. "Won't you start eating?" I lightly asked putting one hand on his shoulder.

He slowly started his lunch as I was doing the same. I looked better at him.

"What's up Ry?" I asked.

"It's just that I had three tests this morning." he was telling me while I was paying attention.

"I need toget a good grade for chemistry... And I don't like depending on those things." he continued.

"Oh, but it's normal," I added.

"And I studied hard for history, but that I guess I got fine." he finished.

We kept eating, looking at the trees and the sky, as it was getting cloudy.

I finished my last class' test a little earlier, so I decided to go for a run around the field, after all, that is a good workout, and showing work to the P.E. teacher is fine, too.

As I finished one lap, I just saw Ryan approaching and the final bell had already rung, so the class time was over, actually.

"Hey, Phil," he said in sweaty clothes, but with a smile at me. At least, I wasn't the only sweaty one.

"Hey. Just finished some running." I told him.

"Oh, we were playing basketball," he said.

"So, a shower would be good," I said.


"To the lockers?"

"Right," he replied as we went walking to the lockers.

On the way home Ryan told me some about his tests and we ended up talking about the way he prayed. That was really flattering knowing he prayed for me. So, I also told him the way I prayed for us to be together.

"So, do you pray for me too?" Ryan asked when I finished telling him about it.

"Yeah," I replied.

The wind started blowing stronger against the trees and rushed through us.

As we arrived home we had some juice and a piece of pie, and then went to my room.

So, Ryan threw himself on the bed, with a spent moan and rested his cheek, along with his tired arms, on the pillow.

He looked at me with a smile as I stripped only to boxers. I knelt beside the bed and reached for a kiss, which was long, soft, warming, while we had our eyes closed.

I knelt on the mattress, with one knee on each side of his back, as he was on his stomach, and ran my hands twice on his back, feeling its warmth.

"Mmm, nice." he moaned.

I pulled his t-shirt up and he stretched his arms for a moment as I took it off to see his smooth neck, his beautiful back, moving when he adjusted his arms' position.

His back was so smooth and so was his neck. I traced a line on his back with my nose and then nuzzled in his neck.

"Mm, love ya," I said in his ear, closing my eyes, burying my nose in his neck.

"I love you too," he whispered back, with his eyes closed and an angelical face resting on the pillow.

I went kissing his neck, his back and to go on I had to take his pants and briefs off, so I could kiss his smooth butt, on both sides.

I was already very horny, so I took my briefs off and started lightly rubbing his sides in circles and felt my hard shaft wander between his thighs.

He was moaning and getting very relaxed as I kissed his neck, in a lazy and wet way while my cock was gently brushing his way upwards.

I placed my cock's head and couldn't resist slipping it a little further. He gasped for a moment.

"Ry, is that okay?" I asked above a whisper.

"Mmhm," he replied, with his eyes closed and a smile on his lips.

I got all of it and felt an amazing sensation, as my heartbeat increased and looked at the ceiling for a moment, as my breath changed. Then, I focused back on the slim loving body in front of my eyes and on the awesome scene as my shaft was buried in Ryan.

"Good," I said, breathing heavily, smiling.

"Yeah," I whispered back.

I started pushing it in and out and suddenly I had a slow pace which I kept and gave me so much pleasure as I joined my moans to Ryan's low moans.

I placed both my hands on his shoulders and with a loud moan, I erupted several times.

As my cock rested over his butt I lay over him and wrapped my arms around him. He moaned in approval.

"Babe, it's your turn," I said in his ear.

"I don't feel like doing it right now, do you mind?" he asked turning his head to face me.

My smile faded as I realized he didn't feel like doing that and that most probably I was being selfish... but I just wanted him to feel good... and maybe I had failed.

"Didn't you feel like doing that? I mean, you should've told me and... and well, I feel bad, selfish, now." I told him with concern filling my eyes.

"It felt good... so relaxing... didn't I say it... it's just that I'm tired," he replied with a tentative small smile that didn't really made me feel better.

I just sat on the edge of the bed not knowing what do do, what to say or think.

I looked at the horizon across the window, then at the ceiling and my breath was failing me with a lump in my throat.

I started crying, sitting there, thinking I should be a better friend, maybe even boyfriend, knowing Ryan better... making sure of doing things to deserve all of it, to deserve him, I was thinking while tears were shedding.

Ryan was kneeling on the mattress, behind me, and I just felt his warm embrace as he rested his chin on my shoulder.

"Sorry, Ry," I said between sobs.

"Hun, look at me," he whispered.

The shine of the tears of my eyes met with the green of his.

"Don't we like and enjoy everything we do together?" he asked.

I only nodded as the sobs subsided and my breathing was getting regular.

He had his neck over my shoulder, as he was kneeling behind me, placing one hand on my chest and reached for my lips.

We shared a long passionate kiss as we tasted each other's tongue and ran our hands on each other's body, filling our souls with joy.

We were smiling widely when we broke the kiss as the light in his eyes were telling me the much he loved me, surely the same way my somehow goofy smile did to him.

He lightly pushed me to lie on the bed, on my stomach.

My back was warmed by his slim body over mine as I just felt a thin sheet falling over us.

He lightly kissed my shoulder and we drifted off to a nap hearing each other's breathing, that evening, in synchrony with the world.

My Note: 

Talking about tiredness, I feel really tired being all carried away with things to do, so I sincerely hope a very special friend of mine forgive me for me being somehow also selfish in some ways and that he gets soon in his hands a humble try to make up for it.
With several changes in my life and my very self-being, see this is an attempt to show you what I still have of sensible and good in myself and I hope not losing it as much as I truly expect not losing what I have of good, my friend.

Maybe we live in the sensitive world in which the hints of happiness that are available for us are just reflection of our sentimental memory, which tells us about the ideal world, that can be reached only through love. And maybe, what you read above is just a description of how making a connection.

I'm also especially thankful because it always feels great getting new e-mails. I sincerely hope a breeze... or a wave, brings me, friends, as a wave of information, to make me feel a little of the available happiness at Luiz

In the meanwhile, take a look at my other series, Through the Rain and My Angel if you feel like.