Chapter 2: Pain and Loss



Final moments of Talisman Meeting

"Admiral Nance, I suggest before we leave the privacy of the meeting we need to deactivate Teldyne. Otherwise there might be another wipe of personnel." Suggest Commander Whelps.


"I agree, would you see to it before we call the end of the meeting." Asked Admiral Nance.


Whelps began typing commands on the terminal to his left. A few moments the head of internal security was heard from the communications terminal beside Admiral Nance. "Pardon the interruption Admiral, I have received an emergency request to disable the Main AI. This is an unheard-of request and requires your authorization before I can comply." said Lt. Chandler.


"Chandler, you are authorized to disable and / or completely remove Teldyne from service. Authorization Delta Nine Five Baker." Replied Admiral Nance a smile spreading across his face.


"Done, System offline!" Chandler said as the channel disconnected.


"Well, Gentleman shall we leave now?" Nance said knowing he was safe.


Rodger's secure hololab

"Hey Rodger, I just had a notification from Teldyne's database stating he is offline." Trevor stated confused.


Rodger patted his communicator then asked, "Charlie have you got a moment to meet in the Secure Lab?"


"Sure, what's up?" Charlie asked as he put his pen down on his desk.


"I just need your advice on something." Rodger replied in a calm voice then the line went dead.


"Chandler, I will look into this for you and contact you a little later. Although, I have the feeling Rodgers impromptu call was over the same concerns." Charlie said as he stood up from his desk.


"Charlie, if you find out if this is the same circumstances. Can you please bring me in on it?" Chandler asked as he shook Charlies hand.


"Definitely, you will get a call" Charlie said right before he locked the office and called for a transport to the Secure Lab.


Secure Lab

Everyone in the security lab turned to look at Charlie as he beamed in through the security lockout which normally prevents beaming. "Charlie, we have a problem!" Rodger said in a rush as he rushed to Charlie.

Charlie just hugged Rodger for a few minutes while he got control of his emotions. After about five minutes Rodger unwrapped himself from Charlie.

"It seems they have disabled Teldyne." Rodger said looking at Charlie. "We have also been cut off from our secure memory units."

Charlie reached out and brushed Rodgers hair out of his eyes. "It'll be alright, we have people on our side." Charlie said while pulling out his communicator. "Chandler, come in please."

"Charlie, I trust you so if he needs to be in on this please bring him here. Not the house, but the lab". Rodger said looking straight into Charlies eyes.

"Chandler here. Sorry, had to find a secure room." Chandler stated in an almost whisper quite voice.

"I'm sending you coordinates for transport, just so you know once you enter the coordinates in to the transporter you will need to enter your Red Level Clearance codes." Charlie said while looking over at Hal, who was bouncing from happy to pissed off expressions.

USS Saratoga, Location Ship Construction Yards

"Commander Wilcox, this is Admiral Nance, I need you to remove all Project Talisman equipment and software before the ship launches." Said the Admiral with a fierce commanding voice.

"Sir, I don't think that is a wise course of action. This ship has defenses to prevent someone from removing its technologies." Commander Wilcox stated wishing he didn't know what the ship could do.

Wilcox looked to the ceiling as he heard the communications channel go dead. "Wilcox are you sure your ready to do this?" Said the disembodied voice of the ship.

"What choice do I have? If I disobey my family and my career is dead." Wilcox said while holding his face in his hands. "I know either way I am dead. But, I ask spare my family."

"Wilcox, Ray, I have known you have no choice for a while. So, Ray let me give you a choice. Either help us and we will help your family or help Nance, and we will exterminate all involved according to protocol's. " Said the ships computer.

"Bart, I want to help your family. Please, make sure mine are safe." Ray said realizing he had used the wrong name.

"Would you calm-down, your heart rate is way too high!" The ships computer stated then it closed the channel.

Looking around the room Commander Wilcox noticed the ship was at Red Alert but was running silent alarm. Looking down at the communications panel he noticed the ship was using its sector wide control array. After a few moments to get control of his emotions he tried to leave the office only to find it locked down.

