The Puget Posse

Chapter 51-Learning Curves

Welcome back. Politics dominates the life of the Posse at school, but takes a back seat when Patrick surprises his friends with his daring birthday dance.
The usual disclaimers apply.

<Thursday, May 2>

It turned out that passing the amendment wasn’t a big deal as far as most of the students of the Puget Academy were concerned. They didn’t see how the number of senators each grade had in the student senate would impact their lives. The majority of students were happy to leave the school politics to the school politicians.
Mr. Jackson’s class was more interested than most of the other classes because they had witnessed the hard work and dealings of the Posse. But even with their greater level of interest, many in the class appeared bored when Vic, who was one of the room’s two senators, gave his report on the school senate meeting, and the passage of the amendment in particular. A couple of students, Will being one of them, asked questions, which were fielded by Mark, who had proposed the amendment. While Mark had become a bit of a celebrity among the faculty and the pupils involved in student government, to his classmates he was simply Mark. Most would have been much more impressed with his making a big play in sports than in his accomplishment of the day before.
That night at dinner, Mark and Matthew complained about the attitude they saw at school that day.
“They don’t seem to care how important that amendment was,” Mark groused.
“Yeah.” Matthew agreed. “Now all of the classes will have equal votes in the senate next year. Well, the fifth graders will when they can finally vote.”
“That will need to be changed next year,” Mark said. “The fifth graders should be able to start their council earlier and vote earlier.”
“Why don’t you just rewrite the constitution?” Scott asked. “The current edition seems to be clumsy and hard to understand, not to mention lacking in fairness.”
Mark and Matthew looked at each other and grinned. “I don’t know if it can be done,” Mark said.
“You read the constitution,” Scott said, “so you must have seen a provision somewhere to change it.”
“I don’t know. It’s pretty long and complicated and I didn’t read it all that carefully.”
“Me either,” Matthew said. But the twins planned to find out if it could be done; their father had put the seed of an idea into their heads.
“Yeah, but in the end, nobody is going to care. Nobody cared about the amendment,” Mark said.
“It sounds like your school is just like adult life,” Scott told them. “There are the movers and the shakers, and there are those who get moved and shaken. You guys are movers and shakers. Just do what you need to do and things will fall into place and work out.”
“Still, it’s really frustrating,” Mark said.
“This is really getting boring,” Megan said. “Mom, tell them to quit talking about politics in their school. It’s dumb and boring.”
“See what I mean?” Mark asked.
“I think this is all very interesting,” Kristy said, “and your brothers are learning a lot.”
“Well, we’re not learning anything,” Michelle said haughtily. “It’s our turn for us to talk about what we want to talk about.”
“All you want to talk about is your boyfriends,” Matthew said.
“Well, they are important to us. And besides, that is NOT all that we talk about.”
“That’s what it sounds like to us.”
“Children, let’s calm down and enjoy dinner,” Kristy said. “It’s been a very nice dinner so far.”
“We’ll do it if you don’t have to hear about the stupid boys they run around with,” Mark said.
“Boys, that is enough,” Scott admonished. The bickering stopped, with dinner and dessert being finished in relative quiet.
That night, after finishing their homework and watching some TV, Mark and Matthew retired to their room and stripped for bed. “Are we sleeping together tonight?” Matthew asked.
“When don’t we?” Mark asked. On average the twins slept together four nights a week. Some nights they were so tired they just wanted to crash. On some nights they just weren’t in the mood. When they slept together they almost always had sex and neither one wanted to admit that there were times they weren’t horny and didn’t want to sleep with each other, so in their minds they shared a bed every night. On rare occasions one of them just didn’t feel well. Otherwise they both could be found together in one bed or another.
“Usually we don’t sleep together when you act like a dork,” Matthew answered.
“Fuck you, dude. I might just sleep by myself, tonight.” And then there were the nights they were in bitchy moods.
“I was just joking.”
“Me, too, because I’m so horny just jerking off won’t do it. The last two days were totally awesome.” The two boys had been so tired the night before that, while they slept together, they fell asleep before they could get any kind of action started. “My bed or yours?” Mark asked.
Matthew thought a moment, then said, “Mine. You haven’t changed sheets since we did it there and I don’t want to sleep in your pecker tracks.”
“You’re going to sleep in somebody’s pecker tracks when we’re done.”
“At least they’ll be fresh pecker tracks.”
“Sleeping in old pecker tracks has never bugged you before.”
Matthew stood in the center of the room with his hands on his bare hips, his pecker poking over three inches into the air. “Just shut up and get in my bed.”
“Fuck, dude, shut up is what you always say when I show that you’re wrong. I guess it beats admitting you don’t know shit.”
“Do you want to do this or shall we just have a fight?” The brothers were almost burning from the testosterone flowing through their veins. Puberty was encroaching and it sometimes took them over. They needed to blow out the fires inside of them, and either fighting or sex would do it.
Mark’s answer to his brother’s question was to jump on him and push him onto the bed, locking his lips to Matthew’s and grinding his bare cock into his brother’s groin.
