Ayden's Eyes Book Four

Chapter 107

Chapter 107


I guess it's silly of me to want to go back to those early days, I was much more comfortable with my Evan now, and I enjoy his body like no other. We cleaned up then went back to the porch, my son was staring at me then he crawled up onto my lap, my heart beat faster but all he wanted to do was to be near his pa so the could talk about surfing. His leg swung back and forth and every time it hit mine I felt a sort of love and closeness. I was stroking his hair which was tied up in a ponytail, it was getting long too. The longer it got the straighter it got, I missed his delicate curls, maybe I should talk to him about getting it cut again.

 Peter and Daphne popped in to see if he was coming to the beach for an afternoon swim and that was the last I saw of him for the next three hours. I think my son is trying to avoid me, and so was Evan. He followed our son to get his wet suit on, not that he needed it but better to be safe than sorry, and when my man didn’t return I went looking for him. He was laying on the bed smiling, I figure he was having a chat with his mum and dad so I left him to it and opened the shop.

 As soon as those doors were opened people came from everywhere and started buying stock. I had to ring Mel to see if she could help, I already had Nut's selling, Horse had disappeared with Ra, and Evan didn’t come out for an hour. He looked refreshed but red-eyed.

"Wow when did this happen Den, it wasn’t busy earlier?"

"I opened it that’s what happened it was like they were waiting for it to happen, Mel's on her way."

He helped serve I did the cash register and sold three watches.

I could feel the extreme excitement in the air and looked in the watch display cabinet and found an ornate gold watch.

"This is for you my friend it's waterproof." I turned to Trident who had been hiding behind the surfboard display and attached the watch to his magnificent thick handle, it actually fit him well.

He disappeared and I heard a deep chuckle, I think he was happy. I could have sworn he also had a Blues tank top hooked over his three prongs. He looks more and more like one of the guys every day, I laughed to myself.

 "What's up Den?" Evan had seen me.


"Oh was he here?"

"Yes shopping, I think he's now the proud owner of a Blues tank top and a gold watch, its okay bubs I will pay for them." I smiled. He blew out his breath and looked around the shop more closely.

 "I think he's gone bubs, maybe to go see little David or help Blue do some surfing."

"Well, when you see him again tell him he's welcome to anything in the shop within reason."

"I will bub did you have a good visit?"

"Yes Den, we were at mums watching her plant her rose bushes, dad and I had a beer and talked about surfing. I asked him if he was happy he said he was excited to be able to come back to us all, and he was also so excited to meet you and Ayden. Mum didn’t stop talking about how proud of me she was, she thought there for a while I was going to be another boring lawyer." He laughed.

 "Well, she would be happy you got a trade anyway."

"She was Den, she wanted to know if she can plant some rose bushes down our driveway, I said she could, is that all right Den?"

"Of course it is baby, you know it is."

"And Den."

"Yes, bubs?"

"I looked at the back table and my heart was still there, you remember, Evan loves...."

"Den," I whispered.

He took me into the lounge room and kissed me deeply for ages.

 Mel and Nuts along with us worked our butts off, then a lull came and I called time out. We closed the shop for an hour so we could have a break. The pies and coffee were bought down by Tush and as he danced back up to the cafe I looked at Evan and said.

"Point taken but he has got a fine ass."

"He has Den, I can't get enough of it and so desperately want him to lean over our sofa." He sighed, I giggled, even I would do that to him.

 A screaming boy came through the shop and landed on my lap again, he had a great surf and he's now hungry. He really didn’t have to order his burger because Gardenia delivered it pronto along with some chocolate cake for his mates.

 "Did you have a good time my lovely?"

"Yes Dah, good time mes very good at surfing, nearlys as good as my Blues."

"My Blue." Horse said as he arrived all washed and ready to eat.

"No myes blues and stop it Hoth." his lip dropped.

"Myes Blues and I won't stop it."

"We see." That look came over his face and he looked up at me and giggled.

"Where’s Ra Horse?" Changing the subject.

He looked at me and opened his mouth to say something but was silent, his voice was gone.

His hand thumped the table as he stared at Ayden who was now laughing.

