Short Stories

The Wilderness Canoe Guide

Zac was a canoe expedition guide, something he started doing when he was in high school and continued throughout his university years.  He had just graduated from university, but he kept guiding because it made the summer interesting.  He really enjoyed the people he guided as much as he loved being deep in the wilderness which God created for people to use and enjoy.   The extra cash didn't hurt either.

He was a university graduate in the field of Environmental Sciences with a fresh new Doctorate.  He was living in his own apartment in the city and was slated to begin lecturing in the fall at the university.  It was a split position with half his time lecturing, and the other half completing research in the lab. He had the best of both worlds by protecting the environment and being able to use it.

He was a young looking 28-year-old, 5'10", 165 lbs with light brown hair which he liked to wear in a spike style.  His grey eyes sparkled with intelligence, mischievousness, and love of life.  He had a natural olive color to his skin which got even darker by the end of summer.  His mustache and beard were not heavy, but he liked to keep them trimmed with the stubble look sported by so many men currently.  He had some hairs around his areoles which stood out on his defined chest; he wasn't overly muscular, just very solid from workouts and paddling a canoe all summer.  His abdomen was flat and sported a thin line of hair from the belly button to the top of his cargo shorts and he had a nice little package which fills out his cargo shorts.

Zac had put up a sign at the LGBTQ2 Centre at the university advertising his guiding trips, and some extra business had come his way. The latest trip, which was planned to start that day, was for three guys who emailed their booking.  They had also said within their messages that their group had not been out camping overnight before. After he asked, they had sent him copies of their canoeing course certificates from the Parks and Recreation Department in the city.  His guided trips included all the necessary equipment for the expedition; the participants only had to bring their personal items such as clothing and toiletries.

Zac had all the equipment spread on the ground double checking it when a new SUV pulled up and parked next to the little warehouse he used as his base of operations.  Three very good-looking guys in their early to mid-twenties got out and walked towards him.  None of them had shirts on and his eyes were already enjoying looking at their bodies.  "There are three, maybe one is single," he thought.

"Are you Zac, our guide?" the tall blonde asked.

"Yes, I am."

"I'm Nick.  That over there is my brother Jon," he said as he pointed to the tallest of the three men.  "And this is Aiden, my boyfriend."  They all shook hands enthusiastically.

Nick was naturally a light blonde with long hair.  He stood about 5'10", 175 lbs, and had a good firm body.  His blue eyes were very clear and they sparkled when he smiled.  Other than his light treasure trail and underarm hair, he was naturally smooth.  Nick was wearing plaid colored board shorts and deck style running shoes.

Aiden was about 5'11", 180 lbs, and just as muscular as his two buddies.  He was slimmer than the other two and smooth everywhere that Zac could see, including his legs.  He was a dirty blonde who also had his hair cut shorter on the sides and longer on the top.  His blue eyes were alive with excitement when he looked at Nick.  He was wearing brightly colored board shorts which drew a person's gaze to them, as well as speculation of the contents within.

Jon was 6'2", 200 lbs, with darker blonde cut short and beautiful grey eyes.  His smile was warm and sensual, lighting up his entire face when it was present.  Jon was wearing board shorts as well, which hung low on his narrow hips.  Jon had a light covering of blond hairs across his chest which formed a V down his abdomen and disappeared into his shorts.  His shorts were riding so low the top of his pubic hair showed at times when he moved.  His legs were long and muscular, joining at the hips as if they were an arrow pointing to the bulge in Jon's board shorts.  He definitely got Zac's attention.

"Nick, it's nice to meet you, after all, we never got a chance to talk other than through emails," stated Zac.

"It's great to finally talk with you too Zac.  Just so you know, we've all been hanging together since we were babies. Our parents were best friends and we were raised together," said Nick.

Aiden continued the story. "We went to school together, played soccer and baseball together on the same teams, and even graduated at the same time.  We're still at university together and have finished our bachelor's degrees, now moving on to our Masters."

"So what made you guys want to come canoeing?  One of your emails said you have never done it before."

"Well, we saw the sign at the LGBT Center at University and thought we would give our dream a try," stated Nick.

"We have stayed in provincial and private campsites before but never in the real wilderness," replied Aiden.

"We have talked about doing like this so many times and the opportunity presented itself, so we jumped at it," Jon said.

"That's great, so you have some basic camping experience.  That makes me feel better," replied Zac.  "I have been nervous about taking you guys out on the trip without some fundamental camping skills."

Jon spoke up. "I'm glad we could reassure you. I have been looking forward to this, now even more," as his eyes checked out Zac.

"You'll really enjoy this trip.  The river is fantastic right now and the weather for the next few days is supposed to be sunny and hot. I have planned the route through some of the best scenery, best fishing, and nicest camping spots so you guys have a great experience in the wilds."

"That sounds fantastic," said Nick. "What do we need to do to get started?"

"Let get this equipment sorted out and you guys need to get your personal effects into the waterproof containers."

Under Zac's direction, the four men sorted out the tents and cooking equipment, dividing it for each canoe.  The food was dispersed into waterproof containers and one cooler as well.  The ice in the cooler would only last for the first two-three days of the trip, but it could be replenished at a portage at the midpoint of the route where a small supply store had been set up. The supply store was actually a small rental cabin office for a dozen rustic but cute cabins, used by wealthy tourists as part of a trophy fishing package.  These people usually flew in on a float plane or traveled the river on a luxury motor boat.

Zac also grabbed some fishing rods and tackle and put it in the canoes.  He watched over the guys packed their clothing items into the waterproof containers.  Soon everything was packed into the canoes, and they moved the canoes onto the beach.

"So have you guys discussed who is going to be canoe partners?" asked Zac.

"Aiden and I are a team, so you get stuck with my little brother," said Nick.  He made a gesture with his finger and thumb approximately two inches apart, and added, "My real little, little brother."

 "Stop talking about yourself," Jon quipped and then stuck his tongue out him.

Zac paused, and then replied, "From the indications of his board shorts, you may not be accurate about Jon. On the other hand, Aiden's shorts seem too concave…"

Aiden stuck his tongue out at Zac while Jon made a fist and swung it forward to bump it with Zac's.

"You are going to be a great canoe partner," said Jon.

"Ok, you're in the bow, and we will trade off during the day," said Zac.  "This leg of the trip is short today.  It will take us about 6 hours to get to the falls, where we will spend the first night."

Aiden asked, "Are there going to be a lot of other canoeists out there besides us?"

"During the first part of the month, the place was quite busy, but not so many now as it is near the end of July."

"Will we get to try fishing along the route?" asked Jon.   "None of us have ever done it and it looks cool."

"Yes, we should be able to catch a fresh supper each night if you want and are lucky," answered Zac. "Last thing before we launch.  There's a rope attached to an eyelet on the bow and the stern, let them drag in the water when we get out there."

"What are they for?" asked Nick.

"They drag behind the canoe and are sort of like a safety line.  If you fall or get thrown out of the canoe, it creates drag so it won't get far.  They also give you a chance to grab it if you are in the water and can use it to pull the canoe towards you."

"They didn't tell us that in canoe lessons," said Aiden.

"Well, it's not high tech and sort of a more traditional way to canoe.  Let's launch the canoes and head out, guys."

They headed out and paddled along the shore of the bay into the main part of the river. It was located deep in the Canadian Shield and is fairly rough in its terrain.  It was a large and slow-moving body of water most of the time, but there were a few sets of rapids along its length. The river bank alternated between densely packed spruce trees and large areas of exposed slabs of granite rock hundreds of feet long. Some of the huge slabs of rock showed the marks which were scraped into them as the glaciers moved and ground across them.  While some of the granite was smooth, some of looked as if someone had dragged their fingers over wet cement, leaving long parallel grooves.  It was awe inspiring to understand the glacial process causing the marks so Zac explained it to the group.

The day was warm as they gently glided along the river.  The fresh air they were breathing had a hint of natural pine mixed with wildflowers, and Nick was thinking this must be as close a person could be to heaven while still being alive.

Aiden was listening to the cries of a bald eagle and looked up, trying to spot it.  He saw the majestic bird gliding on the waves of air, high above them in a large circle, and occasionally flapping its wings to maintain altitude.  He got Nicks attention and pointed so he could watch it too.

"It's so beautiful to watch it fly," commented Aiden.

"It makes flying look so easy," said Nick.

