Pirate Dan: Part One ~ Skye

Chapter 21

Later that morning Charlie the butler arrived at the door, “Master Skye, Felix has returned laden with packages.”

“Show him in please and get the boys and Jerry to come back down.”

Ryder smiled, “I’ll find the boys.”

Five minutes later the everyone was in the family room trying the made to measure items on that had been made over night. To say they were pleased would be an understatement as they looked stunning in the suits and outfits. It’s strange, Skye had always worried about how much things cost; even with all of the money old habits were hard to break... Skye looked at Felix “The boys are growing, so I would like to have you visit at least every six months until they’re grown.”

“I’ll contact Ryder after six months and make an appointment. Thank you.”

Ryder smiled as Colton said, “No, thank you. You’ve made us look a million dollars Mr. Felix.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Mid-afternoon as the boys, Gramps and the President drove off to see the houses with the two boys as a separate limo arrived to collect Skye and Ryder. With Skye was Shark and Charlie and Nial driving the limo. Skye was thinking that the number of security men that were with him was a little bit of an over kill, but he persuaded himself that they were all friends, so he would just enjoy the day.

Skye was looking a million dollars in his new Sherwani style suit, as for Ryder well he was looking drop dead gorgeous. There was no way out of it, the only way to describe him was just plain sexy in his outfit that Skye had had made for all of the security team. It was all the same style and color but with there were subtle differences to denote the position that they held.

As they were driving up to the Countess Hotel, Nial took a diversion and parked in a carpark not far away. Skye looked worried. “What’s wrong Nial?”

“We’ve just had central relay a message about the hotel. Someone has released that you are going to be there. The place is stowed and going mad with media everywhere!”

Skye looked at Charlie. “Who knew that we were due to arrive?”

He sighed. “With what’s happened these last few days, you ask that? I think the world and his uncle knew this was going to happen.”

“The show yes, but not when I’d be arriving. Someone has tipped them all off.” Skye pulled his phone and called the Countess. “Yes, please put me through to Julie Reynolds the manager as soon as possible… My name? My name is Skye McElory. I own the hotel… Please - put me through - to Julie - now… Darling I don’t give a fuck who you think you are because when I get there, you’ll be unemployed… Thank you, that would be nice.”

He switched to speaker phone. **Julie Reynolds how may I help? **

“Julie it’s Skye.”

** Sweetheart we’re expecting you? **

“Yes, we saw the welcoming committee. Who leaked the information?”

**I was going to ask you the same thing. I know that isn’t how you operate. **

“No one from there?”

**Darling I have asked everyone that knew you were coming and no one knew anything about this, it took us all by surprise. I’ve also reviewed all of the calls going out and it wasn’t from here. **

“Thank you. I’d suggest full Bluebird Security, RED alert! I think I know what’s going on.”

**You’re worrying me now Skye. **

“Julie, I think there is need to be worried. Call Bluebird Central, both New York and Los Angeles Red Alert! After everything that’s happened, I’d say we all should be very worried indeed. We’ll see you in a moment… Oh and call Detective Brent Gordon for backup, he’ll understand. Tell him Charlie and Skye need a little help. Bye for now.”

He looked at the Angels, “Someone is wanting to keep us occupied. Activate full security cover at the hotel … All Bluebird Security to be on red alert at the bank. Now let’s go play their game. Warn the boys security to be on guard. I think the others are making their move.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Moments later and the limo stopped, he looked at the men with him, “The place is packed and the press is wanting blood. Stick with me! Short interview and then race to the hotel. Charlie, Nial stay in the car ready, unless all hell breaks loose.”

Charlie looked at him, “I’m not happy. No sir, not one bit.”

“Neither am I, but unless we do everything as planned, they are going to be warned and that puts the kids in danger. I have lived, they have not. We have to protect them, no matter what.”

“Very well. Let’s get this show on the road then!”

Shark smiled, “Leave it to me!” He was the first to get out of the Limo and he looked around. Seeing the crowds, he lifted his sleeve and spoke into it as if he was speaking to his team. “Has the sweep been completed? … Good we are good to go; the Bluebird has landed. I repeat the Bluebird has landed.” At that he held the door open, as the sexy as hell Ryder climbed out of the limo to a chorus of wolf whistles; to which he just smiled and bowed as you would have expected a cavalier to bow to the King, with great flourishes.