Matthew wrapped his arms and legs around Mark and sucked on the tongue that had made its way into his mouth. Their tongues battled, their cocks battled, they rolled on the bed, with Mark continually ending on top as their cocks pushed and ground into each other. They slid off of Matthew’s bed with a thud, the blankets and sheets following them to the floor. They couldn’t let go of each other, they couldn’t stop grinding, kissing, moaning, groaning, and uttering incomprehensible sounds. Even Scott knocking on the door telling them to quit wrestling and go to bed didn’t stop them. They knew if their father opened the door he’d see them having wild sex, and while they cared, there was nothing they could do about it—they were in the grips of untethered horniness.
Scott walked away, imagining his sons clad in their underwear, wrestling to show who was the toughest, just like he did with his older brother when he was boy. He never thought that on the other side of the door his eleven-year-old sons were naked, their bodies wet with sweat, their mouths and faces dripping with saliva, the older twin sucking on the neck of his younger twin while he dry humped his torso. The twins knew they were lucky their parents respected their privacy and didn’t open the door without permission.
The brothers kissed, and licked, and bit, and wrestled. Their sex had never gone to this level; they had never been this driven by their libidos, by their surging hormones. At times they weren’t sure if they were wrestling or making love, nor did they care. The twins loved each other deeply so they saw what they were doing as making love. Yet, they were also rivals, and what was happening on the floor was also a battle for domination.
Mark was once again on top of his brother, his cock between Matthew’s smooth, damp thighs, his belly rubbing against his brother’s rock hard pubescent cock, his mouth locked with Matthew’s as they battled and made love.
Matthew’s hands were kneading Mark’s athletic ass, his fingers going in and out of the crack, until finally they stayed and his index finger rubbed the opening and slid inside the wet, slippery hole. Mark let out a low moan that both boys hoped wouldn’t carry downstairs where their parents could hear it. Matthew fought to keep his finger inside of his twin as the intercrural sex had Mark’s white ass bouncing, and his own ass rising off of the floor in rhythm to his brother’s actions.
The sensation of Matthew’s smooth thighs, pushing tightly against Mark’s cock was overwhelming. The feel of his brother’s finger in his ass sent a thought through Mark’s brain of how it would feel to have his cock in Matthew’s ass; that thought brought him to the brink.
Mark raised his mouth off of Matthew’s, stifled a scream, and let out a guttural “fuuuuuuuuuuuuck” as he shot his clear boy cum onto his brother’s thighs and the floor. Matthew rolled Mark on his side and humped his sweaty, hard belly, shooting his own boy cum on his twin.
The two boys lay side-by-side, exhausted and out of breath. They’d had countless sexual sessions together, but nothing matched the intensity of what had just happened.
“What the fuck was that all about?” Mark asked as his breath came back and his conscious mind took control.
“I don’t know, but it was fucking awesome,” Matthew answered as he finally pulled his finger out of Mark’s ass with an audible pop. “I hope it happens again.”
“But not every time, or it will kill us. It was almost like me and you were in a fight, and I got the bruises to prove it.”
The boys stood up, looking at the mess of bedding on the floor. “I guess we sleep in your old pecker tracks,” Matthew told Mark, “cuz I sure ain’t making my bed tonight.” He kneeled over his supine brother and licked his clear cum off of Mark’s belly. “Just so you don’t mess up the sheets more.”
After peeing the twins lay together in Mark’s bed.
“I love you, Mattie,” Mark said. “You’re the best twin brother a kid can ever have.”
“I love you, too.” They exchanged a quick, but loving kiss.
“I wonder if our sisters give their boyfriends blowjobs,” Mark said.
“What brought that up?”
“Because we were talking about their boyfriends at dinner. And they sure won’t give us one.”
“They should, just because we’re their awesome brothers,” Matthew said.
“I wonder if Cindy and Stacy are still sucking boys,” Mark said. While the brothers had seen the two girls since their sexual escapade with them a couple of years ago, even being at their house a couple of times for parties, they had made out only three more times—not that the boys hadn’t hinted at doing more.       
“You know Stacy does it with her brother still. I wonder if they fuck each other?”
“Mattie,” Mark whispered.
“When I was doing you between your legs and you were fucking my butt with your stinky finger, I had a weird thought.”
“What?” Matthew’s heart started thumping because he had a good idea of what his brother’s weird thought was about.
“I wanted to stick my dick in your butt.”
“You wanted to fuck me?’
Matthew wrapped his arm around his brother’s naked torso. “I bet we do it soon,” he said quietly.
Matthew gave Mark another quick kiss on the lips. “Serious.” That ended the talk for the night as the two drained twins fell into a deep sleep.

<Friday, May 3>

Patrick’s birthday was going to have three parts. Tomorrow would be the party at Montezuma’s Restaurant. Wednesday, his real birthday, would be a family dinner at The Chowder House. As far as Patrick was concerned, the high point would be the part where Misha spent the night, which would be starting right after school. Misha would be getting on his bus to come home with him to spend the night. Patrick was so excited all day he could barely pay attention in class.
The Posse sat together at lunch, along with Ellis and Will. They were squeezed for space, but none of them cared—it just made it easier to grab some of somebody else’s lunch.
“So, are you guys going to sleep together in the same bed?” Matthew asked Misha and Patrick.
“Jeez, Matthew,” Mark said, “you are getting really nosy.”
“It’s not like we haven’t been asking things like this before,” Matthew said.
