Three Finger Cove: The Twins ~ Book Four

Chapter Thirty~One

When his alarm went off at 5:50 AM, Ken Thomas wanted to hit the 'snooze' button, but he knew he had to be up when Robert and Charles came down for breakfast. The man slowly slipped his legs over the edge of the bed then slowly got up. He shuffled his body to the bathroom and peed. He combed his hair as best he could, then put his running shorts or as he called them, his sleeping shorts, and walked out to the Kitchen Nook.

Momma Maria was already there and had his coffee hot and all ready for him. When she saw her employer enter her domain, she quickly poured him his first cup coffee and set it down at the table.

Mr. Ken loved the placement of his table. The Nook was built so that when you were seated there you could look out over the lake. He also liked that the light that came into the area was great for reading his morning newspaper which he had forgotten to get. Luckily for him, Momma had brought it in when she had come in, and he thanked her for doing that for him. Then, Mr. Ken remembered what he needed to tell Momma Maria.

"Momma," started Mr. Ken, "The twins ... they won't be down for breakfast. They weren't feeling too well last night, so ... well, I told them to stay in bed this morning. I'll get them up at 10 or so. Maybe then you can fix them something to eat."

Momma thanked Mr. Ken for telling her that, so that way she wouldn't prepare too much food that morning. She then asked if Mr. Dan would be there that morning, but her employer told her he didn't think he would be by until later.

Mr. Ken read his morning paper as he drank his coffee, which Momma Maria had refilled a second time. It was then that Robert and Charles came into the Kitchen Nook.

"Morning, 'dad'," called out Charles, who then went over and gave the man a hug. As he walked over to take a seat at the table, he looked back at his 'dad' then shook his head.

Robert walked into the Kitchen Nook directly behind his younger 'brother'. He waited until Charles said, 'Good Morning' to their 'dad', and then did the same as Charles. As Robert pulled away from the hug, he looked at his 'dad' and asked, "'Dad', you look like ... I don't know what, but you didn't get much sleep last night did you?"

Mr. Ken looked up at Robert, and sleepily said, "No, I guess I didn't. I hope you and your 'brother' slept better than I did."

"I went right back to sleep," piped up Charles. "But I still feel kinda tired."

"Yeah, 'dad', I think I fell right back to sleep, too, but I feel tired, as well. Getting up at 2:30 in the morning with Chief barking up a storm isn't something I want to do very often." Robert then smiled at his 'dad'. The teen then sat down to breakfast.

That simple conversation between Mr. Ken and the teenager peaked Momma Maria's curiosity. She figured what Mr. Ken said about the twins not feeling well must be true, especially if Chief went barking through the house and the other boys had gotten up in the middle of the night. She had the boys' breakfast ready for them and served them as soon as both were seated at the table.

When Momma Maria went into the Pantry to check on her stores, Mr. Ken got the lad's attention. "Boys, when you get to school today, the twin's friends, especially Sam and Terran, will be asking where they are. Just tell them they aren't feeling well and I kept them home today. DO NOT say anything about Kevin's nightmare. I'll let the twins sleep some more and then I'll get them up. I'll get Momma to feed them and then we'll talk some more. Do either of you have any questions?"

Robert raised his hand, and smiled at his 'dad'. "Yes, 'dad', I have a question. Are ... are you going to be this grouchy all day?"

"Why?" said a grouchy 'dad' Ken.

"I rest my case!" laughed Robert, and Charles joined in.

'Dad' Ken thought about what just happened and after a few moments he began to laugh, too. "You got me on that one, 'son'. I guess not getting a good night's sleep has me a bit on edge. For everyone's sake, I'll try to settle myself down, but ... last night, as you know, was not a very good night. Let's just leave it at that. OK?"

Momma Maria heard the last part of the conversation. She put two-and-two together and figured the twins got sick in the middle of the night and Mr. Ken was up with them which explained why he looked so out of sorts. She went and refilled his coffee cup as a way to help him wake up knowing he'd need his wits about him if he had two sick boys on his hands.

Outside, sitting in their car half-way down the street from the Bus Stop, Julian and Vince waited. They'd gotten to the Bus Stop at 6:30 that morning hoping they hadn't missed the damn bus. It wasn't until they saw some kids arriving at the Bus Stop near 7 AM that they figured they hadn't missed the damn bus. When the bus pulled away from its stop at, approximately, 7:10 the two men made it a point to follow from about a block behind as it made the rest of its stops before finally heading into the school.

