Peter in High School

Chapter Seventeen: The First Try

November, 27th, 2008

That morning, I was awake by a very nice and hot mouth on my shaft! As I barely opened my eyes I was blinded by the first sunrays through the window and as the amazing sensations rushed through my body.

I looked down and Nick was smiling... well, kind of, with his eyes... as his mouth was busy.

He took the hair out of his face and then started tracing a line on my abs, pinching my left nipple a little.

I just moaned. THAT for sure was the best way to be awakened.

He kept the pace as I arched my back but with that, he stopped. He kissed me good morning, but that was a different taste, I guess it was precum.

He inhaled on my neck and I pulled him on the top of me, as he kissed my neck and as I pressed my hard shaft on his hard abs.

He went down to my member again... he skipped it and started kissing my balls while he lightly `combed' the hair of my inner thighs with his fingertips.

I started moaning again and as I arched my back cum erupted inside his hot mouth but it seems he swallowed all of it. He smiled at me, with his smile full of a white cream. It was supposed to be gross but he was so sweet with his reddish face from his blowjob, from the warmth of bed, the laziness of morning and hair all messed up, in the cutest way, the hazel of his eyes very shiny as the morning light crossed the room.

He was there, naked, hard shaft, pink cheeks, pink lips, the light reaching his pale torso, longish hair all messed up, deep gaze, smiling at me, kneeling on the bed. Then, he licked his teeth and lips and finished with a small giggle.

I had to have his `taste' in the morning, so I knelt on the bed as well, I took him in a tight embrace, we both kneeling and I inhaled on his shoulders, his scent in the morning, of a cleanness that didn't smell like soap or shampoo, nor like his clothes, just the smell of his bare skin.

I started kissing lightly his shoulder, then I started licking his neck as I felt him shiver and held him tight. I could see his chill in the very light hair of his arms.

I lightly pulled him on the bed, on his back and started tracing my way to his navel with small kisses.

I skipped his... parts, and started kissing his inner thighs. That got him moaning as I had one hand pinching his right nipple and the other fondling his balls.

I kissed his balls, one, then the other. After that, I engulfed all of his manhood. That scent, that closeness in the morning... I wish I could wake up like that for the rest of my life.

As I sped up the pace he started arching his back, making his member go deeper into my mouth. I choked a few times but didn't give up the reward of his nice nectar and in more than just a few seconds, I was rewarded.


After breakfast, his father offered to throw a ball with us in the backyard.

"Aren't you participating, Michelle?" his father asked his mother, screaming from the backyard as she was standing by the back door.

"I don't think so. I'll watch you guys from the porch."

"But it's on the other side of the house." his father pointed out.

"Yeah, or I'll read a book or something like that." she `dismissed'.

Half an hour was enough to have us spent, as it was very sunny that day.

Mr. Schaeffer took both of us by the neck and collapsed on the floor with one of us on each side of him.

Nick was wearing his baseball t-shirt (though we were tossing a ball), I had only an ordinary t-shirt and shorts, like Mr. Schaeffer.

We were a little sweaty but he didn't seem to mind. Nick was laughing, supporting himself on his arms, over his father's chest and I had my head resting on his side, the three of us lying spent, on the grass. Mr. Schaeffer was sweaty but, actually, I didn't mind. We had a lot of fun.

"I'll have a shower `cause we have to visit your grandma." Mr. Schaeffer said to Nick as he got up.

"Yes, I'm ready. It's your turn, hurry." Mrs. Schaeffer appeared behind him.

"Yeah, I know that look. I'm going, I'm going," he said and quickly left.

"And you, young man, as you said you don't wanna go, I want this porch all washed and clean. Don't forget watering the lawn." Mrs. Schaeffer said to Nick.

"Let's go upstairs, you have to see my cards collection I told you the other day!" Nick said pulling me by the hand.


"You know where the leftovers from yesterday are. Please, treat Peter nicely, ok?" Nick's mom was `giving him the last instructions' before she left with Mr. Schaeffer. "And no funny business! No broken windows, no neighbors complaining... ok?"

And with that, Mr. Schaeffer kissed Nick on the forehead, kissed *me* on the forehead. Mrs. Schaeffer kissed Nick on the forehead and kissed me on the cheek and with that, they were gone for a few hours.

After that, we were starved. I ate some turkey and other things but didn't stuff myself as usual because er... a few things could happen in the afternoon, you know *blush*

So, I took the brusher and Nick took the water hose and we started the cleaning. When it was all clean and Nick was watering the lawn, I was standing there and he started 'watering me' too.

"Hey, stop it," I yelled, half laughing.

He just started laughing too.

I went to his direction to `fight for the hose' and dropped him to the floor on the grass.

I started kissing his neck, now wet, and he started moaning, as he let go of the hose.

As he was distracted I got the hose and was standing in one motion and aimed it at him, still on the floor. His erection was visible with wet shorts.

He had his hair and clothes all wet like I did.

He ran to the hose tap to turn the water off. I was sitting on the grass and dropped the hose.

He stopped in front of me and took off his wet t-shirt so I took mine off, too.

He lay on the top of me as I could feel his cold body on the top of mine and he was kissing my wet neck as he ran his fingers through my messed up, wet hair.

He pulled me by the hand to the bathroom and we were rolling on the floor, all wet.

He held my arms up, above my head and started kissing my arm, my forearm, my chest, and stroking my shaft with his free hand.

I pulled him on the top of me and he started rocking his body against mine. He adjusted his position and my shaft started rocking against his. It was a wonderful sensation.

"Let's have a shower together! I guess my parents are gonna take a little longer to come back." Nick said.

We took the rest of our clothes off and got in the shower stall.

I started soaping his chest, feeling it, pressing on his nipples as he closed his eyes, then I got on my knees to spread soap on his legs, taking extra attention to his inner thighs. He shivered. I didn't want it to end that soon, so I got back on my feet.

He had soap on his hands and started soaping my chest in circles. He hugged me very tight under the warm spray.

I got some soap and foam and soaped my butt a lot. I put my hands on the bathroom wall and looked back at Nick with a hard hungry shaft.

He aimed it on my butt. I offered to soap his shaft but he moved his head to the sides, for me not to. I guess he would cum if I did.

He lightly put the soap on the top of his shaft. I could see the precaution on his face as he didn't want to cum.

He was slow, so his shaft could cool down a little otherwise it wouldn't last a minute.

With that, he put the tip close to my butt. I tried to relax and spread my legs apart -- I couldn't spread them very much due to my standing position but I bent some.

He started pushing but it didn't seem to `enter'.

He started kissing my neck as I tried to relax. He pushed it a little forcefully and I gasped.

"Did it hurt?" he asked on my ear.

I didn't want to discourage him but actually, it did.

"Well... a little," I said. "Try again."

He tried again, but it was stinging a little so I contracted.

He pulled me close to him in a tight hug and said in my ear "Never mind, we can try it again later... if you want to."

He got down on his knees and made a great work. I even had to support my weight on his shoulders.

And, yeah, maybe it was the position, the place, maybe I needed lube and... being at home probably would make me at ease, so that was it, I had to convince mom and his mother to let him sleep over so we could 'try again'.

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