The Puget Posse

Chapter 42-Operation Bullfrog

Greetings and welcome back. I decided to start this chapter with the concluding dialog in Chapter 41 so you could flow right into Patrick’s idea. The time has come for the Posse to not only name their operation to bring down Jeremiah, but to formulate the plan.
Thanks for reading.
CHAPTER 42    
“Now we need to begin our operation to bring down Jeremiah and his friends,” Mark said. “Any ideas about where to start?”
Right away Patrick piped up. “We need a better name than Operation Jeremiah.”
“Like what?” Matthew asked.
“Like Operation Bullfrog.” Everybody gave Patrick a look like he had lost his mind.
“Operation Bullfrog?” Will asked. “Patrick, you come up with the weirdest ideas.”
“His ideas might sound weird, but we keep using them, so they must be pretty good,” Matthew said.
Patrick hadn’t discussed his idea with anyone including Misha, mainly because he hadn’t thought of it until they were eating lunch.
“Tell us about your idea, please,” Misha asked.
Patrick was more than willing to. “It has to do with a song,” Patrick replied.
“You mean we’re going to sing Jeremiah to death?” Mark asked.
“The way you sing that might just work,” Matthew told him.
“Yeah, it ain’t like you’re Justin Bieber,” Mark said.
“Who’d want to be him?”
“Peeps who want lots of money,” Paul said. 
“We are getting off of the subject,” Neville said impatiently. It never ceased to amaze him how the twins could get a discussion off track as swiftly as they did.
“Yeah, tell us about this song, Patrick,” Mark said.
Patrick wished he had his guitar, but he knew he was good enough to sing the song a cappella. “It was done by a group called Three Dog Night,” Patrick told them. Then he started singing in his clear, angelic voice,
“Jeremiah was a bull frog
Was a good friend of mine
I never understood a single word he said
But I helped him a-drink his wine
And he always had some mighty fine wine

Joy to the world
All the boys and girls, now
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me”
“You sang that great,” Misha said admiringly.
“But Jeremiah isn’t a good friend of ours,” Will said.
“No, he’s not, but we don’t need to sing anything but the first line and that will start driving him nuts,” Mark told them with glee.
“I like how you think,” Paul added.
“Plus, frogs croak and we wish he would croak,” Matthew said. He looked at the shocked faces and explained his statement. “I don’t mean croak, like die, I mean croak like having everybody see what a big weasel he is so they don’t vote for him in the spring.”
“Weasel?” Neville asked. “I thought he was a frog.”
“He’s a weasely frog,” Ellis giggled.
“That works,” Paul said.
Will added that Patrick’s idea for Operation Bullfrog was perfect.   
“Let’s vote on it,” Mark told them. The vote was unanimous. Operation Jeremiah was now Operation Bullfrog and had an official name that for the Posse was exactly what Will thought—perfect.
“Now it’s strategy time,” Mark said. “And the first thing we need do is get that picture of Ellis out of Jeremiah’s locker.”
“If it is still there,” Neville said.
“It was there last week,” Ellis told them. “I think he likes it in there.”
How to get the picture and free Ellis was the first bit of strategy adopted. The group then pieced together where they would go from there. They were the poster boys of concentration and cooperation as they worked together for almost two hours before running out of steam.
Shelley had been impressed by the poise and composure of the group of boys. She wished that Reginald had been there to see it—she knew he would have been impressed as well. She could see the goofiness in the twins that irked Neville, but she could also see the intelligence and commitment in them. Misha was simply a sweetheart and she saw why Neville never had a bad thing to say about him. As for Patrick, the “Irish” scholarship boy, he was a very bright, extremely polite, and very talented bundle of positive energy.
She had seen that talent and personality when he sang a solo at the Christmas concert. Reginald had refused to acknowledge it because of his own closed-minded stubbornness, refusing to acknowledge that Patrick might be a better singer than Neville.  
As the meeting started to deteriorate into giggles, punches, and grab ass, she could see the boys turning into a group of tired, unfocused tweens. She suggested they end the meeting and schedule another one if they felt they needed it. She got no argument from the boys, who knew they had run out of gas; they just needed somebody to tell them so.
Unfortunately, what Reginald saw when he came home from golfing was a cadre of noisy boys being rowdy, instead of a Posse with a singleness of purpose, and he made sure to share his observations with Shelly. As hard as she tried, she couldn’t convince him that the boys had been models of decorum for almost the entire afternoon.
