Uniformed Response: Book One

Chapter One

TOM: I rode along with my partner, Josh Whiggins, on the last shift of our working week. Josh was driving as I entered our last traffic stop into the laptop we carried in our cruiser for just this purpose, it gave officers a few extra minutes on the road, and when we got back to the station house we were set to leave after signing off on our shift, no more sitting at our desks trying to write up our every action on our shift, many a time forgetting a detail or two, not that Josh or I had ever had that happen, at least not so it made a difference to our cases. We had been partners since I was assigned to him right out of the Academy, having graduated second in my class of 45. I was just 24 then and single, he was a 7-year force veteran, married with two kids. We worked patrol for our town's police force, a town of about 40 thousand, the big college town of Amherst Massachusetts.

There was Hampshire College, Amherst College, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst and all of its satellite schools, like the School of Agriculture and the School of Animal Husbandry among others.

We were a force of about 47 and Josh and I had a patrol route that included the town common and all the businesses there, the downtown fire station, and several blocks of residential neighborhoods which has some of the fraternity and sorority houses sprinkled in amongst the regular houses. In the daytime, there were two foot patrols and two cars in the area, but at night, there were just the two car patrols unless there was a large function at the medium-sized hotel and the big restaurant right off the common, then extra foot patrols and occasionally a patrol car would be added.

One of the shops at the narrow end of the town common's oval shape was a coffee shop, that we stopped at twice a day, at the beginning of our shift, and about an hour before our shift ended at about 11 pm. So, our first visit each shift was about 3:15 or so and we'd grab what we'd need until our later stop, usually a couple of coffees and a roll or bagel or two to tide us over until our dinner break about 7 pm, after the short rush hour as workers left the downtown and campus areas. We usually took our purchases to a bench that faced the busy commercial side of the long oval of the common, the area with the hotel and big restaurant on one end and several smaller shops and businesses along the side and the fire station for the downtown area right in the middle. The big brick building was lined on the first floor with 4 huge fire truck bays and a regular door into the building leading to the truck parking bays and a wooden staircase leading to the second floor and the fire crews' offices, meeting rooms, kitchen and sleeping quarters for the overnight crew. Across the front of the second floor was a gym for the firefighters use and it was to those windows my gaze often wandered. I loved watching the very fit firemen working out, and one, in particular, had had my attention for the last month, since he had first appeared in the windows.

Josh had noticed my area of concentration weeks ago and had teased me about it since. He knew I wasn't straight after our first after shift beer at a local college bar. He said he had had his suspicions, but didn't know for sure until he watched who I watched while we were in the very mixed clientele in the bar. I guess I just wasn't used to seeing the gay boys dancing topless with all the hetero couples on the dance floor, or the female couples dancing together even on the slow numbers.

I admit it, I'm a bumpkin from the country, actually not too far from here. I was raised in the country and didn't mix with anyone but the other students in my hometown. It wasn't until my sophomore year in college when a fellow class member in my government class shyly asked me out on a date that I had even kissed anyone, let alone my ideal, a strong shy muscle jock. We only had about three dates and sex only twice when he was forced to return to his home in Ohio, as one of his parents had died in a car crash and he had to return home to help out. I had tried to keep in touch, but his emails became fewer and fewer and then stopped altogether after only a month.

Josh nudged me as I was setting up the laptop for our shift and I looked up and there was the smooth muscular blond fireman leaning out the window, shirtless, waving to me, gesturing me to come over to the firehouse. As I looked up at him from across the street Josh was chuckling, saying that had certainly gotten my attention. As I stood, the fireman called down," Yes, you officer, we need a policeman here now". I looked to Josh and he just smiled and touched the shoulder mic on his uniform, an indication I should turn mine on also, so as I crossed the street I turned on my mic and reported I was attending a call for assistance at the fire station.

I reached the entry door and was mounting the stairs as the blond was just starting down them, still pumped up and shirtless and wearing an old pair of sneakers and a very skimpy pair of running shorts, made smaller by the slits up the sides of the muscular thighs and revealing that the guy had only a jock on under the shorts and I could see it was a very worn jock and one of his hairless balls was slipping out of the well-worn pouch which was having a hard enough time containing his really big uncut cock as he stood above me on the steep staircase, waiting for me to ascend to his level before speaking.

