Chapter Fourteen

He told us that, during the height of the gold rush in the 1800s, there were many mines dug into the side of the mountains all over Jasper Park. Most mines turned out to be duds because men would dig anywhere without knowing what to look for before they started digging. Hank figured that either Old Ted dug this mine or he simply found it and built the cabin to cover the entrance to his mine. He said the first tunnel we found was used to carry the gold down to the stream. Then the gold would be shipped by boats. The boys became excited and wondered if there was still gold in the mine. I was as curious as the boys were but I decided we would explore the mine another day. I wanted to get all the windows on the main floor in today. The boys expressed their disappointment until Hank told them he had some miner hats with lights on the front at the store. He would bring them up tomorrow if the boys helped get all the windows in.

Hank and Davey went back to work replacing windows. John and Billy finished mounting the remaining oil lamps. I went to Hank's truck to unload the remaining windows and doors and put them in the living room. I organized them by rooms and then brought them up to each room.

The sun was just setting as we finished the last window in the study. Betty and Diane stood in the front doorway and purposely cleared their throats loudly to get our attention. It was then that John and I realized that we worked past supper-time. The boys ran to give the women hugs. The boys' excitement helped calm the women's mood along with seeing the way, the cabin was taking shape. Davey showed Diane the stain glass window he picked out for the kitchen. Billy showed them all the oil lamps that he helped put up. The women were not upset that we missed supper but they just wanted John and Me to feel guilty. After the boys gave the women the tour, the women went out on the veranda. They surprised us when they brought in two picnic baskets with our supper in it. We went into the camper to eat it.

During supper, the boys told Diane and Betty about the two tunnels we found in the basement. The women expressed legitimate concerns about the safety of the tunnels. Hank assured them that the tunnel leading down to the stream was very solid and safe. He told them that he worked as a mine inspector until the government set out too many stupid regulations. The boys told them Hank was going to bring them some miner hats from his store tomorrow. Hank said he was going to inspect the main mine tomorrow to assure it was also safe. That put Diane and Betty's minds at ease.

It was dark by the time we finished dinner. Billy became excited. He wanted to go around and light all the oil lamps he helped put up. Even though the cabin was still in rough shape, the lamps gave off a warm glow in each room. Billy was very happy at the job he did today. Davey took Diane outside to look at the stain glass window in the kitchen. Diane hugged both boys and thanked them for all their hard work.

Betty invited Hank to spend the night with them up at the lodge. She said it was no use going back to Jasper just to come back again tomorrow. He took her up on the gracious offer. We locked up the tunnels and hid them behind the shelves. Hank asked if he could bring a book to read in bed tonight. Billy went around and blew out all the oil lamps in the cabin. John rode back with Hank in his truck. The rest of us piled into the camper and headed back to the resort.

The boys wanted to go for a swim before bed and wanted Diane and me to come swimming too. After an hour, the boys started getting tired. I told them to head back to the cabin and get ready for bed. I told them that Diane and I would follow shortly to tuck them into bed. I just held Diane in my arms as we floated around the pool. I told her that it felt so good to hold her and kiss her. I said that I feel so complete when I am with her.

As we kissed one last time before we got out of the pool, we hear Billy's famous 'Ewww' coming from behind us. We looked over and saw the boys lying on the grass beside the pool laughing and giggling. I looked at Diane. She giggled and said, "Go get them." I kissed her and then jumped out of the pool.

The boys ran to the cabin. Davey managed to run inside first but I caught Billy as he hit the first step of the veranda. I scooped him up and sat on one of the chairs. I tickled him silly. He wiggled on my lap and laughed. He yelled to Diane to help him. She giggled and said that he was the one that got him in that situation and he can get himself out. She took hold of one of his feet and ran her nails along his sole. Then she let go and went inside to change. I tickled Billy for a few more minutes and then carried him into the cabin. We saw Diane tickling Davey on the couch. I walked by and patted him on the forehead. I told Diane not to forget tickling his armpits before she let him go. He started to laugh harder and squirm around when she tickled his pits.

I went to the kitchen to take out the milk and cookies for the boys. As I set the tray down on the table, Diane stood up and went upstairs to change out of her bathing suit. I looked a Davey panting on the couch. I gave him a few tickle pokes as I went upstairs to change. Diane and I hugged and kissed as the boys ate their snacks downstairs.

