Peter in High School

Chapter Sixteen: Thanksgiving

Guess what? Mom let me sleep over at Nick's for Thanksgiving! And, with that, I had to prepare a nice bag with nice clothes for Thanksgiving dinner... it's been six days since I told Nick I love him... and most importantly, he told me he loves me back... I know, it seems more, after all, we've been through a lot of situations, a lot of expectation. I briefly met Mr. Schaeffer when he came to pick Nick home a few times -- he's very beautiful, like Nick but maybe he has stronger features, I don't know, probably Nick has some of his mother too. Nick's mom... I only talked to her by the phone when I called, I mean, I still didn't know her in person, I gotta make a good impression.

Well, among flowers, the soapbox and other souvenirs, the soapbox was cheaper and came in a nice wrapping, so that was it -- besides, when you're a cute teenager (I'm nothing like Nick but hey I'm somethin') the gesture counts a lot and the older people, I mean grown up people, especially the women think it's very very gracious and beautiful of yours... I'm sure it's gonna work for quite some years yet.

"Anything is fine... let's gooo, it's gonna be only us." Nick was saying, lying, lazily, on my bed as I settled my bag to go to his place.

He zoned out, occasionally talking about random things, lying on my bad, still on school clothes, as I was taking my stuff to go to his place. I was rushing, `though he was pressing me to go faster... I wanted to be fast, because I preferred leaving before mom arrived to give me a lecture on how to be a good boy and chanted a mental list of everything I should have inside my bag.

Nick's father offered to pick us at home, but he declined. I guess it was to feel more independent or something like that. I wouldn't have minded but we took the bus anyway.

He lived in a beautiful but `normal' house, pretty much like mine and as we arrived, his father opened the door for us and did I say he was really beautiful? He was wearing a polo t-shirt and checkered shorts. He seemed like 25 but I knew it wasn't like that because I know Nick's 17 like me, I know mathematics and I had seen him arriving home with dad talking about something from work or something from... somewhere *chuckle*... and all dressed in working clothes he seemed like a dad.

"As you guys didn't want me to go there, I already took a shower and I'm ready for dinner. Come here champ!" he said and ruffled Nick's hair in a big, tight hug.

I thought it was interesting, as I don't have any problem with my father but well... at home, my parents don't seem all that affectionate, it's like they show they care about me, er... taking care of me very well *giggle*

"You too champ!" he said as he let go of Nick, who was actually flushed -- probably without air lol.

I hesitated a little but he didn't realize that -- or didn't care -- and embraced me in a tight hug. It was different, it was a father's hug, maybe the protective kind... and he was all laughs.

"Tony, you're all laughs, the dinner isn't even ready and you're already drinking the cider, aren't you?" Nick's mom said.

"You can't blame me for being happy. I have two champs here!" he said as he held both of us, one on each side of his, shaking us as he said that.

"Oh, sorry honey, hi. We've talked by phone. I'm Mrs. Schaeffer." she said, kissing me on the cheek. She was blond, thin, a beautiful person, indeed, in a black dress. Probably she was just finishing dinner, because she already was dressed nicely for Thanksgiving dinner. Gee that was some lipstick, it got all stick on my cheek, I could feel it.

She kissed Nick on the cheek too and held his face with both hands -- still on his father's sideways hug, I had the `other arm' sideways hug still going on... yeah, we don't use to do that at home, I'd be digging a hole in the floor to bury my head if I was on his shoes... he didn't seem to mind.

"You finally brought a friend home, oh, I'm so happy, it's great, this way we have a guest." she continued.

"Mooom!" he said -- now starting to get embarrassed. I swear he was kind of burying his face under his dad's arm.

"I'm finishing dinner... you guys go have a sit in the living room, there are jelly and cookies in the coffee table." she ignored Nick and concluded.

"All right, champ, so you didn't finish telling me about that science project because your old man was too asleep to pay attention last time." his father said with a chuckle and the three of us were sitting on the sofa -- holding the same position, he in the middle, bigger than us, holding us both in a hug.

