On Ahead

Chapter One

He was standing on the sidewalk at the intersection, just 60 feet or so from the end of the little lane I lived on. Yes, it was December and he had on a knit cap, the kind you wore on the ski slopes, and a heavy all-weather coat, like a padded barn coat. He had on heavy corduroy pants and short work boots were on his feet. A stuffed large duffel bag was at his feet and he was looking around like he didn't really know where he was. Yes, it was December, but this wasn't the frozen North, this was Key West Florida, and the temperature this morning was closer to 80 than it was to 30.

He was a little scruffy, you know, the way a college student looks before cleaning up for a date on the weekends, but his overgrown hair just looked too hot under that stocking cap he wore and the curly hair reached to his shoulders. The hair on is head was a dark shade, while the heavy stubble on his face was, I'm guessing, a dirty blond. It just looked dirty right now.

I had been going out to the front of the big house that sat in front of the small cottage I lived in. It was there on the big house's front porch where the mailboxes were for all the condos in the big old house, and my box for the cottage was there as well. The units in the main house were condos, and I guess technically I'm the reason for that. The older woman, in her mid-seventies at the time, that I had rented the cottage from when I got the job of manager for the library just around the corner, where the young man was standing, 10 years ago had become a great friend to me, over the first ten years of my residency, and when she had passed in her kitchen, in my tenth year living there, it was I that had found her, as we were supposed to be meeting for our weekly shopping trip to the big grocery store at the other end of the island from where we lived. We had been spending one of my mornings off doing our big shopping together, and sometimes taking in a show later, at the Tennessee Williams Theater when something good came to town, or a play at the Red Barn Theater if there was a show we both wanted to see. She had a family, a son and a daughter, but they rarely came to visit her. She told me that when her husband died thirty years ago she had given each of the children a chunk of money and she had come to Key West to escape the cold up north. She liked that I was young and college educated and worked at the library, that I didn't party like some of the others in her apartments, and that I didn't drink since she herself had given that up after she had moved here.

*When I found her on her kitchen floor I thought she had just fallen, but when I went to help her up I realized she was cold and totally nonresponsive. I called an ambulance anyway and of course, the police showed up as well. There were some questions I had to answer, but both the EMTs and the police knew me from the library, they had all attended county employee required seminars and meetings at the library, and some of them actually read books. They took it as easy on me as they could and I, in turn, got them the contact phone numbers for her children.

*I wept for her when I got back to my cottage, propping open the gate so that as the tenants came home from their jobs they wouldn't have to ring the doorbell at my gate. It was a rather loud bell in the small cottage, and I just wanted some peace and quiet before I had to inform all 6 of the renters of our landlady's demise. They usually came to me with problems they were experiencing in their units, as I was quite handy and they knew if it wasn't something I could fix, I could get the landlady to get it taken care of. I had placed a note on all their doors, asking them to come see me for a moment when they returned home.

*About twenty minutes after got myself together I received a call from the landlady's daughter up north, in Massachusetts, and she asked why I hadn't called her right away and I told her that I was more concerned about getting help for her mother, in case there was a way to revive her, and after she had been declared dead by the EMTs I then had to contend with the police, to help them with their inquiries as to if foul play had come into the picture or was hers a natural death. She was really snotty and I knew if she was this bad her brother would be worse, so after I asked if there was a reason for her call she told me she wanted me to secure her mother's unit and then relented and told me she was sorry she had come on like a bitch, and that she would be making the arrangements for her mother to be cremated and she'd have the ashes sent directly to her so her mother could be interred with her father. I asked when she might be coming down to deal with the property and her mother's possessions and she told me it wouldn't be for a few weeks, and would I take care of things for her and her brother until then. I told her I would and we ended our call.

I went up on the porch and retrieved my mail and as I was walking back to the lane I saw the young man still standing at the intersection. He still had that lost look on his face. He must have noticed my movement because he turned then to look at me and I just about lost it, he looked so lost I thought he was going to start crying. He held his arm out to me and I instinctively walked toward him and I asked if he needed help.

A look of immense relief appeared on his face and he just nodded. I reached for his hand and he held onto mine like it was a lifeline. He began to come with me and I pointed down to the duffel and he shyly smiled at me and bent to grab the handles and proceeded to follow me back up the short lane.

