Peter in High School

Chapter Twenty~One: Don't I always make it up to you?

December, 12th, 2008, Friday.

Well this's been a different week, I mean, I've been having lunch with Chris – yeah, the guy I punched in the face and whose nose I made bleed – yeah, the guy who I used to see just as a big bully... Well, it all started when Mrs. Green made us a pair to finish our science project.

No, no, actually it started before that, when she first made us choose which model project we would make and competitive Chris wanted to make MY volcano – maybe he's not the only competitive one here lol... whatever.

Well, I don't know, it really started mmm... he's always been like this since when we both started high school and this year, well, I basically have most of my classes with him.

Let's say for some weird reason he's changed his attitude starting a couple of days ago. I don't like thinking that, but it seems sometimes we have to agree that some people should get better after being hit!... or maybe it's because of something completely different that I'm clueless about...

"Hello, Houston, we are losing contact..." Nick said and lightly shrugged elbowing me with a light laugh as we were sitting on `our lunch spot' on the grass.

"Hey, quit it," I said with a light elbowing back and a chuckle of mine as well.

Sigh, Nick's always so beautiful, so light mooded, so kind to me, you know I think he has that calm AND confident aura, at the same time, you know... these are two characteristics I don't have lol. I guess when he's not so babbling talkative like me, and serene confident... mmm.. I'd say it provides him with a mysterious look, a charming one... and mmm... yes, that's it, it makes him masculine, and slim, and ... sigh.

"Hello?!" Nick repeated in disbelief.

"It's just because you're so beautiful... and hot..." I said above a whisper.

Nick got all reddish.

Yeah, masculine but cute too. But he tried to keep his coolness and replied to me.

"Aaaand we're having the best of it every afternoon, aren't we?!" he combed a lock of blond hair of mine, behind my ear, and whispered in my ear.

"Niiick!" I blushed.

But that's true, every day, after class – oh, except Tuesday, true, on Tuesday we had to finish the volcano project... oops, the science project that I call `volcano'... oh and that day I wasn't with Nick as he went to Jenna's to finish their... gee I don't even know what they're doing... because the volcano so is the best project choice... I got hypnotized by it... so much that, even being Chris' choice too, I didn't change my mind.

But, the important part is, this week, during the afternoons, we used almost all the lube I bought the other day *blush*

"So, how come you had lunch with Chris?!" Nick inquired.

"Well, he was by himself walking towards the lunch line and I offered to have lunch with him... or he asked me... don't remember..." I shrugged.

"Always so kind..." he said and rubbed his thumb on my hand for a moment and then our hands parted because the school wasn't the place for it, you know.

"Actually, it's because a certain cutie has been avoiding lunch with me this week and it's already Friday today... so..." I trailed off... I said that but was only teasing him, never losing my smile. Still, he gets worried when I say things like that.

"Oh, I'm sorry Pete... it's just because I had to discuss the science project stuff with Jenna the other day during lunch period... and yesterday I had a problem with the books I took in the library and..."

"Hey, it's fine," I said with a wink and a smile and put my finger on his lips to shush him... in a kind way. "I was just kidding," I concluded.

"Well... I made it up to you for the time I wasn't with you for lunch." He finished with a wink and even put a finger in his mouth for a moment! That was already making me horny!.


Gladly the classes finished in a blur that afternoon and Nick was already waiting for me by the door.

I mean, Chris invited me to go to his place, to play video games, to go to the arcade, to go to the parlor, and so on yesterday as we were having lunch... actually all the week long. I felt kinda bad for declining... but look at that... that's Nick by the door, with a foot on the wall, bag on one shoulder, with a far away gaze, while the wind blows his long-ish blond hair... he has an olive pullover, to make his eyes kind of gray for the day, along with light blue jeans, maybe a little tighter than usual, making his legs look longer, and when he saw me approaching, his smile got wider too, whiter, shining... sigh.

As we arrived home, we had homework to do and oh, we were hungry too.