"We've caught someone in the pantry off the kitchen, we've been missing some food out of the kitchen for a few days now, but this afternoon we heard a thud and then some pots or pans falling in the pantry so we latched the door and I ran to the window to get your attention" .I didn't dare say that he had had my attention for over a month now because we were approaching the kitchen area and there were two other firemen standing in gym clothes and the chief in his uniform and I could hear men talking in the meeting room beyond the kitchen area. I pulled out my mace and motioned for the men to stand back from the pantry door and slowly opened the door a crack and switched on the pantry light, ready to mace whoever was in there, but all I saw were some pots, some knocked over cans and pasta boxes on the floor, and two young racoons on the upper shelf trying to get back through the hole that led to the attic in the old building. They might have made it if they tried going one at a time, but they were getting in each other's way by both trying to escape at the same time.

I spoke into my shoulder mic and asked for backup and the dispatcher asked if we needed armed response and I told her no, animal rescue would do, but to have them hurry and to bring the long-handled nets, I had two masked bandits here of the furry variety and they were not happy about being caught. I then used a broom handle and slid a large pot lid over the hole and backed out of the pantry, telling the firemen that animal rescue was on their way from about a block away and not to let anyone else open the pantry door as I shut it. I explained what their thieves were, and they shared a few chuckles with me and as I made to leave I told the young, very handsome, muscle man that I'd need some information from him for my report.

We made for the front exercise room and as he sat on a weight bench I was treated to the sight of his left testicle slipping out of his jock and a damp spot forming at the end of the long tube stuffed in the pouch. I didn't move from the spot that gave me this view and as I stood there and wrote his name, address, and phone number down he told me he was Sam, Sam Paige. I told him I was Officer Tom Chase and gave him one of the police department cards with my home answering machine phone number on it. I told him that our shift ended about 11 pm and I was usually home about 15 minutes after, and he told me his shift ended about the same time this week, but next week he was starting a 3 on 3 off rotation for the rest of the month to cover for some of his co-workers vacations. He then asked if I needed help with that nasty spill.

I looked at him quizzically and he reached out and rubbed my crotch, where I guess I had leaked through my boxer briefs and onto my uniform crotch. I let him feel around a bit, it not only felt good, but I got to see his muscular arm flex as he did it, and then he pulled me closer by the hips and started to suck on the pants just above the head of my dick, removing as much of the pre cum as he could, leaving me with a little bigger wet spot, but one that wouldn't dry with a white edge around it. The only problem was that my dick head was right there, loving the sucking sensations his mouth was creating. I began to go for his nipples, but stopped and just held them, telling him he had better stop, for now, and let me get back to my shift. I removed a handkerchief from my back pocket and stuffed it in the pouch of my boxer briefs, hoping it would sop up what was continuing to leak out of my fat tube. I let my hand caress his left ear and cheek and moved to exit the gym, making the "call me" sign with my hand and left to meet up with Josh, passing the animal control guys as they slid past me as I made my way down the stairs.

Josh was really ragging on me as we got into our cruiser, but I was just relieved that nothing out of the ordinary had gone out over my shoulder mic and that we hadn't yet had body cameras issued yet, although they were coming. He asked if I had at least gotten his number and I told him it was all in my report and that I had gotten a chance to give him one of my cards, and I'd let him do the calling first, but I thought he would, and maybe tonight. That night was a fairly typical Friday night for a college town after regular classes had ended and graduation weekend was behind us, a few speeders on the route into town and a few drunken Summer students to escort back to their frats or sorority house. If it was a student from the dorms we were supposed to call in the campus police, but many is the time we took pity on the student and just delivered them to their dorm if there was no property damage or a physical altercation involved. Every incident had been recorded by our shoulder mics and the report typed into our laptop and sent directly to the station via the internet.

Our unit checked in, and our laptop secured in the partner's desk we shared, Josh and I were all signed out by 11:10 pm and on our way to our own vehicles in the station's parking lot. Josh asked if I wanted to join him for a beer, but I begged off, I told him it had been a long week and I was ready to crash, but I was really anxious to get home and see if Sam had called.