What the Posse had agreed to was to implement their plan to get the picture the next week. There was no hurry to start the rest of their strategy. They had made a good start on putting together “Operation Bullfrog” and agreed to finish and fine tune the plan in two weeks at a home to be determined.
The boys left with a sense of accomplishment. As their rides showed up and Neville bade them good-bye, he couldn’t help but wish one of them was going to stay and spend the night with him. In fact, he knew exactly who he wanted that boy to be and decided that it might be time for him to a become closer friend with him.


The twins arrived at Patrick’s house a few minutes early on Monday morning. They exchanged heartfelt hugs with Grannana then sat with Patrick at the kitchen table as he finished breakfast.
“What have you got on under that t-shirt?” Mark asked.
Patrick lifted the hem of the shirt revealing his hairless boy cock and smooth ball sac with its marble-sized balls.
“Sweet,” Matthew said.
“Are your penises all that you boys ever think about?” Grannana asked.
“You mean there’s something else?” Matthew answered with a humorous glint in his eyes.
“Do you want to see mine?” Mark asked. That caused Patrick to almost spit out his last mouthful of French toast as Mark and Matthew broke out into peals of laughter.
“Get to Patrick’s room before I broom the three of you,” Grannana said sternly as she opened the door of the broom closet.
“I need to clean the table…,” Patrick started to say, but he never got to finish. The broom had come out of the closet and all three boys hightailed it to Patrick’s room, their high-pitched boyish laughter filling the house.
“Would she really have done it this time?” Matthew asked as Patrick stripped naked.
“You better believe it,” Patrick said. “When she gets that broom in her hand you better be running.”
The banter about Patrick’s state of dress, or undress, along with Maxine’s broom threats, had become a part of their morning routine. Maxine actually opening the door to the broom closet had been a new twist.
“When are you going to meet with Ellis?” Matthew asked Patrick.
“Tomorrow, after basketball. He’s going to come watch us play after Jeremiah leaves on the bus.”
“Cool. Then we can all take the activity bus.”
“How is Ellis getting home?” Will asked.
“My dad said he’d take him home.”
“Does your dad know everything about what’s going on?”
“Not yet. I told him about Ellis and me having to get a picture from Jeremiah and we were making plans. I didn’t tell him what was on the picture, but I think he really, really, really wants to know.”
Patrick was soon in blue pants and his tan Puget Academy polo shirt. He pulled on an Academy hoodie and then his jacket. The sunshine of Sunday had been replaced by Puget Sound rain.
“Good morning, boys,” Mrs. Deaver said as the trio boarded the bus. “You all seem to be in good moods this morning.”
“Mrs. D, we’re always in good moods.”
“That puts you ahead of some of your contemporaries,” she said, glancing at Steve in the back seat, who slunk even lower than he already had been. The boys shrugged and took seats in the second and third rows.
When Will boarded he sat next to Patrick, as he usually did. “My mom said Saturday was okay for the meeting and we could have it at my house.”
“Our mom said the same thing,” Matthew said.
“My dad is good with it, too,” Patrick added.
“Well, we can’t be everywhere at once,” Mark said.
“We won’t be,” Matthew told them. “One of us will end up with the meeting at his house.”
“Or two of us, which would be you and me.”
Their chatter quieted down some when Jeremiah and Tony boarded. A certain song went through the heads of the four Posse boys as he sat a row back and across the aisle. All four boys started giggling. It quickly occurred to them that they all were giggling about the same thing which had them breaking out into full scale laughter.
“I’m glad you guys are all laughing,” Jeremiah said.
“You are?” Will asked.
“Yep. It means you’re happy. It means I can get you guys to quit being mad at me and be my friends. I want us all to be friends.”
Will, Matthew, Mark, and Patrick gave each other disbelieving looks, and then looked at Jeremiah like he had lost his mind.
“For real?” Patrick asked.
“Yeah, I thought you hated the Posse,” Mark said.
“Not any more,” Jeremiah told them. “We gotta all work together to make the fifth grade the best class in the school.”
“Whatever floats your boat,” Matthew said.
“He’s telling the truth,” Tony informed them. “Him and his dad had a big talk and now Jeremiah is going to be the best president ever.”
