Peter in High School

Chapter Ten: Will Nick Come Over?

November, 18h, 2008, Tuesday.

Yesterday, Nick didn't have to leave in a hurry... I mean, he would come over but then he ended up changing his mind. I wanted to call him to know if everything was ok, but I'm sure he had his chores and stuff and I didn't want to pester him, so, no, I didn't call him.

That day, as we were in class and the teacher was talking, do you know that moment in which you slept enough but it seems you didn't just because you're a teen and the teacher's voice sounds like a lullaby and air seems heavy? Well, in that moment, Nick put his notebook on my desk.

"Hi =D" it was written. I looked at him and he smiled and winked at me. He was so cute. That morning, the sun was reaching the classroom through the window, as I looked at him the window was behind me, so the light was shining his face and lighting the hazel shades in his eyes. He had his head a little tilted, looking at me.

"Why are you doing this?" I wrote in continuation and handed his notebook back to him.

"Because the teacher doesn't want us to talk during class. Are you okay?" he wrote and the notebook got back to me.

"Sure. Why? BTW, are you?" and I handed him the notebook back.

"Because you are silent, like far away." I read his note back.

The teacher was looking in our direction as he continued his explanation, so I held the notebook with me for a few minutes.

When the teacher went to the other side of the class I returned the notebook back to Nick.

He got the notebook with him like for two more minutes in his classical cute thinking position: He had a pencil in his hand and was biting, looking at the page.

"So, did you like the weekend?" I got the notebook with this question.

"Sure. Did you?" I wrote.

"Yeah, it was the best!" he wrote.

"So, what did you like the most?" he asked.

"Ah, that's easy. The party, Friday night."

After that, the teacher gave us an exercise with only five minutes to finish and we had to hurry.

On next class, I was zoning out, thinking – again, I know – how beautiful Nick is, his beautiful eyes, his way to treat me, you know, he's always so polite, always worried about me, when I dislocated my foot, when I spilled ice cream on his pants, when we're talking on the phone...


For lunch, I had pepperoni sandwich with apple juice and Nick had chicken nuggets and pancakes.

He had some candies in his pocket, so he unwrapped one and offered me.

"Do you want some candy?" he offered me.

"Strawberry, my preferred one," I said, accepting it.

"Mm... strawberry flavor was the last one, the others are mint I guess."

"No problem," I replied.

"Hold on," he said. He carefully took the candy in his hand, he bit it and cracked it in half with his teeth. He held the half of it with his fingers and put it close to my lips. I slowly opened my mouth and got the candy and for a moment I sucked his index finger and thumb along with it.

"Thanks." I giggled.

He just giggled back in reply.


After the final bell rang, I met Nick by the school door.

"So, do you wanna come over?" I asked Nick.

"Today, I can't," he replied.

"We can play video games... or cards... it's gonna be fun!" I said, "I promise!" I pushed with a light punch on his shoulder.

"Hehe, thanks, but I really can't. Mom's gonna pick me up here at school. She says we have to run some errands and she wants me to help with the groceries." he completed.

And with that, I saw my possible cheerful afternoon turn into boring full of homework afternoon and my afternoon turn into evening.

"Should I get a break... ah and maybe call Nick?" I was thinking. "No, I have to finish these physics exercises `cause they're really difficult and I can't afford another low grade in the upcoming test..."

After I finished I would call Nick but I realized that maybe he wasn't home as he said he would run some errands with his mother. So, I decided I should have a shower first, instead.


As I took my clothes off and got under the hot spray a boner came to life. I decided to ignore it a little. maybe it would go away... so I got my hair wet, under the water spray, washed my face and with my eyes closed I could only picture a blond feature, with longish hair, blond locks, thin nose, rosy cheeks, white smile, pink was Nick, of course.

As I had to wash my inner thighs and my balls it only got worse and it felt so relaxing as the hot water hit my shoulders and my neck.

Involuntarily, I started stroking my shaft and when I was about to wash it I didn't know if the sticky thing was either soap or precum. I climaxed and washed the remaining of my little play, getting all clean out of the shower.

I got some clothes and went downstairs to pick the phone and call Nick.

The bell rang.

"Nick?! I mean, hi, come on in."

"Sit down on the couch. Do you want some water?"

"Yeah, please. Thanks," he said.

"Mm... how come you're here?" I asked after he finished drinking his glass of water.

"You didn't call so..." he started.

"I know, I..." I was going to say I was about to call him but just got quiet for him to continue instead of talking too much.

"I... so, do you remember I had to run some errands with mom?" he reformulated. I just nodded. "So, I had to pick some milk and ah there's a bakery, you know, here, down the street."

"Riight. Isn't there a bakery in your neighborhood?" I asked a little puzzled, `though it was a very good surprise.

"Yeah, but... it's not as good as the one they sell around here." he finished lightly tilting his head with a shrug.

"Hi, Nick, how are you?" mom said, "Pete, offer him some biscuits with milk and chocolate if he wants to."

The phone rang as were having a snack. It was Mrs. Schaeffer. Mom put on the speakerphone, `cause she was cooking, using both hands and moving from one side to the other, in the kitchen as we were eating biscuits at the kitchen's table...

