Three Finger Cove: The Twins ~ Book Four

Chapter Thirty

Ken Thomas and Dan Fischer walked down the slight incline and went back into the house. When they opened the door, they expected to find all four lads waiting, but that was not the case.

"Do you know where your other 'brothers' are?" directly asked Mr. Ken of the two lads that were waiting in the MRS Room.

"NO 'dad' I don't know where they are. We just got back in the house ourselves. We watched from behind the gate until we saw those two men walk over to their car and speed away," abruptly spoke out Robert.

"I bet they are in their room. That's where I'd go," suggested Charles.

"Hmm, yes, that is where I'd have gone, too," chuckled Mr. Ken. "Boys ... I want you to wait down here, while I go talk to Kevin. Dan you want to come along and listen. It might give you some further ammunition with your research."

Robert and Charles looked at each other when they heard their 'dad' tell Mr. Dan about doing some research.  They watched the two men walk up the stairs and when they were out of earshot, they began to speculate what that might mean.

The men slowly walked up the stairs and headed towards the twins' mutual bedroom. The door was closed when the men arrived, so Mr. Ken did the Three Knock Rule. On the third knock, when the men walked inside, they found Kevin crying his eyes out and Kyle trying to console his older brother.

'Dad Ken' walked over to the boys and put his hand on Kevin's shoulder. The older twin slowly looked up to see who it was and when he saw it was 'Dad Ken' he jumped up into his arms and cried even harder. Mr. Ken then sat on the bed with Kevin. Kyle seeing Mr. Dan standing there jumped into his arms and began crying, too. It took Mr. Ken almost ten minutes to calm Kevin down enough that he could talk to the lad.

"Kevin ... 'son' ... please tell me what you know about this man, Julian," lightly asked Mr. Ken.

Kevin just sat there being held in Mr. Ken's arm and lap and sniffled as he looked down at the floor. He was telling himself he knew he was wrong not to tell 'Dad Ken' about his dad telling him that he wanted Julian to take them until his dad and mom got better. But, he didn't think the man, Julian, would have come this quickly. He didn't know what he was going to do. Then, he got scared as he thought that since he didn't tell 'Dad Ken' about Julian, he would be sent away from his twin and he began to cry some more.

"Please, Mr. Ken... don't send me away. Pleeeaassse!" cried out Kevin, as he buried his face into Mr. Ken's shoulder and continued to cry hard.

Mr. Ken just pulled the crying lad into him even harder to let them lad know he was there to protect him, not send him away. Kevin continued to cry.

Kyle watched what 'Dad Ken' was doing to his twin and he wished he could do something to get Kevin to stop crying and talk to 'dad Ken'. The younger twin looked up into Mr. Dan's eyes with hope. All Mr. Dan could do was to comfort Kyle and ask him to just be quiet while Mr. Ken got Kevin settled.

"Come on Kevin. It isn't all that bad, and I am NOT going to send you away," said Mr. Ken, as he continued to hold the lad in his arms.

It took a few moments for what Mr. Ken said to Kevin to sink into the lad's mind. Kevin wanted to make sure he heard him right, so he looked up into 'Dad Ken's' eyes and asked, "You're ... you're not (sniffle) ... you're not going to send me away? You ... you promise?" asked the sniffling twin.

"No, Kevin ... I am NOT going to send you away. I want you to stay with me until your mom and dad are well enough they can continue to help you grow and mature and be the best boy, the best teen, and the best young man you can ever be. That is what I want, Kevin. Now ... can you please tell me what you know about this man, Julian, and the friend he was with?" calmly requested Mr. Ken.

"Can I go to the bathroom, please?" asked Kevin.

"Yes, you may ... and hurry back," smiled Mr. Ken.

As Kevin walked out of the bedroom, Kyle followed behind.

Dan looked at his friend, Ken, and asked him if he thought Kevin would tell him everything he knows. Ken said he didn't think the lad would tell him everything, because he was still scared, and until he knew for sure he would not be sent away he will hold something back. Ken then added that he wasn't sure if there was anything he could do if that man, Julian, went to Judge Adam or Ms. Judy and convinced either one of them he could care for the boys and to turn them over to him.

