Just Joe

Chapter 6

6 Just Joe 


 Joe opened his card and blinked, he then put it in his pocket. He headed for the bathroom and mum stopped me from following. I suppose he needed to be alone, but Shane did go in for a moment he wasn't in there long before he came out he winked at me but said nothing.

 "You ready to go Heath?" A rather red-eyed tired looking Joe said as he knocked on my door.

"Yes, I'm ready when you are mate.”

"Good I got to get this kid home and into his jammies, he's looking a bit overtired."

“He’s not the only one Joe early night for you too I think.” He ignored me.

We said our goodnights to mum and the boys they waved us off, Joe had left his flowers in his office I think he wanted to look at them all day.

 "Oh, Mark the account is all set up and I have entered the stats so it's ready to go when you get here in the morning." Mum lilted out, there was about six hours work in those files.

“What the f..” I was about to say.

“Child in the room motor mouth watch it.” Mum smiled.

 The three of us laughed as we walked to the lift, mum had broken the gloomy feel in the office, Joe handed Caleb over to me while he tied his shoelaces. I was daydreaming he was my husband and Cale’s was our kid and we were taking him home to our place. I quickly snapped out of it when the lift arrived.

 He drove to the crèche and parked the car next to mine then I climbed into the back seat Cale’s wanted a big hug and I hung on a little bit longer.

“Well thank you for today Heath its just I get a little anxious sometimes that’s all, and thank you for the flowers I’ve never got flowers from a guy before it felt weird but nice so thank you.” He dropped his eyes.

“I understand about being scared Joe, and I also understand you have burdened yourself with a lot of grief and I bet you my bank account you feel absolutely lost most of the time and the flowers were my absolute fucking pleasure.” I leaned in and whispered.

I didn’t have a clue what was on that card but thanks to mum I think it hit the spot. He looked up at me he couldn’t speak his tears were doing all the talking. I continued.

 "Joe, you're only one man trying to do it all on your own, and you are doing a pretty good job of it. But sometimes you need help too, who helps you, Joe? I do see you now inside where you don't want anyone to see. That's the real you Joe that's what you have to get back to being not what you show your clients or the world around you, there is so much more to you inside Joe." I put my hand on his heart he looked me in the eyes and said.

 "Heath, would you like to have dinner with us tonight?"

“Yes.” It was a no brainer for me to answer, and my heart burst into song.

“Then follow us home.”

He turned and got in his car.

I was jumping for joy inside maybe he’s turning the corner please God let it be so.

 Pulling into Joe's driveway felt like coming home to me. In a weird sort of way, I felt I belonged there and I hoped he felt it too. I helped him by carrying the now fast asleep little boy into the house and then placed him on his Thomas the Tank bed then Joe undressed and put his pajamas on, instinct made me lean over and kiss him goodnight.

"Good night little buddy sleep tight," I whispered.

 I moved to the kitchen where I found the kettle and filled it then switched it on to make us a coffee then I waited for Joe to appear and when he did he had his sweats and t-shirt on he looked like a god in anything he wore. He also had taken the card out of his pocket and placed it on the kitchen bench.

 “Do you want me to cook or will I order Chinese?” He looked a little lost.

"Let's do the Chinese thing but no chopsticks." I reached up to organize the cups and had to squeeze by Joe the sensations running up and down my body were not new to me they were so fucking familiar.

He said something I didn’t hear so I turned to come face to face with him he was no more than three inches from my face.

 “What did you say Joe I didn’t hear you?” My breath hit his face.

“Do you really mean it.” He whispered.

“What Joe?” I couldn’t pull away.

"What you said on the card." He picked it up and showed me. It read ‘I love you, Joe'. That was all it said.

"With all my being Joe," I whispered.

“I’m sorry.” He replied lowering his head.

"What fo.?" was all I got out before it snapped up and Joe's lips met mine gently, his tongue was searching my mouth and his hands moved to my back as he squeezed the breath out of me, I pulled back.

“Are you sure?” I whispered.

"Yes I love you, I tried so hard not to but in the end, I couldn't stop loving you, Heath." He took my mouth again this time there was no going back.

 I couldn’t get enough of his breath and spit on my lips it was like he had never left I was ready to bawl my eyes out and I nearly did as all the pent up stress left my body.

 “I love you so much Joe, thank you for taking me back.”