When the school bus off-loaded its students, Sam and Terran immediately went to Robert and Charles and asked them where Kevin and Kyle were. Robert looked at Charles and then told the eleven-year-olds that their friends were up at 2:30 that morning, so Mr. Ken kept them home today. Sam said something to Terran about Kev and Kyle being sick. He thanked Robert for telling them and the two lads walked off to tell their other friends.

Dan Fischer set his alarm in order for him to get up early enough that he could get cleaned up and dressed before heading off to the courthouse to try to see Judge Adam Richards. He tried to call the Judge that morning, but no one was there yet to even take a message. Dan wanted to be there when the Judge arrived, so he could tell him about last night's meeting with Julian Hankers and what he learned about the man since then. Dan was ready for bear that morning.

Mr. Ken knew he had to wait until at least 8 AM to call Judy or Principle Chadwick about last night's meeting with the man who came to his house to take the twins away. Since he saw there were still lots of time before he should make any of the two calls, he decided to get ready for the day.

Mr. Ken went back to his bathroom and did his morning thing. He used the toilet, shaved, took his shower and then got dressed for the day. He looked at the time and figured by the time he refreshed his coffee cup and walked back to his Study it would be past 8 AM and Judy should be at work.

"Hello, Judy ... I have something I need to tell you and ... and it's better if you are sitting down," was how Ken Thomas started the conversation with Ms. Judy Turner, the Director of Children's Protective Services.

Judy Turner said she was sitting down and he better hurry up and tell her what he had to say, especially if it had something to do with the twins. Ken knew he better not dawdle, so he began.

"Judy ... last night ... as we finished dinner, two men came to The Cove ... and they asked for me. Dan was here for dinner, so the two of us walked up to the gate. The guard explained what the one man wanted, so Dan and I walked out the gate to talk to him. Judy ... the man had Special Power of Attorney papers with him ... and he said that he was there to take the boys. Judy ... he had a Special Power of Attorney, with him, which said he was to have the boys in his custody, but ... I wouldn't let him take them.

"I told him he needed to get either you or Judge Adam to release them to him, since I had papers making me their temporary guardian. I explained the boys had to be released to him by either one of you. So ... if a man named Julian Hankers comes to you this morning you know what it is all about.

"When I finish talking to you, I'm going to call Principal Chadwick and tell her that someone might be coming to the school to try to take the boys with him. Dan took the license plate information and when he left me last night, he said he was going to check the man out. He also told me he was going to talk to Judge Richards first thing this morning to tell him what transpired here last night. I haven't heard anything from Dan yet about what he may or may not have found out about the man and his friend.

"Judy ... one   more   thing ... last night ... Kevin ... he had a nightmare; a really bad nightmare. He woke Kyle and Chief up with his screams. Then, when Kyle ... when Kyle couldn't wake his twin ... he sent Chief down to get me. Chief never jumped up on my bed before and last night when she did I knew something was wrong. Judy ... this is your, well, our worst nightmare. Kevin ... it appears from what I gathered from what he told me last night ... it is probably that Kevin was ... sexually and physically abused," finished Ken.

Ken could hear Judy take a deep breath when he told her he thought Kevin had been molested. He felt bad for the woman, because if this turns out to be true, it will be a big mess for her. Ken told Judy that he was going to talk to the twins again after he got them up at about 10. He also told her he was going to call Dan to have him sit in with him and take notes. He explained he had Dan sit in when he talked to Kevin last night after that man, Julian, had left.

Ken then explained that when Julian saw Kevin inside the gate, he told him and his brother to go get their clothes as they were going with him. He told the Director how Kevin verbally fought the man by telling him he didn't want to go with him and he threatened he would run away if he is made to go with him.

"Judy ... Kevin told me and Kyle, after I got them settled, what his nightmare was all about. Judy ... Kevin's nightmare ... had this man, Julian, ahh, Judy this isn't something that is easy to say, especially to a woman. But, I will try. ...  Judy ... Kevin said the man, this man Julian ... he said in his dream Julian ... buggered him," Ken finally got out what he found very difficult to say. Then, he heard himself let out the breath he was holding.

Judy took in another big breath and Ken could hear her sob. He stayed on the phone for a few moments and realizing Judy was not going to be able to continue to talk right then. He told her he was going to call Abigail Chadwick. He then hung up.

Mr. Ken looked at the time and then at his coffee cup. He decided to go get a fresh cup of coffee before he called the school. It may have been the wrong decision.