When I pulled into the townhouse complex I reflected on how lucky I had been to find this end unit in a complex of only thirty townhouses, and none of them occupied by students. I had just been about to go house hunting when this foreclosed unit came on the market. It was a four floor, four-bedroom, five bath unit with a two-car garage on the first level and a big family room behind the garage but connected to the kitchen by a short staircase, the land being higher in the back than it was in the front of the home. I pulled into the garage and went into the house through the connecting staircase and into the hall that leads to the kitchen in the front and the living room and attached dining area. There was a den behind the kitchen, and the kitchen was roomy with a counter separating it from the wide hall. There was a nice staircase leading to the third level where there were two good sized bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, and a smaller bedroom that could be a study, this room was serviced by a shower bathroom accessed in the hall. The washer and dryer were located on this level in a very large storage room off the hall. The next level was what had sold me on the place, it was the master bedroom suite, using the entire attic space. There are plenty of built-ins, two walk-in closets, a really nice jetted tub and a separate shower. The best feature was the private deck off the sleeping area, and I mean it was private from any neighbors, near or far, Planes flying over would get an eyeful, but then the neighborhood wasn't on any known flight plan. I was proud of not having tan lines, although with my dark Italian coloring, even in winter I rarely paled out much.

I stripped out of my uniform and placed it in the bin I used for the dry cleaning I'd need to drop off the next day. I had two other sets hanging and clean in my closet, but it was always good to have all of them clean at the beginning of my work week. As I walked to my bathroom I noted that the boxer briefs I had been wearing were still plumped up and the handkerchief wasn't the only reason. I slipped them off, along with the damp handkerchief and my tight t-shirt and socks and dropped them in the laundry basket. I padded naked into the shower and reflected on what I could see as I glanced at the long mirror opposite the glass-walled shower as I washed head to toe.

I was a 6-foot-tall 26-year-old man, heavy in the muscle department. I had a 32" waist, a 50" chest with very defined and shaped pecs topped with eraser sized nipples that responded to the slightest stimulus, becoming as big as earbuds and super sensitive. The chest and waist are connected by my wash boarded six-pack with a treasure trail running down the middle ending in a trimmed dark bush atop the nine-and-a-half-inch long dick that usually hung soft about five inches. This sat atop my balls, that I once was told were the size of chicken's eggs, maybe the guy's mouth was small, he could only get one in at a time, but he was that guy in college, I thought his were small, but it was a joy to watch him squirm when I took both of his at the same time into my mouth. I've had nothing but what I saw in porn or in the locker room at the academy to compare myself to since those few times with that guy in college.

I wanted to get off in the shower, but I also wanted to go to the answering machine in the den to see if Sam had called. If he hadn't I could always put in a porn DVD and watch it from the comfort of my bed. I quickly toweled off and padded to the second floor to check the answering machine in the den. The machine is on the landline in the house and I don't give out my cell number if I can help it. I carry it at work and I don't need to be distracted while on the job.

I walked over to the machine and sure enough, it was blinking. It was Sam and with some mirth, in his voice, he said he wanted to make a personal complaint about his interrupted interrogation this afternoon, and he asked if I knew where he could file that complaint. I immediately called his cell and began walking back upstairs as I waited for him to answer. He answered on the second ring and my right hand automatically dropped to my stiffening dick as I finished walking upstairs to get dressed, but instead, I lay on the bed, caressing my sac and playing with my dick as we talked.

I told him that I was hoping to complete my earlier interrogation soon and he chuckled in a much deeper tone than I had expected, and I felt the first drop of precum leak from the slit in my dickhead. I told him I was working on another spill and if it wasn't too late maybe he'd like to come over to my place and we could sop it up together. He was laughing again, and told me if he knew where I lived he'd have been here right after his shift, spill or not. I gave him directions, and in five minutes my front doorbell was ringing. His apartment was only a block away. I opened the door with just a pair of cutoff sweatpants on and I liked the way his eyes caressed me as he walked in when I stood back from the doorway, so he could enter. He told me that he lived in the middle of the next apartment complex and he had cut through their grounds and hopped the fence between us, I told him I was glad he had, and then offered him something to drink.

I wasn't prepared when he went down on his knee and reached up the short leg of my cutoffs and began to nurse on my leaking dick, his muscular arms reaching up to tease and taunt my overly sensitive nipples. The surprise I had felt when he engulfed my cock in his mouth was intensified by the attention he was lavishing on my nipples, but I gently held his blond head and drew it off my fully engorged cock and bent down to kiss him. God, he was a really good kisser and I had five or six years to make up for in just the kissing department. I led him up to my bedroom, trying to undress him as we went, and by the time we arrived I had removed his tight polo shirt and had my hands on the fly of his 501's and was immediately in extreme heat as I realized he was going commando. "Fuck it", I thought, I'm going to slide my hands around and grab that big muscle butt, and apparently he wanted me to as he squirmed out of the jeans and stepped out of them, all with my hands kneading his ass and now our equally matched dicks were getting to know each other as they rubbed and dripped all over each other as we tried to gag each other with our meaty tongues, his hands playing naughty games with my nipples.

