Ayden's Eyes: Book Two

Chapter 73

Chapter 73

 My phone rang and it was Cody letting me know the stock had arrived, he had tried to call Evan but no answer. I told him he was surfing and to have a look at the Vogue write up because he may need to put some more casuals on when his shelves are stocked. We had a small catch up and I said I would let Evan know about the delivery. He was pleased the range is going so well.

My son was talking to Alex again; he had sat him on the table while he had a break. I think they were talking about the big surf he had today and he said he missed Blue. Rita had everyone on board and I suppose Blue will get in a surf when it dies down after lunch.

"I'll get them bubs okay?"

"Okay buddy." They slapped hands and Alex looked at me.

"He was ordering some chips Den, he's still hungry."

"Oh is that what he was talking about, I couldn’t hear." I lied.

My sketchbook was open and I looked for another scene to paint and noticed my son was staring at me, I got a flash of an image. He then giggled, the image was doctor Tiny surfing with a nurse’s cap on and white coat, Ayden was standing on the board with him and being held up by his folk.

Tiny was smiles for miles, his hands open wide and golden coins were dripping from them.

 It sounded too silly for words so I didn't go ahead with it.

"Have you got anything better bubs, that one was a bit boring?"

He looked like he was deep in thought then I had another flash image, Blue on his board with Ayden.

"Nope sorry bubs, have painted Blue to death and Horse only takes them anyway."

"Oh?" He was stumped. I think my son and I are connecting mentally, I'm sure he sent those images to me.

 Alex came down with a small bowl of fries for him and the smell let my stomach know it was hungry so I ordered a pie.

He was grinning at me and I was grinning at him. Then he said,

"pa," and I felt a light kiss on the neck.

"Hi bub, your son has been playing in my head."

"What do you mean Den?" He looked at Ayden and deemed him normal.

"He keeps sending me images for paintings, he's getting better at it too, the last one looked good and he's thinking about the next one."

"What the hell are you talking about Den, sometimes your riddles totally confuse me."

"Ayden, he's telepathically sending me images to paint."

"Oh I completely understand now...not!"

"Well…" I started to say.

"Forget it Den, just eat your pie."

 Some lookers came by so Evan opened the shop. I told him about Cody's call and he was pleased he got the stock so quickly.

Tony had dropped off Evan’s shipping account when he was here earlier.

"I should have let him fuck me Den."


"Tony, I should have let him shaft me way back when we dated." What the fuck is he talking about?

"This account is high; he would have given me a discount if I had of made him happy."

"Fuck me Evan, you do know how to turn me on." He laughed and went to see if he could help a customer, and a couple of surfboards walked out the door.

 Ayden was only onto his fourth chip and by then he was still thinking about something for me to paint. Another image appeared, a pink rabbit surfing with Ayden in his arms, the rabbit looked so familiar, oh yes, it was Blue again. I could tell by the eye colour.

"No not happening, no pink bunnies."

He picked up another chip and snapped at it with his teeth, he's back to the drawing board I think.

 Trip arrived back with Horse, he was eager to start in Tony's shop. I was asking him how Mel was as I hadn’t seen her since the girl's day out in the city. He said she was re-doing the house, like bringing it up to date. Today she's sitting with Jack to design a new kitchen. I guess Mel's got money, she did say her husband was wealthy.

 "Her mum is attempting to interfere again so she has to visit her    sometime this week, I guess she will set her straight. She told her last week she had married me and she nearly had a heart attack. She's been very poorly since then, but Mel said it’s all an act." He smiled.

Another image showing an old lady drowning.

 "No, definitely not bubs."

"What's that Den?" Evan turned and looked at me.

"Nothing bub, just eat your pie." More customers ordered their meals then had a look in the shop while they waited. A bunch of ladies came across the road and they couldn’t get into the shop quick enough. Donk went to help them but one unfortunately couldn’t find a dress big enough. She was a little overweight so Evan said he was ordering bigger sizes next time so she said she would be down again at Easter. He noted that in his book then rang up some very nice sales.

 "Stop now, that's enough bub." I looked at my son, he giggled.

It was a funny image but again one I don't want to paint. He was miffed and moved over to Horse’s lap.

"Ayden." I didn't think Horse in a tight pair of sequinned shorts was appropriate either.