“Me too Heath and I am so sorry for being such a dick.” He lightly kissed my face.

“No, you weren’t I was the dick, please can we move over a little your drawer handle is attacking my butt.” He looked at me smiled then said.

 "Well, why don't we get more comfortable and take this to the bedroom, that's of course if you want to, If you don't we can move to the couch.” He didn’t have to ask me twice my dick was rock hard and we almost ran towards what I now know as our bedroom.

He started taking his T-shirt off so I stopped him. He gave me a quizzical look I kissed him gently. Whispering in his ear I said.

 "Relax baby, tonight I am making love to my Joe and I see him this time, I see him for who he really is, and he will see me as I really am, no walls or barriers just you Joe and me." He let out a loud gasp and again started to pull his t-shirt off. I again took it in my hands.

“Can I do that Joe, can I help you, can you be just Joe for me tonight?”

"Yes, Heath." He shivered uncontrollably as I gently removed his top; my hands then grasped his arms to steady him.

I began with his neck moving to his lips chin back to his neck, my gentle sucking and kissing were making him moan.

I moved my lips to his chest and started suckling on his beautiful large pink nipples, he got louder as I gently lapped my tongue around them. I then lifted his arm and lingered in his pits toying with the dark brown curly hair that I never took time to know before, back to the neck then the lips, my left hand had snaked its way down to his cock which was rock hard, his tight balls were full and I imagined almost ready to burst.

 “Heath, Heath please let me hold you please.”

"No my love, tonight it's just you and tonight I want to see all of you and I want you to show me what Joe is really like inside because that's the Joe I love more than anything in this world."

 I began again kissing nipping at his upper body while my fingers hooked onto the waistband of his sweats dropping them to the floor. I knelt down and lifted his beautiful foot licking the thick dark pubes at the top of his legs as he stepped out of his clothes, after doing this I began kissing and licking his balls he still shook, his legs shook his whole body shook. I took him in my mouth and sucked a few times he shuddered I let go and stood. He was fully naked in front of me so I put my hands on his shoulders and watched his tears flow, then I stepped back to see the real Joe, that perfect face that beautiful body that man I love, I drank all of him in.

 “Your magnificent Joe, so fucking beautiful,” I whispered, he went to move towards me.


I pushed him back.

“Stay there, please let me know you, let me see you.” My eyes scanned every inch of his beautifully shaped body he was still trembling as I stripped off my suit he wanted again to help but I wouldn't let him. I gave him a show he would never forget, he stepped closer, I licked and sucked at his body which made him ten times worse. I wanted to see him, watch him. I didn't want him to do any work it was all about him and I have to let him know I see him, he can be himself, Heath has taken charge.

 Finally standing naked in front of him I let him touch me but it was short lived my balls were about to expel a gusher. I crushed my mouth on him as I lowered him gently onto the bed.

“Heath fuck me please.”


“It’s okay I want you too, please Heath.” He begged.

“No, but I will do this.” I did something I usually don’t do and never did with Joe I turned him onto his stomach and parted his legs then lifted his beautiful muscle tight butt off the bed, I rimmed him until he cried out it was so fucking sexy and he was so fucking awesome.

 “Heath please.” I heard a strangled cry.

I quickly moved down and pulled his ample dick back between his legs and sucked on it while my thumb played with his chute, he came shortly after it was urgent and pressurized his shaking was violent he was murmuring as his head hit the pillow his knees still holding his ass in the air, my tongue cleaned him up then I moved back to get one more taste of him. I heard sobs and I heard and quite a few I love you's.

 Suspended in time he finally crashed removing my tongue from his bud I felt disconnected and lonely.

When I stopped stroking his ass with my hand I moved my lips up his back kissing his spine with every breath until I got to his shoulders then I restarted on his neck. It didn’t take me long to get him going again and this time I gently moved him onto his back and sucked all the loneliness out of him. It was another hour before he began on me and I didn't last long at all because at last, I was with my Joe. He wanted to do more he wanted to learn more but I told him he has plenty of time to learn new things and I would teach him but for now, gently does it.

 I devoted the next half hour to Joe’s face, his lips were bright pink and he had pink welts all over his neck, I didn’t want to claim him with a love bite it would blemish his perfect skin.

I made sure when everything was over I held him in my arms, his head nestled into my shoulder he did groan a few times and I did hear a loud sob, and there were a few tears on both sides of the bed. He had let go, the worst is over and now we can concentrate on strengthening both of us, oh God I hope that's what he's thinking.