"That's a male up there," commented Zac.  "It's a good sign, or omen according to the old ways, to have a bald eagle watching over you like this, and it means a safe trip for us.  The eagle is a very strong totem to the locals, and they are a powerful good spirit to protect people."

"That's cool," said Jon.

"You will see something really cool in a couple of hours.  There are some wall paintings high on the rock face looking over the river which people painted hundreds of years ago."

Jon said, "I would like to see that."  Both Nick and Aiden agreed with him.   They continued their paddling in silence, the men looking all over at the beauty all around them.

Zac explained the historical significance of this canoe route to the three visitors. "At one time in history, this was the route used by the 'courier des bois' or the 'Runner of the Woods' who were the early fur traders.  These men traveled throughout the north in oversized canoes, meeting and trading with the members of the First Nations.  They traded trinkets, knives, and some other goods for the furs.  Basically, the 'courier des bois' were paying pennies for each fur which was worth hundreds of dollars as a finished product.  They transported the furs to trading posts and sold them to one of the companies who had been granted the rights to establish a post by the Crown.  The company eventually transported the furs overseas and sold them in Europe. The Europeans used the furs for things like formal Top Hats worn by such people as Charles Dickens.  Today, some people still rely on income from trapping for their livelihoods, except now the furs are run down the river in motorboats and sold to different companies.  We are traveling the route used for the past 300 years by those explorers."

"Pretty cool," said Jon.  Aiden and Nick agreed.

Zac had been watching Jon's back as he was paddling.  His muscles rippled as he dipped the paddle into the water, leaning on it as he pulled the paddle along the side of the canoe. He could see the muscle tighten and bulge under Jon's skin, relaxing after the stroke had been completed.  He enjoyed watching Jon's muscles and skin as he paddled. "He's so cute," Zac thought.

He had the men kneeling in the canoe for both increased stability and balance, especially important since Zac considered the three men to be novices. This position also gave them more efficiency and strength to their strokes.  Jon's ass was wedged against the little seat in the bow.  The materials of his board shorts were tight, detailing the shape of the muscular mounds of flesh beneath them.  The board shorts had ridden lower exposing the tops of each white ass cheek, clearly showing a tan line.  It was a nice sight for Zac to look at... and fantasize about.

Jon found himself really enjoying the trip as well as talking with Zac.  He was feeling comfortable talking between them, and he even was beginning to feel comfortable when there was silence.  He had noticed Zac when they first pulled up today.  Jon had thought, "What a body on that man."

Finally, Jon got up the nerve to ask the big question, "So Zack, do you have a boyfriend?"

"No.  I haven't been in a relationship with anyone for a couple of years.  It was too hard to look or do the dating thing while I was studying for my Doctorate," he replied.  "What about you, Jon? Got a boyfriend back home?"

"No.  I have been without one just about as long as you. In all seriousness, I've been looking for a relationship with a stable man... not just a quick fuck.  That has narrowed the field quite a bit in the gay community." answered Jon.  "You're a Doctorate?  In what discipline?"

"Environmental studies.  What Master's program are you guys going into?"

"The three of us graduated with undergraduate engineering degrees.  Those two are moving over to civil for their masters, and I was accepted to environmental engineering."

Nick and Aiden had been paddling along the calm river behind Zac and Jon's canoe.  They were listening to the conversation take place in the other canoe.

"Will you two be bumping into each other at the university in the fall?" asked Aiden.

"It could be possible because we will be in the same buildings at times," replied Zac.  "I'll be lecturing in the classrooms and working in the labs starting in the fall."

"I would like it if we did Zac," Jon commented.

Zac replied a little too quickly, "I'm beginning to think the same thing, Jon."  Then he blushed at how he had responded like a youngster.  Silence returned to the four men.

Jon was thinking about how Zac seemed pretty mellow.  He was smart, but not overbearing or obnoxious.  He had a great sense of humor, as well as being easy to talk to.  Jon thought to himself, "I would allow Zac to eat all the crackers he ever wanted in bed if I ever got him in there with me. I would sure never kick him out!"

Aiden and Nick had been talking quietly about how hot they thought Zac was, and how well he and Jon seemed to be getting along.  Unless they were misinterpreting the signals, Jon looked as interested in Zac, as Zac seemed to be in Jon.

"They seem to be getting along fairly well," Nick whispered to Aiden.

"Sounds and looks like it," replied Aiden.  "I didn't realize Zac was a Doctorate in a similar field that Jon wants to go into.  That's quite the coincidence."

"Yes, it's quite the coincidence.  Jon's also lucky; Zac's smart and cute."

They had paddled for a couple of hours when Zac had them pull over for a break.  After they got out of the canoes and pulled them onto the shore, Zac said, "You guys need to watch the sun reflecting off the water.  It will burn you to a crisp if you're not careful so maybe you guys want to put shirts on for a while, or at least lots of sunblock."

"We're used to being out under the hot sun, so it's not so bad for us," said Nick.

"Well it's your choice, but we better drink lots of water too, this sun and heat burn the fluid out of you," suggested Zac.

The guys drank some water as well as some electrolyte replacement. Zac dug some trail mix out of one of the waterproof tubs and passed it around for everyone to eat.  The guys were sprawled comfortably in the shade of the spruce trees enjoying the break.  After about 20 minutes of rest and rehydration, Zac thought it was time to get back out on the water again.

They got their canoes moving forward.  They had all changed positions and now Zac was in the bow paddling with Jon in the back paddling and steering.  Aiden was now in the bow with Nick in the stern.

The day was beautiful with just a light breeze, just enough to keep the mosquitos away from their bodies.  At times, the four men chatted while paddling.  At other times, they went back to silence as they made their way along the river.  They all really appreciated the wonder of nature around them as they paddled.  They slowed down and drifted a few times as they passed wildlife on the shore.

They saw a large bull moose standing in the water up to his chest eating plants, amazed the rack on his head was so big.  The animal looked graceful as he dipped his head into the water to grab more plants in his mouth for eating.  As they passed, the moose never stopped chewing, but he did follow the canoes with his head, watching them for any threat.

"That animal is huge" stated Jon.

"He is a little bigger than average, Jon.  He probably weighs about 1000 lbs, and the rack on his head would be around 90-100 lbs of that," explained Zac.  "Could you imagine having to carry that weight around on your head?"

"Wow.  No wonder their neck muscles are so big" exclaimed Aiden.  "Is it true they grow a new set every year?"

"Yes, they lose them after rutting season and they start growing them again shortly thereafter."

"They have a rutting season?  Nick is rutting on Aiden all year round.  He would never survive having it based on a season," commented Jon.  Both Nick and Aiden stuck their tongues out at Jon.  Zac started to laugh.

They stopped for a quick lunch after a couple more hours.  Zac had sandwiches, cut vegetables, as well as some fruit for them to eat.  He also encouraged them to drink lots of fluids.  After a half hour, they started out again.

As they came around a slow, lazy curve in the river, Zac directed them to canoe over to the base of a set of rock outcroppings.  The walls were straight up until they reached the outcropping a couple of hundred feet above them.

Zac pointed to a couple of spots on the vertical rock wall below the lowest outcropping.  "Hundreds of years ago, someone or maybe more than one person drew pictures on the rock face.  The one on the right shows three men represented by stick figures who appear to be hunting a bull and cow moose.  They are using spears and are holding them above their heads as if they were ready to throw them."

"How did the pictures get way up there?" asked Aiden.

"We're not exactly sure, Aiden.  The river could have been higher back then or most likely there was a plateau for them to stand on, but a large piece of the rock face has probably sheared off and fell into the river," answered Zac.

"How did they make the red and black colors?" asked Nick.

"The use of berries and fats for both... combined with ash to get the black and some clay to get the red, according to the tribal elders," Zac explained. "The drawing on the left shows two groups of men who appear to be working together for a hunt.  They are on each side of what appears to be a herd of buffalo in the center.  At one time, there were many woodland buffalo ranging throughout this area as well as woodland caribou, but neither are here any longer.  The men are carrying a variety of weapons, spears, and bows with arrows by the look of it.  It may be marking a spot where a successful hunt had taken place or there may be other reasons."

The guys snapped a few pictures of the drawings and then continued down the river.

They continued in silence, scanning around the shores to spot any more interesting things or wildlife.

They continued to travel down the river.  They had stopped once more for a stretch and a short rest before making their final run for the campsite.