"Myes Blues, Myes Blues, Myes Blues." he giggled over and over, poor horse was getting quite frustrated as I belly laughed.

 "He be sillies Dah, I fix."

"Don't fix for long bubbies, he needs to order his food."

"He gets Ayden hamburger with lot I do's for him."

For the next hour, Ayden manipulated Horse to the point he gave up and sat silently not even looking at Ayden now. I think he was pissed off because he loves a good argument, especially with my son.

 "Nanny!!" My boy shouted as Rita came out of the cafe dressed to the nines in a bright pale blue Evan original, she swished down the porch and sat next to me. Ayden wanted to see her closer so he struggled over to her knees.

"You look beautisill nanny, Ayden's likes your perfume it's nice."

"Thank you, my boy, it's the one you gave me last Christmas."

"Oh?" his hands scrunched up in his lap; he was pleased.

"And where are you off to young lady?" Horses voice came back to everyone’s surprise.

"To the drive-in Horse, we are going to see the new Aqua man movie."

"Who's we?" I asked as If I didn’t know.
"My date and myself Den, you will have to find one for yourself and go see it sometime." She laughed.

I looked at Evan and though Ayden would love that movie too, maybe we could all go tonight.

 "We might follow you, what time does it start?"

"Eight Den, have you got a date?"

I'm not having this, Ayden's nanny out on a date it's unheard of.

Blue and Alex came up the stairs and Alex grabbed them some coffee. My father arrived in his new board shorts and tank, I was certain he was putting on more muscle, he said good evening to everyone then sat next to my Rita.

 "We have time my lovely lady would you like a bar of sweet chocolate?"

"Oh no thank you, Mr. King, maybe a bucket of chips later on." She smiled at him.

"We might go to bub's, I would like to see that movie."

"The shops busy Den, maybe next week."

"But I can go, there plenty of room in Rita's nanny car."

I heard my father groan, and I sat back satisfied I had just invited myself on her date.

"No there’s not Den, Alex and Blue are coming with us."

"What!!" My father shouted

"I invited my son and his adorable squeeze to come with us, is there a problem?"

"Umm, no lovely lady, no problem." I could feel his disappointment and I was elated because I wanted to talk to Evan tonight, not see a movie.

  When they were getting ready Ali bought her car around and Alex jumped in the driver's seat my father whispered to me.

"Don't look so smug son, I have magic she will be putty in my hands." He smiled.

"And I have Trident, in my back pocket." I winked back.

 He stormed down those stairs in a huff, and while Ayden got his many kisses from his nanny I whispered.

"See that he doesn’t get too over frisky will ya?"

"I will make sure they are home at ten thirty my friend." A deep voice tried to whisper back.

"Synchronise watches." I held my watch up.

"Check seven forty."

"Check." Trident said then laughed into my ear, not so softly.

 "She will be all right Den, but I do worry that your dad is a bit of a lady’s man." Evan and I were talking later on in bed.

"Sure she will be okay, I sent Trident to watch them."

"You can do that?"

"He doesn’t mind bubs, he gets to be near his Alex and Blue he loves them dearly you know."

"Oh." His hand brushed my pubes then he gave me a deep kiss.

"I love you Den."

"I love you forever bubs, can you do that again but with your mouth?"

He groaned.

 Ten-thirty on the knocker, I heard Rita's little car come up the driveway, Evan had just pulled off me as I checked my watch and giggled.

"You were right he did get them home on time."

"You can rely on those watches bubs, and Trident."

"What would you like to do now, and don't say go and find out how the movie went." He grinned, I stared into his beautiful blue eyes and said.

"Pass the lube bubs."

 In the morning Ayden was running from the kitchen to my chair giving me a rundown on the movie, Rita and Alex were relating the story to him. He was excited to see it and Blue had promised to go see it again with him.

 I got him readied for school, he straightened his hair as usual and popped out Rita's window with his mates.

I saw Birdie walk with Joe and Jay up to the school bus stop and he waved as he got on. I was a little lonely but thank god Evan was still in his shop counting money and helping Nuts to restock the shelves. I will get some of that fine ass before he heads down to the surf.