*I received a call from the landlady's lawyer a day later and he asked me to stop by his office. Since this was my second day off for the week I agreed and showed up there about 20 minutes after his call. His office was only three blocks from the library so it wasn't far for me. I was told by him that she had changed her will just two weeks before, and he doubted even her children knew what the changes were, but he explained that when he had called them the other day they had indicated they were not coming down for a few weeks, and he felt that in accordance with her wishes I should be informed about what her will stated.

*He explained that she wanted me to have the cottage I was living in free and clear and that she had liked my idea of turning the other units in the main house into condos so that was what she wanted to be done and she had left two hundred thousand in a separate account to accomplish that. Splitting the piping and other utilities into separate metered ones so each unit would be responsible for their own water, electric, gas, taxes and cable. The sale of each unit was to be split three ways. Her daughter and son and I would each receive a third of each sale.

We entered the patio that surrounded what used to be a 4 bay garage, built in the 60's and converted into a two bedroom, two bath cottage in the late 80's. There was a decent sized living room, and a good-sized eat-in kitchen. There were French doors out to the patio from both the bedrooms and the kitchen, and of course the front door. It was a bright and airy place and the French doors let in a lot of light and air when the humidity was low, which saved on running the A/C those few days a year. I offered him the use of the second bedroom and he again nodded. I wondered if he was mute, but as I heard him washing his hands as he washed up after using the toilet he began singing. A nice clear baritone. If I weren't so curious about him, I could have listened to him for hours. I offered iced tea or water and he asked for water, saying he was pretty thirsty. We took our beverages out to the patio and sat at one of the umbrellaed tables out there.

He gulped down half of his water and began to tell me how he had arrived on the street corner. Five days ago he had been on his way home for the holidays and had been hitching rides from his college in upstate New York to Pawtucket, Rhode Island. A group of other college students had picked him up and had given him a beer and the next thing he knew he was in a roadside diner in southern Georgia. A truck driver had offered him a ride after Neil had explained his predicament and then while Neil was in the restroom of the diner the truck driver had slipped something into his coffee and before he knew it he was in the sleeping berth of the guy's truck cab, getting his ass fucked. He said the truck driver was smoking weed and the fumes were making Neal high and then when he woke again they were on Route US 1, enroot to Key West. When the trucker stopped for a light a few blocks from where I had seen him on the corner, Neil had jumped out of the cab with his duffel and ran. He was trying to orient himself when he had spotted me. He said he had seen the concern on my face and he said I certainly looked reliable, and nice, and he really needed to use a restroom, so he had come home with me.

*I started the research into who would be the best contractor for the conversion job and actually talked to a few people on the library's board of directors who lived in conversion units and jotted down their contractor's contact information. In two weeks' time, I received a call from the daughter and she informed me her mother was indeed interred with her husband now and she asked why the lawyer was still calling her. I asked if she had any idea what her mother's will dictated and she said of course she did, and she intended to raise everyone's rents and really make the property profitable. I gently told her that would not be happening and told her to please return her mother's attorney’s phone calls, as there had been some changes in her mother's current will.

I asked him if the truck driver had done any damage to him and he said he was sore and hadn't had a bowel movement in two days, so I gave him a few tablespoons of castor oil and a sandwich as it was lunchtime. About an hour after eating he said he had to use the facilities, and I indicated the bathroom he had used before and after about 20 minutes he returned to the table with a very satisfied look on his face. He told me there hadn't been any actual pain, just some discomfort at first, but after that everything went well, but he'd appreciate it if I would check him out. I told him I would, but I thought he might want to shower first.

