Peter in High School

Chapter Eighteen: Home

November, 27th, 2008.

Guess what?! Mom let Nick sleepover and guess what again, his mother let him sleep at my place too! So, it was all set... well except for the lube, maybe... *blush*

As it was a holiday, we played video games till late at night and mom didn't say anything. As a teenager, I would say there's nothing better than playing video games until *you* get tired of playing and not because an adult told you to stop, and waking up for lunch next day... but now that er... I found love -- wow, that sounds forceful -- well, I know that's the second best thing!

Nick woke me up... guess where... yeah, again, two days in a row, I had to check if I wasn't dead, in heaven, and they forgot telling me! Did I tell you already how beautiful Nick is... well, I guess I did... but I'm saying it again, because he's so cute, and sweet, and his skin is so peach fuzz like, his hair so soft and it smells so good, and it falls all over his face when he's *blush* down there er... working on... me, and his slim form... but not skinny... nooo, he's a 'jock to be' I'm sure he's on the right path.

Those yellow briefs of his, where kind of small or made everything seem big down there. He stopped sucking me for a moment to take the hair out of his face. He was there, like a god's statue, on his knees, on my bed, in front of me, yellow briefs only, reddish chest and reddish face from the heat... aaand the tip of his shaft was poking out of his small yellow briefs waistband.

I didn't resist and attacked his neck full of kisses, grabbed him tight, not believing he was mine. I rolled on the top of him and started kissing his neck as I ruffled his hair with one hand and caressed his left peck with the other, tracing lines on his underarm, licking all over his chest. He slowly started pressing my head downwards... I knew what it meant. I saw him shivering. Poor Nick, he was urging for an extra attention.

I started kissing his navel, his pubic hair... so sexy... I even inhaled at it to make sure that morning was all real as I was caressing his thighs with the tip of my fingers and kissing his inner tight. He grabbed a pillow and started moaning.

In one motion I got all his shaft in my mouth. I admit, I choked a little but then tried again. I started licking from the base, then the sides, then the head. I could taste precum.

He wouldn't last much so I stopped and went for a big, slow, tight hug on the top of him. He smiled at me with his eyes and well, his smile.

I placed the tip of my shaft on the tip of his. The amount of precum formed was amazing. I took a quick look and it was even making that white foam on our shafts.

I rocked the tip of my shaft on the tip of his. His confident smile was gone and I could see a mix of pleasure and agony on his face. I moved again, a small inch and kissed his cheek. Another little rocking move and kissed his ear.

"Pete, please." he whimpered in my ear.

"Why?" I asked, playing dumb and pressed my body against his.

"Mm... because I'm close," he said and hugged me.

"What do you want me to... mmmm... sigh... do?" I was trying to play cool but I was close too.

"You're close too," he whispered, rocking his body a little. Damn, I was 'caught'.

"But I want it to last..." I said as he kissed my neck and for one moment I was lost in sensations.

He pulled on the bed in one motion and in another quick motion had my shaft on his mouth.

"No, please... I... er ... mmmmm." I said but didn't last a mere minute, repeating the image of lean beautiful Nick, rosy cheeks, soft hair, occasional deep hazel gaze, licking me. I came, big time.

When I recovered from it, he got on his knees and made a fist with both of his hands and even closed his eyes for 'concentration' but cum erupted without him touching his member and splashed all over my torso and even hit my eye.

"Gosh, it burns," I said.

He quickly got a t-shirt to clean it, he kissed my eye "I'm sorry" he said with a small, sweet smile. ***

After an amazing afternoon, you know, amazing lunch, mom all attentive at Nick as he was the 'guest', dad even played cards with us in the afternoon -- we won nothing... as dad is not a sport in that sense... never beat him, not even once for the 'sports spirit'... well, after an amazing afternoon, the evening promised to be amazing as well.

"Wow, mom, you look so beautiful!" I said.

"You're already eating candy, don't ask me anything else... no need for compliments..." she said, half smiling.

"No, it's true Mrs. Hershey, you look very elegant." Nick completed.

"Thanks, Nick. Pete, your father and I are going to the theater. Be a good boy, be a good host, no confusion and be at home as it's getting dark, k boys?"

"Sure, mom," I replied.

"Yes, Mr. Hershey. By the way, thank you for letting me sleep over again."

And with that, they left.

We were sitting on the living room rug, eating ice cream, watching something nonsense... actually the match was over and that was er... just the next program I guess.