"Hey, Nick, take the juice from the fridge for me, please," I said.

We had juice, coke, sandwiches with ham, cheese, cream cheese, milk, cereal, strawberries, pineapple, nachos, pie, carrot cake, gelatin... mmm, and some biscuits I guess lol. What can we do as hungry and horny teenagers... well, we were resolving the hungry part... as natural as the horny one.

So, we should sit down to accomplish our homework.

We went to my room.

Nick grabbed me from behind and kissed my neck and inhaled on my neck, and kissed again.

"I miss you, you know, I miss this, you know?" he said on my ear.

"I miss it too," I said turning to face him, then I got my notebook.

He grabbed me from behind and said on my ear "I have an idea, why don't I help you on your homework and then you help me?"

"Won't it take longer?" I complained.

"See? Just to show you how I am a good boy" he said and nibbled my ear.

He was sitting on my bed, resting his back on the wall. He opened his legs and opened his arms for a hug.

"No no, take your notebook and your pencil with you," he instructed.

As I climbed on the bed, I managed a sitting position with my back to his chest and he was seeing behind my shoulder what was written on the notebook.

It was kind of hard to concentrate but I managed to accomplish homework not losing this close and intimate contact, and then we switched.

I admit by the time we were both done, I had a wet spot on my underwear, it was precum.

As Nick put his notebook back on his bag, I grabbed him from behind and put him on the bed. I took his belt off and then his pants and underwear in the same motion.

I kissed him *there*... we were getting hornier and hungrier for that, by the day, you know.

In no time we were both naked and as I was sucking him he was managing a position under my body but my mouth never lost touch with his shaft as we were moving on the bed.

He managed to engulf my shaft, me never letting go of his.

And it was delightful. When it was almost too much, he stopped, got up beside the bed and grabbed me from behind as I was kneeling on the bed. As I felt his hands on my waist I couldn't help it and cum erupted landing all over the sheet.

He kissed my neck, as I felt his slippery hardon poke on my butt cheek, and he was stroking me as to drain more cum out of me, and as I erupted twice more my shaft got very sensitive, but he didn't stop, and I shivered and he kissed my neck and I arched my back but he never let go of me.

As I realized his shaft was poking on my butt I started to move it around and as I felt him shiver I put my hands behind my back to reach his waist and hold him there. I could barely hold him but I managed as he grabbed me with his both hands on my chest and shivered once again as cum erupted all over my butt and lower back.

I was kneeling and I managed a lying position on my bed, on my stomach and Nick was lying on the top of me, breathing heavily, too.

We had a quick shower, together, and later, we were looking very unsuspicious – thinking better now, maybe not for both with wet hair... however – we were watching a DVD concert on the living room TV, both of us sitting on the rug, resting our backs on the sofa.

"We shouldn't skip our lunch together schedule, you know," I said as a romantic song played on TV.

"But, every afternoon, this week, it's been amazing..." Nick said.

"We're so lucky, you know," I said.

"Yeah," he said and kissed my cheek with his hand resting on my thigh.

"Besides, even when we can't be together at school... when we arrive home, or your place... I make it up to you, don't I?!" he asked, huskily in my ear.

Then, Madonna was saying on TV to her fans... I know it's for her fans there, in the stadium, but... somehow, I feel like it's for me, I'm her fan too, you know "I'm sorry for the whole lot of cameras, they're filming the show tonight. I'm sorry if the cameras are blocking your view. But I should make it up to you in your next song. Don't I always make it up to you?!" she said and the audience cheered loudly.

"Don't I always make it up to you?" Nick whispered in my ear.

We both had a laugh about it and, in no time, we were fighting on the rug, playing all over each other.

Suddenly, Nick won and stopped, holding my wrists, as he was balancing himself over me, on the floor. He stopped applying pressure and so I stopped moving. He looked with his deep hazel gaze as some straight blond locks fell on his face.

"I love you," he said.

"I love you," I replied and your lips met.

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