Peter in High School

Chapter Twenty: The First Time

December, 5th, 2008, Friday.

"Hey, honey, Pete is just an average teenager, it's normal they fight here and there" dad was saying -- yeah, that was me sneaking on dad and mom talking... they thought I was already in my room to bedtime.

"I don't think this is OK. And he's gonna keep grounded... I mean he's a good kid and it breaks my heart when I `read' in his forehead `mom, can I come over to Nick's' or `can Nick come over'... but I keep a straight face, you know, we're parents, it's our duty."

"This way he's gonna lose his friends... I mean this kid, Nick, he seems a great influence and Pete's really fond of him... by the way, have you noticed how close they are?... however, that's another topic." Dad was saying and continued "honey" (that was him trying to `gain' mom) "if you keep this angry at him, he's gonna end up losing his friends being `grounded forever'... no one can be grounded forever".

"It's been a week... since Monday, it's not forever." she was defensive.

"For a teenager, it is, honey." dad completed and raised his eyebrows.

He pulled mom into a hug and that was it. He won. We won! Finally, after one week grounded, it seems like one year.

Okay, it's not like I've been grounded forever BUT I miss so much doing little things with Nick, and well... it's actually all been so recent, we haven't even done everything I'd like to, I mean going to some places, like to a trip, not even to the arcade you know and, we haven't even done... that *blush* and ooo-kay, I see him every day, we have lunch everyday and I talk to him on the phone everyday -- like someone `in prison' hiding... but I do... but that's not enough I `miss him'.

Talking about lunch and missing things, okay, I felt bad for avoiding Chris for one week -- I mean, for some `karma' reason I am not really his friend, more for colleague BUT I have almost all my classes with him... and the few classes I have, nowadays, with Nick, he had to change his schedule to manage... however, just this afternoon, after this `one year week lol', I accepted Chris apologies, I mean, I apologized for having punched him in the face... to be honest, I don't know if it was the vanishing of that `he deserves a punch in the face' feeling, after having actually punched him but we had a decent conversation. Actually Nick `abandoned' me during lunchtime this afternoon and Chris invited to have lunch with him and I accepted. But it wasn't so bad, you know, the kid has something good in him -- when he's not trying to be a bully -- buuut that's for someone else to fix, no not me... however...

"Peeeter!" gee, that's Nick screaming by the front door. I said I would only get some money in my room and we'd rush to the arcade.

Sigh, I miss him so much... I mean, we were together all the week-long but well... I miss him. I told him we should kiss, only a small kiss and go to the arcade, that he should come in... but he said I talked so much about this new equipment they got there and stuff... and that he `knew us' and that if he got in we would swallow each other alive *blush* and would never make it to the arcade.

"I'm here, I'm here!" I said, closing the front door behind me.

"So, let's go!" Nick said and took my hand to pull me, but only for a second... then he looked to the sides and let go. Actually, he let his little finger touch my wrist, looked at my face. Our eyes met, but then he looked down and let go, as the wind brushed his hair. It was an unusually warm December afternoon, but even then the wind was chill, and it brushed against his cheek, messing up locks of his straight blond locks.

We arrived at the arcade and 'tah dah', the new game was on, and all the others. Wow, since I met Nick I have ... ahem... changed my afternoon activities so I haven't been at the arcade for a while, I missed it!

I wish I had all the money in the world to buy arcade coins, but ten dollars had to do... well, twenty-five dollars actually, as Nick had fifteen more to complete it.

"I'll beat you, I bet. I dare you!" I said all serious to him as the game loaded. I expected a belligerent reply, you know.

"Do you remember the first time you dared me at the video games, at your place?" he said with his green deep gaze. Wow, I breathed deeply.

"I remember when I held your wrists and you were on the floor and I was over you... I was so close to your lips, my heart was beating so fast..." he remembered "... and I was so afraid to lose a friend... the best one... I let go." he finished the sentence.

I could kiss him right there! Okay, we were in the middle of the arcade, with plenty of teenager, mostly guys, so er... no, I couldn't kiss him right there. And there was the `game over' sound.

"Gee, we were babbling and the coin went to waste". Nick complained. Yeah, we were talking and staring at each other and the time was up to choose the characters and it went back to the start screen and `ate our coin'!

