I Want a Friend

Chapter Sixteen: Boyfriends

Arts class was the first one on that Tuesday morning and the teacher asked us as our last piece of work, to expose it outside or something, a picture of what we would like our future to be like.

Ryan was the first thing that came to my mind, but then I elaborated better the idea.

I ended up drawing a sunset over a wheat field, as I get amazed with the shades of color of the sunset and the golden shades of the wheat field and, to me, that was a nearly perfect landscape, well, maybe not the drawing but, at least, the idea.

"Mm... are you thinking about being a farmer, Phillip?" the teacher asked as he was taking my drawing.

"Maybe." I simply replied with a smile.

'Maybe not' was the first thing I thought right after that. Actually, the picture was about a moment I would like having with Ryan, so I really thought of what I wanted for my future while I was doing it, as I was thinking of Ryan.

I had Biology class with him. The teacher was explaining about evolution.

I couldn't help thinking about the way things evolved at home, at school, and obviously with Ryan, as he filled my life with feelings and purposes again, being the greatest purpose of it, after all.

We couldn't help keep looking at each other during the class and he would smile at me every time I looked at him and I would smile back.

Finally, we could talk as lunchtime arrived, so we headed outdoors, sitting on the grass, under the tree.

"So, Phil, I have something to tell you," Ryan said as we were starting eating.

I had already a surprised and hesitant expression. Everything was fine, I presumed, so I didn't want anything bad to happen.

"Hey, it's a good thing!" Ryan said all enthusiastic with a huge smile.

With that, he got an expectant smiling expression from me. I like good news, who doesn't?!

"Last night, before dinner, as I arrived home, it was awesome." Ryan started.

"So tell me for once at all!"

"And my parents told me they aren't gonna get divorced anymore, that they're good again, isn't it awesome?!" he almost shouted with a grin.

"Yeah!" I replied with a huge smile of my own.

"They were holding hands when they told me and everything... and I guess your mom helped for it, and even your dad." he was saying, looking so happy. I was happy along with him, and surely we were also relieved that this big problem went away.

"Thank youuu." he said wrapping me in a tight hug as we were sitting there, having lunch. It was a shame, but I had to let go really quickly.

"Ryan, we're at school."

"Ok, we can't hug here but we're gonna make up for it later," he said with a smile.

"But then, I can't hug you nor think of what we're gonna do later 'cause both have... effects on me," he concluded, blushing and looking downwards for a moment.

I just giggled at his true assumption and then he started talking about the way everything would be great as his parents wouldn't get apart anymore.

Actually, he just started talking about it and the bell rang, but we made sure of setting gym right after class.

So, both of us arrived earlier in the gym and the workout was going on very well.

It was noticeable, not only Ryan's but, our improvement, as we were always there, together and adding more weight with more practice at the exercises.

"You're getting stronger, Phil," Ryan said, looking at my raising and falling chest as I took my breath, on the bench.

"I don't know... I never think so." I said.

"I always do when I look at you after the workout. I guess some of it is in your mind, inside of you, ya know?" he said.

I just knew I blushed a little as I averted my gaze to some bars instead of looking at Ryan, with a small smile.

"What?" he asked.

"It's just that I thought of something..."

"Say it," he told me.

"When you mentioned about being inside of me... I thought of what I want inside of me... I want mmm... you inside of me."

"I see... I also want the same," he replied as a huge smile was spreading on his face.

"But... if I'm getting stronger, it's gonna be rough." I joked.

"Mmm." Ryan closed his eyes and moaned in reply.

We ended up laughing and went on with the workout.

As we arrived home, we were spent, so Ryan took his bag off of his shoulders and put it on the couch.

"Oh, I'm so spent," he said out of the blue, shrugging his shoulders big time.

"Yeah, me too." I naively replied.

When I closed the bedroom's door behind me, Ryan was already taking me in a light embrace and breathing in my neck.

After a few steps in his direction like that, embraced, he started lightly kissing my neck, my cheek.

We smiled at each other and, with that, Ryan was taking my t-shirt off as I raised my arms.

He stopped as he placed the t-shirt on a chair, as his hair was slowly falling over his forehead, keeping his calm smile, so I took his t-shirt off as well.

He placed his hands on my shoulders and was caressing my chest with his thumbs. His hands slowly dropped back to his sides.

