Ayden's Eyes Book Three

Chapter 93

Chapter 93

 The love lingered on throughout the day and I looked at my drawing several times before I finally put paint to my brush. It slipped over the canvas with purpose as I tried to put some more magic into it. I actually thought the drawing had enough but I wanted to place a bit more into it.

 Horse was sitting at the table looking at me while Evan had gone to see to some customers. I could hear his sweet voice talking to them.

I turned around and faced him. "What’s up Horse?" I asked him as he lowered his head and blushed, he couldn’t look me in the eyes.

I looked at him and I think he was struggling with what had occurred so I got up and moved to his side. Taking his hand, I made him raise his head.

 "Horse my friend, you know we both have always loved you. All three of us joined down on the beach, it meant nothing but it also meant a lot, if you know what I mean."

"I'm a little confused with it all Den, that’s all."

"You didn’t cheat on Tony, at that moment you were fairy and in their world, there is no shame, no guilt, you did what you were born to do, and we never touched you, we just held you."

"But I had the most beautiful orgasm Den. I have never felt that way with Tony or anyone before and I loved it, and I loved being with you and Evan. Can you paint me like that please?" He blushed.

"I will my friend, and you looked bloody awesome in all your colours, but it wasn’t real, it was all in our minds which were linked." I went on,

 "Look, it’s no secret that you are the epitome of a hunk, and I bet that every gay guy down here wants to play with you. Hell, I'm your biggest fan and I want to have you so much, but it’s the human condition. I love Evan, you love Tony and it’s never going to happen, so don’t worry about our fairy lives, we did what I think we have always done, and that's join. We wanted you to join us, to feel the magic, we didn’t have sex with you, we held you while you felt pure fairy folk pleasure. Don’t get all twisted over it, if you do that you will get sad. Someday you might dance with Tony and have the same feelings, have you looked at his eyes lately, there is a gold rim appearing, he is fairy you know."

"I know he is, no one could have the luck he does down here and not be one of us. It's just after it happened I sort of want it to happen again, but with you and Evan not Tony, there lies my problem. I feel there’s something else out there for me, there’s something or someone waiting for me, I can almost hear him calling my name."

He was getting himself into a big mess here.

 "Do you think you have fallen out of love with Tony?"

"I don’t know, I have always thought there’s something better for me around the next corner, and I have settled for something that doesn’t feel quite right." His hands were shaking now so I placed mine on them.

 "There is something much, much greater out there for you. You have to have patience that’s all, and see where this relationship is taking you both. Maybe Tony feels the same, maybe you aren’t right for each other human wise?"

"I don’t know and it’s driving me crazy, you and Evan were really awesome Den. I would love you both to make love to me, just thinking about it makes me want to sit on your lap." He groaned, I got a stiffie.

 I thought to myself that this is very serious and I wished he would lose that thought because we all have to live together down here and I really don’t want to upset the apple cart. I hoped to God that his memory of today will dull over time and he will get back to normal. I can’t talk to my son about it because he doesn’t understand adult stuff yet, so he can’t help I suppose.

 "Den, do you and Evan feel the same way?"

"For the moment Horse, yes and we won’t take it further unless we dance again. I'm sorry my friend but that's the way it’s got to be."

Evan poked his head out the shop door and wanted me to order him a skinny latte and as I looked over at him I instantly wanted to make love to him. I think he was getting messages that something was up with Horse because his eyebrow lifted. I got up and put my hand on his shoulder to re-assure him everything was okay.

 After ordering three coffees and a few biscuits I threw some money into Rita's cash register then looked around to see if Ayden had finished his numbers, but he wasn’t there.

Rita's head nodded towards her bedroom, he was playing with her dress again. I could hear him whispering in fairy to it when I put my ear to the door.

 By the time I placed the coffees on the table Evan had cleared his shop and had joined us. I think they will go for a surf soon; I can hear the boys down there yelling their heads off having fun in the waves. I also had an image of Evan having Horse in the bushes and I felt pain inside my heart.