We sure didn't let it happen again and, man, you can buy one million dollars in coins, they seem to vanish all too fast -- well, I guess, as the most I did was buying fifty dollars... never had more than that for this use lol, of course!

"Damn, it's already getting dark," Nick said wearing his jacket as we were getting out of the arcade.

"I asked mom and you could sleepover today, at my place, what do you think?" I asked Nick.

"Yeah, that sounds great!" Nick replied with a big smile.

"I miss you a lot, you know..." he said, and briefly, for a second, looked down at his... crotch, and then back at me... and then, he giggled kinda nervously and looked at the side. I just bit my lower lip, damn, that thought made me horny.


"Hello, dad, can I sleepover at Peter's?" Nick was asking when we arrived home for him to use the phone.

"Yeah, I'm going out for a beer or two with Mr. Hershey and he said Peter invited you over yesterday, so I have your bag with me... there are clothes and stuff in here." I had my ear `glued' to the phone as Mr. Schaeffer replied Nick.

"It's weird, dad, `cause Peter has just invited me". Nick inquired.

"Well... Sigh... don't tell this Peter ok?" Mr. Schaeffer said and Nick chuckled at me but nodded "what, dad?"

"Mr. Hershey said Peter was grounded for too long and that he would get his neck `round the issue with Mrs. Hershey and that it would be good for you two to have a `champs night' so I should bring this bag and stuff..."


"Finally! It's you and me." Nick said and pulled me into a tight hug, burying his face on my shoulder.

"Hey, you seem a little tense," he said in my ear.

"Reply something..." he said, huskily, as he started rocking his crotch against mine.

I was tense but buried my face into his shoulder and was rock hard.[

I let go of the hug and went looking for the lube... yeah, it was there for a week, in the wardrobe... somewheeere...

"Here!" I said with a deep breath after `getting my face out of the wardrobe'.

"What are you... geee!" Nick said with a hand in his mouth.

I replied with a weak smile and put the little box in his hand, and covered his hand with me.

I looked him in the eye and he looked back into mine. He took me into a gentle hug and a gentle kiss and put the box on the bed.

He started then, taking off my t-shirt. I was kind of motionless so he took my hand to his sides and pressed my wrists for me to take his t-shirt off, threw his t-shirt away and then put my fingers, again, on the button of this pants as he sensuously kissed my neck.

And with that, we were naked in bed and very, very hard.

He took my shaft into his mouth and, damn it, I could see stars -- it's been a week... you know, I've been... er, jerking off... every day, even twice or three times... you know, but it ain't the same... it's like `the more you jerk off the hornier you get', you know.

"Stop, stop it, I don't wanna cum," I told him.

He went upwards for a long kiss and started humping into me.

"Stop it, I wanna cum," I warned him.

"Me too," he whispered in my ear.

I just hugged him tight and he didn't move anymore. I kissed him several times in his neck.

"Take the lube," I said above a whisper. It was just beside us on the bed.

He applied some on his finger and started er... massaging me there... well, I felt nothing, I guess that was because of some... substance... on the lube. He was caressing my balls with his other hand and damn, I was so horny.

He then applied some on his shaft and looked at me. Damn it, he was so sexy, so... manly... on his knees on the bed, with a hard `lube shiny' shaft, with his hair falling all over his face, and he looked at me. I just nodded.

He hugged me as I felt the tip in my... rear... he whispered in my ear "I'll be gentle, I promise... as you've been gentle to me when we do it."

I shivered and moved my butt and it... `entered'... wow, it was an amazing feeling and he started thrusting...

It started to get hot, and he was all reddish... but it seems it lasted only a minute and he came.

After that, he collapsed on the top of me, no words... and as his abs touched my very sensitive... head of my... shaft... well, cum erupted between us.

"I love you," he whispered in my ear.

"I love you, too" I whispered back.

"How do you feel?" he asked, after a minute like that.

"Weird I guess... but a `good weird', you know?" I replied.

"I could stay like this forever," Nick said to me, still on the top of me.

"Yeah, me too... but it's all sticky." I said. "let's shower." And with a slap on his butt, I motioned for him to get up.


December, 6th, 2008, Saturday.

Next day, as we weren't grounded anymore and it seems my father and his father were all pushing us to enjoy the weekend Nick had the great news.