Dan shook his head and told his friend that he'd want to talk to either Judge Richards or Judy Turner before they made any decision. He told Ken he wanted them to know what was going on in with his investigation, so that they could make an informed decision.

Ken took that time to tell Dan that he already told Judy most of what they knew. Ken did qualify that she didn't know about the Money Markets certificates or the bank accounts possible being used as a money laundering vehicle, but that she did know about Robert's feeling that he knew Parker from before.

It was then Kevin and Kyle came back into the room.

"Did everything come out OK," teased 'Dad Ken".

"Yes, and we even washed our hands," Kyle teased back.

Kevin heard the way 'Dad Ken' and Kyle talked to one another and he wished he could do that. He never could tease his real dad, but he thought he could maybe try it with 'Dad Ken'. Taking a chance Kevin added, "And ... I even washed my face."  That brought a chuckle from everyone there.

"Well, spoken Kevin," offered Mr. Ken, as he and the lad sat down on the boy's bed. "Now ... can you tell me something about this man, Julian? How do you know this man? Please tell me."

"Well, my dad and me ... we would go places some Sunday's and ...and Julian would be there. I met him a few times along with a few other men my dad said he used to know when he played baseball and basketball in high school. That's what he told me," answered Kevin.

"Do you know the other man?" asked Dan.

Kevin turned to look at Dan and said, "Mr. Dan, I never saw that man before. I don't have any idea who he is."

"Kevin," spoke Mr. Ken, and Kevin turned towards him, "It sounded to me, out at the gate ... that, that maybe ... that maybe you knew this man was ... that he was coming to get you and your brother. ... Kevin ... can you tell me ... did your dad, when we were at the hospital on Saturday, tell you ... did your dad tell you that he was going to give that man some paperwork for you and Kyle to go live with ... with that man, Julian?"

Kevin got scared at the question, but 'Dad Ken' had told him he wasn't going to send him or his twin away, so he decided to tell him what his dad told him.

"'Dad Ken' ... when I was talking to my dad at the hospital ... he told me ... he told me that ... that he wanted us to go live with Julian ... while he and mom got well. He told me that he ... that he and mom ... that they couldn't compete with you and your money and that ... and that you were changing us, and we were being spoiled. He told me that ... that he and mom ... wouldn't be able give us the things you've given us, 'Dad Ken'.

"He told me that ... that with us living with Julian ... that it was the best thing for us and for them. ... 'Dad Ken' ... I don't want to have to go live with Julian. I never liked the man from the beginning and when dad told me he wanted us to go live with him I tried ... I tried hard to get him to change his mind, but ... but I guess I wasn't very good at getting him to change his mind," was what Kevin told 'Dad Ken' and Mr. Dan, and of course his brother, Kyle.

"Is there anything else your dad told you, Kevin?" simply asked 'Dad Ken'.

"No sir, not that I can think of. He was just mad that he and mom couldn't compete with your money and he didn't want us spoiled any more than we already had been. 'Dad Ken' ... I did try ... I did try to convince him to have someone else take us, but ... but he wouldn't listen to me," explained Kevin, who was again beginning to have tears flowing out of his eyes.

Mr. Ken saw the tears begin to flow, so he grabbed the lad and pulled the boy to him.

After a few moments, Mr. Ken told Kevin, "Let it all out Kevin. You aren't going anywhere, if I can help it."

"'Dad Ken'" spoke Kyle, "What about me? Where will I go?"  And the tears began to flow from his eyes then too.

Dan Fischer took the boy into his lap and held him. Kyle melted into the man's shoulder and silently cried.

Mr. Ken looked over at Dan and Kyle and said to the younger twin, "Kyle ... I'm going to do everything I can to make sure you and your brother aren't going anywhere unless Ms. Judy and/or Judge Adam says so. They are the only two people who decide where kids like you and Kevin live, until they can go back to their parents, or other relatives.

"Right now, you and Kevin are living with me. Julian has some papers signed by your dad and supposedly by your mom, too, but we have to check that she did indeed sign them. In the meantime, you and Kevin will remain here, with me and your 'brothers' and continue to live like you've been doing these past two plus weeks. Nothing will change that unless, as I said, Judge Adam and/or Ms. Judy say so.

