Ayden's Eyes: Book Two

Chapter 76

Chapter 76

 They looked like any other couple down here, Alex brought the breakfast over and the new boys brought down linen napkins and crystal glasses for our water, they weren’t used to our ways yet but it was all very nice, and different.

"How did Tony go yesterday Arras?"

"Good Den, he sold heaps. I don't think he's got a lot left from what I saw in his shed."

"Same with Evan, the shop is looking pretty bare again, I must get onto emptying the rest of the boxes," I said.

 "I have no idea how much Evan has been taking but I know the bundle of cash in the safe is huge." I didn't ask him what his final total for the day was but I was a little intrigued.

"Now that we have ten minutes to ourselves Den I want to talk to you, we are here to see you all now I have semi retired. We are not here to change the bay, we also like it as it is so you’re not to worry that we might go wild with money and buildings," Arras said.

"Good, I like it like this too." I smiled.

"That's after I build my shop," Aisha added.


"Just joking Den." She grinned.

"Did Birdy like his letter?"

"Oh yes Den, were going to try and bring him out here for a holiday, but from what we are hearing he's going nowhere, and we can't fly Birdy there, not yet anyway, maybe in a few years’ time."

"That's so sad, but it is what it is I suppose."

"We were able to reunite him with his daughter Den and he's so happy to find her at long last."

"That's so cool." I was happy for Birdy's mentor.

 I heard Ayden screaming so went to see what was up and found he was waiting for me to wipe his bum. Sometimes he likes me to do that, and sometimes he does it for himself, then I check. I did the cleaning business then made sure he was squeaky clean so all over for the day. He stared at me again and picked up his wet suit and lifejacket.

"Not yet bubs."

"No, pa wait!"

"Oh okay, I'll see if nanny has a breakfast basket then."

"I wait," he shot back.

 I chuckled because by the time I got back to the porch Rita was looking for me with basket in hand.

Aisha wanted to go to Cyn and Abs’ place so Arras followed us down to the beach with his board under his arm. He greeted Ali and Spud with big hugs then as they came up to eat he started his first run for the day.

Evan was waiting for Ayden and must have smelt the bacon cooking. Ayden was dressed and ready so he pushed his small board into the surf and didn't bat an eyelid as his pa followed him out. The boys stood in their places while he did his thing. He surfed twice then said to blue,

"All eat, me surf later."

That released them to go have breakfast but he will be back later. I passed him his roll and biscuits and noticed a paper bag with Blue’s name on it so passed it over to him. He looked inside and nodded to Ayden who gave him the thumbs up.

Rita had packed him some biscuits too.

 Blue was still doing interviews for the magazines and this was one of those days, a couple of writers turned up. We were very careful not to let them see bubs surfing, because if they did there would be no peace in the bay as every tourist with a camera will be down here. I held him bubs back while Blue had many photos taken by himself and with Horse. Later he sat with them and they asked loads of the same questions. My boy understood and sent me an image of the journalists with painted clown faces pedalling a toy car out of the bay. It was funny so I laughed and gave him the thumbs up.

 He was bored after a half hour and had been staring at me for ages before another image appeared of his little gold coin, he had it around his neck on a gold chain. I gave him another thumbs up and he giggled again. He will get it for Christmas, I had given it to Ali to take to the jewellers in town to have done. It was our fairies’ original one and has been in my pocket since he gave it to me. As for the others I didn't know what to do with them, a bracelet maybe, no there's too many. I looked at him and he was laughing at the news team, one of them must have sat on an ant’s nest because he was yelling and swiping his legs and bum.

 They left shortly after so Blue ran up to get the boy and the surfing began in earnest.

They had moved further along the beach to make room as they always did, so we were left alone for much of the time. A few kids came to watch and to get tips and had familiar faces, I think they are from the foreshore crowd.

 I was having a wonderful dream, Horse was mounting Evan and I was well and truly buried deep in Horse’s ass, it was tight and so hot. I felt a hand on my hard dick then opened one eye to look into Evan’s blues.

"Dirty dream Den?"

"Yep, and it was all about you. What time are you opening the shop?" He rubbed harder.

"After three Den, I need to conserve the stock otherwise we will sell out."