All three of the Posse members, plus their deputy, didn’t believe a word of it. All four boys wanted badly to tell Jeremiah exactly what they thought of him as class president, but they showed unusual restraint as they stuck to the plan they’d started laying down on Saturday. Keeping quiet was especially hard for the excitable twins.
Jeremiah’s father had told his son that he needed to work now on running for sixth grade president in the spring election. “If you want to get to the top as school president you have to win along the way,” he advised his son.
“I won the last election, dad.”
“You won, but a lot of that was your dirty tricks. Now you have to be extra nice to everybody, even your enemies.”
“You mean no more dirty tricks?” Jeremiah sounded disappointed by the prospect.
“Oh, no, you might need some again. But for now you build a base of support. You’re better off having people vote for you because they like you and what you’re doing than by stabbing them in the back…up to a point.”
“I even have to be nice to the Posse and their friends? Those buttheads are never going to vote for me no matter what I do.”
“You have to be nice on the outside. You have to make everybody think you can even like your enemies.”
“I don’t get it.”
“Look at it this way. When people come onto the sales floor of my auto dealership, a salesman greets them and treats them like royalty. They become friends even if they really aren’t friends. He says he’ll give the customer the best deal at the best price, but he’s really giving the dealership the best deal and the best price. He treats them like friends, but…”
“…but he takes everything he can,” Jeremiah finished.
“You got it son. Soften that Posse up and they won’t try as hard to beat you. Make it seem like the Posse are your friends, but let everybody know the bad things they do, kind of like you did last election. Only this time, wait them out. Don’t start into them until maybe May. By then everybody thinks you guys are best friends and what you have to say about them is the truth. This is where your friends can really help you, plus guys like that Ellis loser will help you a lot, too. Always be super nice to those kids so nobody suspects you’ve got them by the balls.”
“Will you help me out with doing that?” Jeremiah was certain that having his dad help with his strategy was going to guarantee another election victory.
“Sure. We’ll get Alden real involved in this. Have him come over to learn things. He’ll be your perfect campaign manager.
Jeremiah rethought that conversation as he did all but kiss the asses of the four Posse boys. By the time May came around they’d have no reason not to like him, and when they found out he wasn’t as nice as he was acting, it would be too late. Once again he’d make Mark and his friends the bad guys while he looked like the good guy and won.
When the bus got to school, Jeremiah and Tony exited ahead of the Posse. As the four Posse boys passed Mrs. Deaver she stopped them. “Any idea why Jeremiah is being so nice to you?” she asked.
“Because he knows how awesome we are,” Mark said, not wanting to get into particulars with an adult, even one he liked.
“I wouldn’t turn my back on him” she warned the four boys as they exited the bus.


Ellis had a very important task before school on Monday morning. He’d been both nervous and excited about it all day Sunday and tossed and turned all night. He had to get it done right because it might be a long time before he got another opportunity. The first step was telling his mother he had to be at school early. She took him at his word and dropped him off twenty minutes before the buses were due to arrive.
Ellis tried to be unnoticed as he waited for the buses to arrive. At one time being unnoticed was something he excelled at; even painting his nails didn’t elicit a lot of attention. Since being elected treasurer, however, he received attention from a lot of the fifth graders, even when he wanted to be left alone. He wasn’t sure how to handle this new notoriety; at times he reveled in it and at times he didn’t want to be bothered. So, he hung out away from the building entrance and managed to not be bothered.
Since he was early there weren’t a lot of boys at school yet. Plus, it was raining and most of the early arrivals went to the indoor play area until the bell rang. When the #2 bus arrived, Ellis came out from the shadows and made himself visible as he waited for Jeremiah to exit the bus.
Ellis was worried that when Jeremiah saw him he would reject him or, worse, remind him who the boss was and treat him like crap. Instead, Jeremiah seemed genuinely happy to see him and greeted him like a long lost friend. This was starting out better than Ellis had hoped for.
“So, whazzup?” Jeremiah asked Ellis jovially. “You looked like you were waiting for me.” But his mood darkened briefly when the twins stepped off the bus. “Or was it them you were waiting for?”
His heartbeat sped up as Jeremiah looked at him and then back at the twins. “I wanted to talk to you,” Ellis said, afraid he sounded like a wuss.
“For real?”
“Yeah, I wanted to talk about student council meeting since it’s gonna be for real really soon.”
