Chapter Twenty~ Two

I was woken  up by Davey's wiggling and giggling in my arms. I looked down and saw Billy tickling Davey's feet. Davey jumped out of bed and ran after Billy. After I put on a t-shirt and shorts, I heard Billy laughing in his room. I left the boys to their fun while I went downstairs to make breakfast. Davey came downstairs a few minutes later with a big grin on his face.

"Did Billy survive you big brother payback?"

"Ya, he was still breathing heavily on his bed when I left him." Davey giggled.

Billy came down a few minutes later and poked Davey on his side before running behind me and hugging me.

I turned around and hugged Billy.

"You are a glutton for tickle punishment, are you?"

I poked his ribs. He giggled and sat at the opposite side of the breakfast table to Davey.

"What are you boys going to do today?"

"TJ wanted me to come down to his cabin," Davey said.

"Tommy wanted to come up here to play with me." Billy said.

"You boys can do that as long as it's ok with their parents.

Davey went to call TJ.

"TJ said his dad will bring him and Tommy by in about an hour. He will leave Tommy here and take Davey and TJ back with him."

"Well that will give you boys enough time to do the dishes, take your shower and get dressed."

"I don't have to get dressed." Billy giggled. "I'm staying here."

As I stood up, Billy ran out of the kitchen.

"You boys do the dishes while I take my shower." I said to Davey.

I caught Billy at the bottom of the stairs. I gave him a few tickle pokes and told him to go help Davey with the dishes.

The boys were having a tickle fight on the living room floor when I came back down stairs. It was cute to see Billy getting a few good tickle pokes on Davey. He knows all his big brother's weak spots.

"Ok boys, shower is free."

"Ya, tickle wash time!" Billy jumped up and ran to the bathroom.

I grabbed Davey in a big bear hug and told him how proud I was of him as a big brother.

I went around and stocked up the wood stoves and fireplaces and then sat in the den.

The boys came downstairs with just their towels on and took their turn getting their "Daddy Inspection."

As they were upstairs getting dressed, Terry and his boys arrived. They ran upstairs as Terry and I talked.

"So Boss, what is going to be the plan for New Year's Eve at the resort?" Terry asked.

"Well this summer John and I decided to give our best tourists a free New Year's Eve party. The guests would get the same cabin they stayed in during the summer and all their meals would be on me.

John hooked up with a retired pyrotechnic guy. He and his sons will be setting up a huge display at the far end of the resort. Everyone will be able to see the display from the front of their cabins or from the lodge.

The guests will have the choice to ring in the New Year privately with their family in their cabin or in the lodge with us. The fireworks with begin after midnight and go on for about 30 minutes."

"Wow that sounds like an amazing night for the guests and the rest of us for that matter."

"Betty has already catered out the event. There will be a full buffet dinner before the fireworks and a full buffet brunch the next morning."

"Doesn't sound like there will be much for me and Brenda to do."

"All you have to do is make sure you and your family have a great night."

"Doug, you have done so much for me and my family. How can I ever repay your generosity?"

"Terry, all I did was giving you a job up here that included a place for you and your family to stay. I knew you were a good man and a great father/husband. I was in a position to help you and did what I could."

"You did so much more than that. You gave my family a completely new life."

Just then, all 4 boys came bouncing downstairs. Davey was completely dresses. Billy and Tommy were giggling because they were just in a pair of shorts. Billy gave Tommy a pair of his shorts.

"Follow my lead Terry." He was confused.

I picked Billy up in a cradle hug and walked to the back door. He really started to wiggle and giggle as I opened the door. Terry followed me with a giggling and wiggling Tommy.

Once outside I gently touched Billy's bare back onto the snow bank next to the hot tub and then his bare feet. Terry did the same with Tommy. We then dumped the giggling boys into warm hot tub. Davey and TJ were roaring with laughter at the site of their little brothers.

"Get your coat and snow pants on Davey or you and TJ will be next in the snow bank only wearing the same a Billy." I said with a grin. The boys ran back into the cabin.

"You two sneaks can stay in the hot tub for a little while if you want to."

They giggled and dunked their heads under the warm water.

Terry and I went back into the cabin. Davey and TJ wear out front blowing the car horn and giggling. Davey locked the back doors so I could not get in.

"Don't I get a hug, Son?"

He unlocked the door and got out to give me a hug. I reached down, grabbed a handful of snow, put it down his neck and then wrapped him in a bear hug. He was giggling and wiggling in my arms as the snow melted down his back. Once it was melted I let go. He jumped in the car and told TJ to crank up the heater.

"I'll have Davey back after supper if that's ok with you." Terry said.

"Sure, it will be good for the big brothers to play together and the little brothers play together for the entire day."

I went back to check on Billy and Tommy. They were having a great time in the hot tub.

"You boys can stay in the hot tub but I want you to come inside as soon as your fingers become wrinkly like old men." They giggled and agreed to come inside once their hands turned into old men.

I went inside but kept checking on the boys every few minutes.

One time they were daring each other to jump out of the hot tub and roll in the snow. I set up the camcorder to capture this moment in time. They played like that for about thirty minutes.