I got him a clean towel and washcloth and put a new disposable razor, some shaving cream, and a new toothbrush and toothpaste out on the guest bathroom sink for him. I called out for him to start his ablutions and then went back out to the patio, tending to my collection of potted plants after also placing a set of shorts, a T-shirt and boxer briefs on the bed outside the bathroom he was using, hoping he would make himself comfortable in them, rather than the winter clothing he had been wearing. From what I could see we were about the same size and build. As I was back puttering around on the patio I became aware that the shower had stopped and soon I heard him calling for me. As I entered the guest room I saw him through the bathroom door, naked and still aglow from the hot shower, but all patted dry. He was bent over the sink, leaning on the vanity, giving me access to his rosebud, which when I spread his muscular butt cheeks appeared to be somewhat red and a bit swollen. I told him what I was seeing and that I might just have something to help. I went to my bathroom and grabbed the tube of hemorrhoid cream I had, and checked its expiration date because I had had a little flare up a few months ago but hadn’t had to use it, so it was new and still good to use. I asked him to spread his cheeks and I applied some to the puffy lips of his hole and I told him I should put just a bit on a finger and slide it in a way and through his soft moans he asked me to do it, but to be gentle with him. I did and if felt like his muscular hole was pulling my finger in past the second knuckle, and as I twisted my finger around to coat his inside he let out a very satisfied moan, stood up straight and blew his load into the sink, almost pinching off my finger in the process. He spun around and bent over and held my head as he tried to inventory my teeth with his tongue, he then showed me that he could almost suck my tongue out of my mouth, with as much or more force than his ass had done to my finger.

*The mood around the big house was one of impending doom, the tenants had all received a thirty-day notice that the rents were going to increase by two hundred dollars a month and they had all come to me with their worries about how they were going to afford it. I could only say that it might not happen after all, and I encouraged them all to seek financial counsel to determine if they could qualify for a mortgage and for how much, as there was definitely something that was going to happen, but it wasn't my place to tell them what.

*The daughter arrived 3-1/2 weeks after her mother's death, telling me her brother would be there in about two more days and that she was going to start packing up what she wanted from their mother's unit. I had already helped myself to the food in the fridge there, and I had been collecting the mail for the daughter and had it all for her when she arrived at my door. She thanked me for the mail and then told me that her brother wanted my cottage so I should be preparing to move out. I told her I doubted that would happen and told her that we could discuss all this at the lawyer's office when her brother arrived.

*Three days later we three met up at the Lawyer's office and I sat apart from them as the will was formally read to them. They were outraged and the lawyer gave them the reasons why their mother had reduced their legacies. They had both squandered away the money she had already bestowed on them when she had moved down here, they didn't visit every year and when they did they spent their time drinking and partying downtown every night. Neither had ever settled down and for two fifty-somethings that showed their true character. They would both benefit from the sale of the condos, but that would be it, nothing more, so they had better let me get going on getting each unit ready for sale.

*They both looked daggers at me, but I was a librarian, I could take it. I shook the lawyer's hand and left the office and returned to my cottage and locked the gate to my patio. I pulled the drapes over the windows and settled in for the night. In the morning, as I was locking the gate behind me as I left for work, the daughter came over to me from the big house and told me that she and her brother were leaving on the evening flight for their homes and I wouldn't have to see them again, everything would be handled for them here by their mother's lawyer. I told her that I wished things could have been different, but her mother did consult a financial advisor and by setting each unit up as a condo both she and her brother would gain about two million each by the time the last condo sold, much more than the entire property was now appraised for. I asked what they wanted to be done with the remainder of their mother's possessions in her unit and she told me to just get rid of it all, none of it was worth moving up to Massachusetts. I told her I could do that for them, and I wished her luck in the future and went on to work.

Neil had grabbed me in a big hug as we were kissing and when he pulled back I told him I could keep applying the ointment all day if he responded like that all the time. He chuckled and told me he hadn't had anyone treat him so kindly and with such tenderness in a very long time. I moved out to the bedroom and showed him the more appropriate clothing I had put on the bed for him and as he dressed I got my first real look at his package and man, that boy was built. He had bigger and fuller balls than I did and his body was outstanding, he obviously took great care of himself. He was slightly bigger in the dick department than I was, but I certainly wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers!

When we returned outside to the patio I showed him the washer and dryer in a small shed in one of the corners and invited him to make use of them. He thanked me and then began a wash. While the washer was going he phoned someone on his cell and told them his plans had changed and he wouldn't be coming home for the holidays as he had planned, but he might see them over Easter or Spring break. He sighed heavily while he closed his phone and then took the charger out of his duffel and with a raised eyebrow he asked if he could charge his phone. I showed him an empty socket right under the patio table we were sitting at and he plugged in his phone and then proceeded to tell me his story.