“And we might even have real stuff to vote on,” Jeremiah said. The fifth grade student senate, small as it was, would have its first meeting on Wednesday. Like the first meetings of the council, it would be a mock meeting with their first real meeting coming on Monday. The fifth grade officers would then have their first real meeting two days later. “But why talk so early, we don’t even know what’s going to happen?”
I wanted to talk early because I can’t wait any longer, Ellis thought as he headed up the stairs with Jeremiah to the front door. The first bell which opened the main building had rung just before the first bus arrived.
But he had a reason for an early meeting set up in his head. “I get to start working at the student store next week, and I was worried about not having enough time in the morning. Plus, my mom could get me here early today.” He thought he sounded lame. All five student council treasurers did volunteer work at the student store. Sometimes they worked on the floor and sometimes they helped with the accounting.
They arrived at Jeremiah’s locker. “I guess that makes sense.” Ellis nodded, relieved that Jeremiah was accepting his reasoning. “Just remember that no matter how anybody votes, you vote the way I tell you to vote. There is nothing else you need to know.” Jeremiah was now sounding like the Jeremiah Ellis knew all too well. “When everybody sees how close we are that will help me a lot.”
Jeremiah started twirling the dial of his combination lock. Ellis had been worried about not getting a good angle. He was afraid if he didn’t get his job done this time, it might be forever before he got another chance. His location to the right of Jeremiah’s shoulder was perfect and Jeremiah made no attempt to block Ellis’s view. Jeremiah was arrogant enough to know he had no reason to worry about Ellis, plus Ellis’s entire demeanor said he would never be the kind of boy who would want to steal a combination.
“Well, I better go put my stuff away and get to class,” Ellis said after watching Jeremiah get through his entire combination. After his initial nervousness, he rather enjoyed his clandestine role.
As soon as Ellis opened his own locker, he wrote the combination, 7-26-12, in his notebook before he forgot it. He knew he had a good memory and wouldn’t forget the combination, but he wanted to be totally sure. He did not want to have to try to get the combination again; he was afraid he wouldn’t get away with it.
“Did you get it?” Will asked as Ellis took his seat in the Fabulous Five section. Ellis nodded and Will grinned. They both gave the Posse a thumbs up gesture.
“What was that about?” Mike asked his F-Five mates.
“Nothing,” Will said. “We were just checking out something we talked about on the bus.”
Ellis checked the combination in his notebook. He wrote out two copies, putting them in his pocket. At lunch he handed one of them over to Mark and the other to Patrick. The plan was now underway.


There were five fifth grade intramural basketball teams. Matthew was the captain of one of them. Coach Williams picked the captains of the five teams, who then drafted their teams from the list of students who signed up.
Matthew had third pick and nobody was surprised when Mark was available. The twins were arguably the best athletes in the fifth grade and normally Mark would have been drafted first—in fact he might have been one of the captains, if not for the “incident” in the bathroom just before the fifth grade election. If the captains with the first two picks had been from Mr. Jackson’s room, one of them would have undoubtedly picked Mark. But, based on a random draw, Alden had first pick, and Jason, who was in Mr. Nash’s class, had the second pick. Jason was one of many boys who liked what he perceived as Jeremiah’s smooth style and who still believed, in spite of all of the contrary evidence, that Mark had attacked both Ellis and Jeremiah in the bathroom. The result was Alden picking Jeremiah, Jason picking Tony, and Mark being picked by Matthew, all but insuring the Bobcats first place in the intramural league.
Even though Patrick had no basketball experience outside of pickup games during recesses, he was Matthew’s second pick. His third pick was Will and his fourth pick was Lance, a boy in Ms McCann’s room, who was almost as small as Patrick and was a wizard with the basketball. Lance, who played on the same select team as the twins, had been ignored both because of his size and because he made no secret of not liking Jeremiah. Each team had seven or eight players depending on their draft order.
Monday’s game was the first game of the season. Matthew had held a couple of informal practices on a playground court. One of the things that pleased him and Mark was watching Lance show Patrick some of the ball-handling drills he used. Patrick had no problem talking his father into purchasing a basketball so he could start practicing his ball-handling.
Each team would have at least one practice game, which is what the Monday game was for the Bobcats. The teams would then play a double elimination tournament. The winning team would be the school team for a brief four game schedule. There were three games being played at once—two crosscourt games on the new gym and one full court game in the old gym that was in the main building. The Bobcat game was in the old gym.