"Julian, as I see it, has no real say in it other than to present his papers to either of those two people and convince them that you are better off with him than me. If it comes to that I will petition the courts for a public hearing, where I will get to give my reasons why you should continue to live with me until your parents are better. Of course, Julian will get his turn telling his story to the Judge or Director."

When Mr. Ken finished answering Kyle's question, he then asked if either lad had any more questions for him.

It was quiet for a few moments until Kevin asked, "'Dad Ken' ... what do I tell Robert and Charles?"

Mr. Ken looked at Kevin and replied, "Kevin, when you decide to tell them anything ... just tell them the truth. It is much easier to tell the truth every time than it is to try to remember the lie. OK?"

Kevin was shocked by 'Dad Ken's' answer. He didn't know what to say to that, but the more he thought about it the more it made sense. He also wondered if 'Dad Ken' believed what he just told him. He didn't tell a lie. He knew what he told him was the truth, but he continued to wonder why 'Dad Ken' would tell him that it was easier to tell the truth than to try to remember the lie. The older twin continued to sit there without saying a word.

It was Kyle who spoke up and said, "Kevin ... dad never told me anything about this man Julian. Why did he tell you and not me? Why did he take you with him on Sundays and then tell you not to tell me what you did together? And, why ... why couldn't you tell me about Julian? Why did you scare me tonight by not telling 'Dad Ken' about this man named Julian? Why Kevin, why?"

With all that said, Kyle burst out crying. The younger twin then grabbed onto Mr. Dan and cried his heart out not knowing what Kevin and his dad and this man Julian had to do with one another. All Dan could do was try to comfort the crying boy.

Mr. Ken walked Kevin out into the hall. He closed the door after they walked out and then he turned to Kevin and said, "Kevin ... your brother ... he loves you ... but you treat him like ... like you don't love him. I know you love your father ... and he's told you to never tell Kyle what you two do together, so you did what he told you to do. But ... I think it is time for you to decide what is going to be the best for you and your brother. ...

"Kevin, I'm going to leave that decision up to you. I think you need to make things right between you and Kyle. You protected your dad at every turn and took it out on your twin. Kevin ... you guys are brothers, and no one can ever change that. You two should be the best of friends and maybe more. You do love your brother. I know it. I've seen you two talk to one another without saying a word out loud. You love the same things as your twin ... but you two also like being yourselves.

"Kevin ... I'm not going to force you to make things right between you and Kyle. I'd just ask you to think this all through ... and decide when will be the time and the place that you'll tell your twin what being with your dad was all about.

"In the meantime, I do promise that I will do everything I said to you and Kyle in your bedroom just a few minutes ago. I want you two boys to stay with me and Robert and Charles until your parents are better. Kevin ... I didn't like that Julian guy any more than you do and, I promise, I will do whatever I can to keep you boys with me. What do you say to that?"

Kevin had been looking at Mr. Ken the entire time the man was talking to him. He heard the concern and the love in his voice and he knew 'Dad Ken' was speaking from his heart. He also knew 'dad Ken' was right. He knew he hadn't been treating his twin brother very well and he needed to make it up to him somehow. He just didn't know if this was the right time and right place. He figured he'd wait until this Julian thing settled down and he and Kyle weren't having to go with Julian any time soon.

Just then Dan and Kyle came out to the hallway. It was now past 8 PM and Kyle said he wanted to get his snack before going to bed. That broke the tension in the hallway between Mr. Ken and Kevin who both agreed that sounded like a good thing to do. The four walked down the stairs and were greeted by Robert and Charles.

"Is everything OK, Kevin?" sincerely asked Robert.

Kevin looked up to Mr. Ken and getting a nod he said, "Well, right now ... I'd say things are ... are good. I probably have a lot to tell you and ...and, of course, Kyle ... but I don't think now is the right time, OK? We came down to get a snack before bed. You want to join us?"

After the group of six ate a small snack, Dan asked Ken to go to the Study with him as he wanted to talk to him. When the men got there, Mr. Ken closed the door. Dan then asked Ken if he could get a copy of the video of what transpired out in front of the Main gate that evening, or at least a picture of the license plate of the car Julian was driving. . .

