The Puget Posse

Chapter 61-Many Kinds of Love

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<Saturday, June 15>

Neville felt like he was truly a part of a family. Reginald had decided that if his children were going to have friends, he should get to know their families, no matter what their social standing. Shelly was pleased with her husband’s change in attitude. She knew there was a good, solid man beneath the ego and bluster or she wouldn’t have married him. She had quietly worked to bring that goodness out of him.
Reginald decided to have a barbecue for Ellis, Patrick, Misha, Evan, the twins, and their families. Because of the twins’ baseball games in Tacoma, the Kirkwoods had to reluctantly decline the invitation, but the rest of the families accepted. Shelly’s brother, David and his wife, Barb, along with their daughter Vicky, were invited as well. David suspected they were invited because Shelly knew he was an expert with the BBQ grill while Reggie had no idea which end sat on the ground.
The day ended up being a great one. The weather, the food, and the company all made it a fun time for kids and adults alike. Neville had never felt so good around people. The new pool had just been completed so this became the first pool party as well.
The kids swam, ate, got involved in various kinds of horseplay (including clandestine groping), and expended a tremendous amount of energy. They let Vicki get involved in their hijinks. She was somewhat tomboyish and was quickly accepted by the Posse boys. They were surprised, but also pleased, when she participated in the groping once she saw what was going on. The boys weren’t sure exactly what they were supposed to grope on her body, but they let their hands wander a bit, receiving no objections from the eleven-year-old girl.
There was even a birthday cake for Patrick’s father, Brian. He’d turned 29 on the twelfth. Patrick made sure Misha knew about it and Misha made sure his parents knew. The cake, the singing of Happy Birthday, and the cards were a surprise for Brian, who knew exactly who was behind the surprise.
Ellis was happy that his mother behaved herself. But she usually was like a normal mom except when she got totally weird when his father was away, which had not been all that often since the start of spring. He was also happy to see that his father and Neville’s father seemed to be getting along really well. He thought that was good since Reggie didn’t hesitate to offer disapproval of some of Ellis’s habits and mannerisms.
“Real boys don’t paint their nails,” Reggie once stated during Ellis’s last overnight, which was the night before the twins’ party.
Neville surprised the literal shit out of Reggie when he said, “Trust me father, Ellis is a real boy.”
That got both boys to giggling, much to Reggie’s annoyance. Of course only Ellis and Neville knew that Neville’s toenails had been painted blue, a factor that had them giggling even more.
“Kids,” Dylan said in disgust. “I was much more grown up going into sixth grade.”
A little after seven Misha’s parents announced it was time for him and Patrick to get out of their wet swimming trunks and be ready to head for home. Patrick was going to spend the night at Misha’s house. The boys gave the obligatory moan, then followed Neville to his room. Ellis joined them; he would be spending the night with Neville. He could have stayed at the pool with Dylan, Evan, and Vicki, but he was hoping to see Patrick and Misha naked—he wasn’t disappointed. Seeing Neville naked as well was an added bonus. He saw Neville in the nude frequently and he never got tired of it.
Misha had a boner while Patrick and Neville were flaccid. “I now have boners all of the time,” Misha declared. “Just ask Patrick.”
Patrick nodded in agreement. “He’s hard every time I see him take his clothes off.”
Seeing Misha’s boner had Ellis hard almost instantly. He liked Misha’s uncut cock the same way he liked Neville’s. Since his dry clothes were in the room he saw no reason not to change. He pulled off his damp board shorts, showing off his cut little boy cock.
“Looks nice,” Patrick said. “I wish I could suck it.”
That was where the members of the Posse now were. Sexual talk and even sex didn’t seem out of line to them at all. Sex was part of being a Posse member. Even Neville had become caught up in it. Dylan had loosened him up, but it was his infatuation with Ellis that opened him up regarding sexual matters.
“You can suck it,” Ellis said. “Posse members have to look out for each other, you know.”
Patrick, who was now boned up, looked over at Misha, who nodded.  He got down on his knees in front of his blond friend and placed his lips around Ellis’s cockhead when he heard Ryan’s voice. “Misha, Patrick, let’s hurry up, please.” Patrick groaned. The timing of Misha’s parents was as bad as his own father’s.