When we came downstairs, we found the boys asleep on the couch. Diane picked up Billy and I picked up Davey. We carried the boys out to the camper and tucked them in. Diane and I sat on the loveseat on the veranda. We cuddled, kissed and looked up at the stars. Then, we went back inside and fell asleep in each other's arms.



Diane and I woke up first and decided to sneak in the camper to tickle the boys awake.

We went to the lodge for breakfast after the boys recovered and got dressed. Hank and John had already finished their breakfast and were sitting in the lounge drinking coffee. Billy told Hank that he wanted to go with him to the store to get the miners hats. Hank teased and asked what Billy was talking about. Then he said the hats were already in his truck. He has gotten up early this morning and picked them up before anyone noticed he was gone. Billy hugged and thanked him.

As we ate breakfast, John discussed some new changes to the resort. Betty and Diane had a few ideas too. We agreed on renovating the lodge's kitchen, hiring a few more staff, putting a change house and hot tub beside the pool and winterizing all the cottages on the property. By winterizing all the cottages, we can promote the resort as a winter wonderland retreat. We also agreed that the boys could design a big playground next to the pool for children. Diane and Betty said they would spend the day planning the new kitchen and making phone calls.

As soon as the boys finished their breakfast, they started asking Hank if they can explore the mine with him. I went to get the camper so we could have lunch in it again. The boys brought a picnic basket into the camper that Diane and Betty prepared for our lunch today. Hank and John drove up in Hank's truck.

As soon as we put on our miner hats on and the boys lit their portable oil lamps, we went directly into the hidden mine. Hank told the boys all about how to play safely in a mine as we walked.

About a hundred yards into the mine there was a large room hollowed out in the mountain. Hank said the area would be where the miners would gather for their lunch and meetings. We found a couple of tables and chairs along the wall. There were more oil lamps hanging on spikes that were pounded into the rock. There was a six-inch pipe coming down from the ceiling. Hank told us that was a fresh air pipe. There were three separate tunnels leading out from the gathering areas. Each of the three tunnels had a rail cart. The tunnels were carved out of solid rock so there was no chance of a cave in. The tunnels were about three hundred yards long. At the end of the first two tunnels that we explored, there was another large gathering area with a fresh air pipe.

The final tunnel we explored began to feel a lot warmer than the other two. As we came to the end, there was a huge cave with several large hot springs. The miners must have dug right into the cave that was in the center of the mountain. The cave was one hundred yards in diameter and about one hundred feet high. It dropped about fifty feet in the center and the runoff from the springs made a wading pool. There was a natural fresh air vent in the ceiling. It allowed the excess heat and moisture to escape and a small amount of natural light to come in. The large snowcap on top of the mountain gently melted and ran down the walls to feed the hot springs fresh water.

Hank told us that he has heard rumours, over the years, about underground hot springs in the center of a few mountains but no one has ever found one. We wondered if there was a way to make another shorter tunnel to this area and turn it into a tourist attraction. I did not like the idea of hundreds of people going through our basement and then traveling another four hundred yards to get here. Hank said that if his calculations are correct, this area should be only one hundred yards from the back of the resort property.

We decided to head back to the cabin for lunch, then install the windows on the second floor and install the outside doors on the main floor.

As we ate, John suggested that, if we found a way to widen the doorway a couple of feet, we could use riding lawn tractors to get around the mine quicker. Davey suggested all-terrain quad runners would be cooler to drive through the mine. Hank chuckled at John and told him he was getting old like him.

Billy helped Hank install the rest of the windows while John and I hung the outside doors and a few doors on the inside. Davey wanted to sand down the kitchen cabinets so he could varnish them and hang the doors back on them. He had them all sanded down to the original looking wood by the time we were ready to go for dinner. We locked up the basement and now the new outside cabin doors.

Hank said he had to get back to Jasper to contact his coin dealers. He said he would be back in the morning.

We dropped John off at the lodge and the boys and I headed back to our resort cabin to make dinner. Diane joined us a short time after I started to make dinner. The boys were having their tickle shower before they ate.

It was so good to hold Diane in my arms again. She said the lodge is decorated for Davey's party. She gave Betty the cameras and camcorder. John would have the job of videotaping Davey's reaction as he stepped into the lodge.