The Bobcats played the Magicians, who had the fourth pick in the draft. The games consisted of two ten minute halves with a running clock, except for the last minute of each half. Ellis watched as the Bobcats clawed the Magicians 38-12.
There was one more set of games scheduled, so many of the boys had time to shower since the activity bus wouldn’t leave until after the second set of games. Patrick, Will, Matthew, Mark, and Lance headed for the showers along with a few other boys. The showers in the old gym were no longer serviceable, so they had to go through a connecting passage to the new gym to shower. Not all of the boys elected to take a shower.
Patrick paid close attention to the naked boys in the locker room. His class would soon be having their shot at P.E., which meant mandatory showers. He considered this shower to be practice. He’d seen the twins naked many times, but he never tired of looking at their solid, athletic bodies.
While he’d seen Will’s cock, this was the first time he’d seen him naked. He saw a slender, almost skinny boy, whose ribs showed and whose abdomen was flat. His cock was like a mushroom up against his tight balls. He was secretly pleased to see Lance was as immature in the genital department as he was. The big difference between them was that Lance was uncut. The skin hanging loose from the end of his cock made it seem longer than Patrick’s.
One of the three games had been a seventh grade game and Patrick paid very close attention to the maturing cocks of the pubescent twelve and thirteen year olds who elected to shower. He noticed the variation in size of the cocks, the balls, and also the difference in the amount of pubic hair, ranging from none at all to scattered wisps, to small nests at the base of the cock.
Patrick set to work washing, joking around some with the twins as he soaped his body. The shout of one of the seventh graders at the column of shower heads next to his caught his attention. “Hey, Blake’s got a woody.” That had heads turning in a hurry.
“Damn, Blake, look at all those fifth graders looking this way. What a bunch of little pervs.”
“They must want to see what a real man looks like,” the boy who Patrick figured was Blake said. The blond stepped away from the shower stall and unashamedly showed off a five-inch long piece of thick thirteen-year-old meat that was topped by a little nest of blond pubes. It was sticking straight up and Blake was obviously proud of his junk.
“Blake would jerk it off, but he already shot in his boxers in English in fifth period,” the unknown boy said.
“Hey, what could I do, I was horny,” Blake said as his hand ran along his cock. “But nothing says a stud can’t shoot twice in one day.”
Patrick, Will, and the twins were no strangers to boy sex, but that wasn’t true of most of the other fifth graders in the shower, not to mention a couple of the seventh graders. Experienced or not, the preteens stood transfixed as the young teen in front of them put on a show.
“What is he doing?” Lance asked Patrick.
“He’s masturbating,” Patrick answered knowingly. He wasn’t surprised to see Mark, who was standing to the other side of him, getting hard.
“I heard of that, but I never saw anybody do it,” Lance said. “He’s really weird.”
“He is, kinda,” Patrick agreed, knowing he was no weirder than some of his friends or even his teen uncle. Patrick unconsciously put his right hand around his flaccid penis and started manipulating it as Blake increased his pace. He felt it start to become hard.
“Looks like Blake is horny again,” the unknown boy said, his cock now hard, too.
“Oh, hell ya, Blake is always horny,” a third seventh grader said.
“Shit, I’m gonna shoot,” Blake warned, and, as if on cue, his cock shot four wads of young teen cum onto the shower floor. “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah,” Blake uttered. He looked at the stunned fifth graders and said, “There’s your sex-ed lesson for the day, little boys.” He saw Mark’s boner and said, “You got a nice one for a munchkin. You gonna jack it.”
Mark shook his head no. The incident had given him a moment of uncharacteristic shyness, but it was an incident he wouldn’t forget. He liked Blake’s style.
“Little boy is a pussy. Hey, Lewis, is jacking his, too—take a look little girls,” Blake said to the fifth graders as the other boned up seventh grader was furiously hammering his four inches of hairless cock.
“I’m ready to blow,” Lewis squeaked as he shook with an orgasm that produced a clear droplet of cum. He and Blake left the shower area, their cocks going soft.  
The boys dressed and met Brian, Patrick’s dad, in the pickup area. While he was able to get off of work in time to pick them up, he couldn’t get off early enough to watch their game. He would be able to watch them if they played a later game, however.