"What's going on Den?" Horse asked.

"He's discovered he can get into my head, he's been sending me images to paint, the last one was you almost nude, then a lot of images with Blue in them."

"Oh, you’re not going to paint them?" He wanted more of his son.

"No Horse, I don't think your son would be happy looking like a big pink bunny." I chuckled, he matched me.

 Everyone was back and Tiny was talking to Mike until Rita called him to the cafe. He kept trying to sit with him but they were too busy so in the end Tiny said they could talk later on when the cafe closes.

I wasn’t too worried about Ayden sending me images, it is what it is, and nothing surprises me now. The ones I was getting were all little kid images anyway. I wondered if I could do the same to him and I hope to God he can't see some of the images I think up. A shudder went up my spine.

 Rita was flat out as more holiday makers constantly hauled their campers up the road. I thought I might take a walk up to Tony's but my son wanted to go play so I took him into the games room and he headed for the surfing machine. Luckily he only had a short wait. Ali was behind the counter looking forlorn.

 "Are you bored Ali?"

"No, just missing my boy today that's all," he wistfully said.

"Well that's life baby, when your parents get here maybe they will have some helpers with them."

"They will Den, I can't wait."

"You know why Spud is working the cafe don't you?"

"Yes, he's being a good son, I will change with him later this afternoon."

"Why don't you hire a kid to do this, there's plenty of them around."

"I was thinking about it before you turned up. Mike isn't always available and I haven’t seen Blue’s surfer friend around yet. I thought I might ask him; he seems like a nice kid."

"Yeah he is, and Blue and he surf all the time when he's here, I don't think he would be far away, I think he has a man crush on him." He laughed.

 The kid on Ayden's ride finished and he hopped on, looking at me to slip a token in.

He rode that board like there was no tomorrow, bending his knees he steered it effortlessly into shore and I noticed the scoring was shooting up. No surprises here, Ayden was the top of the ladder. He had four more goes then I made him give the other guys who were waiting a go. He was okay with that because it was time for his afternoon nap anyway, he looks so tired. When we got back Evan’s shop was crowded and just the look on his face screamed help.

"Go have ten minutes’ bub, I'll be in soon, I just have to help pa."

"Okays daddy." He strolled off to his bedroom.

 I stood behind the counter and did my thing cutting off tags and ringing them up while Evan and Donk rushed about serving whoever wanted help. My boner arrived when a guy dropped his shorts and showed me his crack, he was quick to pull his underwear up though, too quick but it was an awesome sight to behold. I felt a hand touch my crotch and I heard a groan.

Evan had another stack of clothes to be paid for. I grabbed a bag and started snipping the barcodes off while all the time watching the blonde’s ass scream, ‘fuck me.’

There was nothing I could do, the crowd didn’t thin out and I so wanted to make love to my husband.

 Mike turned up for a half hour and was on his lunch break, so I told him to go and eat but he said he could do that in Rita's kitchen and he thought we might appreciate his help.

We did, he was good with the ladies and so full of energy.

I slipped out the back for a minute to tuck my boy in but he was sound asleep so I pulled his blanket up and kissed him, then I checked the back door was locked.

I didn’t get out of the shop until four and by that time we were exhausted. Evan put the closed sign on the door but will reopen at six. I went to the kitchen and organised coffee and sandwiches. If this is what it’s going to be like over Christmas, then Evan needs to put another salesman on.

 I had already decided we could maybe move the big table out the back veranda to make more room for Rita. She will have to send someone to the goodwill shop to get some more tables and chairs, maybe Trip can do that in his truck.

"Have you got anyone in mind to work in the shop bubs?"

"Not really Den, Birdy's too young and he needs to be where his carvings are anyway. I believe Spud is chasing the kid that Blue knows, but I will think of something, so you’re not to worry about it."

"Okay, just put a sign on the board, I'm sure there are guys out there who would like a holiday job."

"You mean like the one I pinned up there this morning?"

"Yes Evan, like that one." I'll just sit here and shut my mouth then.

 I thought about what my father had said, and I really didn't want to attract further settlers. If it was me that was bringing new people to the bay then I have to stop suggesting people for jobs and shops, those sort of things, there’s enough people here already. I had a sandwich and coffee then my boy waddled out hitting every wall he could find. He finally found me and I placed him front to front, his head rested on my shoulder and that extra

 sleep was going to be happening.