"Doesn’t matter bub, if you do then you can shut it and stay   down here all day."

He said he did think about it but didn’t want to let his staff down, they would lose out on some Christmas cash. That was my cue.

"How much did you take yesterday and the day before bub?"

"Thirty-seven grand Den, some of it is yours and Spud’s, but shit it adds up quickly."

"Bloody hell, it’s because you have a big price on everything bub."

"Well I'm glad I listened to Cody." I smiled at him and pulled him in for a kiss so he threw a towel over my stiff member and started wanking me off, I was thinking about Horse’s firm ass when I exploded. Nobody could see us, we were hidden by a big fallen tree trunk and could see if anyone was coming up the beach.

Unfortunately for Evan he still had his suit on so I will fix him up when he gets back.

Ayden was passed to me and we started our journey home. He rinsed his board down with the hose then showered and was now ready for some lunch; he's so organised.

 Cyn and Aisha were there and were going over to Kate's chemist shop, she had opened it this morning. There are two things we missed out on, her graduation night and the grand opening party which the girls assured me didn’t happen. I decided to go with them and Rita tagged along because she wanted to have a look too.

I took Ayden in Evan’s car because it had a kid’s seat and Rita rode with us while the girls went in Cyn's car.

We parked out the front of the freshly painted shops and could see Kate was busy through the big glass window. I got Ayden's ride out because I don’t want him to play with the shampoo bottles. I picked up a shopping basket and waved to Kate, then us girls and boys shopped.

 It was mostly sunscreen and Aloe Vera for sunburn the customers were buying, a bit like before and after the sun. The shop was set up well, she even had a perfume section with some pretty good brands on the shelf. I noticed only half the shop had stock so I guess she's going to build it up over time.

I grabbed the largest bottle of body lotion and bubs looked at me, so I said,

"Okay I'll take two then." I got another one off the shelf.

I bought some aftershave just for presents and some deodorant, eight sticks should do. My basket was full and so was Rita's.

"I'm shopping for the boys too Den, they go through a lot of bathroom products," was Rita’s excuse.

 I noticed Aisha had struck up a conversation with Kate who was blushing. Ayden wanted to get onto the scales and weigh himself so I obliged him. Nope, he's still the same weight he was three hours ago. She rang up my stuff and gave me a discount which was nice of her.

"I know it's early day's yet but have you been busy Kate?"

"Yes Den, I haven’t stopped since I opened. It's the holiday makers, this saves them from going into town." She smiled.

"Well it’s very convenient being here so you will do okay me thinks."

"Donk will be here soon so I can get on with doing what I do best, making up prescriptions. I have advertised for a girl to come in part time and that job won’t take long to fill."

I smiled at her again and will get Mavis to apply for the job. Aisha leant over and said,

"Don't forget dinner this Saturday night with us all, 8pm sharp."

"Okay I won’t forget."

Rita was next to drop a pile of cash and then we went to see Jack after putting our shopping in the car.

 Ayden was playing with a piece of wood again while we watched Jack hammer another cupboard together.

"Den there's seven more frames finished over there if you want to take them now."

"I will, thank you Jack. Evan sold some more but I don't know how many."

I've got nine kitchens to do before I start on his but he did say there was no rush."

"No I don't think there is Jack, he hasn't even got the keys yet."

"What keys would that be Den?" Aisha inquired.

"We bought a few holiday houses and Evan wants to convert them to upscale rentals."

"Oh, and we are not allowed to spoil the bay, where's the fairness in that Den?"

"Yeah where's the fairness in that Den?" Rita was in on it.

"They are existing buildings; we are just bringing them up to a modern standard." I started taking the frames out to the car and when I passed Aisha she said to Rita,

"Game on," and they slapped hands.

 Later I noticed Rita and Tiny talking quietly and maybe she is going to do the same. It will be good for her to have an interest, something other than the cafe to do.

My boy needs his afternoon nap, he's played too long and hard today. When I got into the car park out the back, I could see some of the boys showering. I took my bags up to my little kitchen and started placing goods into the cabinets then I went to chase up something to eat.

 "Saturday night I'm going to hold a dinner party Den, it will be casual for the night, can I use your table?"

"Yes of course you can, what's it in aid of, anything special?"

