Ayden's Eyes Book Four

Chapter 109

Chapter 109

 When we arrived Ayden was happily eating his breakfast while Horse and Ra tried on some new clothes. My baby's friends called by to collect him he kissed us all then went out the kitchen window. The big porch TV was on Horse had decided he wanted to watch the news this morning, something he doesn't do that often.

 The big news item of the day was there had been several arrests made in Adelaide. A group of men involved in a child grooming ring had been arrested, and several high profile people were being interviewed, the main offender that was mentioned was Senator Wellman, Spud's father. There was always something about Spuds story that didn’t sit well with me at the time, and Spuds reluctance to not see how talented he was has nudged at my psyche from day one.

 Could it be possible his father knew he was being abused on the streets or did he cause the abuse to happen, whatever the case we have to tread softly around him? We looked at each other and Ra wanted to know who this bloke was so Horse quietly told him. His face turned to liquid anger and his usual pale blue aura turned blood red.

 Evan and I walked up to Rita's and pulled her aside to let her know, she was mortified when I said I thought Spuds father had him deliberately abused, he knew where Spud was all along. Her body started changing to her folk self and her rage was felt throughout the bay as she shimmered and gathered gold from out of nowhere. I grabbed her wrist and said.

 "Leave it to us please."

I wanted to go with Trident and kill the man who abused our dear young friend.

Evan also changed and a magnificent knight stood before us and was speaking to her quietly as she struggled with what to do about it all. I don’t think my Rita could kill anything but she could do untold damage if she's allowed to go ahead uncontrolled. She settled down and after a few minutes we had all calmed down, she followed us down to the table and we discussed what to do about Spuds problem, he is our only concern and he must be protected. Tush placed a glass of brandy in front of Rita, that will calm her down some more.

 It was voted that Rita would talk to him and if need be I will go with her. After everyone settled down both of us went to find him, he would be in the bedroom with Ali, they don’t start work until noon today.

 Rita tapped on their door and Ali opened it, he was red-eyed and we knew Spud had seen the news item. He was under the covers shaking all over when Rita moved to his side, he hung onto her like a vice as she rubbed his back and told him everything would be okay she would see to that. Ali started ranting about getting his assassins onto Spuds parents and he was on his way to see Abs now. I told him to hold off for a while just until we could forge a plan, but I didn't blame him, I wanted it to happen so much.

 He wasn’t too happy with that advice anyway and ran off in a rage.

We got Spud settled down and he told us he had always known it was his father behind his endless abuse but he didn’t tell us because we would get into trouble using that information. He said he struggled with it every day and was always trying to find a way to help the other kids he had met along the way that were in the same position.

 He was so scared to even think about going back there he completely blanked out that he had seen his father handing money over to the guy that abused him in the most horrible way. It was all coming back to him as he rushed to the bathroom to throw up non-existent food. Rita was by his side all the way and talked calmly to him. He crashed into her arms and said repeatedly.

"Thank you thank you."

 I wasn't needed here and I felt it best to leave it to my lady friend. I gathered my wits and walked back to the table, getting myself a brandy on the way.

Seven human but folk kings appeared and pulled up chairs. They wanted to know all about their friend's abuse, it was unheard of in their world, but they had seen many dreadful things during the wars they had endured.

We got them up to date as much as possible even told them about my Birdie and Joe's treatment. To say they weren’t happy is an understatement.

 As we sat and stared at each other we were rocked as the bay shifted violently then we heard a thud and all the air was sucked out of the porch. A loud whoomp or aftershock happened then complete silence, something that's rarely experienced down here.

 The kings looked at each other then joined hands, they shone like a single candle in a dark window. Another muffled whoomp and they parted.

 "What the hell was that?" Evan yelled.

"Trident." My father said.

"Eh? Den we better get Ayden back just in case."

"He's perfectly okay Evan, he's doing some study at the moment and thinking he must get a surf in soon." My father chuckled.

 "Then what happened?" Horse was onto it but I somehow knew something powerful had interfered with the weather or fate.

 "Tridents has taken care of it, you won't hear from Spuds parents anymore and what's left of Birdie and Joe's

tormentors have been dealt with. They have been vanquished, annihilated to use a better word." Father was being very business like. The kings slapped hands then ordered heaps of coffee.