They arrived at the campsite about 5:00 pm; the sun was still very warm but now much lower in the sky.  The large flat rocks they beached their canoes on were very warm to their bare feet, and the camping spot was amazing.  It was at a sharp bend in the river where the far side was a gentle turn, while the side closest to the campsite had large rocks with the water rushing over them in a waterfall. Below the waterfall, the water sped along and over partially submerged slabs of granite forming a chute with fast rapids.

"This is incredible" Jon reflected.

"It sure is" agreed Nick.

"Let's get camp set up and you guys can try to fish. I have some lures for you to use," said Zac.

"Can we sleep under the stars tonight?" asked Aiden.  "It's always something I wanted to try."

"Sounds like a plan if you guys want to do that," replied Zac.

The men got their gear up to the soft duff sound just past the rocks and set up camp.  Zac rigged a tree sling a safe distance from their site.

"What is that for?" asked Jon.

Zac answered, "Before we go to bed, we put the food supplies into the web sling and pull it up and out of the reach of animals like bears, wolves, coyotes, cougars, lynx, or tigers."

"Tigers?  There are tigers out here?" Jon asked with alarm.  Although Nick and Aiden hadn't said anything, their eyes and mouths were both wide open having heard Zac's words.

"Got ya," smirked Zac.  "No, there are no tigers out here but the rest of the animals I mentioned are.  They don't bother us much unless they smell something interesting.  The bears are really about the only animal that will come this close to the scent of man for free easy food."

"Wow" stated Aiden.

"You do this all the time.  Don't you ever think you need a gun to protect yourself and your group?" Nick asked.

"Normally, you don't need a gun.  I have bear spray in case they come too close but I rarely carry a gun.  If there is a problem with an animal, I let one of the locals know and they track it until they can shoot it.  They keep it and use all the parts for various things.  I have carried a high powered rifle at times when an animal has been known to cause problems, but it is pretty rare.  I do carry a handgun in case someone on the trip pisses me off though."

"You're kidding, right?" asked Jon with concern.

"Yes, I'm just pulling your chain.  I just use the handgun if someone gets injured.  I finish them off so they are not in pain," replied Zac with a straight face, a moment later he was smiling.

Jon was standing there with his hand on his dick.  "Don't pull my chain anymore, Zac.  Pull this instead," he said with a big smile.

"That's subtle, Jon... real subtle," laughed Nick.

"If that was a fish, we would throw it back in the river for being too small," said Zac.  "Maybe we better do it anyway, right guys?"  Aiden, Nick, and Zac grabbed Jon and dragged him to the river.  He made a fairly large splash as he hit the water.

When he had surfaced, Zac said, "Be careful Jon, the fish have been known to bite a guy's penis because they thought it to be food."

Jon sprung out of the water with his hand cupping his crotch.  "You serious or fucking with me again," he asked Zac.

 "Go back in and find out Jon." Zac let out one of the evilest laughs he could muster.  Aiden and Nick were almost rolling on the ground they were laughing so hard.

"Assholes..." mumbled Jon.  "And to think I was beginning to like you, Zac."

Zac rummaged through one of the bags they had set on the ground and brought out some towels and biodegradable soap.  "Would you guys like to wash up in the river?  Over there it's shallow and the slabs of rock from the shore extend out into the river so the water it's warm."

They walked over to a shallow area, finding a rock which was above the surface of the water and put their towels on it.  They soon were using the soap to wash their hair and bodies.  Zac surprised them by moving towards the shore, pulling his shorts off, folding them and placing them on the bank.  He turned around and realized all three guys had stopped their washing to look at him walking back towards them naked.

"What?  You guys never saw a naked guy before?" asked Zac with a smile.  Zac now stood in his naked glory and although the groin area was a lighter color than the rest of his body, there were no defined tan lines.  His cock was 4" long and hanging over a set of nice low slung balls.

After a pause, Jon answered him. "Not as good looking as you, Zac."

Aiden commented next. "And we didn't have to put bills into your G-string as an incentive for you take everything off."

"He folded his clothes Aiden.  You see how he did that?" laughed Nick.  "Maybe I should upgrade to a boyfriend model that can do that?"

Aiden splashed him while sticking his tongue out at Nick.

"Thanks, I think.  You guys are all pretty hot looking too," he replied.  Zak used his hands to splash water on his hair and the rest of his body.  He grabbed some soap and started to wash his hair.

Aiden and Nick moved towards the shore. Nick's cock flopped into the fresh air as his shorts were pulled down. He had a nice blond bush over a 3 to 4-inch uncut dick.  He had some tan lines but it was obvious his groin area had been exposed to the sun in recent time.

Aiden pulled his shorts off next, exposing a hairless uncut cock about 4 inches hanging over two large balls.  He was white around his groin, very definite tan lines.  He folded his shorts and carefully placed them on the bank.  He then stuck his tongue out at Nick again.

"You shave, Aiden?" asked Zac.

"Started doing it when we were swimming in high school and just continued it," replied Aiden as he reached and tugged at himself.

They joined Zac and started washing in the shallows.  Aiden looked over at Jon.  "Are you going to join us?"

"Can I do it later guys?" asked Jon with his hands in front of his crotch.

"Little brother needs help Zac.  I bet he got a hard-on checking you out," said Nick with a smile.

"Did not!" pleaded Jon, keeping his hands over his package.

Zac walked up to him and looked directly into Jon's eyes.  When Jon seemed to relax a bit, he quickly reached and pulled Jon's shorts to the ground.  His eight-inch cock sprung up with its big purple head front and foremost.

"It's got a mind of its own," explained Jon.  "But it does have good taste, in more ways than one."

"Zac, I've never had to accuse Jon of being subtle," Nick chuckled.

Zac laughed but continued to wash his hair.  Soon, the four of them were finished and moved to the shore.  The naked men lay on the warm rocks to dry in the sun.

"Anyone hungry?" asked Zac.  The three men nodded their heads.  "Let's try and catch supper."  They put their shorts back on and headed to the campsite.

Before they went fishing, Zac showed them how to cut up some potatoes, onions, and carrots into tin foil pouches and bury them in the coals of the fire.  Zac took them over to the equipment and outfitted each with a fishing rod, attaching a lure to each rod.  He showed them a couple of spots, one just past the waterfall and one above it.  Zac showed them how to cast the rod and slowly reel it back in.  He got a bite during the demonstration and was able to show the guys how to set the hook to reel the fish in.  It was a four-pound Northern Pike.  Zac got the hook out and threw the fish onto the bank.  He gave the rod to Jon to use.

Aiden caught a nice one next, and they kept that one for dinner too.  It was his first-ever caught fish and he was dancing on the river bank like he had won the lottery.  Soon, there was six large fish on the shore when Zac told them they had enough.

Zac showed them the teeth in the fish, suggesting they could do a number on someone's penis in the water. He explained what was locally called a jackfish was distantly related to the shark.   The three men didn't know if he was telling the truth or pulling their chains again but said nothing.  He cleaned and filleted them on the shore.  At camp, Zac helped them to bread and fry the fish.  They dug into the food with gusto.

"That was fantastic," stated Aiden as he leaned back on a log feeling full and content.

"Let's get supper cleaned up and then its relaxation time," said Zac.

"Ok.  I am going to address the elephant in the campsite," said Aiden.  "Were you yanking our chains about the fish thing?"

"Those fish actually have been known to pull ducklings and goslings down under the water, swallowing them whole and they are a freshwater fish related to saltwater sharks" explained Zac.  The three guys unconsciously moved their hands over their crotches.

"Do you remember the size of the minnows in their guts when I was cleaning them?" The guys nodded their heads.

"Well, no one here but Jon has any worries about their penis being mistaken for a small worm or minnow.  It's a myth they go after live humans," explained Zac as he made yanking motions with his right hand and arm.

Jon spoke immediately, "Asshole...  Just when I thought I was getting to like you, Zac."  Zac, Aiden, and Nick were all laughing hard while Jon was acting like a pouting kid.

A short time later, the dishes and food had been cleaned up and stored away.

Nick and Aiden got up, holding hands.  They told Zac and Jon they wanted to go for a short walk along the shoreline, probably sit near the small waterfall.