 "I'm a bottom Den, through and through, my sole purpose in this life is to make you happy," Evan whispered, taking me by surprise.

I felt better because Horse kind of admitted he was a bottom too. Shit Den, lose that next thought will you.

 It was fifteen minutes later they slipped their wet suits over their shoulders to go check out the beach. I was amused as I watched both their asses move as they walked through the house. I locked the shop and put the, “gone surfing,” sign out then went back to work.

 I couldn’t concentrate so I changed into some sexy swimmers and headed for the beach myself for a cool dip. I lost my outer clothes and sat in the shallows watching the guys play. They were trying to outdo each other, some made it and some like Evan wiped out. Blue was majestic as he out surfed them all before landing in a spot near me.

 "Where’s bubs?"

"Talking to Rita's frock." I laughed as I splashed water over my chest. He laughed then went off to do another run. Evan paddled over and we stared at each other for awhile as I wet my hair and did a very sexy pose in the bright sun.

 "I want you to make love to me Den."  He smiled.

"Soon bub, soon." He leant in and kissed me. It was then that I felt the bay shift and it became real again.

 That night we made love like no other, I thought to myself all jokes aside Evan was a superb partner to have, and I stopped for a moment just to take in his beauty. I also detected a slight glow coming from his golden skin.

After we settled down Evan went to the bathroom and I checked Ayden had dropped off to sleep, then I again crawled in next to my big boy.

"Now, where were we?"

"We were going to sleep Den."

"Not yet bubs, still have an itch to scratch."

 During the night I semi woke up and when I opened my eyes to check the time I thought I caught a glimpse of a dark hooded figure looking through the window. It didn’t register for a few moments that was until my brain caught up with the situation then I jumped out of bed and ran to the back door. There was nothing but singing crickets and assorted bird calls.

 The sun was coming up when I woke again, I didn’t feel the need to panic or cause a fuss so I showered, took care of my baby boy who wanted his breakfast, then stood on the back porch looking over to the out buildings. I could have imagined it but if I did, it was a sign anyway.

There was a numbness over my brain as I made Ayden's bed then went to find him, he was sitting in the kitchen with his nanny eating breakfast, waffles dripping in honey.

 "Good morning my love."

"Good morning Den, sleep well?"

"Oh yes I certainly did to a point."

"What do you mean Den?"

"I thought I saw a black shadow looking through our window in the early hours around two, but when I went to investigate there was no one there."

"Do you think you were dreaming?"

"I don’t know baby; I just don’t know."

She handed me a coffee and I started walking down to the table.

 After finishing my first cup for the day I saw Abs come running down the road followed by Tush. He took one leap and landed fair and square on the porch. Walking up to me he looked awfully official.

 "Did Rita call you?" I asked.

"Yes Den I need to speak to her too and Evan."

After another twenty questions Evan was sent for and Bubble did that chore for us. A very confused man came running through the shop and landed next to me, no neck kissing this time. He got the story and stared at Abs who was acting very business like.

 "Den, Evan and Rita you are safe here, we watch constantly, unfortunately Den last night you caught one of us and when I find out who has been seen there will be hell to pay. Once a week we do our training exercises around the bay, just to keep ourselves well oiled and alert. Although we haven’t found anything out of place it pays to stay vigilant."

 "All the information we have received from our lookouts suggest there’s nothing going on around here or in town."

"Okay Abs, sorry about that, you lose sleep because of us."

"I'm actually enjoying it Den, it's been awhile since we have all danced." I heard that word again and wondered.

 "Now which one of my men was seen is my next problem."

I did a sketch of what I had seen and remembered and he immediately said,

"Hulk, I will put him on extra duty that will fix that little problem."

"How do you know its Hulk?"

"That tick on his bandana, he always wears Nike stuff when he's working." He belly laughed. I felt blessed when they all left, and safe, but I knew deep down the folk had a firm grip on our bay and we all were being looked after by them.

 Donk and Kate called in to see us and to hand over some more cash to Evan, it was Saturday afternoon and her shop was shut.