“If they were in the same bed, I would think they would be sleeping together,” Neville observed. “I believe that is called a…a…redundancy.”
“It is more like a tautology,” Patrick said, “which is an unnecessary redundancy.”
Neville glared at Patrick. He hated being one-upped by the younger boy. It was bad enough that Patrick kept beating him out for solo parts in choir and kept getting higher grades. 
“It is something like saying ATM machine,” Misha said.
“You guys are all way too smart,” Will said.
“You’re smart, too,” Mark told him, “or you wouldn’t be going to this school.”
“I don’t know about that,” Matthew said. “I mean, Jeremiah goes to school here.”
“Well, Matthew is still pretty nosy,” Mark said. Then he grinned at Patrick and Misha and asked his own question. “Are you guys gonna sleep naked?”
“That is just rude,” Matthew said.
“Me and Mattie sleep naked together every night,” Mark said. “I mean you knew that, but we just want you all to know these things are all just between Posse members…and deputies.”
“You two are always thinking about sex things,” Neville said.
“Don’t tell me you never think about sex,” Matthew said.
“Yeah,” Mark agreed. “I mean, you and Ellis are spending the night together, too. Maybe we should ask you the same questions.”
“I would say it is none of your business where we sleep.”
“Well, all of this reminds me, Mattie and I are going to have a big sleepover and swimming party before school is out. You’re all invited.”
“When is it?” Will asked.
“Sometime in June. We’re still figuring it out with the rents.”
Everybody said they were interested, including Neville, especially after seeing how enthusiastic Ellis was about the idea. The twins said that they were just inviting the Posse and deputies, which included Paul, plus their friend Peter. “That would make nine of us in all if everybody can make it.”
“Is that called an orgy?” Neville asked.
“Dang, Neville, you talk about us having dirty minds,” Mark said.
The laughter broke up the table as they bused their trays and headed out to the playground and the sunny afternoon. Ellis was stopped by Alden before he could join his friends.
“I saw you sitting with the Posse,” Alden said.
“So? It’s not like I was hiding…it was hard not to see.”
“Just remember who has the picture.”
Ellis was shaking. He was trying not to clam up and say nothing, which was his usual reaction when he was nervous. He wanted to look confident in front of Alden, to help him be confident when he sprang the trap on Jeremiah.
“I remember,” he said. “You never let me forget. I was trying to spy for you guys.”
“What did you learn?”
“Nothing big. Misha is spending the night with Patrick. Tomorrow is Patrick’s birthday party. The twins are going to have a party for the Posse. Nothing big.” He didn’t mention that he was spending the night with a Posse member.
“Are you going to the birthday party?” Alden asked. Ellis nodded. “Good. Tell those Posse fools not to run for office. Jeremiah and me got it all covered.” He turned and walked away. Ellis ran to be with his friends, knowing in his heart that Alden and Jeremiah had nothing covered.
After school was out, Patrick and Misha almost danced onto the school bus. Misha showed his pass to ride Bus 2 to Mrs. Deaver.
“This is my best-friend friend, Misha,” Patrick said, excitedly. “He’s spending the night with me,” as if Misha’s overnight bag didn’t already tell her.
“Pleased to meet you, Misha. I’ve seen you around the school and I’ll let you in on a secret.” Misha looked wide-eyed at the bus driver and classroom assistant as she went on. “Anybody who is the best-friend of young Master Patrick has to be very special, and from what I’ve seen I would say you fit into that very special mold.”
Misha blushed from the compliment. Mrs. Deaver’s duties during the day had her working in the school office as well as assisting in the eighth grade classrooms. She occasionally helped in the lunchroom as well. She also enjoyed attending student council meetings when she could.
“Tomorrow is Patrick’s birthday party,” Misha announced.
“And it looks like you’re arriving early,” she told Misha. “Happy tenth, young man,” she told Patrick. “You are growing up right under my eyes.” Mrs. Deaver took pride in keeping track of her charges and knew that Patrick was the youngest boy in the school.
“Thank you, Mrs. D,” Patrick said as two eighth graders boarded the bus behind Misha and him. The two fifth graders hustled to a seat.
“You’ll need to triple up until the first stop if we have a full bus,” Mrs. Deaver announced over her shoulder.
When the twins boarded, Mark sat in the seat behind Patrick and Misha while Matthew squeezed in next to them. Will followed the twins and sat next to Mark.
“We’re bigger than you guys, or we’d all three sit together,” Mark said. “But we take up more room.”
Jeremiah and Tony boarded the bus and sat across the aisle from Mark and Will. “Hey, Tony, look at those three guys over there in the same seat, sitting all close together like they’re boyfriends or something.”
Mark was about to tell Jeremiah to stuff it, but Mrs. Deaver beat him to the punch. “Jeremiah, it would behoove you to be civilized,” she said.
“Behoove?” Jeremiah asked nobody in particular. “What kind of word is behoove?”
“You weren’t supposed to hear that,” he whined. The Posse boys worked unsuccessfully to stifle their giggles.
Even before the bus pulled away from the school, Garrett, an eighth grader, and Steve, a seventh grader, sat in back, unzipping and unbuckling their pants. “Are you sure you really want to do this?” Garrett asked nervously. “We might not even have enough time.”
“I’m totally horny,” Steve said as he pulled out his four-and-a-quarter inch teen cock. “We’re two of the last ones to get off the bus. We have all kinds of time.”
