That Thanksgiving ~ TF

That Thanksgiving

"But Mooooommmm…" I whined, "you know I hate wearing ties!"

"Yes Malcom, I know, but you’re 14 and you will wear one today."

I knew it was fruitless to complain. When my mother emphasized the word ‘will’ it was law. I finished dressing and went downstairs to gather with the rest of the family. My father, mother, and little brother Marty, who was 12, were already in the living room.

In past years, the family always had Thanksgiving dinner at home, but this year, due to a remodel that was caused by a fire in the kitchen due to faulty writing, they would be going out. In the car, Marty was being his usual bratty self. Ever since he caught me jacking off to a picture on my phone of another boy, he's teased me by telling that he'd inform our parents that I was gay… something I wasn't ready to deal with… not yet. So, I put up with his taunts and teasing hoping to catch him doing something to be able to use against him if need be.

We got to the hotel that was sponsoring the Thanksgiving dinner event. Basically, it was everything you'd get by cooking it at home. You even got to take all the leftovers home. We were told that our table wasn't ready, and it would be about fifteen minutes, so Marty and I started wandering around a bit.

As we walked, I noticed one thing about Marty that just didn't feel right. Usually, he'd be joking, or talking incessantly, but for nearly ten minutes, as we walked around the hotel, he hadn't said a word. I sat on a bench and asked him to sit next to me.

"What's going on, little brother?" I asked, sincerely.

Marty looked at me, and I could tell he had something on his mind. Before I had a chance to say anything more, he looked at me and in a timid, scared voice asked me, "How did you know you were gay?"

At that moment, I knew. He had been picking on me, taunting me, threatening to out me, because he was afraid. Afraid that he wasn't the only one. "Well, it didn't just happen. I'd had a feeling that I was different for a while before I actually accepted how I was different. I mean, all my friends were talking about this girl, or that girl, and all I was thinking of was which of my friends I thought was cutest."

We didn't have a chance to talk more at that point because our table was ready. I did tell him that when we got home, we could talk, and he seemed to be happy about that.

We got to our table and started our meal. All of the food was great, and I was actually having a great time until, in the middle of the meal someone stopped by our table. They were friends of my dad and they had decided to have their family feast at the same hotel. I was actually getting bored with their conversation and wasn't looking in their direction when I heard Dad's friend say, "There you are, it sure took you a long time in the bathroom, Eric."

Hearing that name got my attention. I looked up and saw him… the boy I had been crushing on for the longest time. The boy I'd been fapping to when Marty caught me. The boy who had told me he was out to his parents, and that they were okay with it. The boy I'd lied to and told him I was also. I just hoped and prayed that he wouldn't say anything.

I listened nervously as the 'adults' talked, Eric staring at me, and me staring right back at him. The more I stared, the more restless I was getting. Finally, I reached a conclusion. I walked over to Eric and kissed him. Right there in the dining room, in front of both of our parents. It was a pretty passionate kiss.

When I broke the kiss, Eric smiled at me, Marty was grinning from ear to ear, Eric's parents were standing there as if nothing odd had happened. My dad was looking at me, eyes wide, mouth open, not really sure what he just saw.

Mom, on the other hand, said, "It's about time!"

Now, Dad looked over at mom, his eyes still wide, his mouth still hanging open. Marty was looking at mom as I asked, "How long have you suspected it?"

Mom asked everyone to sit, including Eric and his parents. Once we were all seated, she turned to Eric's mother and asked, "When did you know your son was gay?"

Eric's mother smiled and said, "I think I've always known, maybe even before he knew himself."

Mom then looked at me and said, "I think I've always known, maybe even before you knew yourself." She then turned to Marty and said, "Either one of you."


The Saturday after Thanksgiving

Eric and I were in my room, the door was open in accord with the agreement we both agreed to with our parents. Marty walked in with a dreamy expression. "I think I found a boyfriend."