 Donk had gone into the shop and started cleaning it up, he said there were a few blank spots that he will do later, mostly the new line.

Kate came looking for him and after saying hello she entered the shop. They were talking for a long time and then I saw them kissing each other.

"Sit and talk to us Kate, you seem to be always rushing off somewhere, how's the shop coming along?" She sat and I poured her a coffee.

"Good Den, I will open next week. I've already had some customers so that's a good sign. Jacks been a great help."

"Great I'll be down when you open, I need some stuff."

"What sort of stuff Den?" Evan was all of a sudden interested.

"Just some lotion, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, stuff like that."

"Oh you are stocking up are you?"

"You can never have enough lotion bubs, you know that."

Kate laughed, she had a wonderful laugh, really genuine.

She left ten minutes later with a promise to visit more often.

"She's quite shy Den, it's taking awhile for her to settle back into the bay, don't push her to do stuff, she will come around eventually," Donk was saying as I unloaded another carton of clothes. We had the production line going again, Horse and Donk on stacking duty while I was doing the boxes and crushing them. Ayden tried to wear everything he could get his hands on.

 "I'm ready for him Den." Rita popped her head in.

"Okay, he's all yours." She took his hand and walked him up to her kitchen where she will feed him, three minutes later a woman rushed into the shop and waved a piece of paper around in Evan’s face.

"Why didn’t you ask me?"

"I didn’t think you would want to work Mel." Evan went pink.

"I don’t, but I have to do something while Trip’s off fixing cars all day."

"Oh okay, when do you want to start?"

"Immediately and my rate is fifteen dollars and hour." Evan smiled, I think he just got a bargain. She only wanted something to do, but wait until the customers come back and she will be asking for more money I think. See I didn’t have to do anything, it all happened so naturally, Mel was a good idea and when I called her on the sly she was more than happy to help out, done deal.

"You look a little pleased with yourself Den, got something to tell me?" Evan was onto me.

"No." I walked off and ordered more coffee. I hadn’t done any work at all today, I must get onto doing another painting. Maybe I will set up out the back tomorrow where I can create on my own. The only reason I sit at the front table is because it faces East and only gets the morning sun, it's the back porch that gets the afternoon one and it can be blinding sometimes. Maybe an awning will cut the glare out.

 The afternoon was lovely and I sat at my usual place and crowd watched, well I watched kids run back and forth to the shop. I think the parents are having an afternoon siesta, like I should be doing. A young man touched my arm so I opened my eyes and Birdy was there to say his hellos. I dumped him on my lap and he squirmed down and sat in the chair next to me.

"How are you today little buddy?"

'Good papa Den, I'm sorry but my friends are over there waiting for me." No nurse today, his mates are around.

"That's perfectly understandable my friend, are you off to the games parlour?"

"Yes poppa Den, I just wanted to say hello."

"Well it's nice to see you, and when your mates go home come back and we can have a real catch up." He smiled then I hi fived him. Scooting off with his mates I prayed his demons had disappeared into oblivion.

 Rita had time to sit with me and Ayden was doing some numbers in his colouring book.

"Do you want to check his answers Den?' She winked. I pulled the book over and looked at his add ups and they were correct.

"No coaching, no helping Den, he's going to be like his father. I assume Susan will start teaching him after Christmas."

"Yes Rita, but for the life of me I don't know what's left to teach him."

"Well when the government official comes to test him Den, he will know at what stage he's up to."

"It might shock him too." I laughed.

 I was sent an image of Rita's sequinned ball gown on Ayden surfing and of course he was wrapped in it.

"Nanny, play in room."

"Of course you can bubby."

He hopped up and ran into her house.

"He's going to play with your evening dress baby."

"Yes, he's had a few plays with it. I leave it on the bed so he won’t destroy my wardrobe getting to it." She chuckled.

"Don't worry about him Den, he's just being a little kid and I don't mind, he's very careful with my gown. Though I probably won’t get a chance to wear it again, he only puts it over his head and talks to it anyway."

"Okay but if he looks like he's going to be rough with it let me know, I'll think of something."