"So, we can talk about everything like this `till dinner is ready. Oh, sorry Peter, I forgot asking if you guys mind." his father asked.

Nick made a `no' with his head and rested his head on his father's arm. Out of politeness, I should have stretched my sitting position, but well, I didn't mind, indeed, so I kinda rested my head on his other arm too.

I don't know how his father could keep a so long conversation about school and music -- he didn't go to school, he didn't listen to the same songs we do. He was all laughs, but at the same time, so fatherly.

So, after half an hour, Nick's mom called us to have dinner.

As we went washing our hands, Nick closed the bathroom door and kissed me on the lips. I smiled back.

"Hey, I'm sorry about my parents..." he said.

"No problem, they're lovely!" I replied.

"Really?" he said with a smile.

"Really. Now let's have dinner."

Dinner was ready and didn't leave anything to cover the tradition basics, with turkey, sweet potatoes and things made of berry. I was keeping conversation with his parents, mostly his mom, about the usual school stuff, but you could see she was doing a great job on not leaving any awkward silence at the table, making conversation. She was being overly kind.

"More dessert, dear?" she asked me.

"No, thanks."

"So, as everybody finished, I guess we should talk about what we're thankful for this year," she said.

"Bathroom, one minute." Mr. Schaeffer said with a smile.

"Congrats, Tony. That's what you get from drinking all the cider in the world, now it's gonna be bathroom every five minutes," she said with a laugh -- I'd say she had the other half of the world's cider *giggle*

"We're going to the living room then, hurry," she replied.

As his parents were sitting on the sofa, we were sitting across from them, on the floor, close to the coffee table.

As we had our legs crossed, sitting on the floor our knees were touching. As our knees touched, Nick got a little closer and made them touch a little more, and smiled at me -- after all holding hands well it was pushing luck.

"So, I would like to start thanking..." Nick's father said "...for having the most beautiful family, the most beautiful wife and the best Thanksgiving Dinner ever." he concluded, kissing Mrs. Schaeffer on the cheek.

"Oh, Tony, quit it... not in front of the kids," she said with a loud laugh. I could sense they wouldn't pay any attention to us later, and they should sleep deeply.

"Ok, now it's me." she continued. "I would like to thank mmm..." "ah, because it's been a few weeks Nick doesn't come back home with a `complaining face' if it exists... I guess my Nick is happier... maybe the gloomy teenager phase is gone and we are all thankful." she concluded.

"Now you Peter, what are you thankful for, this year?" Mr. Schaeffer asked me.

I knew the obvious answer but that er... wasn't safe ground, so Peter, other than radiant Nick in your life, what else are you thankful for? I mean, you have Nick and he's a little demi-god, but well you gotta be thankful for other things too, right?

"Well... I'm thankful for life, because I have health, a family and well... - be subtle Peter, be subtle -- because it seems life got better this year." I concluded and looked at Nick.

"Nick, now that's you." his father said.

"Well, I'm thankful because Peter became my friend this year," he said looking me deeply in the eyes -- gosh, wow, Nick, you shouldn't, your parents are right in front of us... oh Peter, quit being stupid, this gaze, only you can realize that, they're not even paying attention.

"And I'm thankful for what really means having a friend, someone who er... cares about you... you can ask everything and can be along with, all the time." he finished with a big smile. His parents applauded.

I felt a lump in my throat. I mean, I think the same, I already reckoned he thought that way but listening to it, after a so nice dinner, family time, you know, it seems all of it was made to me. And most importantly, the way Nick said it, so deeply, about so important things to me... to us, it was clear now.

"I'm helping this lady with the dishes, so we can finish it soon. You guys can do whatever you want." Mr. Schaeffer said with a smile.

I decided to go to the backyard... the sky was full of stars that night.

I leaned on the wall and looked up. Nick was in front of me, with both of his hands on the wall, very close to me. He looked at me, intensely.

"I mean it. Thank you for being the best," he said.

I started crying, like a lot, sobbing helplessly. I don't know where it came from, but it was all so beautiful. He hugged me tight while I cried. He kept whispering "Thank you." in my ear.