She looked like a woodland fairy with her flowing red hair and green and lemon day frock on, I half expected her to dance too.

"How are things Kate?"

"Excellent Den, I'm buggered if I know where all those customers come from, it seems that my name is being bantered around every radio station in Australia at the moment. I don’t know whether I like that or not." She giggled. Donk was holding her hand and he kissed her cheek then added,

"It will die down soon, then we can go do something for ourselves baby. Maybe we can borrow Evan’s camper and take off somewhere for a few days?"

"That would be so cool, I'll look forward to it. Is he around Den?"

"He's down surfing Kate, do you want me to give him your cash?"

She handed over a large envelope and I took it and hid it under our mattress promising her he would get it today.

Donk slipped into his wet suit and she grabbed a couple of towels after talking to Rita for a few minutes, then they headed for the surf and sun.

 I went back to my painting; I was almost there with just a few loose ends to put in it. I am going to let Cyn sell this one, I really don’t want to be reminded about the way I treated Evan, he was very upset. I also have to talk to my son because I had a strange feeling he could help Horse.

 Once again I grabbed the basket and started down the trail to our beach, it was a beautiful day and of course when the guys spotted me they started coming in. I didn’t call Kate over as she was having a conversation with Cyn, so put a couple of sandwiches aside for Donk to give them. Also, there were no burgers today so Ayden will be upset I suppose. He ran ahead of the guys and hugged me then started rummaging through the basket.

"No burgers today bubby, only sandwiches." I smiled. What a shocking tease I am.

He again gave me one of his stares then went back to his search.

 He pulled out two hamburgers and two bags of biscuits before passing one of each to his mate Blue, then he showed me his burger so I could see that his nanny hadn’t forgotten him.

 "I get your point bub, I guess she wouldn’t dare not pack a burger for you and Blue." I giggled then thought I would take the ladies lunches over to them.

"Is my painting finished Den?"

"Nearly Cyn, just a few touch ups to do and it's yours."

"Good, your others come off today, about six mill. Kate nearly choked on her sanger.


"About six biggies for three paintings Kate, that’s what they are worth."

"Good God Den, and I'm complaining about my busy shop, shit, how do you handle all that money?"

"I don’t, Evan does." I laughed.

"So Cyn, you mean the paintings I have hanging in my lounge room are worth a small fortune?"

"Umm, probably yes my dear friend," Cyn replied.

"Wow, I had better get some sort of insurance sorted out then."

"No need Kate, the magic will stop them from being stolen, sleep easy." I was still laughing when I returned to the tree and thank god Alex wasn’t there, but I did miss Andy.

 "Where’s Alex Blue?"

"At home, he's doing some book work and Andy is on the verge of walking." He smiled.

"Go soon Blu, half hour time," Ayden said to him.

"Really, you are joking aren’t you pal?"

"No Blus, go soon."

 I suppose Andy is going to take his first steps today, my son wouldn’t lie. Horse heard him and took off to Blue’s apartment, he also had to swing by his tiny house and pick up the camera.

I thought I wouldn’t go look because I remember Ayden’s first steps vividly and I won’t deny, it was an awesome day on the porch when he did it, I can still hear his giggles as he took four steps towards his pa. I didn't want to mix that moment up with Andy's, we can watch the film later on.

 Ayden was ready to go out again so Donk had him this time while Nuts watched with Spud. He screamed as he conquered another big wave, he's pretty bloody good at all this. I thought about his schooling again but then got a bit sad that we don’t see Susan that often nowadays. She’s pretty busy in the tea rooms and the last I heard she is loving it and making loads of money; as you do down here.

 "Den, we have to talk."

"What’s up bubs?" Evan was still beside me and had opened another sandwich, he must be hungry today.

"Well earlier on I had a talk to Ayden about all the stuff that’s happening around here."

"You mean our dance don’t you?"

"Well yes and no."

"You didn’t talk about sex in front of our baby did you?" I stared at him as he chewed away.

"No Den, he wouldn’t know what I was talking about anyway, I just wanted some information from him and he obliged in his simple way."


