The Cornfield Quartet: Book One ~ The Cornfield Fraternity

Character List for The Cornfield Fraternity

The Cornfield Fraternity

The Entire Member List


Below is a list of the names and other information about the members of the remarkable  group of youths that became known as "The Cornfield Fraternity".

You should note  THIS LIST CONTAINS SPOILERS!!  So, be warned that if you do not want to know in advance, do not read!

First Name Family Name Notes 1 Notes 2 Tribe Age
Joshua   Killed by same assailants as attacked Oliver and Philip Provided evidence before death Bukusu 12
Alex Hussein Son of District Commissioner Only Muslim so far. Killed at Kipsigon Gabra 12
Abel Kituyi School mate of Robbie Wekesa   Bukusu 12
Ant   Works with Gabe on PR and Media full name is Anthony   13
Bryan Wafula Joint Treasurer with Mark Juma   Watsotso 12
David Chebet Elected Leader of the Fraternity Held Philip's hand in Hospital Sabaot 11
Didimus Philemon Opembe Arrested and held for two days for Encouraging a disturbance Dido to the Fraternity Kimilili  
Felix Sikuku Elias Paklfrey Dr. Adam's  adopted son   Teso/?Njemp 11
Finch   Reports to Lucas, head of Reconnaissance (1 of Stevie's earlier     12
Francis Kiyonga Son of the Gatekeeper at Bringitar Hospital Police Coordinator Turkana 12
Gabriel Wefafwa Felix's best friend in Grade School Responsible for PR and Media   12
Isaac   Training Coordinator   Adumai 12
Jesse   Later, under David, the PR spokesperson in radio and TV One of three from Toriop Bukusu  
Lucas   Head of all Ops     10
Mark Juma Chief Juma's son - his twin is Mike Loves his horse, cooks Mijikenda mix 12
Matt Juma Chief Juma's son - his twin is Mark His name is actually Mike Mijikenda mix 12
Oliver Simiyu     Bukusu 14
Robbie  Wekesa Son of the man who found Philip    Bukusu 12
Stevie  Chebet Runs a street boys operation  of 3 boys at Kipsigon area David Chebet's brother Ogiek 10
Dak   one of Stevie's boys     12
Wheels Joseph older brother to Joshua     14
Derry       Teso 12
Timmy       Teso 12
Zeb         11
Zeebee Zebulon McLaren cousin to Harry, educated mostly in England   Mzungu/Teso 13
Harry        Teso/Soy 12
Moses       Marach 12
Frankie Chebet younger brother of David and Stevie   Ogiek 9y 10m