“Next time,” Ellis said with obvious disappointment.
Patrick stood up and bumped his boner against Ellis’s while Misha’s boner bumped Neville’s growing boy tool. Patrick and Neville bumped, Irish boner against English boner, and now nobody cared. Misha and Ellis bumped at the same time.
“We need to do boner bumps more often,” Patrick said. It was something he and the twins had done so long ago, but rarely followed through on.
“I’ll take care of Ellis,” Neville announced with unaccustomed confidence in a sexual situation.
Ellis grinned, stepped towards Neville and wrapped his arms around his friend. “Thanks, Neville.” Then he looked over at Patrick and said, “And thank you Patrick. You guys are all great friends.”
Patrick and Misha quickly dressed, wrapped their wet swimsuits in towels and, after good-bye hugs, headed to meet Misha’s parents.
“We can still go and swim some,” Neville said. Ellis was good with that, so the boys pulled their board shorts back on and trotted to the pool. Evan, Dylan, and Vicky were in the water. Reginald, Shelly, and Vicki’s parents had disappeared into the house.
“Evan put his hand inside my bikini,” Vicki announced in a quiet voice.
“I just wanted to see what it felt like,” Evan explained. “She was okay with it, right Vicki?”
“You can feel me, too,” Vicki told Ellis and Neville. The two noticed Vicky’s bra on the edge of the pool. She was low in the water which covered her breasts. She wiggled and then held up her bottoms. “I’m naked,” she said in case nobody could figure it out.
The only female Ellis had ever touched sexually was his mother. He desperately wanted to touch another one, and Vicky was right there in front of him. Neville watched enviously as Ellis rubbed her tiny breasts, which had now bobbed above the water level. Ellis then let his left hand travel down her abdomen while his right one kept rubbing the small lump on the girl’s chest. It found her bare pussy and he rubbed on it as well. His cock had never gone down after Patrick had started sucking it.
Vicky moaned as his hand rubbed unfamiliar territory. He didn’t know what to do next, but the decision making was taken from him when the sliding glass door to the patio opened and Vicky’s mother told her to get out of the pool so she could get dressed to go home. Vicky had ducked under water as soon as she heard the sound of the door opening. Neville grabbed her floating bra and held it under water. Everybody hoped that Vicky’s mother wouldn’t notice the bikini bottoms on the edge of the pool deck. Apparently she hadn’t as she slid the door shut.
Evan gave Vicki her bottoms and Neville handed her the top. She quickly pulled them on. However, before getting out of the pool she swam over to Neville and put her right hand inside his shorts and fondled him. Neville moaned in both surprise and pleasure as she rubbed her fingers skin-to-skin on his rising cock.
“Neville is the first boy I ever got naked with,” she let everyone know as she released her step-cousin and left the pool. Vicky, at eleven, had become quite the little vixen around the pool full of half-naked boys. She became quite the topic of conversation between the four boys after she left.
That night Neville let Ellis paint his toes blue. He then painted Ellis’s with the same nail polish. After they finished he watched as Ellis painted his fingernails, not caring about what Reginald would say in the morning.
“I’d put makeup on if I had all night to wear it,” Ellis said, “or if we were like on a date or something.” It was past nine and both boys were incredibly horny. Ellis also knew that while Neville didn’t mind Ellis painting his nails, and got some kind of pleasure from painting his own toenails, he wasn’t real big on Ellis wearing makeup.
In the end it made no difference. Neville knew he wasn’t a pouf like his brother and Evan. After all, he’d been naked with two girls. And yet, he looked forward to seeing Ellis naked. He looked forward to the kisses like they were sharing now. He looked forward to the feel of his smooth, naked body, like he was experiencing now. He looked forward to Ellis rubbing his cock and him fondling Ellis’s smooth little balls. He looked forward to a sixty-nine with his friend, enjoying the feeling of having his cock sucked while he took Ellis’s cocklet into his mouth until his bare pubic area and its heady smells were right at his lips. But, most of all, he looked forward to just seeing Ellis because Ellis was the best friend he’d ever had in his life.