“We’ll get caught.”
“No we won’t. I did it with Nolan a couple of weeks ago and we weren’t caught. You know that, cuz you were on the bus, too.”
The spring tradition of seventh and eighth graders jerking off in the back of the bus hadn’t fully taken hold on Bus 2, but the sap was flowing, and the pubescent twelve to fourteen-year-olds who sat in the backs of the buses had made jerking off in the spring an unspoken tradition.
“You said you were going to do it,” Steve said.
“Whatever.” Garrett finally pulled his four incher out of the opening of his boxer briefs. Steve had just turned thirteen—Garrett would be fourteen in a couple of months.
“I’ll join you,” Nolan, who was also fourteen, said.
“Totally cool,” Steve grinned and he checked out the boy sitting at the other end of the bench seat at the back of the bus. The three young teens started to intently beat their rock hard boners, confident that nobody would dime them out.
Some of the younger boys sitting toward the front of the bus caught glimpses of the three in the back seat and suspected what was going on. Jeremiah, for one, could see the look of sensuous intensity on the faces of Steve, Garrett and Nolan.
“They’re jerking off back there,” Jeremiah told Tony.
“So, it’s wrong. If I told Mrs. Deaver, I bet it would earn me lots of bonus points at school.”
“Yeah, and then it would get you killed by half the eighth graders.”
Jeremiah acknowledged Tony’s point, but wished there was a way he could take advantage of the situation. He needed some good points with Dean Cutler before the election. His behavior in class wasn’t always as good as expected by his teachers.
He turned around to look to the back again, his own cocklet hard and throbbing in his pants. “What are you looking at, punk?” Garrett growled. “Turn around and mind your own business.”
Mrs. Deaver laughed to herself. She knew it was the season for randy teens, and as long as nobody complained she ignored the goings on at the back of the bus and let the boys police themselves.
“My brother did that on this very bus last year and in seventh grade,” Will told Matthew. “He says some of his cum is probably dried out on the floor.” The unwritten rules said it was okay for eighth graders to blatantly pull out their cocks and masturbate in the back seat and for seventh graders to masturbate only if eighth graders were doing it. That rule would be in effect until the eighth grade class left for its spring trip—then the seventh graders could take the initiative in the back seats. The fifth and sixth graders were expected to leave their hard little cocklets alone, just like the older boys had done at their age—or so they claimed.
Steve shot his wad as the bus left its first stop, getting his teen cum over the back of the seat in front of him, on the floor, and on his boxer briefs. Tradition said cum on the seats needed to be wiped off, but what was on the floor stayed on the floor. The drivers cleaned the buses after running their route, and made sure word got to anyone who left a seat dirty. They generally mopped the floor, so mopping up the teen leavings wasn’t any extra work.
Nolan shot his wad a few minutes after Steve, but Garrett had problems keeping his cock hard, and eventually put it back into his pants without having an orgasm.
“Fuck, Garrett, are you wussing out, or what?” Steve asked.
“Sorry, I just can’t get in the mood,” Garrett replied. “Doing it with everybody watching makes me too nervous. I thought I could do it.”
“It’s cool,” Steve said, although as far as he was concerned it really wasn’t. This was a tradition after all. But, Steve was a decent boy and tried not to let Garrett feel too bad. He did let Garrett know that more would be expected from him. “Next time, it will work,” he said.
When Garrett got off at his stop, none of the fifth graders knew of his failure. They looked at him with awe, wondering if they would be able to do what he had done when they were seventh or eighth graders.
Will’s stop was next. “I got a boner,” he let them all know before the bus arrived at his stop. “I can’t believe my brother was just like those guys in the back. I can’t wait to ask him about it.”
“Are you going to mess around with him?” Patrick asked.
“Are you going to mess around with Misha?” Will retorted. They both grinned knowingly as the bus pulled up in front of Will’s house—they knew what the answers were, as did the twins.
When the bus pulled up to Patrick’s house Mrs. Deaver wished the four boys getting off a good weekend. “Have a great birthday party, Patrick, and you and your best friend be good tonight.”
Patrick thanked her and the four boys rushed into Patrick’s house. Maxine greeted them and braced herself for quick, hard hugs from Patrick and the twins. Misha stood off to the side until Maxine pulled the boy in and gave him a hug of his own. “I’m happy to have you here, Misha,” she told the often shy boy.
“What’s for dinner, Grannana?” Mark asked.
“You boys are not staying for dinner,” Maxine told them.
“We know, but we want to make sure our friends are getting fed right,” Matthew said.
“Pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans, tossed salad, and peach cobbler for dessert. Happy?”
“Yep. You’re taking good care of our friends. I hope our dinner is half as good.”
The boys headed for Patrick’s room where he and Misha changed out of their uniforms. When they were stripped down to their underpants they took a moment to check each other out, which was not lost on the twins.
“You guys look good in your tighty whities,” Mark said. “You don’t need to wear more. You could even wear less.”
“Yeah, Grannana knows what naked boys look like,” Matthew said, thinking about the time he streaked past Maxine and got broomed.
Mark started to unbuckle his belt. “Those eighth graders in the back of the bus got me all horny. Do you guys mind if maybe we…um…you know, take care of business?”