Over at the school, Julian and Vince waited until they saw all the kids had gone into the building. They waited another thirty minutes to settle in at the school before they decided to go in and talk to the principal. The men saw signs that all visitors had to report to the Administration Office and it was there they were greeted by Ms. Andrews, Principal Chadwick's secretary.

Julian gruffly asked to see the Principal, but Jane Andrews told the two men the woman was out in the school and they would have to wait. Julian was not one to be told to do anything, and he began to rant that he wanted to see the principal, now.

Julian pulled out his crumpled Power of Attorney papers and shoved them in Ms. Andrews' face. He then told her to get the twins, Kevin and Kyle, to the office as the boys were going with him. Vince knew that was not the way to win friends and influence enemies and he knew his friend was probably going to make a big enemy out of the secretary. Just then Abigail Chadwick walked into the office.

"Ms. Chadwick ... these men ... they have papers that say, ahh, that Kevin and Kyle Parchsons ... that they are to go with ... them," announced Jane Andrews.

Dan did get in to see Judge Adam Richards before court started for the day. He explained why he was there and showed the judge the printout he had on one Julian Hankers. The judge was not amused that someone tried to take the boys away so late at night and by using only a Power of Attorney, and a Special Power of Attorney to boot. The judge decided to call Judy Turner to see if she knew anything about this and what they intended to do. Dan told the judge he was going over to The Cove to show Mr. Ken what he found.

At the school, Principal Chadwick looked at the papers Julian had pushed over the counter to her. She'd seen lots and lots of legal papers in her career, and she knew these were legitimate, but they also said the man could make decision for the boys only when they were in his custody. But she knew they weren't yet in is custody, as she never received a legal notice from any of the required parties, Mr. Ken, the CPS, or a judge.

Principal Chadwick asked Ms. Andrews to call for the twins to come to the office. She also asked the men to wait for the boys, while she did some paperwork in her office to change their place of residence. When she closed the door, she picked up the phone and called Mr. Ken.

Jane Andrews already knew the lads were not in school that day, as she'd already notated the attendance records for that day. She also knew Abigail Chadwick knew that, too, but she didn't like the attitude of the man who did all the talking, so she didn't say anything about the boys being absent. She told the men she needed to go to two different classrooms to get the lads since their guardian had set it up that way. The men said they'd wait for the secretary to return with the boys.

Abigail Chadwick called Ken Thomas to tell him there were two men at the school wanting to take Kevin and Kyle with them. She told Mr. Ken how she has Jane Andrews supposedly out looking for them, but she thought the men wouldn't wait much longer.

Mr. Ken began to tell Principal Chadwick about the men coming to The Cove last night and tried to take them. It was while the man and woman were talking that Mr. Ken's other line began to ring.

"Principal Chadwick, my other line is ringing. I think it is Dan Fischer. Let me see what he has to say. Hang on, Please hang on!" pleaded Mr. Ken.

"Hello, Dan?" said Mr. Ken, as he picked up the line.

"Ken ... I just came from Judge Richard's office and he wasn't a happy camper. He was calling Judy when I was leaving," got out Dan, before Ken could cut him off.

All the while Dan was telling his friend, Ken, about his meeting with Judge Adam, Ken was yelling, "Dan, Dan, Dan ... Dan, Julian and his friend ... they are at the school as we speak. Kevin told me last night that Julian ... that Julian touched him where he shouldn't have."

"Damn, damn, Ken ... OK, I'm going to head over there, and I'll call in reinforcements. I'll talk to you when I have him in custody. Bye!" and Dan Fischer hung up his cell phone.

Mr. Ken quickly got back to his other call and said, "Principal Chadwick ... are you still there?"

"Yes, but I can hear that man yelling out in the office. I'm afraid he's going to do something rash. I've been thinking of putting the school in Lock-Down," said Abigail Chadwick.

"Principal Chadwick, I did talk to Dan Fischer. He is on his way and he told me he was calling in reinforcements. See if you can stall him if you can. Otherwise, you gotta do what you gotta do," advised Mr. Ken, and the two hung up.

It was going on 9 AM and just as he hung up the phone, Mr. Ken heard doggie footsteps out in the Foyer. He figured the twins were out there too, so he went out to greet the lads and then take them to the Kitchen Nook for something to eat.

As the three Covers were walking to the Kitchen Nook, Kevin stopped and looked at 'Dad Ken' and said, "'Dad Ken' ... are you ... are you mad at me ... for not telling you about what my dad told me and ... and about Julian?"

