I Want a Friend

Chapter Eighteen: Feeling Hot

"I have to go, you know?" Ryan said, as I still had my head resting on his bare chest, which was slowly raising and failing, continuously, as the sunlight was already fading through the window.

"Mmm... really?" I moaned "Please, say you're just kidding and that you wanna stay." I continued. "Please?!" I insisted for the last time caressing his arm's and chest's skin lightly... lightly kissing it.

"Oh, don't do that Phil... I gotta go." Ryan said almost like if I was making him sad for having to go... well, that was the very intention.

I just recalled one thing in my mind at that very moment, but kept it to myself a little, so Ryan and I were getting dressed as I didn't say anything else.

As he looked at the door, to go, I just put myself in front of it with a wicked smile and a mischievous look, trying to make it shine gray towards him.

"You're dressed and everything..." I started.

"Mhm..." he agreed.

"But... you're gonna have to stay, you know?" I said in a winning-challenging tone.

"Will I?!" he asked, pretending a confused expression, even bending his head to the right, but not denying a small smile.

"Yeah..." I concluded, as he approached and was already holding me against the door.

"May I know why?" he continued in my ear as I held him too, resting my hands on his back.

"Because tomorrow we don't have the first class, so we can sleep until later, and you don't have to be at school so early, nor do I... and you can have dinner here at home, and you know our parents won't mind and everything."

"So?" he finally dared me.

"Don't you still know what I like doing when we have time?... I just know we can't make it if you're not here." I concluded, even blushing a little.. as I was realizing the nasty I was being.

With that, I started kissing his neck and run my hands on his back but we just got apart when we heard the front door opening.

"Mm... great, now I'll just tell mom you're staying and that you're calling to your house," I concluded.

"Alright." he agreed, not denying a sweet smile himself. "Jeez, would there be a way for me to say otherwise?!" he continued.

"Would you really like to?" I triumphantly finished letting some of my hair fall over my eyes and even pouting a little my lower lip. That only got a larger smile of him.

Everything was okay, so was dinner and after that Ryan insisted on helping with the dishes as usual. As it was getting recurrent, mom just let him do it this time.

He insisted on washing the dishes -- he said he didn't want `only drying' because it wouldn't even look like he was helping -- so he was washing it while I was drying. It was quick as I was with Ryan. I could go on doing that all night long and probably wouldn't even notice. I got impressed the way even drying the dishes... which is bloody boring... felt good with Ryan. I guess I just found out... if mom wanted me to do everything, it was just having Ryan at home all the time that I'd even mow the lawn and everything *giggle*

I told Ryan to go take his shower first while I went into the living room talking to dad mostly about my grades and then about some news on tv. So I went taking my shower after him.

When I went to my room, I found him finishing settling things. As usual, he made the bed for us to sleep and the mattress on the floor for us to mmm.. mess up... and to make it look we wouldn't sleep totally hugged together... as if ... *giggle*

"What an efficient guy... already done?" I said as I got in the room. Just got a beautiful smile back.

"Are we gonna sleep apart?" I asked, still by the door.

"Of course not," he said with a confused look.

I kissed him on the lips and lightly pulled him onto the mattress. As we broke the kiss we were smiling.

"Do you remember the first time you slept here with me?... When you got in and asked me if we would sleep apart just `cause I was settling two places apart."

"I felt so sad for a moment," he admitted.

"But then I felt very happy, with you, as I do now," he concluded smiling and then kept looking at me.

It was making me really hard rocking against him on the mattress as the cotton of our briefs rocked and I started inhaling against Ryan's neck while he ran his hands on my back.

"Mmm, feels good." he moaned in my ear as he increased the movement with his hips.

"Yeah, I'd better take it off," I said as I made my way down.

I kissed the tip of his shaft. He shivered. I took it in my mouth and it didn't take very long until I could taste his precum. That only made me want more and soon he erupted in my mouth.