My fingers had found his taint and his rosebud, and they seemed as happy as my dick did when I felt his moist opening trying to pull off my middle finger when I was teasing his hole with it, his deep moans filling what little space was left around his tongue in my mouth. I moved us closer to the king-sized bed and we both fell onto it, him on the bottom, me on the top of him. His legs wrapped around my waist and pulled me to him and with just the combined drippings from both of us gathered in my right hand I smeared our juices onto the head of my cock and I slowly entered him. Either he had lubed himself before coming over or we had the slickest juices I had ever heard of, because he was really tight and yet my thick cock was slipping and sliding in that muscled hole as he used his flexing to milk the cum right out of me, the moment he leaned up and started to suck my right pec flat through my right nipple.

While shooting directly into him, buried shaft deep inside him I was trying to repeatedly pull his dick off of him, having to keep my hand swiftly moving up and down it, using a milking grip I had learned on the farm growing up. Judging by the copious amounts of his man-made milk he certainly enjoyed that as much as I had.

We lay and talked for hours, after I gave myself another raging hard-on by cleaning us both up with a washcloth from the bathroom. We discussed that neither of us would have allowed barebacking this soon, but we knew each of us had to undergo strict testing every quarter for our jobs, but we confirmed to each other that we were indeed safe. We practiced some more unsafe sex before we nodded off in each other's arms soon after our "getting to know you" talk. I found out he was a year younger than me, 24, and had attended community college in Holyoke and had graduated a year after me in high school in my hometown. I was incredulous, as I couldn't think how I would have missed him in school, but, as he explained, we were both skinny, geeky, loners, although he admitted he had been even shyer than me in high school. It wasn't until he was taking some EMT training at the community college that he began to work out and develop a more outgoing personality. It was there that after a few failed relationships he decided that if he didn't let a guy know he was interested he would never get to even know the guy, let alone bed him. He said he had a one nighter about every five or six months, but nothing had ever become of those hook-ups.

In the morning I offered to make breakfast, and he offered a place for me to put my morning hard on. This time I put a bottle of lube on the nightstand, and after priming my pump with his mouth he handed me the lube and asked me to do the honors. Again, his ass muscles milked me dry, but I just held his dick until I shot and then I flipped him over and by swallowing a lot and humming I soon had a mouthful of the sweetest cream ever from him. I found out his nipples are just about as sensitive as mine and his mouth tasted even better with some cum in it.

I found out over breakfast that his family were not farmers like mine, but that they owned a cafe in town and lived above it in an apartment. After breakfast, we returned upstairs, and I led him to the deck outside of my bedroom. We didn't dress, and we lay out on the comfy mats I had out there, talking and just getting to know each other better.

The more I learned about him the more I liked him, and it was pretty apparent he felt the same. We both had stressful jobs and it felt wonderful to just lay out in the late May sun, protected from others by the four foot solid wall around the rooftop deck. We liberally used the sunblock I had there, enjoying the feel of the muscles under our hands as we each massaged the fluid into each other's skin, every square inch of skin. Just before noon I took Sam's hand and led him to the big family room a few steps down from the kitchen/living room level and there I welcomed him into my private gym. He was surprised by the array of equipment I had there, and we began an hour of workouts that ended with me firmly implanted it that fabulous ass, first with my tongue, as I went in search of one of my earlier deposits, and then full shaft hard, leaving a new load behind. I showed him just how flexible I was when as I was entering him as he lay on one of the weight lifting benches. I was able to bend down far enough to engulf his entire hardon in my mouth and I was able to suck him off just as I blasted another load inside his quivering butt, his nips red and swollen from the workout my fingers had just given him.

We showered together in the big shower in my bathroom upstairs and with just our jeans on we made ourselves some lunch after. As we ate we compared our schedules, trying to find which days in the upcoming week we could see each other, because we were definitely going to see each other again, and hopefully begin a relationship, that we both craved to have in our lives. Sam spent the afternoon with me and eventually the kitchen was cleaned up again and we ended up with us getting dressed and I gathered up my uniforms that needed dry cleaning and my shopping list for the grocery store and I drove Sam to his apartment so he could do the same and we took off for Downtown and dropped off our cleaning and then hit the big grocery store in Hadley and we each had a cart and did our weekly shopping, occasionally holding up something and getting a nod or a head shake to indicate a yes or no as we learned about our likes and dislikes in the food department. We even picked out some items we would share on our together times during the week.