Mr. Ken stooped down, so he was looking Kevin directly in the eye and told the lad, "Kevin ... I will never be mad at you. I may be disappointed at some of the decisions you make but ... I will NEVER be MAD!

"You and your twin are growing up, and as you both grow you will be inundated with a myriad, a countless number of things where you may have to make a decision. The reason you are born a baby, and not as an adult, is so you can be exposed to different things as you grow and can learn from your successes as well as your mistakes."

"Did I make a mistake, 'Dad Ken'?" quickly asked Kevin.

"Well, that has yet to be decided. You told me about Julian and the other men and boys and that is a start. That is a positive thing you did. It may have been difficult for you to tell me what you had to say, but you did really good. What say we get you two fed and then cleaned up and then ... then we three can sit and talk some more. You both OK with that?" finished 'dad Ken'.

Kevin smiled at 'Dad Ken' and then hugged the man. He knew if that had been his dad, he would have been yelled at and maybe had his bottom smacked. He liked 'Dad Ken', as his foster dad, and hoped he wouldn't be sent away for what he'd done.

Kyle had listened to what 'Dad Ken' had to say, and he was happy the man didn't get mad and start yelling as his dad would have. He was also happy that his twin had told 'Dad Ken' about what he and his dad were doing and about Julian. He just hoped Kevin could tell 'Dad Ken' all about what the other men did to him as well.

"Look who we have here, Momma Maria?" spoke up Mr. Ken, as the three Covers entered Momma's domain.

"Ohs my el ninos, ares youse fellings betters?" asked the woman.

"Yes, Momma Maria we're feeling good. We're just tired, still," replied Kyle.

"And hungry," added Kevin.

"Comes, lets mees makes youse sometings to eats. What's youse wants?  Momma Maria wills makes eets for youse," said Momma Maria.

The twins ate breakfast and 'Dad Ken' just drank more coffee. He was still feeling the effects of the reduced sleep he'd had the night before, but he was trying to be a trooper and work through the tiredness he was beginning to feel.

Over at the twin's school, Julian began to go off the deep end. He started screaming he wanted Kevin and Kyle brought to him right then. He asked where that woman was who went to find Kevin and Kyle. What Julian didn't know was Jane Andrews was down the hall with teacher Dan Chassen beside her.

Dan wasn't a black belt in anything, but enjoying life. He felt he could at least stop the man if he tried to do anything to Jane or Abigail. He was thinking of putting the school in Lock-Down but that only locked the doors to anyone coming in; not to anyone going out. The two adults waited and watched the Administration office.

Dan Fischer got to the school and since he was dressed in civilian clothes, he walked into the building like he belonged there. He knew Julian, and his friend, had met him the previous evening, but he was hopeful the man wouldn't be all that observant. That wasn't the case.

"What are you doing here?  You come to tell me I can't get my boys from this school?  I have these papers that say the boys belong to ME!" yelled Julian Hankers.

Then, to Abigail Chadwick, Julian yelled, "Where the HELL is that woman with my boys!  Damn it!  I want those boys brought to me and I mean NOW!"

Dan Fischer noticed two Sheriff's vehicles finally arrive out in the parking lot, so he took out his badge and called over to Julian, "Mr. Hankers, you are under arrest for suspicion of child abuse, indecency with a minor and endangering a child's physical and emotional health and development."

Julian got a wide-eyed look on his face and he began to run out of the school. He didn't get past the front doors as the two Sheriff Deputies were outside waiting. They handcuffed the man and brought him back into the school. They asked Lieutenant Fischer what they were supposed to do with the man and Dan told them the charges they were to bring against him. The Deputies took Julian Hankers out to their police cars and placed him in one of them.

Dan Fischer then asked the other man his name. Vince Rennalds quickly brought out his wallet and showed Dan his driver's license. Dan wrote down the man's information and asked him what he was doing with Julian Hankers. Vince told him he came along for the ride and had no idea that Julian did what he was going to be charged with

Dan asked Vince to follow him to the Sheriff's Department Office. Vince readily agreed knowing if he didn't, they come after him with a vengeance and he'd probably be charged as an accessory. Vince had never met either of the twins and had no idea why Julian was going to be the boy's guardian until he had brought out the papers the night before.