Ken went behind his desk and sat down and pulled up his computer screen. He typed a password and that brought another screen. He did that three more times before he got into the main computer server for The Cove. After he got to the correct hard drive, he pulled up the video for the time they were out in front of the Main gate and talking to Julian and his friends.

"Is this what you are looking for?" asked Ken.

"Yes, that's it exactly. It does have audio, doesn't it? If it does, can you make me a copy of that video and if not, I'd like a picture of the license plate of Julian's car. That will give me the chance to go looking through the DMV records for his address and if he has any priors, etc.," said Dan Fischer, thinking as a Sheriff's Lieutenant would.

Ken did a few more keystrokes and, before long, Dan had not only the video he also had a close up picture of the man, his friend and one of his license plate. Dan smiled big and thanked the man for his efforts. Dan then told his friend Ken he needed to get a move on and see if he could get started doing some research on the man, Julian. Dan also told Ken he'd try putting the other man's picture through the facial recognition program to find out his name, while he was at it. The two shook hands and then walked out of the Study.

When Ken and Dan walked out into the Foyer, they saw the four Cover lads sitting in the MRS Room talking. When the lads saw them, they stopped and came over to them.

"Mr. Dan ... are you leaving?" asked Kyle.

"Yes, Kyle, I have a few things to do before bed, and my apartment is some ways away," explained Mr. Dan. "You guys get a good night's sleep tonight, and I'm sure I'll see you tomorrow, I promise."

Kyle went over to the Lieutenant and hugged him. Even Kevin went over and hugged the man. The twins walked him out to his car, and before long all five Covers were standing in the Foyer.

"Guys, it has been a long night for some of us, so what say you all head up to your rooms and get settled before bedtime. Robert ... please make sure everyone has their homework done before they get too relaxed. Boys ... I'll see you all down here bright and on time, hint, hint, in the morning," laughed 'dad Ken'.

The boys all hugged Mr. Ken before walking up the stairs to go to their rooms.

Ken went into his study and looked at the time. He saw it was after 9 PM, so he figured he call Judy the first thing in the morning, after the boys had all gone off to school. He made a note on his desk pad to not only call Judy Turner but also Judge Adam Richards. He wanted to let them both know about what happened that night, so if Julian came to them they would already have a heads up.

It was 10 PM when Ken Thomas walked back to his ensuite and got himself ready for bed. He'd already set the security alarm for the house, so after he peed he was ready for bed. The man didn't go right to sleep as what happened up at the Main Gate was still playing on his mind. He tried to figure out what was going on between Parker Parchsons and this man Julian Hankers, but he had no clue. It was probably closer to 11 PM when the owner of The Cove finally fell asleep.

Julian tried to call Parker in his hospital room, but the man never answered. He also couldn't leave a message as the hospital phone system didn't have that capability. It was 9 PM when he and Vince got in the car and decided to make a pass in front of the estate where the twins were living. Julian wanted to see if those guards were on 24/7. The man thought that if they weren't they'd figure out a way to get onto the grounds and take the boys away and use force if necessary.

Vince told the man he was only along for the ride, and he hadn't signed up for any kidnapping. He told Julian he could drop him off anywhere he wanted, as he was not going to participate in taking those boys unless it was all legal. Julian got very pissed at Vince when the man told him he wouldn't have anything to do with kidnapping those boys. He thought about just pushing him out the door, but he figured he'd need the man to help control the boys when he got them.

As they passed the Guard House, they saw there were three guards on duty, so Julian told his friend that it looked like they would have to go to the school, the next day, to try to get the boys. Julian told Vince they'd probably have to be up and outside the estate well before the school bus came by, since they had no idea of when the bus stopped to pick the kids up. Vince wasn't happy he'd lose some sleep, but he was there with his friend, so he didn't protest that decision. The two men went back to their two-bit motel and tried to get some sleep.

Dan did go by his Sheriff's office and pulled up the license plate number for Julian. He found the man was current on his registration and also where he lived. He also found the man had been in prison for petty theft and had served his sentence and was no longer on probation. Dan also saw the man had no outstanding warrants.