 My stomach grumbled Joe heard so he jumped out of bed and ordered the Chinese food then we kissed and ran our hands all over our bodies until the doorbell rang.

It was a mad dash for him to put his sweats on, no underwear because he knew I would have him nude again in no time, the T-shirt got caught halfway up his back, I rescued my underwear from the stack of clothes on the floor then headed for the kitchen. I gathered plate’s spoons and forks he turned the TV on and opened the food on the coffee table.

 We ate watching the late news in silence our bodies touching our legs crossed over. We both checked Cale’s he was exhausted after his big day and dead to the world, when we finished looking at him we kissed him goodnight again.

 “How come you know so much about kids Heath?”

“Jimmy, I was six years older than him he was like my baby I loved him so much I guess mum was my teacher, I learned a thing or two." I smiled at him.

 I was full and Joe couldn’t stop smiling. We snuggled in to watch a late movie he backed up to me I stroked his perfect skin under a warm blanket. I smelt him he was clean, so fucking clean and I dusted his lips with mine I prayed please God don’t let this night ever end.

“Are you staying?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Then I’m staying.”

“Good.” He wiggled his ass onto me.

 “What kind of puppies do you like?” I licked his ear. 

He froze.

 We had slept in so, unfortunately, we didn't have time to make love first thing in the morning, but we had managed two more bouts during the night, and I made sure it was all about him. Joe had to get Caleb to crèche and we both have to get to work. Caleb was surprised I was there for a very rushed breakfast, he had all sorts of questions his morning TV was forgotten, so I just told him I had a sleepover. He was a little quiet so I added that I came to his house to make sure he got to bed safely then his dad asked if I wanted a sleepover so I said yes. His eyes lit up when he shoved more eggs into his mouth, I think he believed me… well, it's the truth.

 I didn’t have time to go home to change so I made do with yesterdays suit although it looked a little crushed when I retrieved it from Joe’s bedroom floor. I will try and get the jacket pressed before my meeting.

 Pulling Joe aside I gave him a long deep kiss and thanked him, but I had to go I could feel his excitement through the thin fabric of his pants. We had slept on the sofa off and on all night; thank god Cale’s didn’t appear until after we found our clothes.

I kissed Cale’s and told him I would maybe see him later on and I looked at Joe he nodded yes and my heart skipped a beat.

 My whole life changed overnight I can’t believe how beautiful Joe was, why didn’t I see it before. I felt like I had won the lottery and I smiled. I smiled at everybody I saw on the way to work in cars at bus stops traffic lights I smiled, and I barred up a few times on the way too just thinking about his silky body.

I didn’t ask Joe if we were going to announce it at work. I wanted to announce it in the newspapers, we are together, at last, I am in love and I felt so fucking good.

 After parking my car I walked to the Dry cleaners so they could press my jacket, they did it on the spot, which I was so grateful for. At the office, Joe hadn't turned up yet but he won't be far away. I dumped my briefcase on my desk then turned the computers on. Joe has a big morning and I have to go to Fergusons spare parts with Harry to go over their Tax return.

 Jimmy was hard at it and when he saw me he picked up his coffee mug and came into the tearoom.

“Good morning bro you’re in early.” I smiled again.

"No shit Heath, I came to get mum's work ready for the day." He laughed.

“Do you think we should hire a data entry girl to help her?”

“Could be an idea, I do know we need another Tax consultant though, there’s more work to be done on the everyday accounts, but of course be mindful that this sudden rush will come to an end after Tax time, maybe dad can fill in that role part-time."

"It's a thought, Jim, I'll have a think about it he should be relaxing and looking after himself though.” I had noticed over the past weeks more and more customers in the waiting room maybe I should lift my game.

 I decided we should have a small staff meeting this afternoon, what I have to do will only take a couple of hours

Joe arrived looking a million dollars I so wanted to kiss him, but instead, we both nodded and said our good mornings, then he made coffee and went to his office. I couldn't stand it and took the chance he was still feeling good after last night. I closed his door behind me and he jumped up and gave me a long lingering kiss.

 “Heath I have to start work but you are coming for tea tonight aren’t you?” He grinned, I let out a deep breath.

“I don’t want to be anywhere else Joe, are you sure it's okay?”