 "But what happened what did trident do?"

"We didn't like to ask him son, we just know it was him that fixed everything. Nobody gets into his friend's heads, my boy. No one harms his children, any children. God forbid if anything happened to Alex Blue or the little prince the world would be dismantled piece by piece."

I didn’t understand if trident had that much power why wasn’t the folk war over long before they were bought here.

I asked the kings that very question.

 "He lived in another dimension son he had visited the folk in our homeland and joined with Blue to go on an adventure lasting many thousands of years, they surfed billions of different dimensions together. This was long before the wars on earth started and Alexis was still doing his adventuring stuff. He came across them on the Oceans planet they followed him back to the folk land which had disappeared, by this time you had moved onto the Earth and many had become human and Blue and Alex's cycle on Earth begun as soon as their feet touched the planet. Trident couldn't interfere with that cycle so he's been surfing planets on his own for many many eons." He clasped his hands then went on.

 "Trident has kept to himself and has been very patient. His Poseidon and Alexis are nearly back and he's helping them to do just that at the moment by hurrying up the process, he wants to get back to the hidden planets. We don't know his origins but he's certainly more powerful than any of us, infinitely more, so don't upset him, son, otherwise you might end up with ears like a donkey." I giggled then shuddered to think what he has done to Spuds parents and I really don't think I want to know.

 "I dropped both of them in the great Southern Ocean if they are strong swimmers they might survive, but I doubt it." I heard a deep voice behind me say matter of fact like, and I smelt smoke.

"My little friend Birdy's tormentors were placed in that terrible jail and I accidentally dropped a match." He laughed so much I thought my head was going to burst, I might ask him to turn the volume down a bit.

 "What's the matter Den?" Evan was puzzled.

"Tell you later bub," I replied.

 That was it, Trident fixed the problem without so much as a gun being fired. I felt sorry for Spuds parents but they did ask for it. I won't dwell on it because cold-blooded murder wasn't in my bones. Blues mother met her fate when she tried to harm my son, now Spuds been saved from the humiliation of testifying in court because the news the next day was that they had simply disappeared.

 Ali came up with his assassins he was still furious. Arras and Abs looked very official and I started laughing. I couldn’t help it they looked so adorable in their black panther gear. I could tell which one was Hulk he had his Nike headband on, it was so funny to me at the time. Horse told them to put their sabers away that Trident had fixed everything and Ali argued that his men had to take a trip to Adelaide to visit Spuds parents.

 "They are not home Ali, he dumped them in the Southern Ocean they can sink or swim apparently, but they won't be back. Hulk, Birdy, and Joe's captors have been burnt alive in that jail, a simple accident I heard, so they are also gone." Evan stared at me and I pointed with my thumb over my shoulder.

"He did it."

"There's no one there Den."

"He must have gone off to watch a movie then bub." I started laughing again, I think the brandy is kicking in. The beers were handed out but the kings only had coffee they wouldn't trust themselves if they had a drink.

Somewhere in the background, I heard that laughing and I wondered if Trident was watching Spuds parents trying to swim.

 "We will erase that memory from Spuds mind Den, he doesn't have to put up with the torment anymore." My father said.

"Ask him first please father, maybe that's what makes him stronger."

"What will make him stronger is believing in himself son, he doesn’t know how to do it yet but he will, and soon."

"Okay, I'll leave it up to you then." Ali had shot off to cuddle Spud and Rita had bought more brandy down she looked a lot better after Horse told her what Trident had done.

 Roses appeared in front of her then more boxes of chocolates were stacked high. She was giggling at the attention and blushing.

 "Its a game I play son, I like Rita a lot she's always been a friend, and her dear husband is a great mate from eons ago we also had met him when we came here to fight."

"You know he's still around then?"

"Yes son we see each other every day and I torment him."

"Why doesn’t Rita see him then?"

"She does she just doesn’t know who he is yet."

"And who is he, father?"

"Oh son haven’t you worked that out yet, I thought you were  really clever?"

"No father, and you can tell me when you're ready." I crossed my arms.