When I saw them coming to that back door, I quickly ran and locked it. They giggled and tried to give me their best puppy dog sad faces but could not stop giggling. When I opened the door, they ran into the den and warmed up by the fireplace. I handed them each a towel and told them to get out of their wet shorts. They sat in front of the fireplace watching the crackling flames while I made them some hot chocolate and set some Christmas cookies on a plate. I brought the tray of treats to them and set it on the floor in front of them.

"Thanks Daddy."

"Ya thank you Uncle Doug."

When they finished their treats, they went up to play in Billy's room.

I went into the den. I put Diane's DVD into the entertainment unit. I sat on the couch and started to watch it with her box gift on my lap.

"Merry Christmas Sweetheart,

I know you gave the boys the best Christmas of their lives. I'm sure you and John spoiled them with toys while Betty gave them more educational gifts.

I wanted you to know that the times I spent with you were truly the best time of my life. You made me laugh and feel very special. You filled my heart so completely with the purest love.

Thank you so much for adopting Billy. Knowing that Billy will have a true father to raise him was the best gift you could possibly give me. It's the gift that keeps on giving every day of the year.

I hope you love the small gift I got you for Christmas. Open it now as you watch this DVD."


I opened the gift and found a photo frame with a picture of her and the boys. The boys and Diane were sitting on one of the pool chairs in their swimsuits. Engraved on the top of the frame was;

"To the Best Father and Husband in the World!"

"I know how much you enjoyed seeing me and the boys in our swimsuits. I loved watching you tickle the boys in the pool. I also enjoyed the romantic way you tickled me in the pool during those few late night swims we took together.

Remember those happy times we shared together.

Remember me with smiles and laughter.

Those are the memories that I will take with me to Heaven."

I am still alive and with you in your heart. All you have to do is go to the balcony to hear my voice.

Merry Christmas, I Love You Doug."


The DVD ended with a slide show of every picture we took together as a family by the pools and lakes we were at during the summer.

I took the photo frame and placed in the center of my desk. I sat in the desk chair and just stared at the picture.

I was awoken from my thoughts by Billy and Tommy on either side of me and putting my arms around their shoulders.

"Is that the gift Mommy gave you Daddy?"

"Yes, it is Billy."

"I remember the day she had Betty take that picture. She told Davey and me that it was going to be a very special picture for you."

I hugged both Tommy and Billy together.

"Your Mommy was very pretty Billy."

"Thanks, Tommy."

"Uncle Doug, I'm hungry."

"I'm hungry too Daddy."

I looked at the clock and it was already dinner time. I was really lost in my thoughts of Diane.

"O.k. boys, go get dressed while I make dinner." I squeezed their ticklish sides and asked them if they knew what I meant my 'get dressed.' They wiggled and giggled.

"I'll make sure Tommy understands Daddy." Billy finally giggled out and then wiggled away from my fingers.

They ran back upstairs to Billy's room.

They came back downstairs with pants, shirts and socks on. I gave each of them a big hug and told them how proud I was that they listened and came down properly dressed for dinner. The boys set the table while I finished making dinner. I decided on fish and chips for dinner. I had the boys take out what they wanted in the salad. Billy loved the cherry tomatoes while Tommy enjoyed bacon bits and croutons. I let the boys pick out their favourite deserts.

We did the dishes together. I washed. Tommy rinsed and dried and Billy put them in the cupboards.

We were cuddling on the couch watching cartoons when Davey and TJ came bouncing in.

"Come on Tommy, Daddy waiting in the car," TJ announced at the door.

"Thanks for a great time Uncle Doug," Tommy said as he hugged me.

"Thank you for being such a fun boy to play with." I gave him a big bear hug and tickled his sides as I let go.

Davey came and sat beside me where Tommy was previously.

"Daddy, I had a great time with TJ. We build a huge snow castle and a toboggan run down the side of the mountain right into the center of the resort. It is totally wild!! You start at the top and spend at least 2 minutes riding down the slope. We put in a few jumps and bumps. Uncle Terry and Grandpa helped. Grandma made us lunch and had hot chocolate ready when we got cold."

"Wow! I can hardly wait to try that out." I said with the same enthusiasm that Davey showed as he was telling Billy and me.

"Me too, Daddy can we go down together on the same toboggan?" Billy said.

"Sure, maybe we can all go down together."

"Ya, we can, Grandpa found a long toboggan that will hold 4 or 5 people," Davey said with excitement but then added a yawn.

"Hey Buddy, it looks like you are worn out so why don't you get undressed and take a warm shower before bed?"

"Ok, Daddy," Davey said with another yawn.

Billy was falling asleep on my lap before Davey finished his shower. I took him up to his bed and tucked him in. I told him I loved him and rubbed his back until he was sound asleep.

I found Davey asleep on the couch with just a towel around him. I gently gave him my Daddy Inspection and then carried him up to his bed. I told him that I loved him and rubbed his back until he was in a deep sleep.

The boys rotated between themselves for the next 5 days. They would pair off and go off and play after breakfast. I would entertain 2 boys for lunch and dinner and Terry would do the same at his cabin.

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