I told her I wanted to start a family birthday 'tradition' that I know the boys will enjoy. Davey will be 11 tomorrow. Each family member gets to tickle him silly for 11 minutes. She thought that would be so cute since Davey loves being tickled silly. She suggested that we wake up before the boys and tickle Davey awake on his birthday too. I also want to tell Davey that he gets to pick what the family does for the entire day tomorrow. She thought that was a great idea but risky knowing Davey's playfully and mischievous nature sometimes.

The boys came out for their tickle inspection. Davey asked Diane to inspect him and Billy wanted me to inspect him. Both boys were panting hard as they sat down to eat but also had huge smiles on their faces.

The boys told Diane about the great cave they found. They said the cave had hot springs and a giant pool in the center. I assured her that Hank did a complete inspection, as we explored the mines, and said it was very safe.

I told her we have all the windows and all outside doors in place. Davey told her he sanded all the kitchen cabinets and they were ready for the clear-coat varnish.

We spent the evening watching a movie on TV. The boys had their evening snack and headed off to the camper to sleep. I gave Diane another full body massage after we showered together.


"Davey's first birthday as my son!"


Davey and Billy were both very sound sleepers so it was easy for Diane and me to sneak into the camper without waking them up. We woke Billy up first and told him to go down by Davey's bare feet. Diane lay on one side of Davey and I lay on the other. We each held one of his arms above his head. Billy sat between his feet and pinned them with his legs. All of us started gently tickling Davey at the same time. Slowly he started to giggle and tried to wiggle. We stopped tickling him as soon as he woke up and looked at us. He started to laugh at his predicament.

"Happy Birthday, Son," I said and gave him a tickle poke in the belly.

"Happy Birthday, Son," Diane said as she ran her fingernails across his belly.

"Happy Birthday, Big Brother," Billy said as he gave Davey's feet a quick tickle.

"This is not fair, now it's three against one." Davey giggle. We knew he loved every minute of the attention we were showing him.

"Are you ready for your first birthday surprise, Son?" I asked

"Yes," he giggled nervously.

"Since it's your birthday, we agreed to start our first family tradition this morning. You are eleven now. Therefore, Billy will be allowed to tickle you for eleven minutes. Then we will give you a break. Then Diane will be allowed to tickle you for another eleven minutes. You get another break. Finally, I will be allowed to tickle you for the last eleven minutes."

Davey was giggling a lot as I told him but no one was even tickling him.

"I like this new family tradition," Davey said with a big smile on his face.

As we held Davey's arms above his head, we told Billy he could start on Davey's feet but then he could tickle Davey anywhere he wanted. Billy started wiggling his fingers along Davey's feet. He really got him laughing when he ran his tiny fingernails along the soles. He ran his nails under Davey's toes. He turned around and sat on Davey waist. He wiggled his fingers in the air and that made Davey giggle. Billy started on Davey's belly. His little fingers were perfect to tickle the belly button. As Billy started to tickle, poking Davey's ribs, Davey giggled and said; "It that the best you can tickle?" Billy took that as a challenge and went straight for Davey's most ticklish armpits. Davey was laughing so hard that he was not making any sound. Then Billy's eleven minutes were up. He rubbed Davey's belly and chest to remove the tickling sensations. Billy had a big smile on his face and Davey thanked Billy for the tickling he gave him.

Diane followed the same tickle path that Billy laid out. She started on Davey's feet. Her long fingernails covered Davey's soles and drove him crazy. After she turned around, she began blowing 'raspberries' on Davey's belly button. She took her fingernails starting at his hips and slowly making their way toward his armpits. Davey knew where her fingers would end up but it drove him crazy with anticipation because she went so slowly. When she hit his armpits, he was lost in tickle laughter again. She rubbed his belly and chest when her time was up. She kissed him on the cheeks and forehead. He thanked her for the tickling.

I decided to sit on Davey's hips to start. I leaned down and blew 'raspberries' on his belly but I tickled both his armpits at the same time. He went wild with laughter. I then went down and tickled his feet. I took the little vibrator out of the end table and touched each of Davey's toenails. The vibrations tickled down his foot. Diane and Billy both giggled and said they would have to remember to use that next time. After tickling his feet, I did the same thing Diane did. I turned around and slowly wiggled my fingers toward his armpits. Davey was not laughing but giggling. Davey asked me if that was the best, I could do. I then ended my tickling the same way I started. I tickled his armpits and blew 'raspberries' on his belly button at the same time. Diane let go of his arms and I pulled him up to me and gave him a big hug. I kissed him on the forehead and told him that I loved him. Davey seemed just a bit disappointed that all the tickling was over.