"No Den, just a thankyou dinner for everyone that's all, nothing special, and I thought I might add Kate's launch party to it too."

'Okay, sounds nice, is Rita cooking?"

"No, I will use the boys." She smiled and walked off into the kitchen. I kissed my man and sat next to him as he poured me a coffee.

"How much did you spend Den?"

"A few hundred bub, why?"

"Just wondering, I hope you didn't go nuts."

"No, just some lotion, underarm and aftershaves for Christmas presents."

"Good, because we don't want to give Kate a false sense of reality, she's only doing good now because of the holidays, after they go home she might struggle a bit."

"Oh, just like the tea rooms bub?" He thought about it and nodded his understanding.

"If she does settle down, Donk will still be bringing in money bub. I think that was some of the problem they had before because he only worked when it suited him. He seems more relaxed and happier nowadays." I smiled.

 Aisha sat down with us and smiled but looked like the cat that swallowed the milk.

"What's up baby?' I asked.

"Nothing much Den, I had a word to Kate about some stock I needed to unload from my shops, she's thinking about taking it."

"What sort of stock honey." Evan was looking at her out of the corner of his eye.

"Sunglasses, handbags, scarves, umbrellas, stuff like that."

"What brand?"

"All sorts Den, they are old stock and I have to clean it out before your stock arrives Evan. I thought I had seen loads of that sort of stuff in your chemist shops over here and asked Kate to think about taking it, she still has plenty of room."

 One can only imagine what kind of stuff will be amongst it.

"Is there much?" Evan couldn’t help himself.

"About a container load my love, either she takes it or it ends up in landfill, and we don't want that do we? All she has to do is pay for the shipping, I have already written off the stock so it will be free. I told her to talk to you about the tax man." She laughed.

I think Kate's going to be okay.

 Now for my next move, I walked up to have a talk to Mavis at Cyn's shop. I said my hellos to Anne and Abs then walked out the back where Cyn was sitting on her computer and Mavis was on the floor playing with little Emma.

"What's up Den, I detect a slight smile on your face," she asked.

"Nothing much Mavis, Kate's just put a sign on her window for a part time girl. It's right up your alley and she will pay you cash in hand probably."

"Oh and you think I should apply for it, why?"

"Your just next door, Emma can sleep in her carry basket behind the shop and I think her shop needs a grandmotherly look to it."

"Okay, I will talk to her in an hour, I have to go home to start dinner."

"Perfect." I was pleased because Cyn didn't really need her as most of her business is done online. Anne and Abs just made the shop look good, and from what I'm hearing, Mavis mostly only sits out the back. She could do that at home, and Kate can install a bell to call her into the shop.

"Talk to her, it’s ideal for you, and tell her to install a bell to get you into the shop when she's busy." She smiled at me then made us all some coffee and Cyn came and sat with us.

"We need to talk Den, but first some good news." She looked at Mavis.

 "You sold the last of your vases Mavis so I will transfer the money in a minute," Cyn called out. Mavis couldn't help but smile.

"Good, that's the icing on Mike’s schooling fees, he won’t struggle to live while he's doing it now."

"I'll get started on those cartons tonight honey, Irish silver sells for an absolute bomb too, it's so rare." I laughed to myself. I also wondered if there was any magic in it.

"Now Den, the feelers I put out for your, 'Trapped Beauty,' painting have been exceptional. I already have offers but I did say it was one of a pair." She grinned at me.

"How much?"

"Five biggies." I nearly fell flat on the floor and had to sit down.

"Really." I didn't believe her.

"My highest offer is five million Den, you know she's worth every penny, another oil sheik I think has been talking to me. I told him she was one of a pair and you’re working on the second one, is that okay?"

"Sure Cyn, I am going to start on it when I get home. Please tell me it's not Ali or Arras."

"No Den, someone new to the scene who wants them for an investment, and he's willing to go higher for the pair and knows will have to bid for them." She rubbed my arm and smiled.

"This is awesome Cyn, is she worth it?'

"Yes and that depends whether the new one tells a story like she does." I saw tears in her eyes, I think this has overwhelmed her, she seemed a bit attached to that painting.

