The Ed Waller Stories: Book One - Algeria Here I Come

Chapter Twenty-Six: I'm Not Eating Horse Meat

I watched as Allie went into his bedroom. A sudden thought went through my mind, 'I can't imagine anyone trying to do bodily harm to that wonderful young man.' I had a sudden urge to hug him but decided to hug his brother instead.

Brahim kissed me, "Me thinks that the Master is feeling a little frisky. Let's take our shower and see if we can make sure Little Eddie has a good time."

We did as Brahim suggested and neither of us had any trouble going to sleep. In fact, we were still tangled up when Allie came in the next morning, "Dad, we're going to breakfast. We're starving. It's already eight o'clock. We'll be in the dining room."

Brahim and I climbed out of bed and were getting dressed when Khalid and Amir walked in. Khalid started to laugh, "It appears that you got the same wake up call that we did. Allie was standing beside us shaking us and telling us that it was time to get up. It didn't even bother him that we were naked. I wonder if Darryl and Tom got the same treatment. I guess we'll need to lock our veranda door at night to keep the little Wallers away."

We were just getting ready to go to the dining room when Dr. Roberts and Uncle Tom walked in. Khalid asked, "I assume that you had an Allie wake up call as well?"

Darryl was laughing, "You'd better believe it, The brat woke us and looked at me and said, 'Grandpa Darryl, you need to go on a diet.' I've never been so insulted in my life."

Tom was giggling, "Yeah, the truth always hurts, doesn't it?"

We stopped to pick up Kate and JoJo but there was no answer. When we went into the dining room, the Summers, Kate and JoJo and the three ten year old guys were eating and laughing. When Allie saw us, he pointed at us, "See guys, I told you they would get here just before the dining room is to close. Jacob and Carlos, do you want us to take them to the Lido deck for breakfast? We wouldn't want to interfere with your chance to go skinny dipping."

Khalid responded, "Look kid, we can always arrange for you to go back to Morocco."

Allie smiled, "Fine, I've always wanted to visit that country. Now if you will excuse us, we're going to go swim before we dock and meet Officer Berger."

After the three young guys had departed, Scott looked at us, "That is one very incredible young man. Not only is he intelligent, he is very caring and unfazed by everything that has been happening around him."

I shook my head, "Scott, I beg to differ with you, in some respects. I agree that he his very intelligent. I also agree that he is intensely loyal to those people he cares about. Where we differ is that he is extremely concerned about what might happen to anyone who is connected to Brahim, himself and me, because of what happened in Algeria. I don't think he's convinced that the threat has been totally neutralized yet."

Angela spoke very quietly, "We also think that threat hasn't been totally neutralized, but have tried to not let you people, especially Allie, know, so that he wouldn't be concerned about it. Reggie or someone has been assigned to follow Allie wherever he goes when he is not in the company of one of you."

Dr. Roberts asked, "So, you're saying that Allie is the bad guys' prime target?"

Scott shook his head, "Not at all. They see Allie as a way to get to Mr. Waller and Brahim. For those of you who are not in the know, Angela and I are married and have been for sometime. However, we are agents of some United States government agencies. I am only telling you this because you have somehow become entangled in this web. We ask that you be very careful and alert for anyone who is suspicious. The adversaries are going to be very careful, now that they realize that they aren't going to take you out without a fight. Angela and I are going to stay in the background for now. Josef and Carlos know who we are as do Michael and David. I don't think John and Jim have a clue who we are and that is probably for the best."

Dr. Roberts asked, "So you're saying that Allie knows who you are?"

"Yes, Dr. Roberts, he does. It is a tribute to Allie that you and Mr. Tom, Kate and JoJo didn't know who we were. He, Ed, Brahim and Generals Khalid and Amir knew, as well as some the ship's major officers."

Khalid added, "Amir and I are agents of the Algerian government who have been involved with Mr. Waller, Allie and Brahim since this mess started. We have been charged with making sure that the three of them arrive in the United States safely. The bad part is that we have become very attached to the three guys, especially Allie, and we are going to have a very difficult time saying goodbye when we reach Miami."

Allie, Jim and John came into the dining room and Allie started, "What's with you people? Joseph and Carlos want to bust out of this place. We're to meet Der Burgermeister in twenty minutes, now get with it."

Kate started to laugh, "Yes master, we understand master, we'll meet you in the atrium, by the waterfall in fifteen minutes."

Allie put his hands on his hips, "See, I told you; all adults think they should boss us little people around."

Dr. Roberts asked, "So what have you been doing, Allie? You seem to think that it's okay for you to boss us old people around, but we can't boss you around."

Allie shrugged his shoulders, "I'll check with the next old person I see to find out what the rules are. Now, get your butts away from the table."