Davey was exhausted but told us that he really enjoyed all the tickling he received. Diane told the boys to get dressed because we were having breakfast in the lodge this morning. Billy laughed at Davey as he staggered off the bed. Davey giggled and told Billy he was looking forward to doing this new family tradition on Billy's birthday next year.

Davey thought that we were going to have breakfast at the lodge just like any other morning. We let him go in first and he was totally shocked and surprised when he saw all the balloons and decorations. We all yelled 'SURPRISE!' Diane escorted him to the Birthday Boy's Table. There was a small table beside with the presents on it. Even Hank was there to wish Davey a happy birthday.

Betty had prepared a buffet breakfast for everyone. Diane helped do the baking and the fruit platters the night before.

After everyone was full, it was time for Davey to open the presents. Davey asked Billy to sit beside him to help open them. He really was a caring big brother and wanted his little brother to be apart of his birthday.

Betty and John gave him some DVD movies.

Diane gave him some stuffed animals.

My present was the TV/DVD combo.

From Mommy, Daddy and Billy was the new game console.

Billy was a bit sad because he did not have a gift for Davey. Davey hugged him and said having him for a little brother is the best gift Billy could give him.

Betty and John handed Davey another present that was two games for the console. They held that present back until he opened the game console.

Hank gave Davey a very old Swiss Army Knife.

The last present was a box that was for Billy but we told Davey to help him open it. Inside was a gold frame with a certificate that said;

Congratulations Billy,

Doug Smith is legally your Father.

You are now legally the Son of Douglas Smith.

You are now Thomas William Smith.

Billy was confused and it took Davey a few seconds to figure it out. Then Davey became excited and told Billy he was my real son and not just a stepson. Davey told him that I had adopted Billy just as I adopted him. Now, we all had the same last name. Best of all, Davey said that they were real brothers and not just stepbrothers. Billy became as excited as Davey. He jumped up and gave me a big hug around my neck. Davey came over, hugged me and thanked me for giving him a real little brother. I told them both that Diane did all the hard work by going to the lawyer and courthouse to talk with a judge. They both gave Diane a big group hug and thanked her for all her hard work with the adoption.

John teased Betty when he looked at her and saw a few tears in her eyes. Of course, he felt Betty's elbow and everyone laughed.

Davey said this is the best birthday he has ever had. He went around hugging and thanking everyone. I asked Davey to come over and sit on my lap.

"We have one more surprise for you. Since it is your birthday, you get to decide everything we will do today as a family. You get to pick where we go, what we do, when and what we eat for lunch and dinner. You get to plan the entire day."

"Can I tickle Billy like he tickled me this morning?" Davey giggled. Billy giggled and ran to hide behind Diane.

"Yes, I suppose, but let's leave that for tonight," I suggested.

Davey grinned and wiggled his fingers in Billy's direction.

Davey wanted to hike up, as a family, and spend the afternoon up at the hot springs. He wanted to come back and have a campfire with everyone. He asked Hank to tell more of his stories around the campfire. Hank said he would love to tell stories around a campfire. Then he said, with a big brother grin, he would tickle Billy just before bedtime.

John told Davey he would bring the presents up to the resort cabin. He said that he and Hank would finish hanging the doors in the old cabin and sweep out the cabin. Betty teased that John never volunteered to sweep around the resort. John laughed and said Hank would be doing the sweeping at the old cabin. I told John that the roller I ordered for the tractor should arrive today. John said he would look after it.

We went back to the cabin to change for our hike and pack up our swimsuits. On the hike, Diane and I walked with our arms around each other while Davey kept teasing Billy by wiggling his fingers in the air.

We had a wonderful time at the hot springs. Diane joined us in the main pool for a while and then relaxed on the deck lounge chair. The boys and I did our favourite tickle throwing horseplay. As I went underwater and threw Billy into the air, I remembered the first time I throw him in the pool. I thought about how different he was. The first time he was shy and nervous. He kept his shirt on to hide the bruises on his back. Now, he is a happy little boy swimming and playing in the pool without his shirt on. The bruises are faded and almost gone. What a difference a couple of weeks make. Billy is in high spirits; he has his mother back, and has a new big brother and father that love him with all their hearts.