"Well he thinks, and I agree that your last mental collapse returned your human memory fully. But it's also waking up your fairy memory and whatever’s happening with it you aren’t fully in control, and don’t know how to control it. Your fairy memory is vast and he thinks if you do regain control you will explode with information that's best left for the future, when your stronger mentally."

"So he wants to cloak my brain then."

"How did you know?" Evan was confused.

 "I know deep down that it’s the best thing that can happen to me. I thought the other day with Horse I was in control of the situation, but it looks like I've done more damage than intended to him. I have remembered a lot of things of our past, and some of it is so heartbreaking. It's not my time to remember everything yet, and any help I can get from Ayden is going to be a blessing for all of us. I don’t want to drag our friends backwards, everything has to come back naturally."

 "That’s basically what he was saying, he's a lot more advanced than us because he can read the forever king’s golden book, he knows how to slow your memory down to a trickle so you won’t forget what you know now, you just won’t be able to advance at the speed you are at now. He said if he could get you to read the book everything would be fixed, but at the moment you can’t go into fairy land, and he's working on getting the book out into the open."

 "I understand Bub; he’s already doing his thing because I felt it when I woke up this morning."

"Well he started before we had our talk and that’s a good sign he's aware of what’s going on. Also Den, now you have involved Horse he can’t be allowed to advance more than he has now, he’s not in control either even though he’s supposed to be our war lord." He laughed.

"Do you want me to talk to him?"

"No baby, I will do that, you just relax and do your painting thing, he said it won’t affect that."

"Good, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do any more."

"No, he said that was the most important thing you do for all of us, and you do it perfectly, slowly, slowly,” he said.

 He had finished his sandwich and I was lying on my side just playing with his nipple through his suit.

"It was awesome wasn’t it?" I was talking about the dance.

"Oh god, I hope you don’t forget how to do that again; I'm so looking forward to it." He smiled dreamily.

"Me too." I thought if there’s one thing out of all this, I want to do that so much again with my Evan.

"Well you have me going again, I had better go cool off."

He had a big stiffie and started re-arranging it, but without any success. So he stood up and tried but it poked out more. He laughed once more at me then ran down to the surf. He got some, 'whoop whoops,' off the girls, I guess they spied it flopping around.

 I could hear shouting coming down the pathway, Horse was on a high because Andy had taken five steps and they caught it on video. He was as pleased as punch and a very proud granddad. I watched his buns as he swaggered down to collect his board, my hands were clasped together because they so wanted to have a squeeze of them.

 As the day got hotter I got tired, especially after last nights’ mammoth love making session, I thought I might go have a nap in the cool. I waved to my boy and he put a sad face on, but I had to go so left him with our boys. I showered then went to the bedroom, put the cooler on then stripped off and lay face down on our bed.

I was having a wonderful dream about flying and I also felt I didn’t have a care in the world again, Ayden was in my head. When I woke he was beside me, he looked so handsome and his angelic face was so beautiful. Evan was kneeling on the floor beside the bed and he was interfering with my goods under the sheet, and by the way I was feeling, it was working a treat.

 "Daddy okay?" I heard him then felt him move into me.

"Yes son, have another five minutes will you?"

"No daddy, have to go see nanna for burger for baby." I felt the bed bounce and heard little feet patter out to the cafe.

"Now where were we?" Evan smiled. I pulled his head in and gave him a deep smacker as his hand worked overtime on me.

 He showered as I worked on him and I was exhausted when we finished dressing, all I wanted was coffee and maybe a doughnut. I could smell something cooking on the stove that got my tastebuds working, so I went to investigate after leaving Evan at the table. Ayden was already there with his face full of hamburger and grinning from ear to ear.

 "What smells so good Rita?"

"Something new I have been trying Den, one of Bubble’s recipes from the east. Here Den, try a bit." I didn’t need to be asked twice, it was bloody delicious. I rinsed my dish then grabbed a coffee plunger for Evan and myself, and thanked my friend before walking back to the table.