Zac was moving the food supplies into their containers, placing them near the food cache.  He returned to the fire and sat.  Jon left, telling Zac he was going to use the outhouse which was located towards the back of the camping area.  Many of the regular camping sites had wooden outhouses built to try and encourage the campers from leaving an uncontrolled minefield of fecal matter piles throughout the sites.

After Jon had left, Zac got up with the idea to check on Aiden and Nick.  They had been gone for a while and he was worried about them being city people in the wilderness.  He really didn't want them to get lost or hurt out here.

Zac had been taught how to walk through the forest quietly by the elders, and now it was something he did all the time quite naturally. Zac came across them on the shore below the waterfalls, frantically making love.  Aiden was on his hands and knees, knees spread and ass up in the air.  The scene before him was so hot, so he moved behind a couple of bushes to prevent them from seeing him while he was spying. Zac clearly saw Aiden's hard cock swinging in rhythm from each thrust Nick made into his ass.  He also heard Nick grunting as the big cock was buried to its depth inside him.

Aiden's head was hanging down for a few thrusts, and then hyper-extended upwards with his mouth wide open and tongue licking his lips in absolute delight. His eyes were closed tightly, cutting out everything which might distract him, allowing him to concentrate fully on the sensations he was feeling. Aiden was concentrating on feeling the large, hard cock as it was sliding through his asshole to a point deep inside him.  He could feel the warmth radiating from Nick's hard dick, and loved the movement of the oversized head of the cock being pushed and pulled through his tight ass.

Nick was feeling naturally high as he was plunging in and out of Aiden.  He had wanted his boyfriend so bad all day, almost giving into his urges earlier when everyone was naked while having a wash in the river.  He had wanted to make love to Aiden so badly and he had found himself constantly hard since their wash time.  He knew Aiden had been feeling the same way as soon as he had pulled his shorts down to suck on that delicate, yet solid, piece of meat.  It didn't take long to be buried deep within his boyfriend, making love.  Nick also enjoyed it when Aiden topped him, but Aiden preferred to bottom.  He didn't argue as long as they were making love.  The sensations of Aiden's tight asshole surrounding his cock were incredible.  His boyfriend was so warm and smooth inside; he loved the sensation from the extra-large head on his cock as it moved inside Aiden.  He also loved it when he bottomed out deep within him, pushing against the second ring of muscle.

From his position, he could see Nick's hard cock plunging in and out of Aiden.  Both of them had their eyes closed and were obviously enjoying the sensation being given and received.  Zac was feeling his own manhood rising to the occasion.  Watching and listening to the two men make love had brought a need foremost to his mind, and he freed his now very hard cock from the confines of his shorts.  He was already oozing slick pre-cum as he took hold of it and began stroking it. The fluid and his spit worked well to lubricate his hand, as he slid it up and down his shaft.  He was listening to Aiden tell Nick to fuck him deeper and harder, begging him to pound his ass.  Nick was telling him he had such a tight, warm ass and how much he loved him.  He watched from behind the bushes quietly as Nick moved from his knees to roll Aiden over onto his back on the sand.  Moving over top of his boyfriend, he plunged into him again.  Zac watched as Nick stretched down to kiss Aiden while pumping into him.  When Nick was supporting himself on his arms, Zac watched as Aiden started to jack himself frantically; his head rolled backward, eyes still closed.

Zac now had his eyes closed and was sliding his fist up and down his hard cock faster, imagining he was inside Jon's beautiful ass.  His imagination, being very vivid, had created a picture of Jon lying on his back with his knees spread wide.  Jon's long hard cock with the big purple head was oozing precum onto his tanned stomach skin, and he was begging Zac to make love to him.  He imagined Jon's tight little rosebud winking at him in anticipation of being spread wide as it was entered.

Zac closed his eyes, and he created a new picture in his mind of him lying on top of Jon, feeling their hard-ons rubbing against each other as he kissed him deeply.  He dreamed of kissing Jon, continuing to kiss his way down his neck to the nipples, using his teeth to pull at them.  Zac thought of what Jon's hard dick would taste like as he sucked on it, running his tongue around the big purple head and then sucking it into his mouth.  He would suck it so deep his nose would be buried in Jon's pubic hair.  He wanted to lick and suck on Jon's big low hanging balls too.  They looked like a perfect fit for his mouth. He could use one hand to play with his balls, while the other hand would be busy jacking his cock, milking the pre-cum out of it.

He thought about what Jon's asshole would feel on his tongue as he licked it, using his tongue to probe into the ring of muscle. He would use his hands to spread those luscious ass checks so he could spend lots of time licking and nibbling at the beautiful little sphincter, relaxing and moistening it for entry.  With his hands in that position, he could extend the index fingers to begin massaging the entry point and entering it slowly with a digit.  He created a vision in his mind of his finger disappearing into Jon's entry point; moving in and out, twisting on the way out.  He thought of Jon's response to the finger and imagined a second one going in.

The scenario he created in his mind so complete he could imagine it was really Jon's love canal he was in, not his own fist.  Zac wanted to say, "Jon, you are so beautiful, so tight, and it feels so good to be in your ass.  I love you."  He wanted to hear Jon say he loved Zac too.

Zac shot his load all over the tree he was supporting himself against.  He came hard, imagining he was cumming deep inside Jon. He imagined how Jon would feel as he came buried deep inside.

Zac leaned against the tree, settling down from his climax. When he opened his eyes, he could see the large streaks of cum dripping off the bark. It was one of the largest loads he had shot in a long time.  "Wow, if I did that with my imagination, just think what it would be like with the real thing," he thought. Zac milked the final drops of cum out of his deflating cock, pulled his shorts up and headed back to camp.

Before leaving, Zac observed Aiden and Nick still lying together, Nick's arms wrapped around Aiden, on the beach and basking in their after sex glow. Zac hadn't seen Jon hidden amongst the bushes further into the forest.

Jon had just finished blowing a load as well.  He had been watching Zac at a distance from between the trees, but close enough to see Zac's hard cock as he jerked off.  When Zac came, Jon had shot off soon after.  Jon was wishing it was his ass Zac was pounding, and not his fist. He wanted that big cock of Zac's up his ass. He headed back to camp after pulling his shorts up.

The sun was dipping lower by now casting shadows from the trees.  Aiden and Nick were sitting on the ground leaning against a log bench next to each other.  Nick had his arm around Aiden who was resting his head on Nick's shoulder.

Across from them, Jon was leaning against another log bench, his knees bent.  He was sitting there shyly, stealing glances at Zac who was leaning against another log, his arms stretched out in both directions along the log.

The four men were sitting and staring at the fire as it burned; the flames dancing as it consumed the wood.

"So this is canoeing," said Nick.

"We should have started doing this years ago," added Aiden.

They sat in silence, being hypnotized by the fire, each alone with their own thoughts.  Zac soon noticed their heads bobbing from being tired from the day they had.

"Let's roll out the sleeping bags and hit the hay," suggested Zac.  The guys got up, laid out the foam underlay, and spread the bags out on top of it.  It wasn't long after they lay down, sleep had claimed them all.  During the night Jon had moved in and against Zac, being spooned.  Zac had even wrapped his arm around Jon, pulling him tight while dreaming about how good it felt to be holding someone again.

The four awoke in the morning to the sound of birds chirping their merry songs all around them.  Zac got up first and started a small fire for coffee and breakfast.  When the fire was going, he headed out into the bush to empty his bladder.

As he returned to the campsite, Zac heard Aiden speaking from under the sleeping bag which he had pulled over his head.  "Is there a volume control for those birds?"

Zac laughed at Aiden.  "Nope.  They sing at the top of their lungs every day."

A sleepy voice was heard from another bag.  "I thought nature was nothing but silence," commented Nick.

"Nature is full of sound, but no one ever stops to listen to the beauty of it," replied Zac while he poked at the fire.

Jon crawled out his sleeping bag and stood while stretching.  Obviously, he had a morning hard-on as his shorts where tented straight out.  The problem was emphasized when he stretched backward.

"Careful Jon, you may poke someone's eye out with that thing," Zac commented.

Jon ignored him as he stretched.  "It needs stretched first thing in the morning too." He returned to a normal standing position and asked, "Anyone want to help it stretch?"

"Subtle as usual," was heard as a mumble from one of the sleeping bags.

"Coffee is almost ready guys," said Zac.

"That's next on my morning list after a piss," Jon said.