Before Misha and Patrick could reply they heard Maxine yell that the twins’ father had arrived.
“Fuck,” Mark said as he rebuckled his belt, “I forgot he wasn’t working today.”
“Damn,” Matthew said, “and I was ready to really mess around big time I was so horny.” The twins were in the early throws of puberty and not at all ashamed of their sexual thoughts.
“Yeah, it would have been fun. Remember, you guys are coming over next weekend to watch Matthew streak to the road.” He didn’t fail to notice that both Misha and Patrick had distinctive tents in their briefs.
“You guys have fun,” Matthew told them. “We plan on showing Peter some new stuff when he stays over. I hope you do as much as we do.” While he didn’t specify he was talking about sex, there was no question that sex was his topic.
“Yeah, see you at the party tomorrow,” Mark said.
Matthew and Mark grabbed their backpacks and headed to the front of the house, with their two friends right behind them. Scott was waiting at the front door and didn’t fail to notice the state of undress of their two friends. He wondered if anybody remained dressed around his boys, especially considering they had difficulty keeping their own clothes on; in fact he was surprised they were fully dressed. The twins hugged Maxine and charged past their father and out the door.
Maxine looked at Patrick and Misha. “How about you boys finish getting dressed.”
“We are finished, Grannana,” Patrick grinned.
“I would call what you’re wearing your ‘after dinner in the bedroom’ clothes. I expect more when you sit at the table for dinner. We don’t want to give Misha the wrong impression now do we?”
“But, Grannana, being in our underwear gives the right impression.”
“Do I need to get the broom?” Maxine was not one for debate with Patrick or any other children.
“No, ma’am.” Patrick saw the twinkle in his great-grandmother’s eyes and knew he wasn’t in trouble. The way he read her was she would loosen up the dress code in the future.
The boys dressed into shorts and t-shirts and went out into the backyard to play catch.
“I hope next year we can all play on the same baseball team,” Patrick said.
“I hope that in the fall we can all play on the same soccer team,” Misha said. “And I said soccer, not football. I am learning to be an American.”
“You don’t need to learn how,” Patrick said. “I think you already are one.”
The boys had an enjoyable evening with Maxine and Brian. They played Risk in the living room after dinner. While Misha’s strategies gave him an advantage for much of the game, the dice had their own ideas, and Patrick ended up conquering his father’s holdings in the Americas before defeating Misha to rule the world.
After dinner they had stripped down to only their briefs, t-shirts, and socks. Maxine said nothing; her point had been about dinner time dress. She was happy they kept their t-shirts on. Brian, on the other hand, wished they’d take their shirts off and give him a better view of their smooth, slim, preteen bodies. He did enjoy every glimpse he got of their briefs, however.
When Patrick and Misha settled into Patrick’s bed, they were naked. They had made no plans to be naked and hadn’t talked about being naked. Being naked together in bed was simply a given.
“Would you do what those guys in the back seat did when you’re in seventh or eighth grade?” Misha asked.
“No way, Jose.” Patrick wasn’t ready to tell Misha he’d already been sexually naughty on the bus.
“I think I might,” Misha said. “If somebody else did it with me. I wouldn’t do it alone.”
“Then maybe I’d do it with you.” Patrick told him.
Misha smiled and started to lightly rub Patrick’s belly. “I wish we could do it together anytime we wanted to.”
“What do you think Matthew meant when he said he wanted to mess around big time?” Patrick asked, although he knew exactly what they meant.
“I am not sure,” Misha replied, although he was certain they meant doing oral sex. He doubted they meant more than that. From what he’d observed, American boys were not into anal sex, something he would learn was not true.
“I think they were talking about blow jobs,” Patrick said.
“Your hand feels good on me.” Patrick wanted badly to put Misha’s cock in his mouth. The desk light was still on and the boys hadn’t covered their nude bodies and were able to admire each other’s hard little boners. “You can touch me if you want.”
Misha turned on his left side and placed his lips on Patrick’s. Patrick thought he would melt from the heat coursing through his body. The feel of Misha’s hand on his belly and of Misha’s lips on his mouth sent sensations through him that were overwhelming. Patrick opened his mouth slightly at the same time Misha’s right hand enveloped his rigid cock. He shivered with pleasure as Misha took advantage of the opening and snaked his tongue into Patrick’s moist mouth.
Patrick turned onto his right side and ratcheted the force of their kiss up a notch. Misha dropped his hand from Patrick’s cock and pushed his own turgid member against that of his friend. The boys started to rock and hump as they kissed and rubbed each other.
Misha loved the feel of Patrick’s skin, the smell of his breath, the beauty of his brown eyes, the timbre of his voice, the sweetness of his personality. He thought about Nikki, and realized that as much as he and the older boy liked each other, maybe even loved each other, in the end their relationship had been a sexual one more than a personal one.
Right now Misha was thoroughly enjoying what he and Patrick were doing together, but if he and Patrick did nothing sexual, Patrick would still be his best friend. Misha was beginning to understand that Nikki had been the bed master and Misha was the bed boy. Even though he was just over a year older than Patrick, Misha knew he wasn’t Patrick’s master—they were each other’s best friends, and that was what really counted.
“Get on top of me,” Patrick whispered. “Hump me.”
