Ayden's Eyes Book Three

List of players



The cake shop window, the only thing missing are the Fairy folk.


List of Characters.

Ayden's Eyes

  Den  Curtis - Artist

Evan  Spicer- lawyer and surfer Den's partner

Ayden - Den and Carols magic boy.

Carol - Dens deceased wife.

Rita - Cafe owner, neighbour,  best friend.

Spud - Street kid, artist.

 Susan - Ayden's nanny cafe owner

Patrick - Susan's boyfriend surfer

Robert - Patricks father

 Horse - Builder Blues father.

Tony - Furniture Maker Horses partner

Blue - Horses son champion surfer

Alex - Rita's son, Blues partner.

Andy- Blues son

Louise - Horses ex wife , Blues mother

Stevie Nicolls- Andy's mum


Tiny -  a doctor

Donk - ex tea room owner, all rounder

Nuts - Nathan fabric warehouse owner

Trip - mechanic all rounder


Antonia- Nut's wife

Mary- Nut's daughter

Tim- Antonia’s cousin, restorer

Millie- paint store owner


Mike - Young friend, cafe worker

Anne - Mikes mother

Jack - Mikes father

Mavis - Mikes gran

Emma - Mikes sister


Cynthia  Hayes- Online entrepreneur, Abs wife

David- Their son

Spencer - Art gallery owner Cynthia's cousin.

Marcel - French gallery owner.

Michelle- Cynthia's sister

Shannon- Michelle's  autistic son

Lindsay - millionaire philanthropist- loves his fishing.


Ali - Spuds partner

David - Ali's deceased partner

Arras - Ali's father the king

Aisha - Ali's mother the queen

Souma- Aishas daughter


Abs - Ali's uncle and bodyguard Cynthia's husband

Bubble - bodyguard cook in cafe

Tush - bodyguard cook in cafe

Apple- bodyguard

Hulk - bodyguard Games operator

Jayden - Tony's offsider Hulks partner. Nut's nephew

Mearl (Mel)  Trips wife

Riley - Rita's son

Holly and Peter - Riley's children

Margaret - Riley's ex wife

Millie- Art supply shop owner


 Birdy- Hulks brother

Joe- Birdy's mentor

Brian Spuds helper in the games parlour Blues little mate.


Never Give Up Crew.