A Tragic Love

A Time for Giving Thanks

The afterglow from our Columbus Day adventures lifted me on a cloud so high that it was many days before my feet touched the ground again.  David and I continued to steal every free moment we could from that day forward, while continually focusing on the long holiday vacations that lay ahead.  We planned to use those breaks from classes to arrange some extended quality time together.

Before that happened, however, there was another holiday that we hadn’t counted on – Halloween.  Even though we wouldn’t be getting any time off from school, as luck would have it the day for witches and goblins fell on a Friday.  This meant we’d be able to arrange some time alone once the trick-or-treating was done, because I had talked my mother into letting me spend the night at David’s house. 

David and I had planned to select costumes that would show we were a couple, but most people would merely interpret as meaning we were best friends.  Unfortunately, most of those types of costumes were of the male/female variety, so we settled on going as Batman and Robin instead.  Out of respect for my lover, I graciously allowed David to be Batman.  This seemed to make more sense anyway, seeing he was taller, and as far as I was concerned, more powerful and more handsome, so for me it was a no-brainer.

Halloween night we went door-to-door collecting our sugary loot and then we goofed around for a while with some of our other friends from school.  We did the time-honored toilet paper and shaving cream routines, as well as telling each other stories and just having a good time.  As the evening drew to a close, David and I headed back to his house for the rest of the night.  Since we were both tired from running around all evening, we quickly agreed that we weren’t going to stay up late.  Instead, we merely kissed and cuddled, as we watched a horror movie on the TV in David’s room. 

Even though sex was nice and a very important aspect of our relationship, it wasn’t exactly necessary for us to have a good time.  It was only the proverbial icing on the cake, but we also enjoyed the plain, old cake as well.  As long as we were together, nothing else really seemed to matter, so we merely watched the movie and cuddled with each other until we fell asleep.  When I woke up later to use the toilet, I turned the TV off and got back into bed with my boyfriend. 

When we awoke the following morning, we began making our plans for the next big holiday – Thanksgiving.  We knew we’d have to spend Thursday with our families and do the traditional dinner thing with them, but then David explained he would also have to spend the weekend with his father.  That merely left us Friday to be together, but we planned to make the most of it.  We figured it would be all right for me to go there late Thursday evening, so I could spend the night and all day Friday with him, before I returned home Saturday morning.  It wasn’t perfect, but it would still be great. 

The days of November passed by in a blur, with school and family dominating our lives, but not so much so that we didn’t still keep each other constantly in our thoughts.  As Thanksgiving Day approached, we started to count down the minutes until our next rendezvous.   Family time was nice and we both enjoyed a great meal, but I started to get antsy as it moved closer to the evening hours.  Mom let me leave a little earlier than I had planned, since she was worried about me riding the bike after dark, so I arrived in town sooner than expected.  Since I didn’t want to disturb David’s family time and possibly upset his father, I hung around the school for a while first.

Just before the last rays of sunlight disappeared, I rode the rest of the way over to David’s house, locked up my bike and hid it in the bushes, before I climbed the fence and snuck up to the tree house.  Once I was safely inside, I began looking out the window that faced David’s house when I saw him walk out onto the deck.  He merely seemed to slink aimlessly along and didn’t appear to be particularly happy, so I was beginning to wonder if his family time had been less enjoyable for him than mine had been.  In an attempt to get his attention, I called out, but just loudly enough for him to hear. 

“What’s up, handsome?  Long day?” I wondered. 

“Damn!  You’re already here,” he shot back.  “I’ve been going crazy wondering where you were.  I was beginning to think that maybe your mom wasn’t going to let you break away from the family get together, or even worse, that you’d got into an accident on the way here.  Get your ass down here, before I come up there and spank you for making me worry.”

“I don’t know,” I hesitated.  “The spanking thing sounds like it might be fun to try, but ok, I’m on my way down.”

David walked out into the yard and greeted me part way.  He then gave me a bear hug that left me gasping for air, so I guess this meant he really had been worried.  Damn, isn’t that sweet?  How could I not love someone this warm and caring? 

We then slipped into the house, went up the back stairway to his room, closed the door and just stood there holding on to each other.  After a few seconds of doing this, we started to exchange soft, passionate kisses, but neither of us was in a hurry to make a move toward the bed.  It wasn’t that we didn’t want to, but for the time being we were satisfied with just being close.  After many minutes of this romantic exchange, we sat down on the mattress and began to talk.

“Damn.  If that’s how you’re going to act whenever you’ve been worried about me, then I think I’m going to give you a little more to worry about,” I joked. 

“Don’t you dare!  I was a nervous wreck wondering where you were,” David shot back.  “I was expecting you to knock on the backdoor when you arrived, so I stayed there waiting for you.  If you promise not to drive me nuts and put me through anything like that again, I promise I’ll give you the same treatment each time we’re together.”

“Can I trust you to keep your word?” I teased.  “I might have to think about this for a while first.  Okay, time’s up.  I thought about it and I’m going to hold you to your promise.  If your word is as good as the rest of you, then I guess I have nothing to worry about.”