Dan called Ken from the Sheriff's Office and told him what had gone down. He told his friend he'd be over later after they interviewed Julian and Vince. Ken thanked him for calling and then told Dan that he had a video he could watch when he got there. Dan asked what that was all about and Ken told the Sheriff's Lieutenant about Kevin's nightmare and their talk in the Study. Dan immediately knew Ken had taped their talk.

Just as Dan hung up, Mr. Ken's phone rang. It was Judy Turner. Judy told him she and Judge Richards talked about that man, Julian, and explained how they were going to handle it. Ken then told her that Dan had already arrested Julian and took the other man in for questioning. The Director of Children's Protective Services was relieved that something had been done.

Judy then told Ken that if Parker Parchsons had used a different Power of Attorney, a Parental Guardianship of a Minor Child, it would have gone through a judge before the man would have appeared to take the boys, and there would have been nothing they could have done about it. Ken said he was relieved that Parker didn't know what he was doing.

The question Judy then asked was what would happen to Kevin. Ken told Judy the boy, and his twin, would stay with him. He said they would still need to have the boys interviewed by the Sheriff's Department and then formal charges brought on Julian and Parker. Mr. Ken reminded Judy that Doctor Doug was scheduled to talk to the boys later that evening and it would be best if they had that sort of support readily available to them. They agreed to talk later that evening.

It had been a busy morning at The Cove, and Mr. Ken was in the middle of it all. He wished he had been able to take a break, but he now had to place his focus on the twins and getting them to open up to him and whomever the Sheriff's Department sent over to talk to them.

When Sheriff Barnes learned that the boy Julian Hankers was supposed to have had indecent contact with lived with Ken Thomas, he sent Sheriff Detective Lieutenant Brandt Matthias and his old partner, Sheriff Detective Sergeant William Roberts, to The Cove to interview the lad. Lieutenant Matthias called Mr. Ken to tell him they would be over very soon.

'Dad Ken' called the twins together and asked them to get their showers and to dress in school clothes. He told them the sheriff's office would be by soon to talk to them. Kevin got very scared and began to cry. 'Dad Ken' pulled the older twin to him and told the lad they would not be coming over to arrest him, but to interview him.

Mr. Ken told the boy that the detectives were going to talk to him and all he had to do was to tell them what he told him last night and then answer any of their questions. Kyle wanted to know if Mr. Dan would be one of the men coming over. 'Dad Ken' told him Mr. Dan would be over later. The twins thanked the man and walked up the stairs to get cleaned up and dressed.

As the twins got cleaned up, Mr. Ken called his lawyer Bill Jackson and told him what was about to happen. The owner of The Cove wanted Bill to be there while the twins were interviewed but Bill had other things going on. He told him he would send Stewart Russell over and Mr. Ken was OK with that.

Mr. Ken went to Momma Marcia and told her there would be a few visitors coming by. He asked her to have fresh coffee ready and some of her sweet cakes. She wanted to know if they were coming for lunch and her employer told her he wasn't sure when they would arrive. The woman then went to do what she was asked.

The twins came down to Mr. Ken's Study, after they had gotten themselves cleaned up and dressed. 'Dad Ken saw that Kevin was still a little bit scared, so he went over to the lad and pulled him into a leather chair with him.

"Kevin ... I can understand why you feel scared. You have no idea what the police are going to ask you and why. Please listen to me. Collin, Robert and Charles, your older 'brothers' ... they ALL had to talk to these men, the police, for what they had happen to them.

"Kevin ... you are the victim here, not the criminal. I've met Lieutenant Matthias and Sergeant Roberts and they are the good guys. Charles met them, and he had to talk to them and he is still with me. So, please ... try to settle down," calmly talked the owner of The Cove.

Kevin just melted into Mr. Ken's arms and lap and hugged the man. Kyle was there in the room and he heard what 'Dad Ken' said. The younger twin wondered what he would be doing while Kevin is talking to the police, so he asked. Kevin heard the question and he sat up in Mr. Ken's lap and told his twin that he'd be right there with him. The older twin told Kyle that this way he could hear everything and not ever wonder if he missed something.

It was closer to twelve noon when Dan Fischer came over to The Cove. When Kyle saw the man, he ran to him and thanked him for coming to his home. Dan smiled at the word 'home' but he didn't say anything to Kyle. Dan took a seat in the vacant leather chair and Kyle sat with him. Ken Thomas just smiled at his friend.