When Jon came back from his trip to the bushes, he helped himself to a cup of coffee and sat on the bench.  He was using two hands to hold the cup as he sipped from it.  "Good stuff, Zac."

Aiden and Nick were both up and stretching by now.  They had the same problem in their shorts Jon had earlier.  They wandered off to the bushes to deal with their morning needs.

After each had drunk their morning coffee, Zac got breakfast started.  The bacon, eggs, and oatmeal disappeared quickly.  After rinsing the dishes, they packed and loaded the canoes.

Jon was paddling in silence.  He may be quiet but his mind was working and in deep thought.  "Am I falling for Zac?" he kept thinking. He began to realize his masturbation session was pure lust but was now acknowledging something deep inside of him. Jon realized he had been lusting after Jon from the moment he had met him, but now he was beginning to feel something different as he got to know him.  He had felt comfortable being spooned by Zac last night, and even better when Zac had responded by wrapping his arm around him and pulling him closer.  It had been a long time since he felt something like this about someone else.  He thought some more and realized, "I have fallen for Zac.  But would he ever be interested in me?"

Nick was thinking about Jon and Zac as well.  He liked Zac and was beginning to think of him as a friend who he would like to continue associating with after the trip.  He had seen how his brother and Zac had seemed to be connecting and hoped it would work out.  Nick also thought about Aiden and how it nice it was for them to be doing something like this canoe trip together.  It was something the two of them would remember for the rest of their lives.  Maybe it should become an annual event for the four of them.

Aiden was sitting in the canoe with a hard-on and wanted to masturbate or have Nick's lips wrapped around him.  "Damn it!  The fresh air is making me even hornier than Nick," he thought.  He tried to concentrate on his surroundings so his dick would settle down.

Zac was looking around at the river and shoreline, comparing the landmarks with those embedded in his memory.  They were slightly ahead of schedule for the current leg of the trip but that could change real quick if they got sidetracked or something occurred unexpectedly. Jon didn't know Zac was thinking the same things he had been. Zac's mind wandered to thinking about Jon, and how he was feeling something deep inside for him.  It was an awaking he hadn't felt for a long time, something which had disappeared the day his boyfriend had been in the accident when he had closed himself off and dove into his studies. He enjoyed Jon's sense of humor, his personality, and his happy go lucky disposition.  Jon seemed to be a sensitive person too with a touch of shyness at times, which he overcompensated for by being the class clown so to speak.  Zac began to feel warmth growing in his heart.  It was a feeling he thought he had been incapable of any longer, but now realized he had been wrong.  He was falling for Jon, in a big way.

Soon they spotted a big black bear and three cubs foraging for food by flipping and tearing apart rotten logs with their claws.  A couple of times, they seemed to find something as the cubs chased and seemed to eat something.  When they weren't eating, the cubs played with each other similar to kittens at home.  They pounced on each other, wrestled around and then chased each other before starting it over again.  A sound similar to a 'bawl' would be heard every once in a while when one bit a sibling a little too hard.  They took pictures of the animals as they played.

Continuing downriver, there were a few of the locals who Zak knew that went by in their boats.  They were either filled to the gunnels with family members or it was a lone male; there was nothing between those two extremes.  They all waved at Zac as they passed by.

They took a short break, getting out and stretching their legs.  Aiden decided to lead them in a set of stretches and on completion, they did feel better.

"I may have to make that part of my trip procedures, Aiden.  It was a good idea and I do feel better after doing it.  How are you fat old city guys doing?" asked Zac.  They guys looked at each other, at Zac, and then each other again.  It was as if they had sent a message telepathically when they all started towards Zac at the same time.  They overpowered him and threw him into the river.

Zac swam around a bit in the river before getting out.

"You're an old fart compared to us," teased Aiden.

"Payback is a bitch Aiden," Zac said with a twinkle in his eye. "Just remember that."  They got back into their canoes and started paddling down the river further.  A short time later, they passed a First Nations settlement on the south shore.

"There are about 1,000 people in that settlement year round," Zac explained.  "There are another 250 or so who live in the area at various cabins and seasonal camps.  Those structures along the shore which look like the frame of a teepee are drying racks for the fish and game they catch.  It is traditional to do it that way. They can wrap a covering around the structure and smoke hides or meat too."

They looked at the structures and could see what appeared to be a couple of elders teaching a group of young people how to prepare the fish for drying.  The kids had seen Zac and were waving at him while yelling his name.  Zac returned the waves.

"My fan club," explained Zac with a smile.  He became serious then continued "I've spent a lot of time with the people there and really enjoyed it.  They are very welcoming and hospitable when I drop in on them, even now.  I did my Masters on their traditional ways and the way it retained the environmental balance.  The elders were more than happy to sit and drink tea while explaining the history of the tribe and their traditions to me. We became good friends.  I had to visit with them many times for more research - and get more sun-dried moose jerky, of course."

Jon had been listening attentively.  "That sounds like a great topic for a paper.  How did it go?"

"I did very well and impressed my faculty advisor with the depth, as well as the content," replied Zac.  "When I defended the paper in front of the Board, we took twice as long as normal because they were truly interested in the information.  They were both shocked and impressed that I had been accepted by the tribal elders."

 "Can I read your paper sometime?" asked Jon.

"If you would like to read it, I will print a copy off."

"How far to the next campsite," asked Nick.

"Getting tired already older brother," asked Jon with a smile.

"I am going to smack the back of your head so bad when we get to land, you little bastard," he said with brotherly love. "You are only nine months younger than Aiden and I at 23, not to mention you were an accident."

Jon retorted quickly with, "Perfection is never an accident, Nick.  The first one is a trial run and with the second, the mistakes get corrected."

"Jon, the best part of you ran out of momma and into the mattress," Nick shot back.

Not to be outdone, Jon replied, "You're lucky the night of your conception it wasn't a blow job instead of sex."

Zac was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes.  Nick and Jon were sticking their tongues out at each other, and Aiden was rolling his eyes as he said, "They do this all the time, Zac.  You get used to it."

"The next campsite is about two hours after we have lunch.  We're going to have lunch above the rapids we're thinking about traveling through.  Actually, I really want to check them out and decide if we portage or go through them," explained Zac.

"Wow!  Are they big rapids?" asked Aiden.

"Not usually.  But they can be a bit of challenge for the inexperienced.  I will walk through them with you guys and decide if we can chance it or not."

"I'm not scared," chirped Jonas he puffed his chest out.

Zac thought for a moment and said, "I AM scared, Jon.  You guys are new to this and even though they are not big, you can still flip a canoe and get caught in the hydraulic.   That's where the water pushes down deep after coming off a rock.  It pulls the river water down and straight to the bottom, almost creating a hole in the water which can suck a person in if it is big enough."

"Maybe we better portage," suggested Nick.

"I'll check it out guys so no worries," replied Zac.

They heard the rapids before they saw them.  The roaring of the water being funneled through a chute and dropping in elevation fairly rapidly was pretty loud.  Zac didn't think it was too bad when he looked at it, but he had to consider them from the level of his clients, not himself.  He took the guys down along the banks and pointed out the areas which could cause a problem, as well as the routes to take their canoes through.  Afterward, the guys all stood on a rock outcropping, looking down over the river.  It was quite a sight for the three city guys.  They were hypnotized by the water flow and surges, over and around the rocks, almost seeming to dance as it journeyed down the river.

As they ate lunch, they discussed as a group if they would shoot the rapids or portage.  They decided to canoe through the area. Zac hoped by going along with their decision, he was doing the right thing.

Zac had everyone put their life preservers on; making sure they had snugged them tight.  He also showed them how to secure the loads into the canoes so they wouldn't shift, then he double checked them after the guys had finished.  They got into their canoes and headed out.  Nick and Aiden would go through first, following the route Zac had shown them from above.  Zac reminded them to trail the rope from the stern through the rapids as a safety precaution.

The water near the top of the rapids picked up in speed as it narrowed and shot down the chute.  The guys did well managing to stay away from the big rocks and cross-currents.  It only took a few minutes and they were through, gliding slowly near the bottom in calm water.  They took up position to wait for Jon and Zac.  The two of them were waving at Jon, giving him thumbs up at their accomplishment.

"Let's do it," said Zac from the stern of the canoe.  They entered the chute and started down, picking up speed while the canoe rocked side to side from the competing currents they encountered.  The two of them were about halfway through when a cross current caught the canoe, jarring it suddenly to the right.  It wasn't much, but it was enough to catch Jon off balance just as he was in the middle of his stroke, throwing him out of the canoe over the left side.  He landed head first in the water but surfaced quickly.