"He's father time, you know Nature and time go hand in hand, he's a little busy at the moment, he's trying hard to keep the earth in good health because Rita doesn’t know how to do it yet, otherwise he would visit." He chuckled.

"And the Earth needs help because?"

"I’m slightly tampering with its weather." He let out a deep belly laugh.

 Whatever floats your boat dad, but don't shit stir for too long I think it would be good for Rita to see her dear husband again.

"I might let him make an appearance on Christmas Eve, you know to hand the presents out." He winked.

 My baby came home just as Arras and his men disrobed, they didn’t want to frighten Rita's customers away. Some of the human kids were in awe when they saw them and stood and stared for ages.

Someone told them they were going to a fancy dress party but Horse made them change in case they frightened the little ones.

 Anyway, my son ordered his hamburger the kings went back to their kingdoms and Evan was looking like he needed to get wet in the surf. The drinks were ignored as my men started eating their late lunches, I got in a cuddle or two with Ayden then he wanted to talk surfing with his pa. They both stuffed hamburgers in their gobs, it was a race to see who could finish first.

 My Birdy ran up the steps he looked awesome in his shorts and shirt. He didn't jump on my lap because he's getting bigger now and has to be gentle. Our hugs were wonderful and he started telling me he had been elected the captain of his footy team and he was also the head prefect. He had a small medal to show everyone pinned to his shirt.

 I talked quietly to Hulk he was stunning, and now looking every inch a centerfold model, he was rubbing his tight stomach the light hairs moved back and forth and I was just about to volunteer to do it for him with my tongue when he suddenly looked at me and said.

"Den I won't tell him it might start his nightmare's going again."

"Good answer Hulk, if they come back please tell me and I will get my father to erase the memory."

 He stretched his legs out adjusted his balls then folded his arms and replied.

"You can have a good feel if you want, no one can see you." then he winked.

I laughed all the way back to Evans side he patted my legs and said.

"You deserved that." Then he smirked.

"Pa Pa lets go times a wasting." Ayden was going surfing he already had his new Blues tank top on, he's lost his baby wetsuit and become a wave chaser, I guess winning that competition did it.

 I noticed over the past couple of days all my boys weren’t wearing their suits they told me they felt warm all the time out in the surf now, it must be the magic of the bay again.

And I also noticed Hulks small shorts were pulled down a bit to show his ass off as he rearranged his manly goods to go with the men, wow what a hunk.

 When they all left I had the chance to talk to Spudley. He wasn’t as upset as he was earlier but did feel sorry for his parents, even though they deserved it. Ali had it all planned his assassins would cut Spuds fathers balls off and shove them down his throat, so I suppose Trident saved him all that agony.

They were going to go for a skim, then a surf just to clear their heads and Spud will take up my fathers offer to have that awful moment erased from his memory. He also looked me in the eyes, his tears had come back as he said.

 "No more lies Den. I didn't see my father pay a man, it was my father that raped me. I couldn't say or remember it before but it was him." I stood there suspended in time and felt so much better about him struggling in the cold Southern Ocean.

After having some words with Rita I then went back to my easel, I had to start losing myself in my painting and had only got a few minutes into it when my tears started then I rushed to our bedroom and crawled into bed, just a moment a horrible moment in time and I was pleased Spud had decided to have that moment erased from his memory.

 I lay there thinking about getting up and starting to get some work done when I heard some shuffling and then a loud banging sound. I looked into Ayden's bedroom, nothing was out of place so I walked into the lounge. My tiny kitchen was gorgeous, brand new and hidden behind some bi-fold doors. A new range sink and fridge stood proudly topped with a highly polished concrete bench top. I ran my hand over it and thought that was quick no mess no hammering just a slight bang and it was done. I hope they are that gentle with the rest of the house.

 Back at the porch, I grabbed a coffee then stood once again in front of my canvas, I dipped the brush into some yellow paint and laced it onto it. I found myself humming away to Rita's soft music and my mind shifted to Christmas presents. I thought about the folk kids and what to buy them. I doubt whether they would need toys and doughnuts are Rita's thing, I will reflect on it for a while maybe there’s something they need from us to make their lives a little bit brighter.