When Brahim and I arrived at the waterfall in the atrium, everyone was there. We heard Allie asking, "Herr Burgermeister, who is she? Does the Captain know that she's going with us?"

Rick was answering, "Yes, the Captain knows. That's why I was able to get off to take you spoiled brats on this trip to Hamburg. For your information, Leisel and I are planning to get married in December."

Poor Officers Berger and Strauss didn't know what was in store for them, the rest of the day. Fortunately the P. A. system came on and announced, "The Berger party needs to go to the disembarkation point immediately. Your transportation is waiting for you."

Our party made our way to the area which was already crowded with people waiting to disembark, but Officer Del Rio took us to the front of the line and handed the three boys their slingshots. I thought to myself, 'This is not going to win us any friends.'

As we walked down the ramp, we were met by two young guys about Allie's age. The older of the two boys looked at Officer Berger, "Uncle Ricky, which of these ladies is going to marry you?"

Jim, John and Allie pointed to Leisel. The younger of the two boys asked, "Uncle Ricky, does she know that you still wet the bed?"

Khalid whispered to me, "I think we're in for big trouble this afternoon."

Allie took Leisel's hand, "Don't worry, Fraulein Leisel, we'll have him trained before the end of the cruise."

Allie was listening intently as Fredrick was explaining what we were passing while the other four guys were having fun. Allie asked a lot of interesting questions because everything was so new to him.

Officer Berger answered them as best as he knew how; which satisfied Allie. We drove through Hamburg on the way to our destination and Allie was wowed by the sites he was seeing. "Where is everyone now? There is almost no one on the streets."

Dieter, the older of Rick's nephews answered, "They're probably eating. Many Germans eat their big meal in the middle of the day, most of the time. During the school year that changes a little. But for today, our Grandmother and Mother are preparing a special treat for you foreigners and Fraulein Strauss."

Dirk giggled, "Yeah, we're having good old fashioned horse meat."

Allie reacted immediately, "I'm not eating horse meat. I don't care how special it is."

Officer Berger started to laugh, "Allie, it sounds as if we might be having sauerbraten. I doubt that it will be made with horse meat. My mother usually makes it with beef. She usually makes it on Sundays; she must be wanting to make sure that you eat well today, since it's only Saturday."

Dieter added, "Sauerbraten was originally made with horse meat. In fact, there are some places that still make it that way."

Officer Berger was smiling, "Now that we have had our introduction into the culinary arts of Germany, we have arrived at our destination for lunch. We can discuss what you would like to do the rest of the afternoon, later."

Lunch/dinner or whatever you want to call it was great. We did indeed have sauerbraten with kartoffelkloesses (potato dumplings) and sweet red cabbage. When Allie asked and was told by Dieter what the kartoffelkloesses were, he just about went into hysterics. "How can you eat something that you can't even say? I sure would hate to have that word on a spelling test."

Mrs. Berger was laughing, "Allie, we'll have your spelling test right after we've had Scwarzwalder Kirschtorte for dessert."

After we finished eating the wonderful meal, Dieter and Dirk started to clear the table, so Allie, Jim and John got up and started to help them. We could hear the five boys in the kitchen laughing.

While the guys were in the kitchen, we found out why the Bergers were so fluent in English. They had been stationed at the West German embassy in Washington, D. C. for several years when they were first married. Mr. Berger still worked for the German government, but his office was in Hamburg.

Dieter and Dirk's father, Hermann, worked for the city government of Hamburg and the two wives admitted that they stayed home and spent money.

Dieter came in and reported, "The kitchen is ready for inspection Frau Berger. Uncle Rick, we're going to take the guys to the sports park. Allie says that you and Fraulein Strauss should stay here and make plans for your wedding. Dad, can I have some euros please, just in case we find something we want to do?"

Khalid spoke, "Never fear, Dieter, we'll go with you and if you need some funds, we'll take care of your needs. Herr Burgermeister and Fraulein Leisel don't need us here to help them plan their wedding. Rick, what time do we need to leave to return to the ship?"

Rick looked at the clock, "We should probably plan to leave about five o'clock. That should give us plenty of time."

Mrs. Berger nodded, "Then that means that everyone needs to be back here by four o'clock for Allie's next spelling lesson."

The five guys led the way as we made our way to the sports park. We must have been a sight to behold because there were five young guys being followed by eight adults. When we arrived at the park, Dieter and Dirk saw some young guys that they knew. One of them had a basketball and was shooting at a hoop. It wasn't long before they had a basketball game going. We were sitting in a small set of seats, watching the ten preteen guys with some other people."

I looked around and a number of people were sitting watching the ten guys. Khalid turned around to us, "I'm surprised that Allie even knows anything about this game. It's not a big sport in Algeria."