"Yeah, Nick's here."

"What's he doing there?" his mom asked.

He was just drinking his milk in silence, actually looking at the milk and he was flushing, maybe it's because the milk was warm and he was having a big gulp.

After that, we were watching some TV but I swear it looked like five minutes his father was there. It seems my father had to pick his father at the office because of something I didn't understand or didn't care ask not to lose Nick's attention...

"Hi, Nick. Hey, Peter, how are you?" Mr. Schaeffer said as he arrived along with my father who went leaving his case in the kitchen and greets mom, I guess.

"Great you're here, now we can go home." Mr. Schaeffer continued.

"Hey, don't you wanna stay over for dinner, s'almost ready." mom invited. We looked at him.

"No, champ, we can't, mom's waiting and I'm gonna be a dead man if we let the food get cold, let's go," he said and patted on Nick's leg.

As we got up from the couch he kinda side-hugged both of us. He was a big man you could say. "So, you two guys are hanging out a lot together lately, huh," he said as we both looked upwards at him and he ruffled our hair.

"Bye, Roy." he waved to my father as he motioned Nick towards the door.


November, 19h, 2008, Monday.

Next day, after classes, Nick indeed came over.

We ended up watching a movie on TV, in the living room.

"I'm going to the supermarket to buy a few things but I'll be back in an hour, ok?" mom yelled by the door.

"Kay, bye mom."

"Bye, Mrs. Hershey."

We were lying on the rug, on the floor, in front of the TV screen.

I, actually, had watched the movie already but as Nick wasn't making any conversation, looking at the screen, I didn't mention it as I was admiring his features.

I had a big sofa pillow under my head, so did Nick. I was lying on my side and Nick was lying with his back to the floor, in front of me, between the TV and I, really close to the screen, maybe absorbed by the movie. He was resting one hand on his navel and the back of his right hand on my leg, but I think he didn't notice it.

I tentatively touched his hair with one or two fingers. He didn't seem to notice so I started to lightly brush the back of my hand on his hair, so very lightly.

He was paying attention to the screen and adjusted his position, putting his hand on my thigh.

As we were watching the movie he started brushing the back of his hand on my upper thigh. I was brushing my fingers on his hair.

After a few minutes, as everything was silent on the movie because the zombie couldn't notice the guys as they were trying to escape, Nick didn't take his eyes out of the screen, but adjusted his position again.

He rested the back of his right hand on my crotch. As I brushed his hair, lightly, lock by lock falling, I was resting my fingers, lightly on the side of his neck, close to his collar, but he didn't seem to notice.

Gosh, I was starting to get hard, but I decided for the best not to move, not to get his attention as he was paying attention to the movie, so it would just be in a context `it's normal to teenagers to have boners for no apparent reason' right?!

From where I was I couldn't see his bulge clearly because of his head, full of blond hair locks, so I couldn't be sure if he bulging but it was probably only the fabric of his shorts, because we were kind of lying, kind of sitting on the pillows.

As he continued to brush the back of his fingers, so lightly, he adjusted his position once again during the movie and I could smell his hair and the clean smell of the fabric of his t-shirt and gee, this was making me start to ooze precum. I couldn't check but I just knew it and there was nothing I could do about it.

He slipped his hand a little, involuntarily and every time there was a shot in the movie his little fingers would pull against my balls...

I got the courage and slipped my hand to rest on his t-shirt, on his chest as he had the back of his right hand on my crotch.

I was trying to think about something bad, like the zombies in the movie, to make the boner go away, but with Nick's hair so close to my face and my hand feeling the warmth of his chest... I had the gut to press only slightly and I could feel the beat of his heart...

I was afraid the precum would cross the fabric of my briefs which sure had a spot the size of a coin in it, after one hour of the movie. What if he felt it was wet and... OMG... still I couldn't get up sporting an erection clearly visible through the bulge my short would make the second I got up... and I didn't want to get up... it felt so good, that moment and it was so safe, he wouldn't notice and I wouldn't miss his friendship like forever... only if I could repeat moments like this... but gee, I could feel my briefs getting wet and in one minute or two a wet drop would make it to my shorts...

He adjusted his position getting his back closer to the pillow. If it weren't for the pillow it would be a spooning position... as I could feel another drop inside my briefs and gee, it was getting warm in the room.

What if I could remove his hand... oh, but he'd notice and it would be worse... only a few more minutes Peter, the movie is about to finish... I guess...

"Hi, boys, I'm back!" mom shouted at us as she opened the door.

Nick got up really fast grabbing a pillow and sat on the couch with a pillow on his lap. His face was a little flushed. Wow, he should be really comfy, even getting a little lazy, like sleepy, to hold his pillow so tight to his lap. It's nice to know at least he liked watching movies on the living room rug, at home. Despite he might not think the same I do, at least he likes it, I concluded to myself.

"I'll be in the kitchen to start dinner, ok boys?" mom said.

Probably for another reason, I got a pillow on my lap as I was sitting on the floor. The cast names were rolling on TV.

Nick was sitting on the couch and stretched his arms with the cutest lazy smile.

"I better go, it's almost dinner time," Nick said and with that, he was off to his place.

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