 "Den, that's wonderful news, what's your commission Cyn?" Mavis wants to know, maybe she will go into the same business as Cyn.

"Ten per cent on these Mavis, about five hundred thousand on what's been offered up to date." I was happy for Cyn to earn that kind of money for what she does so well.

"Of course he's only one of many Den, I think we are going to have another bidding war." I had nothing more to say except a heartfelt thank you.

"Looks like Mike can drive to school in a chauffer driven Rolls Mavis."

"Jack’s going to buy him the car Den, don't forget that, he's making more money down here than he ever did so Trip’s got his eye out for a safe, reliable car for him. Please don't spoil Jack’s fun, his father couldn't afford to buy him one, he worked hard to get his first bomb and wants to do this for Mike."

"Has he been driving yet?"

"No Den, he has to go get a permit first and that will be after the new year when everything settles down a bit."

I knew we were changing the subject, Cyn didn't look too good, she's got something on her mind me thinks.

 While walking back I thought I may as well do the rounds and called into Tony's. He was talking to Jay about something and Hulk was smiling from ear to ear. Birdy must have heard me arrive because he ran from out the back and received his big hugs.

"What's happening Tony, where's all your stock?"

"I should be getting another delivery sometime today Den, I've nearly sold out." He looked slightly pleased with himself.

"So you are doing okay?"

"More than okay Den, I just gave Jay a well deserved raise, he's been keeping the little items going beautifully, and I kind of like him." He smiled at Jay who blushed.

"That's awesome, how long until your apprenticeship finishes Jay?"

"One more year Den, I can't wait."

"He knows it all Den, we are just going through the motions now, just until he gets his certificate then I guess he will want another raise, or he will go into his own business." Tony chuckled.

"Good, are you missing the games parlour Hulk?"

"Yes Den, I miss the babies, but Tony need me for now, it's not going anywhere, I will come back." He then pulled Jay in for a smacker of a kiss and Jay seemed to melt in his arms. Birdy giggled then ran out the back again so I yelled out,

"I'll see you later Birdy," and heard him giggle.

 I got back to the porch and there was no one around so I set up a new canvas. I already know what I am going to paint and I have the colours already bursting in my head. I started on her beautiful, happy face and my butterflies came to life when I put the first stroke on it.

 Her wings were in full flight and the glass dome had disappeared, her working name was, 'Freedom.'

The drawing was beautiful, more fluid than the other one and so was her face, it lit up the canvas. I will start painting her tomorrow.

He screamed when he saw her but I hadn’t seen him come out to the porch. I lifted him onto my knee and he started talking to her straight away, I noticed a golden glow coming from the canvas so maybe he's just put a little of his magic into it. The image I got was so heart warming, she was flying around with her sisters and she looked so fucking happy. Bubs was handed a juice from Rita, who stared at the drawing and sighed.

"She's so beautiful looking Den, not like the other one, I feel this one's happiness inside me."

"Good because Cyn is getting me five million plus for the both of them." I laughed as Rita had to sit down.
"My god Den, are they worth that?"

"According to the expert they are worth a lot more."

"Well I wish you good luck, I will have to get Alex to show me how to follow the auction."

"It will be awhile yet honey, I need to finish this one first."

"Is your Christmas shopping done?"

"Yes my lovely, I am going to hand out shop vouchers to the boys I think, they don't need much except their surfing gear."

"Good, I got them all a nice shirt and some aftershave and I got doctor Tiny a new TV for his waiting room." She grinned.

"He will appreciate that honey; I think he's planning on updating it."

"He is Den, Trip's already on the lookout for some nice furniture."

"Have you cleaned out your safe yet?"

"No Den, it's full of cash, I really don't know what to do with it. Evan said something about money laundering but I will put that in his capable hands." Her smile got bigger because she's doing something illegal and I guess that excites her. I know it get's Evan going, he likes a challenge, he's a lawyer you know.

 "You didn't have a break at all yesterday afternoon, I was waiting for you for hours." They are at it again, the awesome twosome.

"I had to paint my Persian prince. I can't be at your beck and call all day."

"But Spudley, this is what it's all about my excellent Bedouin boy."

"Ali, put that away, not here, Rita will see it," Spud screamed laughing.

"Well I can put it in the bedroom Spudley, she won’t see it there."