"He won’t Den, he's very careful with it and knows it’s delicate like his fairy folk."

"Do I need to be worried?"

"No Den, my boys had a dress up box when they were his age, my wedding dress was totally destroyed one day when they fought over it." She laughed.

"And if it's something else baby, we can deal with it when it happens, after all he is quarter fairy so anything can happen." She laughed again.

 The number of customers was dropping off so Evan shut the shop and went for a surf. I did think about re-opening it but had a better thought, I would paint my baby and surround him with fairy folk, tulle and lemon sequins. I started on the sketch on my pad and it was looking fabulous. Then I got an image. Why didn’t I ever think of that, it was fucking awesome?

I drew and re-drew the image until I got it right while my butterflies were going ape shit in my tummy, I had to paint it and paint it now.

I went to get a large canvas and set myself up, then I got more coffee and started transferring the image to it.

I have no idea how long I took to do just the intricate drawing, but I knew I had to paint it today. I had to have a clear head to do this one, but that wasn’t happening, something or someone took over. I woke with a start and dropped my brush on the floor, my hand ached. It was early evening and the sun had already gone down.

While staring at the painting I felt an enormous avalanche of love.

 I had attracted a crowd of onlookers and could hear their whispers.

"He's trancing, he's the artist that trances, it's beautiful, I wonder how much he wants for it? I saw the baby before, he's in the kitchen."

"Wow!" I heard Mike say, then go on,

"My god Den, aren’t you tired, you have been at it for hours." He was concerned so I turned around and saw all the faces, then I slumped onto the table top. I smelt coffee, Evan had gone to get me some and Mike had placed sandwiches and water in front of me, an old habit that I appreciated. With my hands shaking uncontrollably I drank some then had a couple of bites of the sandwich, while Donk and Horse moved the crowd on.

 "Come on folks give him some air, and some space, you can all come back later and see the painting. Thank you, move it along," Donk was crowd controlling.

Whispers I could hear whispers.

"He's exhausted, he's brilliant, he's expensive, I must have it."

 Evan and Mike were both rubbing my back so I looked over as Mel was stunned into silence. Rita had sat and taken my hand. I took a deep breath and turned to look at the painting again, I cried out from the sheer joy I felt and my fist went to my mouth to stop the noise I was making as a barrage of tears flowed from nowhere. I looked across at Horse who also had tears in his eyes.

"Den, are you okay?" Evan looked concerned, I guess he's thinking of darker days.

"Yes bub, just a moment that's all, how the fuck did I ever punch that one out?"

"It's brilliant Den, even I can see the fine intricate work, what the hell has happened here?" Rita was amazed.

 Ayden was sitting on Horse’s lap by now and he couldn’t stop laughing. I had painted a late evening at golden beach, the moon and its shadow were shimmering gold and highlighted to the max. The clouds and surf were deep shades of gold and the little boy with shoulder length blonde hair flowing behind him was skipping along the sand, he was fucking awesome. As he ran a golden streak of millions of glittering lights that flowed behind in his wake, like a big cape effect. The fairy folk all wore tulle skirts and rainbow sequins, as they surfed in the moonlight, they were the only subjects that were different from the rest of the painting.

My heart thumped and my stomach lurched as that little boy's smile told me he was so happy, his azure blue eyes blazed and   the glow they made in front of him reached out looking like lamp like lasers, showing him the way and highlighting his fairy folk.

 I had painted him as large as life in all his unearthly glory, I felt I was seeing my son for the first time, and he was absolutely stunning. If I didn’t know better that cape looked suspiciously like a pair of large fairy wings in full flight.

 "My fucking god Den, what have you done?" Spud was stunned.

 I looked at him then Ali and he smiled.

"It's not for sale." He started to argue with me but Rita shut him down.

"How could he ever sell this one Ali, no money in the world could buy this painting, it's genius Den and radiates his perfect happiness." She felt it too.

 I took my son, I wanted to cuddle with him as he did his baby thing and called me dah.

"Thank you son, it's absolutely beautiful, like you."

"Dah." He kicked his legs and was back to being a happy baby again. He also started his gibberish while looking at the painting.

You know when he's talking in his gibberish I can understand some words, but he seems to jump between English and fairy folk talk, I know it's their language, no one told me, I just knew, maybe my father told me in my sleep.