Slowly, I moved toward David and planted another long, passionate kiss on those full, sweet lips.  When we broke our embrace, I lifted his shirt over his head, unfastened his pants and removed all of his clothing.

“You’re mine now, stud, and I’m going to make up for causing you to worry,” I offered. 

“Great, and I’ll give you my apology for being mad by pleasing you after that,” he countered. 

Having made that comment, David started to undress me and nearly ripped some of my garments, since he did it in such haste.  When we were both completely naked, we moved over to the bed and started to lie down.  Before that happened, however, David suddenly jumped up and bolted toward the door.

“Almost forgot to lock it,” he acknowledged on his way back.  “We can’t be too careful now, can we?”

“Good thinking,” I agreed.  “Now, get over here before I start suffering from withdrawal.”

“How can you be suffering from withdrawal when you haven’t even entered me yet?” he joked. 

“You know what I mean,” I chastised.  “Don’t you dare tease me, because I don’t want this moment to be ruined.  I want to feel every inch of you today, and there are even a few inches I’m looking forward to enjoying even more than some of the others.”

“Gotcha!” he responded, with a smirk. 

David then rejoined me on the bed and we started kissing and stroking each other’s smooth, warm body.  I knew we were both beginning to feel the heat and the need for a sexual release, since both of our penises were standing at attention.  Our breathing had also started to quicken, there was fire in our fingertips and the beating of our hearts echoed in our ears. 

Slowly, I worked my body around so we had access to each other’s boyhood.  Although we’d never tried it before, we’d seen pictures of others in the infamous ‘69’ position and were ready to give it a try.  I knew the idea of doing this was beginning to excite David, because in between all of the foreplay, I could hear little utterances of excitement, such as “Oh yeah,” “Way cool” and “You know what I like, baby!”

We quickly tongue-whipped each other into a frenzy that brought us to the brink of ecstasy many times, but then we backed off again, so this moment would last for as long as possible.  We were fast approaching the moment of no return again when I decided to do one more thing.  I wet the fingers of my right hand with my mouth and then brought that hand up to David’s smooth, white butt.  Slowly, I tried to insert the first two fingers into his rectum, but I met some resistance.  Once I realized that maybe I was trying to do too much too quickly, I pulled them back and started over. 

After inserting my fingers into my mouth again, I decided to go one finger at a time and eased my index finger into his hot hole.  It slid in fairly easily, so I moved it back and forth in his tunnel for a few seconds, before I began to swirl it around and move it from side to side in his sensitive anus.  Once I felt he was comfortable doing this, I inserted a second finger, but his rectum clamped down on them again and denied entry.  At the same time, I heard David release a slight grunt, so I felt he might have experienced a little pain as well, so I pulled back and addressed the issue with him. 

“Do you want me to continue doing this or would you prefer I stop?” I asked, while seeking his input. 

“You can do it, but just go slowly,” he replied.  “I’m not sure if my butt did that because I was surprised that your finger seemed so much thicker or what, but now that I know what you’re doing, I think I’ll be able to handle it with a little practice.” 

Since I had his consent, I kept working at it until I got both fingers in and then I mimicked the movements I’d made with the one finger earlier.  After awhile, I pulled them out and wet my hand again, but this time I attempted to slip in a third digit as well.  I warned David that I was going to do this, and once his sphincter accepted the increased thickness to pass through the portal, I repeated the same routine yet again. 

Once he became aware of what I was doing to him, David had been matching my every move.  I could feel the tension building in my body each time one of his fingers would brush that magic spot and cause electric-like impulses to erupt from my prostate.  I’m sure David was experiencing the same glorious feelings, as I searched out and manipulated his magic button as well. 

Without warning, another wave of pleasure swept over my body and caused every single nerve ending to tingle, from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.  It also caused me to feel that tidal wave building in my groin and begin to rush toward the shoreline where it would flood the adjoining cave, which was David’s waiting mouth.  Instinctively, I pushed my hips forward and forced my rod deeper into David’s throat, and then a second later he was doing the same thing to me. 

It was a few seconds after that when I felt it.  It was an eruption of volcanic boy lava, as it prepared to leave my body through my engorged shaft.  At nearly the same moment, I was receiving an equally awesome flow of David’s hot magma washing over my gums and spraying the sensitive lining of my mouth.   In much the same way that the lava from Mount Vesuvius had flowed over the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, our boy eruptions flowed down the other’s gullet and coated the contents of our stomachs.  It was not only wonderful, but once again we had raised the bar of our love making expectations to an even higher level.

Once our orgasms had subsided, we slumped onto the bed and into the embrace of the soft sheets and pillows, while we waited to regain our strength.  When our senses returned enough so we could speak to each other about what we’d just experienced, we shared our feeling.

“Billy?  Are you all right?” David asked, while looking concerned.  When I nodded that I was, he continued.  “That was fantastic!  How could anybody not wish to experience such a powerful and mind shattering experience?  Man, Billy, I love you so much that I think I would either die or kill myself if we couldn’t be together.”