A hush fell as he held out his hand for Skye. As the new Skye climbed out and stood for the cameras the place went wild screaming for him to look their way. He and Ryder stood together and let the cameras snap happily. “Skye is it true you have been offered the new Dragon’s Breath?”

“Yes. I will be appearing as the male lead in that film. It is as you know a sequel to Forever the Nay. This is different though, as before there was only Forever this is going to be a musical film and reprises Forever, as a duet this time. I think it’s no secret that I might be the only human to appear in the film as all of the others are animated and voiced by the people you love to see.”

“What about Soaring High?” Another shouted.

“The series is still scheduled to be filmed, by my production company and the first feature length episode will be on New Year’s Day if I am correct.”

“Who will be your director?” The questions kept on coming.

“The man I lovingly call Grandpa Jimmy. James Noble-Clarke.”

“He directed you in Forever the Nay, are you looking forward to the next few months?” yet another question.

“Yes, he’s directing Dragon’s Breath and Soaring High.”

Ryder stepped in, “Ladies and Gentlemen Skye is here to appear and promote the new Countess Fashion range, we really need to make a move as the time is speeding by.” At that moment, someone burst through the crowds and landed face first on the red carpet trying to get to Skye. Shark was quick and blocked their advance as she tried to get up, making them land flat on their backside. Getting up was not going to happen.

Shark was in protect mode, “Back in the crowd now or the police with stop you.”

“I need to speak to Skye… The Bluebird.”

Everyone was shocked and the area went deadly silent. Ryder pulled Skye to him. “Do you want to get him killed?” She shook her head. “Then why do you need to see him?”

Skye stepped forward and looked at her, “Yes, why do you need to see me?”

“GIC Intel.” She pulled a gun and fired into the air just as a bullet came flying from the roof above and hit the police officer standing right next to Skye. “Now do you believe me?” She held her hand to her mouth and spoke into a mic to someone close. “Prime under attack … action stations, I repeat we are under attack!”

It was as if this single comment set off several events all taking place either at the same time or in quick succession…

* * * * * * * * * *

In general, as all of the events that will be list below were happening together as panic ensued. That in itself hampered being able to get Skye to safety quickly and to gain control of the situation and immobilize the snippers. The erratic method of shooting made it more than evident that these were amateurs and had no idea what they were doing.

Right from the start the TV and media had been able to film some of it, but many of the well-known TV news readers and presenters were killed by that first bout of shooting. Shark at this time literally covered Skye with his body to protect and looked at Ryder wondering why he had left Skye unprotected.

As the first rally stopped which Skye assumed was for them to reload, the Angels made their move. It was only then that Ryder seemed to snap into Angel mode and do what Shark knew that he could do. It did leave Shark worried for Skye, wondering what the hell was behind it all as Ryder was far from a coward. He had literally run back to the limo to take cover and had left Skye alone and on the ground, prone to being shot.

 The next few things played out almost at the same time and though they are written individually for your understanding they took only a few seconds to actually happen.

* * * * * * * * * *

As soon as she appeared and had spoken, following the first shot, a stream of bullets rang out and hit two more police who were trying to return fire. Worst of all they were mowing down the fans that were crowded in to the area and most of those were young school kids that should have been in school, but the chance to see the Star of Forever the Nay was just too tempting for them.

Looking up Skye felt Shark move and then heard “RUN baby boy, run for your life. Duck and weave, so the bullets miss you… duck and weave baby boy, duck and weave. Skye, pray to god that the luck of the Bluebird is with you today because we are going to need it.”

He looked at Shark and had tears rolling down his face. Shark wiped them with his hand then kissed the tear that wet his finger. He looked at his boy… “GO!” Skye jumped up and shark watched as his shoe was hit causing him to trip and land flat on his face. As he landed his covered his head with his arms and screamed as bullets were literally hitting the pavement all around him, ripping his clothes but somehow missing his body.

Ryder was suddenly there and scooped him into his arms and raced forward, carrying him as if her were a baby as he ran. Running Ryder shouted “Take cover! Dear God take cover! GIC / Bluebird activate!”

* * * * * * * * * *

As the shooting started Julie, the manager of the hotel saw Skye go down and watched in horror as he was trapped in a barrage of bullets aimed at his body. Julie screamed into the radio that she was carrying for all Hotel security and Angels on the site to drop everything and help the Bluebird. A young waiter heard this and literally ran to the security office picking up an automatic gun and ran to a room on the first floor.