*The contractors I invited to give bids on the utilities separation on the 6 house units were pleased to be considered for work in the slow season. I couldn't disguise my amusement when the older ones started to reminisce about parties they had attended here in their younger years, extolling the virtues of the landlady, or her lack of them after she had moved in and bought the place. The rumor was that the first year she lived here she made up for all the years married to the loveless husband she had been married to and soon tired of the party life and became the sweet little old lady I had met and became friends with. The bids for the work were quite varied and as I looked them over one weekend I realized that the best all-around bid was from the youngest contractor, the one who had blown me outdoors on my patio after inspecting the whole property for his estimate.. God was he a hunk but he was a player. I'd seen him around town in the days that I still hoped to find the love of my life in a gay bar and he had excited me, but he had the attention of a Tom Cat, you know, all over you until he catches you, but after he gets what he wants, he doesn't know you from Adam.

*Anyway, despite my better judgment, I really looked at and re-compared his bid to all the others and it really made sense to hire him for the job. I found in small print why his bid was so low, he wanted to use a lot of signage on the property, promoting his company, and the right to use images of his work here in his advertising. I thought it made sense, he was, after all, the newest and youngest contractor, and even the old timer he had trained under for 5 years didn't have anything bad to say about him.

*He was going to start on the biggest unit, the landlady's old unit. It was a  two bedrooms, 2 bath unit with a huge living/dining room and a big eat-in kitchen and two porches. The first thing to go was the plumbing, which took a whole week to re-plumb. The unit didn't have wiring that was that old so with a few newer lines to bring it up to 220 usage and adding indoor cable for TV and Wi-Fi took the next week. As soon as that unit was ready for occupancy I was ready to move one of the upstairs tenants down to it so that unit could be done. Before that happened I called in the local big-time antiques dealer and got a quote for the furniture in the unit and when I saw the price he gave me I immediately agreed and by that afternoon he had the place virtually stripped except for a few pieces I held back for myself. That weekend I helped the upstairs tenant to move to the now empty first-floor unit for the two week time frame the contractor had given me to redo the upstairs unit. This process was repeated with every other unit and in the meantime, I had three different Realtors in to give me estimates on each unit's proposed selling price The average of the three estimates was what I quoted to the tenants of each unit so if they wanted to stay they could arrange financing. Four of them decided to stay and the other one was looking to move in with his longtime boyfriend, but he did tell me that he'd miss watching the once or twice weekly blow job that the contractor gave me on my patio.

*The units were all sold before the last one was even finished, each one freshly painted and the Dade County pine floors all re-done to shining perfection. The total monies set aside for all this work had been two hundred thousand and I was billed by the contractor for one hundred fifty thousand. Our contract called for a 10 thousand dollar bonus if he finished in less than five months and he finished and everything had passed inspections within four months and a day. All the sales contracts had been drawn up and the closings spread over a week so in less than 6 months from her death I had carried out the old lady's last wishes, had her children paid off and out of my life, and earned myself two million from the proceeds of the sales and close to 40 thousand from the unused contractor fees, not to mention the 80 thousand from the sale of the "used" furniture the daughter had asked me to throw out. A great deal of my money was placed in a trust so that I'd always have the money to pay my taxes and for a lot of insurance on my cottage.

Neil told me about how his parents had died in a car crash his last year of high school, leaving him, their only child, a lot of money and their house in Rhode Island. He had six months to grieve before starting college, and he had no other living relatives. He did spend the last three summers at that house, but he said he had finally decided it had too many memories, good and bad, and he was going to put it on the market. He had let the neighbors know he was coming home for the holidays and he had asked them to have his house cleaned and prepped for him before he got home, that was who he had called a little while ago.

He told me he didn't have any close friends at home and he had had two flings with guys at his college in the last three years, but now that he was a senior at Cornell and on track to graduate in late May, 4th in his class as a graduate of their business school, he had to seriously consider his job options. He paused and looked at me and said he really needed another dose of that ointment on his butt. I laughed and told him to put his washing in the dryer now that the washer had stopped and while he did that I asked him, "Why me Neil? I'm very flattered and all, but I'm almost 20 years older than you and there are dozens of younger men downtown that would find you extremely attractive". He turned to me as he set the dryer going and said, "David, I feel that there is a "certain" something that made you approach me on that street corner out there and the fact that I find you immensely attractive must be evident in how I reacted to your touch in the bathroom. I realize you're somewhat older and more "established" than I am, but I sense that you won't hurt me and that means a lot to me. I'd like to get to know you a lot better, and if you are uncomfortable with that I can take my stuff and go check into a hotel or something, but I will always think of you and how you took pity on me this morning on that street corner".