The boys rolled on the bed so that Misha was on top. He could feel Patrick’s hard cock as he squeezed it between the two of them. He licked Patrick’s neck as he humped his best friend. He wanted to suck Patrick, but this was feeling so good he just kept humping.
Patrick was still a few days short of being ten years old, and this wasn’t the orphanage. As much as Misha wanted to step things up, he didn’t want to be like a bed master and have Patrick doing things he didn’t want to do.
That was the last rational thought Misha had for the next couple of minutes. He showered Patrick with his kisses, ground his cock into Patrick’s belly and against his cock. He rolled his friend so they were side-by-side and the two kissed and humped each other. Misha’s left hand wandered to Patrick’s little white ass cheeks and he slowly massaged them.
Patrick wished Misha’s cock was in his mouth. He wanted to suck his best friend. They’d done it before and it was time to do it again.
The two young lovers didn’t need to say a word. Misha’s cock found its way into Patrick’s mouth, seemingly without him even thinking about it. Patrick loved the taste of his friend’s boy tool. He loved the feel of his foreskin. He loved everything about what he was doing. Misha had the best cock in the world for no reason other than it was Misha’s.  
But, he wanted to hump and hug and feel Misha all around him even more than he wanted to suck him. He reluctantly dropped Misha’s hard little pole from his mouth and wrapped himself around his boyfriend. They kissed and let their cocks glide together, their bodies sweaty and sticky as their smooth skin touched in so many places.
“I’m getting the feeling,” Patrick squealed.
“Me, too,” Misha panted.
Misha’s body froze, and then he shoved his cock hard into Patrick’s gut and grunted out little high pitched peeps. The extra push against his cock caused Patrick to issue a long, shrill moan, and the two prepubescent boys grabbed each other tightly as they enjoyed a mutual orgasm.
They didn’t need to talk after they climaxed. Because of their youth, some things were still beyond them. But sensing how their partner felt was not beyond them. Patrick pulled the covers over them, wondering when Misha would be able to shoot his seed on him—or even into his mouth. He turned off the light, received a brief kiss on his lips, snuggled against his best friend, and the two naked boys quickly fell into deep sleeps.
Brian had worn boxers to bed, remembering Misha’s coming to him for comfort the last time he’d spent the night. But they ended up not being necessary. Misha had come to Brian that night because he felt the urgent need for the comfort of an adult. On this night, he felt all of the love he needed in the arms of his best friend.

<Saturday, May 4>

While Patrick’s birthday party was on Saturday, his actual birthday wasn’t until Wednesday. The invitation to his party stipulated no gifts, but Patrick knew he’d get plenty of birthday presents from his family on Wednesday; he just didn’t know what.
The party was scheduled for one in the afternoon at Montezuma’s Mexican Restaurant. Misha and Patrick slept in until ten, ate a quick breakfast, wearing t-shirt and underpants (they weren’t ready to push Maxine too far), jerked each other off on Patrick’s bed, and showered together. After their mutual masturbation session, their boners didn’t go away, and the boys gave them a lot of attention in the shower. They finally dressed and played video games on the big TV in the living room.
Mark called Patrick asking a favor. “We had a surprise overnight guest.” Mark told him.
“What happened? Did some homeless kid show up at your door or something?” Patrick asked with just a tinge of sarcasm. His year with the Posse was teaching him the art, along with listening to his father who was a master of the sarcastic remark.
“No. When our dad got us home from your house, our mom said that an old friend of ours would be spending the night because of a family emergency. Me and Matthew haven’t seen him for a while, but my mom and his mom have kinda become friends.”
“So, what’s the favor you need?”
“Turns out he’s staying tonight, too, and…”
“Sure he can come to the party,” Patrick said, anticipating Mark’s question.
“You rock, Wombat. No way a guy could have a better friend than you.” Patrick beamed at the compliment. He loved and respected the twins.
“What’s his name?” Patrick asked.
“Clayton. He’s the guy that got kicked off of Jeremiah’s team with me and Mattie.”
“He and Ellis should sit with each other. They can both talk about what an a-hole Jeremiah is.”
“Roger that.”
Ian arrived at noon to ride to the party with Patrick, Misha, Brian, Maxine, Uncle Tim, and Uncle Roy, who arrived soon after Ian.  Brian didn’t have enough room for everybody in his little car, so he and Roy both drove. Ian, Patrick, and Misha rode with Roy, while the adults all rode in Brian’s car.
Roy was surprised to find himself enamored with Misha. The little fifth grader looked coordinated and athletic, and his winning smile made him an easy person to fall for. He hoped the little Russian boy and Patrick remained best friends for years to come.
They arrived at Montezuma’s Restaurant early. Tim, Roy, Brian, and Maxine quickly decorated the party room while the boys fed quarters into the video game consoles.
Neville and Ellis were the first to arrive, driven by Neville’s mother, and right after them came the twins and Clayton. Will, Vic, Hank, Paul, Curt, Lucas, Randy, and Chase were the other Puget Academy boys to come to the party. Carter and three other boys from Patrick’s soccer team also came to the party. There were eighteen boys at the party including the birthday boy.