When Neville and Dylan talked about their friends, or in Dylan’s case, his boyfriend, the word love never came up. It wasn’t a word bandied about by a pair of tween boys. But Neville wondered just what the feelings he felt were. He was always thinking about Ellis. He always wanted to be with Ellis. Maybe Ellis was like Evan was to Dylan—his boyfriend. And if Ellis was his boyfriend, did that mean they were in love?
Neville had no idea who he could ask. It couldn’t be Dylan since he never mentioned the word love even though he had an acknowledged boyfriend. It couldn’t be the twins because they were too flaky to ever give a thought to a word like love. Maybe Misha and Patrick would know; it was obvious there was something special between them.
So many thoughts floated through Neville’s mind as he and Ellis sucked each other’s cocks. He needed to get his mind on what was happening if he was going to get the most out of doing sex with the boy on his bed. He was about to bury Ellis’s little member into his mouth when Ellis surprised him by not only pulling it out, but by letting go of Neville’s cock.
“I love you, Neville,” Ellis said. Neville looked into his friend’s eyes and knew it was true. He didn’t need to talk to anyone about love. He still didn’t know what love was all about, but he understood in his pubescent mind that what he felt for Ellis was so good it had to be love.
“I love you, too Ellis.” Neville didn’t know whose voice said that, but suspected it was his own.
“Does this mean we’re boyfriends?” Ellis asked.
“Do you think we are?”
Ellis nodded. “Fuck me, Neville.”
Like so much that had happened that evening, Neville seemed to be operating in a different dimension. He knew he’d agreed to do what had so grossed him out when it happened between Dylan and Evan. Later he remembered Ellis pulling some lube out of his backpack like he’d come prepared for what was about to happen. He remembered them kissing, remembered Ellis’s legs in the air, his pink pucker, his cock going into the hot cavern of Ellis’s anus, the overwhelming feelings flashing through him,. He remembered humping Ellis hard, and remembered the orgasm that shook him to the core with Ellis following within seconds.
And he remembered the guilt feelings that always hit him after sex. Sometimes he could shake them off, and sometimes he couldn’t. This time he did shake them. What had happened felt too good and too right to feel badly about. He’d worry about the consequences later.
All he could do right then was stare at the beautiful blond boy underneath him and say, “Yes, Ellis, it means we’re boyfriends.” The grin on the blond’s smooth, beautiful face, made the entire session worthwhile. It was about love, about boyfriends, about two boys giving of themselves like they never had in their lives.
Whether they understood it or not, it really was about love.


Will’s life was a bit simpler. For him, sex was just that—sex. Friday night had been fun with his brother Gary and two of his friends. He sucked off Gary and his friend Royce and got fucked by Tad. All three boys were 15 and having sex with them made the eleven-year-old feel grown up. The one thing Will didn’t do was share beers with them. The three teens told him he was a smart little dude for not drinking. Gary and Will’s parents allowed the teens a limited number of beers with the admonition that Will couldn’t drink, which was fine with Will since he hated the taste.
The teens started telling him he was sexier than a lot of girls they knew and sucked the best cock ever, which ended up being the line that led Tad to fucking the preteen while Gary and Royce watched while drinking beers and jerking off.
Will spent Saturday night at Paul’s house. It had been another battle with his mother, who wondered why Paul wanted to spend time with her young son.
“Mom, he’s only fourteen. It’s not like he’s all old like Gary and his friends.” He wasn’t about to tell her what those “old” friends had done to him the night before while she and his dad were out with friends. “It’s just me and Paul became friends because he and Curt were student guides.” He figured that explained everything. Once again, he had no intention of telling her that sex between the two of them was the big attraction.
Will’s mom talked to Paul’s mom, verifying Paul’s parents would be home. Like you were worried about me being alone with Gary and his friends, Will thought to himself. He never ceased to be amazed at the inconsistency of adults, in particular his parents. Will finally received permission to have dinner and spend the night at Paul’s.
“You’re going to have sex with him, aren’t you?” Gary asked. He’d learned that Paul was an unabashed horn dog the year before at the Puget Academy.
“That’s why I’m going,” Will smirked.