"Okay let's go."

I heard them run off and Rita was in fits.

"That goes on all day Den, they haven't worn them out yet." She laughed again.

I was pleased Spud and Ali could show their affection to each other in public, they deserve to live a happy, uncomplicated life.

 Bubs was still talking to the fairy, he had finished his juice and was now hungry. Nanny made up some chips and nuggets for him but I took one so he stared at me. It was only one, you would think I stole all his gold.

 Mike arrived and had been skimming, he kissed Ayden and gave me a cuddle then he went up to get a milkshake. When he got back he had coffee for me and a drink for himself.

"When do you get your results baby?"

"They are posted online just before Christmas Den and I'm confident I will get the numbers to start my medical training."

"You sure will, and have you booked into Dandenong yet?"

"Yes Den, mum and dad have to come with me after new year to sign stuff and pay the fees for the coming year."

"Good, will you catch the bus or ride the train in?"

"The bus Den and dad said if I have to stay back late I can stay in a motel for the night or he will come and get me."

"Cool, so everything’s happening at last."

"Yes Tiny has given me his old books and he will help me study, it's the Latin I will struggle with, I haven’t done that at school, it wasn’t on our list."

"You will romp it in kid, I know you will."

He smiled then looked the drawing over and nodded.

"She's beautiful Den, when are you going to paint her?"

"Tomorrow I think, or maybe I will start on her tonight." I really didn't know.

 "But Spudley, I wasn't finished," I heard Ali say as they walked down the porch to greet Mike.

"Yes you were, now shut up." Spud’s going red again.

"I wasn’t," Ali muttered.

"You were," Spud replied. Mike let out a big laugh and Ayden joined in.

I suddenly got a flash image, it was me on the back porch painting, and the moon was up so me thinks I will be up late tonight.

"Thanks bub." He grinned.

Then the other one arrived.

Spud and Ali were dancing around in fluffy slippers and dressing gowns. I chuckled.

"Yes they are like an old married couple aren’t they bubs?" He nodded because his mouth was full of chips so he couldn’t talk.

Three pairs of eyes were on me but I ignored them.

 The seafood man who usually sits on the highway the other side of Longford selling his catch pulled up in his refrigerated van. I saw Aisha and Tush talking to him and he opened his    lift up window and started showing them his stock. I suppose we are having seafood tomorrow night for dinner.

He had a big smile on his face as Bubble and Tush carried plastic baskets into the cafe, their muscles bulged under the weight, they later returned with them empty. Aisha handed over a wad of cash and I think I saw him do a little happy dance as he shut his travelling shop up and drove away.

 "Is that for Saturday night?" Mike asked.

"Yes my queen loves seafood and I don't so I'm having a steak instead, are you coming Mike?" Ali asked.

"Yes, we will be here, we were ordered, not asked." He giggled.

"What's it really in aid of Ali?" I asked.

"Spud and my wedding Den."

"What?" Spud yelled.

"Our wedding, my mother the queen thinks we should get married, and you know I can't go against her wishes my camel keeper, think wedding night." He wiggled his eyebrows.

Spud knew Ali was joking so he got up and said,

"If you think I will marry you in front of everyone and sundry then think again. As if, tell them the truth about Saturday night or I will do it." He stared at Ali.

"Oh, I suppose that's a no then Spudley." A sad faced Ali made Mike laugh harder.

 "It's their wedding anniversary Den so they usually throw a small dinner party to commemorate it. This year they want to share it with all their friends here."

The cat's been let out of the bag now, and I didn't buy them a present either.

 "No need for presents, they have everything they need. If I know them they will be giving you all presents instead." He grinned then added,

"Spudley, were you sure I had finished what we were talking about earlier?"



"Yes mother in law."

"Get in here," Rita shouted.

"Coming oh high priestess of the moon cafe."

He giggled all the way back to the café and Mike followed because he had to start his shift, I went too, to empty the rest of the cartons. Spud and Ayden stayed where they were, staring at the drawing and Ayden had a wicked grin on his face as he offered Spud a nugget, little shit.