Dan printed out the information he found on Julian Hankers and took it with him. He decided he would use that when he went before Judge Richards in the morning. He told himself he'd use it to convince the judge that Julian Hankers was not in any way a good guardian for the twins. Dan then went home to bed.

The Cove estate was nice and quiet that night. Everyone was sound asleep, including Chief who was sleeping in the twin's bedroom. Outside, the guards were making their rounds and changing positions, on the hour, so none of them would get complacent in the many inspection rounds they performed on the estate.

Before going to bed that night Kevin had been thinking about what 'Dad Ken' said about his need to decide what is going to be best for him and his brother. He also thought deep and hard how he needed to make things right between him and his twin, Kyle. Kevin then thought about how his dad made him keep quiet about what they did with their other friends on Sundays. He hated that he couldn't tell his twin brother and it hurt him each and every time Kyle asked him what was so secret.

Kevin came to know that his and his dad's secret was something wrong ever since Robert told him his story. Robert told him how it was his dad who made him go with some strange men and made to do what he and his dad are now doing with some other men, and boys. Kevin came to realize he only did what he did with his dad because he loved being with his dad.

Then, Kevin began thinking about what Julian was always trying to do with him almost every time they got together. He then thought about what his dad said to him about Julian had already paid for something, but his dad never told him what for. Then Kevin's tiredness finally caught up with him and he fell asleep.

It wasn't until about 2 AM that Kevin began to have a very bad dream. It began slowly with a good dream about him and his dad being with the group of men and boys and Kevin was laughing and enjoying what they did. Then the dream turned towards the dark side when Julian came and got him and took him into a room where no one else was there. It was when Julian closed the door and locked it that Kevin began to get scared and his dream now became a nightmare.

Since they were already naked, Julian dragged Kevin down on the bed and began to touch him where he hated to be touched by the man. Then, Julian put something slippery on his fingers and began to touch his bottom and then his butt. In his dark turning dream, Kevin was getting more and more scared because he knew the door was locked and even if he tried to run he wouldn't be able unlock it before Julian could grab him.

Kevin's body had already begun to respond to the darkness of his dream. His body began to sweat, and his breathing had increased dramatically. He also began to squirm under the covers as he was responding to the touching Julian was doing to him. The lad also began to lightly cry as he tried to resist Julian's advances. It was that light crying that woke up Chief who just stayed on the floor and watched.

The dream, turned nightmare went from bad to worse when Julian began trying to insert his slick finger into Kevin's butt. Kevin resisted as best he could, but the extra-large man kept him pinned to the bed. Kevin's breathing continued to increase and when the man succeeded in inserting his fat finger into the lad's bottom the lad cried out loud from the pain he felt.

In Kevin's dream, Julian persisted in getting his way with Kevin, by forcing a second finger into the boy's small eleven-year-old rectum. In Kevin's nightmare, when he felt his butt hole stretched when the second finger was insisted, he let out a deep throaty scream when he felt the insertion. That harsh, guttural scream caused Chief to stand up and go over to the lad and put his paws up on the bed.

The dream was turning worse and worse for Kevin, but he had yet to wake up from all the perceived pain from what Julian was doing to him. It wasn't until Julian turned the boy onto his stomach and pulled his butt up that Kevin realized what the man was going to do to him. It was just as the heavy-set man began to push his engorged penis into the lad that Kevin actually screamed out loud. The scream was so loud that Chief barked, and Kyle woke up with a start.

Kyle saw his brother tossing and turning and heard his screams, so he got out of bed and went over to his brother. Kevin hadn't awakened yet even as he screamed from the pain he felt from the large blood engorged penis being shoved into him. Kyle tried to wake his twin, but Kevin was not waking up.

Kyle, at first didn't know what to do, but by then Chief was scratching at the door and Kyle understood what he needed to do. The youngest twin then opened the door and told the estate's dog, "Chief ... GO GET 'Dad Ken'. Hurry Chief, GO GET 'dad'!

Chief rushed out of the bedroom and raced down the hallway to the stairs to get Mr. Ken. As she ran, Chief barked loud and constant and that woke up Robert and Charles.  Even as Chief was down the stairs, Kyle could still hear her barking.