Passing the manager, he shouted “Get guns up to the first floor we’ll try to cover them while they clear the area. Ma’m, Grandma’s out there with my sister!” Julie nodded and to the security gathered in the reception instructed them to follow Ash and give cover to the police, so that they could get the area cleared.

As Ash looked out of the window, he saw his worst nightmare. There was Emma his sister on the ground and his badly injured Grandma knelt next to her body rocky the lifeless child in her arms. At that moment he gave an unearthly scream and blacked out. As he blacked out an Angel took the gun and gave the cover that he had wanted to do, at the same time Julie had raced to the room having seem Emma fall, so that she could be with the boy.

As the Angels returned fire Ryder and Shark were able to get Skye and the woman into the hotel and up to the room where the Angels were returning fire. Once in the room Ryder was on the radio “Angel 277 demanding support! GIC / Bluebirds activate Skye is under attack, I repeat Skye is under attack.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Sitting in the limo Charlie and Nial heard the first bullet first and then saw the policeman go down. They were out of the limo in a shot (bad word, but it fits the situation) and on full alert. They each had guns in hand and Charlie had pulled a machine gun from under the seat. Chaos was taking over, so Charlie knew he had to return fire. Pulling the automatic from his shoulder he rained bullets upon the top of the building opposite and the attack stopped momentarily giving people time to find cover.

As Charlie rolled behind a column at the entrance of the hotel and the shooting started again. This time the media had a camera recording anything on the roof. As the shooting started, the face of the oldest son of the President of the Unite States was seen and the country was stunned that they could do this to the boy that they all loved. Charlie was smiling though as he could tell his Skye was safe and that was all that mattered.

As Charlie looked over what appeared to be almost thirty or forty people mown down in a senseless attack, he saw right by the red carpet the body of a young girl and what appeared to be with her grandmother. Both of the bodies had fallen and though the older lady was on top of the young girl they were both quite still. As he looked, he saw movement, the young girl was alive! Badly injured yes, but she was alive.

* * * * * * * * * *

Darius had literally every channel accessing his report because he was the only one in the media to be able to record the scene as the rest had returned to their vehicles and driven to a safe distance away. He though had been in the hotel as the person reporting on the fashion show and had been setting up for later when the proverbial hit the fan. Knowing Julie, he got her to allow them access to a first-floor bedroom that looked out on to the scene. It turned out to be the one next to the one that the Angels returned fire from.

Literally the whole of the world was watching as the scene played out. It was his camera that caught the face of the son of the President. People across America and the world had been watching their programs for the day when a news bulletin interrupted it and people saw live footage of the carnage as it happened.

* * * * * * * * * *

 From inside Skye suddenly heard the woman shout, “Get to that fucking roof now and kill the bastards!”

He stood up unsteadily and shouted “NO! I want the bastards alive to suffer and pay for what they’ve done!” He took the hand of the woman, “This is the Bluebird, I want those bastards and I want them now! Bring the fuckers to me!” He pulled out his phone and dialed a number, “Gramps! GIC / Bluebirds activated we are under attack!”

“Alright.” He could swear he could hear laughter.

* * * * * * * * * *

Back in Los Angeles, Mary at Bluebird Central had been alerted by Julie as Skye had requested and she had the TV monitoring it and totally unable to do anything to help her boy. Mark and all of the Bluebirds were with her. “I should have gone with him! Grandma I will never forgive myself if anything happens to him.”

“Mark sit down the crew has been put onto full alert and all operatives have been activated. There is nothing more we can do from here. Just trust that Charlie can control the situation.”

Mark looked at Mary, “Call Larry no-one is allowed in the bank while this is happening.”

Mary looked at him, “They’re already there and let’s say sleeping soundly.”

Mark smiled, “Well at least it’s just the hotel then and Julie has it.”

Mary nodded, “Best lady that I know, she’ll protect the boss.” At that moment her phone rang and it was Julie. She listened intently for a moment and hung up. “Ash’s grandmother and sister have been shot. They don’t know for sure yet if they are alive or dead, but Julie saw them go down. She’s with him. The lad was the one to have the idea to return fire, so that the roof top stopped the assault to give people chance to find cover. When he saw his family shot, he fainted.”

Mark nodded, “I’ll call the bishop.”