 My father appeared looking a little tired.

"Didn’t you sleep too well, father?" I giggled inside.

"Yes son, I just had the devil of a time getting a gift for you."

"Oh, and what gift is that father?"

"This." He threw a DVD copy of Aqua man on the table.

"Now you can watch it with the prince in the comfort of your own home."

Evan appeared and took the DVD up and looked at it.

"Great Den, now we don't have to go out." He smiled, my father chuckled all the way down to the cafe.

 I was disappointed because I wanted to sit in the back seat with Evan and maybe interfere with him; thanks, father.

Tiny Trip and Donk came by and wanted Evan and Nuts to go for a surf, Evan said in about a half hour he still had things to do in the shop so I sat and talked to them for a while. They both were taking the day off, Tiny had a locum in and Donk and Jack had a small team of folk doing their jobs, Jack and Mike had taken Emma fishing. Donk was telling me that Mike had finished with his exams and he will be down later for a surf with Ali and Spudley, I think he gets a few weeks off now.

"Is the locum from Warragul hospital Tiny?"

"Sort of." He wasn’t going to tell me so I assumed he was up to no good.

"So you’re finally using the folk doctors then." He blushed then I added.

"Good they can probably teach you a thing or two." I laughed.

 He still wasn’t going to admit that the folk would be good to have around, but he must trust them with his patients. Poor Tiny he did such a good job becoming a fully fledged doctor, now he really doesn’t have to do that job at all. I burst out laughing again while he put his, I'm not bothered face on.

 The men finished their burgers and headed for the beach, my Evan lingered a little because he probably knows that I'm a bit randy this morning. No, that's not it, he wants me to sweep the shop out if I have time. He kissed me then shot off with his mates. I did the shop then I stared at my jewel painting it was finished and I will give it to Cyn before anyone snaffles it.

 She will be up soon, I think she listed two of Spuds paintings last night, I would be very interested as to how they will go. I went and got another blank canvas and placed it on my easel.

After staring at it for ages, I did a few pencil strokes but nothing came to me. I have no idea how long I sat there but a tap on my shoulder bought me back to reality.

 "Den what's up?" Cyn plonked her oversized handbag on the table and sat down.

"I don't know I went blank all of a sudden, nothing's coming into my head and I wanted to start a new painting."

"Well take an hour off and rest, clear your head."

 I looked at the blank canvas, and it was blank totally.

"This isn’t right Cyn, I started drawing there should be pencil marks." I was confused because I remembered I had started doing some strokes. I shook my head and cleared my mind, what did I do rub it out?

 "Wheres bubs?" Change the subject.

"With his daddy down the beach."

"It's not too hot for him?"

"No Den, there’s plenty of shade there and his nannies are with him." She smiled.

"They came back?"

"No and yes Den, they come when I call them and I thought once down the beach Abs will want a surf so I called them just to be on the safe side. If its too hot they will make sure he gets home, did you finish the last one?"

"Yes, baby I'll go get it for you can you order some fresh coffee?"

"Sure Den, are you sure your okay?"

"Yeah, I think so." I didn’t feel right, nothing I could put my finger on though.

I walked through the shop and into the storeroom to get Ayden's jewel painting. I was just about to walk out with it when I noticed a bright painting leaning against the wall. It was still wet and when I looked closer it was magnificent, the face of an angel looked back at me, his hair was white and his eyes azure blue. I have never seen anything like it in my life, Evan was perfect. He had a slight grin on his mouth and if I didn’t know better he was naked; in fact, he was naked sitting atop his board with his legs crossed. His hair was dipping in the ocean and giving off a bright glow as Ayden tugged on it from beneath the board. I had put his smiling face on as he laughed through the funny game he was playing with his pa. Ayden was swimming with the mermaids, they all looked folk like and were absolutely breathtaking.

 I don’t remember painting it and I don’t remember even thinking about this one. But it was still wet and I must have placed it in here to dry.

 I closed the door on it and walked back to Cyn, she pushed the coffee mug over to me and then she looked at the jewel painting.

"This is magnificent Den, I can feel the magic in it."