Ken Thomas was in a deep dream state of sleep when Chief rushed into his bedroom barking up a storm. "RUFF!  RUFF!  RUFF!  ... RUFF!  RUFF!" called out Chief. But, Mr. Ken did not wake up. Chief barked again, "RUFF! RUFF! RUFF!" but Mr. Ken only slightly budged.

Chief then figured the only way she'd get him up would be to jump up onto the bed. So, she did. When Chief jumped up onto the bed, Mr. Ken finally woke up with a start.

"Chief, what are you doing in here and up on my bed?" demanded her initial master.

Chief jumped off the bed and began barking "RUFF!RUFF!RUFF!" and indicated she wanted him to follow her out the door. "RUFF!RUFF!RUFF!  RUFF!RUFF!: called out Chief. It was then Mr. Ken realized something was extremely wrong, so he slipped on his sport shorts, he wore around the house in the morning, and he ran after Chief.

By the time Mr. Ken got up the stairs, and followed Chief into the twin's bedroom, Robert and Charles had gotten out of bed and were already in the twin's bedroom.

"Robert, Charles, what's wrong? What's going on here?" loudly asked 'dad Ken.

It was Kyle who told him about Kevin's screams and tossing and turning and that he couldn't get him to wake up. Mr. Ken looked at Kevin and saw the boy was in some sort of distress and he could also hear the lad was crying.

Just then Kevin screamed out, "Let go of ME!  Let ME GO!  IT HURTS! IT HURTS SO BAD!  STOP IT, PLEASE!" cried the lad.

"Kevin, wake up 'son'!  Come on Kevin ... you are having a nightmare and you need to wake up!  Please, Kevin, please wake up for 'Dad Ken'," called out Mr. Ken.

"Don't touch ME there!  Stop THAT!  I told you IT HURTS!  STOP DOING THAT!" again screamed out Kevin as he thrashed in his bed.

'Dad Ken' was also lightly shaking the lad as he called out to him. The man could feel; the boy was soaking wet, so he pulled the covers off and felt the mattress cover under the boy was as wet as he was. Mr. Ken pulled the lad into his lap and continued to call out to the twin as he lightly shook the boy trying to get him to wake up. It was Chief who put her paws onto the man's lap and licked Kevin's face.

After Chief licked the lad a few times, Kevin began to come out of his dark and terrible nightmare. It took Kevin a few moments to get fully awake while all the time Chief kept licking his face.

When Kevin opened his eyes, he began to fight being in Mr. Ken's lap. He struggled to get out of the man's arms as he was still thinking he was with Julian. Then something clicked in the lad's brain.

"Oh, you're ... you're not Jul ... oh, 'Dad Ken', I'm so sorry for not telling you everything," cried Kevin, who put his head on 'Dad Ken's' shoulder and began to bawl.

Mr. Ken held onto the lad as tight as he dared. He wanted the twin to know he was safe and being loved. Kevin just sat there and continued to cry, hard. In his mind, the lad was feeling very conflicted. He could still see Julian's face and the hurt that went through him when the man shoved his engorged manhood inside of him. But, for some reason, he knew that he was sitting in 'Dad Ken's' arms.

"Robert, Charles ... I want you to go back to bed. You have school in the morning. Go pee first, and then get back into bed," lightly called out 'dad' Ken.

"Come on Kyle, you can use the empty bed in my room," said Charles, as he began to walk out of the room.

Mr. Ken quickly nixed that request and told Kyle to go pee and come back to his room. Charles looked at his 'dad' and then to Kyle who just shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the room and headed to the bathroom.

"Kevin, I think you're thinking about this for way too long, 'son'. Come on, now, sit up straight and look at me," said 'Dad Ken'.

Kevin did that even though his eyes still leaked his tears.

Mr. Ken looked at Kevin and said to the lad, "Kevin ... it appears to me that you had a very bad nightmare. You were so engrossed in it that no matter what I did, or said, I couldn't get you out of that bad dream. It took Chief licking your face to get you to settle down and begin to wake up. Now, 'son' ... how about you start telling me what your dream was all about. OK? You said something like, 'It Hurts!  And, Stop it!'"