Just then, Davey jumped on my back and woke me from my thoughts. I grabbed his feet and tickled them. He flopped back and tried to swim away. Billy jumped on me from the front and tried to dunk me. I let go on Davey's feet and grabbed Billy around the waist. He squealed, laughed and tried to get away. I threw him high into the air.

Davey grabbed me hard around the neck and told me to look over at Diane. She had fallen asleep on the chair again. Davey took Billy to get a couple of Frisbees. They turned them upside down at the water fountain and filled them with cold water. They both giggled and laughed as they poured it on Diane's belly. They ran, jumped back in the pool and both tried to hide behind me. Diane walked to the edge of the pool and waved her finger at me. This time I said it was all 'the birthday boy's' idea. I spun around and grabbed Davey around the waist. He giggled and tried to get away.

Davey wanted the whole family to soak in the hot tub before we left. He sat beside me and far away from Diane because he kept giggling every time he looked at her. We sat in the hot tub for about 20 minutes and then headed to the change room. We met Diane in the lobby. As we waited for the shuttle van, Davey decided to take his punishment for dumping the cold water on Diane. He sat on her lap and she tickled him silly.

After the van dropped in front of the lodge, Davey ran in and asked where Hank and John were. Betty said they were still up at the old cabin. He asked if he and Billy could go up to the cabin to get Hank and John. I told him it was still his birthday and he could do what he wanted. I took the boys swimsuits and they ran down to the old cabin.

Diane and I walked arm in arm back to the resort cabin. We figured it would take the boys about 20 minutes to get to the cabin and probably another 30 to get Hank and John to finish up and head back. I suggested to Diane that we take a warm shower together. I teased by added 'to warm up her belly' for which I got an elbow. I did Davey's famous 'tickle wash' on Diane which she found very erotic. We ended up making love in the shower.

We just finished getting dressed when the boys came bouncing into the cabin with all the goodies for our campfire dinner. Diane said she would go and get Betty while the boys built the campfire. The sun was just setting when Davey did the honours by lighting the campfire. Davey showed Diane and Betty how to cook the hotdogs and Billy showed them how to roast marshmallows. Neither woman really warmed up to the idea of eating a burnt marshmallow. John said eating a burnt marshmallow must be just a 'guy thing.' Of course, he felt Betty's elbow again. Then the boys showed the women how to make S'mores, which they enjoyed. Betty and Diane cleaned up the table and took the trash into the cabin. A few minutes later, they came back with Davey birthday cake. The candles were already lit went they came around the corner.

Billy said 'Make a Wish, Make a Wish.' Davey looked at everyone around the table smiling at him. His eyes started to water. Billy asked him what was wrong.

"I have nothing left to wish for because I already have every wish I ever wanted right here with me. I wished for a Daddy, a Mommy, a Brother, Grandparents, and I got a bonus Uncle with Hank. This is the best birthday of my life." I walked up to him and gave him a big hug.

"I'm so happy, Daddy, Thank you for everything. I love you so much Daddy!"

"Your welcome, Son, I love you too. Thank you for being my special boy." I looked at Billy and thanked him for being my special boy too. Billy came over and gave Davey a big hug.

"Can I have your wish, Davey?" Billy asked.

"Sure, let's blow out the candles together."

After they blew out the candles, Hank asked Billy what he wished for.

He giggled; "I wished Davey wouldn't tickle me like I tickled him this morning."

"You blew it Squirt, if you tell your wish it will not come true." Davey laughed. "Thank means I can tickle you like you tickled me this morning."

Billy pretended to pout but giggled when Davey wiggled his fingers in the air. Diane handed Davey a knife to cut the first piece of cake.

We sang a few campfire songs and then Hank started telling the boys a ghost story. Billy was a bit scared during the story and sat on Diane's lap. Davey did not want to admit he was getting scared but he did move closer to me and put my arm around his shoulder.

After the ghost story, Betty said it was time to put her 'boys,' John and Hank, to bed. Davey stood up, hugged each of them and thanked each of them for coming and giving him the best birthday ever. After they headed down the lane, Diane and the boys went into the cabin to look at Davey's presents. I told them I was going to put the campfire out and would be right in.