 Much of the hamburger had been eaten and I noticed even the lettuce had a big piece missing today. I suppose he's adding to his culinary list. Evan was in a chilled out state and Horse was bleating on about Andy’s walking, but I think my man’s mind was on something entirely different.

 My brain had been itching all evening, it started when Ayden went to sleep. I suppose that's what it feels like to be cloaked, fairy style. Before I went to sleep I checked my son out and his eyes were flickering so I placed my hand on his forehead and told him to go to sleep, which he did immediately and my buzzing stopped.

 I had a great sleep and surprise, surprise, Evan was still beside me when I woke up, he had slept in today, maybe Horse had too? I heard the toilet flush and small footsteps came by my side of the bed, then a small hand stroked my forehead.

"Okays now dah."

 I mumbled a thank you and he shot through the lounge and I heard the shop doors banging behind him. I was pulled in for a morning cuddle and he had his lips on my ear sucking the life out of it, but I slipped out of bed before he could get me really going. I wanted to make sure Rita or one of the boys were up to attend to Ayden, I didn’t want him roaming around by himself without anyone knowing he was there.

 The radio was turned on and soft music started through the speakers, we were listening to a Judy Garland album, Rita was up and dressed. She had just lit the grill to make a breakfast burger for her grandson when I reached for the coffee pot, she put her arms around me from behind.

"I love you and good morning, but the coffees still cold." I was warmed by the greeting and returned it in kind then switched the pot on again.

 Ayden was sitting with a big grin on his face at her table, he was ready to eat with his tomato sauce and smock on. I went back to our table and sat for awhile, thinking about last night. The kiss on my neck said Evan was up, he had got half into his wet suit and was looking for coffee. I could see his full bush poking out at the top of his zipper and it turned me on some more.

 He ruined everything by sitting down but I wasn’t one to be put off, my hand slid over his tight tum tum and started playing with his curly bits.

"How come you always look so sexy in the morning bub?"

"That's my job Den, to turn you on at every opportunity, it's to do with our marriage contract."

"Do you want to get married now bub?"

"No Den, that’s for others to do, I'm happy just to have you near, we don’t need that paper and anyway it interferes with our tax options."

"So I'm a tax write off at the moment?"

"Something like that Den." He smiled.

That's my boy, he has everything under control except my lust for his body bits.

 Ayden was bored with his own company and I could see the tomato sauce dripping off his chin as he carefully walked down the porch with his burger and plate.

"Good burger bub?" I asked. He shook his head in the affirmative and continued eating.

Horse arrived with Blue in tow, he had just been to their place to give Andy his morning bath.

"Ready Evan?"

"Yep, see you after Den, we can talk more later, son get your suit on." He didn't need to be told twice so he shot up to his bedroom and I got a warm facecloth to clean off his breakfast drippings.

I peeled the suit onto him then they went to play surfie for the morning.

 Today was just like yesterday, hot and dry. I backed the camper out of the garage and gave it a thorough cleaning before I bombed it for spiders and bugs. I suppose Birdy would have liked to have them, but the look on Jay's face said no, never, not in his house. I left it in the sunshine and it glowed as I cleaned up and then went to see if the breakfast basket was ready.

"Try this Den, a new recipe." She shoved a large patty in my hand. I tasted it timidly then smiled, it was delicious and had that bang that Rita always has in her burgers.

"It's chicken Den, I'll run it by Ayden this morning, if he likes it then so will everyone else."

 Alex arrived with Andy as I was heading out the door with the basket, so I had a cuddle then kissed his cleaver head and resumed my journey again.

 Of course Ayden spotted me first so he ran up to greet me. I sat by my tree and placed the basket where it was supposed to sit and watched the guys come in.

He opened his burger and took a big bite then stared at me. Blue came to the rescue. He nudged Ayden and said,

"Wow, these new chicken burgers are great eh bub?"

Ayden wasn’t sure but he did chew the piece in his mouth, then he gave up and smiled at Blue, then he nodded.

"Great Boo." The guys loved theirs and all was well again with Ayden. Alex came by and Andy was passed around then showed us how he walked, but it was hard on the sand and he kept falling on his bum in laughing fits.