Zac steered the canoe towards Jon to give him the chance to grasp the gunnel or grab one of the trailing ropes to hang onto.  Jon was struggling, but managing to keep his head up and above the water. The current was moving Jon downstream quickly and Zac couldn't get close enough to him as he headed towards a series of boulders.  If he had still been in the canoe, they would have gone up the right side into the calmer water.  But, Jon had landed in the current which headed directly towards the big rocks.  Zac followed him in the canoe, knowing the dangers of being in the stern and the canoe not being very well balanced with Jon missing from the bow.  He followed Jon around the first rock and towards the second.  Zac was steering and paddling like a madman to keep up with him.  Jon bounced off the second rock and was pulled around towards the third rock.  "If he can get past this one, he will float his way down to calm water," Zac thought.

Jon made it to the third rock and tried to grasp it, but he couldn't quite keep his grip.  He was pulled around the rock, keeping tight against it.  Unfortunately, this was the worst position to be in as now Jon could not avoid the hydraulic on the other side.

Zac thought quickly and steered his canoe to the left of the third rock, jumping out of it and into the water.  He swam across the currents and got in behind the rock with Jon.  Jon looked tired or dazed when Zac got to him.  He grabbed Jon by the life preserver collar and started to swim backward, away from the rock at an angle.  He was fighting the back-current, especially hard while pulling what seemed to be dead weight.  He reached the current which went downstream and it started to pull at him.  This was what Zac was hoping for as he struggled to hold onto the collar of Jon's preserver.  Holding onto Jon had been like trying to pull an anchor out of the water from a moving boat.  Zac had finally pulled Jon over enough that he was caught by the current as well, which made it easier.  Zac had no clue how Jon was doing and he wouldn't know until they got to the shore where he could look at him.  Zac started swimming across the river at an angle, heading for the riverbank.  Between the current pushing them and Zac swimming, they eventually made it to shore.

He got out of the water and pulled Jon onto the beach, laying him flat.  Zac moved quickly and kneeled next to Jon to look him over.  Jon's eyes were wide open and staring at him.

"Are you ok?" asked Zac with concern.

"I think so.  My head hurts a bit though," he replied.  Zac pulled him up and in close for a tight hug.

Zac had tears in his eyes as he held Jon tight.  "I thought I had lost you.  I really thought I had lost you."

Jon had started to hug him back. "I don't even know what happened, I just remember flying out of the canoe and into the water. Then I felt a bang on my head knocking me senseless."

Zac released Jon and leaned back to look at him.  Jon had tears in his eyes as well.  Zac leaned into Jon and kissed him, which Jon returned his enthusiasm.  They were still kissing when Aiden and Nick arrived at the beach after beaching their canoe nearby.

"Are you ok?" asked Nick as he kneeled next to him.  Aiden got on his knees as well so he could look over Jon.

"I think so.  I wouldn't be if Zac hadn't saved me."

"I saw that," Nick replied.  He leaned over and hugged both Jon and Zac.  "Thank you, Zac."

Zac replied, "It was nothing, it's what guides do."

Jon was still looking into Zac's eyes while his brother had been talking, and he smiled.  "I think I need more mouth to mouth, Zac."

Zac returned his smile and leaned in to kiss him again.

"I think he must be doing ok," Aiden joked.  "Jon, there had to be an easier way to get Zac to kiss you."

"Ignore him Zac and keep kissing me," said Jon.  Zac gave him another long, sensual kiss.

"Jon must be fine.  He is a little cold, he's bumped his head, and yet he still gets a big hard-on," Nick said as he pointed at Jon's shorts.

 Jon moved his hands to cover himself while getting up.  "Asshole..." Jon muttered.

"Can you guys fetch the canoe and bring it back to shore?" asked Zac.  Aiden and Nick were just about to get into their canoe to go get it when they saw a motorboat heading towards the canoe.  The boat operator grabbed the trailing rope and started to drag it towards them.  Soon he had pulled up to the beach and jumped out.

"You guys ok?" the young guy asked.

"Yes Jimmy, we are fine.  Thanks for doing that," said Zac as he walked forward.  Jimmy reached out his hand and Zac grasped it.  They shook by grasping each other's wrist, locking their hands tightly, and then embracing each other with their free arm. It was a greeting which demonstrated not only warmth but a strong connection.

"Zac, it's good to see you brother," exclaimed Jimmy.

"It has been too long my brother," answered Zac.

"You swam through the rapids without me?" Jimmy asked.

"You swim through the rapids?  Like in body surfing?" asked Aiden with disbelief on his face.

"Yup.  Jimmy and I do it with a few others a couple of times a summer.  This guy fell out of the canoe and I went in after him," Zac explained as he gestured to Jon.

"Let me take a look at him for you," replied Jimmy.

"Guys, this is Jimmy, or Nurse Jimmy Nahtooney if you prefer.  He works at the medical clinic in the settlement we passed," said Zac.  The guys introduced themselves to Jimmy.  He checked Jon over and declared him fine for a skinny little city guy. They all were happy at Jimmy's announcement, except Jon who stated very clearly he wasn't little.

Zac and Jimmy spoke for a few minutes about various members of the community and how they were doing.  Jimmy ended the conversation by telling Zac he had to get going to help his grandfather pull the fishing nets they had placed early that morning.  They hugged again before he headed off in his boat.

"You kiss me and then a minute later you hug him," said Jon.

"You heard him call me brother, didn't you?  I was adopted by his family when I was doing my Masters, which was a great honor for me.  We really are brothers in the eyes of the tribe," explained Zac.  "You should see him naked; he has such a great ass…"

Jon's eyes snapped open like someone had let a blind loose at a window.

"But not as good as yours Jon," continued Zac with a big smile.  He stepped towards Jon who was smiling as well.  He leaned in and kissed him.

"I like those kisses Zac," Jon said.

"Does this mean the ugly duckling little brother is interested in the big hunky canoe guide?" asked Nick.

"Asshole," said Jon in reply.  "But yes, the cute little brother is interested in the hot canoe guide."

"I want to get to know you too Jon," said Zac.  "I was afraid I had lost you in the water before I even got a chance to do that."

"I appreciate that, but you saved me.  Something I will never forget or be able to repay."  Jon reached out and hugged Zac as he started to sob.

"This is good.  It's the emotional release after a major event," Zac said to Nick.  Nick and Aiden wrapped their arms around the two making it a group hug.

They hugged for a few moments until Jon had settled down.  While they hugged, Zac quietly asked Jon, "How are you feeling?"

"Better Zac, I'm feeling better now," replied Jon.

When the hug broke, Zac suggested if Jon was up to it, they should head down river to the next campsite where they were going to stay for the night.  Jon said he was ready and wanted to get back on the proverbial horse which had thrown him off so hard.  Jon and Zac launched first, knowing the campsite was about two hours away.

Just before they launched, Aiden spoke quietly. "Well, it looks like everything is going to be fine, Nick. Those two appear to be on their way to something."

"We'll see" Nick whispered back.  "Though I agree with you, and we can hope Aiden.  Jon really needs someone and Zac really seems like a good guy. He risked his life to save Jon and then downplayed it.  That says something about him."

The trip to the campground was fairly quiet.  Jon and Zac did chat now and then, but they were both deep in thought about the episode at the rapids.

They beached the canoes along the shore at the campsite.  When they stepped out of the canoe, Jon and Zac grasped each other into a hug, content being in each other's strong arms.  They leaned their heads on each other's shoulder and stood there for a moment, enjoying the feelings.  Zac moved his head and kissed Jon's neck, and then his lips.  Jon returned the kiss.  They looked at each deeply, the growing flames of love seen by both in the other's eyes.

"Jon, this feels right to me," said Zac.

Jon quickly replied, "it does to me too."

"I like this, but we need to get camp set up and supper made."

Aiden and Nick had pulled up onto the beach as Jon and Zac were embracing.  They glanced at each other and smiled.

All four got the equipment out and up to the campsite.  There were enough steaks in the cooler to cook over the open fire for a good supper.  They worked together to prepare the tree sling.  Then everyone helped to prepare the potatoes with carrots for the tin foil cooking. They put the tin foil packs into the coals of the fire and buried them.