"You're very sweet," I repeated at Nick.

"Thanks," he said and kissed me on the cheek. He hugged me in the same sitting position we were.

"I just wanted to have you smell again," he said as he inhaled on my neck.

"Oh, there's some ice cream here," I said as I licked his lips.

And with that, we started kissing. He took my t-shirt off and I took his off and we started a kissing session.

"Mm... I see someone's happy" he said as he grabbed my shaft through my shorts fabric.

"Aah." I gasped. Right after that, I grabbed him by his shorts too.

"It's not only me," I replied in his ear as I slipped my fingers in his waistband.

"Mmm... Pete," he said as he hugged me and started kissing my ear.

I pulled his shorts down and mine too.

As I was on all fours doing that, he was under me and started sucking my shaft and I started sucking his shaft at the same time -- in the living room! That was sexy somehow... Thank god my parents didn't forget anything to get back!

I would say at the moment I had only one focus, a juicy piece of flesh in front of me, but no, I had two focus, because the sensations Nick was giving me were amazing too.

He started kissing my balls, and then going under, and under and the feeling was amazing.

I started kissing his balls too, I guess he would like it too. It was amazing, they started moving as I kissed... but not because I kissed them but it seems they have their own life!

Nick started pressing a finger on the base of my balls and the feeling was amazing... I guess I would never jerk off again without pressing my er... bottom...

He started pressing with one finger and with the other hand he was giving me the best hand job ever and kissing my inner thighs.

I stopped anything I was doing to him because I couldn't concentrate.

That was too much for me and cum erupted all over his torso, as he was lying on the rug, under me.

I didn't mind cleaning and got back to what I was doing, I started sucking him and tried putting one finger, er... inside him... he jolted a little but never told me to stop. On the contrary, his cum erupted so forcefully it 'washed' all my shaft again.

I got facing him, we kissed deeply.

Right after that, he was lying there, spent. I got a t-shirt, cleaned my torso and then I was cleaning his torso. I would clean and kiss the spot 'to make sure it was clean'.

We were lying, in the living room, side by side, as it got dark and we didn't even notice, there was only the moonlight reaching from across the big window.

We were lying, side by side, looking at the moon, but we were inside the house...

I looked at my side and I could see the moonlight, illuminating his lean body, his white torso under its light, the unique traces of his features, his face, his hair... his eyes reflected very orange as the moonlight reached them from the side.

He supported his head, on one hand, to look at me.

"You know, Pete... I can call you Pete, can't I?" he asked.

"Yes, you can." I know I replied that with a goofy smile.

"I mean, not when we're in front of everybody 'cause it may sound..." he trailed off. Gosh, Nick, always so worried...

"Yeah, you can call me the way you want." I continued, smiling.

"You know, as I was saying... I want to tell you how I feel about you... about all of this..." he said, smiling and then, looking at the moon from across the window.

"When I look at you, or when I call you... or when I think of you... my heart beats faster. I mean, you're the only person who can understand me, who I can tell everything I want to... wow, I was planning on saying so many things these days... to you... and I keep trailing off... there are so many... things... you know?!" he was saying looking so intensely at me that I felt I was transparent as he could see my soul, and he could see it was gleaming because I was so happy.

"Yeah, I know," I said, looking back in a deep gaze.

"So, let me tell you how I feel about you. I'm sure you know how special you are to me." he should only nod but he opened big eyes.

"Don't be silly *kiss on the cheek* you knooow you are," I repeated chuckling and he laughed as well.

"Sooo, it's like I wasn't really alive before... only surviving... I knew I was waiting for the day you would show up... and I don't know... that would bring me... anxiety, frustration, uncertainty... because it wasn't up to me... I mean, how could it be up to me conceive in my life something... someone as great as you, sweet, beautiful, intelligent, charming in the sweetest manner..."

"Oh, stop it," he said, smiling, kind of bashful. He even put a finger on my lips and ruffled my hair.

"Please, let me finish," I said.

"It's like when I look at you all the problems go away, I see an object that defies the rule that all has a good and a bad side because it seems you personify all the good, and as you're a person, I see the kindest..."

He started sniffing.

"Hey, don't. Or I'll cry too..." I said with watery eyes.

He was so sweet it hurt.

"It's just that... sniff... I didn't think anyone would ever think something so beautiful about... me.

He said and gave me a tight hug.

After that, he rested his head on my chest, the tv was off, and we were watching the moon rising up in the star-spangled sky. 

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