Not long after Dan arrived the Sheriff's Detectives arrived and so did Stewart Russell. Lieutenant Mathias and Sergeant Roberts shook hands with Ken Thomas and they talked like they were old friends. Mr. Ken reintroduced Stewart to the detectives. The twins saw and heard how the two new men talked to 'Dad Ken' and that relieved their concerns about having to talk to complete strangers.

"Ok, Mr. Ken, who do we have here?  I heard you took in two more foster boys, but, unlike Dan here, I somehow missed that invitation to the Labor Day Picnic," laughed Lieutenant Brandt Matthias

Kevin and Kyle laughed along with 'Dad Ken' and Mr. Dan at the joke the Lieutenant said and that began to break down any barriers. Sergeant Roberts also said he somehow must have missed his invitation, too, but no one laughed. Ken smiled at Dan with a knowing smile that said they needed to wait to laugh. Brandt thought that was what the other two men were doing, so he didn't laugh either.

Sergeant Roberts saw what was happening, with no one laughing, so he just threw up his hands and said, "OK, I give up." That was when the three men began to laugh who were quickly joined in by the twins.

"Guys, I'm so sorry about the invitations. But, to be honest with you, I only invited the people the boys all wanted to invite. Of course, there were a few other adults invited, but, again, the kids made out the invitation list and all I did was get to pay. Keep in mind DA Morris or Sheriff Barnes weren't invited either," laughed Mr. Ken.

"We know, Mr. Ken, we were just pulling your chain. ...  So, who are these two new lads you have living with you?" asked the lieutenant, with a smile on his face that the twins both saw.

"Lieutenant, this is Kevin and his twin Kyle. Their parents were in the accident where the people were burned. It was their parents who got burned, by the way" was how Mr. Ken introduced the twins.

"Mr. Ken, can we find a comfortable place where we all can sit and talk?  Your Study will be OK, if we can get a few more chairs, or we could go down to the Great Room like we did with Charles," suggested Lieutenant Matthias.

When the twins heard the man say that was where Charles talked to the police their eyes both got big. Their look to 'Dad Ken' asked him for confirmation that Charles talked to the police down in that big room. 'Dad Ken' told them that Charles did indeed speak to both the Lieutenant and the Sergeant, and a few other people, back when he first began living with him. Kevin and Kyle thanked him for telling them.

It was then that Momma Maria came into the Study wheeling a cart full of her sweet cakes and a carafe of coffee for the men and cold chocolate milk for the boys. Mr. Ken thanked her for doing that and the Sheriff Detectives also thanked her.

They all decided to start talking to the twins there in the Study. The twins sat together in one chair, Dan and the two detectives sat in the other three leather chairs and Mr. Ken pulled his desk chair out from behind his desk. Seeing the lawyer didn't have a chair, Mr. Ken went out to the MRS Room and brought in a chair from there.

"Kevin, do you understand why we are talking to you?" first asked Detective Roberts.

"Yes, sir ... I think it's because of what I told 'Dad Ken' last night about Julian," replied Kevin.

"Good, so Kevin, will you please tell us the same things you told Mr. Ken, here, last night?" asked Sergeant Roberts.

Kevin sort of smiled and then took a deep breath. He began telling the two Sheriff's Detectives everything he'd told his twin and Mr. Ken early that morning after he awoke from his nightmare. 'Dad Ken' and Kyle prompted the lad a time or two about something he said, but hadn't included in his story to the Sheriff's men.

Sergeant Roberts was the lead investigator since Lieutenant Matthias was his supervisor and didn't go out in the field as often as he did before his recent promotion. The lieutenant was there only because Sheriff Barnes sent him since Mr. Thomas, and his boys were involved, and he wanted to make sure there would be no problems. Lieutenant Matthias understood, said "Yes, sir." and went to The Cove.

"Kevin ... can you tell us more about all the previous times you met with Julian Hankers. Can you also tell us more about the other men who were there and the boys, too?" asked Detective Roberts.

"Well, all I know is their first names. You'd have to ask my dad what their last names are since he always made the arrangements to meet them. As for the boys, I only know their first names, too," replied Kevin.

"Kyle," said Sergeant Roberts, and as soon as he said the twin's name, the lad got scared he was being asked a question.

"Why are you asking me questions?" quickly asked the scared younger twin.

"Oh, I'm sorry Kyle, I just wanted to ask you if you were ever at these get-togethers with your dad," clarified the Detective Sergeant.

"No, sir ... my dad never took me and when ... and when I asked Kev he always told me dad told him to never tell me where they go and what they did," answered Kyle.