Brahim nodded, "I'm also surprised."

A person who was sitting, watching, turned around, "I'm not sure which of the boys you're talking about, but one of the boys out there is my son. He has become enamored with the game, ever since he found out that the players can make big euros. That blond haired boy with Dieter and Dirk is very good. I don't think I've ever seen him before."

Just then Allie threw up a long shot and it swished through the hoops without even touching the rim. He put up the time out signal and came over to where we were seated, "Dad, could you please get us something to drink? We're getting thirsty."

I looked at the man in front of me, "Is there anyplace to buy something to drink around here?"

The man nodded, "Come with me, there is a concession stand not too far from here."

Khalid intervened, "I'll go with you. I did tell the guys that I would spring for any costs they might incur."

As we were walking to the concession stand, the gentlemen told us, "I work for the police department of Hamburg. I'm a single parent Dad and I try to spend as much time as I can with my young son. He's the only son I'll ever have."

Khalid and I looked at each other. I know what I was thinking and I was guessing that Khalid got the same message, that the man was gay. Neither of us said anything, but we ordered 19 lemon slushees and walked back to where the guys were playing. When they saw us, they descended on us like vultures. The ten young guys were sitting on the ground in front of us when one of the young guys stood up, "Dad, Allie, Jim and John live in Houston where Mom lives. Maybe we can go visit with them when you take me to stay with Mom next month."

I looked at my watch, "Guys, we need to head back to Dieter and Dirk's grandparents' house for Allie's next spelling lesson."

The five young guys who didn't know what was going had a perplexed look on their faces until Dirk explained in German what was happening. One of the young guys yelled as we were walking away, "Have fun eating those trees from the Black Forest."

We arrived at Bergers' house right on time and everyone who needed to use the water closet facilities did so. When we sat down at the table, Mrs. Berger brought in a wonderful looking dessert. She started to cut it and pass it around the table. Allie was sitting next to Dr. Roberts and when it came time for Darryl to get his piece, Allie spoke up, "Grandma Berger, I forgot to tell you that Dr. Roberts is on a diet, so I'll take care of his piece of the dessert as as well as mine."

Dr. Roberts put his hand over Allie's mouth, "Don't listen to this young kid. His mind has been invaded by space aliens. Mr. Waller, I think he needs another dose of those knock out drops."

Allie relented, "Okay, he can have a tiny piece. Otherwise he won't ever be able to spell Schawrzwalder Kirschtorte."

When we finished the dessert, which just melted in our mouths, the five young guys took care of the dishes. Allie was very gracious, he went and hugged Rick's parents and sister and thanked them for the wonderful food.

When we got back to the dock where the Paradise was located, Dr. Roberts pulled out some bills and handed them to Hermann, "This is to cover the charge of the rental of the bus and the petrol for today."

He handed Dirk and Dieter each a bill, "This should keep you guys in spending money for a couple of days."

Allie hugged the two German boys as did Jim and John and we entered the ship without an incident. Allie hugged Leisel and Rick and thanked them for showing us such a wonderful day and great meal. Jim and John went to talk to their parents and grandparents and the rest of us went to our suites.

I could almost feel Allie's mind working, "Dad, will we ever be able to do anything by ourselves. I had a great time today, but shouldn't Jim and John be spending some time with their parents instead of always being with us?"

Before I could answer, the phone rang, "This is Ed Waller."

"Ed, this is Jim Thomas. The boys will be eating with us tonight. They have imposed on you, too much. They insist that they need to sleep with Allie so he doesn't get sick from eating too many desserts. If they ever get to be too much, let us know. They're having the time of their lives."

"Jim, they have been no problem at all. Allie just expressed his concern that maybe Jim and John needed to spend some quality time with you."

"Ed, I don't know whether to take that as an insult, or as a suggestion."

"Jim, believe me, Allie didn't intend for it to be an insult. He was just stating his personal opinion that perhaps the boys needed to spend some time with you and Nancy. You need to remember that Allie doesn't have any parents, so he recognizes the importance of having parents."

Jim was quiet for a short period, "Are you sure that Allie is human. According to John and Jim, there hasn't been anything that he hasn't done well yet."

"Jim, Allie was fortunate in that he had a brother who made sure that he has had only the best, after their parents died. As we speak, Allie is on the veranda, talking to Dr. Roberts, Mr. DePauw, Mr. Khalid and Mr. Amir. Don't ask me what they are talking about because the five of them would seem to have nothing in common. Talk to you later."

Editor's Notes:

It was very nice to have a chapter where no one was being shot at or harmed in any way. Allie is indeed very special. Doctor Roberts and his friend Tom seem to be having a wonderful time and I know they both love Allie very much. I think that everyone that knows Allie, except the crooks, loves him very much. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

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