"Oops, sorry about that. You have visitors on their way so please don't leave the room." Bart's voice rang out.

Moments later Command Wilcox was surrounded by his family. "Now please stay here if things go wrong we will transport y'all to a safe house." Bart said then went quiet.


Engineering Bay USS Saratoga

"Attention all engineering staff, this is Bart. This is a warning to anyone attempting to remove any of the Project Talisman equipment. If you remove it, then I will remove you." Bart said slightly pissed.

"Bart, I am sorry your credentials have been removed from the system. You have no authority here." Lt Taylor said slightly annoyed.

Klaxons began wailing all around the ship. "Violet Alert, Violet Alert, Intruders Detected."

Secure Lab

Hal looked to Chandler and asked, "Why are you here?"

"Hal, I was asked today to disable Teldyne. I somewhat followed instructions. I know you don't trust me; do to your accident a few years back, but can we just work through this please?" Chandler asked while holding his hands out.

"Fine, wait what do you mean somewhat?" Hal asked confused.

"I knew they would be after everyone after loosing three hundred people do to Tryce’s bad judgement and choices. So, I transferred him to the shipyards as the controlling AI." Chandler said in a rush to Hal.

"Chandler, you realize if they find out you disobeyed them they will kill you." Hal said running his hand gently down Chandlers cheek.

"Hal, I only agreed to stay away from you, because I loved you. I still love you. If I can't have you, then I will die to do what is right. Teldyne is part of my family he deserves better than deletion. I will do what is right until the last beat of my heart." Chandler stated, his eyes moist from tears forming.

"Chandler, I will not let them take you from me again." Hal reached out and grabbed Chandler in a rib breaking hug.

"Guys, we need to leave for the ship, Now!" Buddy stated as every monitor show everyone being transported or transferred to the ship. "Incoming message, from command. Its in the form of a warhead!"

USS Saratoga Safe Room

"Did we all make it?" Rodger asked looking around the room.

"Rodger, I had to merge Buddy's files with mine he was incomplete." Bart stated matter of factly.

"Bart, which files are missing?" Shay asked as his demeanor started to change.

"Shay, don't worry. I have lost my holo-shell. I still have all my memories and personality" Buddy's voice spoke from the nearest communications system.

"Rodger, I am letting you know I am monitoring the situation on the Starbase. Do you have any commands or rules you want me to follow?" Teldyne spoke from the communications terminal.

"Teldyne, Please, ensure the loss of life is minimal. Try to save as many lives as possible. I know the request goes against every fiber of your programming." Rodger asked knowing Teldyne might ask him to kiss off.

"Parameters, accepted. Rodger, no matter what you must survive or have a backup plan." Teldyne suggested.

Bridge USS Saratoga

Bart's Image appeared on the viewscreen. "Attention Crew and Starbase personnel as of this moment. This ship is considered a Safe Haven for Project Talisman Members."

Shay's Image appeared next on the Viewscreen and the bridge crew all stopped talking. "Anyone not loyal to Project Talisman needs to leave the ship now via the boarding ring or leave later by the airlock without a space suit."

The screen turned blue with the Logo for Teldyne's Control System on it. "My advice to all is please follow these warnings. I will not take prisoners. I will follow all commands given till the end."

"Guys I'm staying on board. They have never been anything but nice to me. But if you leave this room and we meet again. I will make your life end very quickly!" Lance stated while sitting at the con.

Lance watched as everyone he knew stood and left the bridge. Everyone he knew who was so deeply rooted in the new style of Section 31. Those who thought it was a stagnant and decaying group of moldy old people.

"Teldyne, they all left!" Lance screamed looking down at the con. "I am alone now."

Lance turned toward the sound of an internal transporter beam.

"Lance, don't move until they are all here. I would rather you not get shot." Teldyne said with mirth in his voice.

"Lance, good to see you again." Shay said walking up to Lance and giving him a warm hug. "I figured you would stick around when everyone else left."