The boys looked around to see who was watching them, before giving Ellis the all-clear sign. They did not want any of Jeremiah’s confederates to know Ellis was riding with them.
“I’m sure glad we don’t have to wait around to take that stupid bus,” Mark said as he, Patrick, Matthew, and Ellis, squeezed into Brian’s small hatchback.
“Yeah, we’d have to wait over a half-hour for it,” Matthew said, “and it’s cold out.”
“They do have an indoor waiting area, right?” Brian asked.
“Dad, it’s waiting we don’t like. We don’t care where we have to wait, we just don’t want to wait,” Patrick informed his obviously clueless father. Mark grinned and fist-bumped Patrick for making things clear.
Ellis sat in the front seat while the twins and Patrick were in the back. Brian asked them about the game as they drove down the tree-lined street that passed the Academy. After answering his questions, the talk shifted to something else. Brian paid scant attention until Mark’s comment caught his ear.
“I can’t believe that Blake and Lewis actually did…um…it in the shower,” Mark said. As Brian had often observed, kids in the backseat often seemed to think there was a sound barrier between the back seat and the driver’s seat when they were riding in a car.
“Yeah,” Matthew said. “Blake even squirted on the floor.”
“I’m never going to be like that when I’m in the seventh grade,” Patrick told them. “Doing it in the shower in front of everybody is gross.” He didn’t mention, however, that even for his prepubescent self it was a big turn-on.
“Or the eighth grade,” Mark said. “Think about Paul and Curt.”
“And what they said about Will’s brother,” Patrick added.
“I still have a boner from watching it,” Mark whispered, although Brian could still hear him. Brian had an erection just from listening to the chat. If that’s what the showers were like, he had a desire to be a middle school kid again.
Maxine was fixing dinner when they arrived at Patrick’s house. The twins and Ellis would be staying for dinner, homework, and Operation Bullfrog business. One of their parents would pick them up later in the evening.
“Dinner’s in a half-hour,” Maxine said as the group entered the house. “I expect you all to be washed and ready without being called.”
“We will be, Grannana,” Mark said. “I am starved and it smells so good I am even more starved.”
“It’s a good old-old fashioned beef stew and there’s plenty of it for a bunch of hungry boys.”
The boys headed for Patrick’s room. “Do you guys mind if I take off my uniform and put on sweats or something?” Patrick asked.
“Why should we mind?” Mark asked.
“Well, because you can’t take off yours.”
“Who says?” Mark started peeling out of his clothes faster than Patrick. He was quickly down to his socks and boxers. “Do you think Grannana will mind us eating in our undies?”
“She probably would be okay with it if you have a t-shirt on.”
While Ellis was used to being nearly naked at home, he was surprised to hear Patrick and twins discussing taking off clothes and eating in their underwear. That was beyond what he was used to, especially from the twins since they didn’t even live there. Ellis had never been shy about his body, and decided to follow the crowd.
“Let’s try it and see what happens. After that shower I’m ready for anything,” Mark said. “I mean I still have a boner.” He pulled down the front of his boxers to confirm the fact.
“Ready for anything except going to dinner naked, you mean,” Matthew giggled.
It didn’t take long for the four boys to be dressed in undies (briefs for Patrick and Ellis, boxers for the twins), socks, and one of Patrick’s oversized t-shirts.
“Are you sure your grandmother is okay with this?” Ellis asked.
“She’s, my great-grandma. But she and dad are cool. We’ll just say you don’t want to get your uniforms dirty. The worst she’ll do is broom you,” Patrick told him.
“You don’t want to know,” Matthew said and he broke out into laughter along with Mark and Patrick.
Grannana said nothing about the boys’ mode of dress. They were dressed within her set of rules. Brian said nothing because young boys in underwear were beyond erotic for him.
After their beef stew dinner and apple pie ala mode dessert, the four boys helped clean the dining room table and then settled there for their homework. Mark occasionally placed his hand in his boxers and played with himself. His actions didn’t go uncommented on by the other three boys.
“I’d go all the way, but I don’t want to get caught,” Mark said.
“Wuss,” Matthew chided. “You wouldn’t do it in the shower either.”
“Fine, try taking yours out and jerking off.”
“I can do it in my boxers like you.”
“Sure, because you won’t mess yours up.”
“You don’t know that,” Matthew sighed. “My first time could be the next time I do it.”