Zac took them down the beach for a wash, holding Jon's hand the entire way there.  They stripped off what little clothing they wore, and went into the shallow water.

Zac went over to Jon and helped him to wash his hair.  He was shampooing and massaging Jon's head, with very obvious effects on Jon's rising cock.

Zac moved around behind him and began to wash his shoulders and down his back, spending some extra time on the luscious muscular mounds of his ass.  Jon started to move when Zac whispered in his ear.

"Stay still, Jon.  Just stand here and enjoy."

He looked over at Aiden and Nick.  They were standing there in the shallows; hands wrapped around each other's hard cock and jacking slowly.  Zac came up tight behind Jon, reaching around him to start washing Jon's chest and abdomen.  He spent extra time washing the very erect nipples, playing with them by tugging and twisting them gently.  Jon was pushing backward so his ass was in contact with Zac's hard cock.  He wiggled his ass and finally reached around to pull it apart with his hands, allowing Zac's hard cock to nestle in the crack between his cheeks.

"Fuck me Zac" Jon moaned.

"Not right now Jon.  Later tonight, and we will make love, not fuck!" he said.



Jon's need was growing within him and he tried to entice Zac more by wiggling his ass against the hard cock behind him.  Zac reached around and slowly slid both hands down to Jon's hard piece of man flesh.  He grasped it gently, and using the soap as a lube, began to jack him. Jon moaned deeply, leaning back into Zac. One of Zac's hands went slowly up and down Jon's rigid shaft while the other was gently twisting around the large mushroom shaped head.

"Zac, this feels so good," Jon whispered.

Zac looked over at Aiden and Nick who were now sitting in the shallow water, side by side, jacking each other's hard cocks.  He could see both of them closely now and saw their dicks were big and thick.  He watched their hands sliding up and down the shaft of the other as they were watching him jack Jon.

Jon turned his head as much as he could to look at Zac for a kiss, and he got one. Zac began to slide his cock up and down the crack of Jon's ass, his pre-cum and the soap giving him lots of lubrication to slide easily up and down within the tight trough between the muscular cheeks.  Zac started to pump Jon's cock faster, and with a tighter grip.  Jon had reached a hand around to grab Zac's hip, pulling him tighter against him while the other reached up to his own nipple and began to pull and twist it.

Jon was moving his hips to meet Zac's fist as it stroked his cock.  This helped the sensations being felt by Zac's cock between Jon's ass cheeks as the large muscles were tensing and relaxing providing waves of sensation.  It was an incredible feeling for Zac.

"Zac, I'm not going to last much longer," groaned Jon.  "This is just too fucking good."

"I'm enjoying it, Jon.  Your ass feels so good so I'm not going to last much longer either."

Just as they finished speaking, he heard Aiden yell he was cumming followed quickly by Nick saying the same thing.  Zac looked over and could see the ropes of cum being shot out of their respective dicks, landing in the water.  They were cumming like geysers Zac thought.  Jon called out as well.

Jon shot a huge load out as Zac looked over his shoulder.  It seemed to go on forever but he knew it was only a few seconds.  While he was cumming, he clenched his ass cheeks tightly; trapping Zac's cock between them, and that was enough to push him over the edge as well.  He came hard; his cum shooting between Jon's cheeks and squeezing out of them like too much jelly on a peanut butter sandwich.  When they both finished, they slowly sank down to sit in the shallow water, Zac still behind Jon.  He continued holding onto Jon tightly from behind.  Jon positioned himself so his ass was tight against with Zac's deflating cock, between his widely spread legs.  Jon leaned his back into Zac's chest and turned his head to kiss Zac.

"Thank you, Zac."

"Thank you, Jon."

"That was pretty hot.  You even made my little brother look hot while you gave him that hand job," said Nick.

"You guys looked pretty hot over there too, don't fool yourself," replied Zac.

"Do you do this often?  I mean, you must hook up on these trips all the time" asked Jon.

"Jon, this is only the second time in the all the years I have been guiding that I allowed something to happen. I don't mix business with pleasure and it's not good for business if any guide has the reputation of using his client's as sexual objects.  The only other time I was interested enough in someone to have sex, we ended up dating and living together after the trip for 2½ years.  It was a great life together until he was killed by a drunk driver," answered Zac.

Jon twisted quickly to look at Zac.  Aiden and Nick both looked up in shock, their mouths open, not knowing what to say.  "I'm sorry I asked that, Zac."

"It's ok, no worries.  I just thought I would give you the complete story, and tell you are only the second guy I have ever done this while guiding. I don't do quickies with people; it is morally offensive to me.  I am hoping by the end of the trip we may consider being together too."

"I would like that," answered Jon.  "I have been feeling something more than lust since I first shook your hand yesterday morning.  I think I am falling for you."

"I know I'm falling for your skinny little city ass," he replied.  Zac hugged him from behind while Jon leaned back into his body.

Aiden and Nick were applauding.

Jon smiled, leaned back for another kiss from Zac and then said, "Assholes..."

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm starved and there are some steaks ready to cook," said Zac.

Jon yelled, "Alright, FOOD!"

The four gathered up their towels and toiletries and then headed back to the campsite.  No one even bothered to get dressed as they were now fairly comfortable being naked around each other, especially after the show they had put on.

Aiden volunteered to cook the steaks over the fire and Nick volunteered to get the vegetables finished.  Zac and Jon went out to gather some wood to keep the fire going into the night as well as the morning for coffee.  When they came back with a couple of large armfuls, the two of them were told supper was ready.  It was a tasty meal.  Aiden had done a great job of cooking the steaks.  Zac had brought two large steaks for everyone, and there was nothing left on their plates by the end of the meal.  Not even the scraps of fat as those had been eaten as well.

As the other three were clearing up the dishes and putting the food away, Zac went a little ways from the campsite and cut some sticks to roast marshmallows.  He was surprised when all three admitted they have never done it before and were soon enjoying themselves trying to get the best brown color without burning it.

Zac opened a small waterproof tub the guys had not seen before.  In it were graham wafers and chocolate bars.  He showed them how to get two pieces of wafer ready along with a piece of chocolate. He placed the chocolate on top of one of the wafer pieces, laying the second wafer beside the first one.   Zac carefully cooked his marshmallow and using the single graham wafer he demonstrated how to trap the marshmallow on top of the chocolate and the other wafer.  It effectively made a wafer sandwich with warm marshmallow and melting chocolate between them.

The guys loved making the things Zac called Smores.  They had to keep an eye on Aiden.  Nick explained that Aiden was a chocoholic and if the group turned their back on the bars, he would have them in his mouth before anyone could even react.

Aiden and Jon quickly spoke up, calling Nick a few choice names.  They set the record straight, that it was actually Nick who had the chocolate problem.  As if to emphasize it, Nick had already managed to grab two chocolate bars.  He was quickly relieved of the bars and given a seat on the other side of the fire, the opposite side to the Smore supplies.  He faked a pout when he sat down but received no sympathy from anyone.

The sun was setting, and four men had already hung the remaining food up in the tree cache.  Now they were sitting as couples in front of the fire.  Zac had brought a couple bottles of wine and those were now open, a paper cup in each person's hand.

"Zac, the wine was the icing on the cake for today.  The night is beautiful and it is so nice to sit in front of the fire.  It is also a new experience for me to be running around naked for the last couple of hours," said Nick.

Aiden spoke, "I agree there is no place I would rather be than doing this and snuggled up to my boyfriend.  Sharing this with you and Jon makes it even more special."

"Thanks, guys.  I appreciate that sentiment and hope we will continue our friendships when we get back to the city and our real life," replied Zac.

Jon was sitting in front of Zac, leaning back against his chest. "I like it too.  I especially like it with Zac snuggling with me in front of the fire, and NAKED."

The guys all laughed.  "Subtle as usual," commented Nick.

"Seriously though, I would like us to continue seeing each other Zac.  Would you?" asked Jon as he turned to look Zac in the eyes.

"I will have to check my schedule…" replied Zac.  His words stopped as Jon slapped Zac's naked thigh near his ass.  "I stand corrected.  Yes, I would like to continue seeing you.  I think you want to hear me say as boyfriends, don't you?"

The other thigh was smacked.  Zac, Aiden, and Nick were laughing at Jon's action.  "Damn right, I want to hear that."