I rose from my seat and walked over to him, looking into his eyes and it was like a magnet pulled us closer until our lips met and our arms found their way around each other. After about five minutes of this I looked at him again and invited him into my bedroom, or into his as it turned out, his, the former guest room, was 20 steps closer.

I had snagged a clean towel on our way there and even though I was only two steps behind him, watching his magnificent butt as we walked hand in hand, I stayed far enough behind so I could watch him, even as I took a fresh towel off the rack inside his door. He was naked in no time and he lay on the bed, half hard, and watched me undress. He and I were both hard as a rock by the time I slipped on top of him so we were chest to chest, groin to groin. I did check his rosebud for him, finding it utterly delicious and quivering around my tongue as I repeatedly penetrated him with it. He moaned and groaned as I did this and when I reached into the nightstand for the bottle of lube he raised slightly on his knees to give me better access. When he did that I slowly began to milk him as I lined up and teased him with the big head of my cock, adding my natural lube to the manufactured stuff now providing the slipperiness he needed for me to penetrate him, which I did in tiny increments, eliciting more moans and encouragement from him as he sank to a fully prone position as I entered him.

He at one point rolled me onto my back, keeping my rigid dick buried in him and with him now facing me he began to ride me, up and down as I had one hand wrapped around his leaking cock and the other playing with his prominent nipples as he played with mine. As he neared his climax he ground his butt down on my dick and as he started to cum his contractions started me off, shooting wad after wad up his ass. Both of us were spent and we were French kissing as he lay on top of me and we both felt me slipping out of him, sending another round of tingling sensations through both of us.

*With some serious money both for spending and invested in my future, there were things I could do now, like replace my rapidly decaying car and some renovations I wanted to be done in my cottage. For one thing, the bathrooms needed updating, the showers were those small fiberglass square units that were so cramped and I had them both enlarged to be "two at a time" sized and tiled in very large tiles to reduce the number of caulk lines. I had the kitchen redone too, getting rid of the old wooden counters and had slabs of marble installed and new appliances installed to replace the used ones I had bought when I had moved in 10 years earlier. With some of the old landlady's nice antiques here and there and some new pieces, like newer plantation style beds in both bedrooms complete with new mattresses., and a new sleeper sofa in the living room and two new easy chairs the place was looking a lot fresher and would do me for quite a while.

*Of course, the contractor who had done all the work on the condos got my renovation business, and I received a blow job from him every other day he and his crew worked at my place. I had tried to reciprocate once and he laughingly told me he was all taken care of and showed me he had cum already in his briefs. That was his thing, he only gave head, never kissed, or had any other form of male to male sex, in fact, I found out later that he had a wife and children at home.

*I still longed to have a lover, someone to come home to every night and share my life with, but nothing ever seemed to work out that way for me, and the older I got the urge to mate became less and less. I had settled into my job as my life and thankfully it was a very rewarding experience, at work. At night at home, I wrote stories about the life that could have been and submitted them to online sites under various pseudonyms, and found quite a release in doing so, The Story Lover’s Home my favorite site. As I reached my fortieth birthday I became a bit depressed and despondent and I threw myself into improving myself by working out more and getting back into shape, part of that meant eating better and increasing the use of my bike for shopping trips and as a mild cardio work out at least for an hour a day, before and after work.

I did all this and began to feel better about myself and about my life. I began to consult with the local guardian ad litem group and as a respected professional in town I found my services in high demand, but the situations some of these kids had to live through was gut-wrenching, but the group made it easier to deal with as we all were caring individuals who only wanted the best results for the children we advocated for in court. It was after one of these hearings that I felt had gone exceptionally well that upon my return from the hearing at the courthouse I had returned home and got into shorts and a T and went out to collect my mail and fell in love with a lost young man at the street corner.