I did notice that while Sam was searching for some items that other shoppers, both male, and female, were checking him out, just as I continued to do, but I had the advantage of being able to envision him nude, plus when we returned to my car I was able to kiss him deeply as we loaded my trunk and I came to the realization that I didn't want to share him, in fact, I wanted him to take my cherry. Never had I had anything other than a finger or a medium sized dildo up my butt, but it was just OK, not something I did every time I jerked, but fairly often. I just never had experienced what I saw others in the porn I had watched achieving, but I was ready to try it with Sam. Sam has already told me that he could be versatile, but with me, he was very happy to have me in him, he said I hit all the right spots for him and I wasn't going to argue with him, but I wanted to try.

We made plans for a movie that night and dinner before, so when we arrived back to our neighborhood I helped him in his apartment with his shopping and we shared a deep kiss before I drove to my home and unloaded my shopping and began to get ready for our date. We met in front of my garage about 7 and I drove us to a nice restaurant on the road into Northampton on the other side of the big campus of the University. There were a smattering of same-sex couples eating in there and we neither felt uncomfortable there or out of place and had a really good time over our meal and when we finished we went across the busy road and went to the multiplex movie theater that had five screenings to choose from. We chose an action-adventure film that had a bunch of characters from the comics in it with a lot of the actors either buff or in costumes that made them appear so. It really was good for a comic hero group movie, and we had back row seats so there was no one behind us to see us kissing occasionally or caressing each other's thighs and crotches almost from the start of the movie.

After the movie, I asked Sam if he wanted to stop somewhere for a treat and he said he was looking forward to a treat at my house, so that's where I drove us, by the shortest and most direct route. Once the car was enclosed in the garage I gave him the option of the top floor bedroom or the gym and he led me into the gym, which had a nice sitting area at one end, but it was to the machines he led me, stripping off as we went and by the time we had reached my now favorite weight bench there was a trail of clothing behind us, and as Sam stretched out on the bench I removed some towels and a bottle of lube I kept there for when I stroked either during, or right after a workout.

Sam had spread himself out on the bench and raised his legs and I began to feast on the rosebud treat he was offering me. As I munched and sucked and fucked him with my tongue, I was liberally coating my fingers and while imagining his big engorged dick entering me I lubed as far into my hole as I could reach, twisting and turning my fingers as they slowly fucked me and when my desire for him had almost had me shooting I wiped my hand off on a towel and raised myself up and prepared to impale myself on his now leaking dick and holding the foreskin down I began to sit on his very rigid pole, only sliding down on it about an inch at a time, then catching my breath and taking another inch and repeating. After about 8 of these maneuvers, I had a sheen of sweat on my forehead and my chest, above the nipple line, but as I took the final inch I gasped, not from pain, but the exquisite ecstasy of his unsheathed cock head rubbing my prostate and sending convulsive waves of pleasure through me. By now Sam had attached his hands to my nipples and was trying to unscrew them, the gentle humping of his hips sending more and more waves of delight through me. My weight alone must have been crushing him but I responded to his mini thrusts by putting more weight on my legs on either side of his groin and he was soon bucking up into me and soon I was moaning his name and shooting up to his head about five long spurts of homemade cum and then leaving a trail of it from his face to just above his belly button where my dick was slowly deflating down to. I realized he was staring at me and his eyes were rolling up so I began doing a squeezing exercise on his hard dick with my anal muscles as he began shooting his jizz so far up my ass I looked to make sure nothing was leaking from my bellybutton to get away from me, I felt like I had earned every drop and I wasn't about to let any of it go to waste.

By the time we were breathing again we were breathing each other's breath as we swapped spit and some of the cum I had shot on him and was now scooping some up and feeding it to him in between kisses. He kept telling me he had never done that before, and I told him that I hadn't either, but I had wanted him in every way possible since I had first seen him. I told him that It was something I wanted from him at least twice a week, if not more, from now on. He told me he was basically a bottom, and actually hungered for my dick, but if it made me happy he would fuck my ass every day, at least once if I wanted. We both laughed at that and our ripped stomach muscles, now with a liberal coating of my cum, farted as we laughed and hugged each other tight.

After drying each other off with the towels we walked hand in hand up to the master bath and showered with a lot of playing around under the warm spray of the water. We fell in bed and we fell asleep with Sam's ass planted in my groin, my arms akimbo, one over his head and the other wrapped around his chest, my fingers grazing his far nipple. I don't think I had ever felt so contented in my life and Sam didn't stir the whole night either, as we woke up in the same position at about 8 the next morning.

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