Paul’s mother didn’t have any problem with her son having a friend who was three years younger. She liked Will, whose stolid personality and athletic build made him seem older than his eleven years. She was a single parent, who didn’t really understand the sexual urges of pubescent boys, and Paul often took advantage of that. His night with Will was an example of his audacity.
Will was discovering that he was sexually attracted to older boys. The sex with Ellis at the twins’ house had been fun, but he had also been drawn to what Paul and Curt were doing upstairs. The problem with Ellis was that he was kind of a sissy, what with his painted nails and his wearing makeup. Will had seen his nails painted more than once and was thankful he’d never seen Ellis made-up. What Will liked was studly, athletic teens who enjoyed having him suck their cocks or fucking his tight young ass.
Paul was smitten with younger boys, which was why he was disappointed that Ellis hadn’t gone all the way with him at the twins’ party. But Will was an eager partner who loved sucking cock and being fucked. Paul liked the boy’s smooth skin, his hairless pubic region, and his tight, muscular ass.
For these two boys love wasn’t about being boyfriends—they were both aware enough to know what they had going wasn’t going to last. No, for these two boys, love was all about lust. Paul fucking Will three times and bringing the younger boy off to four dry cums that night was the proof of that.


Patrick and Misha chattered all the way home from Neville’s party about how much fun they’d had. The boys’ enthusiasm never failed to amuse Ryan and Lois. They loved it when their boy was happy, and Misha seemed to always be happy around Patrick.
When they got to Misha’s house the boys ran upstairs and shed their clothes until they were down to t-shirts, socks, and underpants—white briefs for Patrick and green and gold briefs for Misha.
Misha logged on to his computer to check his email. With school out, the amount of mail he received dropped off some since he was no longer getting official announcements. He scanned the list and saw that Cole and Mark had written, and that there was another email in his box that he had not expected. The third email set his heart to pounding. He wanted to open it first while at the same time he didn’t want to open it at all. His mind compromised between the two choices and he decided to open it third.
Cole told Misha that he had entered a summer chess tournament at the community center Misha attended and that there were still openings. Misha made a note to ask his parents to take him to the center so he could sign up. Mark’s email was a report on the outcome of their games. He mentioned Eric and Shelby as two boys who caught his eye, which made Misha wonder, more than once, if Mark was gayer than he said he was. Misha then stared at the third email without opening it.
Patrick, who was becoming well attuned to Misha’s moods, could see the concerned look on his friend’s face. He knew the concern had to do with the unopened email, but he didn’t know why it was upsetting Misha, especially since he hadn’t opened it.
He got off of the bed and sidled over to Misha’s desk chair. He stood next to his friend, placing his arm gently around his shoulder to show his love. “What’s wrong Misha?” he asked.
“Nothing,” Misha whispered.
“Yes, something is wrong. I can tell.”
Misha could often see Patrick’s moods in his face, by his body language, and especially in his eyes. It stood to reason that Patrick could read him as well. There was no use lying to Patrick, because Misha knew that Patrick would know that he wasn’t being truthful. In fact, there was no reason for Misha to lie to him at all, but at the orphanage the boys normally didn’t share their feelings with each other.
He had to remember that Patrick was different, that he could share his feelings with him and not be judged. Patrick was like Nikki, a person he could trust completely.
Nikki. Misha stared at the sender and the subject line in his mailbox. Nikki. Patrick tried to respect Misha’s privacy and not look at the computer screen, but he had to look—he had to know what had upset his very best of friends. So, he looked over Misha’s shoulder. He didn’t understand what he was reading, but he understood instantly who had sent it. Nikki.
“Nikki,” Patrick whispered into Misha’s ear.
Misha nodded. He hadn’t heard from Nikki in almost a year. His emails had gone unanswered, and then started bouncing back because the address was unknown. Misha had given up ever hearing from his old friend again. And now, there was an email from Russia and from his Nikki, who would be fourteen now—a teenager. Misha was surprised Nikki even remembered him or his email address.
“Aren’t you going to open it?” Patrick asked.
“I am afraid to.”
Patrick looked at Misha incredulously. “You’re never afraid of anything,” he stated matter-of-factly. “I thought he was your friend.”