My body was exhausted, but there was a growing feeling of great contentment slowly overtaking me, as I lay there relishing Neil's soft breaths on my neck as he dozed with his head on my shoulder, his arms securing us tightly together. I gave in and dozed for about an hour and when I next woke he was laying on his side, facing me and a smile grew across his face and I smiled up at him as it did.

He leaned down and we kissed, as my arms snaked around him and pulled him against me. We kissed again and again. I asked if he was hungry and he said he could eat something, raising his eyebrows, as he said that and I realized I was famished. I laughed and told him that this old man needed sustenance, that without food I could wither away and what good would that do anyone? He gave me another kiss and helped me out of his bed and we showered together, getting even more familiar with each other, even as we dried each other off. His mop of hair was a tangled mess even as he tried to unkink it he was having difficulties. He laughed and told me he had planned to get it cut while he was in Rhode Island but somehow he had ended up here instead. I told him that on this island there was either a barber shop or a hairdresser on just about every corner, just not on the one I found him on. I told him if he could last until after our late lunch I could take him to my barber, just a few blocks away.

I made sandwiches from the chicken salad I'd made earlier and we sat outside and ate. When we were finished I walked him to Robert's. Robert was a patron of the library and had opened his shop 4 years ago after moving here from Atlanta. He had a very popular shop with about 7 different stylists and himself. We did have to wait about 15 minutes before he had finished the cut he was working on, but he greeted me profusely and I introduced him to Neil, telling him he was a friend visiting for the holidays, a very good friend. Robert worked his wonders and soon Neil was sporting a decidedly shorter cut that showed off his very handsome face. There were just enough curls to run my fingers through and I liked it, and Neil did also. I asked him on our stroll back to the cottage if he missed his beard because I thought it would now look fantastic with his shorter, neater head of curls and the blondish beard in contrast. He said he would probably grow it out again before he had to return to school in two weeks, as it was a way to get out of using a scarf in the Northern cold.

By the end of that week, we had settled into a routine. My co-workers at the library were aware of something different, but couldn't put their finger on it. They just noticed I smiled a lot more and I was much more lenient when confronting violators of the library policies; parents who had hundreds of dollars in fines accrued, street people who abused the bathrooms(or fell asleep snoring in the quiet reading room), those who watched porn in full view of the whole reference room, you know, the things that usually tick off mild-mannered librarians. The same things that earned me the title of the "attack librarian" in town, which then resulted in one patron making up a sign for my gate that says, " "Beware of the Attack Librarian". One of my gay co-workers, Brian, took me aside in the stacks one day and told me that he knew what was going on, as he and his boyfriend, Carl, had seen Neil and me out shopping at the little local grocery the other day and he said he was so pleased I had finally found someone.

I hadn't realized just how pathetic my solitary life had made me in the eyes of the people around me and I worried how they will see me when Neil left to return to college when his winter break was over. Neil picked up on my mood when I returned home after work that day and he looked me straight in the eyes and asked if there was any reason why he couldn't come to me for spring break or the couple of long weekends before his graduation, and why couldn't I come to see him at times, especially for his graduation, he really wanted me there for that, I'd be his only invitee.

I'm sorry to admit that I broke down crying, that someone perceived to be a somewhat "hard ass" or a "tough little shit" was sobbing great tears of relief that this young man wanted to keep seeing me, that we had a future as far as he was concerned, at least for the next five months. I had lived without a significant other in my life for so long it was such a huge relief that I could make this man as happy as he made me.

By the time he had to return to his college life we had taken a calendar and worked out future visits, both his and mine and he told me that he was going to let go of the property he had inherited in Rhode Island, as he felt more at home with me, here in Key West. He asked me to keep an eye out for a small shop accessible to Duval Street, the main tourist area of our town, as after he graduated he wanted to open up a shop, selling hats to locals and tourists alike. Not being a hat wearer myself I thought that was an odd choice, but he explained that during high school he had worked at the Rhode Island shore in a shop one of his family's neighbors had owned. He knew the business he said and thought he would do well in an area where there were beach visitors every month of the year.