Kevin thought about what 'Dad Ken' just said and he thought through his nightmare dream that was still fresh in his mind. Kevin looked into Mr. Ken's eyes and said he would tell him, but he asked if he could get on some dry underwear and go pee.

By then Kyle came back into the shared bedroom and 'Dad Ken' asked the younger twin to help his older brother to change into some dry clothes and walk him to the bathroom. He then asked them both to came back into their room. In the meantime, Mr. Ken went to Robert's room.

"Robert, I want to talk to the twins, alone. Kevin's dream, I'm betting, has something to do with that man, Julian. The things he said as he woke up and the fear I saw in his face earlier tells me there is a lot going on that he is holding back," explained 'Dad' Ken.

"You mean when he said something about it being you instead of that man Mr. Julian?" replied Robert.

"Yes, something along those lines, 'son'. Now, try to get back to sleep. I will probably keep the twins home tomorrow because ... well, I want to get as much of the story from them as I can, tonight. Then, I'll let them sleep in," revealed Mr. Ken.

Mr. Ken hugged the teen and then went to Charles' room and told him the same thing. The man then hugged the pre-teen and left for the twin's bedroom.

Entering the twin's bedroom, he saw Kevin pulling up his boxer briefs. The man went over to Kevin's bed and stripped it of the sheets and felt to see if the lads sweat went through the mattress pad. It hadn't because the solid liner on the bottom of the mattress pad kept the moisture from soiling the actual mattress. He pulled that off too and placed it in a pile with the sheets.

"Boys, how about putting on the clothes you wore to school today, and meet me down in my Study. I'll go put some clothes on, too," advised Mr. Ken, who then walked out of the bedroom.

The twins were standing in the Study when Mr. Ken arrived. He pointed for them to sit in one of the leather chairs; he then sat in an empty one, too.

"Kevin ... do you mind if Kyle sits in as we talk?" asked Mr. Ken.

"No, not really. He needs to hear everything and ... and I can either tell him now, or later, but this way I won't have to tell it twice," replied Kevin.

"Kyle ... do you want to sit in and listen?" asked Mr. Ken.

"Yes, 'Dad Ken' I'd like to hear what Kevin has to say. He said he was sorry for not telling you everything. And, and I want to know what he hasn't told me for a long time, too," sort of angrily said Kyle, as he looked mean at his brother.

"Kevin, please tell us what your dream was all about," politely asked Mr. Ken.

Kevin took a deep breath and began to speak.

"Ahhh, well, I think the dream, my nightmare, was more likely caused by me seeing Julian tonight. ... Yeah, ahh, Julian ... he is supposed to be one of my dad's best friends from when he was younger, but my dad ... ahh, he sort of knows lots of men and we'd meet them and ... ahh, we'd meet the men along with their ... boys, or sons," started Kevin.

"Is that what you and dad were doing every Sunday, when you both disappeared?" now angrily demanded Kyle.

"Kyle ... let your brother say what he needs to say. We can ask him questions when he is finished. You going to be OK with that?" a very stern Mr. Ken told Kyle.

Kyle said he understood. 'Dad Ken' then nodded to Kevin to continue, and he told him not to leave out anything.

"Well, I knew Julian from when dad and I met up with all of dad's friends. He was usually always there. Most of the time, the men were the same, but there were different men, too. The boys they brought with them were almost always the same. I asked my dad about them and all my dad told me was that they were friends of friends. I ... I liked what we did together so ... I never complained.

"We'd been meeting dad's friends almost every Sunday and then Kyle kept asking me where we went and what we did. I told dad ... and he told me not to ever tell Kyle what we were doing. I ... I hated that I couldn't tell him, but after a while ... Kyle just stopped asking me, knowing, I guess, I'd never tell him.

"Anyway ... when my dad told me he was going to have Julian watching me and Kyle I got scared. But, my dad, he never told me when he was going to have him come and get us. I ... I was surprised; I truly was, when I saw him outside tonight.

"I guess with everything about what my dad told me and seeing Julian last night my mind, I got to thinking about what it might mean to me. But ... I was really scared for ... for Kyle. ... I ... I sort of figured out what Julian wanted to do with me. ... It was after Robert told us his story ... about what those men did to him in the beginning and at the end that I ... that I figured out what it was Julian was eventually going to do with me.