"Please, Heath, come over tonight I'm so sorry I took so long to get my head together." He dropped his face.

"It's okay Joe, we are together now and God willing that's the way it's going to stay, hopefully for a very long time." I lifted his chin and again played with his lips with my thumb.

"Good, now we are on the same page go get Harry and weave your magic.” I smiled at him, one last deep kiss and I was off to get Harry, but before I walked out the door I turned and said to him.

"Count on me to be having another sleepover, Joe." I winked I think he actually blushed. I felt I was being very brave to say that to him.

 Harry picked up a folder as we left his office. He drove I gave directions it wasn’t that far away and we made it in good time. Before we vacated the car Harry put his hand on mine.

 “Not so fast Heath are you going to tell me or will I wait for the big announcement.” He smiled like he knew our secret.

“Tell you what Harry, come on we will be late.” I opened my door he held tighter.

“Tell me.”

“How do you know?”

“You haven’t stopped smiling since you arrived this morning, Mark was humming to himself in his office a very rare thing indeed, from the way you looked coming here with that great big dorky grin on your face I guessed you and Mark did something very very naughty last night.”

“I stayed the night it was awesome, we haven’t discussed an arrangement yet but I’m praying he wants me to move in with him and Caleb.” I got this out in one sentence and breath.

 “Well done Heathy boy its about time.”

“Well I had some resistance for a while but I think he’s calmed down now, just a few more hurdles to jump over and we will be fine I think, I hope.” I smiled again.

"Let's go bud they will be waiting, and Heath congratulations.” He let me go and we headed for the boardroom.

 The whole Fergusson family were there, and we encountered nothing but smiles from good people when we arrived. I introduced them to Harry and he started to go through each page of their return with their accountant. Drinks were served along with sandwiches. I had to use the toilet so while I was in there I rang Joe.

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”

“What do you want to do for dinner tonight?”

“Make love to you.” He answered.

“Okay take away again, what does Caleb eat?’

“Veggies when I can get them into him otherwise chicken and chips or nuggets and gravy but I prefer the veggies for him.”

"Oh, nice diet but I get it," I replied.

“Do you want me to pick something up?”

“Okay if you want, your mum will be there I can’t do the pickup today do you think we should tell her?"

"No, let’s surprise her when the times right.” There was silence then he said.

"I love you, Heath."

“I love you too Joe, more then you will ever know, see you in an hour.”

I hung up and shook my dick then put it away it had grown some while I was talking to him.

I arrived back to a very animated Harry telling Pat about our school days, which wasn’t that long ago, she was laughing into her strawberry tart.

 Neil Fergusson moved me over to the side and handed me an envelope and his brother did the same, so did three Uncles they didn’t say anything just winked, although one Uncle said.

“Don’t tell the others, my wife’s got some old money too but that’s a secret.” He winked and handed me two envelopes then he chuckled back to the food table.

So I also picked up six very nice personal accounts these should be a piece of cake.

 Joe and Shane spent two hours in the afternoon just watching the market and making phone calls when they finished they updated their database and I could tell they had done well by the smiles on their faces.

“If you don’t need me for anything Heath I’ll be off, I have to pick up our boy, see you at home Mark.” Mum waved as she walked out the door.

"Okay, mum we will see you later," I called out.

 "Heath, can I ask you something?"

“Sure Joe anything.”

“Who looks after your investment accounts?”

“I do, there isn’t much in them but I do okay, this business is slowly building it up, I’m only taking a percentage while it grows then I’ll take a small wage.”

“Oh, that doesn’t sound too good, can I have a go at handling them.” He looked a little embarrassed but I thought if I can’t trust Joe I couldn’t trust anyone.

“Sure I’ll give you access.”

“What have you planned for dinner?”

“Hopefully a mouth full of Joe," I whispered to him.

“Be serious Heath we actually have a lot of leftovers from last night and Caleb is easy.”

“Okay leftovers it is, what are we going to do about mum?”

"Let's just take it as it comes I don't think Cale's will be affected much not at his age but maybe we can stick to the sleepover thing for now."

“Okay Joe, but we have to talk about things soon I will rephrase that we have to talk tonight.”

“Oh so soon, okay tonight then,” Joe grinned.

 If he thinks his smiles are going to put me off my game he’s got another thing coming. I turned to walk back to my office, but I really didn’t want to. My heart skipped a beat as I walked back to Joe’s office and closed the door, I took him gently in my arms and kissed him.