 "I don't tolerate idiots very well my king. I am sorry I upset you."

"You didn’t, you’re one of the many humans that would like to do that to people that harm children. I thank you."

"Let's hope our Spud heals quickly and doesn’t dwell on the past too much."

"He needs to be less submissive, I think his father did that to him. He has to believe in himself and his self-worth."

"I will think on it, my king." He was gone in a flash, I couldn't blame Trident for what happened as he said he doesn't tolerate idiots and I have discovered, neither do I.

 I got halfway through the painting then had a break, I felt like I wanted to go down to the beach so I put on a bright pair of boardies and walked down. Everyone was there whooping it up. I didn't see my son but I'm sure he's not far away. The Ogre King was out on a board and Evan was talking to that cute little twink Spudley. Blue and Alex were doing a tandem run and Horse and Ra were doing the nasty in the water, even from my seat I could see Horse leaning on his board and Ra was behind him, have they no shame. I had a dirty thought then got up and ran into the water, I wasn’t prepared for what came next.

 I was suddenly lifted up and was taken all the way out past the surf, then I foot surfed it back to the beach.

"What the flaming hell Den?"

"Just surfing bubs no dramas."

His face went red and he couldn’t quite get his words out, then he said.

"Come with me." He pushed his board out and I lay face down on it, his crotch rubbed on my bum and it felt awesome. When we got far out he pulled my shorts down and placed his excited member between my legs and humped me.

 "Sure you don't want to try the real thing bubs?"

"This will do for now Den, maybe later."

When he finished it was my turn so I showed him how it was done properly. He screamed when he came again and I'm sure everyone’s cameras were out.

 "Dah, dah, what you doing to pa?" I heard my sons voice.

"Just giving him a big surfing tip son, have you finished for the day?"

It was okay we had finished our romp by the time he got there and were just talking.

"Yes dah, watch me watch me."

He stood up on his board and maneuvered himself to the top of a big wave then he screamed into the wind, surfing his way back to the beach, his many mates followed him.

 "Is Spud okay?"

"Yes Den, he was just saying he feels like a big weight has been taken off his shoulders and is looking forward to living a good life from now on."

"Good, do you think he will talk to the media if they find him?"

"No Den, they won't find him, your father saw to that. He doesn’t want to get involved anyway. If he has to have them declared dead after seven years he will then donate the money and property to a children’s home."

"Well, he should start up that charity now they aren’t around to abuse him."

"Ali and he are talking about it Den, leave it up to them."

"They did our kitchen this morning it looks awesome."

"Did they? well, I will be up soon to have a good look." He grinned.

"I'll lube up."

He laughed as he got onto his knees and paddled us into another big wave. I had a lot of fun with my man and was confident I would make a good wave chaser, but that's his gig, not mine.

 When he dumped me on the shore for the third time I went to lay in the sun to dry off, I got a phone call from Birdy he was waiting on the porch and wanted to see me, so I picked up my top and walked back.

After he got his cuddles he asked me if I would like to go to his school presentation night. They will be on holidays soon and its next week, so of course I said I would come. He said anyone could watch it and he would be very pleased for me and Evan and Ayden to come and cheer him on.

 "Do you think you might get an award?"

"I don't know poppa, maybe." He grinned at me, he knows something and he's not telling.

"Good because I think you deserve one for being the best student."

He snuggled in and I held onto him for ages. Susan and Patrick drove down our driveway it looks like they are home again. I hope they had a great time.

We walked out the back just as Evan and the boys come up. I noticed there were three separate showers now, the builders are working overtime.

"How was the trip Sue?"

"Great Den, we had a lot of fun, we got as far as Ayres rock it was awesome."

"The car performed well then?"

"Not even a hiccup Den, perfect all the way."

 I must get around to using it one day the backpackers sometimes rent it out for a few days so it does get some work.

Patrick looked relaxed as he unloaded the van then dumped their stuff into their car. Susan Birdy and I went to chase up some sandwiches and coffee, while she told us all about her adventures. I could see Birdy's eyes popping when she told us she had seen Dingos and Emus on the road.

She said the hotel was completed and couldn’t wait to see it, she was very excited.


