Camp Discovery

Camp Discovery Chapter 6


Cody (Code) The main character, 10 years old.

Theodore (Theo): Camp counselor, 15 years old.

Bailey: swimmer, 11 years old.

Camp Discovery Chapter 6
Sorry, this chapter took so long, I'll try and post closer together from now on, anyway enjoy!


I let out a loud, ear-piercing scream as I find myself pushed forward. As I hit the water and start to go under, the water gets in my mouth and starts to fill my lungs. I close my mouth, but the water rushes up my nose, stinging.

I feel arms on my side, pulling me up, and I start kicking. As I get dragged out of the water, I start to cough out the water. I hold onto the arms and curl up on my side, shaking. Once I recover, I let go and stand up, looking at Bailey. I clench my fists and show my sharp fangs, my tail puffing up.

“What the hell was that for?” I ask, full of anger.

He takes a step back and I take a step towards him. He looks scared and keeps walking backward. Once he is against the edge, I stop and growl.

“Why did you push me in?!” I ask, noticing people start to approach us.

I ignore them and then he speaks up.

“I-That's how I was taught to swim! I-I was thrown into the water to be taught how to swim… I thought it would work for you!” He says as he steps to me.

I stand in place and clench my fists. He steps closer, and I step back, tears forming in my eyes. I turn to run away and back to the cabin and only make it only a few steps before I feel his arms wrapped against my waist. I squirm and try kicking at him, but I can't, so I stop. He drags me down to the ground gently and hugs himself to me, making me sit on his lap. I try to elbow his stomach, but the way he is restraining me prevents me

“Ugh! Let me go already!” I whine but notice people walking away now, no longer caring.

I try and violently force myself away from him, but it doesn't work, so I sigh and still myself, allowing him to hold and hug me.

“I'm really sorry, Code, I didn't mean to hurt you, honest. That was how I was taught,” he says as I try one last time to escape, but I can't.

I start to calm down as he rubs my stomach gently, and I blush as my tail wags on his lap.

“Y-you weren't doing it to be a bully?” I ask, frowning some as I move to see his face.

He shakes his head and looks sad.

“I'm sorry I hurt you, maybe you should go back to your cabin now... You probably hate me,” he looks sad.

I frown some and lay my head on his shoulder, shaking my head.

“No, I want to try again please, just… don't throw me this time, ok?” I ask him and he nods his head, blushing.

His hands let go of me and I stand up, then shakily walk to the water. He goes and stands next to me, then jumps in. Once he is out a bit he smiles at me.

“Here, I have an idea.. Trust me, jump out to me and I'll help you once you are in the water, ok?” He says and I nod my head. I sigh, plug my nose, and jump in. I hit the water and float back up then I start to panic, letting go of my nose and flailing my arms. I feel myself being lifted and soon I'm on my back, above the water. I feel a hand on my butt and on my back, making me blush. I cough up some water and open my eyes, seeing Bailey. He swims us over to the shallow end and smiles.

“That was pretty good, I'm impressed,” he says as he moves his hand from my butt, and my legs start to sink. He puts it back, “Relax, it's ok... I got you.”

I nod my head, doing my best to relax. He removes both hands at once and I stay floating, then look around and start to sink. I stand up and shake, looking embarrassed. He smiles.

“I-I floated!” I say happily and hug him, smiling.

He hugs back and looks both happy and proud.

“Yeah, you did! I'm really proud of you,” He says as he goes over and hugs me. “I think we should get out for today, we can get changed and get a snack from the snack shack, on me.”

“Icecream?” I ask, full of hope, and Bailey nods his head.

“Ooh, that sounds good! What flavor?” He asks as we get out and start to walk to my cabin.

“I really like banana,” I say with a smile, and he returns it.

“Me too! It's my favorite!” He says as he holds open my door for me. I go in and get my towel, then Bailey closes the door. I dry off and get changed, then I start to comb my tail. Bailey walks in and I notice he has his PJs on. He giggles at me and smiles. “Let's go!”

He takes my hand and leads me out of the room. I feel embarrassed as he brings me to the snack shack.

“Wait... instead of ice cream, can I have an orange soda float?” I ask him as we walk to the counter.

“Sure! I'll have one too,” He orders two, then gets them and pays. “It's on me.”

He leads me to a booth, and we sit down.

“Thank you,” I say and start to eat it, feeling happy.

My tail wags fast and he giggles. Soon, we finish eating, and he takes my hand again. We throw away the plastic cups and he smiles.

“We should go get ready for tonight's game, I think it's a scavenger hunt,” he says and I frown some.

“I don't like participating in the games, so I stay in my cabin,” I look at him, blushing some.

“Oh, you should participate tonight, the scavenger hunts are super fun, and the prizes are good! Like, a free snack shack pass, or something!” He says, and I shake my head.

“N-no thanks... I still don't wanna,” I say and he smiles.