"When we went to bed last night, I ... I was thinking about everything that Julian did with me, you know, when we were together and ... and what Julian might want to do to me and then ... and then to ... to Kyle. I guess my mind ... I guess it made what I was thinking about when I fell asleep into my dream ... which I guess became ... my nightmare.

"'Dad Ken', in my dream ... we were together, me and dad, with a bunch of guy's and their boys. We ... ahhh, we were all ... we all had taken all of our clothes off. That is what my dad and I did when we went out on Sunday's. ... I'm sorry Kyle, but you ... you never liked doing that stuff with dad, you know, like in the shower, so ... so that is why he didn't want me to tell you about anything we did. He knew you'd ... he figured you'd tell ... and he'd get into big trouble. He told me that if I told my twin, that ... that Kyle would probably tell on him and then he'd be ... he'd be sent away.

"In my dream, I saw Julian come and get me. He always liked playing with my ... my hard ... my hard penis, but ... but he also liked to play with my ... butt. I told dad I didn't like him doing that to me. He was the only one who ever did that to me. Yes, I let all the other guys play with my, you know, my ... dick. Some of us boys ... we also played with each other's erection, but ... we never did anything like what Julian always tried to do to me.

"But last night ... I thought that Julian would finally get me alone and he would ... and he would do what he wanted to do without my dad being around to stop him. Even though in my dream we were at one of the places dad used, I knew dad wasn't there. We were all ... without our clothes on and Julian ... he came and got me and pulled me into a vacant bedroom. He locked the door and then he threw me on the bed.

"Then, he got on the bed with me and ... and he began to touch me all over. But, he especially began to play with my ... my butt. Then, he got something that was cold and wet and slippery on his fingers and began to play with ... my butt even more. Then, I could feel him trying to push one finger ... into my butt. It hurt. It really hurt. I could feel it in my dream. Then ... then he began to push a second finger in my butt. It hurt really bad. I couldn't stand the pain.

"Then, he took his fingers out of my butt hole and he flipped me over on my stomach. He pulled my backside up into the air and he ...he ... he put his ... he put his ... hard dick at my butt hole and began to push it in. 'Dad Ken' the pain ... the pain I was feeling was something that I never ever want to feel again. It .... It hurt so bad I ... I thought he was going to ... kill me. Then, I don't know what made we wake up.

"'Dad Ken', even as I was waking up I could still feel my butt ... that my butt was hurting, but when I went to the bathroom to pee I went into one of the toilet rooms and tried to check my butt. I found it wasn't bleeding and there was no cold, wet, slippery stuff on it. I guess ... I guess my mind was still dreaming when I woke up."  With that, Kevin said he was done and tears came back to his eyes.

Mr. Ken had a few questions on his mind, but he took a look at the clock and he figured both boys were probably really tired. He even watched Kyle yawn a few times as Kevin was telling his story. He felt bad for Kevin, but he felt even worse for Kyle to learn what his dad and his twin were doing together, and with other men and boys. He decided that they both needed to recharge, so he told them both to go up to bed.

As the boys got up to head up to their room, 'Dad Ken' called out to them, "Boys ... I'm keeping you both home from school in the morning. I can see you both are tired and were almost falling asleep in those chairs. I want you to sleep in and get rested up. I'll come up to get you when I think you've slept enough," smiled 'Dad Ken', as he got up from behind his desk.

"But where will I sleep? You tore my bed apart. Will you help make it back up?" sort of cried Kevin.

It was Kyle who answered for Dad Ken', "NO!  You're sleeping with me!"  Then Kyle put his arm around his twin and the two of them walked up the stairs.

Mr. Ken was happy to see what Kyle did. It hopefully told him the younger twin had forgiven his older twin and wanted to make sure he was going to be alright. Mr. Ken waited at the bottom of the stairs as he watched the twins, along with Chief, reach the top of the stairs and pass by the elevator as they went to their shared bedroom. Mr. Ken then went back to his en suite and after he peed he went back to bed. He did make sure his alarm clock was set to wake him, so he could talk to Robert and Charles.

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