"Wait until you see the one I just did, I can't believe I tranced again."

"I thought you didn't do that anymore, where is it?"

 "In the spare room." She went to find the painting and was gone a long time. When she came out she had that shocked look on her face.

 "You are going to keep it aren’t you Den?"

"Yes Cyn, but I don’t remember painting it at all."

"Well, it's the best you have done so far. I hope you’re not going to paint family ones from now on." She was quite straight about it and I hoped to god this isn't where I will end up.

 "I don't think so Cyn, I really want to paint for the masses, not my walls there’s no more room."

"Well, I guess good things have to end sometimes and it looks like Spuds taking over, his painting has only been on the site for two days and already it's over two million."

"That's so cool Cyn, he will be pleased. I don’t think it's the money with him its the acceptance."

 "Well he's had a rough trip to get to where he is today I guess there’s no news on the parents?"

"No Cyn, nothing coming our way but if they try again we will all be waiting." I smiled, Spuds nearly eighteen now, and can make his own decisions.

 "Is David going to be a problem for them Den?"

"Not at all, he will be their nephew and much loved by everyone. I don’t know whether he will be an artist but I feel he will be awesome like his parents."

 "How is your friend Cyn?"

"Good, and happy we are seeing each other again. I did miss her Den. I don’t see her all the time but sometimes in my dreams, we talk. It's enough to know that she's happy."


We talked about Susan's hotel and Tony's shop, she was happy with everything and didn't have a problem understanding how the folk arrived and how it all worked for that matter.

She said her workload wasn’t as big as it was before, she’s got two assistants helping her now and they are great salesgirls like Tony says she only has to count the money.

 My afternoon visitor arrived and I gave him plenty of hugs, Cyn was looking at him and shaking her head.

"What's up?"

"He's growing Den, soon he won't be able to sit on your knees." She giggled.

Birdy heard her and his head shot up and he looked me in the eyes if I didn't know better, that's something he's never thought about.

"It's okay Cyn, my son can sit on my knees and get my cuddles even if he gets as big as an elephant. I would miss his smells anyway; I am strong like a Gorilla." I then growled and put my arms around him as he giggled into my chest.

 I didn’t care how big he got, if he wants to sit on my knees then he can, I will have to ask my son how to make Birdy feel lighter.

 "Did you talk to momma and poppa this morning baby?"

"No poppa, I will do that before I go to sleep they want to say goodnight to me anyway."

"Good, now you have loads of people around you that love you." He blushed.

 Cyn went down to the beach, I think she missed David, and Birdy ended up in the kitchen having a piece of cake and ice cream. I could hear his giggles and it was so heartwarming.

I turned to my blank canvas and said.

"Now what are we going to do with you?"

It wasn’t a question really I had decided to paint a stack of mermaids sunbaking on our beach. Some with human legs some without, all with bright sun hats and of course cocktails.

I went to refresh my coffee and had a play with Andy who was helping Birdy with his ice cream.

 I got back and poured the drink then turned around.

 "You’re not going to let me paint at all today are you?"

"No my friend, just chillax." A deep voice laughed.

"I need to do this on my own Trident, you can't be doing my work its unethical."

"But I’m bored."

"Go for a surf then, go to the seven seas."

"Its no fun on my own I need Poseidon."

"Then grab him, what is the problem there?"

"He can’t touch me in his human form and he hasn’t discovered the switch that turns him into my friend."

"He will soon, and so will Alex. Evan and I can now so they won't be far behind us."

 I was immediately transported to our beach, there were very few people surfing. I felt the surge of energy then Trident bellowed.

 "Take me."

"Take you where?" I answered.

"Take me to the seven seas, I will show you unbelievable things, change to the forever king come with me."

"It's not that I don't want to, it's just I can't surf."

"You can with me, take hold oh wise one you already have the ocean magic in you." He laughed.

 I took a hold of his strong handle and instantly morphed into the forever king. I felt his power like no other it surged through every vein in my body, and I was lifted onto the waves. The next thing I remembered I was talking to some very intelligent fish, I did what Ayden had done and surfed on a few big whale’s backs, jumping from one to another.

