Piano Forte

Chapter 1-William



William Delacroix was furious. The way the school was treating him was totally unacceptable. It’s like they had forgotten that his grandfather was on the school’s board of directors. And he was not just any director, he was Eugene Delacroix, one of the greatest concert pianists of all time. They also seemed to have ignored the fact that his father, David Delacroix, was no slouch in the concert hall. And as for me, William thought, I am the best music student in this school and will be greater than my grandfather and father put together.
And what does the Bainbridge Academy of Music do for him? The assholes assign him a scholarship boy to be his roommate for the Bainbridge Summer Music Camp! Yes, a fucking scholarship boy. To top it off, the little shit is only twelve years old. What the fuck does a twelve-year-old know about playing a piano? He thought. The only way he could play a piano would be to insert the rolls into one of those old player pianos.
A fucking scholarship boy!  He glared at the piano in front of him and then pounded randomly on the keys, creating a discordant cacophony. While it might have horrified Rene Zimmer, his solo piano teacher, it sounded musical to William.
He stopped banging and picked a crumpled piece of paper off the floor. He opened it up and read it, hoping the information on it might have changed. Mrs. Loomis, the school registrar, had given him the sheet with the information on his roommate for the Summer Camp.
Name: Austin Richards
Age: 12
Preferred instrument: piano
School: Fairhaven Middle School, Bellingham, Washington.
Room: 412
Roommate: William Delacroix
The paper was the standard form each student received with their roommate’s information.
Mrs. Loomis also shared one other piece of information, not knowing the kind of turmoil she was going to instill in William. “He’s supposed to be very talented. He qualified for a scholarship and passed his audition with Mr. Shepard with flying colors. I know you will be the prefect roommate for the young boy, what with your own wonderful talent on the piano.”
Perfect roommate, hell! William thought as he banged on the piano again. What does a fucking twelve-year-old know? Granted he was accepted as a full-time student at Bainbridge when he was eleven, but that was different. After all, he was a talented genius. He had played solo performances with the Portland and Sacramento Symphony Orchestras in the past year and had a concert scheduled in October with the Lake Union Orchestra in Seattle. How many fourteen-year-olds could brag that.  Stupid Austin what’s his name probably couldn’t play in a middle school talent show.
He gave the piano one more bang when the door to the practice room opened. “Hey, butt breath, go easy on the equipment,” came the maturing voice of a young teen.
“Shove it up your ass,” William retorted. “I started with some Beethoven, but even he wasn’t loud enough.” William knew that the boy standing behind him was Kevin Fuller, his school roommate. He banged out the first four notes of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony because he could make it loud.
“Keep going,” Kevin urged. “That was a good start.”
“That’s all I know.”
“Didn’t somebody transcribe that symphony for piano?”
“Liszt, but I’ve never played it. Heard a recording of it is all. It’s totally hard, just like all of Liszt’s stuff.”
Kevin sat on a chair stationed to the right side of the piano. “So, who stuck a poker up your ass?” William handed him the crumpled piece of paper. Kevin read it and said, “So some needle-dick twelve-year-old who doesn’t know a flat from a sharp is going to be your roommate for the summer camp. Big deal. You’ll be leading him around like he’s on a leash.”
“Unless you decide to change your mind and go to the camp, which would be perfect.”
“Dude, my parents are taking me and my sister to Europe. How can I not go?”
“Easy, tell them you’re staying home and rooming with me.”
Like William, Kevin was fourteen. Unlike William, he did not play the piano. He was a trumpet player. The two had been roommates for their two years at the Academy and had become close friends. “Hey, how often does a guy get to hear Erik Svenson play the trumpet in concert? I mean, it’s kind of like hearing your grandpa or you dad play the piano.”
“More like my grandpa,” William said. “My dad’s pretty good, but grandpa is an all-time great. And I’m going to be…”
“I know, I know, you’re going to be better than your grandpa.”
“What’s Svenson playing?”
“Two concertos believe it or not. Haydn’s E Flat Major and the Hummel Concerto. He’s playing with the Oslo Symphony.”