"Ok Jon, I want the world to know you are now my boyfriend," said Zac seriously.  "I have fallen in love with you and am having trouble imagining being without you."

Jon turned around and got on his knees quickly, facing Zac.  "Did you say you love me?"

"Yes, I did."

Jon smiled and spoke, "I've fallen in love with you too, Zac." They both kissed, and guzzled the wine in their cups, placing them off to the side.

Zac pulled Jon into him for a long, sensual, tongue probing kiss.  Both men were already responding, their cocks filling and expanding rapidly.  The two men stood, without even breaking the kiss and started to grind their pelvises into each other.  Their hands were exploring each other's body finally letting their hands rest on the other's buttocks.  They pulled on the other's ass which increased the pressure between their groin areas as they rubbed their cocks together between their flat stomachs.

Nick and Aiden had been watching the other two begin to celebrate their new relationship status, and they found it very hot to witness live.  While still watching, Aiden had reached around to fondle Nick, with Nick reciprocating to Aiden. They had both started to swell just watching the other two, but the actual touch of another person sped the process up considerably.  Aiden could feel Nick's cock beginning to respond to his touch.  They began to kiss while slowly beginning to jack the other.

Nick began to move towards Aiden, and they moved to the ground together with Aiden on his back. Nick looked at his boyfriend, leaning in to give him a kiss.  Aiden responded and kissed him back.  They continued to kiss deeply as their bodies were sliding and rubbing into each other.  Nick's body was now fully on top of Aiden, wedged between his bent legs.   He slowly slid down Aiden's body kissing and licking at his skin until he reached the erect nipples.  He blew across the right one after licking it.  The breath on his nipple caused Aiden to shiver with sensual response.

"You like that, don't you?"

"Oh god yes, I like it.  My nipples are so sensitive, especially when you play with them."

"I love the feeling and taste of your skin on my tongue as I circle the nipple and then drag my tongue over their hardness."

"I love it too" replied Aiden.

Nick slid down further, kissing, licking and nipping skin the entire way until he was facing Aiden's very hard cock.  He took it in and sucked the entire length of it into his mouth.  There was some stubble where Aiden had shaved his pubic hairs off, and Nick could feel it on the end of his nose as he engulfed his boyfriend's hard dick to the root.

Zac and Jon had been watching Aiden and Nick from the corners of their eyes.  They were now in a 69 position with Jon on his hands and knees over Zac.  They had the other's hard cocks in their mouths, giving as well as receiving pleasure.  Jon was enjoying the taste of Zac's pre-cum being squeezed into his mouth as he sucked on the huge dick.  Zac was experiencing the same feelings and salty taste from Jon.

Zac let the big dick free of his mouth and leaned up to take the large hanging balls in.  He was rolling his tongue around Jon's balls as he used his hands to separate Jon's as cheeks, toying with the exposed ring of muscle with his fingers.  Zac had dreamed of this and now he was experiencing it for real. He stroked lightly across Jon's sphincter, massaging it and feeling the velvety ring vibrating with his touch.

Jon moaned his appreciation out loud around Zac's cock.  Zac milked some of Jon's pre-cum out of his dick onto his fingers, returning them to their position at his ass.  He took Jon's cock deep into his mouth while he slid one finger into the exposed muscle ring.  Jon groaned at the entry.  Jon quit sucking on Zac's cock to lay his head down on the pubic mound, enjoying the sensations he was feeling.

Zac now had two fingers, one from each hand inserted into Jon.  He was sliding them in and out, massaging the ring to loosen up.  While Jon had his head laid on Zac's crotch, he looked over at his brother.

Nick was buried deep inside Aiden's ass, and thrusting in and out of it with vigor.  Aiden was on his back, knees spread wide with his hands under his ass holding it up off the ground for Nick to plow into him deeper.  Nick had his hands gripping Aiden's hips, pulling as he thrust in.  Both were moaning and groaning in pleasure as Nick's hard cock thrust in and out.

"What do you want, Aiden?" asked Nick between breaths.

"Fuck me hard, Nicky" replied Aiden. "Harder Nick, slam me harder."

"Anything for you," Nick replied as he plunged harder and deeper into him.

"It feels so good when you have that big cock slamming into me."

"You are so tight sweetie; my cock was made for your asshole."

"Yes, it's perfect," said Aiden.

Nick pulled out and signaled for Aiden to move and lay across the huge log beside them.  Aiden moved quickly and assumed a position with his dick pointing straight down to the ground; legs spread wide leaving his ass in a position for easy access by Nick.  Nick moved behind him, braced himself with his arms above Aiden, plunging his cock deep inside of him.  As he plunged in, Nick could feel the round little button deep within as he rubbed past it.  Aiden felt the jolt of electricity as his prostate was hit and he moaned loudly in pleasure.

"That's it, Nick, that's the angle.  Harder Nick, go deeper!" cried out Aiden.

"Oh god Aiden, you feel so good," he replied as he thrust as deep as he could.

"That's it, Nick.  Do it.  I want to cum as you're fucking me."

Jon was lying on the ground with his legs spread wide as Zac pounded into his ass.  He could hear what was being said between Nick and Aiden and it was really hot for him to hear.

"Come on Zac, fuck my ass hard!"

"Jon, you are so fucking tight..." moaned Zac.

"You are so fucking big.  Pound me!"

"Are you getting close?" asked Zac.

"Oh yeah!  You are so good at this," replied Jon between grunts.

Zac started fucking Jon like a runner seeing the finish line in a race.  He could hear Aiden and Nick screaming they were cumming and he joined them.

"I'm cumming Jon!" cried Zac.  He could feel the contractions of his partner's asshole and body so he knew Jon was cumming as well.

Jon's dick spurted rope after rope of seed onto the ground beneath him.  Zac collapsed on top of him, still embedded in his ass.  After a couple of minutes, the four men had all untangled themselves from their partners and were leaning against each other in post orgasmic bliss.  Jon and Zac had crawled over to join Nick and Aiden against the log, the four of them with their arms over the shoulders of the person next to them.  They sat there looking into the fire.

"I can cross being fucked outside, around a campfire, with witnesses off my bucket list now," commented Aiden.

"That was on your list too?" replied Jon.

Nick spoke up, "I have had a few things crossed off my bucket list during this trip."

"I don't need a bucket list.  I have Jon so my list is now complete," said Zac.

Each couple kissed their boyfriend.  The four of them were covered in dirt and cum so they loaded some wood onto the fire and ran to the river to swim and wash off.  When they returned to the fire, they stood in couples with their arms around their partner staring into the flames.

The four naked men were standing there when Zac noticed a shooting star and pointed at it.  "Make a wish."

They were all thinking the same thing. They each already had what they wanted, and didn't need anything else.  They stood watching the falling star burn out, with their arms around the person who they would have wished for.

"And so, Damien... that's how we met each other," said Jon.  Although they had left the sex out of the story for their son, both Zac and Jon clearly remembered it as they went through the memories of their first canoe trip together.

"It was twenty years ago, and the four of us have gone on that canoe trip every year since. Over the years, we have been joined by your brothers and your cousins as they reached their first year at university.  This year, we want you to join us and fill the fifth canoe.  Nick and Aiden's sons will be coming as well, seeing Todd has entered university with you," said Zac.

"Could I canoe with Todd, Dad?" said Damien with a blush.

"Why don't you call him and ask?" suggested Jon.  Damien dialed his cell phone and stepped into the living room out of the kitchen.

"I think those two have been seeing each other since high school, but don't want us to know.  They aren't shy about anything except telling us about themselves," said Jon.

"Maybe it will come out on their first trip," suggested Zac. "I think they are concerned about being seen as cousins by everyone.  They are both adopted so in my mind, it doesn't make a difference."

"They make a cute couple but I am concerned with the two of them being the sizes of small muscular buffalo. They do great on the university football team, but it isn't too good in a delicate piece of equipment like a canoe.  We may have to get one with extended gunnels so they don't sink."

Zac laughed along with Jon when that vision appeared in his mind.

"Marrying you and adopting our three kids were the best things I ever did in my life, Jon," said Zac as he reached across the kitchen table to hold his husband's hand. "This annual trip reminds me of that."

"I feel the same way.  When you saved my life, I never thought it would end up like this. I still remember the shooting star and the wish I made.  Do you?" Jon asked.

"I am living my wish."

"So am I..." replied Jon.  "So am I."

The End

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