In no time he rolled me on my back kissing my chest and smiling at me already slipping his hands on my sides and taking my briefs off. There was precum already in it and seeing it Ryan kissed my shaft, resting his lips over the liquid. Rght next, when I thought he'd make me cum, he started just kissing the base of it.

After that, he got it in his mouth and I didn't last long before moan and erupt in his mouth.

We shared a long kiss and drifted off like that, with him lying against my torso and resting his cheek on my shoulder. 

Next day, at school, I didn't have the last classes, so I decided I'd go running as that was beautiful... although it was a very warm sunny beautiful day. On my way to the field, the guys approached me and invited me to play basketball with them. I knew I ran better than played basketball but they insisted because there was just one person missing to form the teams. Okay, I know they invited me then just to fill it up however I accepted because I like playing basketball -- it's just that I don't play that well.

Well, when I play with the guys I mostly keep running -- to keep my position -- because when I get the ball I quickly pass it away -- as I don't know much to do with it *giggle*. So, I also liked because mostly I do run the same way and mainly when it's playing I know I get quite tired, reddish and sweaty, but that's good.

So, as I decided I would look for Ryan I found him coming in my direction. From far he was already smiling widely and I couldn't help doing the same at him. "Hey, Phil, finally found you," he said, still breathing a little heavily.

"Were you playing?" I asked as I saw him in his baseball uniform... quite dirty of sand, I may say, but I was clean myself to be fair.


So, there was a silence and I just kept looking at him with that white cap along with his uniform as the tip of his blond hair was shining under the intense sunlight, so beautiful. When I got `back to reality' he was staring at me, too, but I was only dirty of playing -- let's say -- basketball but wasn't any good at it much less using some team cloth.

"So, let's go?" he said.


As there was still early, we were walking together aimlessly. We were passing by downtown's park as the sun was shining bright, indeed, making the trees shine very green and there was very beautiful the way the water sprayed upwards from the fountain.

The slight breeze was bringing some of the water's freshness so we went towards the fountain and stayed by the border, this way some of the sprays would blow on us.

Both of us were standing, bending to the water, holding the border with stretched arms. Ryan looked terrific, still in that white -- okay a little dirty, not so white -- uniform, that cap, as the sunlight reached him and the water sprayed over us, making small shining drops in his pinky cheeks. He would only look at me and smile and I'd smile back.

He kept staring at me and I just kept smiling and didn't really know what to say as the fresh watery breeze rushed at us.

"You're so beautiful," he said after a while. Actually, that's exactly what I was thinking about him.

Then, he looked at the water reflection for a while. There were he and me reflecting at the water.

"Phillip..." he started, looking at the water "Do you think we're gonna remain like this ... I mean, in the future, like when we go to college?"

"I don't know," I replied as I stared at the water. Then he looked at me.

"Why? Are you afraid of getting old? Do you wanna stay young forever? Like in the youth fountain?" I asked him, in a playful tone.

He splashed some water at me due to that.

"That's so gay!" I continued, joking.

He splashed a lot of water at me, this time, again.

"Hey, you don't even know if this water is clean," I complained.

"The water is clean... as if you were clean right now," he replied. "You... are so gay." he continued replied to my first affirmation.

"I'll tell you who's gay. I'll get you for that." I challenged him with a mischievous look.

With that, he started running through the park and I just know I got running after him under the burning sun for some time. I was determined I would get him for that as we were very playful.

"Ok, ok, I quit. Don't do anything with me... don't..." Ryan said decreasing the pace and stepping back as he was taking his breath.

"You'd lose!" I stated out and laughed. He joined me in the laughter.

"This way we're gonna get so dirty `till arriving home," Ryan observed.


As we arrived home we went to my room. Ryan didn't even let me say something and was already kissing me and with his hands on my t-shirt to take it off.

"Mm... you're really horny huh?" I stated out in between kisses.

"Yeah..." he said already taking his t-shirt off as we were lying -- falling -- on the bed.