The boys with Pat came out and started ordering from the cafe. Ali looked a lot better and said Spud had got an urge to paint so he was sitting on the back porch, something he's never done he usually hides away in his room. I will go see what he's up to, later on, I know what it's like to be disturbed.

 "So when's the big opening night Pat?" Nut's asked.

"In about a week I think if everything goes well, dad and Millie have been sorting out their sections and Sue and I will get straight onto hiring staff for the restaurant and kitchen."

"It all sounds amazing I drove past the other day its looking awesome, like a brand new building," Tiny said.

 We all couldn’t wait for it to open and this is the best time of year to do it around Christmas time. I had a thought with Millie’s cakes and wondered if she could make some for the folk as presents from us all. I noted that in my head dairy and also Birdies school night, I think a few of us will be going because he was talking to the guys about it.

 We all decided we wanted to have a look at the hotel so when Sue and Pat left we all followed.

It was amazing, like brand new as Nut's said. The kitchen was unreal and everything they needed had been installed. Mille was smiling as she wiped out her cake display cabinets she had the left side of the entrance hall with her own ovens and Robert had the right for his homemade bread he will do in the old wood-fired oven that looked suspiciously like it had been converted to a gas one. The teller’s desks were still there for him to use as counters and there were racks to hold his different wares, again solid polished concrete tops had been perfectly placed.

 The dining room extended outside into the gardens and there was seating for three hundred it was very fancy and done to the retro style. The bar stood out because there was a Kombi van parked up one side it had been converted into a cocktail bar with an extension going the width of the room and it fits in beautifully and hit all the Home design magazines wish lists.

 Four large rentable bedrooms upstairs with their own unsuits, balconies and entrances and on the final level an awesome penthouse for Susan and Patrick, it overlooked the beautiful bay. There was also some stays down the back of the garden and a small transportable that would be Rob's home. As I said the kitchen was large and full of everything they needed, it was finished in the builder’s eyes and when Sue opened her large walk-in wardrobe everything they owned had been moved in so they didn’t have to do a thing.

 Robert and Millie were ready to go and we're just waiting on Pat's nod to go ahead and open. He didn’t see a problem but still had to find staff. That was easily rectified when eight gorgeous looking people appeared with the Dwarf King and my father. They said they would be available with the two hundred others that applied for the jobs as backups to do the cleaning and relief work. They all knew about catering and each and every one of them could cook. He said he had them studying up on some cookbooks so all Patrick and Susan had to do was make up a menu. Of course, they were folk.

 What else would Susan do but sit down and cry she was so happy with what my father and his builders created, how could she ever thank them.

"You can thank us by getting married my children, there is plenty of folks still waiting to be reborn." He grinned.

 I pulled Millie aside and placed an order for twenty large chocolate cakes and ten dozen cupcakes for Christmas. She nearly wet herself but said instead.

"I knew this move would be lucky for me, thank you so much, are these for the folk?"

"Yes Millie, I am a bit stuck as to what to get them for Christmas and this will be a good start." I smiled as she hugged me. Rob was looking at her like he could devour her in one sitting. She was a very handsome woman with a heart of gold, I guess he was a bit taken with her. I did feel they should be together living in that home that was installed in the back yard.

A group of holidaymakers walked in inquiring about meals. It was so funny, a menu appeared in one of the server’s hands and she showed them to their preferred table.

"But we aren’t open yet," Pat whispered and was in panic mode.

"Yes we are boss, as our king said we can cook anything, mum Susan, they want to order drinks if you would take care of that please, they need to meet the owners anyway. The lighting was soft and some music came through the speakers. Rob looked at Millie and said.

"Well, it looks like we are open."

They went back to their respective shops and turned their ovens on, as more customers arrived at the lavish big old door.

"We will leave you to it kids, maybe we will all come back for dinner if there's any room." I laughed as we all piled into the cars to go home.

 Susan told us the next day they did a hundred and fifty meals and the customers bought a lot of bread and cakes on the way out the door. She also said the food was fresh and amazing especially the seafood, which Rita doesn’t do much of. I thought they would make a killing I didn’t think the food was bought in, it just appears from nowhere for free.