Bishop Stedman was suddenly there, “No need. I heard it all. Ash, poor thing lost his father in Afghanistan; then his mother to cancer and as our brother was his grandfather he died before Ash was born. If Maddy has gone too I don’t know what he’ll do.”

“Rex, fly over there and conduct the funerals for the families and then you bring them home. Ash and Emma belong here, if they’ve lost Maddy as well. You know Skye will support them.”

They just stood in the family room of the mansion all in shock. Mary had had the TV on as they had been decorating and when she saw the news, she got the boys to summon everyone. Mark had his grandmother in his arms as the Bishop said, “Dear God please look after him.”

At that moment the doorbell rang. It was Miss Sarah who stated that she had that feeling of needing a family around her just in case and didn’t know where else to go. Mark looked at her, “You’re his honorary Grandmother, so here is where you belong.”

“I have to head out there this week. I wish I was with him. I feel so…”

Mary completed her sentence, “Helpless.” Sarah nodded.

What shocked everyone was that the next to appear at the door was Ella and her partner. “Miss Mary do we know anything yet?”

“I’m sorry. We’ve had no word about what’s happening. Come on in. All we can do is wait and watch.”

“I have to be there to interview him, but now this…”

* * * * * * * * * *

Back at the Countess, panic had set in as the public and media scattered like ants and were getting mown down by the rain of bullets that seemed to be never ending. People were going down like flies. Charlie had placed a call to Brent’s private mobile as he took cover and now Brent’s men and cars were swarming all over the site. While he was on the phone Charlie persuaded him to give him cover as he had a clear shot at one of the main snipers.

Suddenly Charlie was there leaning against the column mostly obscured from the sight of the shooters, but he could see the little bastard causing all of the trouble. Taking aim, he fired three billets and then all of the shooting stopped as they heard a scream coming from the roof of the building. As he looked around all he could see was carnage and bodies lying on the ground. Brent was on his feet and racing over to him. “Where’s Skye?”

“Safe inside.”

“What the hell happened?”

Charlie shook his head, “I have absolutely no idea, but that shooter that I killed, was the president’s son.”

“Oh shit!”

“I need your help, follow me.” They walked over to Maddy and Emma, it was clear that the old lady was dead and had given her life to save the little girl, but Emma was alive and only slightly injured. TVs across the world watched as Brent picked up the body of the old lady and Charlie carried Emma. Together, they moved into the hotel together. Back at Los Angeles both Mary and the Bishop shed tears of joy and sadness.

* * * * * * * * * *

Skye heard laughter phone. “Jerry, I said one Policeman down already and there’s carnage outside. We are under attack… do you understand?”

“Yes, we heard you.” More laughter and then everything went dead.

“Jerry? Jerry are you there?” All he could hear was a hissing noise. Skye looked at Ryder. “Dear God what now?”

* * * * * * * * * *

Darius continued to cover the scene outside, but all of the major players were now inside the hotel. By now they were in lockdown waiting for Shark to get back from the sweep of the area and the search for the shooters. As they stood in the room Skye looked at the woman that had appeared just as the gun had been fired. “Who the hell are you?”

“Margarite D’Alzony, the Don sent me to help. You’ll have to wait, but ask Charlie when he gets up here.”

“Charlie?” Skye looked at the doorway.

“Ask me what Margarite?”

Julie gasped and went to guide Brent to the bed with Maddy and spoke into her radio. “I want medics and I want them now; room 102, Angels are injured possibly dead. I said now!”

“Aunt Julie?” A little voice asked from Charlie’s arms and everyone looked at her.

“Oh, baby thank god you’re alive!”

“Let me stand mister, my brother is on the floor!” Charlie smiled and put her down. She was holding her arm as she knelt next to Ash then she shook him. “Why he asleep?” Everyone laughed as the boy regained consciousness and just hugged his sister.

Charlie smiled, “One happy ending, almost. Now, ask me what Julie?”

“Do you know this lady?” asked Skye.

“The D’Alzony family are major players in America and many think they are linked to the mafia. There has never been any proof and the family keep the East Coast clean. To my knowledge they have no dodgy businesses now that the son has been removed, but it was the son that led the cartel that was closed down by the Angels.”

Brent walked up to Charlie and took over the story. “Tony had gone astray and was not acting for his father. He was obsessed with Quentin. Berto was horrified when we found out about everything that they did to that poor boy’s family.”

Skye smiled at Margarite. “I’m told that I’m connected you all in some way.”