“You guys need to be quiet so Ellis and I can finish our math,” Patrick said. Mark was amazed that Patrick put math ahead of sex, but he got out his math as did Matthew and they went quickly to work.
They finished their work after about an hour. The Puget Academy set high standards, but it wasn’t their policy to run ten-year-old boys into the ground with hours of homework. They wanted their students to be active and well-rounded, and giving them time to have a life was part of that philosophy.
With homework finished, the boys got very serious as they talked about Operation Bullfrog. Mark’s hand was no longer in his boxers as he became all business, and the sexual banter that had popped up while they worked died out for the time being.
“Okay, so the bad picture is the last one on your camera, right?” Patrick asked.
“Right,” Ellis said.
“And you had maybe twenty pictures on the card?”
“I guess. I don’t know for sure.”
“It’s close enough,” Mark said. “I don’t think Jeremiah ever counted them.”
“Alden might,” Ellis said. “That’s how Alden is. He thinks of everything. He’s smarter and meaner than Jeremiah.”
“And you can do the work with the envelope okay?” Mark asked. “You remember what the one with the picture in it looks like?”
“I think so.”
Mark reached into his backpack and pulled out a small plastic bag. He took a memory card out of it and showed it to Ellis. “That’s the same kind, right?”
“Then tomorrow I give it to Will before Jeremiah gets on the bus. He says he’ll have it ready as soon as Neville does his job.”
That ended the meeting for the little conspirators. “Now, does anybody mind if I jerk off?” Mark asked.
“Not here,” Patrick said forcefully.
“I didn’t mean I’d do it here. I was going to do it in the living room so Grannana and your dad could watch me.”
“No way, no, no way!” Patrick gasped with a horrified look in his face.
Mark and Matthew both screeched with laughter as Patrick realized he’d once again taken one of the twins too literally. As for Ellis, he was getting a close look at what life around the Kirkwood twins was like.
The boys grabbed their books, backpacks, papers, and whatever else they had at the table and went to Patrick’s room. Mark yanked off his boxers. He’d lost his hard-on during the meeting, but it popped back to life when they finished.
“I got about fifteen minutes,” Mark said. “Think I can do it?”
“Maybe I can do it faster,” Matthew said.
“Only because you can’t spunk.”
“Like I said, this could be the first time.” Matthew removed his boxers and Patrick’s t-shirt; he was now naked except for his socks.
Mark removed his shirt and flopped on Patrick’s bed. Matthew dropped next to him and the brothers went to work. Patrick sat on his desk chair and Ellis sat on the floor. The two less mature boys watched wide-eyed, their hands inside of their briefs taking care of their own erections.
“Mark, Matthew, your father is here,” came Brian’s voice from up the hall.
“Shit!” was the simultaneous response of the twins.
They jumped off the bed and quickly donned their uniforms. “You got the worst timing around this house,” Mark said. “Every time the fun starts somebody yells that we got a ‘rent here.”
“Maybe you guys have the bad timing,” Ellis said as he started getting dressed as well. “I mean you did say it’s your parents who interrupt.”
Patrick put on a pair of sweats and followed the twins to the front of the house. As soon as the twins left, Brian told the boys to get ready for him to take Ellis home.
They returned to Patrick’s room where he put on shoes and a coat. “We were getting ready,” Patrick groused. “That’s why I had my sweats on and you had your uniform on. Sometimes I think my dad is blind.”
“My mom is blind and deaf sometimes,” Ellis said, not to mention stupid, he thought to himself. “Is there really that much sex going on around here?” he asked as he dressed.
“Do you do it?”
Patrick hesitated, wondering how much he should reveal. He remembered Ellis getting naked at the challenge, plus to have his picture taken when he was naked with a boner and wearing makeup meant that he probably messed around, too. Still, he didn’t know Ellis as well as he knew the regular Posse members, so he answered honestly without revealing much. “Maybe,” he said with a slight grin.
The Posse now had the combination to Jeremiah’s locker, plus they had some other information they needed. The next step was up to Neville, Will, and Will’s brother Gary. The Posse had plenty of time to bring Jeremiah down, the very patient Misha had told the group. That was true, but the twins reminded them that they needed to remove Jeremiah’s hold on Ellis as quickly as possible. If everything went as planned, step one of their plan would be executed within a week.
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