 The southern seas were cold but I felt warm and safe, and I laughed as Trident laughed with me through every fantastic experience. I had no idea all this magic was out there, sunken pirate ships adorned the ocean floor and treasure chests galore lay open for anyone that dares to pillage them. We ended up on the mountains of Antarctica surfing down the icy slopes. I was exhilarated and in my fairy form I was feeling unstoppable. We stopped to say hello to mermaids and mermen, now those guys are the epitome of a double hunk. It was a pity their fins covered their private parts I guessed there was some meat in there somewhere. I was holding on to Tridents handle all through this and I felt the runes surging through my veins. I was also subconsciously reading them slowly but surely, every word all my history, right from the start of my creation.

I got enough ideas for a hundred more paintings and when we returned he dropped me out of the air dumping me in the water about fifteen feet from where Evan sat on his board.

 "How the hell did you get out here Den?" He paddled over because I had yelled help to him. My feet didn’t touch the bottom so I figured I was way out in the big surf.

"I just went for a surf with Trident, he took me across the seas I was in my folk form so I wasn’t in any danger."

He helped me onto the board and I heard laughter in my head, I hope that satisfies him for the time being.

 "Den you can’t do that; he might be seen."

"He won't he's very swift bub, umm bub what are you doing at this moment?"

"Surfing why?"

"Lay down on your tummy for a minute I feel a little frisky. Well, I feel a lot frisky do you mind?"

He groaned then jumped in the water and hugged his board, I didn’t need a second invitation as his shorts slipped down.

 "Now tell me what happened?"

"Much the same as Ayden’s journey bubs, hang on." I thought about what had happened in technicolor and Evan saw into my mind. I didn’t stop unfortunately when I got to the mermen and he yelled at me. I guess he will get me back to shore and I should go home and behave myself. I won't do it again but it sure was an eye-opener. I couldn’t wait to get back to the shack and paint. Images bombarded my brain and I had to get them all down. He lay on my back as he paddled us into shore I was ready to go for a second time but he wasn’t being very cooperative. After he unceremoniously dumped on the beach he kissed me then paddled out again.

 I ran up the beach to our track waving at the folk as I went, going through the bushes I passed Horse who was going for a surf, I jumped up and down and whoo whooed. I think he thinks I was going insane.

 Back at the porch I grabbed a pencil and started on the first of many paintings that will become my undersea collection. Sirens with shipwrecked sailors on some jagged rocks their songs were ringing in my ears, I drew for ages and Rita came down with coffee and something to eat so after four canvases ready to go I stopped to have a breather.

 "What’s that noise coming from your place, it sounds familiar?"

"Aqua man movie my lovely, I put it on so Trident could watch it."


"He was annoying me; he wants these paintings so I put the movie on to distract him." She giggled.

"Do you think he would like some popcorn?"

"Wouldn’t hurt to try." I laughed back.

I could hear him roaring with laughter at some scene in the movie and was pleased he was being entertained at last. He won't get these paintings, I know they have to be shared with the world.

 She left to go back to her cafe and a few moments later she came back with a large pack of popcorn. I could hear her knocking on the door of my lounge room.

"Oh, mister Trident would you like some popcorn?" I heard a deep echoing laugh.

 She said she didn’t see him but left the treat on the coffee table just in case.

"Well this is going to be spectacular are those Ayden's mermaids Den?"

"Yes my love, they are absolutely beautiful especially the mermen."

She looked me up and down and turned on her heels.

"I don’t want to know."

"Of course you don’t, I will do the kiddies later."

I could feel her grin from where I sat.

 The boys came in for a late lunch, they had to come up the driveway. After receiving my kiss on the neck Evan asked.

"Why's the back door locked Den?"

"Tridents watching the movie."

"Fuck me Den I don’t want to know."

"Well if you want maybe he might let you watch it with him, he's got popcorn." I laughed at his face, what could he say; nothing.

 Blue and Horse wanted to go introduce themselves to him I put them off by telling them he's not up to visitors the movies still playing he would get pissed off. I had a thought I might run by the Dwarf king later.