“I have a place we can go then, and hang out if you want to,” I nod, smiling.

“Sure!” I say.

He leads us out to a small bridge behind the kayak shed and sits down. I sit next to him and he scoots closer so that our legs are touching.

“I'm really proud of you for today… You did really good,” Bailey says, causing me to blush.

He then wraps an arm around me gently, and I lean my head against his shoulder.

“Thank you for teaching me how to float… is swimming next?” I ask and he nods his head.

“Yeah, of course! I'm really sorry I scared you earlier, I really didn't mean to,” he says and frowns some.

“I know you didn't mean to, it's ok,” I say and yawn. We stay quiet for a while, then he stands up and holds his hand out. “Huh?”

“I think we should get ready for bed, it's late and I'm sleepy,” he says.

I nod my head and he walks me to my cabin. I then take off my shoes and get in the bed.

“Y-you… Can you keep me company?” I ask as he blushes.

“I can't, I'm sorry Code... I'm not allowed, my counselor isn't as cool as Theo,” he apologizes as he pulls me into a hug.

I hug back and watch him leave, then roll over and fall asleep.

In the morning I wake up to Theo standing over me and I look confused.

“Huh?” I ask, and he smiles.

“I was wondering if you were really asleep or not, I guess you were,” He says and looks embarrassed. “How was swimming?”

“It was good! I mean, it was scary at first, but now I can float!” I say happily, and he grins.

“That's awesome! Bailey is a good teacher, isn't he?” He asks and I nod.

“Yeah! I mean, he pushed me in at the beginning, but he said that's how he was taught, so he thought it would work for me… it was scary, but he helped calm me down after.”

“That would be scary,” he smiles. “And I'm glad he helped you, he is a really good kid,”

“Yeah, and a cute one!” I say, then blush deeply when I realize I said that out loud.

Theo also blushes.

“Uh, you should shower now, you haven't showered since you were in the gross water,”

“Ok, yeah,” I say, still embarrassed and walk out of the cabins.

I make it to the showers and see that he is following. I blush, and he closes the door to the showers behind us. I get in the stall, close the curtain, and take off my swim trunks. I kick them to the side and get a handful of the body wash that's in the shower. I then start to wash my skin, then get shampoo and do my head and tail. After scrubbing it all in, I let it stay for a few minutes, then rinse it all out.

After I'm done, I step out of the shower and look around. I see a towel, so I grab it, hearing Theo still in the shower. I dry off and walk to the cabin, then close the door behind me. Once in the cabin, I dry my hair and get dressed. A few minutes later, the door flies open and I turn around, seeing Theo go to his bed, hands cupped around his crotch.

“Why are you naked?” I ask in confusion.

“I couldn't find my towel, I don't know where it went,” he looks embarrassed. I quickly realize what I had done and slowly push the towel under my bed, and to my relief, he doesn't seem to notice. I just shrug and get my comb, then start to brush my tail. He dries off with a new towel and he stands up. “We gotta go get breakfast, you can comb there.”

He walks to the door, and I get up and follow. Once in the building before everyone else, Livy walks up to us.

“Hey cutie, can I get you anything to drink?” She asks me, causing me to blush lightly.

“Uh, can I have milk?”

“Hm, would you like chocolate milk?” She asks as I notice Theo shake his head frantically at her out of the corner of my eye.

I frown some and shake my head.

“I can't have chocolate, it makes me sick…” I look down at the table.

“Oh, I'm sorry… I should have figured,” she looks really embarrassed.

I smile up at her sadly.

“It's ok, you didn't know… I’d like just regular milk please,” I say and look at my napkin. I take it and fold it randomly, then I smile and start making it into a hat, setting it in front of me.

“That's cool!” Theo says and I nod.

Livy walks over to my table with the milk and sets it down. I blush, looking away as I hand her the hat.

“Ooh! A hat, for me?” She asks and I nod my head more.

She puts it on sideways and I frown, then stand up. I stand on the seat and fix her hat, and she giggles. I then sit back down and sip the milk. Soon the Director taps my table and I look up at him.

“Hey Cody, you can get your breakfast, and get as much as you want today,” he says with a big smile.

That makes me smile, then I go up, get a plate, and fill it with french toast, bacon, and a waffle. I pour syrup over everything and get a small glass of orange juice to drink to accompany my milk. I go to my table and start to eat, looking happy.

“This is so good!” I say with a full mouth and Theo just shakes his head.

Once I'm done eating, I sit back and smile, then comb my tail. After I'm done, Theo stands up and smiles.

“Let's go to our seats for Bible meeting now,” he suggests and takes my hand, and I nod my head.

As we walk there and it starts a bit after, and Theo hugs me to him. I find it hard to pay attention, as always and as soon as it's over, Theo takes my hand.

“I want to go play a game with you, OK Code?" Theo asks me and I nod my head.

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