Patrick was pleased by the turnout. He didn’t expect so many boys from the Academy to accept his invitations and actually attend the party. Because he was so young, he sometimes thought that his classmates looked down at him. He had a hard time believing the opposite was true, that his engaging personality, game winning smile, and leadership abilities made him a very popular boy. Except for Jeremiah and his gang he was well-liked by the fifth graders, and even some of Jeremiah’s friends secretly respected him.
Shelley, Neville’s step-mother, and Kristy, the twins’ mother, remained at the party to help maintain order. Brian had talked to both of them during the week requesting their assistance.
One of the things Patrick had to be prepared for was the big sombrero. The tradition at the restaurant was for the birthday boy or girl to wear a large sombrero for the duration of the party, right up to the noisy climax.
“You look really sexy in that thing,” Paul told Patrick, who was really happy the two eighth graders he’d invited had shown up. The two friends genuinely liked the boys on the Posse and the F-Five, their table teams. They felt they had the best two teams in the fifth grade and accepted their invitations immediately. They knew they would get some flak from their own classmates for attending the party, but they didn’t care. Besides, Paul thought the group was sexy and often jerked off fantasizing about the sexual escapades he’d had with the kids on the two teams along with the ones he’d like to have. 
The party was a huge success. There were plenty of tacos, burritos, and enchiladas to eat as well as endless soda. Patrick had plenty of cards to read, most of them funny and all of them age appropriate, which disappointed a few people in the room.
There was one present, however, and of course it was from the twins, who were certain the no present request applied to everybody except them. When Kristy saw that her sons had managed to sneak a present into the party, she cringed. There was no telling what her two eleven-year-olds had wrapped and she was afraid to find out.
Patrick accepted the package from Matthew, and diplomatically mentioned nothing about the no present rule. He had a feeling that his unconventional friends were giving him an unconventional present. The wrapping was an unruly mess of scotch tape and Christmas wrapping paper. The package was soft and felt like clothing. He thanked Matthew and Mark and set it on the table.
“You gotta open it now,” Matthew said, “so everybody can see it.”
Kristy turned to Shelley and Maxine. “I have a feeling I am about to have an embarrassing moment.”
“Embarrassing moments are part of the price of motherhood,” Maxine said.
“Amen to that,” Shelley concluded.
Patrick ripped the wrapping off of the present and saw it was a t-shirt. It was gray with black lettering. When he saw what it said, his high pitched laughter had everybody wondering what was written on it.
“Hold it up,” Brian said loudly. The lettering on the shirt: “BEING SEXY AIN’T EASY”. So much for being age appropriate. Brian started roaring with laughter, as did the rest of adults and kids in the room, with the exception of Kristy who was wondering which table she could hide under.
“I must say, I am not surprised,” Maxine said. She understood the twins even better than Brian, and almost as well as their mother.
“Where did they get the shirt?” Kristy asked. “That’s what I’d like to know.” In her mind, the only person who could have possibly purchased it was their father. She was determined not to let him off easy for this embarrassment.
“You need to put it on,” Ellis said, wishing he had a shirt like it.
Patrick removed the sombrero and pulled the oversized shirt over the polo shirt he was wearing. Everybody applauded when the wait staff came into the room, bringing a birthday cake, which they set on one of the tables. One of the waiters lit the ten candles and then told the birthday boy that it was time to do his thing. Everybody knew what that “thing” meant since it was a birthday party tradition at Montezuma’s.
Patrick replaced the hat on his head and quickly removed his shoes, knowing what was coming next. He blushed, then used the step-stool a waitress brought in to climb up on one of the other tables. The tradition was for the birthday boy or girl to stand on the table, wearing the big sombrero, while the staff and the partiers sang “Happy Birthday.” While Patrick felt a flush of embarrassment, he was also a natural performer and determined to put on the best show that he could for his friends and family.
As the group started to sing, Patrick waved the big hat, replaced it on his head, and then did a little dance in his stocking feet. Patrick was very musical, with a beautiful singing voice and a good sense of rhythm, but dancing wasn’t really his thing. That fact was hard to tell as his musical sense took over while he turned a full circle, proudly showing off his “sexy” t-shirt as he gyrated his hips to the applause of all. He was wearing shorts, and the long t-shirt hung down so low it looked as if he was wearing no pants at all, which made him look even sexier as he danced. The cameras flashed from all around the room.
The song ended and some Mexican mariachi music came through the speakers in the room. Patrick knew what was expected next. He kept dancing as he removed the sombrero and threw it up in the air, screaming out a high pitched, “Ole!” which the partiers followed up on. There was a battle for the hat, and Will ended up with it.
Then Patrick added a surprise move to his dance. He sensuously pulled up his “sexy” t-shirt along with the better fitting polo shirt, exposing his slender, white torso. The partiers cheered loudly when he yanked both shirts over his head and threw them into the audience as well. Ellis caught them and held on to them tightly.
Patrick was now wearing only shorts and socks as he danced to the fast-paced music. “Take them off,” Mark shouted, “take the pants off.”
“Mark,” Kristy yelled, “you mind your manners!” She could hardly be heard over the yelling and laughter as Patrick opened his belt and unbuttoned the shorts.
Holy, shit, Brian thought, he’s actually going to do it—he’s actually going to take them off.  Patrick grinned and licked his lips as he pulled down his zipper, revealing his white Fruit of the Loom briefs. Where the fuck did he learn the lip licking routine? Brian wondered as the boys and the wait staff screamed for Patrick to take off his shorts. While the boys cheered and yelled, Ellis quickly took a whiff of Patrick’s shirt. He wasn’t sure why he did it, but he wanted to do it in the worst way.