I guess I was crying for many reasons. I didn't have the nerve to say out loud, like he did, that he was the thing I was thankful the most, this year. I forgot calling him, I... I didn't make it work for us to see each other yesterday, you know, when someone really wants something, they make it work. I... I mean, my chest was so full of intense, and mostly good feelings. It wasn't a sad crying, but it was like I was letting go of some of what was stored for some time.

"I'll get you a glass of water," he said as I was sitting with my back on the wall, close to the back door. It was a good idea because his parents would think I was crazy, crying like that, after we laughed so much... and I didn't have any cider.

He got back with two glasses of water and we drank it in a few gulps, looking at the night sky.

"Do you think grandpa is out there, looking at me, right now, celebrating one more thanksgiving?" I asked, contemplative.

"Don't you have your grandpa with you anymore?"

"No," I replied, turning my gaze at him.

"You're so beautiful, you know?" he said, lightly tracing my face with his fingers.

He started inhaling on my shoulder, close to my neck.

"You're very beautiful, too," I replied, taking the locks of his hair, out of his face, with my fingers.

"Let's go to my room," he said, pulling me with one hand, and leaving the glasses on a balcony, on the hall.

The second the door closed, there was no hugging and kissing this time.

"Hang on, I gotta settle a mattress on the floor, just to..." he trailed off. I nodded out of understanding as he turned off the light but the window was open with the moonlight reflecting silver on his hair.

I don't know exactly why, but I started taking my clothes off and putting them over his chest of drawers.

As he finished settling things, he looked at me, intensely, and started taking his clothes off as well. It was so beautiful, his pale image, only in white boxers, his slim form under the moonlight.

I got closer and embraced him in a tight hug. He hugged back, tight, burying his face in my neck.

He slowly pushed me to the bed and he went searching for something in his wardrobe.

He took a tan lotion in his hand and got back to the bed, on the top of me and then on a kneeling position.

"What's that?" I said above a whisper.

"Well..." he said, looking at the bed, then taking some hair out of his face "as we're `together', I want us to be really together, er... completely together..." he trailed off, looking at me. I could see him blush a little.

"And I didn't buy anything back, to you, I would like to... er... how can I say that..." "to give *me* as a gift to you, tonight."

"I would like you to ... have... me." he finished above a whisper, kneeling on the bed, looking at his own thighs and not at me.

I didn't know what to say, but I could feel a rush through my veins. I knew I really wanted to do that.

"Wow, I don't know what to s..." I started, but Nick interjected with his index on my lips, replaced for his lips and starting rocking his body on the top of mine. I didn't even move my hands, but it was enough to get me rock hard.

He parted the lips with a smile and a nervous laugh. I admit I started hyperventilating too, my chest getting reddish, moving up and down with my deep breathing.

He gave me the lotion but I didn't know what to do. So, he took it back. I moved out of the bed and we switched positions. I just knelt on the edge of the bed and he laid with his legs spread.

He took a lot of lotion on his hand and started applying it er... there. He even closed his eyes for a moment and started breathing through his partly open mouth.

Then, he opened his eyes again and pulled me `by my shaft' and with his other hand, he started applying some lotion.

He was lying, with very spread legs, there, looking at me, as I was kneeling in between them.

"Are you sure?" I asked as I lightly combed his hairs with my fingers.

"I want to look at you when you do it," he replied.

Gosh, I put my hand dirty with lotion on his shaft and it was spasming in anticipation.

I got my own shaft with my hand and aimed it in Nick. I swear, I couldn't see it fitting in a so small space.

I tentatively tried the head. I hesitated and ceased the contact.

"If it hurts you promise you'll tell me," I told him.

He just gave me a small smile and nodded. I could see his anticipation in his raising and falling chest.

I tried the head again. Gee, it seems it was hurting him as he closed his eyes and then looked at the ceiling.

I froze. "Gosh, is it okay?"

"Y...yeah, I'm ok. Keep going."

I took a tenth of an inch more, I swear.

He moaned in a very high pinch.

I took a little more in.