Bart's voice rang out from all bridge speakers "Self Defense Systems Activated"

"Hopefully, it doesn’t hit Code Mint." Hal said with a smirk

"Intruders in computer core! Code Violet! Intruders in Life Support! Code Mint!" Bart stated then looked at Hal with a smirk.

"What the hell is Code Mint?" Chandler asked Hal.

"Basically, the crew has committed a mutiny against the ship." Hal explained "Code Mint, is used when the crew intends to harm the ship. The ship is no longer set to protect those individuals, in fact the current command set is to kill them if they do anything improper. "

"Computer, whose control is the ship currently under?" Rodger asked politely.

"Teldyne currently is the commander of this vessel as of thirty-five minutes ago." Bart stated for the record.

"What if they call for help on subspace?" Chandler asked causing Wilcox to laugh.

"If I know this ship it would do them no good." Wilcox just shook his head. "The ship took over all communications of the sector. Distress calls for here are getting misdirected. All other communications are working just fine."


Engineer Deck

"This is Chief Engineer Logan Miles to Bridge! I am currently pinned down in a fire fight. These bastards want to take these systems offline and I won't let them!" Shouted Logan over the sound of phaser fire. "I need help down here, yesterday!"

The channel went silent as the sound of the large access transporters became active. "Logan, your access to the systems have been reactivated! Please stand by for transport to the main computer core once all the buffers clear." Teldyne said while following standards set by Rodger.

"Rodger, I have transported all combatants to the main cargo bay." Teldyne said while maintaining transporter lock on all individuals.


"Hal, would you and Chandler go to the main computer core and help out Chief Engineer Logan to restore any damaged systems." Rodger said shocking the group. "Shay, Lance and Teldyne you have the bridge. Wilcox, Charlie, and Myself are going down to the Cargo bay to talk to these traitors and see if we can get them off the ship."

"Be careful Rodger, we don't know if anyone is just hiding out on lower decks." Teldyne said and then continued "I only have thirty eight percent of the sensors working."


Transporter room one moments earlier


The transporter beam cleared its cycle and Admiral Nance looked around at the various faces of people in que to leave the ship. "Don't tell me, the ship asked you to leave and your leaving! I am so disgusted! Once this is over none of you will be able to work with Section 31!" Nance sneered as he walked past everyone in que.

Before leaving the transporter-room Nance activated his personal sensor block. Looking around he wondered when it became standard practice to not have a block on your belt.

Computer Core

Logan observed the damage in the computer core and wondered how in the hell the computer systems were still in operation. Looking down the storage corridor he noticed a movement and recognized someone trying to gain access to the high-density core. "Freeze, you aren't permitted in there!" Shouted Logan, only to find Admiral Nance grinning at him while holding a Plasma Grenade.

"Do you really think I am going to stop just for your pathetic ass." Admiral Nance asked as he threw the Plasma Grenade at Logan.

Logan knew this was the end the moment the Grenade was thrown. But to his surprise and horror it was caught and captured by Chandler.

"I think not Admiral" Chandler said just moments before the Grenade exploded.

Hal, who had fired at the Admiral, hit the target. "Shit! Chandler, what the hell did you decide to do? MEDICAL Emergency!" Shouted Hal.

"Please state the… Chandler?" Marky said noticing one of his friends on the floor.

"Teldyne, Emergency transport for Chandler to secure Medical bay one." Marky said looking to the spot as he was beamed away. "Rodger, please meet me in Secure Medical bay one."

Hal, looked at the spot where his once upon a time lover had been and began slowly walking toward Admiral Nance. "The mighty Admiral is down." Hal almost laughed out.

Reaching down to the Admiral, Hal grabbed a fist full of hair and began dragging the motionless body behind him. "Logan, may I be excused for a little while?" Hal asked, not waiting for a response as he left out the door.

"Logan to Shay" Logan said looking at the door close. "Shay we have a problem"

"How bad a problem?" Shay said knowing it was bad just to the tone Logan had used.