"Is that true Kevin?" quickly asked Roberts.

"Yes, sir, it is. ...  My dad ... he told me to never tell Kyle where we went and what we did. He told me ... he was afraid Kyle would tell on us," replied Kevin, who began to leak tears.

'Dad Ken' went over to the lad and hugged him and indicated to Kyle he could go sit in his desk chair. Mr. Ken then sat down with the older twin in his lap and then whispered into Kevin's ear that he did nothing wrong and these men were only there to find out everything about the men who played with him.

Kevin settled down after 'Dad Ken' sat with him and whispered to him. He then told the detectives he was ready to answer more of their questions.

"Kevin ... how did all this start with your dad?  How was it he took you and he didn't want to take your twin?" asked Sergeant Roberts.

Kevin looked to Kyle first, then he looked at the detective and said, "Our dad ... when we turned ten, started to take showers with us ... again. We used to take our showers with him when we were younger, but then he stopped. But we still took our showers together. Then ... after we turned ten, as I said, he came to us and asked us ... and asked if he could take a shower with us. He only did it every once in a while, but after about 2 or 3 months he began to do it more and more."

"Did your dad ever touch you ... on your privates ... when you were in the shower with him?" asked the detective.

Kevin looked at Kyle again and seeing him nod, Kevin began. "Yes, sir ... he did. He asked us if we knew how to play with our ... our ... dicks. We told him they told us about doing that in sex-ed in school, but he wanted to see how we did it. Well, it was OUR dad ... so ... so, we showed him. A few times later he showed us ... how he did it.  Then, after that he asked us to ... to do it to him and then he ... he started to do it to us.

"After a few more showers he started to put our ... our dangly parts in ... his mouth. He made it feel so much better to do it that way than what we did to ourselves. After a few showers, of doing that, he ... he asked us to do it to him. Kyle did it once or twice and then he told our dad he didn't like doing that. I ... I did it every time to him because he did it to me and ... and I liked the way it felt. Kyle said it was nasty, to do it to our dad, and told me he wasn't going to do it to him ever, again."

"Kevin ... is that what you ... is that what you did with those other men and boys ... when you met with them, on what, on Sundays?" asked Roberts.

"Yes, sir ... we all did that to each other," meekly said Kevin.

"Kevin, this man, Julian ... did he ever do anything ... other than that with you?" asked the Sergeant.

"Well ... he liked to play with my ... with my butt, like I told you what happened in my dream," replied the older twin.

"Kevin ... do you know why ... why you had such a bad dream where this man, Julian, he put his ... his manhood into your bottom?" now asked the lieutenant.

Kevin took a big breath. He let half of it out and then told the man, "Well ... every time he would play with me, he called it making my dick sing, he would always make it, so he could finger my ... my bottom. I ... I didn't know what he was doing ... that was ... until Robert told Kyle and me what happened to him.

"I didn't understand until what my dad told me. He said something about Julian paying for something, but he never told me what for. But, I think ... I think that when I thought about what my dad said, and that Julian always wanted to play with my butt, I realized what he wanted to do to me. I think that is why I had that nightmare."

Lieutenant Matthias suggested they all take a break for something to eat and drink and maybe use the bathroom. The twins readily took to using the bathroom and when they came back they got a cold glass of chocolate milk and a few cookies.

While the boys were gone, the five men talked about what they all thought happened to the twins, but especially Kevin. It was then that Mr. Ken told the detectives about him taping the talk he had with the lads that early morning after the nightmare. He asked the detectives if they wanted a copy, but they asked him not to destroy it until they had their investigation completed. The Sheriff's Lieutenant said he felt with the boy's statements it would be enough to go after Julian Hankers and their dad. Stewart asked Mr. Ken to protect the tape until such time.

After everyone had a break and a drink and something sweet to munch on, the detectives started asking their questions all over again. The twins didn't understand why they had to answer the same questions over and over, but Mr. Ken told them the detectives' needed to make sure they told the same thing each and every time. The twins said they'd answer them again, but they were getting tired.

The questioning had gone on until after 2 PM. The detectives saw the boys were getting restless and irritable at the same questions. So, they decided to end the interviews by having Sergeant Roberts ask Kevin to give him all the names, he knew, of each of the men and the boys. He also asked him to describe each of the people as he gave their names.

As the twin told the detective the names and what they looked like, Sergeant Roberts asked Kevin to tell him if the men had any tattoos or distinguished marks on their bodies. The sergeant also asked what he thought the ages of the other boys were and if they had any distinguished marks on their bodies.