She nodded, “Yes you are, but we’ll go through that at another time. The Don and his men will be here soon with the people that tried to kill you.” She held her ear, “Your Shark is with them bringing the fuckers in. The Don promises you will understand. Where are your brothers?”

Charlie looked at her, “With Jerry and the President.”

“I rang to activate GIC and they just laughed. Ma’m something is seriously wrong. I… I need to get to them.”

She put her hand to her mouth, “Tell Alberto Principles 2 and 3 are with the Cougar and his son. Repeat they are in danger.” She looked at them, “Where are they?” Ryder gave her the addresses, including the bank. “Do not worry we’ll get to them. I’m sorry but the President is rogue as his father is the Cougar.”

Skye fell to his knees and started to cry. “Ryder… I don’t know if I can take any more. Just shoot me now.” He looked up at the woman. “NO! Just who the fuck is the Cougar?” As he said it, he stood and faced her again.

Margarite smiled, “Codename of the man leading the GIC.”

“Martha was the general though.” Insisted Ryder.

“No, that was all smoke and mirrors to get you to rely on Jerry. He was the leader all of the time.”

“What is the GIC anyway,” Skye still did not understand.

She looked at Skye, “A rogue President’s way of making sure that no one can get in the way of achieving their mission. In reality there is and never has been GIC until this president.”

Skye gasped, “In giving them power… since he is the President, they can do anything.”

“Exactly.” Charlie agreed.

Ryder was by his Skye’s side. “Shush now baby boy. I have you now, you’ll be fine. I promise. Manny and Consort are my men, they’ll not allow anyone to harm your boys. I promise. We need Clive and his team.” He rang SCM and put it on speaker, “Larry this is Ryder. Skye’s at the Countess and we’re under attack! I repeat we are under attack, they’ve already killed loads of people that were gathered outside.”

**We’ve been watching it on TV. How is he? **

“In shock. We need Clive here as soon as you can. The vault is on lock down until Skye is with you. I repeat lock down! No one, I repeat no one is allowed access without Skye’s clearance.”

** Mary’s already activated lock down, but sorry Ryder they’re here. Security managed to get two very scared little boys away on the pretense of talking to Clive. David was screaming by that time, so they let the boys go. They’re safe and in the panic room with your men. **

“Thank god!”

**Skye!! Thank goodness you’re safe.  We have the boys and we’re looking after them. Remember Deidre? Well she’s with them, so is her sister… The president and Jerry are in the vault unconscious. Skye, it is such a shame as I accidently diverted the gas to the main chamber. **

“That was the hissing noise I heard.”

**Exactly! They are going nowhere as the vault is closed until you arrive. **

Margarite simply held her hand up to her moth and said, “Fuck! The President is Rogue! I repeat President McRoy is rogue. Shoot on sight!”

Skye looked at her and took her hand talking into the mic that was attached. “Do not kill! I want the bastard to suffer!” He turned back to the phone. “Keep the sleeping beauties asleep and locked up for now. We’ll be over soon. Codeword for anyone gaining access will be D’Alzony followed by my code number. Vault remains in lockdown until the Bluebird lands.”

**Be careful Captain our prayers are with you. ** The phone went dead.

 Moments later Shark walked in, “Ryder, I have the pleasure to introduce Alberto McElory D’Alzony. Skye, this is your Grandfather. These two rough looking beggars are the ones that tried to kill you. They are the sons of President McRoy.”

Ryder looked at them, they were no more than fifteen years old. “Arrest them for attempted murder and send the bastards to juvenile hall. No hearing, no trial code BLUEBIRD/GIC 999.”

“You can’t do that. I never did anything.”

Charlie walked up to him and pulled his hand from his shoulder and dug his finger into the bullet wound. “I would recognize my handy work anywhere. You tried to kill my boy; you will suffer little man!”

Ryder laughed, “I can do that even without Mister Macho there as I have GIC authority. Your father will have told you what that is, cooperate and we may make a deal.”

“How?” The oldest boy asked.

“Who told you to kill the Skye?”

“We work for the President of the United States, we claim presidential immunity. We’re agents that work for him.”

Charlie dug his finger in the wound again as the boy screamed … “It was Granddad. He said we’d be rich if we did.”

Skye walked up to him. “I don’t like bullies or thieves. They go in adult prison not juvenile. Let the men have fun with the little boys.”

Ryder laughed, “Detective, take them down and put them in with Big Bubba.” 

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