 I worked away stacking stuff in piles on the floor then I started breaking the cartons up. I spied Evan come up as I was throwing them over the back balcony. He waved before getting in the shower so me, being the epitome of good manners went to scrub his back. I was on my knees when Horse poked his head in and said,

"You finished Evan?" and nearly died of embarrassment. I chuckled my way back to the house while Evan was trying to explain why I was on my knees. I checked the shop out and deemed it suitable for opening then I turned the lights on and went back to see my boy, but he wasn't there, he had gone up to the cafe to give his final orders for the day. Horse came up chuckling and asked me what I wanted for my afternoon tea, I was about to say a good fuck when Evan kissed my neck.

"Pie Den?"

"Yes thanks bub, make mine a nice, big meaty one will you?" I giggled and I couldn’t stop it. They both walked up to the café and I heard, ‘pa,’ being called out so I guess he's getting more hugs.

 Horse came back carrying our son and he had two meat pies   and a sausage roll on his plate with some sauce. He broke off a bit of pastry and fed it to Ayden who eventually ended up with the small sausage roll.

He plastered it with tomato sauce then picked at it, taking only the pastry and leaving the meat. I did that all the time when I was young, meat didn't interest me either.

 "I see you have started Den, she's beautiful." Evan was looking at my new painting.

"I might start on her tonight if I get the time, Cyn has an offer near five mils for the first one but I don't know what the two together will be worth." He choked on his pie so I slapped his back. Horse shook his head in disbelief then smiled, his eyes glistening as he did.

"She said they are worth that bub, it all smells of fairy magic to me." I meant that too, what sort of a man or woman would pay that much for those paintings?

 Some guys came up and sat at Rita's, they looked well dressed for beachgoers and I watched as they ordered meals. They seemed to be looking around for something as they talked. We finished our meals off then Evan took his sign down and unlocked the shop. I started to tidy up a bit then Mel arrived, she was wearing her Ayden's eyes dress and it looked classy on her.

The three guys finished their meals and then went into the shop. They were looking at everything even the ladies’ clothes, and one of them was leaning on the counter talking to Mel when her jaw suddenly dropped. Evan was watching from the rod section and was cleaning up so he went over to see if everything was okay. After a few minutes a business card was passed over and Evan looked at it then he shook their hands. They left not long after but before they did they handed over a stack of paperwork.

 Mel was talking fifty miles an hour at him as he was flipping through the paperwork. I guess I will know when he's ready to tell me. As they drove away Evan darted out of the shop and headed for Ali's place. I didn't see him for the next hour so I asked Mel what it was all about.

"They asked me how much stock they could buy in one hit."

"Oh they are buyers."

"Yes from Darrel Jones stores Den, they want to put the line in their shops Australia wide."

"What did Evan say?"

"They handed him a large order but he said he would have to talk to his partner about it and would get back to them within twenty-four hours." She smiled because she knew who Evan’s partner was; Aisha.

 'Three hundred grand a container Den, and they want five of them." His smile was so precious.

"What did Aisha say?"

"She's fine with it, I just can't sell in the Asian countries, that's where her shops are situated."

"You had better ring your agent as well and see if they can cope with it."

"I have and they are very pleased to do business with us so I have to ring the buyers now and let them know it’s okay."

The magic; it's been working overtime today, he sighed then went out the back to our bedroom. I followed him because I thought I might just finish what I started in the shower. I found him sitting on the bed, he was deep in thought.

"A penny for them bub."

"I don't believe this Den, I only wanted something different for the shop and I'm already acting as a wholesaler, this is big Den." I think he was in shock. I pulled him back on the bed into me and slipped both my hands down the front of his shorts. I was playing in his pubes while I whispered in his ear,

 "You deserve this bubs, you have worked so hard to achieve this outcome so grab it while you can. I am so proud of you I could burst." I kissed his ear then dug deeper to manhandle his balls. His legs spread wider so one finger caressed his love button.

We stayed like that for ages before he shook himself out of it, he had to, he was blowing up a storm in his shorts. He showered and went back to work because Mel was a little busy and Trip had turned up, he was refolding some things and said to Evan,
"I just sold your last adult wet suit mate, better get some more in here." I helped him bring some up from the garage and while we were in there he kissed me deeply and thanked me. I fell on my knees and used my mouth and there were no interruptions this time.