 Evan took me off to bed while I left it to the guys to put the painting in a safe place, in Ayden's room. He was already asleep and all smiles when we kissed him goodnight. We showered then it was on for young and old, Evan’s gorgeous legs were wrapped around me the instant we hit the bed. His finger had found my love button and he dug in which made me feel even more randy. We were well spent by the time he drifted off but I wasn't quite there yet, he moaned but accommodated me out of sheer exhaustion.

 In the morning I was first up and I wanted my painting to dry so I collected it from Ayden's room and left my two boys to sleep. I placed it on the easel and covered it with a light sheet. Then I noticed Horse lying in the bean bag.

"People have been calling by all night Den, I slept here just in case there were any troublemakers," Horse said. I heard a groaning sound then I saw Tony coming up the stairs.

"When do you think I can get my husband back Den?" He's firing again, maybe I must get Tiny to give him a check up.

I also had no answers for him.

 "Well give me a look." He reeled back when Horse took the cover off it and it looked even more awesome in the daylight, it was perfect.

"Jesus Christ Den, what the fuck have you done to Ayden?"

"What do you mean Tony?"

"He looks older, more mature but still a little boy, the painting changes in the light." I smiled because I thought it would.

"Are you okay Den?"

"Yes Horse, I slept like a log but Evan’s still sleeping. I think I kept him awake a wee bit too late." I grinned.

"Well I'm pleased someone’s keeping you awake; I never see my boyfriend from one day to the next."


"What Horse?"

"Let’s go home, it's time for you to go horse riding," he chuckled.

"Good idea." He took Horse’s hand and they walked around the side of the shack toward their tiny house. Horse was laughing.

 Kisses, morning kisses on my neck and my Evan was with me again.

"Did you have fun last night?"

"Yes Den, it took me ages to get off to sleep and I nearly woke you in the middle of the night for round three." He grinned.

"We can do that now if you like bubs."

"No chance of that Den, Ayden's awake and will be looking for his morning kisses soon." He grinned. I was a bit disappointed because for some reason I was randy again, but the two rounds I got from Evan last night should have kept me going until lunchtime today. I watched Ayden come out of the shop and he nestled into my legs.

"Did you poop bubs?" He nodded yes.

"Do a big wee?"

He nodded again. I lifted him up and he got his morning smackers then had another ten minutes, he is always so tired.

He had his red shorts on today but they were back to front, I guess he was back to being a baby again.

 Donk, Nuts, Mel and Trip arrived shortly after the toast and coffee did. They ate with us and kept staring at the painting. I am sure they see it shifting in the light and Mel was still gob smacked, I guess like Spud's lack of comments last night, there are no words to describe it.

 I saw Blue’s friend come up the stairs looking for him, he must have arrived last night. They greeted each other and sat and chewed the fat for awhile. He must have mentioned the games parlour job and the kid’s face lit up as he sucked on his milkshake.

I watched as Blue got another one of his posters out and signed it for him, he was smiles for miles. A cute looking kid who I think has a celebrity crush on Blue. I doubted he was gay because I had see him smooching a young lady on the beach one-day last year, also, he looked quite happy in the crotch region when he stood up too.

 I basked in all my glory and couldn’t stop looking at Evan, I was hungry for him. After coffee they all started again on the shop. It wasn’t so bad this morning but there were still empty spots, the dress department was nearly empty so I hope to see plenty of them swaying in the sunshine today. Three more of my shadow boxes were sold, I hadn't even noticed when I walked through earlier. Mel told me she had sold them later last night and thought they were for Christmas presents, so I thought I would give her a free rummage in my storage room, she could pick out a painting she liked as a wedding present.

 I rang Jack to see where he's at with the others and he said he would drop them off today. He also said he was too busy to do it yesterday. I was pleased for him and his family and Tony had passed him two more orders for kitchens he had sold from his sample that had been installed in his shop, they were for a couple of holiday houses. It was quiet today; I suppose the rush was over for now, but there were a lot of day trippers turning up randomly so the shop was constant, but I will force Evan to close at noon to go for a surf.

I missed my boy, the last I saw of him he was scooting over to Spud’s parlour. I’ll go and pay for his games later on.