Three Finger Cove: Collin ~ Book One

Chapter One Hundred and Fifty: The Lost Chapter

Many of you know that I was actually writing Three Finger Cove – Robert when I changed gears and put all my efforts into TFC – Collin. As I wrote TFC – Robert, I found myself constantly referring back to 'Collin' so I decided to write his story first. Since, this was my first ever attempt at writing, I didn't feel good about writing two stories at the same time.

I took me a long time to write Collin's story, from start to finish. The more I wrote the longer the story got. Then, I was afraid to post it because of my erratic writing habits due to my own family health issues. I finally got to the point that TFC – Collin would be finished and I contacted The Story Lover (TSL) and asked if he would host my story. Both he and Darryl – The Radio Rancher help proof-read and edit my story. The Story Lover began posting TFC – Collin but an unfortunate series of health issue befell TSL and he didn't post anything for almost two years.

I was approached by someone at Castle Roland who asked if they could then host TFC – Collin. Of course, I wholeheartedly agreed and you all have read the story. And that brings me to 'THE LOST CHAPTER'. Since I was writing TFC – Robert first, I had two folders and somehow an 'alternate final' chapter for TFC – Collin wound up there. I found that chapter the other night as I searched 'Robert's' Folder for material I had previously written.

Now that I found this 'Lost Chapter' I thought I'd share it with you.


Now, for your reading enjoyment:


The Lost Chapter

On the 1st of August, the day Collin Wilkinson left Three Finger Cove for the last time, Ken Thomas felt the heart and soul of Three Finger Cove being ripped out of it. Mr. Ken claimed that it was on that day of Collin's untimely departure which took the very 'life' right out of the Cove.

It all began with Collin's unorthodox arrival during that awful October storm some twelve months ago that brought 'life' to the Cove. His continuing presents gave the Cove the laughter and sorrow and smiles and tears a home needs in order to be fulfilled.

Likewise, his being ripped away so abruptly the way he was took that very essence and left in its place a gloom of despair especially for its resident's Ken Thomas and Chief his 'special' golden Labrador retriever.

For the few months after his 'little brother's' uprooting from the Cove, by his fraternal grandmother, Ken Thomas just sat around the huge lonely mansion and did practically nothing at all. Oh, he went through the motions of running his business affairs but his heart was no longer in what he did.

Ryan, the young boy he befriended and Mary Taylor, his mother, kept a careful watch on the hurting man as he ambled around the huge mansion. Ryan's job of taking care of the Cove's beach and dock and numerous water craft allowed him unprecedented access to his 'Big Bro' and to observe his every day demeanor.

Luckily, the Four Corners project, started before Collin's departure, had already been put into motion and the wheels of construction and eventual renting out of the myriad number of spaces had begun. The project was so large he convinced the County Commissioner's to allow him to fund the road and drainage improvements and reimburse him through the non-collection of taxes on that property until the debt was paid. His architect and construction company managed the entire operation knowing exactly what was to be done and how.

The Four Corner's project was only one of the many holdings Mr. Ken Thomas had amassed. The amusement parks and especially the electronics manufacturing company he bought off C.W.E. Inc., which was owned by Collin Wilkinson, were professionally managed and didn't need his dad-to-day interaction. Bill Jackson, Mr. Thomas' personal lawyer, also watched the man suffer the heartbreak of losing the one thing he loved more than anything and made sure nothing done by Ken Thomas lost anyone their job or position because of his inattention.

Then, on the first of October, at approximately 3 AM the phone rang in the master bedroom of Three Finger Cove. The bell rang and rang but Ken Thomas never budged to answer. Still in his self-induced non-caring attitude he refused to do anything that made him remember the boy he lost. The phone continued to ring and even after ten minutes of continuous ringing Mr. Ken refused to reach over and pick up the receiver and say, "Hello". It was Chief, his now constant companion, who picked up the handset and put it to the man's ear.

He felt the cold plastic pushed against his ear but to him that didn't mean he HAD to say anything so he just let it lie there. The person on the other end was saying something to him but he chose to ignore it.

"Go Away! Leave me ALONE!!" the man yelled into the mouthpiece, which was now nestled against his chin.

The person on the other end wouldn't give up and continued to try to get the man's attention. Then the individual at the other end of the line tried something hoping it would catch his attention.

"Mr. Ken, Wake up and talk to me."

That didn't work so the person tried again.

"Mr. Ken, Bro, I need you to save me."

"Huuuhh" could be heard and it was a start but it wasn't enough so they tried one more time.


"No, I didn't." Came the faint reply, but it came across the airwaves.

The, one more try.

"BRO, YOU TOOK A BULLET FOR ME!" yelled the other party.

"No, no, it was a lucky shot," could be heard a bit louder. The teen tried one more time.


A few seconds went by with no response and then it came.

"Col … Col'n … Collin is that you? … Collin? "

"Yes, Bro it is me."

"… Oh Collin … oh Collin I thought you hated Meeeee," was the reply and then huge sobs were heard across the phone line.

A few more silent seconds passed by.

"Collin … Collin, … I … I LOVE .. YOU TOO! … Please … COME home!" the man cried and his sobs were louder than before and then the man began balling and crying like a baby.

"I love you too, Bro and I AM coming home, I AM," said the teenager.

There was no response from that but only loud sounds of crying and balling to no end was heard.

You know from the Epilogue that they all assembled at the Wilkinson Residence for Thanksgiving and Three Finger Cove for the 'true' Holidays. It wasn't until that first Thanksgiving after Collin left that Collin and Mr. Ken reunited along with Mary and Ryan Taylor and Judy and Eric Turner. They all met at Collin's new home where Grammy greeted them warmly after her recovery from her stroke. The Epilogue speaks for itself.

I want to Recognize and Thank Darryl-AKA The Radio Rancher for all his efforts in proofreading Collin's story. His efforts were invaluable in making Three Finger Cove – Collin the great story it turned out to be.

I also want to Thank all of you readers who enjoyed Three Finger Cove – Collin and took the time to write to me. Three Finger Cove – Robert is now being written and I hope to soon begin posting chapters of his story. Until, then, Thank You all again for reading Collin's story.

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