"And we're dirty... " I started as he looked deeply at me "... sticky and sweaty." I continued.

"Yeah, we are." he agreed taking my shorts off already.

All I could do was taking my t-shirt off to contribute as well, as he was already naked over me on the mattress.

He was kissing my chest all over, running his hands on my neck and arms but my hair, close to my neck, was kinda wet. He kept kissing my chest.

"You know, I'm all sweaty?" I said.

"You're really gay today!" he playfully replied smile on his flushed face stopping the kisses for a moment.

I rolled over him on the bed for that placing my both hands on his chest.

"Tell me, who's gay now, huh?" I demanded, but not helping the large smile on my face.

"You. You're veeery gay." he replied laughing at me... at us, challenging me.

With that, he poked me on the rib. As I let go of him and bent down he reached for a kiss and rolled over me again.

He started kissing my bellybutton as he placed his hands on my waist. Then, he made his way to his prize.

He was kissing the balls. In no time he was sucking my hardness vigorously. I pushed his shoulders for him to stop because I wanted my turn, too.

"Top me." he said, directing his look to his back as I was by his side.

I gently placed my hands on his waist as I saw my hardness `magically' disappear slipping in, slowly.

When it was all in I lay on Ry's back inhaling close to his neck. He was moaning a lot.

"Mmmhm, feels so good," he said, from deep inside.

I took a little out and then in again. Soon, I had a good motion and as he moaned and the motion along with his moans were driving me to an edge.

I took it in and out a few more times as I felt I couldn't take it anymore and came inside him. As it all was erupting inside him I felt him contracting even more with loud moans.

As I took it out and he looked back with his messed up blond hair and those green eyes along with a flushed face there was an understanding look as we switched places. I couldn't help noticing the much it left him so hard.

I didn't feel tense as Ryan placed his hands on my shoulders and I felt the tip of his hardness. He started kissing my back making his way up and up.

His shaft was slipping in as he did it, but I couldn't pay much attention as I was feeling something amazing building inside of me, and that wasn't anything like cumming. It was different, so intense, so good.

I got lost in my senses for a moment until I felt his hard flexed thighs against my butt and let out a huge gasp. I felt him resting his cheek on my back as he held me with his both hands on my stomach.

His breathing was getting heavier against my back as mine also was. That felt really good. I could say his urge was building up as his moans got faster.

I felt his hot cum taking its place inside of me and then a few more spurts. With that, he got his shaft out and was passionately kissing the back of my neck in a wet way.

So, I rolled on my back to share a long kiss. Our tongues entwined and connected more than our bodies did before in all that explosion of energy rushing through us.

We broke the kiss and he was resting his cheek against my chest, running his hand over the other peck while I combed his hair with my fingers.

"I was thinking... " he was saying, looking at my chest as he caressed it "...we've been so insecure, through so many situations... we could've drifted apart 'cause of them, but I think things are finally okay," he concluded as he directed his look towards mine -- at him -- with a smile.

"Dunno.. just ain't that sure."

"Why?" he asked.

"Just dunno 2," I replied.

"One thing I'm sure..." I continued "...mm, maybe the thing I'm sure the most in this life..." I was saying as he was looking at me with that contented and peaceful look "I love you." I concluded.

"I love U 2." he concluded and reached for my lips.


My Note:

I complained about bad things before... as life got so different for me I learnt - like I gotta hold strong on such belief - being thankful for everything that goes right, even the smallest and the most basic, and even trying being thankful for the bad things - holding to the belief they're there to make me stronger - otherwise I'd perish like a weak one. 
Be strong and your reward will come... it's already there, it's you, that special being.
Thank you. I thank you for existing and add to the world with that light of yours, and being reading of mine now. Thank you.

I've been so busy but I made sure of not letting my writing down, so I sincerely hope you who read it, really appreciate it and if you do, I'd really like hearing of yours at  Luiz

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