 "Anne Mike Mavis and Jack come over and had a seafood platter and the other diners watched them destroy the big meal. I think most of them will be back tonight to try that one, maybe it should be a seafood restaurant there are a lot of fishing people down here." Susan was so excited.

"Maybe Sue with steaks on the side." I love a bit of meat.

 "Have you had any reservations for tonight yet?"

"Yes Den, and some for lunch too, god knows how we are going to cope."

"You have plenty of staff to call, the place will almost run itself."

"I hope not we still want to be actively involved Den, there’s no fun in sitting back counting the money."

 She stared at Evan who got very self-conscious and went to sweep out his shop. I laughed along with her, but we all know Evan works his butt off he doesn't use the folk in his shop only to refill the stock and order it.

We dressed up to the nines, nanny Rita didn’t wear her gold dress this time she had a black cocktail one on and my son and birdie had their little suits and ties on as we all arrived at the restaurant the next night. Millie’s cake shop looked stunning and was a carbon copy of my cake painting, I noticed Ayden and birdy licking their lips picking out a sweet treat to have later. Roberts bread smells were wafting through the night air and he had quite a few customers wanting his delightful crumbs.

 We were shown to our table and offered drinks on the house. I had a bluey type cocktail, Evan had a beer and Horse and Ra had some sort of European drink in big gold goblets. My kids had a chocolate drink and our waitress said she had already ordered our meals and we were to just say the word and it all will be delivered. How does she know I wanted a succulent steak and veggies? There was no room at the inn, and the tables out the back were filling up fast, Susan's face said it all as she smiled her way through making drinks with her helpers.

Patrick was in the kitchen and when I popped my head in to say hello he was giving orders to at least a dozen cooks who hurried around the kitchen looking like they were busy and very capable.

 I saw a folk band set up in a far corner and within minutes the most beautiful music was heard by all and sundry. Ayden swayed along with it and smiled.

"Are you going to sing baby?"

"Not tonight's dah, but maybes I will later."

Okay, I get it maybe when there are not so many people around,

Four large platters of king prawns were delivered along with some chicken nuggets that looked like they had been hand made for my son and his friend.

A woman with her kids on the next table swooned and ordered some for them.

 I didn’t have any seafood but Evan had quite a bit, that race was on again and Horse Nuts Tiny and Trip were keeping up with him.

"Slow down fellas there plenty more food to come," Susan said as she swished past with a tray of colorful cocktails. She came back and placed a green one in front of Kate then said.

"This was invented by Collette for you, she said its old Irish and you will love it." She smiled at Kate who sipped the drink then she rolled her eyes it was delicious.

 Aisha not being outdone called Collette over and said she didn't know what she wanted but could she invent one for her too. She curtsied and replied.

"I will make a very ancient Eastern drink for you my lady, you will absolutely adore it." Aisha smiled at me, I winked because I know how much she likes to be center stage.

 "Nanny Rita no alcohol for you tonight, I would like you to try this one." She placed a red and gold goblet on the table I could tell it was real and when Rita sipped it she had to share it with Birdy and Ayden it was heavenly. Let's just say the whole night was heavenly and of course we didn’t have to pay, I think Susan was in a generous mood. The boy's cakes arrived and I was full, my steak was perfection, Ayden moaned his way through the delicious treat and I noticed Gardenia Peter and Rosie sitting on the table waiting for him to share it. Another one came over for them and they destroyed it immediately.

 As we were walking out I spotted the seven kings sitting out the back, I was a bit annoyed they hadn’t joined us but when I confronted them they said they wanted to talk business so they thought they would hide in a corner. I noticed a few empty cocktail glasses on their table, no alcohol for them they don’t like it.

We were all full and when Rita offered coffee I declined I had to get my son to bed it was a bit late for him.

 The guys drifted off as Evan and I sat by ourselves, he kept looking at me and I was getting quite excited.


"Well, what?"

"Den do you want to go to bed?"

My feet didn’t touch the floorboards as I ran to the bedroom, he was out of his clothes in an instant and his legs were folded around my waist, he was getting ready for the onslaught.

"You forgot the lube bubs." He passed it to me.