He contracted and gosh, I could almost see stars. I supported myself on the mattress with my both hands, making my best not to move my shaft from the exact spot where it was.

"Are you okay?"

"Hang on a little, hang on," he said as he took a few deep breaths.

He looked at me intensely. He only nodded.

I took a little more in. I could see the pain in his face. I had a panicked face but didn't move.

"Nick, love?"

"Wow, love?" he said with a smile. How could he have a sense of humor in a so `tense' moment?!

I didn't pay attention and some more slipped in.

"Ah-ahh." he moaned. Gosh, it touched something. I moaned as well, there was something touching the very tip of the er... head, on my shaft. It felt incredible.

I felt an immense urge to thrust, but I bit my lower lip, contracted my thighs and held still.

"Go on, I'm yours," Nick said. It was all I needed, BUT still, I was very cautious. The last thing I wanted was to hurt him.

But, at the same time, it felt so good.

I slowly started removing my shaft, not the head, because it could hurt putting it in again... I guess... and I started moving it back in.

"Oh, gosh," Nick grunted and contracted and it felt sooooo good, but I still had the strength to ask him about what he was feeling in first place.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh, yeah, yeeah, yes." he replied and slowly started slipping on the bed, towards my shaft!"

I started a very slow motion, in and out, in and out.

As it got comfortable, I was tempted to make it faster, but no, I wanted it to feel nice for him and I wanted to make the moment last.

I started combing the locks of his hair, as he looked at me, smiling. I could smile back for the first time, slowly thrusting.

As I kept my slow motion, I started running one of my hands on his chest.

He started getting wild and I got to a regular pace, not so slow, not so fast.

I started feeling very hot, I guess I started sweating. I was taking some hair out of his face, that was getting wet close to his forehead.

I bent down and started kissing his neck.

"Ah, ah, no, nooo," he said.

"What?!" I said, as I took my shaft out of him.

"It's too much, please go slower, and not the neck, or I'm gonna go crazy," he said kissing my cheek.

"Again, please," he said with an intense and provocative look. And I couldn't even know if it was lotion or precum on my member. I applied some lotion on him again.

I started applying some lotion on my shaft as Nick was running his hands all over me with that horny gaze.

Gee, it was precum. I trembled, I had to support myself on the bed not to collapse on Nick. I tried to contract, quickly took my hand out of my member and held it open, but there was no way back. I was kneeling between Nick's legs as my shaft erupted all over his chest, face, hair...

I guess it was too much for him to see because he made a pained face and grunted.

His cock started trembling like I'd never seen it happen. He quickly pulled me into a tight hug on the top of him and I could feel his cock erupted, only touched by my abs.

I got back to kissing his neck and he started moaning in a low sound as he reached down for my shaft.

He rolled on the top of me and started kissing my nipples while he had his hands on my shoulders.

He made his way down and started sucking my shaft, which was still hard. He was getting a fast pace... way too fast, like there was no tomorrow, as I felt his hair touching my navel, his hands all over me.

In no time I erupted again. He swallowed all of it. That was a sight to see, a moment to have in memory. He had my precum inside of him and was swallowing my cum in his mouth.

I pulled him up to share a long kiss. I couldn't care about my own cum on the kiss as he gave me his...everything now!

As he was kneeling on the bed, I lay on my stomach and took his shaft on my mouth, not waiting for him to get in another position.

As I looked up I could see his face ecstatic. He had his hands massaging my shoulders and neck.

After two minutes, he started ruffling my hair and pushing my mouth towards him as cum erupted.

We got on a lying position, both of us in lying in our backs, very close in his bed, side by side.

I had one hand behind my head and the other, lightly caressing his torso.

We turned our faces toward each other.

"I love you," I said.

"I love you," he replied.

"Thank you. That was amazing. Thank you." I repeated as I took a lock of hair out of his face.

"Thank you, for not leaving me alone. Thank you for the best Thanksgiving ever," he said as a tear rolled from his eye. I sniffed, with a lump in my throat but took his tear with my thumb.

Soon after that, we fell asleep on Thanksgiving night.

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