“Don’t talk like that!” I scolded.  “Nothing will ever happen to us, because I feel the same way.  Even if by some remote and minuscule chance that something might temporarily separate us, then we’ll move heaven and earth to find a way to get back into each other’s arms.  Any such parting would be involuntary and we’d be able to overcome it, as long as neither of us does anything foolish.  Promise me, here and now, that you will never consider any choice that would permanently keep us from the other’s love.”

“You know I would never…” David began, but I cut him off. 

“Promise!” I insisted. 

“Ok.  I promise that I’ll never do anything like that,” he concurred. 

“Good.  Now, we must seal that promise with a kiss,” I added. 

David flashed me his ‘this was all just a set up for a smooch’ grin and leaned forward to give me the sweetest, most loving kiss we had ever exchanged.  I knew from this that he would never do anything that would jeopardize our love.

After many minutes of embracing, David got up, moved over to the television and flicked on the soft glow of the electronic sideshow.  He then threw me the remote and spoke.

“You find something on the tube while I go to the toilet,” he advised me.  “Then, we’ll cuddle together on the bed and watch some show until we fall asleep.  How does that sound to you?”

“Like I keep telling you, as long as I’m with you I’m happy doing anything,” I stated. 

Hearing that, David entered the bathroom and prepared himself for bed.  When he returned, I got up and did the same thing and then I came back to be with my partner.  I’d found an old, well maybe ten years old or so, comedic movie on the cable and we hunkered down to watch it.  It really turned out to be quite a funny film and we had several real belly laughs before it ended.  As the credits started to roll down the screen, David pushed a button on the remote and turned the boob tube off.  As soon as the light from the screen had faded, he put his arm around my neck and pulled me under the covers, where we cuddled and fell into a blissful slumber.

When I awoke the following morning, I still lay wrapped in David’s warm embrace until he also stirred to life.  As soon as he’d shaken the sleep from his body, we started talking about a whole bunch of mundane topics, before I decided that I had to ask David a serious question.

“David?  What do you want for Christmas?” I asked directly. 

“Nothing.  I have everything I need,” he replied. 

“No, really, what can I get you for Christmas?” I pushed, since I needed an idea concerning his gift. 

“Look, Billy, you don’t have to get me anything,” he insisted.  “Just stick a bow to your body on Christmas Eve and that will be the best gift I could ever hope for.”

“Well, you already know you’ll be getting that gift,” I confirmed, “but I want to buy you something you really want.”

“Billy, don’t take this the wrong way, but I know you and your family don’t have a lot of money, so I don’t want you wasting what you do have on me,” he stated, while trying to be tactful.  “All I need is your love and to feel your gentle touch.  You couldn’t buy me anything better than that.”

“Well, I will buy you something, even if you won’t cooperate,” I replied, slightly annoyed.  “You’d have a better chance of getting something you’d enjoy if you played along and gave me some hints.”

“It looks like I’m not going to be able to stop you, but then again I never can,” he scoffed, “so I’m sure I’ll love anything you choose.  Just don’t spend a lot of money on me.  Ok?”

“We’ll see about that,” I replied. 

Even though I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of money to spend on him, I resisted the urge to give in.  I didn’t want him to think that I would intentionally skimped on his present, even if it was at his suggestion. 

“What do you want?” he countered. 

“You!” I answered, without hesitation. 

“That’s a given,” he agreed, with a huge grin on his face.

“Pretty confident of yourself, aren’t you?” I shot back. 

“No.  I just know what you like,” he responded, while looking smug. 

“Yes, you’re right.  Like you said, I too will love anything that you give me,” I confirmed.  “As long as it’s a gift from your heart, I know it will be perfect.”

“And you said I’m not helpful,” he sneered. 

“You get what you give,” I joked, as I gave David a playful punch to the shoulder.

“In that case, get over here, because I have something I want to give you,” he teased, while grabbing his crotch. 

“You horny little devil,” I playfully jeered.  “Don’t you ever think of anything else?”

“Nope.  Just about you and everything that comes with you,” he confessed. 

“Well, I guess I shouldn’t complain,” I conceded.  “You do have exquisite taste.”

“Yours isn’t so bad either,” he countered.  “After all, you did pick me.”

With that comment, I grabbed a pillow off of the bed and hurled it at David’s head.  He ducked out of the way, even though my throw wasn’t exactly close, and then he dove on me and wrestled me to the bed.  He ended up on top and pinned my arms down with his legs, as he started to tickle me.

“Promise you won’t ever do that again,” he sneered.  “You must never attack me and you have to promise that you’ll always be nice and treat me with respect.”

Even though he had temporarily halted his tickling to give me a chance to agree with everything he’d said, I refused to concede.

“I won’t!  I won’t!” I responded, while laughing hysterically. 

“Then let the torture continue until this silly lad sees the errors of his way,” he proclaimed, as the tickling resumed. 

I was bucking and squirming, as I tried to get away, but he wasn’t about to quit.  Just when I thought I couldn’t take it any longer, he paused, but then with a diabolical laugh, he began the assault anew.  Finally, I had to promise that I’d learned my lesson and he released me.  Once the torture had concluded, we decided to shower together next and then headed down to the kitchen for breakfast.  After that, we planned to merely wait and see what the rest of the day might bring.