“He still is my friend. But, I am afraid of bad news. He disappeared for a long time, and maybe he’s sending me bad news.”
“Misha, you’re not being yourself. If he is writing after all this time, I think it has to be good news.”
Misha looked doubtful.  As he continued to stare at the screen, Patrick let go of his shoulder and walked to the shelf attached to the wall next to the desk. He stood on his toes and stretched his full length, grabbing the foot of the big teddy bear sitting on the shelf. He stood behind Misha, holding the bear in front of him and lowering it on his friend’s lap. Misha turned his head and smiled.
“Nikki,” Misha was the one who whispered it this time.
Patrick nodded. He started kneading Misha’s shoulders. Misha adjusted the bear, then reached around it and clicked on the bold-faced subject line, opening the email.
“That must be Russian,” Patrick observed as he saw the strange looking alphabet appear on the screen.
“Yes. Nikki knows some English, but he has written a lot. It must be easier for him to write a lot in Russian than in English.”
“Can you still read it?”
“I have not forgotten.” Patrick continued to massage Misha’s tight shoulder as the Russian boy read the script. He knew Patrick was waiting for him to share what he was reading, and he knew Patrick deserved to know what Nikki had to say.
“Nikki says that he and Vasia spent a week making a movie and posing for pictures with younger boys. They did lots of sex with them. One they knew was nine, the others were maybe ten or eleven.”
“Our age,” Patrick said, unable to comprehend how boys so young could be in sex movies.
“Yes, our age. He said that after the last day he and Vasia were very tired. They had many orgasms. They were resting on a couch and a man came to visit. They did not bother to put clothes on because nobody at their house cared—the men all like it when the boys are naked.
“The stranger’s Russian was not very good. He said he was from Germany and that he wanted to give Vasia a new home in Germany where he could go to school and be safe. Nikki wondered why the man did not want him, but said nothing. Then Vasia said thank you, but he could not go anywhere without Nikki, who was his boyfriend. The man said he understood and left.”
“That sounds like bad news,” Patrick said. “How did the man even know about them?”
“They were starting to grow the pubic hairs. Nikki said in his last email when that happens it can be shaved, but then their guardians will finally say they are too old and must find a new home. They knew the Germans from somewhere.”
“I thought they could live where they were until they grew up.”
“So did Nikki. Nikki was grateful Vasia stood up for him, but now they did not know what would happen. They are only fourteen, but too old to stay.” Misha read some more, then broke out into a big smile.
“What happened?”
“The man, he came back in two days. He says Vasia and Nikki are very good students and good at football and he will take them both.”
“Woot!” Patrick called out.
Misha read some more, and then said. “They are living with a gay couple. The two do not bother them for sex. They want to be good fathers for them and they say they rescued them from sex. But it is okay for him and Vasia to have sex together.” Misha grabbed Nikki, the bear, and hugged it tightly. “He says they are very happy. They go to a good school and play football. He says he loves me still. He says Vasia tells me hello.”
The look on Misha’s face as he hugged his bear was all that Patrick needed to be happy himself. He could feel Misha’s shoulders loosen up. “I will answer him tomorrow,” Misha told Patrick. “Tonight is for you, my very best boyfriend.”
Misha logged out and then set the bear on his bed. He and Patrick got undressed. They stood facing each other and kissed, deeply and lovingly, their hard preteen boners touching. Misha’s erection was two inches longer than his younger lover’s, but neither of them cared. They each felt that everything their friend had was perfect.
The two boys flopped on Misha’s bed and kissed some more, their warm bodies touching, their hands feeling everything they could feel—testicles, faces, bellies, thighs, cocks, nipples, belly buttons, necks, asses, cracks—they touched like they were exploring each other for the first time.
“Is tonight the night we do it?” Patrick rasped.
Misha stopped moving and held Patrick close to him. “I am not yet ready. You are not yet ready.”
“You did it when you were nine,” Patrick protested. “I am ten and you are eleven.”
“I was too young to do it. I think it is something I now understand. I loved Nikki, but when I did it was too young. You and me, we are too young.”
“When will we be old enough? When will we be ready?”