“Maybe a tiny little talk tonight then plenty of Joe time,” I smiled... he lifted his hand and saluted me.

 I made sure we left a little early I will do the Fergusson family tomorrow then send each of them an email showing what we are doing with their money. Of course, there's a fee each month for looking after them but it's pretty normal I think their balances will look a lot better than they do now.

Forgoing the staff meeting I put my jacket on and readied myself to knock off for the day. Shane popped his head in and said goodnight then he grinned and winked.

"Thank you." He said before he walked out to go home to his man.

 As we both rode the empty lift down I took Joe into my arms and kissed him I so wanted to strip him off and have my wicked way with him but there will be time for that later.

“Are you happy now Joe?” I nuzzled his neck

“Yes Heath more than you know, Mandy would be over the moon,” I was glad he at least was thinking that way.

“I just didn’t want to talk about Mandy for a long time it hurt but I realized you were right; I'm hiding the hurt from me, not Caleb. I'll get the photos out tonight and put them back, see I really do need you after all,” He looked into my eyes.

“Then we have nothing to talk about then,” I smiled at him.

“Except when are you moving in,” his eyes were pleading.

“As soon as possible Joe, I want that so badly thank you. I had better call by the apartment and get some clean clothes this suit is getting sticky.”

"Oh been dripping in your pants have you, do you want me to follow you?”

“Yes if you like it won’t take me long.” I wiggled my eyebrows,

 We pulled into my apartment block and Joe helped me carry some hangers down to my car. I wanted to place him on the bed and make love to him, he had a woodie and didn’t mind me looking at it with every opportunity but as I had him up against the wall he said he wanted us to start a fresh life at his place, I didn’t blame him so reluctantly I let him go, but not before I gently ran my hands over his lower body.

 We both pulled into his house and I decided, for now, to leave my clothes in the car. Inside mum swept me into her arms and kissed me then she did the same to Joe. She said congratulations to both of us, and she was very happy we had finally realized we were meant for each other.

“How the hell do you know we are together mum.” I nearly screamed.

 She looked at Cale’s who was eating out of a McDonald's kiddy box, he was also playing with some little plastic toys.

“Sleepover last night son, when are you moving in?”

“I think I already have.” I looked at Joe he was smiling, he then noticed what Caleb was eating and turned to mum, she quickly took charge of the situation.

 "He's a little boy, he's never had McDonald's but his mates at crèche have do you want him to feel like the odd one out?" Poor Joe didn't know where to look he did have a slight smile on his lips.

"Daddy look ise got sum, Nemo." Caleb offered up his two little toys for Joe to see.

"Awesome Cales I wonder if there’s a whole set of them, maybe when mummy takes you there again next week they might give you some more." I breathed out confrontation avoided, common sense prevailed...thanks, mum.

 She said her goodnights rolling her eyes and said our secret is safe with her. I didn’t believe her one little bit and told her so, then walked her out to her car.

“Thank you for the flowers mum we should have gone with them in the first place.”

“Your welcome son, maybe you should make it a monthly order, you know to keep the fires burning.” She winked.

 We went and collected my clothes out of the car and Joe made room for me in his closet, I noticed on the floor a box of photo frames and photos so I looked at Joe and he pulled it out and put it on the bed.

“Do you think he will want one for his bedside table?”

“For certain Joe.” I kissed him and ran my hands up his back.

“It’s the right thing to do just put a few out if it’s going to hurt you too much Joe.” He was deep in thought then fished a nice wedding picture out and showed me. He looked awesome in his black dinner suit I nearly licked the photo, Mandy was beautiful and she had the sort of eyes that were wise beyond her years and her dress was amazing.

 “Beautiful Joe put that one in the lounge room.”

"Okay, Heath." He kissed me.

“Do you still have that suit?”

“Yes.” More kissing.

"I want to see it on you, Joe, you look so fucking sexy in it.”

“Maybe later.” He smiled.

“Okay, maybe we can go to the theatre one night you can wear it.” I was getting hot.

“I’m not a theatre type Heath.”

“Well how about we go anyway and stand out the front I can show you off a bit, then we can go down some dark alley and I can fuck you up against a brick wall.” He groaned I grinned because I wanted to get him going, I’m a bugger like that and I knew nothing is going to happen until after Caleb's in bed sound asleep.



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