 I ended up with him and the twine tied around his foot just having a lazy day snooze, every now and then he giggled in his sleep so I guess he's remembering his first walks.

I better go up and finish that painting, it’s almost dry. I cleaned up and took the now awake Andy up to the shack. I didn’t shower and handed the basket to Tush who then took bubs from me.

"I'll give him some custard Den; how did Ayden take to the burger?"

"Okay once Blue gave his seal of approval to it."

She laughed again and I went to get the painting and thought I haven’t seen Tim for a few days, he must be busy doing Horse’s paintings. I must go over and check his work out, no, lose that thought Den, Evan wouldn’t approve.

 It was magnificent by the time I had signed it, the colour burst from the canvas and I could feel the magic it contained. Nothing much has changed since last night when Ayden cleansed my brain, I can still feel the magic and I wondered how much cloaking he had done on my memory?

Anything to stop it exploding with memories of times gone by is a big help.

 Susan came by to pick up her pies, she was a day late and as she sat at the table she stared at the painting and sighed.

"Another triumph Den, what a great painting, it reminds me of your beach."

"It does doesn’t it, how are things in the cafe?" Changing the subject, maybe she didn’t see my Evan’s image in it.

"Fantastic, we barely get time to have a sleep before we have to do it all over again. I can’t wait to move down here to get away from that town."

"What! Your moving here?"

"Yes Den, we are looking at that old building near the shops, we thought we might open a second tea rooms and sell the other one." She smiled.

What a beautiful girl, I had no idea they were thinking that.

 "Well Patrick wants to surf more and I don’t want to be stuck at the cafe all day, it was fun at first but it’s hard work now that everything’s up and running smoothly. Evan reckons we would get a good price for it in its present state, so all we have to do is think of a different type of food shop so it doesn’t collide with Rita’s business."

"I don't think you will affect her business to much Sue, you been talking to Evan about it have you?"

"Yes Den, only the financial part of it, we have plenty in the bank to do what we want to do, it's Rita we have to fit in with."

 "Rita is fine with it Susan, she could do with more time to herself too." More coffee was brought down by a pretty lady swishing about in one of Evan’s frocks.

 "We will only do the things you don’t do, like pizza for instance." She smiled.

"Even that will bring in good money but not in winter, you may have to shut up then." Rita was thinking.

"We will travel north in the winter months; all we need is a few hundred dollars a week to get by on when we are on the road. The holiday season will see us right with money."

"Well keep thinking about what you can do, the more the merrier." Rita laughed.

"Well Evan did suggest a tapas bar with a drink license, maybe a live band every now and then. Patrick is up on that sort of stuff; he did a stint in one when he was in London."

"Great idea Susan, I went to one in London too with Spencer, it was so cool," I offered.

"Well it's settled then, we will probably sell the tea rooms then buy that old stone pub that’s been left derelict for years."

"That one? I thought it had been a bank at one stage."

"Yes it was for awhile but that closed down years ago, it started its early life as a pub and we would love to restore it to its original look. With modern conveniences and some stays if you don’t mind Den."

"Of course and get Alex's business to do the cleaning if you don’t want to do it."

"Yes, we have spoken to him and he can bring beautiful little Andy along, I will look out for him."

 Everybody knows as usual, apart from me, I guess I will have to have that stern talk to Evan about keeping secrets.

Ayden came in, he had showered and brought the towel in so I can dry him properly. He's got no shame that boy, he stood there smiling at the girls as nude as the day he was born.

I patted his bum and said,

 "Go get some clothes baby so dad can dress you." He took off to his bedroom. I don’t know where he gets his styles from but he ended up with a pair of his red shorts, a fairy dress and a tank top with Blue on it. Okay, it looked good on him.

He pointed to Blue’s place and said,

"Andy plays now?"

"He maybe asleep bub."


I rang Alex to see if he was home and wanted a guest, he was good to go so I sent Ayden off to have a play date. That was after he collected his hugs and kisses off his aunty Susan.