“It will be when we both say so. When we have all the love we need and all of what you call horniness.”
“Don’t you love me?”
“I love you the most of anybody I know. I wish in many ways to do it now. But I am very sad today, which you know. When you put Nikki bear on my lap, I could feel so much love for you. It made me so warm and told me what a wonderful caring best friend you are.”
“I love you, Misha.”
“I know. The bear told me that.” He looked at Patrick’s perplexed face. “Patrick, when we do it, when one of us goes inside of the other, I want it to be that we don’t do the sex to take us from being sad to maybe being happy. I want it to take us from being happy to being the happiest of all.”
Misha took a deep breath. “I still do not know English well enough to explain what I am thinking. Maybe I could not even say it in Russian. Maybe it is because I am not yet old enough to understand.”
Patrick kissed his older friend. “I understand, Misha.”
“You do?”
“You want us to be so full of love we are ready to blow up. You want us to be so ready we can’t stand it.” He kissed Misha hard on the lips. “I understand we have to wait for it to be totally, awesomely special.”
“We can still do much,” Misha said.
“Like now?”
“Yes, like now.”
The two boys went back to their touching, their feeling, their humping, their kissing, and their rubbing. They grunted, they moaned, they squeaked and squealed. They were ten and eleven and lost in feelings most boys their age never felt. Misha had had so much sex at the orphanage, but none of it matched what was happening now as he humped and kissed and felt the boy he felt such incredible love for wrapped around him.
“I am close, Patrick. Somehow…somehow…it feels so…uhhhhhhhhh….” Misha mashed his uncut boner into his lover’s abdomen and let out a long breath. “Ohhhhhh, Patrick, I love you, it feels so good.” His body quaked against the young boy underneath him. “Patrick…” he whispered with the same love in his voice as when he’d whispered Nikki’s name.
“Misha, I’m wet,” Patrick said.
“You are all sweaty.”
“No, look.” A puddle of clear, thick liquid was on Patrick’s belly and running down his torso. “You did it, Misha, you had your first real cum.”
Misha looked down with awe. “Your love made it happen for me,” was all he could think to say. He then placed Patrick’s two-and-half inches of steel into his mouth and brought the ten-year-old off to his own bed-shaking, if dry, climax.
As they recovered the boys were silent. They simply looked at each other, loving the sight and feel of each other. At that moment they didn’t need anything else in their lives but their best friend. Sitting against the wall, a big, cuddly stuffed bear looked at them, its permanent grin seeming to have an added glow to it. Nikki gave silent approval to what he had witnessed that evening.


The Posse had seen many kinds of love that night. For Mark and Matthew it had been lust beyond what they had ever experienced together. But it was even more than lust, for there was also the love of two brothers at work as they wondered what their relationship was really about.
Neville and Ellis found themselves confused. They knew the word love was used to describe the feelings they thought they had for each other, but it was also a word adults used. They were too young to understand the feelings they had. Neville was certain he was not gay—was not a pouf. And yet he had shaken off much of his prudishness and found himself smitten with a boy.
Ellis already knew he had to be gay. He, too, was smitten with a boy. But deep down he questioned if his friend was gay. Neville had spent more time messing around with Vicky than anybody else in the pool. He knew about Neville’s experiences with Kathy, the babysitter. But for now he didn’t care. Neville gave him friendship with sex thrown in, which was better than the sex with a small bit of friendship thrown in that he’d gotten from Barry. While these thoughts weren’t conscious thoughts, they were in his subconscious, giving him a little sense of unease in his happiness.
For Will, love was more about lust. He was learning about the sexual aspects of his preteen body, and he loved every part of it. He didn’t see Paul has a boyfriend or a lover. Instead, he saw him as an older mentor, just like his brother and his friends were. The older boys were there to teach him about sex and to have sex with him. He admired Paul and wanted to be the same kind of sexual being as he reached his teens.
The love between Patrick and Misha was unquestioned love. They didn’t need to understand it—they just needed to feel it. They knew it was there. They couldn’t be around each other without having special feelings. Love wasn’t a matter of philosophy or poetry, it was simply a culmination of everything the two young boys thought and felt about each other.
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