As I finished pouring the second bucket, I turned around to see Billy standing at the corner of the cabin.

"Hey, Son, what are you standing there?"

He ran up to me with tears in his eyes and wrapped his arms tight around me. I sat on the picnic table and pulled him onto my lap.

"What's a matter, Son?"

"We went into the cabin and started looking at Davey's presents. When I saw the box with the gold frame and my certificate, my eyes started to leak so I ran outside to see you."

"Do you know why your eyes started to leak, Billy?"

"I do not know exactly. I looked at the certificate with my name saying that you were my father. I felt a lump in my throat and my eyes started to leak. I wished you were my Daddy ever since I saw you and Davey getting along so well the first time we went to the hot springs. I have wanted to call you Daddy since the night you rescued me and called the police. I wanted to call you Daddy that night we talked with Officer Judy. After you married Mommy, you said I could call you Daddy, but I was still your stepson and Davey was your real son by adoption. I wished I were your real son. This morning, you became my real father and I became your real son. I guess it never sunk inside me until tonight when I looked at that gold frame. I just had to come out to thank you for becoming my real Daddy."

I hugged Billy tight. My own eyes started leaking and a tear fell down his neck. He wiggled and giggled. He saw my eyes leaking and asked me if he said something wrong.

"No, Son, you did not say anything wrong. You said everything exactly right. All my life, I wanted a son of my own. I was so happy when I was able to adopt Davey. I thought my life was finally complete. Then I met you, Billy. I fell in love with you as my son just as I fell in love with Davey. I wanted you to be my own son too. When I saw your mommy, I fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. I am so glad you gave her to me on our wedding day. I automatically became your stepfather when I married your mommy. I wanted to be your real father. I asked your mommy if it was okay with her that I adopt you. She said yes and did all the work to make it happen when she was in Edmonton. I was so happy when you opened the box this morning and held up the gold frame and read the words."

"I Love You, Daddy!"

"I Love You Too My Special Son."

"And I love you, Little Brother," Davey said at the corner of the cabin. He came up and gave Billy and me a group hug. Diane stood at the corner of the cabin with her eyes leaking and feeling so happy.

After a few minutes, Davey told Billy it was time for bed. He wiggled his fingers in the air at Billy. Billy giggled and held my neck tight. I carried Billy into the camper. He was laughing and kicking his feet in the air. When he saw Diane, he asked her for help. She told him not to worry. She would help hold him down while Davey tickled him. I bounced him on the bed in the camper. Diane teased him saying he did not need his shirt on to sleep. He giggled as she pulled his shirt off. Davey teased him saying that he does not sleep with his shoes on. Billy wiggled his feet trying to stop Davey from taking them off. Billy really started laughing and squirming when Davey slowly pulled his socks off. Diane and I held Billy's arms above his head just as we did to Davey this morning. Davey decided to tickle Billy the same way I tickled him. Davey sat on Billy's hips, leaned down and blew raspberries on Billy's belly button. Billy squealed. He started laughing when Davey blew again and tickled his armpits at the same time. He stopped and turned to Billy's feet. He took the vibrator and touched each of Billy's tiny toenails. Billy really laughed hard. Davey stopped after a couple of seconds to give him a break after he touched each toenail. He turned back to Billy's belly. He slowly wiggled his fingers along his sides just as Diane did to him. Billy knew Davey would not stop until his fingers were tickling his armpits. As soon as the fingers started tickling the armpits, Davey blew in Billy's belly button. He only did it twice. Then it was over and he rubbed Billy's chest and belly.

"How was that squirt?"

"That tickled so much but it was also a lot of fun." Billy panted.

Diane and I let go of Billy's arms. Davey pulled him up and gave him a huge big brother hug. He turned to both of us and thanked us for giving him such a great little brother for his birthday. We pulled the covers back and tucked the boys in for the night.

As we walked back to the cabin, Diane stopped. She gave me a big hug and thanked me for what I said to Billy at the picnic table. She said I was an amazing father and husband. She asked me what my secret was. I told her that I simply speak from my heart in moments like that. She kissed me passionately. We walked into the cabin got undressed and cuddled in bed until we fell asleep.

A loud "BANG," woke us up completely.



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