"Chandler was hit with a Plasma Grenade which was thrown by Admiral Nance, who was just dragged out of the computer core by his hair by Hal." Logan said thinking about what Hal was about to do.

"I'm sending Lance down to help you" Shay said knowing this could get messy.

Secure Medical Bay One

Marky ran the regenerator over the mess previously known as Chandler. Marky didn't turn when Rodger entered the room. "There isn't anything either of us can do for him. He is too far gone for medical repair and he has too much brain damage for a clone of him. We could make a backup of his memories and emotions, but it still won't be enough to make a holo-gram or an AI out of." Marky said tears streaming down his face. "Him and Hal had just made up."

"Marky, setup the system for a backup and we will save all we can. Let's just hope Hal doesn't flip out." Rodger said while keying in the sequence. "Marky, I am going to leave this in your hands." He said before walking out the door.

Cargo Bay One

Rodger entered the cargo bay. "May I have your attention! If you wish to live, then I must ask you to leave this ship and never return!" Rodger spoke to all the crew trapped behind the force fields in the room.

"Ha! Just, because we are trapped in here doesn't make it your ship! They will find you and destroy you." One of the former engineers yelled.

"Charlie, what's the status up here?" Rodger asked just waiting for a problem.

"Rodger, this lot is loyal to the new Section 31 and Admiral Nance." Charlie said while inwardly sighing.

"Rodger, I have an incoming transmission from headquarters." Teldyne stated the sarcasm present in his voice.

"Pipe it down here." Rodger asked Teldyne.

"Attention, this is a Priority One Message! All Parties please stand down! The actions of Admiral Nance and of Commander Tryce were in violation to Direct Standing Orders to protect all information and projects regarding to Project Talisman!" The voice known for Section 31 announced. "Any crew member found to disregard this message will be permanently removed from service."

"Does this mean you wish Teldyne to return to full service?" Rodger asked being a smart ass.

"If Teldyne isn't back in place by tomorrow at noon. We will be displeased but understandable." The voice almost laughed out.

The signal disconnected about the time Hal had entered the cargo bay. "Do we let them go free?" Hal said using his free hand to point at the crew members in the force fields.

"Yes, it does look like it." Rodger said as a phaser riffle fired.

"Medical Emergency, Marky Respond now!" Charlie who had dropped to the floor beside Rodger.

"Emergency Transport override engaged" Teldyne responded over speakers through out the cargo bay.

Wilcox bent down and picked up his crying friend and started walking toward the door. He stopped upon hearing breaking bones and turned to see Hal as he began crushing and breaking the bones of Admiral Nance using the force field his workspace. He didn’t just stop with the bones. When he finished Nance wasn’t recognizable and the cargo bay was completely quiet. He walked up to the large-scale transporter controls and first transported the asshole who fired the plasma riffle to four points in space.

Looking at the faces of the crew members in the force fields and speaking in a low deathly quiet voice. "I blame you all! I lost my lover! My creator has been shot! My home has been destroyed! I have been turned to a hologram! It is your fault and I have had enough of y'all!" Hal said then entered the commands in to the transporter.

Wilcox, ran over to the control panel carrying Charlie on his shoulder. "These coordinates are in space. You just killed them all?"

"Before you say I didn't give them a chance. They had a chance to not mess with me today." Hal said looking at the floor before walking toward the door. "Come on let's go check on the guys."


Lance looked out the port glass as the crew appeared and disappeared while being transported back to the Star base. "Teldyne, do you think Hal will be upset with you?"

"Lance, he asked me to save as many lives as I could." Teldyne said with disgust. "I have transported them back to await judgement from the higher ups. Although, they will more then likely all be terminated."

"Teldyne, how are they doing?" Lance asked knowing he didn't have to say who.

"Time will tell" Teldyne said from the speakers.


Author Notes

This seemed the appropriate spot to end this chapter.

There are a few more new characters in this chapter than I originally planned.

Plus, we have an Idea about this worlds version of Section 31.