February arrived and it was time for my first visit to the still frozen North, but I received such a warm welcome from Neil that I never had much chance to even shiver, except in the throes of ecstasy. He had rented a hotel room for the 4 day weekend so I picked up the food tabs when we left the room to eat. And just the night before I was to return home, I very nervously asked Neil to spend his life with me, as husbands. As I nervously fished out a small box, containing an engagement band, he held me close and whispered breathlessly that he accepted, if I would accept the band he had bought for me! We both had little ring boxes in our hands! Our lovemaking that night was sweet and unhurried, as opposed to the fast and furious in the morning before he dropped me off at the airport for my return flights. He sat on an extra cushion in the car and said he was a happy sore that would last until I could pound his butt again when he came down for a two-week spring break in just under two months.

We did talk and e-mail every couple of days after our engagement and he bragged that he was going to graduate if not with honors then possibly as valedictorian. I was so proud of him, especially as he told me that I was his inspiration to do the best he could possibly do this last semester. He received a better than hoped for offer on his old family home and by the end of spring break it had closed and he had quite a chunk of money in the bank, so after our two day "welcome home" sex marathon I took him to the financial adviser I used who set him on a well thought out plan for investing for the short term, to help build up reserves to start his new business, and some long-term steady growth investments for his future.

During his two week visit, I introduced him to my staff and co-workers at the library and it was plain to see the very positive impression of him they had. For days after I was bombarded with questions about when the big day was and just as many times I was asked that, I told the questioner that we had a big day just about every night, but the formal ceremony would happen after he graduated, there was just no way I would let him go through both ceremonies at the same time. Our wedding would occur in the garden at the side of the library and as it was a public place in our town it would be open to the public, with about fifty invited by invitation, which included my staff and some friends and neighbors, all people Neil had met and had liked. Brian and Carl had been asked to stand up with us at our ceremony and it was those two Neil felt closest to, as they were all about the same age, I was the old man at almost twice their age, but most definitely as fit or better than all but Neil, who still turned me on like you wouldn't believe.

After he returned to school we cut our long phone conversations down to once a week so Neil's cramming for his finals was not interrupted, but that didn't stop either one of us from e-mailing frequently. You don't know how uplifting I found those early morning emails I received on my work computer as I started my work day, about an hour before the building opened to the public. A month before his graduation one of my local "spies" reported that a small building right on the corner of Duval and Eaton streets, four blocks from my cottage, was up for sale. I knew the building; it had housed a swimwear store on the street level and had a lovely small apartment on the second, and a storage area in the attic space for the first-floor shop.

After checking with the Realtor handling the property I placed an offer on it and within 30 minutes it had been accepted. It really was a good bargain and a great investment, as I knew that the current rent on the apartment alone would pay the monthly mortgage on the whole property. Now I had to find a way to give Neil a year's free rent on the first-floor store for a graduation/wedding present.

With the help of my staff, we drew up a lease agreement, giving him a reasonable rent after the first year was up, if he wanted to stay in the same corner shop. The agreement was done in a scroll style that sort of disguised the owner's name (mine) so that he wouldn't have to know right away it was me providing him with a year's free rent. Once done it went into a tube wrapped as a graduation present, and then packed in my suitcase so I wouldn't misplace it or forget it when I went up to New York state for his graduation, where he would indeed be giving the valedictorian speech. I was so proud of him.

I was introduced to dozens as his fiancée after we had made the rounds of a few parties after we had spent two days before getting him settled down in bed in our hotel room. He had picked me up at the local airport and he was admittedly a bundle of nerves, but he began to calm down right after greeting me with a big kiss and hug in the arrivals terminal, and even more each time I distracted him anally or in a delicious 69 in our bed. For some reason, even though I offered many times, he preferred to bottom for me and the one time he topped with me he seemed so unsure of himself that it had turned into a situation we both were uncomfortable with, until he asked me to fuck some sense into him.

The graduation went really well and I found myself really proud of Neil, he made a great speech and had the entire stadium standing at the end of it. We exchanged hugs and kisses after in the corridor where dozens of students were returning their rented gowns and I passed over the gift-wrapped tube and asked if he would wait until we were at dinner to open it. He kissed me again and we almost didn't get out of the school building in time to get to our dinner reservations at a great steakhouse not too far from the hotel we were staying at. He opened the tube while we were waiting for our starters and he was overjoyed. He was so anxious to see the shop that he was actually bouncing like a kid in his seat. I told him he'd see it the next night after our flight home to Key West, once we got all his gear shipped to my/our house.

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