The little brown-haired boy grinned again and wiggled his hips as he pulled his shorts down below them, exposing all of his underpants, showing off his little crotch under the cotton. He let the shorts slide down to his knees, standing in virtually nothing but his underpants.  The flashes eBrian stood up ready to stop him from going further when his son yanked the shorts back up and gave his award-winning, ear-splitting smile. “Being sexy ain’t easy!” he shouted amidst more cheers. He carefully stepped back on the little step-stool and alighted to the floor.
Mark and Matthew were all over him, patting him on the back and laughing while they told him he should have gone even farther.
“No way I was getting naked,” Patrick told them.
“No, but it would have been fun for you to throw your shorts at somebody, too.” 
“Your son is a born performer,” Kristy told Brian. “The twins hold him in the highest regard, and that is not an easy status to achieve. But then, anybody willing to put on a partial striptease at his birthday party is their kind of friend, I guess.”
“I was set to stop him from going farther,” Brian said.
“It looks like you did,” Shelley said. “I think he saw you stand up, which is why he stopped.”
“You still need to blow out your candles,” Vic said, “so we can all eat cake.” That told everybody where his priorities were.
Patrick walked to the table with the cake, his pants still unbuttoned, his belt still unbuckled, and his zipper still pulled down—his shorts slowly slid down as he walked up to the cake. Will, plunked the sombrero onto Patrick’s head. He made his wish and blew out all ten candles to the cheers of his friends. Ellis brought him his shirts. Patrick put the shirts on the table. That told everybody where his priorities were as he stayed half dressed, his shorts having slid half way down his ass.
Mark came up behind him and pulled the shorts down to his ankles, screeching with laughter as he did so. Patrick gave in to the inevitable and stepped out of them. He was now wearing nothing but his socks and Fruit of the Looms.
Patrick sat between Misha and Mark. He winked at Misha, then looked down at his crotch, covered only by his white underpants.  Misha grinned and let his left hand wander inside Patrick’s underpants, feeling his friend’s hard dick, tickling his smooth balls, and rubbing his hairless pubic area. Mark looked at them with a leer.
The mothers served the cake and ice cream. Misha’s hand left Patrick’s briefs just long enough to avoid detection by a mother. He shoved it back inside after she walked away. Patrick was pleased to learn how naughty Misha could be, just like Misha had been surprised and pleased by Patrick’s erotic table dance. Misha finally had to pull his hand out of Patrick’s pants so he could deal with his cake and ice cream. Patrick missed his friend’s touch on his very aroused genitals.
After the dessert was consumed, phone calls were made, and the party started to break up. Patrick got a few hugs from his friends, his smile never leaving his face.
“Dang, Patrick.” Paul told him as he hugged him and clandestinely rubbed the bulge in Patrick’s briefs. “I thought for sure you were going to strip those shorts off on the table. I’m glad Mark did it for you—you were awesome. I never realized how sexy you were—that shirt is perfect.” What Paul didn’t tell the little fifth grader is that he’d had a crush on him since orientation.
Patrick looked for his shorts, but couldn’t find them. He put on the t-shirt, which covered his crotch area completely. The party finally broke up. Patrick and Misha rode with Brian, sitting in the backseat. Ian rode in the front seat. Maxine and Uncle Tim rode with Uncle Roy.
“Were you seriously thinking of taking off those shorts up there?” Brian asked.
“No way,” Patrick replied, although he knew he had been very close to doing so. “And they’re only off now because Mark stole them.”
“You didn’t stop because I stood up?”
“I never saw you stand up.”
“I wanted you to take them off,” Misha said.
“Me too,” Ian agreed.
“And then your underpants,” Misha teased.
“No! Never! The shorts, maybe, but the underpants wasn’t going to happen!” Patrick said emphatically.
“But you considered it, didn’t you?” Brian asked.
“I almost took my shorts off to throw to somebody,” Patrick admitted. “But, I never thought about pulling my undies off,” he said, knowing it was a minor lie. Sure he thought about it, but he never would have actually done it—at least not with the parents and wait staff watching. He was secretly pleased that Mark had pulled his shorts off and also happy that Mark hadn’t pulled his undies off with them.  He wondered what his friend had done with them.
Patrick pulled off his shirts so Misha could see more of him. He knew his Uncle and his Dad probably wouldn’t mind if he took his underpants off as well, but decided not to push things.
Misha instinctively grabbed Patrick’s hand. Brian caught a glimpse of the two boys in his rear view mirror as they looked at each other with goofy smiles on their faces as they held hands. If they weren’t so young, he’d say they were in love with each other, but Brian could see that there was some kind of special spark between the two. Whatever it was, he was happy that Patrick had an obvious best friend.
As they finally stopped in the driveway, Brian reached down and held up Patrick’s shorts, shaking with laughter.
“I’ll give them to you in the house.”
Patrick gave his dad a friendly punch on the arm and led the way to the house while Brian and Tim admired Partick’s wiggling ass that was barely covered by his tight white briefs. Patrick thought that his tenth birthday had been his best birthday ever.
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