The Sheriff's detectives thanked the twins for their honest answers and their help in getting to the bottom of what happened to Kevin with Julian Hankers. The detectives asked the boys if they had any questions.

Kevin looked at his brother and the two did their talking without saying anything. The detectives were amazed at what they saw, and they wanted to ask Mr. Ken about it. The owner of The Cove just shook his head not to ask and the Sheriff's men agreed not to say anything.

When the twins were finished talking to one another, it was Kyle who asked, "Mr. Roberts ... my dad ... is he going to get into trouble for what he did?"

The sergeant looked to the lieutenant who looked at Lieutenant Dan Fischer for the answer. Dan wasn't there as an investigator, but as a friend. He could feel the eyes of both men on him wanting him to answer for them. He sort of knew the lads, so he decided to take the question,

"Boys," began Mr. Dan, "I think you both know that answer. Kevin ... your dad, he even told you that if Kyle found out ... he would tell, and he would get into trouble. Well, the answer to your questions is, 'Yes' he is in trouble. Not only did he do wrong with you two in the shower, but he took Kevin with him and introduced him to other men who touched him inappropriately

"This might not be what you wanted to hear, but ... it is best to know the truth right from the start than to learn later after thinking nothing would happen. You'd be upset at the people, like 'Dad Ken' here or even me, who you thought lied to you. Boys, do you understand why your dad will get into trouble?"

The twins said they sort of understood and it was Kyle who asked, "What about our mom?  Robert's mom went to jail because of what his dad did. Will the same thing happen to our mom, too?"

Matthias and Roberts looked to Dan to answer Kyle.

"Kyle, we don't know what involvement your mom had in what your dad did," started Mr. Dan. "Now, as for Robert's mom, just so you know, Robert's mom ... she knew what her husband was doing with their son. They also made lots of money by making Robert go with those men.

"Boys, Detectives Matthias and Roberts will continue their investigation and will make the determination if she is involved. Let's hope she isn't. That way when she gets out of the hospital you three will be together again. Does that answer your question?"

"Mr. Dan ... what about visiting our mom and dad?" further asked Kyle.

"That question, boys, I cannot answer at this time. You just saw them, so they probably won't expect to see you until the following Saturday or Sunday. Hopefully, by then, the Lieutenant and Sergeant will have some answers for us. For now, what say we just take a wait and see," was how Mr. Dan answered Kyle's question.

"Mr. Dan," started Kevin, "What if they arrest our dad ... and not our mom?  Will we ... will we still be able to still see him ... while he is still in the hospital?"

Dan looked at Ken for help with that question.

'Dad Ken' knelt down to look both the twins in their eyes. He knew the lads wanted an answer, because it meant so much to them to be able to see their parents. He decided to tell them that they would have to wait and see what restrictions' the authorities placed on their dad. Mr. Ken told them that they may still be able to see their dad, but they might have to be chaperoned by a police officer when they go into his hospital room. He asked them if they could live with that.

The lads looked at one another and then jumped onto Mr. Ken and hugged him. They both had tears in their eyes and the other men could hear some light whimpering coming from the twins. Seeing his friend was busy with his boys, Dan Fischer walked the Sheriff's men to the Foyer door and they told him to tell Mr. Ken 'Thank you' for his help.

Dan went back into the Study to find the man and his lads were still hugging one another. But as soon as Kyle saw Mr. Dan, he pulled away from Mr. Ken and jumped over to him. Mr. Dan took Kyle to a chair and the two sat together. Kyle did talk to Mr. Dan some more concerning their parents, and the man answered the twin as honestly as he could.

While Mr. Dan and Kyle talked, Mr. Ken asked Stewart Russell if he saw any problems with the interview. Stewart said he was happy the detectives were as gentle as they were with the boys. The lawyer did tell Mr. Ken he should always have a lawyer present for any interviews the boys may have to give to anyone from the Sheriff's department or the DA's office. Mr. Ken said he would.

Momma Maria knew when the other two men left, so she came to the Study to ask if Mr. Dan and Mr. Stewart were staying for dinner. She saw the lads were sort of crying, so she didn't bother her employer. She decided to wait a few minutes to come back. Mr. Dan saw Momma Maria at the doorway and when she left, he told Ken she was there. 'Dad Ken' broke his hug with Kevin and went looking for Momma Maria.

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