 A big platter of sandwiches came down and the boys hoed into them, I had to ask Evan to pass me one before they disappeared but I knew another plate full was probably on the way.

In my mind, I heard a whoopee coming from the lounge room and a big loud "Thank you" as Trident left the building I think by the happy vibes I was getting he liked that movie. We are going to watch it tonight if we get the time and it looks like all of us will be laying around the lounge room. Ayden was the most excited, I think he's expecting Blue to appear in it.

 "Do they exist Den?"

"Who Horse?"

"The mermen."

"Yes my friend they are awesome but I haven’t figured how they have sex yet."

My one and only looked sideways at me but he kept his mouth shut.

A little blue-eyed boy came rushing up the porch and into my arms.

"Did you miss me?"

"Yes, dah has a good day at school learned heaps."

"Good want a hug?"

"Yes dah." I picked him up and squeezed him tight he giggled then wanted his pa to do the same.

"Again." He laughed.

Evan hugged him again and again then Birdy came down with some mates, they were going to play footy out the front. I had figured that even though he had several good friends at school he didn’t have any at home, so my father found some boys that like a bit of rough and tumble, and Birdy was teaching them how to play football.

 There was plenty of room on the grass out the front so they played there. It wasn’t long before Ayden and some kids from the foreshore joined in. I could hear Birdy's giggling and again it warmed my heart. I did notice Rita having a coffee at one of her tables smiling as she watched the game, several of the folk kids were sitting with her eating doughnuts.

 Our big night was a fizzer, it ended up with my father making a few copies so the boys could watch it at home. I was looking forward to having a mate’s night, the saving grace was that Alex and Blue wanted to watch it with Ayden there was no way he was not watching it without Blue.

Horse and Ra along with Nuts and Tim stayed with us, Rita had done some popcorn and chips and we all settled in to watch this movie. Ayden had prime position in between Blues legs and I wondered if he would like to swap because I had snaffled Evans comfy legs as he leaned up against the sofa. A tap on the shoulder and a deep kiss changed my mind.

 We sailed through the movie and I suspected the great pronged one was up the back doing the same because every now and then I would hear a deep chuckle.

 The movie was great and nothing like what I expected and of course complete fantasy. Aqua man didn't look like Poseidon at all and my boy let Blue know it several times. The yawning started just as the movie wound up, so I went to Rita's and ran a nice warm bath for my son. Tim and Nuts had a great relaxing night and when I looked over at them they were kissing deeply every now and then, I suppose that caravan will be rocking tonight. I had gone with Tim house hunting during the week and we found a great house that suited their checklist. Plenty of spare space and not a lot of renovating to do. This will be their forever house and they wanted it to be perfect so we had got together with father and nutted out what they wanted to have on the land.

It included a swimming pool, and Ayden was excited to swim in it. Occasionally I would find him and his friends at Ali's place swimming up a storm after school. Aisha was the perfect hostess she had nibbles laid on for them whenever they visited and in turn, they filled her house with little kid's laughter.

 I bathed my boy as he played with his yellow ducks and boats washing his hair wasn't a chore now he didn't complain. He did draw the line at me ever brushing it again, he did that himself with his magic. He was all baby smells when I put him to bed, and tired because his eyes were getting droopy.

His mates got into bed with him and I did wonder if they had beds at home to sleep in.

 I stripped and Evan was reading something as I slipped in beside him. He was deep in thought so my beguiling ways didn’t have much effect on him.

 "What's up bubs?"

"Nothing Den, I'm just going over this list of investments and was trying to work out how it can be done in a simpler manner."

"You haven’t talked to father yet?"

"No Den, he's got a lot on his mind and I doubt he would know much about the human world investment regulations."

"Do you need to simplify it bubs, is it getting too much for you?"

"Yes and no, I have it pretty well running smoothly, it's your money that's the hardest to keep track of."

"Well put it aside and we can talk about it tomorrow." He placed the papers on his nightstand and turned towards me and smiled.

"I guess you are wanting some attention, my love."

"I am getting a little lonely over here." I smiled seductively.

He moved down the bed and spread my legs, then he started at the bottom.