“So, so you can see some All-Star horn player you’re going to abandon me to a little pecker head, who probably can’t even sperm, for four weeks.”
“Just think how much you’ll look forward to my ass when school starts again in the fall.”
“I hope all of those cute Scandinavian boys don’t wear it out,” William smirked. Kevin had told William he was gay toward the end of their seventh-grade year.
“I don’t give a fuck if you’re gay or not,” William had told his roommate when Kevin came out to him. “I’d still fuck you even if you were straight,” which started a round of laughter and giggles between the two.
William considered himself to be straight and had enjoyed heavy making out and petting with Michelle, an eighth-grade girl at the Academy. She had taken his cherry a little over two weeks ago, on his fourteenth birthday. His father had supplied him with the needed condoms, which he used even though Michelle swore she was on the pill. “Forget the abstinence business, son. Be young and live life,” he advised his son. “Just make sure you don’t get into trouble.”
Kevin brought William out of his daydream. “Did pounding the keyboard help you any?” he asked.
“Pounding on whoever assigned me this fucking roommate would help more. Maybe I can see if my dad or grandad will pay for a single room for the six weeks.
“Do you think they will?”
“Fuck no. Dad will tell me to live with it and learn from it and Grandpa is a tightwad of the worst sort.”
Kevin thought for a moment and said, “Maybe you can teach him stuff. I mean even if he’s here for only four weeks, you can teach him about how to get around the Academy and get meals and, well, maybe he might even need help figuring out what to do with his ‘needle dick’.”
“Ain’t no fucking way I’m going to even want to look at him without clothes on. I might even get one of those screens that roommates can have to put between their sides of the room if they want privacy.”
“I’m glad you and me didn’t need one of those, especially with you being a straight boy and all. This gay boy wanted your ass from the first time he saw you, and even more after the first time I saw you naked.”
“Well, you taught me everything you learned about sex, and damn that made being roommates fun.” Kevin had been eleven when he was fucked the first time. His fourteen-year-old cousin was the one who introduced him into the world of gay sex. He was hooked from the first time his cousin had touched his little dick.
“So, now you can teach that Austin kid.”
“Hey, you and me are the same age and in the same grade and really like each other as friends and we have good sex with each other. Plus, we’re both fucking good at playing music. I figure this little dumb shit won’t be good at anything except being a pain in the ass.”
Kevin knew that William could be stubborn beyond belief about some things. Once his mind was made up it was almost impossible for anyone to convince him to change it, but it could be done.
“I still think you should leave the practice room by playing something on the piano instead of on pounding it.”
“You only say that because you can’t pound on your trumpet without putting dents into it,” William laughed. “But, okay, I’ve got just the thing. Mrs. Zimmer had me start on this a few days ago, so I’m still working on it. But, I think it’s the perfect piece.”
William moved the piano bench against the wall and grabbed his personal piano stool. Kevin sat on the bench as William made a few adjustments to the stool. Kevin could see the change in expression as William got set to play. Like so many of them at the Academy, William was an entirely different person when he was playing his music.
“I am going to play ‘The Golliwog’s Cakewalk’ from ‘The Children’s Corner’ by Claude Debussy,” William announced as if he were playing in recital for an audience. His fingers hit the keyboard and he went into a sprightly piece of music. The touch he displayed was much different from the keyboard pounder he had just been.
After he finished, Kevin applauded and said. “That was a cool little piece. I don’t think I’ve heard it before.”
“My dad and grandfather both used to play the whole ‘Children’s Corner’ for me when I was a little kid. The Cakewalk is my favorite. And I think I should make it the theme song for the little kid who I’m going to live with for four weeks.”
“You’re crazy you know,” Keith laughed.
“I know I’m crazy enough to want to fuck you after dinner.”
Kevin looked at William. Although he would never admit it to him, he knew he was in love with his roommate. He looked at the boy who was 5’4, 110 pounds, with well-groomed brown hair, sparkling green eyes, long, slender fingers, a smooth, perfect face, and was oh so beautiful with his clothes off.
“And I might just be crazy enough to let you.”
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