"Guess what?! Dad let me use his car for us to go to the beach!"

And the road was shiny, Nick was damn sexy in sunglasses and we had a bag just for the day as it was a last time thing, all about going to the beach in the morning, getting back home in the evening.

And, damn it, I thought about how nice Nick would look in the beach, only in swimming shorts, like a model... but it was kind of cold and not very sunny at the beach. Still, we were having a lot of fun, we just stopped to have a sandwich and we were getting back to the beach sand... to make the most of it, because in no time it was almost time to get back, you know.

"Hey, Nick, stop kicking the sand." I was yelling and covering my face with my hands. I was kinda laughing actually. In no time I'd pull him to the sand again and roll on the top of him!

"There are other people in the beach, you know?!" I was yelling and laughing out loud. Actually, there were only a few people. Ops, a person.

"I'm sorry," I said, as I looked down at the guy, peaceful, sitting on the sand. He had a notebook and, apparently, was writing something.

"Peter?!" he said, taken by surprise.

"Chris?! Hi!" I said with high-five and smile at him. Wow, he looked so intellectual, bare white chest, light brown hair, grey sweatpants... anyway...

"Hey Schaeffer, I mean, Nick. S'up?" he said with a smile and Nick greet him.

"We're by the beach, only for the day, you know?" I said.

"Nice," he replied with a very white smile. "I have an idea. Do you wanna drop by at my beach house?" he asked.

It would be nice. I was about to accept but as Nick was silent I looked at him for a brief second. It's nice when we're so close. I could `read' in his eyes `it's our time, only the two of us'... I don't know if he meant that or I wanted to say that... however.

"We can't." Nick interrupted. "Thanks for the invitation, Chris, but it's almost time to get back, you know?" he continued. "As Peter said, we're here just for the day..." he trailed off and looked back at me.

"Maybe next time, okay?" I said with a smile at Chris. He smiled back, but it was only a weak smile... anyways, I shook hands with him again and turned to Nick. He waved at Chris as we were heading back to the car.

"He just insulted you, fought with you the other day and now is all about invitations?!" Peter said as we were walking to the car.

"Ah, I don't know, maybe he just wanted to invite us over..." I shrugged. From Nick's tone, I would complete saying that yesterday I actually had lunch with him, that's why I think he was inviting us over to his beach house... but I decided to just dropped the subject.

We ended up sitting in another spot of the beach, on a rock, holding hands, watching the sunset.

"Really, the sunset is the most beautiful moment of the day... you know, when the sun is moving in front of you and it seems not to be moving at all... but at the same time... I don't know, it seems to be moving and in a blur, it's vanished..." I trailed off, looking at Nick's green eyes. He just smiled back and we stared at each other for one minute or two.

"Time to head back, I guess," he said as he got up patting the sand out of his shorts and offered me his hand.

He opened the door to get to the back seat of the car as I frowned at him.

He lay with his back on the seat and with a warm smile motioned for me to hug him.

I didn't understand but I went for the hug and it was so nice... kind of uncomfortable in the small spot on the backseat, but warm and nice, and smelled really nice, really like him.

"Please, close the door, Pete," he said.

I was on my knees, still on the top of him but managed to close it and leave a small part of the window open. Something was telling me it was gonna get hot inside the car.

We kissed a lot, it was very passionate, like there was no tomorrow and in one motion we were naked. As I was on the top, it was funny, that every two minutes I would glance if there was no one coming.

He managed a sitting position and I engulfed his shaft in my mouth and that was enough for him to cum in no time.

As he erupted, he motioned me to shift position with him and it was so nice and... thrilling look down at him, his beautiful hair, his cute face with flushed cheeks, looking back at me and smiling, then getting back at licking all of my... shaft, balls... well, in there *blush*... and alternating with looking at the sides through the window, hoping no one would show up.

But actually horniness took the best of me and I erupted without warning in his mouth.

He managed a sitting position and I was lying, with my head resting on his lap as he was ruffling my hair.

"Look, the sky is full of stars tonight," he said as he looked through the window.

"Yeah," I replied contemplating above me, the stars through window, shining, and as he looked down at me, his shining green gaze.

I lifted my head a little and his lips met mine, and we kissed and all too soon it was time to hit the road back home -- otherwise there would be no permission to another trip again. It was a thrilling idea!

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