As we were looking at each other, with that happy contented feeling, with our bare smooth chests so close, as he had just caressed mine, I felt an urge to hug him, hold him tight.

As I was feeling his softness and warmth, as our bare chests were together, he lightly rested his hands on my upper back.

"Thank you for never letting go..." I whispered in his ear "... as our love feels like a great embrace." I concluded while he kissed my earlobe.

Ryan replied with a long and feverish kiss, while he ran his hands all over me. Then, I could feel his hand already in my waistband and my shorts dropped down.

He also took his shorts and put the mattress on the floor. He looked at me and then at the mattress. I understood I should lie over it.

As I was lying on my stomach, he knelt with one knee on each side of me and gently placed his hands over my shoulders.

"It is to make up for yesterday," he said in my ear.

"Hey, thanks, hun." I contented replied.

He planted a kiss on my cheek and started rubbing my shoulders, lightly at first but then vigorously. I even moaned as I felt the tension go away, his touch, and I could notice I was getting hard, pressing against my briefs and the mattress.

After that, he moved his hands in circled over my shoulders and went on rubbing my back. It ached a little in the end but he lightly kissed all of it as he rubbed.

He brushed his erection through the fabric of our briefs as he changed his position to rub my legs as he rested it then, against my thigh.

It felt a little painful but still good as he rubbed his thumbs over the back of my thighs and couldn't help noticing the way my shaft was poking in my briefs.

He rubbed my calves and oh, I so needed it. After that, he started kissing my neck, with his tongue over it. It was even making me gasp.

"Ah... mm... Ry, my turn?"

"Mm... yeah."

I turned and we shared a kiss, so I rolled over him. We smiled at each other. His smile was radiant and so was mine.

I gently placed one hand on his side for him to roll on his stomach.

I placed one knee on each side of him and couldn't help brushing my hard shaft, through our briefs, on his butt.

I started running my thumbs over Ryan's shoulders, as he moved them to relax. With that, I started pressing them with my hands, rubingb them, as Ryan kept a pleased smile and lightly moaned.

I pressed my fingers against his neck as he shivered and went on making my way down over his spine, then rubbing the sides of his back in circles.

I gently rubbed his sides while I smooched his back.

Slipping my hands over his butt, I started rubbing his thighs and it was noticeable the way his moans were increasing as the hardness of my shaft wanting to get out of its confinement. So, I reached his calves, with care.

As I was making my way up, Ryan rolled to his back and pulled me to a feverish kiss. He started taking his briefs off and I felt a few drops of precum on my navel as his shaft sprang.

"Mm... Phil, c'mon." he hurried me, as I took my briefs off.

I started kissing his chest as he had his hands all over my back and moaned.

"Mm... go for it, Phil." he was moaning while I was nuzzling his neck.

With that, I felt my warm cum erupting all in between us.

Ryan gasped as I felt his cum spraying over my navel and chest.

I was lying spent over him as we were taking our breaths feeling his chest rise and fall and the cum between us.

I knelt on the mattress to reach for a t-shirt to clean our torsos. I lightly ran the t-shirt over Ryan's chest after cleaning mine as he kept smiling at me, a so sincere and beautiful smile.

I threw the t-shirt away and were lying on our backs, contented, relaxed and spent. Ryan took hold of my hand.

"Are we boyfriends?" he lightly asked with hesitance and some expectant, too.

"Yeah... I guess so." I replied not denying a smile.

"You're my best friend... now I have the best boyfriend." Ryan said.

"You're the one who's my boyfriend... you're the one... to me." I sweetly replied as we smiled at each other.

I rolled over him and we shared a long kiss that didn't end while the shades of light changed in the room and the sun moved in the horizon.

My Note: 

Talking about tiredness, I feel really tired being all carried away with things to do, so I sincerely hope a very special friend of mine forgive me for me being somehow also selfish in some ways and that he gets soon in his hands a humble try to make up for it.
With several changes in my life and my very self-being, see this is an attempt to show you what I still have of sensible and good in myself and I hope not losing it as much as I truly expect not losing what I have of good, my friend.

Maybe we live in the sensitive world in which the hints of happiness that are available for us are just reflection of our sentimental memory, which tells us about the ideal world, that can be reached only through love. And maybe, what you read above is just a description of how making a connection.

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